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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> we aren't friends. >> we aren't friends. we never will be again. ever. -- captions by vitac -- live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . and now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , omicron is getting closer and the north american country that just confirmed two cases of the new covid variant and one american top doctor and what he says about a spread. >> the question is will we be prepared for it. tens of thousands are expected to pass through the airport this week and we will be there with the latest on return travel. it is too good to be true it probably is.
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what you should know before getting online for cyber monday deals tomorrow and hear the red flags that could keep you safe from scammers. >> we begin with uncertainty and some worry it could be more transmissible than the delta variant. so far there are now confirmed cases reported in the united states but the spread is getting closer. >> canada announced its first two confirmed cases the white house has announced some travel restrictions but many worry could lead to more restrictions for americans. back we will make decisions based on the science and evidence like we always do want to be prepared to do anything and everything, and that is the reason why we are playing -- paying close attention to this and all over it. >> other countries meanwhile have announced new travel restrictions for those coming from south africa. bradley blackburn reports from new york.
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>> reporter: the u.s. plans to ban travel from south africa and seven under countries starting monday and on sunday president biden was asked if the bands on europe or any other countries may follow. >> we are having a meeting today. took the world health organization which gave it its name cautions against travel restrictions until the variant is better understood. >> it will give us a period of time to enhance our preparedness. >> reporter: omicron brings many unknowns including whether or not it causes more severe disease and its potential impact on how well vaccines will work. >> people live look closely at the sequence, those individuals feel reasonably confident that three doses will be protective. that could give a really strong impetus to try to get more people boosted. >> reporter: another question is whether omicron is more contagious than the non--- now predominant delta. >> we think it is more contagious when you look at how rapidly it is spread in south
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africa and it has the earmarks of being particular likely to spread from one person to another. >> reporter: they are setting up a system for it and it says if the new variant emerges in the u.s. it expects to identify it quickly. the president is expected to address the country about the new variant tomorrow and he will have coverage what he says both on air and online and website. a lot of travelers are coming back from their thanksgiving trips. we spoke with some of them. truck travelers arrived at the airport expecting it to be especially busy because it is a holiday weekend but tell us as soon as they arrived they were surprised to see there want as many people as they expected. truck we checked in with airport staff and they said so far the number of people coming through the airport is in line with what they have been seeing on other sundays in november. >> while we didn't see many long lines at the check in
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counter or a lot of people waiting at baggage claim there were plenty of people in line to get through tsa with the estimated wait time listed to be short. >> i have had no problems today honestly and expected stress and headaches and crowds everywhere. truck travelers said the new variant is on their minds as they are traveling and they will wait to see if they make any changes to their plans in the weeks ahead. >> at 6:00 da lin shows us how much travelers are paying at the pump also. we have seen some hazy skies over the past few days and darren peck will tell us why and when it will stop. it is all this nice weather and it traps everything we put into the air and it is been about a week and a half and it is building up so we are now monitoring it for air-quality and you can see it when you take a look at the camera on
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the top of sales force tower looking south with the flatline and high pressure pushing down and there is your inversion and everything else is trapped underneath it because we are not recycling air and it makes for great sunny and warm days but it also gives you stagnant air quality and i will show you another camera live in this is the one in the tri-valley and not the prettiest thing to look at. it looks worse than it is an air-quality readings are moderate and that is not as bad as it will get. so we don't technically have an air-quality advisory and and the air quality management district has not turned out signals that we need to do one but we are at moderate level so go easy on yourself but don't hold back and burning the fireplace if you can. taking a live look at oakland this evening, police department says it is upping its officer patrols in response to an increase in violent crime across the city. opd said tactical teams will also be in place to help. in tonight a reward is at $32,500 and growing for
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information leading to the gunmen in the fatal shooting of the security guard and former bay area police officer who died yesterday morning a few days after being shot by an armed robber who had attempted to steal the camera equipment of the four news crew he was guarding in oakland. he also worked frequently with us and we remember him as an alert tactical planner and all around nice person. he previously had a long career in law enforcement working as an officer. the mayor tweeted today that we mourn the officer who proudly serve san jose for a dozen years and continues to serve in retirement. tonight oakland police are still searching for the shooter suspected getaway car and it is an early 2000 model white acura tl with the sunroof and without a front license plate.
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a fund has been set up to benefit his family and we will post all of the details on our website if you would like to contribute. people have been shopping online for years but the trend got a booth during the pandemic and with all of the talk of black friday and small business saturday the real starlet of the holiday season may be cyber monday. we have some safety tips for doing your online shopping. >> reporter: e-commerce and shopping online has become a standard thing in the pandemic changed a lot of the dynamic of how we look at shopping. >> reporter: it is estimated that customers in the u.s. spend $11 billion on cyber monday alone but they also have a warning, buyers beware of questionable companies and fraudulent websites. >> this is still a world where especially during the pandemic we have seen the amount of fraud ticking up and we have seen the amount of even attempts to still identity and all sorts of stuff is really
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going high. >> reporter: he said consumers need to be cautious if they stray from well-known and established brands and websites like walmart target, best buy, et cetera and he suggests checking first to see if they have positive customer reviews and a track record of reliability. >> if it is too good to be true, it probably is. if we are trying to shop for a really good deal, and you see something that is far outweighing what other retails are doing, it probably is not good. >> reporter: if you get scammed or the item never arrives the is and would advertise he said credit cards offer some protection against fraud and that is why his one piece of advice it is is good for cyber monday and year-round for online shopping. >> the best thing to do to protect yourself is if you wade into this little murky world is not to use your debit card. part of the reason is is that that takes money directly out of your bank account.
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still ahead, how a group of california high school students are inspiring others on the
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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welcome back. a high school football team making history and the gridiron. the team is undefeated and the players are all death. >> we show you a team that is winning the community's heart. >> reporter: a historic high school football season to be proud of and the california school for the deaf riverside
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players doing what no other cubs team has before. >> we are here the championship game and we made history in 68 years and that is never happen and to be here at the championship game with my brothers was an inspiration but this is unfinished business for next year. >> reporter: the varsity football team not only got its league title but made it to the southern section eight-man championship. >> am very proud of them and they played a great season all year and they put them on the map and hit a lot of records and just one glitch. >> reporter: they leave all they have on the field and the cubs played a tough game saturday against the faith baptist contenders, championship game full of great plays and some injuries and a lot of heart. and in the end it was their first loss at 74-22. >> we will play fort and
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weightlifting more and condition more and be prepared more next year. took they move the game to a larger stadium to accommodate the crowds and they grew as the winning season charged ahead with standing room only for the championship fans full of pride. >> we have such a strong community and look at all of these people here for the game. >> this is a historic moment and we can do whatever we put our minds to and set a goal and get there and it comes down to passion. great. >> they called place and communicating much different than most other teams but the cubs say they are no different and the winning season and drive and grit taught them that. >> we appreciate all of the support and thank you for believing in us and we hope that we can play and we realize we can play and keep an open mind. don't look at us as different but normal and we can play the game. >> reporter: not only play but dominate on the gridiron.
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>> with just two seniors on the field the night most the team will be back on the field next year. this evening the fashion world is mourning the death of fashion designer virgil ab low who passed away after secretly battling cancer for several years and he was the artistic director of louis vuitton menswear and found the luxury streetwear brand and has done collaborations with brands like nike and celebrities like kanye west. he was 41. now live look at new york city were jury selection begins tomorrow and the trial of maxwell who was jeffrey epstein's accomplice in a sex trafficking scheme involving underage girls and he committed suicide a few years ago and she was a socialite and allies -- denies any role in those crimes. her trial is expected to last six weeks but she could be in
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court next year to face perjury charges. looking live at union square on this first night of hanukkah with the first candle of the 25 foot menorah lit less than an hour ago. the video is from the lighting last year. it is been a union square tradition for more than 40 years when the rock musician and holocaust survivor bill graham who supported the first giant menorah back in 1975. also looking live at san francisco city hall which is lit up and colors honoring the jewish festival of light and it will be easier to see when the sunshine is fully set and this is the fifth year in the row. this is lighting up the 7 foot menorah made out of legos and features more than 3700 pieces and constructed by the alameda jewish kids club. be on the lookout for more bay area bright spots this holiday season so email us your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots.
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we are keeping our eyes out for bright spots up there where we can see the lights out there. >> we had a lot last year and people sent a lot of pictures and. >> it was part of the way to experience the holiday indoors. >> i am looking forward to a return to that and we do have a beautiful night out there and that should be no surprise and we have been caught in a rut for the last week and a half and we are not changing that so sunny and temperatures near 70 for daytime highs and it is not going anywhere. it does look like there are some details to discuss beyond that like the chance for isolated patchy fog in the morning and currently we are still sitting at a good spot and it is mid 60s and 61 here in palo alto and those numbers will dip down and i will show you the lowe's in the second but they are only going down to the 40s and just enough that we will probably get some patchy fog in the north bay valleys
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and maybe some locations close to the delta and we can watch the future cast bringing a few clouds overhead and it will just be high clouds that you probably don't even notice really and that is all we are getting any scenario like this in here the morning lows tomorrow so we go down the 44 for santa rosa and concord will go down to 45 and this is very much in line with what we have been doing and the daytime highs tomorrow on a technicality will be a few degrees warmer and slightly different but again not enough to notice but close to the mid- 70s and 74 for the daytime high tomorrow and we will do 73 and santa clara in those be some of the warmer numbers and we will see mainly upper 60s with occasional low 70s for the inland valleys of the east bay and back in the bay proper there are more mid-60s but plenty of low 70s as you get further away and once you get up north it is all 70s from santa rosa over toward napa and even out toward fairfield and temperatures in the low 70s for lake in mendocino county tomorrow and tomorrow there is an interesting pattern in the atmosphere and responsible for us having no rain for this long period of time and also
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delivering storm after storm to the same one spot along the coast of western north america and that is that line from seattle northward and it is almost like history making in here comes the next one. we have done this now for the last two weeks and these are systems that are delivering not just rain but large amounts of rain being fueled by atmospheric rivers consistently and almost as though all of the rain has been pulled out of the subtropics and just sent one location and there just isn't any left to go anywhere else and down here in california that is certainly the way it plays out for the next seven days and if you take a look at the forecast with sunny skies in mid 70s for san jose and we will stay low 70s in oakland and upper 60s for san francisco and as we look across the microclimate same story mid-70s and the valleys of the in the upper 60s for the inland valleys of the east bay. straight ahead in sports, who is ready for some football? the 49er empire planet is even
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more firmly on its axis now and after today they
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nfl up top and the 49ers. you see this graphic over my shoulder? you know what that means? big time matchup. this 5-5 team looked in the mirror and saw the equally 5-5
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vikings and when i look in the mirror i see him and picking it up in the third quarter tied at 14 samuel and for the backfield again six carries and scored twice and due to a groin injury didn't finish the game. in the meantime kurt cousins didn't see the first of two takeaways by the 49ers defense and that was the third interception of the season and the 49ers were in business inside the 5 and elijah mitchell crashed in for a touchdown and put san francisco ahead 28-4 teen with the broken middle finger and he ran 133 yards and 27 carries and the 4th quarter down and they needed to stop in 4th and goal and cousins under pressure over through his receiver and the niners took over on downs and then took seven minutes off the clock but robbie gould couldn't give them three more points and how about it, coach?
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minnesota got into the 49ers territory but that was about it on the 4th down as the defense held in the 49ers survived and got it 34-26 and they are back in playoff discussion. it is the first winning record since week 3 and they are 6-5 now after a third straight win. >> it is why we believed it would be like a playoff game when two teams are playing inspired and we have everything on the line and that is why it is a good football game for people to watch and not always the most fun points wise for everybody but i was proud of our guys at the end of it. >> the warriors and clay thompson spent the day in santa cruz and practice with the club here as he gets closer for a return and his teammates took a flight down to la for sunday afternoon run with the clippers and inside staples center with the matinee affair and we will join them in a 3rd quarter and
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defending and causing turnovers and steph curry has one of the six steals and puts them up 9 and he knows it is over and later a four point game and it was over on sunday and had four three-pointers to and the quarter in the final period up 9 but do they get these? steph curry wasn't happy about it so some magic words and he got teed up and you never see him lose it like that. he took out his frustrations here in the clippers to make it a 15 point game and he scored 233 in the final period and curry again didn't matter and he teed himself off after the sun is the warriors won it 105- 90 and the record 18-2 and next up back to back games against the sons who have gotten 16 straight games. >> every once in a while he is and stephanie doesn't do it often but when he knows it is right a competitor and him
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comes out and he will kind of lose his mind a little bit but often it's person like it did in this instance. three of the big sports and action today and nhl and the sharks in chicago to drop the puck on a road trip and moving pictures coming up in the late show. and news before the game the sharks with kane and waivers and he is not playing which is likely considered the high value of his contract and he will join the minor-league club this week and had been serving a 21 game suspension for submitting a fake vexing card. >> marcus semien cashed in during free agency and the former a's shortstop or infield i should say agreed on the seven year deal with the texas rangers and get this, $175 billion and in 45 homeruns with toronto last season.
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and last night coach lincoln riley said he would not be leaving oklahoma to take the lsu job and he was not lying and he is reportedly leaving to be the next coach at usc and a huge higher for the trojans as he led them through the college football playoff three times in five seasons and i have a usc trojan at home, and he is awfully excited that a coaching change for the future has been made official today.
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it is tonight's coyote update. the coyote that was rescued from san francisco bay last week has been released after he recovered quickly. firefighters say the drowning animal and friday and rescued him and lifted his head above water and the jetski brought the animal into safety. sect they named him phoenix after the department fire boat and he was transferred to a care center for severe hypothermia and you could see he is well taken care of and he made a quick recovery and he said see you thanks a lot.
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>> that is it for a 5:00 and we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> the weekend news is next testing for cbs weekend news captioning sponsored by cbs >> oliver: tonight: global travel ban. >> countries trying to stop the spread of the new omicron variant tighten their borders. >> south africa's foreign ministry says the country isder. being punished. >> oliver: also tonight calming covid fears, dr. fauci advising americans not to panic and get the vaccine. >> reporter: i'm lilia lucianno in los angeles, where a strict vaccine mandate is about to go in place. >> plus return trip, this could be the busiest travel day of the year. people heading out on the road, trains and planes amid new pandemic concerns. >> reporter: i am in new york's laguardia airport where planes are packed as millions of americans head home from thanksgiving gatherings. >> oliver: also, remembering our heroes.


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