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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 26, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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of us. now at 7:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area , holiday shoppers weren't the only ones swarming bay area stores this black friday. kpix 5's max darrow is in union square where shoppers have plenty of company tonight from police. >> reporter: the people we talked to today and union square said they are pleased to see the police visibility read almost every single corner, you see a police car like this one. after the crime spree, they said they would flood the area with officers. that is what they did here. among the greeters, shoppers, and visitors and union square this black friday, where san francisco police officers, a lot of them, on the sidewalks, motorcycles, patrol cars. they were everywhere. >> i feel secure. i brought my wife and baby. >> i feel very safe and i like
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it. >> reporter: lease chief bill scott with out there as well. he said the increased visibility throughout the holiday season is a must. >> we have to prevent recurrences of what we saw last week. >> reporter: 1 week ago on this corner, a group of people ransacked the louis vuitton store and stole just about everything in sight. they also had numerous other shops around union square. >> we have to sustain this type of presence, because people feel better when we are here. >> i love seeing the increased visibility. i really appreciate it. people would be full to try to do it they did on friday. 1 some shops like louis vuitton were open but still boarded up from the incident 1 week ago. other shops had extra security guards at front doors keeping a close eyes on people coming in and out of the store. while it did not totally dampen the holiday spirit, seeing union square like this on black
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friday was a bit unsettling to some. >> a bit depressing seeing all of the damage that people did to a beautiful town. >> reporter: shoppers still splurged in union square on black friday, and some people say despite the crime spree, they will be back again. >> this could happen anywhere, in my city. the first time i have been here during the holiday season. hopefully not the last. >> reporter: the police chief says they serve and hope to serve more search warrants. he also let us know they have promising new leads, and remains confident that there will be more arrests coming from this investigation. not a huge police presence in san jose, but there was plenty of security in the busy retail areas. we met a mother and daughter who chose to wear more secures purses as they shopped. >> it's in the back of your mind, and you just have to be extra vigilant. >> sunday night, a group got away with thousands of dollars worth of mers merchandise from the loop the lemon on santana row. it's a county where they have from us to work together to crack down on retail theft.
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another is contra costa county, where we found shoppers out well before the sun at a best buy in pleasant hill. >> i got here at 12:00 in the morning because i thought there was going to be a lot of people. that was my mistake. i had blankets in the car, pillows. i can easily order this online. for many shoppers, finding the item itself may be trickier than finding a great deal. southern california port workers are still trying to clear the massive backlog of shipping containers, and it's not just a matter of moving faster. with so many containers already sitting in those yards, there is nowhere left to put anything. >> reporter: how long would it take you in general to unload a ship like this? >> 3 to 4 days. >> reporter: how about now? >> about 9, sometimes longer.
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>> as for trucks, they can't just pick up the first containers available, they are there for specific containers. sometimes that means fishing them out of the middle of a pile like a giant game of gender. those delays trickle down to the bay area retailers, so don't expect a lot of deals to trickle down to you. >> reporter: shoppers tell us some stores are offering big discounts to get customers in the door. other stores are not offering much. retail experts say that in part is due to the supply-chain issue. walnut creek's broadway plaza, foot traffic appears close to pre-pandemic levels. some are taking selfie brakes by the christmas tree. >> i think the sales are good. >> 40% off in macy's. >> reporter: shoppers say this year it is more hit or miss. >> there is no really good deals. i haven't found any deals.
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>> norstrom isn't having any sales. >> reporter: bargain hunters are disappointed in the lack of big discounts. >> everything is online nowadays. the sales and store are not what they used to be. >> that's kind of the point of black friday. >> reporter: experts say instead of jamming big promotions into one day, more retailers are spreading out deals through multiple weeks online and in store. no long lines at the best buy or target stores in the oakland and emeryville area this morning. more organized, yet still busy. >> i don't have to wait in line to get something. >> reporter: bill on the left is a supply-chain expert. john rosen on the right is an economics professor at the university of new haven in connecticut. both say the supply-chain issue is affecting what is available on the shelves. >> you may want a slate gray iphone. you might have to settle for a silver one. >> you will find gifts not find the exact one you want. >> reporter: plenty of shoppers are getting that message, by shopping early at the bay
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street shopping center and emeryville. >> you're bumping into people and sometimes i take the fun out of it when it is so crowded, but it is pleasant right now, easy to get in, no long lines. >> reporter: heavy security presence at east bay mouse, not just mall security, but police officers. in one it creek, i'm da lin, kpix 5. cruising contra costa county made quick work of an early morning fire at a pittsburg church, the part church at parkside drive and railroad avenue sustained some damage. a nearby building under construction was destroyed. no word yet on how that fire started. antioch police have arrested a woman accused of trying to set fire to a house, and the person inside of the home. smoke was pouring out of the home on hummingbird road when fire crews arrived this morning. the woman poured gasoline and lit a fire inside, and then also targeted the resident. >> she did pour gasoline on the other occupant of the home. he was not injured, and he
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remained at the house. she set fire to the back of the house. >> the woman was arrested on arson charges. the victim is okay. a sideshow in palo alto left two people critically injured when they tried to escape the lease. most of the cars involved in a small overnight sideshow on embarcadero road sped away, but a chevy camaro sideswiped a patrol car before veering off of the roadway and into a tree. the young men and women in that car were not wearing their seatbelts, and are in intensive care tonight. a small talk with them had to be euthanized. no officers were hurt. a day of remembrance in san jose. 6 months ago today, an employee opened fire at the vta railyard, killing nine coworkers and himself. >> however you grieve and remember, however you celebrate, however you may continue to experience loss, that is holy, and that is
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healing. >> a virtual remembrance ceremony held this morning included a candle lighting for the victims. still to come, an unexpected shopping search on this black friday. >> is a small business, you can't really afford to give everyone a huge discount. >> that didn't stop huge crowds from turning out to support small business in san jose. you've had your fill of turkey. now you can get your fill of skiing at one sierra resort. thank you for your service, brother. >> what the heck -- >> christmas comes early for a california veteran courtesy of the east bay's own dwayne "the rock" johnson. temperatures today were above average. mid to upper 60s for everybody. we warm up even more heading
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into the weekend. details coming up in the forecast. our food for bay area families drive is on. to donat
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power is coming back on across southern california tonight after they had the strong santa ana wind yesterday , forcing about 70,000 public safety shadows on thanksgiving day. some of the wind gusts were clocked at more than 70 miles per hour, sparking serious fire concerns near bone dry hills. >> a minor inconvenience is nothing compared to losing my house, you know what i mean? that is the price we have to pay. >> almost lost his hat. a live look at sfo where a
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new covid-19 travel ban will take effect on monday. the u.s. is halting all travel from south africa and seven other countries on the southern part of the continent where the new omicron variant is spreading. >> we don't know a lot of information about the variant, except that it seems to spread rapidly. i spent about half an hour with my coping team led by dr. fauci this morning. >> the band does not apply to u.s. citizens and permanent residents. we will have more on the potential impact ahead at 11:00. the race to study and combat the new variant is topping headlines this evening. tragedy one has also been detected in hong kong and israel. at this point, it does not appear to be in the u.s. the big concern is an unusually high number of mutations. >> number one, it doesn't look like it invades the vaccines. that's really important. number two, it is likely more transmissible, but they are so
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figuring that out. >> i'm glad to be boosted. i'm hoping that this doesn't continue forever, but it might. vaccine scientists are already testing the variant. pfizer and moderna say they will be able to adapt their vaccine within 6 weeks if necessary. the new covid concerns sent stocks plunging on this abbreviated trading day. the dow lost more than 900 points, the worst day for the blue chips in more than 1 year. a you may be feeling sluggish this weekend, but spain's volcano is certainly not. it is more active than ever. after a new vent opened up, detecting powerful jets of lava straight into the sky, and shutting down the local airport. that volcano has been erecting for more than 2 months now. >> that is something to see. from one extreme to the other, it was finally cold enough in the sierra for boreal ticket snow makers going.
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only a small portion of the mountain is ready, but several hundred diehards showed up for the opening today. >> we came up quite a bit. a lot of our indoor activities were shut down, so it was nice to be able to come up. we went to a lot of places and made the most of it, family time. the sights and sounds of the season are back in san jose tonight, where christmas in the park has returned to downtown, after the pause for the pandemic last year. visitors can now stroll through different themed area with thousands of lights synced to a soundtrack. there are also thousands of lights on display at lake cunningham park. >> a thank you to all of the volunteers that make christmas in the park the amazing spectacle that it is. we have people who have been volunteering for decades.
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the holiday trees are up in san francisco's ghiradelli square. they were designed by students at the academy of art, and will be lit every evening at 5:00. every year there is a contest for best tree. this year, our betty yu was one of the judges. here she is with the winner, the gilded creation in the foreground from the fashion department. so creative. we are on the lookout for more bay area bright spots this holiday season. email your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots at , or tag kpix bright spots on social media , and you may to see your holiday lights on tv. just the big weather story, not that big, is that it's hazy. if you want to decorate the outside of the house, i did that a couple of weeks ago already because we got off to a very early start to the holiday season, but the weather will cooperate for any outdoor
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activity if the moderate air quality doesn't bother you. high pressure remains in control of the weather. the storm track is being directed to the north. the pacific northwest has been stealing all of the rain for the past few weeks. that will remain the case for the next several days. the high pressure is also trapping the haze in place. it did then out a little bit this afternoon, but at its worst, it did tip into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. i don't think it will reach into that category again over the weekend, but it also won't get a whole lot better, stuck in that moderate category, into early next week. what we need is some rain to wash this out of the atmosphere. that's not likely to happen. we don't have any rain in the 7 day forecast. we should taste stay dry in the first weekend of december, but the outlook from the climate prediction center does show signs that may be towards the
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tail end of that timeframe, we will get into a more active pattern. still, it favors above average precipitation further to the north, but at least a chance to get into a more typical december pattern, which means a wetter weather pattern. we will welcome it when it comes. right now, temperatures are in the 50s. upper 50s for san francisco and san jose. everyone else, low to mid 50s. low to mid 40s and that with mid to upper 40s, to around 50 degrees around the bay and along the coast. this is a perfectly normal looking temperature map. high temperatures tomorrow will be a good 5 to 10 degrees above normal. mid-60s along the coast for the cool spots. mid to upper 60s around the bay, with upper 60s to 70 degrees in the end. the warmest spots getting up to 70 in santa rosa, and into the
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low 70s for san jose. maybe even mid-70s town toward morgan hill and gilroy, significantly above normal. the warm weather will stick around into the second half of the weekend. if you are heading out to watch the 49ers take on the vikings, temperatures will be warm in the upper 60s, with highs in santa clara reaching 70 degrees. not feeling much like thanksgiving weekend, but enjoy it. temperatures will stay nearly steady. a baby cooldown monday and tuesday, then temperatures bounce back. i think we are going to get back into the pattern where we start off with locally dense fog in the mornings as early as monday, more likely by tuesday and wednesday of next week. that will be more noticeable for inland parts of the east bay, but that is the only moisture in the entire extended forecast. we get another batch of computer model data between now and 11:00, so we will have an update then to find any moisture anytime soon. it may be black friday, but while some thought to the big boxes for big deals, these south bay shoppers are thinking small. ♪ you take it tony ♪
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>> ♪ she gets too hungry for dinner at 8:00. >> be sure to join us this weekend for "one last time" tony bennett's farewell concert with lady gaga, sunday at 8:00 right here
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a huge turnout on this black friday to support small business in san jose. >> the line outside of the santa clara convention center looked a lot like the ones you would see outside of a mall or big box store. the shoppers weren't here to score special deals, but to support the 300 small businesses taking part in holiday mart, a full day before the official small business saturday. >> is a small business, you can't really afford to give everyone a huge discount. >> they been struggling with covid and stuff like that. they need our support right now. >> when you are supporting small businesses, you are supporting small makers, helping them put food on the table and bringing them holiday joy. >> coming out of the pandemic, many of those businesses told us this was their first chance to connect with customers face- to-face in quite a while. is who else is planning to shop small on saturday? the president of the u.s., who
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sent out a message encouraging others to do the same. he wrote in part, small businesses are not only the engines of our economic progress, but the heart and soul of our communities. he has been driven to help others his whole life. now my this california veteran is doing the driving in high style thanks to the rock.
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thank you for your service, brother, enjoy your new -- what
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the heck is happening? >> you do a lot of good for people, man. >> that is hayward's own dwayne "the rock" johnson, surprising hard-working oscar rodriguez. >> he cares for his 75-year-old mother, it is also active at his church, and makes meals for domestic violence victims. now he is the proud owner of the rocks personal ford f-150 raptor rate it looks cool. the original plan was to give rodriguez the porsche that the rock drives in his upcoming movie, but when portia said no, he gave him his own truck instead. >> the speaker of the house during the reagan years and said it's nice to be important, but more important to be nice. when you see a big celebrity do something like that, that's a sweet. >> the look on his face
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