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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00. breaking news, players duck for cover on the field as gunshots ring out at a high school football game. a different kind of black friday. the police showing up in full force. was it the same for shoppers? a new warning about a new covid-19 variant. did not find the deals you were expecting today? tonight, they have been delayed in transit. good evening. breaking news in the south bay tonight. let's get right live at west mount high school in campbell where shots rang out during tonight's football game, maria?
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>> reporter: that is right. san jose police are not releasing too many details at this hour. all they are saying is an adult male suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. you can see a heavy police presence outside of the school. we did speak to people at the game who said it was a horrific and chaotic situation. take a look at video of the evidence markers we spotted in the parking lot where the investigators marked the bullet casings. now, the shooting took place in the parking lot that is next to the field where a game was going on between saint francis and sara high schools. students, players, parents, they said they heard gunfire, everyone, including the players dropped to the ground or ran as you can see on a picture on your tv screen here. one student told me this is what happened tonight. >> all of a sudden you heard like five shots at least. and everyone did not really know what it was at first and then, all of
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the students scattered away and started running. then, that is when everyone realized and the team dropped. >> i was running to the back of the school. not even knowing where i was going. and it was pitch dark. my parents were calling me. >> was it nerve-racking not knowing where they were? >> yeah. i never been in situation before so i really thought, like, that was the end in a way because i didn't know where my parents were. >> reporter: so, a lot of questions tonight including what prompted the shooting. if it was accidental or intentional or if there will be any arrests. but, again, one adult male shot, with nonlife-threatening injuries at a game here at westmont high school. >> thank you. looking live out at union square this evening. san francisco police have been
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out in full force for black friday. lining the streets to prevent a repeat of the mass robberies we saw >> have sun this type of presence because people feel better when we are here. i have my family here. my wife and baby. >> i love seeing increased visibility. we appreciate it. >> some shops had extra security guards at the front door keeping a close eye on people coming in and out of the store. >> the added security did not stop holiday shoppers. >> kpix5 betty wu check inside on the crowds this evening. >> this target closed an hour ago. during this evening when we stopped by there were not any long lines, elsewhere, across the bay area it may have been a different story. >> happy holidays, everybody. welcome. >> tonight, people braved the crowds to take in the holiday sights and
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do shopping in union square. police officers were visible on every corner. in light of last week's burglaries and vandalism. at big box retailers outside of the city like this bestbuy. shoppers were out looking to score good deals. gwen picked up a mac book pro. >> i got $600 off and i got air pods pro. >> for many shoppers it was the first time shopping in person on black friday since the pandemic began. >> i used to go. >> how does it feel to get back out. >> i got a 65" tv. original price was $539. and then the sale price was like $499. you saved $40. >> worth it to you? >> no. [ laughter ] >> tonight, at target, there were no lines and no chaos. but this couple said that it was not the
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case earlier in the day at another mall. >> there were way too many people. by the time we showed up everything was gone. it was just a lot of commotion. >> what time did you show up? >> i showed up around 12. >> it is hard to get help from places or anything. >> customer service. >> yes. and parking. >> they were backed up. parking as well. >> many stores will have holiday hours all weekend long and beyond. target will close at 10:00 p.m. betty yu, kpix5. port workers are still trying to clear the shipping containers, not just a matter of moving faster. there are so many containers already sitting in the yards there is nowhere left to put anything. >> how long would it take you in general to unload a ship like this? >> probably 3-1/2, four days. >> how long now? >> it is taking about nine, sometimes longer. >> and that backlog means a lot of holiday deals are delayed in transit tonight. shoppers that we spoke with in
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walnut creek told us they were expecting to see better bargains at the brick and mortar but with the supply chain issues effecting what was on the shelves it is hit and miss. >> everything is online nowadays. the sales in store are not what it used to be. >> that is the point of black friday. more sales. >> you will find gifts. you may not find the exact one you want. >> analysts say the other reason they don't make black friday deals the way they used to is more and more are spreading out the deals over days and weeks. a huge turn out to support small businesses in san jose. the line outside of the convention center looked like the ones you would see outside of a mall or a big box store. these shoppers were not here to score special deals they were here to support the 300 small businesses taking part in holiday mart. a full day before the official
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small business saturday. new at 11:00, a mass robbery at a luxury store in los angeles prompted the police to issue a citywide tactical alert tonight. >> reporter: police respond to what is likely another high end heist. melrose place. reports of a robbery. at a luxury italian fashion house. overhead we can see what appears to be a store employee, wiping their face with a towel. the latest in a string of crimes from the pay area to so-cal. smash and grabs and flash mob robberies. nordstrom was hit and a security guard attacked with bear spray. on this black friday l.a. police on high visibility patrols, lights, no sirens so people can we also found unformed officers earlier in the day on foot patrol in
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westfield century city mall. >> we are monitoring the situation with the smash and grab across the country. we have a great relationship with l.a.police department and making sure we are prepared. >> reporter: earlier crews boarded up shattered windows. tuesday night they believe someone used a sledge hammer to break the window for a group of up to 20 people to get inside of the department store. in beverly hills officers are on extra patrols along with contracted private security. friday night the police received another robbery report. a designer jean store on south la brea. right now it is not known how much merchandise or money, if any, was taken from here or the shop in beverly grove. another smash and grab played out in los angeles county tonight. this time at a home depot in the city of lakewood. the deputies say a large group of people
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apparently stole sledge hammers. a live look out at sfo at the oakland airport. the clock is ticking toght on a new u.fueled a new covid-19 variant spreading through south africa. it takes effect on monday. >> it may already be too late to keep it out of the country. >> reporter: president biden announced today starting on monday flights from several countries in africa would be blocked from flying into the u.s. while no cases of the new variant have been discovered so far in the states, one bay area doctor says it may already be here. >> do you think the president made the right move having the travel restrictions? >> oh, sure. nip it in the bud. >> reporter: travelers we spoke to did not seem rattled about the new variant known as omicron. >> i like to travel. i just have to see. >> after nearly half a year dealing with the highly transmissible delta variant they say nothing about covid-19 is surprising and more.
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>> so used to it now. you know, it just seems normal now as they say. >> reporter: but tonight, the world health organization is labeling omicron a highly transmissible variant of concern. >> it is only a matter of time before we see this variant in the u.s., correct? >> yes. variant is probably already here in the u.s. lots of travel between south africa and the u.s. >> reporter: ucsf professor of medicine says the omicron variant concerning features are found on the spike proteins. >> there are 30 mutations in the spike protein. about 10 mutations on the edge of the spike which allows the virus attached to the body and that might make it secure and make it look different enough so that antibodies from the vaccine or from natural immunity don't recognize it. >> reporter: health experts say it is still early to tell if it can cause severe illness or if the vaccines work
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against it. >> do you feel concerned at all about traveling with the now variant going around? >> no. not yet. >> reporter: pfizer and moderna says they can adjustment vaccines as needed and johnson&johnson is testing it right now. back to you. still ahead tonight at 11:00 and cbsnbay area. the trick that one sierra ski resort is using to reopen in dry conditions. plus, a holiday tradition returns to the streets of fremont. the traveling celebration of the season. later, how san francisco firefighters pulled off a rescue with a jetski and a rope
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after a bit of a halloween trick, skiers and snowboarders got a thanksgiving treat when business reopened. . >> reporter: the mountain at least partly open and skiers and riders are taking full advantage of it after a false start on halloween weekend. three feet of tahoe snow halloween weekend melted fast. >> that was crazy. it is a little hoax. >> reporter: the false start frenzy packing resorts, quickly forced to shutdown until now. >> that was a month ago and they are just now opening back up. >> reporter: they spent a week reopening making snow themselves prepping for the start of snow season. >> we are happy it is open today. >> reporter: excited to make first tracks after a full thanksgiving dinner. tom nelson and his son, andrew, chose snowboarding over shopping. >> no christmas shopping today.
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we came up here instead. >> would you take this over black friday christmas shop something. >> any day, absolutely. we love it up here. we hope people come up in droves and snowfalls and everyone is able to enjoy it. >> it is just the funnest thing that i can do. >> reporter: even first timers hitting the slopes. >> i started getting the hang of things it was fun. >> this is lila's first snow trip. >> reporter: enjoying it if they were riding on it, sledding on it or eating. >> she likes ice cubes so this is a mountain of ice cubes. >> reporter: they had 800 visitors today and hope the number grows through the weekend. new at 11:00, tonight, many parts of the bay area are celebrating the holiday season already. >> and here is how it looked. colorful display of lights through fremont streets [ band playing ] the band making its way down the boulevard celebrating the st ogo
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an rfulats g with bikeanmotorc. ma r way down the route in style. >> it is a really great start to the holiday season. it gives it that official kick off of seeing all of the decorations out, everybody being festive and getting out. >> before the parade hundreds gathered at a park to see the christmas tree lighting, too. the sights and sounds of the holiday season are back in san jose this evening. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheering] >> oh, wow! >> that is cool. christmas in the park has returned to downtown after last year's pandemic pause. visitors can stroll through different themed areas where thousands of lights are synched to a soundtrack. >> a big thank you for all of the volunteers that make christmas
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in the park the amazing spectacle that it is. we have people who have been volunteering for decades. >> and the christmas trees are up in san francisco. designed by students at the academy of lit every evening at 5:00. it is a self-guided stroll. they will be awarded. we are on the lookout for more bay area bright spots. e-mail your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots at or tag kpix bright spots on social media and you may see your holiday lights on tv. all right. paul is here to pose a question. i don't understand it but he will explain. >> should i hang the lights? if you are wonder wopbd --
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wondering if it is a good day to put up the lights, weatherwise, should you hang the lights this weekend? absolutely. go for it. the weather will be ideal. you might break a sweat putting up the light display. the weather will bring lots of sunshine. the only flaw in the forecast as we head into the weekend is the air quality still is not great. today we did briefly tip into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. orange for parts of the east bay, the haze on the horizon. not going to go anywhere. the large scale weather patterns will not change over the next several days. the haze thinned out a little bit today. we should stay in the moderate category heading through the weekend and finishing the month off. you can see the haze even though it is dark outside. 40s and 50s on the map. we will drop into the lower to
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middle 40s. to around 50 degrees around the coast by early tomorrow morning, a perfectly normal temperature map. high temperatures tomorrow, though, good 5-10 degrees above average. middle 60s along the coast for the cool spots, middle to upper 60s around the bay. upper 60s inland, close to 70 degrees. you are likely to reach into the lower 70s for highs around san jose and middle 70s possible for morgan hill and gilroy. not record setting but above average and similar temperatures on sunday it looks like nice weather. it is kind of a homecoming game for me. i grew up in minneapolis and my vikings are coming to take on the 49ers, just be nice to the people in purple. we had a rough year so far. kick off, topping off at 70 degrees, if your seats are in the sun it will be warm out there. the temperatures will bab off once you get into -- back off once you are in the shade. temperatures in the 40s each morning and bouncing back into the 60s in the bay and lower to
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middle 70s as we head through the weekend and most of next week. just a little cool down on monday and tuesday. back to temperatures a good 5-8 degrees above averaged with, thursday, friday for the first few days of december. no rain in sight maybe as we get into the second week of december. next in sports, the san francisco men's basketball team aiming for the best start in 45 years. the oakland a's will be looking to replace a few players. plus, the warriors aiming for a historical season themselves. they set the bar pretty high a few years back. the good times keep rolling at chase center. highlights are after the
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto vegas betting line, they decide who is going to win and by how much. they are usually so accurate i would not count them out as time travelers. warriors are so good, they covered in 13 of 14. they thought the doves were winning by 6. wrong again.
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1st quarter, warriors, curry attacks, he flips it up anthe window in for two. steph had a career high of 62 last time he faced portland. now, off balance, leaner and how are you going to stop that? curry getting the crowd up. get up. warriors up 58-34. now, a mismatch, goes to work and the one-handed thunderous jam. 12 points, 12 assists for dremond. blazers cut the lead down to 8 in the 4th. steph, yes, 32 points. a game high. warriors win it 118-103. all five starters score inside double figures, they face the clippers on sunday. going undefeated. u sf squared off with uab. under three minutes to go.
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serving it up, dinner served there. they meant to do that. 23 points. . news out of oakland. two players from the a's are heading to the big apple. both mark cana and marte agreed with deals with the mets. to the ice we go. sharks general manager, doug wilson, taking a medical leave over an issue he dealt with since september. it is not believed to be covid- 19 related. the assistant gm will take over for wilson in the interim. sharks finishing the home stand with the maple leaves in town. a few jabs thrown early after the goal. minutes later, 1-0 sharks, they are in black. nick, the great individual
11:27 pm
play, sinks it. nice shot there. it is tied up. the tank fans turning it up a little bit. the home ice advantage not enough in this one. 2nd period, sharks off of the rebound. it is austin matthews with the score. road trip begins on sunday against blackhawks. santa clara women's soccer takes down duke. the broncos are heading back to the final 4. >> wow, good for them. >> very good for them. taking down number 1. to be the best you have to beat the best. >> there you go. >> very nice. thank you, charlie. the bay area rescue that
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i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me.
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the firecrews made a lasso to keep its head above water and then paramedics treat today for hypothermia before being transferred to a care center. they named it phoenix. they say he/she is expected to be okay. breaking update in the past 10 minutes on a shooting in the south bay that sent high school football we learn about covid-19,
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get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. breaking story in the south bay. a second man was injured in a shooting that happened in the parking lot at west mount high school. a second male victim took himself to the hospital. both victims suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. it happened during a division 1 game between sara and saint francis high school. >> scary situation. >> yes. >> late show with stephen
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colbert is next. >> appreciate you watching, the news continues to stream on cbsnbay area. have a great weekend. i will see you tomorrow, liz will see you on m captioning sponsored by cbs >> heinz is taking ketchup into the future, unveiling a new mix using tomatoes grown as if they were on mars. the result: marz-- with a "z"-- tomatoes. researchers at heinz say the experiment shows the possibility of long-term food production when humans live on another planet. >> love ketchup and space? but mars isn't far enough out for you? introducing hunts uranus ketchup, the only ketchup made with tomatoes grown in the same conditions as uranus. because at hunts, we refuse to be out-planet-ed. you hear that, heinz? imagine meatloaf from uranus, or dip a fry in uranus. mmm.


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