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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 27, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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[ music ] a fire outside a football game sparks a frenzy. how fans attempted to calm the chaos. >> we had people yelling don't run. >> the dog, stolen at one point in the east bay. and the owner pleading for its safe return. so they said give me the dog, and they grabbed him. >> with heavy hearts, we remember a cherished security guard who has died after being shot while protecting a reporter and photographer. and more gunshots fired just outside a high school football game in the south bay.
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two people were injured, and we still don't know who did it. and that resulted in fear in the football fields and on the in the stands. the shooting caused chaos on the football field and in the stands. roughly 10 shots rang out as sarah high football team was about to go for a two point conversion, with two minutes 22 seconds left in the division championship game, the gunshots and clear in the recording, but the players and fans could not hear it because of the excitement. >> get down, get down, just get down. >> this is the reaction when people learned of the shooting. ored about a arted pouring out. stampede. everyone was really nervous, we didn't know what was going on, all the reports were that there was someone shooting in the stadium.
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>> sarah high players ran, thinking there was an active shooter. sarah high had coach patrick walsh spoke with us. >> we were told to run, get undercover. it was a chaotic scene. and it was scary. >> some were telling people to stay calm. >> people were yelling don't stampede, don't run, a lot of people stood up and controlled the crowd, which is great. >> matt hommel was there to cheer on st. francis. it took a while to figure out that the shooting had happened outside of the working lot. the plate at a neutral site, westmont high, in campbell. san jose police recovered shell casings. the shooting injured two men, both with non-life-threatening injuries. >> there was no playbook for this. there are certain plays that we
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got to execute that night, this was not something that anyone was prepared for. >> san jose police say no arrests, no motive, no information on the victims either, it is unclear if the people involved in the shooting were even therefore the game. tonight, the owner of a bulldog is pleading for help in finding her stolen pet, taken at gunpoint. purebred thefts have been common around the country. >> betty has the story. >> it feels weird. i feel like i came home. >> reporter: she held back tears, speaking about her almost 2-year-old dog who she said was stolen at gunpoint on saturday. hannah was out of town for thanksgiving. her friends took him for a walk, just after 6:00 p.m. >> these two men came out from nowhere, one of them approached me, basically straight on and
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pointed a gun at my face and said give me the dog. the other one grabbed him. >> marika said the two men hopped in the car and sped off going the wrong way down a one- way street toward hold foods. >> i felt immense shocked that it happened. i am in the area local, and i know that a lot has been going on. there were literally people 15 feet away from me. >> i thought somebody taking him might be a possibility. so whenever i walk him, it is not usually dark out. >> french bulldogs are a popular breed often targets for robbers across the country, because they can fetch high prices. >> what have these 24 hours been like for you? >> it is odd. eight come home and see his
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things here, it is hard for me to even contemplate why somebody would do this. we just want him back. >> merlin is about 26 pounds, gray, with black spots, his belly and chest are white. in oakland, betty yu, kpix5 news. >> hannah has set up a reward website for merlin's safe return. oakland police are checking nearby surveillance video. we contacted the department. we have not heard back yet. we are remembering the life of a much beloved security guard for kpix who died while guarding a bay area news crew earlier this week. he was shot by an armed robber who was attempting to steal camera equipment. max has more on how kevin went above and beyond to help those he was protecting. >> kevin made a difference in a lot of lives, as a police of, and as a
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is. to fetyanwell-b of others, including the team here and at other bay area news crews. >> he was part of the news family. the loss is tremendous. so he was the kindest man. >> he died a few days after he was shot in and attended armed robbery while working as a security guard for a news crew covering a story in oakland. journalists from every news station reacted on social media, sharing condolences, memories, and heartfelt wishes. >> we are feeling the loss. >> local news crews often work with security guards, and we get to know them very well. >> these security guards are standing next to us every single minute that we are on the story. >> he was always on his game, but also, he was always kind.
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one night after working together, he texted her your story turned out awesome, i give it five stars. >> he was genuinely a caring person. >> kevin was so genuinely kind. >> andria borba recently worked a long ship with him. he urged her to let him drive her home. >> this is a man cared so much about our safety, he drove an hour out of his way to make sure that i made it home. it hurts that he didn't make it home. >> a kind soul, someone you are lucky to call a coworker and friend. so he wanted to make sure we were okay, always, he wanted to make sure we were all taking care of. he would put the umbrella up for us when it was raining, so we wouldn't get wet.
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that was the kind of kind human being that he is. caer in w enforcened witd and s jo policde finish his time as of the tacoma police department. law enforcement from around the area pay tribute to him. >> we are so lucky to have crossed paths with kevin, he just was really special. >> he is survived by his wife, two children, and three grandchildren. in san francisco, kpix5. >> oakland police are asking for the public's help, in locating the suspect shot kevin. the department released the picture of the alleged getaway car, with a sunroof and no front license plate. a reward is now at more than $32,000. >> unique atm break-in scheme was floated by cbs things to a combined effort with campbell police.
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a man cut a hole through the building's roof to get inside and take the atm. the cops said not so fast. officers ended up using a drone and a dog to find the suspect, who was hiding in a backyard nearby. and on the threat of the new strain of the virus, gavin newsom says his office is monitoring the variant situation. at the same time, new york's governor has declared a state of emergency, telling residents it is coming. >> this as millions of americans traveled back home, following thanks giving. beginning on monday, the us will restrict travel from several south african nations where the new variant is said to have originated, that's because it can move very, very fast. >> it does not take very much for the virus to read like the wind. >> the goal is just to tame it, but we are always going to have covid around, hopefully in a much less threatening manner,
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as we get more people immunized. >> johnson and johnson and pfizer are already testing vaccines, to see if they work on the new strain. manufacturers have land have plans to adapt vaccines if they have to. it's been 43 years since the assassination of two high profile political leaders. in earlyrights activists, both were gunned down at san francisco city hall, november 27, 1978, by dan white, a former member of the board of supervisors. coming up, another supply shortage that could have you decking the halls with plastic rather than pine. and how many across the bay area went out to support local businesses today. >> the wonderful weather that we have for this holiday weekend, we get one more day
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a nice cool, clear, calm night. and now, christmas tree lots are open across the bay area,
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madison has more on how the weather and the supply chain could make it harder to get a real tree. >> these evergreens have been through it, grown in the middle of a drought threatened by wildfires in oregon, where many sacrament to area sellers by their trees, and on top of that, trucking shortages that had the potential to delay the arrival altogether. add to this demand, chad erickson owns this spot and expects last year's demand for fresh cut trees to continue, because people want to keep family traditions alive, especially after, sometimes even still during a pandemic. some still out shopping for the one today say they pushed up this trip to make sure that the lot was still full. >> i was worried about finding a christmas tree farm. i want to support the small business. >> today was small business
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saturday, a great time to support a local business. many stores are still dealing with the losses they saw last year because of the pandemic. supply chain issues have made it hard for some story stories to get all of the stuff that they need for the holiday season, but locals turned out anyway. >> we always really want to support the neighborhood, broadway is a strong community, and they like their local businesses. >> now more than ever it is important to support small businesses. >> many store owners say they will often use some of their profits to help support local causes and organizations. in the east bay, the theater is in the middle of a monumental restoration, and they need your help. the holiday teak will be donating 21% of proceeds to continue rebuilding the theater. they have handcrafted art from traders all over the bay area. >> we are out here selling
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handmade goods, craft goods, diffs, things for your mom, your friends, we even have some guy gifts here, and we are out here just to help the community. >> the theater opened 20 days after the attack on pearl harbor, with - - and happening tomorrow, union square, where the first candle of a 25 foot tall menorah will be lit. this is what it looks like. it has been going up in union square, annually, since 1975. the lighting ceremony is every night december 5. on the late on the lookout for more dairy area fright spots, email us your pictures, or tag us on social media, and you may just see your holiday lights on tv. that bright spot tomorrow will be the sunshine, which we will be seeing a lot more of. >> plenty of that.
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no different than what the last couple days have and like out here. we were in a rut. we need some rain. there is really no sign of that coming our way. we have one more day of this glorious four-day weekend, and sunday is going to deliver, just like the last three days have, it is going to be fantastic. right now outside, which is a pretty comfortable, upper 40s and the north bay, plenty of middle 50s in along the base shoreline, and we are holding onto the loaf 50s, those numbers will go down to pretty much low 40s for the overnight low. watch the clouds, tomorrow, just a few of them, you probably won't even notice, it will be just like today, did you notice? a few high clouds, morning lows between now and then, pretty much around the middle 40s. daytime high temperature's will be a couple degrees above today, but it is about as nice as today was, 71 four santa clara, union city goes for 64,
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there will be a pocket of 70s there, through the tri-valley, other than that, upper 60s for most inland valleys, the east bay, back in the middle 60s for the bay, shoreline, san rafael, 69. there are some 70s, like middle 70s for lincoln and mendocino county. and there are a lot of storms in the pacific right now, they just all happen to be going to the same place. watch that long stream there, this has been quite an impressive two weeks. with atmospheric river after atmospheric river, pointed at the pacific northwest, from seattle, north of the river, preparing for flooding on the major rivers in the next 24 hours, and another coming into british columbia as we get into monday, it has really been incredible to watch. there is nothing happening here. the atmosphere has locked in this pattern. if you look at where the rain is going to fall through the next weekend, you can see it is
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all up there. this looks like la niña. when we show those maps for how la niña is supposed to do but we bring rainfall throughout the winter, it looks just like that. that is fitting of this notion. when we look at the long-range forecast, if we let this play out, speeding it up for about a week and a half, there is nothing coming our way. for december, january, february, this is the seasonal outlook for precipitation. and the further you get, the higher the degree of confidence the precipitation will be below average. we certainly fall into that category december, january, and february. and looking at some of the best forecast for long-range models, that's the way it looks right now. low 70s and sunny for the next seven days, the seven-day forecast is definitely following god script in terms of the long range forecasts. you can see that across the microclimates as well. coming up in sports,
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stanford playing to ruin playoff chances. they had their hands full with the farm tonight, the calaveras needed a win to keep it alive. they did take the victory formation, that's the only tease i'm giving you. sports is next.
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it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. sports fans, they needed to wins to become eligible, two teams left on the schedule to start today, ucla and usc, they hadn't beaten both since 2000. first stop, the bruins in pasadena, that's chase garber and pro-ethan.
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garber pitches to christopher brooks, and weaves his way and, for six, capping off a 75 yard drive. they capitalized garber, running it in for the touchdown, ucla took it right back. grade gets behind the linebacker , and somehow tips away. what a thrill, what a catch. next week's game, zero implications the trojans lost their seventh game today. john lynch was honored before stanford's class with number six, notre dame. notre dame is still in the playoff picture. the stanford defense struggled all game. cardinal tried to get something good going, anything good,
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austin jones, the bulldozer, powering his way in. sanford down 31-7. tyler buckner breaks free, 33 yards and scored, and the pain will stop as the season ends with a 45 to 14 loss, three - nine for the cardinal this year. ohio state and michigan, the big house rocking the snow day, jim harbaugh finishing the job, under three minutes left, michigan up 35 to 27. haskins scores his fifth touchdown of the day, michigan, dominating on the ground. 297 yards, the relief, as they finally get one over the buckeyes, 4227, more portly, they are now in the big ten title game. they when it, here in the college football playoff. we have more sports coming up after the break. the stanford women's team looked really good today
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waiors 17 du two. double digits this season, they've been pulverizing the association. it should be a tough stretch, at staples center against the clippers, then it is back to back with this phoenix suns. the warriors handled the lasers, 118 to 103, they are 11 to 1 at chase center this season. here is video from long after the game ended. that's an emotional klay thompson on the bench, towel over his head. he was finally cleared to practice earlier this week. >> he is very human, that's what i'm trying to say. he is honorable. he is emotional. that's what makes him such a beautiful person, i mean he just cares, he loves the game, she loves to work, he loves to
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be a part of everything, all of that has been ripped away in the last two years. there are times when he has been pretty down. >> it is going to be a fun week back to back games against the phoenix suns, who are hotter than sedona on a summer day. they got on the nets, today, it is their 16th straight win, the only former warrior on a suns foster is travail mcgee. seventh-ranked stanford women facing maryland in the bahamas, cardinals, and i had an afternoon, she knocks down seven three-pointers, and the cardinal blew out the terrapins, 80 six - 68 . the 49ers tomorrow against minnesota vikings at levi's stadium, it feels like a bit of a wild card review may be, it should be a good one. >> coming up, the best video you will see
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>> it is a story we've shown time and time again, it never gets old, a group of dogs taping taking to the waves, a surf competition, the talented pups panel paddled out to the seas. more dogs and people watched, and they almost look like they are enjoying it. nice stuff. we appreciate you watching. darren knows all about the next local newscast, because he will be on it. tomorrow, at six o'clock, you can see him again. than you for financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there.
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