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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 24, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, a security guard shot while accompanying a news crew in oakland, we were over the area of 14th and webster in downtown, they were covering a story about a smash
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and grab at this boutique . the latest at 5:00. a verdict in the trial of three men accused of murdering ahmaud arbery . natalie brand is live in georgia. >> reporter: ahmaud arbery's mother says her son can rest in peace as the georgia attorney general says that the verdict "brings us one step closer to justice and healing." as the judge read the verdicts -- >> guilty. >> reporter: and shearing as word reached the crowd outside. travis mcmichael was guilty of malice murder in the killing of ahmaud arbery, he and his father , greg mcmichael, and a third defendant, william bryan were convicted of felony murder. >> the verdict was based on the facts and evidence. that was our goal, to bring that to that jury so they could
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do the right thing. >> reporter: this is the scene outside the courthouse shortly after the verdict was read. demonstrators who have been here since the start of the trial have called for justice for ahmaud arbery . to i have been here 30 years and to get this outcome is a blessing. >> reporter: the mother of ahmaud arbery thanked the supporters. >> it was a long fight but god is good. >> reporter: the defendants believed ahmaud arbery had committed the crime but there was no evidence to support that assumption . the defense called the verdict sad and disappointing. >> we also recognize that this is a day of celebration for the ahmaud arbery family, we cannot tear our eyes away from the way they feel about this. >> reporter: the three defendants face life in prison.
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travis mcmichael's defense attorney says he was stoic after the verdict and some of the defense attorneys says they do plan to appeal but that process would not begin until after sentencing, those dates for sentencing have not yet been set. this case has gotten a lot of attention across the country. can you tell us about the general mood outside the courtroom today? >> reporter: cheers and chanting erupted shortly after the verdict was read. and then word reached the crowd outside. as i mentioned, these demonstrators have been here at the courthouse since the start of the trial monitoring the day- to-day of elements. i spoke to one couple, lifelong residents of the community, no family members of both sides involved in this case, the
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ahmaud arbery side and beside of the mcmichaels. there was a sense of relief among the crowd outside feeling like justice has been served and they had hoped that this outcome would be the case tonight. >> natalie brand live in georgia for us, thank you. i spoke with a retired bay area judge and got her impressions on the verdict in the murder trial of ahmaud arbery . >> the verdicts reaffirmed my belief in the jury system, even after the trial judge found the defense attorneys engaged in intentional discrimination and removing eight of the nine black jurors, a practically all white jury followed the law to avoid the politics and to arrive at what i believe is a just verdict. this judge, unlike the judge in the rittenhouse trial,
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conducted a fair trial and there is no way you could tell which side he was on. even though the prosecution resorted to racism, to try to get the jurors to vote in their favor, they did not succeed. >> how do you see the verdict having an impact on the legal system moving forward? do you think people have more faith in the judicial system? >> i think people have more faith, with respect to how the trial was conducted in georgia, not so much in wisconsin with the rittenhouse case. it took 74 days for charges to be filed against these three men in the death of ahmaud arbery. only because of the video and public outcry were there charges pressed. the irony is the video, the most damning evidence, came from one of the defendants. we should believe and continue
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to have faith in our legal system but we still have quite a ways to go to really make it a justice system for all of us. >> nine people are scheduled to be arraigned on felony charges following a series of smash and grab robberies in san francisco . the district attorney says five people were arrested in connection with the theft at the louis vuitton store in union square friday night. that same night three people were arrested for burglarizing a cannabis dispensary and another was arrested for breaking into a walgreens. investigators say two of the nine arrested were carrying firearms at the time. in the south bay, two men under arrest for retail theft in malls, police took dwayne huntley and raheem lewis into custody last night at valley fair mall, officers say they were stealing $2000 worth of cologne and perfume from macy's and they matched the description of suspects who stole merchandise last sunday. police got a call last night of
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a similar theft in a macy's at oakridge mall with suspects matching the description of the two men and they were booked with grand theft and burglary. >> i am concerned anyone could be thinking this is an opportunity that, if others are doing it, they should jump in, we are making a clear, if you are doing it in santa clara county, you will be caught and punished. >> we brought you the mayor's news conference live on cbsn bay area and you can catch us streaming 24/7 on . let's take you live outside, holiday travel, looking at the roads, people hitting the roads this afternoon as commuters start their drive home. others are flying out to be with loved ones for thanksgiving tomorrow . justin andrews was out with passengers trying to get an early start at bay area airports. traveling this holiday season
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because we know how things were last year. you see cars lining up and dropping off people. we have airport protesters demanding better healthcare. this airport was pretty empty last year. we spoke with travelers for the first time since the pandemic and they say they are traveling for the first time. >> i thought it would be more crazy but it was pretty smooth. >> reporter: here is sfo late in the morning, not very crazy when cameras were rolling but officials expect 50,000 travelers to pass through today alone. before coming to sfo, we were in oakland in the morning rush and flyers checked in and got in the long security lines. airport leaders in oakland say the 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. time frame was the busiest as they expect 166 seven 167,000 travelers this holiday season. for travelers, this holiday
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needs more because they can safely spend time with the ones they love. >> first time on a plane. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> it is strange but we have to do it eventually. >> memories you cannot get any other way, you can facetime people and do this, but just spending time and sitting around and having conversations are "priceless." the big rush at sfo is sick expected to be on sunday. if you are driving over the holiday weekend, chp begins its maximum enforcement period at 6:00 tonight and goes through all of sunday as highway patrol be on the lookout for speeding, and distracted driving, sides of the you why, seatbelt violations. to our weather, we are now looking east where things are looking good. here is chief meteorologist
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paul heggen . >> turkey trots going on around the area if you want to burn off the turkey. the weather is cooperative for the thanksgiving holiday . chilly inland to start, a lot of places in the 30s but by 8:00 above 40 degrees and we get into the upper-60s for inland parts of the bay area for highs tomorrow afternoon and mid-60s around the bay and low-60s along the coast. we are running 3 to 6 degrees above normal for late november. we will look at the full weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. it is worth sticking around for, especially all of the sunshine and warm weather. still ahead on kpix and streaming on cbsn bay area, how to avoid scams as you do your holiday shopping. the red flags and what criminals are using to their advantage right now. plus, as people had off for holiday travels, when to get
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the best deals on your 2022 holidays. i am in cape town, south africa where scientists share their covid recipes and are developing their own vaccine. i will have that story on the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell.
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the fed so you better watch out for holiday scams as the fbi says the two most prevalent crimes this time of year our nonpayment and nondelivery scams. some criminals are setting up fake websites and now thousands of consumers say they have lost money to scammers posing as legitimate online retailers. >> we have seen a 2000% increase over the past three months driven by the supply chain issues that are in this country today. >> the ceo of lexis-nexis says that this equals over 5000 fake websites, up 100 or so earlier this year. criminals are taking advantage of consumers needs for products now in short supply. people google items they cannot find and come upon sites that are often fronts for
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transnational criminal groups. experts say, if you look closely at the websites, there are often tipoffs including misspellings, grammar mistakes, links on the page that do not work, and a refusal to accept credit cards. people hitting the roads this afternoon and airports, for many, the first time in over one year they're getting out of town and i spoke with our senior travel advisor peter greenberg about the outlook for the rest of 2021. >> reporter: it will probably be more messy than there are expecting because things are working in concert, first of all, people traveling for the first time, a lot of foreign travelers in the united states who are now allowed in if vaccinated, they will be traveling all over the united states because they had been waiting 19 months to visit friends and relatives. the airlines are trying to trim down the schedule because they have so many meltdowns over the last two months supporting a schedule they could not support. they are pulling out of cities and canceling routes because
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they do not have enough pilots. you have an understaffed tsa, under 4000 agents. i have not even mentioned the weather. for the moment for the thanksgiving holiday, whether not a big factor, which is great, if it does, you will see the meltdown. this will last at least through the end of the year because of all the other people traveling for the first time. >> wish me luck, i am traveling out of sfo tomorrow. what about black friday travel sales, any big bargains? >> reporter: not so much because airplanes are already full through the end of the year. the ones i have seen are limited as you have to book between friday and sunday. they are only good until december 15th which does not help you out for the christmas holidays or beyond. my advice is wait for a week from black friday which is when airfare plummets and plan ahead for january, february, and march. >> organizations across the bay
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area are stepping up to help those in need this thanksgiving , jocelyn moran check out one effort in san mateo . >> reporter: right here they give out meals monday through friday but today they made it extra special by giving out traditional thanksgiving meals . i holiday meal this thanksgiving that includes turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, something many of us take for granted. here it is making the difference for many people. >> this helps a lot. >> reporter: for him, the chance to be around others. >> i live alone, i don't have a family and no significant other at the moment. it is important for me to be able to at least get a taste of what it means to be connected with other people. >> reporter: the executive director says that they give out meals five days per week. today, with their thanksgiving meals, people got gift cards . >> we tried to feed people now
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and later today and hopefully tomorrow when they can purchase things at the grocery store. >> reporter: the last year and a half has been difficult for many. >> it has been hard, unemployed, looking for a job. >> reporter: there counting their blessings today. >> to have extra food for the holidays, struggle, everybody is going here, it is a good place to get help. >> it is about gratitude this year, being grateful for what i have today. report we are helping our neighbors in need this holiday season with our food for bay area families drive, to donate your time or money go to . let's get a check of the thanksgiving forecast . >> looking good overall with temperatures comfortable and dry weather through the holiday
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weekend. the lack of rain will keep things hopefully smooth sailing weatherwise for traveling. mild afternoons through the four day weekend. as we head into the weekend itself, saturday and sunday, high pressure in control with passing clouds over the bay area but the winds over selma california will die down by saturday and , good news. between now and then, red flag warning through friday and high wind warnings, 30 to 40 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts 60 to 70 miles per hour, especially in the higher elevation and relative humidity bone dry with santa ana winds. red flag warnings and los angeles and san diego and palm springs. traveling in that direction, be aware of the fire danger and the wind will be trying to push you around on the road as you make your way down the interstates and highways. the travel forecast, looking pretty good in most of the major travel hubs, trouble spots the chicago with a rain and snow mix on thanksgiving
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mix, dallas rain showers, a couple spots to slow things down, travel on thanksgiving day not as busy yesterday. 60s across the board, 62 in livermore and 68 degrees in santa rosa. it will be a bit chilly tonight with temperatures in the low to mid-30s for most inland parts of the bay area and low to mid- 40s around the bay itself. inland parts chilly enough for the east bay valleys to prompt a frost advisory. temperatures will warm up after the chilly start, 3 to 6 degrees above normal for this time of year for thanksgiving date with similar temperatures on friday and maybe a degree warmer on saturday. mid to upper-60s around the south end of the bay and upper- 60s santa clara valley. close to 70 in san jose tomorrow. middle-cd for inland parts of
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east bay. mid-60s for san francisco and oakland, mid-60s for the north bay. to the north, mostly-60s in mendocino county. temperatures around the bay do not change much as we gradually cooled down next week. 70 degrees for san jose saturday and sunday and close to 70 degrees for inland parts of the east bay and north bay this weekend. everybody cools off next week but still no rain in the entire seven-day forecast. still ahead, avoiding family drama over the holidays. >> my advice is come out of the gate, if you know it will be complicated, lower your expectations. streaming on cbsn bay area, today's training stories, including elon musk selling over $1 billion in tesla stock, that is at 4:25, find us on or the kpix out . we
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in new york today, spectators bundled up to watch the thanksgiving date parade lose come to life, old favorites like 25th anniversary picachu, and baby yoda.
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it takes 100 handlers to safely guide them down the street. after year when many of us were social distancing, larger in person thanksgiving galleries are back . but that can bring anxiety and tension for a lot of people. in an interview on cbs morning, a psychologist had tips. >> people think it should be fun and wonderful, but if the people with you are not your first choice, it is better to separate with the idea of the holidays from the idea of having a good time. and to think, thanksgiving, we will get through it , when everybody leaves we will enjoy ourselves. have something to bring out if you need it. if it is not going well, if people are not getting along, a good idea to say, there is a hike i had planned that you will all love. or there is a service activity we can go do. having structure can break up the tension. >> she says be careful discussing controversial topics of politics.
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and you do not always have to engage even if somebody throw something out there, you can politely change the subject. still ahead, how a breakfast staple may wind up under the christmas tree this year. and a special treat this weekend, one last time, and evening with tony bennett and lady gaga, watch that sunday night at 8:00 right here on
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the nice weather will continue be on thanksgiving through the weekend and through the first half of next week. looking at the rain chances next week, this is already looking ahead into early december, we can see a hint of maybe a shower chance headed our way by thursday night into the first weekend in december but in the 10% to 20% range. this is a long way down the line but a dry stretch of whether that will continue for at least the next seven days. coming up at 5:00, we had to the airport and the roads as many people are starting their long thanksgiving weekend . before we go, you might call it the gift wrap that keeps on giving, hormonal came up with a black label bacon wrapping paper as a decorative weave pattern and it comes with a sizzling aroma of bacon. we are not kidding. register online for a chance to win. any chance that smells good?
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>> to your dogs. >> the captioning sponsored by cbs .>> brennan: tonight, breaking news: a jury finds the three men accused of chasing down and killing ahmaud arbery guilty of murder. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> brennan: after less than 12 hours of deliberations, a father and son and their neighbor now facing a minimum sentence of life in prison. the emotional day in brunswick, georgia. outside the courthouse, the victim's family and a crowd of supporters celebrated the verdict, calling it justice for ahmaud arbery. toni psinteneig anksving travelers hit the roads, airports, and railways at pre-pandemic levels. but rain and snow threaten to make the trip back hom


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