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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  November 24, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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>> to your dogs. >> the captioning sponsored by cbs .>> brennan: tonight, breaking news: a jury finds the three men accused of chasing down and killing ahmaud arbery guilty of murder. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> brennan: after less than 12 hours of deliberations, a father and son and their neighbor now facing a minimum sentence of life in prison. the emotional day in brunswick, georgia. outside the courthouse, the victim's family and a crowd of supporters celebrated the verdict, calling it justice for ahmaud arbery. toni psinteneig anksving travelers hit the roads, airports, and railways at pre-pandemic levels. but rain and snow threaten to make the trip back home treacherous. the new forecast just coming in.
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plus, dr. fauci on what you need to know to stay healthy and safe. >> you get vaccinated, and you get boosted. >> brennan: tragedy at sea: dozens of migrants are killed when their boat capsizes in the english channel. we'll have the latest. in a first-of-its-kind mission, nasa launches a spacecraft directly towards an asteroid, hoping to change its course. n.f.l. players step up: how pro football athletes from wisconsin are helping the families of the deadly christmas parade tragedy. and hoe for the holidays: how a program at one animal shelter is giving pets a second chance at a forever home. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> brennan: good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm margaret brennan in for norah. three white men were found guilty of murder for chasing
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down and fatally shooting a 25-year-old black man named ahmaud arbery in february 2020. those men may now spend the rest of their lives in prison. the triggerman, travis mcmichael; his father, gregory mcmichael; and their neighbor william "roddie" bryan claim they suspected arbery of burglaries in their neighborhood and were attempting to make a citizen's arrest. but prosecutors argued the men had no evidence of arbery committing any crimes and no right to pursue him. the killing prompted georgia officials to repeal the state's citizen's arrest law and the case garnered national attention. it drew civil rights leaders to brunswick, georgia. today, president biden said, in part, "the verdict ensures that those who committed this horrible crime will be punished." cbs' omar villafranca leads off our coverage at the courthouse. good evening, omar. >> reporter: good evening. when we first talked to ahmaud arbery's mother, wanda cooper-jones, 17 months ago,
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there was not a lot of attention on this case. but she was pushing investigators to dig deeper. she wanted the men arrested, tried, and convicted. today, a year and a half later, because of her pressure, her prayers were answered. >> count one, malice murder, we the jury find the defendant, travis mcmichael, guilty. >> wooo! >> reporter: an emergency reaction from ahmaud arbery's father on the first of the 23 guilty verdicts for the men who murdered his son. arbery's mother wanda cooper-jones wept in the back row as the verdict was read. >> to tell you the truth i never saw this day, back in 2020, i never thought this day would come. but god is good. >> reporter: athlete men stood silent as their fats were read. they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. their attorneys say they're disappointed but respect the jury's decision. >> we understand that they feel they have gotten justice today.
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we respect that. we honor that. >> reporter: travis mcmichael, the man who pulled the trigger, was found guilty on all charges. his father, greg mcmichael, was found guilty on all but one count of malice murder. and neighbor william "roddie" bryan, who recordedly the fatal encounter on his cell fop, was found guilty on six counts, including felony murder. >> we would expect the judge to give the most severe sentence to, obviously, travis mcmichael. and that would probably be a life sentence. the judge could go up to a life sentence for the felony murder on the other two. but they are all facing similar sentencing. >> reporter: defense attorneys argued the defeants suspected arbery was a burglar and were conducting a citizen's arrest, and that travis mcmichael shot arbery in self-defense. >> you are allowed to use force that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury if you believe it's necessary. >> reporter: jurors also heard from more than two dozen
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witnesses during the trial, including travis mcmichael, who said during cross-examination arbery did not threaten him. >> he hasn't pulled out a gun. >> that's correct. >> he hasn't said one word to you. >> he has not. >> he has not threatened you in any way, verbally or physically. >> no, ma'am. >> no knives. >> no knives. >> reporter: the jury of nine women and three men, all white except for one black man, came to their decision after more than 11 hours of deliberation. outside the courthouse, a crowd chanted ahmaud arbery's name and celebrated the verdict and his family, who had been present almost every day in court. >> i don't want to see a kid get shot down like that. >> reporter: for wanda cooper-jones, the verdict is a validation of her son's life. >> you know him as ahmaud. i know him as quez. he will now rest in peace. >> amen! >> reporter: the judge has not set a date for sentencing.
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because of this case, georgia's citizen's arrest law was repealed, and state hate crime laws were actually passed. as for the defendants, their legal journey is not over. they now face federal hate crime charges in a trial that will start next year. margaret. >> brennan: omar villafranca, thank you. we turn now to one of the busiest travel days of the year. more than 50 million americans are expected to fly, drive, or take a train to their thanksgiving destination. that is the highest number of estimated travelers since before the pandemic. we get more now from cbs' errol barnett. good evening to you, errol. >> reporter: good evening, margaret. thankfully, flight cancellations and delays are low nationwide tonight, thanks to ideal weather conditions. however, travel of volume is tremendously high, both here on the ground and in the air, making it virtually impossible tonight to avoid the crowds. tonight, america is on the move. >> traveling back for
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thanksgiving on the busiest day of the year. >> reporter: it's been a day of congested highways, crowded airports, and full train stations as millions make their way to thanksgiving destinations. >> we left early to beat the traffic. >> it's just a parking garage at this point. >> reporter: most are driving, with more than 48 million hitting the roads. and tonight, finding gas prices averaging $3.39 per gallon, the highest thanksgiving holiday price in nine years. >> that's too much money. that's too much. the gas is high. >> reporter: with covid lockdowns in the rearview mirror and the national vaccination rate nearly 60%, many feel confident about flying this thanksgiving. >> we decided we were going to fly. we're triple vaxxed. >> reporter: the t.s.a. reporting six straight days of more than two million flyers, a first since the pandemic began. kelsey shields, who hasn't seen some relatives in 20 months, told cbs news what she's looking forward to. >> family time and being able to see them for, like, the first time since the pandemic. >> reporter: but getting there
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hasn't been easy. some flyers are contending with jammed airport parking lots... >> there's no parking. we tried to find a space, there isn't. >> reporter: also, long security lines, like this one in pittsburgh. the f.a.a. tonight also reporting more than 5,000 unruly incidents this year, though the rate is trending down. and a new holiday-themed ad just released to encourage travelers to be kind. >> everyone around was acting with care, including the other travelers that happened to be there. >> reporter: and for those who don't, tonight, the department of justice announced it will prioritize the prosecution of unruly passengers. attorney general merrick garland saying that anyone who assaults, intimidates or threatens violence toward anyone on board an aircraft, margaret, they threaten everyone on board. >> brennan: in case you need another reason to be kind. thank you, errol. tonight, more than 40 military personnel are headed to michigan
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to help overwhelmed hospitals treat a surge of covid ents. and as americans prepare celebrate thaofs are urging p take precautiottise.t's jut turkeys americans are on the hunt for tonight. there's also a rush for rapid covid tests. >> many of us are coming from all around the country, actually, so it was a way for us to keep each other safe. >> reporter: over-the-counter rapid tests give results in 15-30 minutes. covid cases are rising in 24 states, compared to the prior week, and hospitalizations are up in 22. but with nearly two-thirds of eligible americans fully vaccinated, this thanksgiving looks better than last year's. cases are down 46%, and there are fewer hospitalizations and deaths. the c.d.c. still recommends delaying travel until you're fully vaccinated, and wearing masks in public indoor settings
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in communities with high transmission. right now, that's most of the country. dr. anthony fauci says vaccinations are key for a safe holiday season. >> you surround yourself with vaccinated people, and you get boosted. >> reporter: do you test going into the gathering and on the way back out? what should people do? >> well, it depend. my daughters are very careful because of my age. and that's the reason why i said we need to flood the system with testing. >> reporter: given the recent surge in covid cases, the c.d.c. is predicting a spike in hospitalizations and deaths following thanksgiving. and health officials are asking people to remain vigilant through the holidays. margaret. >> brennan: nikki battiste, thank you. snow and rain could make holiday travel treacherous for some. let's get to the forecast now from cbs' lonnie quinn who is on new york city's upper west side, where balloons are being inflated for that big parade.
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good evening, lonnie. >> reporter: good evening to you, margaret. it seems like america kicks off their thanksgiving holiday by watching the parade. there are the balloons. you see baby yoda behind me. it's going to be a great weather day for the parade. thee ght w the, acss thentire untry,t' p relewy qutaiet oulkt for the most part. quiet today, quiet for tomorrow as well. for the thanksgiving parade, here's how i see it-- temperatures about 46 degrees at the start of the parade, up to about 54 for an afternoon high. i don't see big weather worries. for the balloons it's all about the wind. wind will not be an issue. what could be an issue? what could complicate your drive home? possibly rain anywhere from houston up to portions of ohio. by friday, that same rain will make its way to the east coast. and sunday into monday, it's not just wet weather. a clipper system drops in, could be the first snowflakes for portions of the northeast. that's the way we see it. plarg represent, it's all yrs,
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happy thanksgiving. >> brennan: we're turn now to the migrant tragedy at sea. more than two dozen people drowned after a boat carrying them from france to britain caputo sized in the english channel. this evening the leaders of both countries say they're going to do more to stop these dangerous crossings which have soared this year. we get more now from charlie d'agata. >> reporter: calm but bitterly cold seas this morning tempted migrants to risk the treacherous journey from france to england, families with small children packed on to overcrowded dinghies. but for dozens it ended in tragedy, in the worst single loss of life for migrants on record in this narrow stretch of water. french officials, alerted by a fishing vessel alerting bodies in the water, say a boat with more than 30 people on board capsized. a joint french and british
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search-and-rescue mission was launched but for many it was too late. >> my thoughts are first of all, with the victims and their families. it's an appalling thing that they have suffered. but i also want to say that this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. >> reporter: despite that danger, more than 25,000 migrants have made the crossing this year, including more arriving in britain today. france and britain blame each other for not doing more to stop the flow. but tonight, both share blame in the tragic loss of life in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. authorities on both sides of the channel have warned it was just a matter of time before a tragedy like this was going to happen. french officials say there are women and one little girl among the dead. margaret. >> brennan: tragic. thank you, charlie. tonight, tributes are pouring in for jackson sparks, the young effort of of six victims killed by a speeding car that tore
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through a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin, on sunday. the eight-year-old underwent brain surgery but he died tuesday. jackson's 1jured is expect to cov players, n wa, have offered to help pay the funeral costs will of the victims. we turn now to what sounds like the premise of a sci-fi movie. nasa today, in a first-of-its-kind mission launched a spacecraft named dart towards an asteroid hoping to nudge it off of its course. cbs' mark strassmann has the made-for-hollywood details. >> we're coming in hot! >> reporter: here's hollywood's plan when an asteroid threatens earth. >> you are going to remote detonate the bomb. >> reporter: send bruce willis. but nasa calls lindley johnson. >> i'm the real bruce willis. >> reporter: johnson is nasa's real-life planetary defense
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officer, responsible for mapping thousands of near-earth asteroids, seen here in blue, that could threaten earth. so far, 10,000 seem big enough to cause a calamity if they were to hit our planet. in 2013, a small asteroid, roughly 60 feet across, exploded over russia, injuring more than 1600 people. >> if they were to impact, particularly in a populated area, it would be a natural disaster on the order of anything that we've ever dealt with. >> reporter: how vulnerable is the earth to one were these objects? >> if it's a large object, currently nothing to stop it. >> liftoff. >> reporter: nasa just launched earth's first planetary defense mission, dart, the double asteroid redirection test. the spacecraft will target the moon of a harmless double asteroid nearly seven million miles away. >> the dart spacecraft is going to come in at 15,000 miles per hour and hit it pretty much
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head-on here. >> reporter: slowing the asteroid's orbit by about 1%, and push a hypothetical earth-brownd threat off target. >> a small nudge changes its position over time so the earth and the asteroid wouldn't be on a future collision course. >> reporter: no sizable asteroid seems remotely menacing for more than a century. mark strassmann, cbs news, laurel, maryland. >> brennan: still ahead, how a souvenir jacket led to an arrest in the january 6 breach at the capitol. several old spice and secret aerosol sprays are now being recalled. recalled. and australia's great barrier reef recovers. us. now available for fast sinus relief. if you're washing with the bargain brand, even when your clothes look clean, there's extra dirt you can't see.
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when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally. >> brennan: a broadway actor is facing criminal charges tonight for his part in the january 6 breech of the capitol. investigators say james beeks is also affiliated with the far-right militia the oath keepers. beeks, who performers as a michael jackson impersonator, was wearing a jackson tour jacket during the siege, and that helped investigators identify him on video. proctor & gamble issued a voluntary recall of some of its aerosol sprays and anti-perce participants today because they contain a cancer-causing chemical. several old spice and secret sprays with expiration dates through assessment of-- excuse me, through september 2020,
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2023, are affected. australia's great barrier reef exploded in color and new life overnight. the coral's fertilized billions of offspring in the reef's annual spawning event. the reef suffered significant damage in recent years, mostly from rising ocean temperatures. scientists call it good news for the reef's recovery. up next, foster pets finding new homes for the holidays.
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>> brennan: tonight, we have the story of some furry friends who are finding new homes for the holidays. here is cbs' ben tracy. >> reporter: andy and jennifer parsons didn't think their hearts could handle a new dog. they lost the one they've had for 13 years just last month. >> and we are definitely dog people, and we miss her, and we miss the presence of a dog. >> reporter: but they heard the richmond animal shelter lets people foster a pet for two weeks during thanksgiving.
3:54 pm
>> so we just thought it would be helpful to getta little bit of some dog back in the house and not really have to feel like we're committing right off the bat. >> it's a good test run. >> yes. >> and then you all can see if it works. >> reporter: shelter director christie chipps peters tries to find a temporary home for these abandoned cats and dogs. >> i was thinking about how full our shelter was of all of these animals that just wanted to be loved, and thinking about the people out there that may be alone for thanksgiving that want the same thing. and so if we could connect the two, maybe it would be a really beautiful thing. >> reporter: she matched the parsons up with a two-year-old pit bull named squirmy. >> i officer her so much. i'm so glad that she's with you. >> reporter: more than half the time, foster parents end up adopting, and that's exactly what the parsons did. >> this seems like a pretty instant match, love at first sight. >> it's almost like it was the perfect dog for us, 100%. >> reporter: and now they know their hearts have plenty of room left to share.
3:55 pm
ben tracy, cbs news, richmond, virginia. >> brennan: they saved a life. we'll be right back. voltaren, the joy of movement. ♪ ♪ cases of anxiety in young adults are rising as experts warn of the effects on well-being caused by the pandemic. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief
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margaret brennan. we'll see you sunday on "face the nation." until then, hap py thanksg >> the german shepherd took off. >> judge judy: so it was not on a leash? >> not at that time, no. >> announcer: the neighbor saw it all unfold... >> the german shepherd was in front of cody's house, sniffing around. that's when his pit bull had came out. >> announcer: and the attack was hard to watch. >> the dog had then latched on to my dog's neck, pulling. >> her daughter krysa did have a lot of blood on her. >> judge judy: your dog was out of your control. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution lora saczawa is suing her neighbor, 22-year-old cody mcmaster for vet bills as the result of a dog fight. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 301 on the calendar in the matter of saczawa vs. mcmaster. >> judge judy: thank you.
4:00 pm
>> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. ladies, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: ms. saczawa, it is your claim that while you and -- this is your daughter? >> yes. >> judge judy: were walking your two dogs. >> right. >> judge judy: you have a large dog and a small dog. >> yes. >> judge judy: show me where you live in relation to the defendant. i see you live where there's a p and the defendant is the d. >> i live here, and cody lives right here. there is a small house that lives back between us with a tenant there. >> judge judy: you were walking your dogs on what date at what time? >> okay, what had happened was, we have a backyard, and we have actually three dogs. the two dogs that were going to be going out were a chihuahua and a german shepherd, and we chained them up. i went to chain up the german shepherd, and i had the little one in my hand, and the german shepherd took off. >> judge judy: the german shepherd took off. so it was not on a leash? >> not at that time, no. >> judge judy: okay. go ahead. so the dog was not on a leash. >> right. she took off, went into his yard somehow, 'cause he does have a fenced-in yard.
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>> judge judy: okay.


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