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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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youe 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the holiday travel rush in full swing. we are live from what is expected to be one of the busiest airports in the bay area. and a 7-year-old daughter. i didn't bring her today because of what happened. >> barricades in place while you shop after a rash of robberies in the bay area but this morning retailers say that they are scare away shoppers. >> and testing before turkey day. how people in the bay area are taking the extra step to avoid covid on thanksgiving. >> just so much to be thankl for and i love that this is
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opened my eyes to what's really important in life. >> and a pregnant california mom full of gratitude after her fight with covid. the months long way to finally meet her daughter. good morning to you. it is wednesday, november 24th. make sure that coffee is extra strong. we have live team coverage with the busy holiday travel rush. justin andrews is live at oakland international. we have a check on the roads. >> we start with mary lee. >> it's a cold one for sure. bundle up this morning. temperatures colder compared to yesterday morning. we are down to the 30's, 40's and 50's with frost advisories in effect this morning. not just for the north bay but the east bay. that includes santa rosa, napa. concord, livermore, all under frost advisories until 9:00 a.m. today. looking at other locations dealing the cold temperatures from at least for napa53, we
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are looking at the peninsula, upper 30's from 39 in redwood city. 38 in mountain view. 41 for fremont as we start off the day. as we head through the afternoon plenty of sun. high pressure building in for us and we are looking at high around where we should be. low 60's around the coast. mid-60s's around the bay and inland in the mid-60s's this afternoon. we will talk about that thanksgiving forecast in just stay few minutes. now let's check in with gianna. a big get away day. a lot of people hitting the roads, taking to the decides and it's starting to get busy at the sfo airport. >> we are tracking brake lights that are you going out the door. maybe are you picking up family, dropping friends off or if you have the early flight to catch it's slow, southbound 101. we are tracking a few brake lights as you work just past sfo. it be lees like it's back up as far back as 380. there have some cones in the roadway apparently construction cones from overnight work are still out there. that's adding to that slow ride
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anyway as you head through there. you can see the travel speeds once are you past the slow spot it. gets better the rest of the way along 101. we are tracking a few brake lights on some of the get away routes. the best times to leave in my next report. >> thank you. live in oakland international. it has been super packed out there. >> absolutely. it's a busy travel day right now. lot of people haven't seen their family in maybe a year, year and a half because this time last year they -- many weren't traveling. this morning i have the airport spokesperson joining me this morning. it's a lull right now. we saw it was crazy. you are expecting another round in a couple hours. >> absolutely. we are expecting the most traffic today to be between the hours of six to nine. the really flights scheduled
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evenly throughout the day. we recommend that passengers arrive early no no matter what throughout the day. >> they may pack their bags to get here to the airport. what can they expect differently than before when they traveled before the pandemic. what can testify expect? >> pieces traveling by air can expect to have a travel experience that looks a little different. as you can see around us masks are required for passengers at oakland international airport. that also applies to all air parts in the united states for the federal mandate that's in effect. passengers may also see a few more team around the airport, spraying down and wiping down high traffic areas and touch points. passengers may also see hand sanitizer stations throughout the airport that they can use. those are a few things that passengers can see. >> all right. last thing. are there any tips you can give some of these travelers this morning before they head here?
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>> absolutely. for folks i would recommend downloading their airline application just so they can check the status of their flight and make sure that they are getting any important notices from their airline. i also recommend downloading the my tsa app where passengers can see current tsa wait times which is very important as they back up to head to the airport. >> thank you for your time this mornings. he will be busy. tsa worker also be busy. are you probably goingo to be busy as a passenger getting to the airport to make sure you catch your flight. plan extra time if you plan to travel this holiday season. they are expecting huge crowds. she said about 167,000 travelers over the thanksgiving day period. a lot of people will be here. be sure you plan some extra time. with relieve at oakland international. >> all great advice as people head out to see their families for the first time in a long time. thank you very much. the live news desk where the busy hole travel day will
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carry another side of activity at sfo. taking a like look at the airport where a big protest is planned today as airport workers try to get attention for their bid for better health care. about 200 food service workers including cashiers, cooks, dish washerns and bartenders going to be out between ten and three, chanting and picketing outside the departure level airport entrances. this is not a strike. they they are just taking the opportunity. there are be a lot of extra eyes and ears out there to get their message take they want better health care to be heard. we will watch that back to you. happening today arraignments for nine people now facing felony charges following a series of smash and grab robberies in san francisco. the da's office said five people were arrested in connection with the thefts in union square friday night. the same night that three people were arrested for robbing a cannabis store and
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another was arrested for breaking in to a walgreenss. investigators say two of the nine arrested were carrying firearms. >> we are see thefts, burglars or other cop duct we file felony charges. >> we did ask the da about the outcome on looting cases from last summer. no developments there yet. he said the average time for a noony case to make its way through the system is about two years. yet another smash and grab this one at a boutique in oak lapped. a group of more than 30 people broke into the store and stole all everything. the store said the cute gate was ripped off it's frame and it's the second time in the past month they have been hit. the small business is fundraising to help recover. holiday shopping in walnut creek has closed. police tight especially up security in and around broadway plaza this after roughly 80 people storm in to the nordstrom over the weekend. this video shows the barricade that has been placed to keep
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cars off broadway plaza. it brings a sense of safety but those we spoke to said it's also bad for business as the holiday shopping sea sob is supposed to get into full swing on black friday. >> it's alarming. i have a interest 7-year-old daughter. i didn't bring her today because of -- >> its been kind of slow and not as many people are coming down here and when they do they leave before it gets dark. >> and it's a similar situation in southern california. there is now barbed wire and a barricade up at the grove after people looted a nordstrom. 20 people were involved with the burglary of the retail store. the suspects fled in four separate cars. it's now 6:08. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a tradition returns in full force. the expected turn out for the sunrise ceremony next. and this holiday season
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many families going to be gathering. some are deciding to get tested before the dinners but should you do so? we will tell what you health experts say. good morning to you. on this day before thanksgiving. this get away day it's getting busy at sfo and we are looking at the least clear skies, cold temperatures, weather wise not a problem. upper 30's to the 40's and 50's. it's a cold start to the day. bundle up. we have frost advisory there's you the north and east bay as we head through the afternoon enjoy the sun with highs in the low to mid-60s's. ly have your thanksgiving day forecast. if you are getting ready to hit the roadways we are tracking brake lights near sfo ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, see how you can get $200 back during our black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. thank you for staying with us. it's 6:12 and it's beg called testing before turkey. families taking extra steps to be covid safe. >> we are live from the santa
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clara county fairgrounds where there has been a big jump in appointments. >> yeah that's right. we have been living through in this pandemic for more than a year and a half. this holiday season is extra special after having to stay away from from loved ones. still families deciding to be safe. some are vaccinated but still they are getting tested like here at the santa clara county fairgrounds. who should get tested? ucfs professor george rutheford said testing isn't necessary for vaccinated groups unless someone has exposed, is in a high risk group like the elderly or at least one person is unvaccinated. he said if you were vaccinated more than six months ago and haven't received a booster that could be another special circumstance to get tested. this testing site here at the fairgrounds usually tests around 1500 people a day. yesterday they test more than 2200 people. >> just to be on the safe side. >> are you all vaccinated in. >> all of the adults are.
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you're elder kids that are above six have gotten their first dose already. >> we just had a family group chat and just were like let's get tested to be sure and make sure that everybody is good. >> so many people want to know if someone is infected at that time. he said for special sicks, a rapid test is just fine. live from san jose. a live look to al catraz where the thanksgiving sunrise ceremony is set to return in full force after a move to live stream the event last year due to covid. more than 5,000 people normally attend. last year only 70 trekked out for the ceremony. the event also known as unthanksgiving day is meant to be a day of mourning for native people. the happening today san francisco mayors past and present are set to help ring in the thanksgiving holiday. by serving people at saint
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anthony's. the mayor will join four former san francisco mayors in preparing saint anthony's for the holiday. they will carve turkey, and create kits for guests. the fire chief and police chief will be in attendance. the turkey cavre starts at four this afternoon. and up in space the current crew of the international space station just spoke about how they will be spending their thanksgiving and their meal plans on the menus, crab bisque, roasted turkey and cherry, blueberry cobbl eric r. they say everything tastes delicious once you add water. they say they are thankful to have each other. just add the water. tell my mom that what she is cooking. just add water. >> right? >> give it some flavor. >> all you need. it's a cold start out there this morning. >> yeah. hopefully are you nice and cozy
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inside with maybe that blanket, hot coffee, hot tea, we are watching those temperatures plummet this morning. we have frost advisories for the north bay and the east bay. the areas in turquoise unit that frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. today. we are talking santa rosa, napa, mill valley, concord looking at san ramone, discovery bay and livermore all under frost advisories this morning. a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look east with clear skies and the beautiful golden colors in the sky as we look across the bay to mount diablo. you can see the temperatures upper 30's in concord, also for santa rose a mid-40s's in oakland. mid50's livermore. about 50 in san francisco and for san jose as we start off the day. we are looking at temperatures in some -- locations even colder compared to yesterday. sunrise at 6:59 and the sunset at 4:52 p.m. a colder start, bundle up this morning. put on that big winter coat if are you going out the door and
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as we look to the afternoon sunshine and highs near normal. light off shore winds, i have been tracking that for you from last night into this morning. that's very dry air. the ridge of high pressure building in for us. with it we are looking at sunshine. with relooking at the temperatures in the 60's for many of us as we head through the day. you can see on future cast the quiet conditions with the sunshine this afternoon. highs in the low 60's along the coast. mid-60s's, not just around the bay from 64 in san francisco, 65 oakland but mid-60s's for the peninsula. 65 in redwood city and mid- 60s's for the inland locations. south bay, stab jose in at 66 this afternoon. topping out 65 concord and 67 for the napa valley. thanksgiving day forecast looks great. a chilly start as we start off the day across the bay area and temperatures with that sunshine in the 60's by tomorrow in the afternoon. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. not a lot of change. temperatures slightly warmer as
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we look ahead to the weekend. the coast, little warmer for the weekend ahead. it's a get away day. it's getting busy at sfo. >> if you are going to sfo early this morning we are tracking a few brake light there's. overall it is holiday light for the morning commute that. will change as traffic ramps up this afternoon for everybody getting out of town. i'm here to help you navigate all that and your best bet is to leave before noon if you can. if you are at home packing your bags try to get out the door as early as possible. the bulk of the brake light also be between one and six. those hours specifically because that's when afternoon commuters will merge with holiday travelers. those will be the busiest times but you will see a lot of traffic starting at noon. likely extending at least until nine tonight. if you like to drive at night you can leave after nine. you will miss a lot of the brick lights. 85, 8 # 0, just some of our businessier freeways. we expect to see a lot of
6:19 am
traffic on eastbound 80. eastbound 580 working toward i- 5, 101 southbound trying to get over to 52 as well. possibly down along the coast. return traffic plan to come back on sunday before noon noon, after 1 it'll be extra busy and that will trickle throughout the day. plan for that and if you are going to the airport early this morning traffic likely especially along 101. with reseeing the brake lights toward sfo. parking could be an issue. plan ahead for that. hopefully you can still get parking if you can. if you plan to get out and about for tomorrow, for thanksgiving and you normally take transit, sunday, vta will -- vta will be on the sunday holiday schedule. also, caltrain will be on the weekend schedule tomorrow and bart will be on a sunday schedule. plan for that. the freeways we are seeing a lot of green. that's good news if you are going out the door. it its a good time to be on the roadways. back to you. this shall monthing bart is stepping up it's air quality efforts to keep riders on board
6:20 am
through the holidays. it's filters change out the air in each car every 740 seconds and traps particles. >> as long as you are, you know stay away from everybody and have your mask on all the time. >> you feel pretty safe. >> yeah. definitely. >> part officials say though rider ship levels up it'll still take a while to get back to the precovid numbers. a california mom's battle with covid is lending special meaning to this thanksgiving. her story next. and we are helping our neighbors in need this holiday season with our food for bay area families drive to donate your time or money go to on
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this day before thanksgiving. it's a cold start. bundle up this morning if you are heading out the door. we have frost advisories for the areas highlighted in turquoise. for the north bay and the east bay until at least 9:00 a.m. and your lunchtime forecast looks great. plenty of sun. we are looking at the coast. around the bay and inland in the low 60's at noon. our weather producer put this in. maybe some suggests for your lunchtime. sal aid, cheese pizza, bugger fries, i'm hungry, all right. let's check it out for san francisco. at noon. 60 degrees with the sun and light northerly winds as we look to oakland, 62 with that subshine and for the south bay, san jose looking at 62 for your
6:25 am
lunchtime. great weather as we head through our day today. back to you. >> thank you. 6:25. california mother has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season after surviving her bat well covid while pregnant. shipment he was diagnosed with covid last december while 36 weeks pregnant. with her lungs getting worse she needed an merge write c section and their daughter was born. her health got worse and he had to be put into a coma for five months. when she woke up she lost all of her memory of the last five years and met her daughter for the first time. >> it's the best therapy and it's made me stronger the fact that i can like pick her up and hold her. just so much to be thankful for and i love that this as hoped my eyes to what's really important in life. >> she said she is looking forward to creating new memories as a family this thanksgiving. her story is it out of a movie
6:26 am
but it's incredible and so happy to see her family back together. it is 6:25 in the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the trek to head out for thanksgiving is in full swing. this morning with relieve with the holiday travel rush. but if you are going for europe. the places on lockdown. and elizabeth holmes faces her hardest day yet on the stand. what she admitted that es dn done. and here is a live look outside from our treasure island camera looking at the city on this thanksgiving eve. with he will be right back.
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if are you just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. the holiday travel rush is just getting started at bay area airports. is 167,000 passengers expected nearly doubling last year's numbers. live at sfo hundreds of airport workers expected to protest outside of terminal 3. officials say that besides seeing the picket lines traveler also not be affected. barricades are now in place in walnut creek to keep cars off broadway plaza. the move after roughly 80
6:30 am
people stormed in to the nordstrom there over the weekend. it is not clear how long the barricades will stay. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, november 24th. >> good morning to you as well. if you are brave enough to travel today we wish you luck. we have live team coverage with the holiday travel rush just kicking off. justin live at oakland international. gianna with what you need to know. >> we start with mary with why you will need that jacket before you head out the door. it is chilly. >> it is a cold start to the day. we have frost advisories for the north bay and the east bay this morning. definitely bundle up. put on the big winter coat if you are going out the door. locations dealing with that cold, santa rosa and mill valley and concord, discovery bay and livermore under frost advisories this morning. check out some of the other
6:31 am
locations and what you can expect this morning. down to 39 in redwood city to start off the day. 37 in mountain view. 41 for fremont. we will see plenty of sun. high pressure building in and light off shore winds, low 60's along the coast this afternoon. mid-60s's around the bay. the peninsula and also inland this afternoon. right around where we should be for this time of year. all right let's check in with gianna. it's a get away day and they are starting to get busy around sfo. >> it is. if you have got the early flight to catch or maybe are you dropping off friends and family or picking someone up give yourself from time. we have been tracking slow speeds, especially southbound 101. there was some overnight construction in and around the area which may be hadding to that. we have reports of cones still stuck in lanes but looks like they have cleared that. slightly slower speeds, red on the sensors as you head southbound 101 toward san bruno. toward sfo. we have seen on and off delays. i want to show you travel times
6:32 am
in the south bay if you are going to the airport. photograph sick clear on 87 and 10 is and a look at the freeway. 880 both directions moving at the limit. 13 minutes between the maze and 238. if you have the early flight to catch at oakland international we aren't seeing any troubles. 880 is clear in both directions. easy ride through from into heyward into fremont as well. in fact let's head over to oak lapped international. that's where justin alive right now with all of the details for those who are catching the early flight. >> good morning. we seeing another round of passengers slowly picking up here at oakland international. travelers right here checking in to the southwest terminal here. leaders say around six to nine that's the busiest time frame. the line is starting to fake in this area. leaders say this is a stark difference than what they saw last year. the spokesperson here said between today and sunday, they will see about 80% of the
6:33 am
passenger traffic they saw for thanksgiving in 2019. the airport is expected 167,000h anksgivingperiodnearly doubling last year. list tone this. aaa said more than 53 million people are predicted to travel by error car this thanksgiving. that's up about 13% from raft year. traveling has made it's way to the top of people's priority list, they are ready to meet family and loved ones. we talked to one traveler from marin who said he hasn't traveled since the pandemic hit. >> scared to death of -- that's why we haven't gone anywhere. we have done what we were supposed to do. especially where we live. masked and vaccinated and hopefully you get on the plane that nobody is -- really strange. it feels like we can do this. safely.
6:34 am
>> we have a new update for you this morning. a spokesperson said they are predicting to hit those prepandemic levels this year. based on new numbers. it's certainly good news for airports and airlines across the country. >> the state department has issued travel advisories urging americans not to travel to germany and denmark. it's because of the high level of covid cases in both countries. an you break is weaponing across europe. eastern europe countries. recording their infection rate since last april and intensive care units like this one are filling up again. new lawsuit seeks to end california's pandemic state of merge write. it grants the governor extra powers to deal with the crisis. he has extended it through next march but a group that filed sought said that current
6:35 am
conditions, no longer justify it. >> the live news desk and we are following the hunt for the people responsible for the big retail thefts on friday and the arraignment that are happening today. taking a live look at the city of san francisco where nine people today facing a series of felony charges in smash and grab robberies in union square. among the charges, looting during a state of emergency, commercial burglary, grant theft, and carrying a loaded gun. police say that there are at least 25 more people involved in the robbery who are still out on the streets right now. the district attorneys several barry counties working with the state on a partnership to try to bust the organized theft rings and break up the fencing network that then sell the goods so we are going to watch these arraignments, these nine happening today but keep in mind that whether it comes to the process of a felony case to make its way through the court system in san francisco it
6:36 am
generally takes about two years. the elizabeth holmes spent nearly seven hours on the stand yesterday but the trial is now on holiday recess. this is the third and most grueli in, g day yet on the stand much seven hours addressing one of the prosecution's strongest points she put a pfizer company logo on validation documents sent to walgreens thousand pfizer never validated them. she said it was because they worked together on a previous project but said i wish i hadn't done that. >> could be something that's damaging so it's good to get it out of the witness to explain why that happened. the fact is the prosecution is already said it indicated deception. >> holmes also explained they switched to commercial analyzers after the walgreens launch because too many samples were bumping in at once for her finger stick machines to be
6:37 am
practice example many. she said they never said to protect trade secrets. a federal jury handed down a verdict that holds three major pharmacy chains responsible their role in the nation's opioid crisis. the verdict is part of a lawsuit filed against cvs, walgreens and wal-mart. jurors say the pharmacy chains did not do enough to stop the flow of opioid pills in to two ohio counties. the decision could lead to lawsuits in other cities and counties. ia new emergency in san francisco this morning due to the drought. the city just declared a water shortage. it's calling on all sfpuc customers to cut back by 10%. for now that is voluntary. the time is now 6:37. coming cup, and streaming on cbsn. >> a bay area restaurant i can making a big come back. >> every disaster has a seed of opportunity. >> how the owner managed to
6:38 am
hold on in the height of the pandemic with a little help. and the warning the fbi look out for holiday scams, details next in the live money watch report. good morning to you on this get away day before thanksgiving. here is a live look at sfo and weather wise we are looking great. clear skies but a cold start to the day. we are down to the 30's, 40's and 50's. bundle up. frost advisory in effect for the north bay and east bay inside valleys as we head through the day mid6o's with plenty of sunshine. i will have your thanksgiving day forecast and seven day forecast coming up. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. we will take a quick check on financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together.
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and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. welcome back. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs mornings.
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tony joins us now from new york. good morning to you. >> good morning. ahead on cbs morningless, it's the sea soon for online scammers to take advantage of shoppers. we will have tips to avoid the fake retail sites and help everybody out protect their money. important. also managing family tensions around holt day gathers, especially if you didn't get together last year. your muscles may be sore. and a real life story that could really be a hollywood movie. we will talk to the team of nasa scientists behind an extraordinary mission that may one day save the planet. nasa has a guy whose title is planet defense officer and if that doesn't hook you for the story i don't foe what will. >> i'm hooked. you had me at planetary. we will see you at seven. >> you nerd. time for the check on wall street. diane king hall from the new
6:43 am
york stock exchange. hey. >> good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and stocks are under pressure despite the strong economic data that we got showing that jobless claims have fallen to a prepandemic low along with strong economic numbers on gpd. the dow down more than 150 points. are you seeing losses there. nasdaq also down more than 150 points. you better watch out and you may want to shout as federal authorities warn about holiday scams. the fbi said the two most prevalent crimes nondelivery and nonpayment scams. the fta said be on the look out for social media scams which are hot beds for deception. scammers may advertise a chance to win something and include malicious link that seek to steal personal data. >> catch you there. thank you so much. a restaurant in union square is facing inflation pressures and staffing
6:44 am
shortages but despitechallenges business is picking up including a recent visit from anthony hopkins. >> fish and vegetable guy. no brain. >> i know. >> no brain for dinner. >> some of you will get that movie reference. it may not have happened if not for a patron's daughter specializing in small business loans. she heard of the restaurant's troubles and gave ana sift. >> i was totally lost. i was not getting anywhere. i was not getting the ppp, i was not getl loans, nothing. every disaster has a seed of opportunity. today i'm way more stronger than when i entered the pandemic and that's because of my community. >> san francisco recognized the restaurant as a legacy business last year. the honor is giverring to longstanding businesses for contributions to their communities. now to a story that is out of this world. >> overnight nasa launched a
6:45 am
rocket to send a dart satellite craft into space and it's mission is to collide with an aste are, oid on purpose. >> 3, 2, 1. and lift off of the falcon 9 and dart. >> dart is on top of the space x rocket it. will start a nine month trip as part of a test to see if crashing into an aste are, oid can shove it off course. >> here we had the potential to prevent an asteroid impact that could cause devastation across the regional area. this way we can do something about it. >> good thing. the dart is self driving with a camera to send back photographs and to just be clear, nasa said it doesn't know of any dangerous aste are, oids threatening to impact the earth. >> have to add that part in there. >> right. >> yes. >> this isn't a mission
6:46 am
because there is something going on up there. >> yeah. >> precaution. >> yes. yes. >> which is very important. >> yeah. >> we were just talking about this if we were want to go to space. yes for me. i would do it. anyone else? >> i would. eventually. >> eventually. >> i will be the first. we are good. >> take one for the team. >> we are out. >> we are good right here. >> we will take pictures. okay. okay. thank you. > here with our weather we are looking at a cold start to our day. bundle up. we are talking about frost advisories for the north bay and east bay inside valleys. here on planet earth. let's check it out and what you can expect. for the north bay, suspecta rosa, napa all under those frost advisories for the east bay inside valleys we are talking concord, antioch under that frost advisory this morning and that is in effect until 9:00 a.m. it's a colder start to the day here is a live look with the
6:47 am
sales force tower camera and a beautiful start. we are looking at the golden colors in the sky. clear skies as we look to mount diablo with the clear skies very cold temperatures. check it out. looking at 39 in concord, also for santa rose a. livermore in the mid50's. san francisco, san jose at 50 degrees with the clear skies. here is what you can expect as we are looking at a colder start to the day. we are looking at sunshine this afternoon and highs near normal for this time of year. around where we should be in the 60's for all of us. we have light off shore winds that's very dry air and a ridge of high pressure and that's why we are looking at plenty of sun for today. you can see that on future cast as we take you through the afternoon. checking the daytime highs, low 60's along the coast. mid-60s's around the bay and mid-60s's for the peninsula. 65 in redwood city. for the south bay, 65 for new concord inland east bay and for
6:48 am
the north bay. by the way san francisco coming in at á6 4 and 65 for oakland. all right. thanksgiving day forecast and it looks fantastic. it'll be a chilly start to the day for tomorrow and then temperatures in the afternoon into the 60's with plenty of sun. seven day forecast, san francisco oakland and for san jose. we are looking at mid6o's today. in the mid to upper 60's for tomorrow. little warmer for thanksgiving day into the weekend. inland east bay the north bay and for the coast. temperatures just a bit warmer for thanksgiving day and into our weekend. quiet weather over the next several days. chess they can in with the traffic expert. it's a get away day and i know you have the best times to hit the roads as people head to their friends and family's homes for thanksgiving. >> leave early. that's what you want to do. pack the bags, get out the door early as you can. those brake lights will start probably around noon really getting up and getting busy from one to six and probably extending to nine tonight. have you been warned, give
6:49 am
yourself extra time. i have good news right now. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's all clear as you head into san francisco right now. they did turn the metering lights on this morning. a little later than usual weekday commute. that's because we aren't seeing a lot of traffic. this morning's ride is holiday lite. the bay bridge looks good. right now things moving nicely. 101 will be busy later own. we will see a lot of red and yellow. this is the get away route. trying to get to i-5. westbound 580 super commuters never taking at i break. you have a bit of a busy ride out of tracy getting to at least north flynn. 34 minutes, 205 to 680 will be busy later own and a lot of people try to get over to i-5 using that route and expect busy conditions, right now improving slightly. we have been tracking a few brake lights near sfo. looking at our sides in that area it's looking better. 63 miles an hour.
6:50 am
not bad. we will keep an eyeon that. we saw some earlier slow and go conditions as a lot of people are headed over toward the airport today. busiest day today will be for traveling as you get out of town. if are you coming back sunday, leave early before noon and don't forget to check the roadways and the schedules before you head out the door and airport traffic likely busy as well. especially parking. hopefully you did book that in advance. back to you. new this morning beer lovers have something to cheer about. pliny the younger is making a come back it. will be released in february and fans will be able to snag the bottles at the russian brewing company's santa rosa and windsor pubs. the last in person release of it in -- the brew drew in 23,000 from over a dozen countries. get away day for the holiday is today. we are seeing long lines here at oakland international airport. we will have a live look um coming up next.
6:51 am
and should you get tested for covid before that thanksgiving gathering some people are deciding to do so here at the santa clara county fairgrounds, what experts say. streaming today on cbsn bay area tech companies facing international pressure to keep children safe online. we will hear from the san francisco consult of france and preview of the real world homecoming ahead of today's second sea sew reason mere at paramount plus. you can watch at or on the appw. he will others on the cbs news
6:52 am
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live here from the santa clara fairgrounds where some people have decided to get tested for covid before the thanksgiving dinners take a look here. people are getting ready, some people may decide to also come here today. this testing site on average normally test around 1500 people a day. yesterday they tested more than # 200 people and organizers sea
6:55 am
i they are believe that spike is because families trying to make sure they are covid free before the thanksgiving dinners. who should get tested? testing isn't necessary more vaccinated groups unless someone is in a high risk group or one person is unvaccinated and he said for special circumstances getting a rapid test is just fine and we know the state has been pushing for people to get the booster shots. he said if its been more than six months since you got vaccinated and you haven't gotten that booster shot that could be another special circumstance to get tested. live from san jose. kpix5. the busy holiday travel day is going to include a side dish of protest. taking at i live look at sfo where a big demonstration is planned as airport workers try to get attention for their bid for better health care. about 200 food service
6:56 am
workerns, cashiers and bartender also be out there between ten and three today chanting picketing outside the departure level airport entity rants. this is not a strike so it is not expected to actually interfere with food service at the airport. they are just taking opportunity where they know there will be extra eyes and ears to get their voices heard. back to you. live at the oakland international airport this morning because, yeah, the lines are long. if you are traveling this holiday season especially for thanksgiving. leaders here expect to come pretty close to the prepandemic numbers and that's because that information they just got with in the last day or so, look at the lines here at tsa. you see people with the backs just waiting to catch their flights. officials expecting 167,000 passengers over this thanksgiving period. nearly doubling the numbers they say then what they saw last year between today and sunday they predict to see about 80% of the passenger traffic they saw for
6:57 am
thanksgiving in 2019 and looking at these long lines here, it looks like that may actually be the case. they are expecting that aaa said at least 53 million will be traveling by error car this thanksgiving. that is up about 13%. i think this is a good reminder to tell you all this morning, you know the routine. if you travel make sure you get here. plan extra time because the lines will belong. we are live at oakland enter flat. it'll be a busy day. the bright side is you will see friends and family finally. at least that's something to look forward to. let's look at 880. if are you going out to oakland international 880 looking good. the early flight to catch. no delays. clear in both directions. in fact the travel times holiday light right now but that will change later on. we will see busy travel conditions. i don't normally show of take i can on i-5 but this is in newman. those that may be traveling over to 152 to i-5 northbound. there is a major big rig
6:58 am
accident happening near 140. three semis involved. already busy along i-5 in both directions. plan for that and hopefully you will be getting to hang out about friends and family soon and it'll be a nice day for thanksgiving. great news with our weather. no problems, we are okay. looking at clear skies. not just today but actually for thanksgiving and through the weekend. it's a cold start. bundle up. put on the big winter coat. we have frost advisory for the north bay and the east bay this morning. as we look to our temperatures, check it out. 40's and 50's other locations. ejoy the sun it. will be a beautiful day. highs in the low to mid-60s's and thanksgiving day forecast in the 60's as well. >> thank you. one delta airline its flight had another passenger on board after landing in hand it. the reason a woman went into labor midflight and had her
6:59 am
baby on the plane after landing. you can't believe that last month. she said that about an hour in on or flight from mexico the contractions started. a nurse on board came to her aid, took her in the back of the plane and gave her oxygen. the pilots told air traffic control to have ems meet them. when they got on board they had to deliver the baby. this relike are you ready to push and i said i'm ready. i just push once and the baby came out crying. >> what she did deliver one of the flight attendants got on the microphone and she was able to say, hey, we have a baby girl. everybody started clapping. >> one push. >> what? >> i thought it was easy. it was a special birthday for her that her parents are thankful for. >> quite the birth story. >> gosh. >> that's amazing. >> not many can claim they have been born on a plane. >> something to be thankful
7:00 am
for. >> yes. >> there you go. >> let's leave with you a live look at oakland international as many head out of town for thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ welcome, welcome to "cbs mornings" on this thanksgiving eve, and hello there to our viewers on the west coast. i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson, i michelle miller, gayle king is off. >> we're in good hands. here's today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> doorbell video shows the man who allegedly drove through a christmas parade just after it happened. we talk to victims' families. >> i'm not capable of doing all this myself. i needed her. >> millions are hitting the road for thanksgiving, as the president takes action on fuel


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