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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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is off tonight. we are saddened to share that a security guard who regularly worked at kpix 5 and with other bay area tv news crews has died. kevin was shot while guarding a crew from cron 4 in oakland earlier this week. max joins us in the stud wroa. and max, it's obviously a shock to everybody who worked with him. >> loved ones say he was a joyous, fun loving, hard working individual with an infectious life. he meant a lot to the bay area news community as well. when reporters and photographers went out with him on stories, they always felt like they were in great hands. >> kevin made a difference in a lot of people's lives. as a police officer, as a security guard, as a family man, and a a friend. he dedicated his life to the safety and well being of others, including the team here at kpix 5 and other bay area news crews. >> he was part of our news family. and the loss is just tremendous. >> it hurts to say was. he was the kindest man.
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>> he died on saturday morning. a few days after he was shot in an attempted armed robbery while working ass a security guard for a news crew covering a story in oakland. journalists from every news station across the bay area reacting on social media sharing condolences, fond memories, and heart felt wishes. >> the entire tv market is feeling the loss. >> local news crews here in the bay area often work with security guards. so we get to know them very well. >> these security guards are standing next to us every single minute that we're on the story. >> kpix 5 says nashida was always on his game. but also he was always kind. one night after working together, he texted her, your story turned out awesome. i give it five stars. >> he really was one of a kind and really genuinely was a caring person. >> kevin was so unfailingly kind. >> kpix 5's andrea recently worked a long shift with
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nashida. she was going to take the train home. he said it wasn't safe and urged her to let him drive her home. >> he drove an hour out of his way to make sure i made it home. it hurts that he didn't make it home. >> a kind soul. someone you were lucky to call a coworker and a friend. >> he wanted to make sure people were okay always. he wanted to make sure we were all taken care of. he wanted to make sure people we were interviewing were taken care of by putting the umbrella up when it was raining so they wouldn't get wet. that's the kind of kind human being he is. >> nashida had a long career in law enforcement. he worked with the hayward police department, san jose police department, and finished his career as a sergeant with the koma police department. law enforcement awfortss from throughout the bay area paid tribute to nashida. >> we're so lo i do have crossed paths with kevin.
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he just was really special. >> nashida is survived by his wife, kids, and grabbed kids, oakland police have not made any arrests yet. but police released this photo. it's the car they believe ferns responsible for the crime were in at the time. a white acura sedan. no front license plate on it. >> it's a terrible tragedy. are the police saying anything else about the investigation snoo spec after getting more donations, police and crime stoppers have increased the reward to over $32,000 for information that could lead them to an arrest. call opd or crime stoppers and you can remain anonymous. >> is that it? they have no idea as to who the suspects are? what they look like? >> the new information is the picture of the car. hopefully we'll learn more in coming days. >> good deal. thanks very much. >> chaos on the field at westmont high school in campbell when two people were shot outside the stadium last night. it happened during a division one game between saint francis
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and sara high schools. the players crouched on the ground while people in the stands began running for cover as soon as they heard this. those gunshots heard on a live broadcast of the game. according to the bay area news group, 5000 tickets to the game had been sold. officers say the shooting happened in the parking lot at the school. one victim was taken to hospital. a second person went to the hospital under their own power. both are expected to be okay. but while it was happening, it was frightening. >> all of a sudden you heard like five shots at least. all the students scattered. away and started running. and then that's when everyone realized and the team -- i was running to the back of the school. not even knowing where i was going. and it was pitch dark. >> no information there about possible suspects either. have been released.
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>> gilroy police investigating a shooting that killed a sacramento man and left another person wounded. police say the two victims were riding in a car on wednesday evening when it was sprayed with bullets near monterey street. no arrests have been made. down in l.a. county, police are investigating a rash of black friday smash and grabs. one of them a home depot robbery in lakewood. the other a high end heist in los angeles. the lapd declared a city wide tactical alert last night after a a large group robbed the store on melrose avenue. police say the robbers used pepper spray, six smash and grabs happened in different neighborhoods. and in the city of lakewood, police say up to ten people targeted a home depot. making off with hammers and sledge hammers and just the sort of thick you would use to smash windows to get into stores. a live look now union square bustling with holiday shoppers and with police. security has been tight in the shopping center all week long. following a smash and grab at
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the louie view vuiton store there. shoppers young and old took to the stores to buy holiday gifts. >> so far it's pretty nice. the weather is beautiful. people seem to be nice. you know. kind of crowded. which is good. last year there was no crowds. >> happening tomorrow in honor of the first day of hanukkah. 46-year-old tradition continues this weekend in union square. the celebratory lighting of the 25-foot menorah will happen tomorrow. the lighting scheduled for 4:45. but the free event begins at 2:00. it is small business saturday at a lot of stores across the bay area. they're still coming out of the losses they saw last year because of the pandemic. sean is in burrling game with a look at how business there along broadway is getting a big boost. >> popery is a store specializing in american crafts made by artists across the country. it's one of many stores that
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have called the broadway district home for more than 20 years. >> they always really want to support this neighborhood, broadway is a strong community. and they like their local businesses. >> supply chain issues have made it hard for the owner to get all the items he wanted for the holiday season. but he's grateful to have a store full of unique pieces bringing people back this year. they support us. we support them. and it's always been a great relationship. >> other businesses who anchored this shopping street and helped it grow into a destination say struggles beyond covid remain. there's definitely after effects of last year. and of course the challenge for small businesses competing with online companies. >> customers shopping here today say they were encouraged to spend more on small business saturday. they believe these stores are the backbone of the country. >> i think now more than ever, it's important to support small businesses. >> while these businesses have their own individual needings,
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they see value in working together. creating a district with lots of shops to attract customers, residents near and far make a long-term investment in places like the broadway district. >> the community helps to keep us alive. it makes it so that small stores can still exist. and they add, you know, they add color and flavor to the local community. >> you can continue to support the businesses on this street by shopping local. using the choose local san mateo county app. this is a way for you to earn rewards when you buy local with the businesses located in this district. reporting in burrling game, sean chitniss. kpix 5. >> in the middle of a monumental restoration, and they need your help. they'll be donating 20% of proceeds to continue the athlete ear's rebuilding process. the event features hand crafted bay area. reators all over the ndmade goods, craft goods,
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gifts, things for your mom, your friends, we even have some gag gifts here too. we're out here trying to help the community. >> by supporting local business you're supporting the community. life sized gingerbread house now on full display at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. do it every year. that's what it looks like this year. [ cheering and applause ] well done. good job. all right. thank you all. >> and still ahead at 6:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, the most stunning rescue operation that we have seen in months. that's a horse flying in the air. what it took to get side county and another unusual bay area rescue that forced san
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francisco fire crews to get creative. the local 16-year-old who turned a six-figure profit from creating his own start up. and from the strange occupation bureau. >> a doodle bugger. i've never had this business. why napa valley farmers are relying on a centuries old technique to find water. we're going to need more like that guy. looking at the long range forecast, there's no rain, it was great we had this wonderful weather for the weekend. but looking ahead to the seven- day. there are a lot of 70s. and sunny to be seen. we'll talk about what that means for a long range forecast, coming
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stunning video tonight out of river side county where a thousand pound horse had the chance to fly. probably didn't like one minute of it. the horse named sunny was rescued from a ravine by helicopter yesterday. four-year-old gelding stuck between two bolders. but because of the high winds they've had in the south land, he couldn't be air lifted out. until friday. so sunny's owners stayed with him. the rescuers sedated him. strapped him to a harness. and then off he went. dangling from the chopper. >> sunny's flight took about ten minutes. the chopper crew lowered him down as jenly as they could after getting all the gear off. he's sedated. but sunny did manage to stand up. the rescue crew says saving sunny was the highlight of their year. now to another unique rescue. this time in san francisco bay. firefighters, including one on
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jet skis. rescued a drowning coyote at marina green yesterday. bystanders called for help. they saw the coyote struggling in the water. fire crews. pair meddibles treated the coyote for severe hypothermia. crews named the coyote phoenix. even though he didn't exactly rise from the ashes. but they say phoenix is expected to be okay. now at 6:00. a 16-year-old in the east bay considering how to invest his six figure profit after selling off a start off he founded during the pandemic. sharon chen shows us how the teenager is helping other students succeed. >> callux wong developed an idea last fall to enhance virtual studying during the pandemic. the self-taught coder programmed the project in one night. i was able to get a really simple version of it running in maybe six or seven hours.
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the son of engineers, callux founded hours, a virtual studying platform that connects students from any where in the world. so instead of practice exams by yourself, hours allows others to view and chat about your progress so you'll all be studying together. >> something that i've always been really passionate about is building things and building projectings and building products that people will use that impact people in a positive way. >> the free tool took off. in six months, more than 20,000 students in more than 120 countries were using hours. >> it really helped me boost my productivity. >> at a time when many students were going to school from home. 17-year-old arian from fremont high school jumped on to hours. >> it's nice to work with others so you feel motivated and encouraged to work with those around you. >> other company ceos took
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notice too. the founder of a social learning platform used by 4 million high school students. just completely astounded. it was like, you know, when i was 16, i was not doing that impressive work. >> the former oakland public schoolteacher thought the two companies could be a perfect match. combine the content and community with the space hours provides. >> hours is kind of like a library, right? it's like you can actually sit next to someone and the vibe of this room is that everyone is studying so i'm going to study too. so amanda and callux made a deal to by hours for six figures and hire callux as a program manager overseeing a team of five. the experience is a game changer. >> i feel like now i can kind of meet anyone and talk with anyone and have like a certain level of confidence with what i've done. so i've been able to talk with some really cool people. a lot of people in forbes 30 under 30. the 16-year-old online home schooler will apply to colleges this fall. but several months of producing and selling hours put him years
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ahead in his career as an entrepreneur. sharon chen, kpix 5. so what will callex do with the money from the sale of the company? he and his parents are thinking about investing it in realestate. which is very pricey here. because it's always so sunny. the first guy to tell you this guy is this guy. >> especially the last week and week and a half. it's nice to enjoy while we have it. great weather for the holiday weekend. now it's the close of the holiday weekend. this weather is not going away. it's like doubling down. more sunshine. more temperatures in the low 70s. not the slightest hint of rain coming our way over the next seven days and beyond that when we look at the long range forecast. so nothing we can do but sit back and enjoy it i guess. 58 in concord. 61 in santa rosa. if we take a look at how the clouds play out over night tonight, a few high clouds. but that's it. so it's not like a particularly
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cloudy night. you'll see a few high clouds here or there. but it will stay just about as clear and sunny for tomorrow morning lows don't get too chilly for sunday morning. we'll probably get back down in the mid 40s for cooler spots. the daytime highs back to the races again tomorrow. low 70s. santa clara goes to 71. fremont 65. hayward 66. numbers in the east bay valleys near 70 for warmer spots. 67 in concord. we'll see the numbers in the mid to upper 60s across the rest of the bay proper. 73 in cloverdale. that covers tomorrow. doesn't change much over the next seven days. here's the reason why. if we look at the pattern on the satellite. the storm track is doing an exaggerated turn. look at that long stream of clouds pointed directly at the pacific northwest. that's being fueled by an at houghs fear i can river. you can see the higher concentrations of water vapor in there. when we put it on the future
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cast. th e. t the with the samegr we go into sunday and monday. what has all ready been a history making season along the washington state-can ba border into british columbia will continue. all the rain is going there. there's none left for any where else on the west coast. in california in particular, we're staying high and dry. seven-day forecast shows you a lot of low 70s. mid 70s for srnlg as we get into wednesday and thursday. as we look at our micro climate. the north bay valleys will do the same thing. inland valleys of the east bay will have to settle for around 70. we'll take a look at the longer range forecast for fun in the next half hour and see what it has to say about the next week and a half. for now, charlie, over to you. great weather, and a great day of college football. big rivalries that did not disappoint whatsoever. and the cal bears still playing for a whole lot this season. they know what's at stake. bears and bruins, preview is coming up next.
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the warriors are 17 and 2. 13 of the wins by double digits. they've been pulverizing the entire association. it should be a tough stretch coming up at stibt tomorrow against the clippers. then it's back-to-back with the phoenix suns who are going on 16 in a row. last night behind 32 points from steph curry, the warriors handled their business against the blazers. 118-103. they are now 11 and 1 at chase center this season. here's video from long after the game ended. that's an emotional clay thompson still on the bench, towel over his head. clay missed 2.5 quleers now with injuries. finally he was cleared to practice earlier this week. >> he's very human i guess that's what i'm trying to say. he's vulnerable. he's emotional. that's what makes him such a beautiful person.
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he just cares and he loves the game. and he loves the work. and he wants to be part of everything. and all that's been ripped away the last two years. so there's times where he's been, you know, pretty down. >> the big game from the big house, michigan-ohio state with a spot in the big-10 title on the line. and the loser eliminated from playoff contention. you would think at least. jim harbaugh hadn't beat ohio state in five tries. the wolverines lost 15 of 16 in this rivalry. all right. to the ann arbor snow. the big house rocking like the old days. harbaugh trying to finish the job, the wolverines had been in this position before. hassan hawkins punches it in to start the second half. it's 21-13. victors under three minutes left. now 35-27 rather. and the wolverines can finally celebrate. hassan haskins again. fifth touchdown of the day. michigan ran for 297-yards. and you can exhale jim, finally
6:24 pm
gets the one over the bicyclist. they're in the big-10 title game. they win. they are in the college football playoff. in east lapsing michigan, that's a blizzard that spartay and penn state played in. peyton thorn. jaden reid. grabs it in the snow. don't ask me why penn state was wearing white. probably the reason why they lost. that gives away three points. michigan state wins 30-27. they finish 10 and 2. nick saban and the crimson tide needed a win for their playoff hopes. the iron bowl today against auburn. one of the great rivalries. alabama down 7. bryce young connects on the corner. with jacori brooks. oh what a play. this was my face when i found out it was the first over time game in iron bowl history. fourth over time we go. alabama needs the two-point
6:25 pm
conversion to win it. they get it. john iii and the playoff dream is alive. 24-22 winners. they turn their attention to georgia for the sec championship. oregon looking to wrap up the pac-12 north division. rival oregon state in town and the beavers were not much of an issue. quarterback anthony brown, the ke up the middle, it's 24-7 ducks. brown this time, what can brown do for you? he can throw it too i guess. nice over the middle to chris hudson. seven-yard touchdown. oregon wins it 38-29. they will look to avenge last week's loss to utah in the pac- 12 title game. two games left for the cal bears. they need two wins for a bowl birth. fresh off taking the ax back last week at stanford. the bears battle with the bruins tonight in pasadena. they'll follow that up with usc next weekend. and the bears are well aware of what they're playing for at this junction. >> people know.
6:26 pm
i mean i guess the coaches live in a bit of a bubble busm the players sure don't. not with the devices they hold in their hands. so everybody is well aware. that each game we play, we need to win. so i think we're aware of that. the guys know it. we talked about it for about three seconds, and then we turn our focus on to preparing to play ucla. >> nfl vikings are in town tomorrow for what feels like an early play in game for an nfc wild card spot. good news for san francisco linebacker crazy green law activated off injured reserve. he was out since week one with a groin injury. it'll be good to have him back. college basketball, seventh ranked stan toured women facing maryland. she knocked down seven three- pointers. an impressive win over the terrapins. 86-68. bears and ucla get it going at 7:30. stanford's season looking like it's just about over.
6:27 pm
the pain is ending. they are getting waxed right now offense the fighting irish at home. >> win some, lose some, thanks very much, coming up in the next half hour, the new variant raising alarm worldwide. it's all ready on the move. >> it doesn't take very much for the virus to spread like the wind. >> remembering the force behind some of
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you're watching kpix 5 news. now at 6:30, the white house and governments around the world scrambling to stop the spread of a new potentially more contagious coronavirus variant. welcome back. the u.s. has handed down a travel ban from south africa and several other african countries to give scientists more time to understand the latest covid variant. kpix 5's deven explains what we know so far. >> it doesn't take very much for a virus to just spread like the wind. >> ucsf infectious disease expert says it's likely the new variant is lurking undetected in small numbers in the quite. even though the cdc says it's not yet discovered any confirmed cases. >> i'm 100% sure it's around in the united states all ready. somehow there's a lot of travel between south africa and the united states. >> scientists worldwide are scrambling to better understand this new strain of the virus and the early evidence they say strongly suggests that it is at
6:31 pm
the very least more contagious. >> ten of the mutations were on the edge of the spike protein. which is called the receptor binding domain, which is be kind of like stickier potentially. and make it more like velcro. and more transmissible. it's not clear if the new variant is deadlier than other strains of the virus. and public health officials are still trying to figure out how effective the vaccines will be. in the face of this new emerging threat. the goal is just to tame it. to make it like other respiratory viruses. we'll always have covid around. hopefully in a less threatening manner as we get more people immunized. >> the travel restrictions take effect just after midnight on monday. there are notable exceptions. the restrictions don't apply to u.s. citizens, permanent residents or their spouses but all will have to be tested before traveling. vice president kamala harris was asked about what's next. >> do you think there will be
6:32 pm
any additional travel restrictions. >> we'll take it one step at a time. but as of now, we've done what we believe is necessary. >> the variant is popping up in more european countries. two in the uk. two in germany. and one in italy. governments are i posing restrictions to contain the spread. with the uk tightening mask rules and testing requirements. we're not going to stop people traveling. i want to stress that. but we will require anyone who enters the uk to take a pcr test. we will also go further in asking all of you to help contain the spread of this variant by tightening up the rules on face coverings in shops and on public transport. >> in the netherlands, passengers on two flights from south africa were caught in a pandemic nightmare yesterday when more than 500 passengers landed at amsterdam airport. they were told they had to be tested for covid after about 30
6:33 pm
hours to getter on planes, inside crammed buses and in weighting rooms, 61 passengers tested positive. they were put into quarantine. health officials are still trying o figure out if the variant made it there. >> israel is also cracking down, barring foreigners from entering the country for at least the next two weeks. even vaccinated israeli residents arriving back in the country will need to isolate and take multiple virus tests. in south africa, the airports are swamped with people trying to get out in time before their home countries close off borders. >> i have to warn teen iny for i don't have the money. i don't have 2000-pound to quarantine in the hotel. >> i have to go in quarantine for 14 days. that's how it is. nothing we can do. >> back here at home. a federal appeals court blocked a covid vaccine mandate for all california prison workers, the order would have required all prison workers to be vaccinated
6:34 pm
for covid or have an exemption bijan 12th. but a ruling pushed back the order to march. in other news, the police say they confiscated this from a man driving over a hundred miles an hour along state route 12 yesterday. police say that during the traffic stop, they arrested the driver on suspicion of dui. they found a large amount of marijuana for sale along with a gun. in antioch, a woman accused of setting a house on fire during a domestic dispute. but that's not all. authorities responded to a home on humming bird drive yesterday. they found the back of the house on fire. and they arrested the woman who lived there. police say she not only poured gas to start the house on fire. she also tried to do the same thing to another person. she did pour gas on the other occupant of the home. he was not i juried. and he remained at the house.
6:35 pm
she set fire to the back of the house. >> in santa rosa, investigators think a wall heater set off a fire. that did $100,000 worth of damage to the apartment building. nobody was at home when it broke out in an apartment unit upstairs yesterday afternoon. but the property owner's son did suffer from smoke inhalation and minor cuts when he broke a window to rescue a trapped cat. ses the broadway world is remembering steven sanheim. he died at the age of 91. the driving force behind some of broadway's most celebrated sews. and stephanie elam looks back at his decades of infreuns on stage and screen. >> steven was one of musical theater's most prolific and successful writers. winning eight tony awards. eight grammy awards. an academy award. a pulitzer prize for drama. and in 2015, the presidential medal of freedom.
6:36 pm
sandheim was born on march 22nd , 1930 in new york city. his parents divorced in 1942. and he moved to pennsylvania with his mother. in pennsylvania, he became friends with james hammerstein. the son of leer cyst oscar hammerstein. his relationship with his mother deteriorated and eventually the two became education traininged. but oscar hammerstein was a constant figure. encouraging his musical talents throughout high school and college. >> if it hadn't been for the hammersteins. i don't know where i would be if i'd even be alive. >> sandheim's big break came when he wrote the lyrics for the broadway show west side story in 1957. in 1962. he expanded his repertoire and for the first time he wrote the lyrics and composed the music
6:37 pm
for a if you know a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. he began a collaboration with hall prince that lasted more than a decade. their 1973 play, a little night music, was composed mostly in walt's time. and became one of their biggest commercial successes. it featured the hit, send in the clowns. one of sandheim's best known songs. >> in 1979, sandheim wrote "sweeney todd." the story of an english barber and serial killer. >> what's great about the theater is it's a living organism. where as movies and television are as if in amber.
6:38 pm
it's not that they're dead. but they're only alive in one shape, form, and tone. every time you see a movie, they're giving the same performance as they did the last time you saw them. not true of a show. >> indianapolis operation was everywhere for sandheim. in 1984. moved by a famous painting. he pinned the lyrics for sunday many the park with george. for that inventive stage craft, he won the pulitzer prize for drama. in 1987, he wrote the broadway hit, into the woods, based on the fables of the brothers grim. >> late in sandheim's career, lin-manuel miranda approached him with something he was working on. a musical called the hamilton
6:39 pm
mix tape. from walzs to rap. inspired by everything from serial killers to fairy tales. his impact on american musical theater spanned decades and created some of the world's most popular musicals. >> boy what a productive life. still ahead at 6:00. you might call this a private jet on steroids. the plane that opens up to a sun deck. the plans to create a flying hotel, and if that sounds unbelievable -- >> what do you typically say to people who doubt you? >> later, why napa valley farmers are turning to a water witch for help in the drought. be sure to join us this weekend for one last time. tony bennett's fair well concert with lady gaga right
6:40 pm
here on kpix 5. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end.
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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welcome back. how do you combine the feeling of being in a nightclub with flying in a jet. that question may have been answered at an air show in dubai. they introduced their explorer cabin concept. the design features a sun deck, a gym, four-bed rooms, and even a garage. it's still just a con cement. but this we know, neither you nor i will ever be inside of one. it will cost at least $200 million. not to mention another hundred million just to house it. and new at 6:00, pop culture fans flock to san diego today,
6:43 pm
it's the return of comicon. the convention was canceled last year. and you know why. the three-day event is expected to draw between 40 to 60,000 people. a scaled down edition from the usual 135,000. fans came dressed as per usual as their favorite characters. up next, the witch is back. as in water witch. one man says in this time of drought, business has never been better. . how one man is using a century's old method to help napa farmers. >> i keep reminding myself it's all in god's timing. >> how global restrictions are leaving bay area adoptive parents with open hearts. but empty arms. and i hope you've been enjoying this spectacular weather we've had for the weekend. it's sticking around for a while. we'll look at the long rangfosi you probably all ready know where this is going.
6:44 pm
but we'll look at it in detail, coming up.
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6:47 pm
centurieolscheme, that one, to find water. >> you see that. that's really good. >> with a pair of ben steel rods and a feeling. >> there's water that direction. >> rob thompson is on the hunt for water under ground. >> i'm a water witch or a tousesser, a doodle bugger, diviner. >> he spends most of his time in drought stricken california. >> how's business for you these days ? >> all my life i've never had it this busy. >> it's been documented as far back as the 17th century. its valid di debated ever season. >> well known in the heart of sonoma wine country. >> thompson says he's a po dern day practitioner. we watched him witching in the vineyard where is they cut back on the water they use to irrigate twelve acre of grapes.
6:48 pm
>> what about next year? pique next year they're saying they won't tbairn tee any water. >> none? >> zero. >> he's all ready trilling one of the locations thompson identified. >> you never know until you put the hole in the ground and figure it out. >> his customers include pop you lar wineries. and we confirmed they're happy with his work. but even thompson can't explain exactly why witching works for him. >> my theory is that we're kind of like a radio. and we're tuning into the electromagnetic fields of the earth. we have something there. there's no science to back that up. but thompson does sometimes work in conjunction with geologists and hydrologists. and doug hill's vineyard, they hit water at 400 feet deep. but the quality isn't good enough. the well cost $12,000 to dig. and the drill isn't available for months. >> what do you say to people who doubt you. >> i hand over a pair of rods.
6:49 pm
>> so you feel that. >> so what is that telling me. >> you're over a water source here. >> the rods did move. >> but i don't foe what i'm feeling for. >> it's your mind sending a signal to your motor mys cuellar system to close those rods. >> he's right. psychologists call the muscle twitches idiosyncrasies motor movements caused by mys cuellar activity. he claims his findings have resulted in 4000 wells. this water spot is right here. the only way to find out if he's right this time is to dig another well that will cost 10s of thousands of dollars. well worth it to dug hill if he finds the water that will save his vineyard. carter evans in napa valley. you should check out usgs's site. the u.s. geological survey, they have a lot to say about who there's much science behind water divining. but there's a lot of science
6:50 pm
behind what darryn is about to tell you. it doesn't look good. >> when we look at long range forecast, you know, it's good to look at them. there's no guarantee. anything passed a7 you don't want to go to the bank on too heavily. but we've gotten better over the years with long range forecasts. for the months of december, january, february, the shades on the map show you what the degree of confidence is. precipitation is either going to be above or below average. so as we come back here closer to home, we fall into the lighter shades of tan. which tell us, you know, there's a low to moderate degree of confidence we're going to be below average. that's all you can take away from this. but one other thing that does stand out about this map. that pretty much fits the profile almost exactly. for what the climatology is of a winter when you're under the influence of la nina. and that's what we are this winter. this is ala nina winter. the temperatures are cold enough it reor ens orients the
6:51 pm
storm track. california comes away with less precipitation. enough on that. we know what it's been like for the last several days. it'll stay that way. a few high clouds fall apart over night. tomorrow is another blue sky they. really pretty. just like today. mid 40s for most places. mid 50s. and daytime highs keep getting up near 70. a couple places in the south bay will do it. most other places are looking at mid 60s. there are some low 70s in the tri-valley. as we get back into the bay along long the east bay shoreline, we have a few 70s. a really nice close to this four-day weekend. it's been fantastic. hopefully you've had friends and family visiting and you can show off how spectacular it is around here. look at that long stretch of clouds. look at the water vapor. you see a high concentration
6:52 pm
ribbon pointed right at the pacific northwest. that's what it's been doing for much of the last few weeks. here comes the next one. that's another impressive one lined up. a large amount of rain. long stream across the pacific. we've been locked in that pattern. as long as the pacific northwest keeps getting drenched, then that's where the storm track stays. if you remember that image we looked at it did show the pacific northwest with a high degree of confidence having above average precipitation. that's the way the next week and be a half is going to look. that's what we have to live with. not too bad when you're in it. sunny and 70 in early december. who wouldn't take that for a week at a time. but hopefully not all winter, right now it's definitely the next seven days. and probably a little longer than that. and then we'll take it from there. okay, brian. back to you. coming up, a kpix 5 original report, open heart and empty arms. sometimes i feel really
6:53 pm
anxious and impatient and saddened. >> how the pandemic put adoption plans on hold for some ba
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
has 40 years experience in over seas adoptions. >> i have never seen anything that begins to compare with the magnitude of this issue. >> 400 american families are on hold in their adoption of chinese children. 140 families are working with holt. china has told them it will reopen its borders when it's safe. >> who knows when that's going to be. >> the best guess, after beijing hosts the february olympics. >> we feel confident that there will not be travel until at least after the olympics are over. >> the good news, to protect them from covid, china's put
6:57 pm
adoptive children and their caretakers together on lock down, and sometimes those caregivers have shared updates. jessica has emailed sign language videos she's recorded at home to connect with her son an ocean away. his caretakers sent back videos of him following her lessons. >> it's really cute. you can see him watching it and listening and doing the signs and so that gives me just a spark of joy and hope. >> these are sariah's school pictures. >> the pandemic delayed domestic adoptions. she's filing papers to adopt her five-year-old great niece sariah when the city sheltered in place. it was tough getting the required physical. >> they wouldn't allow you to go in the hops. >> besides zoom. visits were socially distanced outside. even in the rain.
6:58 pm
alternative family services in oakland saw a third fewer adoptions last year as zoom meetings replaced in-person parent training, cpr classes and court hearings. >> it took a lot longer due to the fact that we weren't able to meet inperson. but we were able to get it done. >> kimberly's adoption was final after a year. jessica's application drags into its fourth year. >> i keep reminding myself it's in god's timing. >> she waits for the day when she no longer holds an image in her hand but a son in her arms. kpix 5. >> november is national adoption month. we posted more information on the organizations from sharon's report on in the meantime, thanks for watching, we'll see you become here at 11:00. and we promise that juliet will be back tomorrow night. looking forward to that too. until all of this happens t news continues on along with darryn, i'm brian
6:59 pm
hackney thanks for watc ng. we'll see we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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