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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, gunfire erupting outside a high school football game and how fans plus the new coronavirus
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variant is wearing public health officials and how governments are scrambling to slow the spread. his job to protect us while we did ours and we are remembering a respected and beloved kpix 5 security guard shot and killed while protecting a reporter in oakland. good morning, it is sunday, november 28, thank you for joining us. let's start with a quick check of the weather. sunny and dry will hang on for the last day of the four- day holiday weekend. another day with many locations coming to near 70 for the daytime high. clear skies right now, back down into the mid 40s for most locations. a quick look ahead, sunrise at 7:04 am and off to the races with low 70s and sunny i will see with the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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a strong earthquake battering peru. the 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck three hours ago. the epicenter was located in north paris 100 miles from the border with ecuador. it was a big earthquake but it was also sent her deep underground and that maybe the silver lining that limits damage and casualties. the national weather service tweeted there was no tsunami threat for our area from this quake. back here in the bay area, friday night football game in the south bay was disrupted by gunfire. there was confusion and chaos on the field and in the stands. two men were shot outside the stadium during the championship football game. so far police do not know who pulled the trigger. da lin spoke with people at the game and has the story. >> because chaos. roughly 10 shots rang out as the football team was about to go for two point conversion with 2:22 left in the division
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i championship game. the gunshots sanded clearing the recording but the players and most fans could not hear them because of the excitement. this was the reaction once people learned of the shooting. >> all the fans started pouring out and everyone was scared they would be a stampede and everyone got really nervous. we did not know what was going on. >> the players got down on the ground and some players ran thinking there was an active shooter. >> we just started to run and get undercover and get behind some tents and it was a chaotic scene. it was scary. >> some parents in the stands were telling people to stay calm. >> we had people yelling do not stampede and do not run. a lot of people stood up and
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controlled the crowd. >> he was there to cheer on st. francis and set it took a while to find out the shooting happened in the parking lot. the team played at a neutral site. san jose police recovered the shell casings and investigator save the shooting injure two men, both with the non-life- threatening injuries. >> there was no playbook for this spirit and this was not something that anyone was prepared for. >> san jose police say no arrests and no motives and no information on the victims and it's unclear if the people involved in the shooting were there for the game. >> on the covid front, public health officials are grappling with the dangerous new strain of the virus that originated in south africa but appears to be spreading. seven countries in europe and asia have confirmed cases of the omicron variant.
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in johannesburg, south africa is where the variant was first found. >> and it sent a chill across the globe and scientists are worried omicron has over 50 mutations which could make it more transmissible and vaccine resistant. many countries have rushed to slap travel bans against south africa. but public experts warn that the virus is probably already in many countries. >> stopped traveling from one country or a small group of countries and it very soon becomes super fearless. it's really not the solution. >> international travelers have been left stranded as the u.s. joins countries in europe and asia in closing their doors to south africa. suspendingr nks and new quartine r >> i have to quarantine at a
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hotel in mike hoss for 10 days. >> it's another blow for south africa's tourism industry which has already been decimated by more than 18 months of the pandemic. in a strongly worded statement the south african foreign ministry criticized the travel bans saying it's a sign that should be applauded and not punished and the country is being penalized for its ability to detect variance variants quickly. >> of the travel ban handed down from the u.s. to south africa and seven other south african countries is meant to give scientists more time to understand the variant. the vice president was asked about preventing the spread here in the u.s.. >> we will take it one step at a time but as of now we have done what we feel is necessary. >> travel restrictions in the u.s. take effect after midnight
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and there are some notable exceptions, that do not apply to u.s. citizens, permanent residents or spouses but all will have to be tested before traveling. the federal appeals court has blocked a covid vaccine mandate for all california prison workers. the order would require all prison workers to be vaccinated for covid have an exception by january 12 that a ruling pushed it back to march. and this morning where remembering a beloved public servant, kevin nishita. he worked for years as a police officer and in retirement he returned to service to protect reporters and photographers here in the bay area and his job was protecting us so we could do our job. he was shot earlier this week by an armed robber attempting to steal a camera in oakland. more on how he went above and beyond to help those he was protecting. >> kevin nishita made a difference in a lot of people's
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lives. as of police officer, security guard, family man and friend . he dedicated his life to the safety and well-being of others including the team here at kpix 5 and other bay area news crews . >> he was part of our newest family and the loss is tremendous. >> he was the kindest man. >> he died on saturday morning, a few days after he was shot in attempted armed robbery while working as a security guard for a news crew covering the story in oakland. journalists reacting on social media, sharing their condolences, fond memories and heartfelt wishes. >> the entire tv market is feeling the loss. >> mobile news crews often work with security guards so we get to know them very well. >> the security guards are standing next to us every single minute we are on the story. >> he was always on his game and also he was always kind. when night after working together he texted her in the
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story turned out awesome and i give it five stars. >> he was a kind and generally a caring person. >> kevin was so unfailingly kind. >> andria borba recently worked a long shift with him and was going to take the train home and he said it was not safe and urged her to let him drive her home. >> this is a man that cared so much about our safety and drove one hour out of his way to make sure i made it home and it hurts that he did not make it home. >> a console and so enwekytocal fr. >>he wamakesu wereaking re of and the people we were interviewing were taking care of. >> prior to working as a security guard, he had a long career in law enforcement and
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worked with the hayward police department, san jose police department and finished his career as a sergeant with the cole police department and on saturday morning law enforcement officers paid tribute to kevin nishita. >> we are so lucky to have crossed paths with him. he was really special. >> he is survived by his wife, two children and three grandchildren. >> this morning, oakland police are asking for the public's help in locating the suspect who shot kevin the car was a white acura tl with the sunroof and no front license plate. a reward for information leading to the arrest is at $32,000. on streaming on cbs and bay area, another supply shortage that could have you decking the halls with plastic wrap and pine. >> the real-life grinch is
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taking handmade toys. and taking a li
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welcome back. the time is 6:12 am. christmas tree stands are popping up and a reporter has more on how the weather and supply-chain could make it harder to get a real tree this
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year. >> these evergreens have been through it. ground in the middle of a drought, threatened by wildfires in oregon where many sacramento area sellers by their trees and on top of that, trucking shortages that have the potential to delay the arrival altogether. add to this the demand. chad erickson who owns this spot says he expects last years demand for fresh countries to continue because people want to keep family traditions alive, especially after or sometimes still during a pandemic. some out shopping for the one today say they pushed up the trip to make sure the lot was still full. >> i was worried about finding a christmas tree farm and did not want to get it from just anywhere. >> a real-life grinch of sorts is running loose in alaska and the victims are hoping police contract the suspect down. they have been making wooden toys by hand for nearly 20
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years but what remains in the workshop is a tiny fraction of the normal inventory because most of it was stolen last weekend. the family had finished their sales at the craft fair in anchorage and packed up everything into a rented truck and stayed overnight in a hotel. >> monday morning when i got up to get the truck started, i discovered it was gone. >> like our toys and they want us to be there but we can't. >> the losses add up to $17,000 worth of toys and they say could be a year or more before they can replace everything unless the thief is caught. turning our attention back to the forecast for the last day of the four-day weekend, another sunny day with temperatures climbing near 70 for mainly inland locations. we take a look outside from treasure island back toward the skyline.
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the current numbers right now range mainly in the mid 40s for some of the colder spots. 52 in the city and 46 in san jose, hayward at 50, 43 for livermore. no major issues with fog, visibility is down to a 10th of a mile for santa rosa and that is the lowest number in the bay. most of the locations doing just fine. we might see a few high clouds today just kind of like yesterday but nothing too significant and should not be a major impact on the day. as we look at the bigger picture to see where the rain is, still very impressive storms coming into the coast north of seattle. that gets us into monday night and tuesday and another significant almost on historic proportions the amount of rain and as a result, we are not seen rain down here and we stay in the clear and watching the accumulated rainfall from now all the way through wednesday,
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december 8. nothing here and plenty of rain up there and that is the way the pattern is going to hold. let's check out the numbers for today, low 70s in the south bay with santa clara at 71, campbell at 70, mid to upper 60s for most other locations. some low 70s on the east bay shoreline which will show up for the tri-valley today, pleasant hill i-69, 67 in concord. low 70s for the east bay shoreline, upper 60s up into marine and plenty of low 70s for simona sonoma and napa. and we will be in the low to mid 70s as we get into mendocino county so slightly warmer today in some locations. we can do cool down a little over the next three days. san jose goes down to the upper
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60s by the time we get to next weekend but it will stay in the low 70s this whole week. similar story for the note bay valleys in the mid-70s through the next seven days. for the inlet valleys of the east bay we stay 70s for the next few days before cooling down. still even at that only down into the upper 60s. no rain on here now and that is seven days worth and looking beyond for accumulated rain, no hope for accumulated rain for the next week and a half at least. it's going to be another stretch of weather where we get to enjoy sunny and 70. >> what would have to change for some of that to shift our way and how likely is it? >> a large block in the atmosphere in the eastern pacific right now and it is one of those dominating ridges of high-pressure which is usually responsible for redirecting the storms. what would have to change is that. had you get that to change, the
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winds in the atmosphere and with that we just have to wait and see. taken a live look at san francisco city hall where the building will be eliminated to mark the beginning of hanukkah. also tonight the first candle of the 25 foot menorah will be is what itokke st re. year nits ofe an additiocawillbe lit each nidecember 5. public events marking the start of hanukkah are happening. shabbat of alameda hosts a community gathering at 4:30 pm. it features the lighting of nora made out of legos. and in petaluma celebration at the fairgrounds for 4:30 pm. to look out for more bay area bright spots, email your pictures and video to bay area bright spots at or tag kpix bright spots on social
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media and you may see your bright lights on tv. coming up in sports, stanford played to ruin notre dame chances last night. there cal bears needed a win to keep the bowl talk alive
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good morning. welcome into sports.
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l needed two wins to be bowl eligible. the two teams left on the schedule were ucla and usc. had not been both in the same season since 2000. first up, the bruins in pasadena in the second quarter, cal down by 10. stumbling into the end zone, weaves through traffic the drive. later in the 2nd, they capitalize. cal takes the 14-10 lead. ucla took it right back. the 3rd quarter, tiptoes to the sideline by like a ballerina and what to throw and catch >> cal loses 42-14. next week the game against u.s. he has zero bowl implications as usc lost their seventh game at byu yesterday.
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the 49ers gm was honored. still in the playoff picture with their loan loss to cincinnati. the hall of fame and the stanford defense struggled all game long. the start of the second half, stanford trying to get something going down by 24 the bulldozer powers his way in from five yards out. the fourth quarter, stanford now down 37 and the backup is in for notre dame and tyler buckner gets to showcase his highlight reel. 33 yard score and the pain stops as the season ends with the 45-14 loss. 3 and 9 for the cardinal this year. ohio state in michigan, the big house rocking in the snow john harbaugh try to finish the job under 3 minutes left with michigan app. the fifth touchdown of the day,
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michigan miground297 rushing ya the release from harbaugh as they get the relief. 42-27 and it was pandemonium in ann arbor and they are now in the big ten title game winning during the college playoff. the warriors are 17-2 and 13 of the winds are by double digits and they have just been pulverizing the association. it should be a tough stretch of staples center tonight against the clippers and then back to back with the phoenix suns. last night behind 32 points from steph curry, the warriors handled the blazers 118-103 and are now 11-1 at the chase center. here is video from long after the game ended and it's an emotional klay thompson still on the bench with a towel over his head. he has missed two and half years with injuries and finally cleared to practice earlier this week. >> he is very human is what i'm
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trying to say. he is vulnerable and emotional. that is what makes him such a beautiful person. he just cares and loves the game and loves the work and wants to be a part of everything. all of that has been ripped away in the last two years. there's times where he has been pretty down. >> a fun week, back to back games against the phoenix suns who are hotter than sedona on a summer day. they held off the nets yesterday and was the 16th straight win, the only former warrior on the sons roster. college basketball, seventh-ranked stanford women face a number 2, maryland in the bahamas >> she knocked down seven three- pointers and the cardinals blew out the terrapins 86-68. the vikings and 49ers today from levi's stadium should feel
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like a wildcard preview. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a dog stolen and this morning the owners plea for his return. >> a gun pointed at my face. >> shopper supporting local businesses on small business saturday and we have an update on the turnout here's a live look outside and we will be back in a
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welcome back. it is 6:29 am and thank you for joining us. let's start with the quick check of the weather with meteorologist, darren peck. another day of sunshine and low 70s. the clear skies, you can see from the camera at the top look into the east >> low 40s and some cooler spots but we are going to see those places warm-up into the low 70s both in lanes and in many locations in the bay itself will also warm-up to near 70. sunshine will be back. more on the forecast coming up in a bit. the owner of a bulldog is pleading for help in finding her stolen pet who was taken at
6:30 am
gunpoint.. barrett threats -- thefts have become increasingly common. betty yu has the story. >> it feels weird because i feel like i came home. >> she held back tears speaking about her almost two-year-old frenchy, merlin who she said was stolen at gunpoint on saturday. she was out of town for thanksgiving so her friend took them for a ter 6:00 pm at 24th and valdes streets. >> all of a sudden these two men came out from nowhere and one approached me basically straight on pointing a gun at my face. they said give me the dog and the other grabbed merlin. >> they hopped in the car and sped off going the wrong way down a one-way street toward whole foods. >> i think it was immense shock that it happened. as a local and more recently
6:31 am
resident i know a lot has been going on. but at 6:00 pm there is people 15 feet away from me. >> i thought somebody taking him might be a possibility so whenever i walk him it's not usually dark out. >> french bulldogs are popular breed and often targets for robbers across the country because they can fetch high prices. >> what has the past 24 hours been like for you? >> it's odd because we come home and i see his things here and it's even hard for me to contemplate why somebody would even do this. we just want him back. >> merlin is 26 pounds and gray with black spots, his belly and
6:32 am
chest are white. there has been a reward site set up for his safe return and oakland police are checking nearby security camera video. we have contacts in the department but have not heard back. >> an update to a story, 13 cases of omicron darien have been detected among the 61 positive covid-19 cases found in a group of travelers on flights from south africa to the netherlands. it started on friday when more than 500 passengers on two flights landed in amsterdam and were told that they had to be tested for covid. after 30 hours together on planes crammed inside buses and in waiting rooms, 61 passengers tested positive and were put into quarantine. two travelers reaching australia have tested positive for the new variant and are among a group of 14 from south africa who landed in sydney on
6:33 am
saturday and the two infected people are reported to be asymptomatic and the remaining 12 have been placed in quarantine. >> omicron has been identified in some european countries including cases in the uk, germany and italy. governments are imposing new restrictions to contain the spread with the uk tightening its mask rules and testing requirements. >> we are not going to stop people traveling. that we will require anyone who enters the uk to take a pcr test and we will go further and asking all of you to help contain the spread by tightening up the rules on face coverings in shops and public transport. >> israel is also cracking down barring foreigners from entering the country for the next two weeks and even vaccinated israeli residents arriving back in the country will need to isolate and take multiple virus tests. in the u.s. yesterday was small business saturday and many businesses are still struggling
6:34 am
because of the pandemic. we get a look at how some shops are getting a big boost. >> a store specializing in american crafts made by artists across the country and is one of many stores that have called the broadway district home for more than 20 years. >> they always want to support the neighborhood and broadway is a strong community and they like their local businesses. >> supply chain issues have made it hard for the owner to get all the items he wanted for the holiday season but is grateful to have a store full of unique pieces. >> they support us and we support them and it's always been a great relationship. >> other businesses who anchor the shopping store say struggles beyond covid remain. >> there are definitely aftereffects and the challenge for small business is competing with online companies.
6:35 am
>> customers shopping today say they were encouraged to spend more on small business saturday and believe the stores are the backbone of the country. >> now more than ever it's important to support small businesses. >> while they have their own individual needs they see the value in working together and creating a district with lots of shops to attract customers and residents near and far make a long-term investment. >> the community helps to keep us alive and makes it so small stores can still exist and they add color and flavor to the local community. >> you can continue to support the businesses by shopping local using the choose local san mateo county app and it's a way for you to earn rewards one by local with the businesses located in the district. the theater is in the middle of a monumental restoration and needs your help.
6:36 am
holiday boutique will be donating 20% of proceeds to continue rebuilding the theater and the seasonal shopping event features handcrafted art from creators all over the area the theater opened 20 days after the attack on pearl harbor with the film that starred william holden. still to come and streaming on cbsn bay area, the race against the climate clog off the sonoma coast. >> the climate driven catastrophe and if it was happening in our terrestrial forest it would be front page news every day. >> how several bay area want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support.
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with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully.
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a hidden ecological disaster is unfolding off the california coast. so many species depend on it. we spent weeks investigating. >> it's no wonder the cal forest exhibit is so popular. but in addition to getting mesmerized, we also get schooled on how vital the forests are to almost
6:40 am
everything that lives along the coast. that message might be more important now than ever. >> i have this fear that people will say how did we never know about this? >> the executive director of the center for marine scientists and that is ground zero of an ecological crisis. >> i have had grown men crying in my office saying i've been diving here for 30 years and i've never seen anything like this, what can i do? >> to 96% has declined in less than a decade. >> she is with the nature conservancy. >> it's a catastrophe that if it was happening in the terrestrial forest, it would be front page news every day. the systems are incredibly about it and vibrant and are worth saving. >> losing 96% of an ecosystem mostly hidden beneath the waves can be difficult to visualize. let's look at an eight mile
6:41 am
stretch of coast. we start in 2008, a particularly good year for kelp and everything in teal is kelp forest canopy and the force naturally grows larger or smaller from year-to-year but in 2015, most of it vanishes and never recovers. but it did not just disappear, it's been devoured by purple urchin who recently have been given two advantages, the natural predator was wiped out in 2013 by pathogen and right after that the kelp defenses also began weakening due to a warming ocean. warm is hardly the way anyone who has dipped a toe in the water would describe it but kelp is used to chilly 55 degrees and lightly the water has been reaching the mid 60s and for this ecosystem, that is a heat wave. it brings us to the root of the problem, the pacific is getting warmer. with time-lapse in the last 10
6:42 am
years we see an obvious trend, areas in redshirt temperatures that are above average and by the time we get to 2015 the year the kelp forest collapsed, we see a blob of water so large that it's technically classified as a marine heat wave and the blob as it's been called was quickly followed by other marine heat waves and there is one in 2017 and another one in 2019 and another in 2020. some of the water along the coast was near 70 degrees. >> there are certain locations where the kelp has hung gone. >> the assistant professor took me to a small beach where he has found a glimmer of hope. >> if you're going to restore a receiving then maybe you select select from the best populations that have the best chance of surviving if there is another warming event. >> once you find a string of kelp that can tolerate the heat you can find preps millions of
6:43 am
tiny spores and if you can transplant them, maybe that will work. >> eventually we will figure things out. we don't have answers but are working towards it. we are racing against the climate clock. >> that was darren peck reporting in this aerial view taken in 2019 you see very little kelp then we switch to the past summer and you see a lot of it and that is a good sign but it's important to point out that this past summer saw strong uptake in the california current that brought cooler waters to the coastline and that was the best case scenario for what kelp need to thrive even with that the kelp we see is only 10% of what we would have seen under normal circumstances and conditions. an important follow-up to that and one of the biggest issues and the first line of action is to remove the purple
6:44 am
urchin which have taken over because until we clear out that ecosystem the kelp will have a hard time getting the strong foothold even when the right conditions come back. a lot of people are working on the problem and we will update you throughout the next several years. we take a look outside over the golden gate bridge and there's like starting to show but the sun does not come up until 7:04 am so we will continue to watch the sky. current numbers are pretty warm in the mid 40s in san jose 50 in hayward, 46 in san jose. it's really nice on the visibility map with no significant issues with fog. it is a nice thing to see because we know what that can be like. temperatures today will warm up and are plenty of blue sky to the low 70s for some of the warmer spots in the south bay, mid 60s before the east bay
6:45 am
shoreline and upper 60s along the peninsula. temperatures for the inland valleys will warm up to the low 70s, especially in the tri- valley. 60s for most locations >> in the bay proper more mid to upper 60s but we will his 70 today for alameda, oakland, santa rosa and all of the wine country locations will probably be around 70. napa in the mid-70s. what's been left out of the conversation is rain. right now there is a lot of it and it's all going to the same place in a very narrow confined ribbon. when atmospheric you river yesterday and here's another into tuesday with huge amounts of rain hitting the same spot that has been getting hit for almost two weeks now and no one else gets any rain and it's been a significant pattern to watch play out. a troubling one for anyone from seattle north here at home it means from now all the way
6:46 am
through wednesday through december 8 we stay out of the storm track and all the rain continues to the north and that is certainly the case for the next seven days. daytime highs in the low to mid 70s. for san jose in the upper 60s for oakland and upper 60s in san francisco and if we switch to the microclimate we can see the numbers for the inland valleys of the space stay around 70 but it will be mid 70s as we get into the valleys of the north bay with temperatures climbing to 76 today in santa rosa, the warmest day in the seven-day forecast and it doesn't stay that warm but it only cools off a few degrees and no sign in the next seven days and probably for the next week and half of any rain >> it feels like the weather season started off with such promise with the big storm and then has petered out. >> that's exactly the way he is
6:47 am
going. let's hope the pattern breaks before long. it is still relatively early in the rainy season but we are now in the heart of the rainy season and the making up for the rain should be happening now. >> the holidays are time we spend with family and friends and this week students rising above scholar goes back to his former high school to show us the family could also be our friends, those that show up for us in ways we don't expect. >> angelo is catching up with the coaching team he played for at jesse bethel high school in vallejo >> i would contrary away, you've got one minute. >> the truth is the coaches and their care, compassion and patience never left him. >> the wrestling coach.
6:48 am
>> usually when a kid is trying to wrestle you don't learn it overnight. he kept coming every day and kept asking questions and i said i think he's got it. >> jackson pushed angelo to keep his weight class as he made varsity and team captain. >> he went from 170 pounds to 220 and was a light to 20 and that gave him a lot of respect because he was bigger. >> the former head football coach turned athletic director made sure angelo had a ride to school every day. >> he would pick me up every morning for weight training and it was extra early in the morning and he never asked for money or anything, the only thing he asked was beyond time. >> his parents split up when he was 10 months old and his mother struggled in many was tight and angela did his best to help out with the family finances >> i would not run the heater
6:49 am
at nighttime. >> getting ready for school was tough. >> when he put a cold hand and or when water warm water it burns and i remember doing that and i would never want to feel that again >> that determine spirit pushed him toward success through high school and then on to college. >> i'm engaged. >> he plans on getting married next year after graduation revealing the exciting news to those he considers family. >> i see him as a dad in a way. >> it's a connection that both coaches can relate to. >> i saw a lot of myself in similar situate patient to what my coaches did for me. >> rising above able to serve so many amazing scholars through donations and if you would like to consider donation
6:50 am
join students rising above on tuesday, giving tuesday on november 30 and it's a one day only fundraising campaign and you can find more information on our website, /sra. on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , a horse flying in the air and what it took to get him to safety and riverside county.
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6:53 am
the time is 6:52 am. here is a look out at san francisco. some stunning video out of riverside county where a 1000 pound horse had a chance to fly the horse was rescued from a ravine by helicopter the four euro gilding got stuck between two holders on wednesday after his owner fell off. due to high winds he could not be airlifted out until friday. the rescuer sedated him and strapped him into the harness. then off he went dangling from the chopper. >> his flight took about 10 minutes and the helicopter crew gloried him down as gently as possible after getting all the gear up off he managed to stand up.
6:54 am
they say saving sunny was the highlight of their year. a group of dogs to to the waves for certain competition. the pups seem to be having fun standing on paddle boards with their owners >> some of the last experience and immerse animals were life jackets. the pet took the top prize and she and her owner had already won silver an
6:55 am
6:56 am
it's time for look at the top stories. police are still trying to figure out who fired multiple gunshots at a high school parking lot during the championship football game. the shooting wounded two men on friday. starting tomorrow the u.s. will lock travelers from eight countries in the southern area of africa it is concerns over the new variants of the coronavirus >> >> shops teamed up to welcome customers for small business saturday. many owners are still trying to bounce back from losses due to the pandemic. shoppers say they are eager to spend more to help the businesses thrive. the owner of a french bulldog in oakland is pleading for help to find her stolen pet. a friend was taken the dog named merlin for walk when two men approached and took a gunpoint. >> this morning many of us are remembering a security guard who stood out with his
6:57 am
dedication and professionalism. kevin nishita was shot last week while guarding a bay area news crew in oakland and he died yesterday morning. a live look outside from treasure island back towards the city and this is going to be another beautifully sunny and warm day temperatures will climb well into the low 70s and in fact for some of the warmer spots you can see that as we take a look across. the 7 day forecast starting with san francisco, oakland and san jose, san jose in the mid- 70s over the next few days and the microclimate shows a similar story with the numbers for the inland valleys in the north bay warming up into the mid 70s as well. thank you for joining us. cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is next here on kpix 5. enjoy the rest of your sunday .
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