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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 24, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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local news car covering yet another robbery. kpix5 wilson walker begins the team coverage from oakland. >> guard is listed in stable condition at high land hospital after the shooting around lunchtime. just behind me is one of the stores hit in the bay areas' recent string of smash and grabs prime 356 a boutique burglarized twice in the past month. the break-in happened on monday night. but today just before 12:30 a news crew was here to cover the burglary when an armed robbery crew pulled up. i spoke with two eyewitnesses who did not want to appear on camera, they say the gunman ordered the news crew and their guard to get on the ground and it was just a few moments after that that shots were fired and the guard was hit. now oakland police have not released any details on the shooting other than to say that the guard was hit in the stomach
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and no one else was injured. >> as you know it has been an extremely violent week. we are asking if you are in the area, have a business or live nearby, to please check your surveillance footage as you may have captured the crime before, during or after it occurred. >> reporter: the guard who was shot worked for star security the same agency used by kpix and other bay area television stations. a precaution started years ago after a string of robberies targeting television news crews. we're here in oakland, wilson walker kpix5. oakland police said today they will be stepping up patrols through the holiday weekend. we want to add kpix crews have worked with the guard who was shot today on number of occasions and we are keeping and he his family in our thoughts. five defendants accused of crimes in the union square retail crime spree faced a judge. tonight five people accused of felonies related to the smash
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and grab crime spree in union square entered not guilty please to all charges. per the judge 's order we are not allowed to show faces. four defendants appeared in court at the same time. they all face felony charges related to burglary and theft. miller was said to be the driver of this mustang seen on numerous videos taken the night of the crime spree. the judge ruled miller and speid should not be released from custody. they both have prior convictions. the judge set bail at $5,000 for cherry and white. one defendant a 24-year-old appeared separately. he faces three felony gun charges but no burglary related charges. he's accused of being in the mustang as well. the prosecution argues he committed the crimes while out on bail from another felony. the judge ruled he will remain in custody and did not set bail.
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during a tuesday news conference alongside sfpd and city leaders district attorney had strong words. >> and we stand together united to send a message to anyone who would consider committing these kinds of crimes in san francisco it will not be tolerated. you will be arrested and brought to justice and you will face serious consequences when you commit serious crimes. >> one of the prosecutors argued the incident was more than just a burglary. a defense attorney took issue with that claim. >> this is kpix. contra cost yeah district attorney filed charges against
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those who are "crime spree. >> in san francisco contra cost yeah santa clara among half a dozen bay area attornies where district attornies are banding together to crack down to retail crimes. prosecutors are sending a message by holding two san jose suspects in $2 million bail. the district attorney hopes the high amount will put pressure on organized crime and people doing the dirty work work. the mayor gave in warning today. >> we're making it clear if you are doing it in this county you will be caught and punished. >> reporter: the mayor is asking the city council for a quarter million dollars to add more license plate readers and other technology to city streets. looking ahead to black friday we wanted to know what shoppers should expect. local law enforcement is planning as well. we will have that coming up at 11:00. a live look at bay area
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bridges where the holiday get away is underway this evening. sfo was expecting 50,000 people to pass through their today and expecting an bigger rush to sunday when everyone comes back. >> was not traveling for thanksgiving an option for you, guys. >> no, never. >> you have to stay in the dorms alone and that's not fun. >> what was that like to see her? >> oh, so -- she cried in my arms i don't know if she told you that. >> worth it? >> 100%, worth it always. >> passenger traffic is expected to more than triple last year's level. the same goes for oakland where pre-thanksgiving travel is up by 250% over a year. traffic at all three airports is approaching pre-pandemic levels. >> you can face time people and you can do this, but just spending time and sitting around and having conversations are --
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is priceless to quote. >> where ever they are all going the weather can't beat the bay area. we have the forecast. >> it is looking great. a calm weather pattern, the above average temperatures and abundant sunshine with us through the weekend and we hope for the same anyone traveling nation weighed. a lot of folks avoid the trargs giving eve rush and decide to travel early on thanksgiving day. a rain-snow mix for chicago and nashville and cincinnati, houston early in the day. those locations could slow things down but a lot of the travel hub in a nice weather pattern overall and rain making towards east coast travel hubs but not until late the day tomorrow when the travel is done. around the bay area, fantastic day. low 60s along the coast and mid-60s by the bay and mid to upper 60s further inland. hour by hour temperatures coming
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up in a few minutes. a chilly start with a frost advisory in effect for parts of the bay area. early morning exercise plans may be brisk out there as you burn off calories before the feast kicks in. taking a look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thank you. people may be tempted to light up the fireplace but -- >> yeah we have this news. >> bay area, air quality managers encouraging people not to light up their fireplaces tomorrow to keep pollution levels low, however they have not issued an official spare the air alert that would ban wood burning all together. meanwhile the grocery stores aren't the only place family are rushing before people gathering. we saw a steady line for a covid test at the santa clara fairgrounds. >> coming from spain it is nice to be here and see the facilities and how available it is to everyone and the drive through experience, like it is really quick and dynamic and i think it is great. >> to check the current
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vaccination rates in your county or at your in-state holiday destination click the banner at the top of tonight san jose shut down the city sponsored rv parking site that prompted protests from neighbors when it first opened back in september. the mercury news reports as of sunday, everyone at the site on vista montana in north san jose found somewhere else to go. they had been rerouted to the temporary site from encampment on apple property. new details tonight in a deadly officer-involved shoot energy san francisco. police released body camera videos on the confrontation last friday at fifth and full some. officers were responding to reports of a man armed with a knife when at least one officer opened fire killing the suspect. >> as the suspect approached, as he ran towards the officers brandishing the knife, the officers quickly backed up down
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the hall way, away from him. as the suspect closed the distance officer 1 and 2 fired their respective weapons, striking the suspect. >> reporter: san francisco police say it is an on going investigation. tonight san francisco police looking for the suspects who led them on a chase across the bay bridge. officers were patrolling near 16th and kansas just after noon when they spotted a vehicle wanted in connection with a crime. they tried to pull the driver over. instead the driver fled into oakland, crashed at 34th and linden and reversed into police cruisers to get away. officers called off the pursuit. later found the car abandoned about two miles away. chopper 5 spotted police canvassing a neighborhood near adams and mcarthur after a tip the suspects might be there at this point we're told no arrests. still to come, apple takes aim at a company specializing in spying on i phones. plus a strict new speed limit going into effect along
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> and spacex launches nasa's first ever mission to save the world. and a reminder the food for bay area families drive is on to donate to help out
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. titans, nodes are the planes coming into san jose there. how about a live look at the golden gate bridge where starting january 1 cyclist will be held to a 15 mile-per-hour speed limit. they will be treated the same as speeding cars with fines ranging from 238 to $498. spacex just launched nasa's first test mission to save the world but hopefully they'll never actually have to use it.
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it's called dart. short for double as destroyed redirection test and it is just like what it sounds. the spacecraft is headed for 15,000 mile-per-hour impact with a distant astroid with the goal of pushing it off course. >> if it is successful, then if we had a real inbound killer astroid, we could do that with it and it would miss us. >> well there are currently no known astroid threats to earth but that may not always be the case. it will take dart ten months to reach the target which is an astroid about the size of great pyramid of giza. three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery on weather mandatory life sentencing will come with or without the possibility of parole. cheer erupted outside the georgia courthouse when the guilty verdicts were announced. the defendants claimed they thought the unarmed 25-year-old black man was a burglar and was
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trying to make a citizen's arrest when they spotted him running through their neighborhood last year. the jury found no evidence to support that. >> it's been a long fight. it's been a hard fight. but god is good. >> the judge has yet to set a sentencing date. more than 48 million people are hitting the roads this thanksgiving and paying the highest gas prices in nine years. the tsa is also reporting 6 straight days of more than 2 million flyers, a first since the pandemic. the good news weather conditions have been pretty good lead to go few delays or cancellations. and a huge holiday tradition returns this year. the annual thanksgiving day parade in new york city. the event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic but this year the balloons are back and so are the crowds. masks of course are required along with proof of vaccination and, allen parade goers will see
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newcomers like a 21st anniversary pick chew and baby yoda. >> they will be excited tomorrow morning. >> my boys will be if i can get them up. researchers with the aquarium discovered a mammoth tusk 185 miles off shore and 10,000 feet deep. scientists think it is more than 100,000 years old and plan to mine the dna to take a deeper dive so to speak into the ancient species and paul, the mammoth's original home probably warmer than the water off monterey. >> most things are. >> the pacific influence isn't going to be too noticeable through the next few days. chilly out there and patchy fog developing and patchy frost possible and we'll come back to that in a second. a dry pleasant thanksgiving. get out and enjoy if you can and
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dry bl continues with warmer temperatures heading through the weekend away from the bay and a degree for two warmer further inland. let's take a look at the one not so good part of the forecast, everybody in the yellow which means moderate that's where it will stay thursday and friday into thanksgiving weekend as well. the good news it doesn't get worse tripping into the unhealthy for sensitive groups or flat out unhealthy categories. mostly wood smoke and urban pollution trapped in the lowest atmosphere. no red or orange on the map. but it could be better. it's been a dry couple of weeks and we don't have any rain in the forecast for the holiday weekend. we don't have any rain in the forecast through next week until thursday night with an outside chance of a couple showers by friday night into saturday. we're talking about 10 to 20% chance on days nine and ten of the forecast. that's a long way in the future in forecasting terms. we'll keep looking for more rain chances flipping the calendar
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page from november to december. mostly clear skies and temperatures dropping off in livermore and santa rosa down into upper 40s. chilly out there by early tomorrow morning. temperatures starting off inland mostly in the mid to upper 30s and chilly spots drop down to the low 30s and santa rosa a degree above freezing. there is another frost advisory for the north bay and east bay valleys to cover up the plants and make sure if you have outdoor pets they have a couple of blankets and a sheltered spot during the overnight hours. san francisco starting off in the 40s and warming into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. passing clouds in the atmosphere filtering the sunshine. temperatures move up to the mid-60s in santa rosa. a 30-degree warmup with a limited amount of daylight. concord dips into the 30s and then bouncing back into the
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mid-60s. san jose is the warm place to the map. anywhere from 63 in the pacific and 62 in antioch the cool spot some of the fog spilling in from the central valley might be stubborn but 70 for san jose, you have a better chance of hitting 70 in san hose hose for saturday and sunday and temperatures back off monday, tuesday and wednesday and even with more clouds overhead next week, still no rain chances in the forecast. enjoy the dry weekend and we'll be here keeping an eye on things and hoping we can be thankful for additional rain as we do around the corner from november into december. >> warm will feel good in the meantime, thank you. how all the congestion in california ports is clearing the way for holiday shopping scams. and streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, how world leaders are putting the pressure on tech giants to protect children online. you can find cbsn bay area on the kpix app.
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we're also on the cbs news app, you can download it for free on your favorite streaming device.
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mean christmas is coming early this year for scammers. they are setting up fake websites promising items that seem to be sold out or back ordered anywhere else. analytics firm has seen a 2,000% increase in fake sites over just the past three months. >> these websites will often only ask for payment via a wire service, such as paypal, venmo and zell, where the transactions are put through and the moans are gone. it is hard for the consumer to get money back. >> it is like a virus. just spreads. it doesn't stop until the consumers stop falling for the trick. >> other red flags to watch out for, miss spellings and grammar mistakes and links that don't work. a firm that specializes in helping government agencies and
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law enforcement attack eye phones. it discovered pie wear on a recent model eye phones belonging to journalists and human rights lawyers. the soft wear allows people access to read data such as messages. >> still ahead the area
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bay area beer lovers will cheer this. the sought off triple ipa will be released at santa rosa and wind zero pubs. the lines are always super long.
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the last in-person release of the brew attracted 23,000 visitors from more than a dozen countries. i know it's been featured in all these beer magazines as being the best in the world. >> and they start lining up in the middle of the night. >> there is a lot of pliney to go around. >> there's plenty of other options and it's all good. thank you for watching the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. enjoy the night and we'll see you back here at 11:00. ersation] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly.
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