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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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grabs. it's prime 356, a bow to talk that has been burglarized twice in the past month. that break-in happened on monday night. it was today just before 12:30 when a news crow from kron was there to cover that burglary when an armed group showed up. they say the gunmen ordered the news crew and their guard to get on the ground, and it was just a few moments after that that shots were fired and the guard was hit. now, oakland police have not released any details on the shooting, other than to say that the guard was hit in the stomach, and no one else was injured. >> as you know, it has been an extremely violent week. we are asking if you are in the area, have a business, or live nearby, to please check your surveillance foodage, as you may have captured the crime before, during, or after it occurred. . >> reporter: a precaution that
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it was started years ago after a string of robberies targeting television news crews. we're here in oakland, wilson waukesha, kpix 5. >> the guard shot does work for star security. same company that kpix 5 partners with for our security. our crews have worked with this very guard in the past, and we extend our best wishes to him and his family. >> absolutely. now to the latest details. within the past hour, suspects arrested for robberies in san francisco's union square went before a judge. max darrow is live in san francisco with more of the details for. max. >> reporter: in yeah, it just concluded less than an hour ago, and we have found out that five of the defendants listed in the louis vuitton crime spree pled not guilty to all of the charges they have been
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charged with. they appeared at the same time, facing felony charges, relating to burglary and theft. a judge ruled two of the defendants, miller and speed, are not to be released from custody, citing their extensive criminal histories. he did not set pail for them. the judge sat bail at $5,000 for the other two defendants, white and cherry. the general said since this seemed to be a financially driven crime, setting bail for these defendants seems appropriate as incentive get them to return to court when they are supposed to. jimmy calloway, another defendant, is facing three felony gun charges, but no burglary charges. authorities said he committed offenses while out on another bond from contra costa county. the judge ruled that calloway is not to be released from custody, and did not society bail. here is what district attorney chesa boudin said.
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>> these are not petty thefts. this is felony conduct. this is not misdemeanor conduct. >> reporter: during the arraignment, prosecution described the entire incident as more than just a property crime. the defense attorney took issue with that. we'll learn more from both the defense and the prosecution as this unfolds. defendants are due back in court at the end of november and beginning of december. >> you mentioned the defendants had some criminal histories. any of them have prior burglary- related convictions? you mentioned some gun problems. >> reporter: some of them did have prior burglary-related convictions, and if fact we learned today that one of the defendants in the incidents was out on pro pace for a petty theft out of alameda county. >> walnut creek police have arrested three suspects in connection with a theft at a nordstom's store. dana dawson, joshua underwood,
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and rodney robinson. about 90 people swarmed that department store monday. in the south bay, san jose police have arrested two suspects for attempted theft at valley fair mall. police took dwayne hunt economy is raheem lewis into custody last night at macy's inside the mall. police say the suspects were stealing $2,000 worth of cologne and perfume from the department store. they matched the description of suspects who stole merchandise last sunday. a short time operator, police got a call of a similar theft at the macy's at another mall. they have been booked for theft and burglary. >> i think one of our biggest concerns are copycats. individual that watch, that see this happen on tv and think that looks great it and looks like everybody got away. i do think these are crimes of opportunity. they're things that criminals think of as soft targets, and we're trying to send a message and to demonstrate that there
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will be serious consequences for doing this. you'll spend a lot of time behind bars. >> we brought you the news conference on san jose's retail theft live on cbsn bay area. you can catch us 24/7 on or thekpix5 news app. now to brunswick, georgia, where a jury returned a guilty verdict against all three defendants in the murder of ahmaud arbery. travis mcmichael who fired the shot was found guilty on all counts. his father gregory, and neighbor roddie bryan were connected of other charge. take a look at the reaction outside the courthouse following the verdict. demonstrators chanting arbery's name. natalie has more on those verdicts for us. >> reporter: good evening, allen. the jury deliberated for more
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than 11 hours before reaching their decision. ahmaud arbery's mother speaking following the verdict said thinking back to last year, she never thought this day would come, but she said now our son can rest in peace. there was a brief outburst in the courtroom as the judge read the verdict. >> guilty. >> and cheering as word reached the crowd outside. travis mcmichael found guilty of malice murder. he, his father gregory, and a third defendant, william roddie bryan were all convicted of felony murder. to the verdict today was a verdict based on the facts, on the evidence, and that was our goal, was to bring that to that jury, they could do the right thing. >> reporter: this is the scene outside of the county courthouse shortly after the verdict was read. demonstrators who have been here since the start of the trial have called for justice
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for ahmaud arbery. >> i've been here 30 years, and to get this outcome right now is blessing. >> reporter: arbery's mother thanked her supporters. >> it's been a long fight. it's been a hard fight, but god is good. >> reporter: the defense had argued their clients chased arbery to make a citizen's arrestbehad committed a crime, but there was in today support that assumption. the defense called the verdict sad and disappointing. >> but we also recognize that this is a day of celebration for the arbery family. we cannot tear our eyes away from the way that they feel about this. >> reporter: the three defendants all face life in prison. >> so, natalie, what are the next steps from here? >> reporter: well, the next steps, allen, were waiting for the date of sentencing. that has not yet been set, and the defense attorneys, following court, said they
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right now are respecting the verdicts at hand, but said they do plan to appeal. that process would happen after sentencing. and then on top of all of that, in addition to the state trial, allen, there's a separate federal case, federal hate crime charges. that trial is expected to begin in february of next year for all three men. >> natalie brand, thanks so much. following the guilty verdict, we spoke with a retired santa clara county court judge to get her reaction to the trial. >> the verdicts today reaffirmed my belief in the jury system. even after the trial judge found that the defense attorneys engaged in intentional disrim nation in removing eight of the nine black jurors, a practically all white juror managed to follow the law, ignore the politics, and arrive at what i thought was a judge verdict. this judge unlike the judge in
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the rittenhouse trial conducted a fair trial, and there's no way you could tell which side he was on, and even though the prosecution resorted to racism to try to get the yours to vote in favor, they did not succeed. >> and we'll have much more reaction on today's verdict coming up tonight at 6:30 on the cbs evening news. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a wild scene on a bridge. what authorities say caused this fiery crash. and new rules on the golden gate bridge. the hefty fine some could face. >> reporter: if it seems like the saturday a lot busier these days, that's because it is. we have the numbers to prove it. if you're staying put for the weekend, the weather around the bay area looks perfect. we'll take a look at a chilly start and how much we'll warm up coming up in the forecast.
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we're learning new details this evening on a fiery crash at the carkenas page. last night a deputy sheriff attempted to pull over an audi that was driving recklessly at speeds near 120 miles per hour. the car didn't stop, and a police chase ensued. the driver of the runaway car lost control as he cross thread bridge, striking another vehicle. both cars caught fire. three suspects on the audi fled on foot, but were arrested. the driver of the other vehicle experienced minor injuries. the latest on the deadly parade in wisconsin. authorities trying to figure out what cause add man to drive through a holiday parade killing six people. that suspect, darrell brooks, could face new charges. he appeared in court for the
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first time yesterday to face five counters of first-degree intentional homicide. prosecutors say they plan to file additional charges after an eight-year-old boy died from his injuries. his bail has been set at $5 million, and we're hearing group grieving husband who lost his wife. he said he went to church with his wife before she went to the parade. his wife jane attended the parade with some co-workers when she was killed. >> her whole world was her family, and she was food at it. really good at it. one thing i can say about her that i can't say about anybody else. never heard her say a bad word. she held us together. the she was a stable force. >> she was 52 years old. starting on january 1st,
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roofs will be 15 miles per hour for cyclists on the golden gate bridge. they will be treated the same as speeding drivers. they could be fined $238 to $490. the changes were made after complaints about speeding cycle its. >> let's just keep it to a leisurely pedaling across the bridge. >> enjoy the view! >> i can see a patrol car with a radar gun on a bicyclist. [ laughter ] >> the weather looks like it's going to be really good for thanksgiving. a chilly night. patchy fog out there, and even some patchy frost. a dry mild thanksgiving, and temperatures are going to remain warm as we head through thanksgiving weekend, and the weather is going to remain dry, as well. the only flaw to the thanksgiving weekend forecast is that the air quality isn't going to be great. it's not going to be bad either, but we were in the moderate category across the
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board today. everybody in the yellow category, but we'll stay in the moderate category for thanksgiving and all the way through the four-day weekend. we won't get into the unhealthy for sensitive groups that would cause us to trip an air alert, but until we get some rain, things will be trapped, and we won't get rain for a while. as we head through next week, we'll be dry through at least thaymoisture at the tail end of next week, but we're talking about something nine or 10 days down the line in the forecast. we'll hope that december is in a more favor be mood to give us additional moisture. it's been a dry couple of weeks after we got off to that great start of the rainy season. temperature stands still at 64 downtown, which is the watch location on the map. 60 in concord and oakland.
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55 right now in livermore. temperatures very similar to tuesday, and tomorrow's temperatures will be very similar. to begin the day, chilly with a frost add risery for the north bay and east bay valleys. cover your plants up, or else you'll loose them for the rest of this year. on a widespread basis, mid-to- upper 30s. low 40s along the coast. we know a lot of going out to go for a bike ride or dog walk or one of the turkey trots. my wife and i are doing the turkey burn in pleasant top tomorrow morning. temperatures look to be pleasant. by 10:00 a.m., low 50s. by noon, temperatures will be up to around 60 degrees, and we're all going to climb into the 60s as we head through
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tomorrow afternoon. mid-60s around the bay. low 60s along the coast, and close to 70 degrees tomorrow in san jose. that's above affect for this time of year, about three to six degrees above norm, all the way through the holiday weekend, and then a modest cooldown in store for everybody monday, tuesday, and wednesday, but butt still slightly above average temperatures through the beginning of next week. hopefully the next cold front can squeeze out a little moisture over the bay area. coming, we'll take a look at the nationwide travel forecast. coming up, a fan takes it too far. the new video showing the
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moments a spectator attack add wwe superstar. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, how world leaders are putting the pressure on tech giants to protect children on- line. you can find cbsn bay area on or on the kpix app. we're also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming platforms. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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roles were reversed at a wwe wrestling event in brooklyn. a fan decided to include himself in the show. this was not staged. seth rollins celebrating a victory when a 24-year-old fan charged out of nowhere, full
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head of steam, tackled the wrestler the ground before security stepped in. the fan said he was trying to help rollins' rival and has since apologized. the 49ers host the minnesota vikings. >> but first kyle shanahan is getting prepared to host his family for thanksgiving dinner. vern glenn is here to explain. >> okay. thanksgiving. kind of a thing at the shanahans. that's a big takeaway from 49ers media availability today. i can tell you that jim garoppolo's favorite thanksgiving side is stuffing with cranberry sauce. so what is thanksgiving like at the shanahans? now well, it's a work day for coach, so for everybody else, there's a lot of waiting around to eat. >> we speed up the schedule so we can get home by, like, 7:00, and then usually when i walk in
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the door, i see about 12 people very upset with me, and very hung and i have irritated, but when they come to visit us i have have to wait until i get home, and i tell them just let me go to bed, because if we win, then i'll hang out a lot more sunday night. >> he's a surfboard, a trophy. oh, it's the maui invitational championship, from vegas. the ball moving against wisconsin. alex shot over the defense. st. mary's down one, but the badgers answered. tyler wall cleared enough space to create a shot. wisconsin won it 61-55. it was st. mary's first loss of the season. what i can tell you is next hour, i'm going to show you a thrill la. not a thriller, a thrilla.
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>> in manila? >> we'll just leave it at that. [ laughter ] still ahead at 5:30, it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. a look at the rush of people hitting the skies and
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a holiday season travel frenzy has arrived. we'll give you an update so far what to anticipate on the roads this week. and if you are waiting until the holiday to travel, i have your nationwide travel forecast coming up. and good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen matter. >> right now people on the move as millions are expected to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. let's take a look at the roads right now. traffic pretty clear, but aaa says more than 48 million americans expected to travel by
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car this week. big change from last year. chp reminding drivers to be safe. their maximum enforcement board goes into everything in less than an hour from now. >> but it's not just the roads that are busy. here is a live look at sfo and lax. airports are also seeing a spike in travel this week. they said that travel will reach pre-pandemic levels. >> reporter: check out this traffic. we have v not seen it this busy in i don't know how long. it is wrapped around the bend. all seeing significant increases in passenger numbers. it's at if people are making up for lost time. the airport these days brimming with a bit more love and joy ,
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and it's wonder. people like chauncey cook haven't seen her family in what seems like forever. >> has it been a year? >> yeah, it's been a long time. >> reporter: from 2019 to today, a massive dip, and then recovery. the number of passengers this year projected to more than triple last year's number. the same goes for oakland. pre-thanksgiving travel this ear is 2.5 times that of last year, and 81% of 2019. in sfo, thanksgiving travel cratered in 2020, and is expected to recover this year to 65% of pre-pandemic levels. that is fueled in large part by passengers who have gotten the vaccine and boosters, wore masks for hours on the plane, and are ready to get back to some sense of normalcy. was not traveling for thanksgiving an option for you guys? >> no, never. [ laughter ] >> just staying at the dorms alone is not really fun. >> reporter: what was it like
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see her? >> oh, so -- oh, and she cried in my arms. i don't know if she just told you that. >> reporter: worth it? >> 100 percent, always. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and so last weekend, they had their biggest one yet, since the start of the pandemic. would not be surprised if they beat it this weekend. we're live here at the airport, kpix 5, back to you. >> looks like we're getting back to normal in the bay area, at least, looking at those long are lines. like what is this, 2018? [ laughter ] ? a lot of people wait until the day of to travel, just because not as many people traveling on thanksgiving. so if you're heading out from any of the bay area airports tomorrow, here is the forecast for some of the travel hubs you'll be connecting to. rain showers around houston and early in the day, chicago could be an issue. a rain/snow mix, and temperatures only in the 30s, and it will be windy in the windy city.
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the nash version of futurecast, we'll show you those trouble spots. rain ends pretty early in the day for chicago, but then as we head towards noon, cincinnati, marshall, memphis, down towards houston, those are going to be the spots. eventually cleveland is going to have some spots. we'll focus on the bay area forecast in a few minutes. inflation, something everyone is dealing with this thanksgiving. cost of the traditional dinner is up 14% by some estimates, but reporter gabe cohen tells us it's not the farmers who are cashing in. >> reporter: as jim jones finishes the sweet potato harvest on this north carolina participate, skyrocketing costs are slicing through his profits. are you seeing any more money from this inflation? >> no, no. we're actually paying for it. >> reporter: the price of


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