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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 24, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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flight. we have the numbers coming up next. holiday shopping in walnut creek looking a bit different. the tight security around broadway plaza after all the smash and grab robberies. and moving past the pandemic. the new lawsuit to end the state of emergency. >> and a new emergency in san francisco. the water shortage in the city and what official its are now asking residents. good morning. it's wednesday, november 24th. >> good morning. we have live team coverage this morning on what is a busy day in the skies and on the roads for tan than holiday travel. >> justin has what you can expect at the airports, gianna will look at the roads but we start with mary lee and the weather outside. >> good morning to you. we are looking at great weather for today and for the rest of the week. for thanksgiving if you are traveling. we are good to go for at least weather wise. it's a cold start for sure. we have a frost advisory for
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the north bay inside valley and east bay. an even colder start to the day compared to even yesterday and the day before. places like santa rosa, napa, concord, livermore, all under frost advisories. it's because of the colder temperatures, concord you are now down to 38 degrees, 48 in oakland, low 50's livermore, san francisco, mid-40s's san jose and down to 40 degrees in santa rosa. through the day plenty of sun. high pressure in control for us. low 60's around the coast and the bay. also for the peninsula. mid-60s's and highs inland in the mid-60s's as well. the thanksgiving day forecast coming up and what you can expect but now let's check in with gianna. how are the roadways looking? >> right now things okay. it's later on where we will see all the brake lights it. will be busier. if you are packing your bag, get out as early as youk. i want to show you the live look at the dublin.
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westbound 580. traffic moving for the most part but later eastbound will be really busy for folks trying to get to the central valley, connecting over to i-5. it's a get away day for the thanksgiving holiday. 29 minutes from 205 toward 680. if you can leave before one you are probably better off missing some of those brake lights. our super ute of gilroy. that reio. we will see the extra busier conditions as you work onto some of the bay area bridges. the golden gate bridge. all clear, it'll be busy later and the bay bridge you can expect the busy conditions here as well, especially if you are going out of san francisco, over onto the east shore freeway in the oakland area as well. speaking of oakland if you are going to catch the early flight at oakland airport it'll be busy. a lot of people doing the same thing. let's go live to justin andrews. it's getting crowded. >> yeah. like what you said. this is get away day. we are seeing that here in
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oakland international airport. people have their bags, they are ready to see family. its been a while. thanksgiving travel looking different this year than it did last year. here at the oakland rnt als pecting about 167,000 passengers over this thanksgiving period. nearly doubling the numbers last year. between today and sunday get this. they predict to see about 80% of the passenger traffic they saw for thanksgiving in 2019. as restrictions continue to lift and consumer confidence builds, aaa said they expect to see more than 53 million people to travel by air and car this thanksgiving. that is up about 13% from last year. >> if you haven't traveled since before the pandemic the checkway will look different. i are going to see tsa officers wearing masks and gloves. they will wear gloves and they are going to change their gloves between every pat down. you can always ask the officer to change the glove itself you
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are uncomfortable and they will change their gloves for you. >> always a good remind tore get here early. to make sure you find a parking spot if you decided to drive, check in, go through curi checkpoints. make re u ke surit'st ca t you ma it to your destination to see your family and friends this holiday season. >> thank you. how is it looking while are you there right now? seems pretty busy. we can hear how loud it is. >> yeah. it is pretty busy. we have been here for about 15, 20 minutes and have seen a steady stream of people coming in, getting in the precheck lane to get their things checked out to get on their flight. it's pretty busy. we expect if to get busy for the next couple of hours. we will try township date you all morning long. back to you. >> thank you. holiday shopping in walnut
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creek has come to a control as people tighten up security. this after roughly 80 people stormed in to the nordstroms over the weekend. this video shows the barricade that has been put to keep cars off broadway plaza. it brings a sense of safety but it's also bad for business. as the holiday shopping season is supposed to get into full swing on black friday. >> it's alarming. i have a -- she is seven. i didn't bring her today. its been kind of slow and not as many people are coming down here. they leave before it gets dark. >> the city said it'll continue to work with police and broadway plaza on what the long term solution should be. for now the extra police presence is here to stay. happening today arraignments for nine people facing felony charges after a series of smash and grab robberies in san francisco. the da said that five people were arrested in connection with the thefts at the store in
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union square friday night. the same night three were arrested for robbing a cannabis store and another for breaking in to a walgreens. two of the nine arrested were carrying guns. >> we see thefts, burglaries or other conduct. we file felony charges. >> we did also ask the da about the outcome on looting cases from last summer. no developments there yet. he said the average time for a felony case to make its way through the system is about two years. you can watch his full news conference on cbsn bay area at new video of another barry smash and grab this one at a boutique in oakland. a group of more than 30 people broke in and stole everything. the store called crime said the security gate was ripped off it's frame. it's the second time in the past month that the store has been robbed. the small business is fundraising to help recover. happening today police in
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san francisco will hold a virtual town hall to discuss a deadly police shooting from last week. officers were reonding to reports of a man armed with a knife. a confrontation apparently followed and then teandied at a hospital. the medical examiner's office has yet to release the name of the man who died. a new lawsuit seeks to end california's pandemic state of emergency. it grants the governor extra powers to deal with the crisis. he has extended through next march but a group that filed suit in southern california said current conditions don't justify it. there is a push onto make sure you take a shorter shower this morning. taking a live look at san francisco where the public utilities commission is urging all of its customers throughout the bay area, that's about three million people to cut water use by 10%. it's declared a water shortage
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emergency because of the ongoing drought. that emergency announcement lets it access water reserves and other resources that will help out with the supply. it also allows them to put a 5% drought sur charge on your bill. that is temporary. only as long as this emergency is in effect. that is going to be on your bill next april. april 022. it looks like it'll be about $6 a month for residential customers. we will watch the ongoing emergency. back to you. it's 5:08. still ahead,. >> how the recently passed federal infrastructure package will repair roads. >> and the upgrades to make bart passengers feel more comfortable during the pandemic. it's a colder start to the day. frost advisories in effect for the north bay and east bay this morning due to very cold temperatures. as we look to the afternoon
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restrictions have left many bay area parents with open but empty arms. >> sharon found out how the pandemic has slowed down or suspended their adoption plans. >> thank you. >> jessica learned soon language as she prepares to adopt a little boy in china who is hearing impaired. she can't bring him home to san jose though. >> sometimes i feel anxious and impatient and just sad. >> she got matched with a 7- year-old boy last year but china had stopped all foreign travel in the pandemic. >> the waiting is difficult because i had expected to travel and complete the adoption long before now. >> it impacts adoption. >> susan of holt international adoption services has 40 years experience. >> i have never seen anything
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that starts to compare with the size of this issue. >> 400 american families on hold in their adoption of children from china. 140 families working with holt. china has said it'll reopen its borders when it is safe. >> who knows when that will be. >> the best guess, after they host the february olympics. >> we feel confident there will not be travel until at least after the olympics are over. >> the good news, to protect them from credit, ovid they put adopt a children and their care takers together on lockdown and sometimes those caregivers have shared updates. jessica has e-mailed sign language videos to connect with her son. his care takers have sent back videos of him following her lessons. >> it's really cute. you can see him watching it and listening and doing the signs and so that -- that gives me
5:14 am
just a spark of joy and hope. >> these are school pictures. >> the pandemic has delayed domestic adoptions as well. kimberly of san francisco is filing papers to adopt her 5- year-old great niece when the shelter in place happened. >> they wouldn't let you go in the hospital for the physical. >> visits were socially distanced outside, even in the rain. >> didn't want to be wet and. >> alternative family services saw a third fewer adoings last year as zoom meetings replaced in person training, cpr classes and court hearings. >> it took a lot longer due to the fact that we weren't able to meet in person. we were able to get it done. >> kimberly's adoption became final after a year. jessica drags in to its 4th year. >> i just keep reminding myself that it's all in god's timing. >> she waits for the day when
5:15 am
she no longer holds an image in her hand but a son in her arms. kpix5. >> november is national adoption month. we posted more information on the organization on the bay area is set to receive a huge chunk of cash from the infrastructure package. 4.5 billion over the next five years. the house speaker joined fellow bay area lawmakers to make at nounment yesterday, statewide california will receive 25 billion to repair highways. 384 million for electric vehicle and 1.5 billion for major airports. another resort is pushing back its opening day because of the weather. sugar bowl is now the third resort in the area to do so. there were high hopes for an early start to the season after the storm in october. since then not much snow to talk about. adding to the difficulty, it
5:16 am
hasn't be cold enough for snow making. let's turn it over to mary lee. >> it is. we have frost advisories for the north bay and the east bay this morning. if you have the thought the last few mornings were cold this morning even colder. bundle up. hopefully are you nice and toasty and warm inside because we are looking at those temperatures down to the 30's and 40's for many locations. that frost advisory for santa rosa, napa and concord, antioch, san ramone and livermore under that frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look east. clear skies across the bay area because of the off shore winds and we have been watching those develop from last night. we are looking at clear skies, temperatures in the upper 30's ore 51. rd, oakland 50 for downtown san francisco. san jose at 46 and looking at 40 for santa rosa. we have cooling and when you
5:17 am
have that clear skies, light winds and you don't have that cloud cover to insulate you the temperatures fall. that's the case for this morning. colder start to the day. bundle up with that big winter coat if are you going out the door. we are looking at sun this afternoon. highs near normal for this time of year. with the off shore winds, been track that for you, breezy conditions in spots out of the north for parts of the north bay this morning. that's really just helping clear out the skies and drop the temperatures. we are looking at plenty of sun as we head through the day today. low 60 ha along the coast. mid-60s's for the south bay. 65 for the inland east bay a. round the bay from 64 san francisco, 64 alameda. 65 oakland and highs in the north bay in the mid to upper 60's. 66 suspecta rosa and highs in the upper 60's for ukia.
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it looks great for thanksgiving day. highs in to the 60's for tomorrow for thanksgiving. seven day forecast and you can see quiet weather over the next several days through the weekend. for the coast looking great again for thanksgiving and into friday and looking at temperatures just a bit warmer for our weekend. let's check in with gianna. it is a get away day. as we head through the afternoon and evening, boy, lot of people will be hitting the roads, taking to the skies, everything for today. that is so true. i bet a lot of people are at home packing, getting ready to head out. if you are going to hit the roadways, again it'll be very busy. they are expecting traffic to hit almost prepandemic levels with in 5%. a lot of people are missing friends and family. it'll be extra busy, especially on the get away routes. busiest times on the roadway from one to six it. will be busy from noon to nine. one to six really crunch time.
5:19 am
try to avoid that if you can. if you can get out the door you are bet irair. if you want to leave at night wait until after nine. coming back on sunday. starting at noon you will start to see busier busier traffic conditions. if are you going to the airport photograph speck parking will be busy as well. our get away routes, eastbound 580. all clear right now but later on busy westbound 580 starting to stack up for the morning. we have that busy ride out of the pass there. another get away route that will he about busy will be the ride along 101 southbound, morgan hill. northbound which is the commute direction looking okay. i want to show you how slow speeds are heading to sfo. clocking in speeds as low as 14 miles an hour. getting sluggish. plan for that if you have the early flight to catch right now. 580 looking good as far as westbound traffic goes. if are you going near the dublin. you will have the brake lights out into the pass. westbound 80 clear, highway 4. we are not seeing any brake
5:20 am
lights and a live look at the bay bridge. okay but that ge later one be al angivingoliday. speaking of, meanwhile bart is stepping up it's air quality efforts to keep riders onward through the holidays. it is filters change out the air in each car every 70 sends and trap particles. >> as long as you are, you know, stay way from everybody and have your mask on. >> you feel pretty safe. >> yeah. definitely. >> weekday rider ship is about 25% of precovid levels. it's a number that has been very closely aligned the slower turn return to office space and in san francisco. bay area restaurant that has hosted president, and celebrities was on the edge of closing during the pandemic. >> despite inflation pressures and staffing shortages, businesses picking up in the
5:21 am
ran in union square. pandemic pressure nearly shut down the restaurant. that's been up and running for 33 years. thanks to one daughter the restaurant is bouncing back. she specializes in small business loans and when she heard of the restaurant's troubles she offered to give assistance. >> i was lost. i was not getting anywhere. i was not getting the ppp, i was not getting loans, nothing. every disaster has a seed of opportunity. today i'm way more stronger than when i entered the pandemic and that's because of my community. >> san francisco recognized them as a legacy business last year. happening today san francisco mayors past and present are set to help ring in the thanksgiving holiday by serving the community at saint anthony's. this afternoon the mayor will join four former mayors in
5:22 am
preparing saint anthony's for the holiday. the mayors will carve turkey, fill pies and create kits for guests. the fire and police chief will attend. the turkey cavre starts at four this afternoon. it's 5 # 2:00. still ahead, streaming on cbsn bay area. eye first of it's kind defense mission for nasa. the early morning lawn and of how it could one day save earth. ersation]
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grab that big winter coat. it's a colder start to the day compared to the last few mornings. we are looking at 38 concord, 46 oakland, livermore and for san francisco, low 50's. mid-40s's in san jose and santa rosa at 40 degrees. after a chilly start to the day as we head through the afternoon, plenty of sun and looking great later on for your lunchtime forecast in san francisco, 60 degrees with just a light northerly win. foreoakland, looking at 62 with plenty of sunshine for the south bay in san jose looking at 62 degrees at noon for your lunchtime hour with a north northwesterly wind at just nine miles an hour. breaking down for you for the
5:26 am
micro climate. the coast, upper 50's around the bay by lunchtime looking at the low 60's and then into the mid to upper 6o's in to the inland locations and the weather producer put this on here. ceasar salad, bufferrer fries for lunch. >> i'm going to go with the sal aid. >> yeah. >> all right. now to a story that's out of this world. >> yeah. oar night nasa launched a rocket to send a dart satellite craft into space. it's miss, to collide with an asteroid on purpose. >> 3, 2, 1. lift off of the falcon 9 and dart. >> dart is on top of the space x rocket it. will start a nine month trip as part of a test to see if crashing into an asteroid can shove it off course and keep it
5:27 am
from hitting earth. >> request have the protension to prevent an impact that could cause devastation across the area. if we find one on a collision course with earth we will know about it and can do something about it. >> the dart is self driving and set with a camera to send back photographs of the surface of the asteroid it. doesn't know of any dangerous asteroids threatening to impact the earth. that is good to know. this is great news. we should have led with that. >> i was like what is happening? ? the next half hour, also streaming on cbsn bay area. >> elizabeth holmes on the stand. why she denies misleading walgreenss in or fraud trial. and the new round of subpoenas handed down to two extremist groups in mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore?
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are you flow flying out of oakland? you will run into all of this. a long line of people ready for their holiday. and the admission from elizabeth holmes in or fraud trial and why she said she still deputy did nothing wrong. and the push back this morning from google employees on the vaccine mandate. >> and families rushing to get tested for their thanksgiving dinners. what health experts say coming up. good morning to you. it is wednesday, november 24th. >> we have live team coverage this morning on what is a busy day in the sky and on the roads for that thanksgiving holiday travel. >> justin has what you can expect at the airport. gianna will have a closer look at the road. we start with mary lee and the weather for us outside. >> good morning to you.
5:31 am
terms of the weather, we are looking great. no problems in terms of the weather. taking to the skies, or hitting the roadways this morning. it's a cold start. if you are about to head out the door, bundle up and put on the big winter coat. we have a frost advisory for the north bay as well as the east bay. looking at santa rosa, napa, concord, antioch, livermore, all under frost advisories this morning until 9:00 a.m. due to even colder temperatures compare to the the last few days. check it out. concord coming in at 38 degrees. low 50's livermore, san francisco, down to 46 in san jose and 40 in santa rosa with clear skies. we will see plenty of sun through the day today. high around we are should be looking at low 60's. mid-60s's around the bay and mid-60s's and inland this afternoon.
5:32 am
let's check in with gianna. a get away day. a lot of people will hit the roads, taking to the skies. how are things shaping up? >> as far as the get away routes looking okay. we are starting to see traffic builda run some of the airports that. includes sfo. i'm tracking a few brake lights. if you have the early flight to catch, hopefully you booked your parking in advance. that may be hard to come by as well. if are you dropping someone off. i will zoom in on 101 and look at that. getting slow. 101 southbound as you pass sfo near the exit there. down about 14 miles an hour. the good news is once are you past that point we are seeing some better speeds. 69 miles an hour. once are you out of the area things improve nicely through there. heads up if are you going to sfo this morning. taking a look at 880 near the oakland airport. photograph sick moving at the limit. ly check your get away routes in just a few minutes. >> thank you. with thanksgiving tomorrow, it is expected to be a busy travel day across the board. >> oakland international it's expected to be the busiest day
5:33 am
how are the lines looking there? >> people are checking in to their flights here at the southwest terminal. just making sure they have everything prepared then they will swing all the way over here and you will run into this long line. this is a tsa here. we noticed passengers have been packing airport for about 45 minutes. that's how lock we have been here and the lines going around the prechecks and all of that. leaders say this is a stark difference than what they saw last year. airport leaders here say between today and sunday they will see about 80% of the passengers traffic that they saw for thanksgiving in 2019. the airport is expecting 167,000 passengers over the tan than period, nearly doubling last year. aaa said more than 53 million are predicted to travel by error car this thanksgiving. up about 13% from last year.
5:34 am
traveling has made its way to the top of people's priority list. >>announcer: they are ready to reunite with loved ones. one travel certify from marin. he said he hasn't traveled since the beginning of the pandemic. >> absolutely. scared to death. that's why we haven't gone anywhere. with very done what we were supposed to do. now it feels like we can finally get out and get about and especially where we live it seems like everybody is masked and vaccinated and hopefully you know we get on the plane that -- nobody is talking of being really strange. it feels like we can do this safely. >> all right. i'm no travel expert but i bet i can tell you this. you better get here early. we don't want you to run in to the long lines because they can delay your flight or delay you. make sure you plan extra time if you plan on traveling today. we are live at oakland international. >> thank you. some families are taking
5:35 am
another step to play it safe for thanksgiving dinner by getting tested. >> we are live from the santa clara county fairgrounds where a lot of people got tested yesterday. how many are we talking? >> yeah that's right a. round 2200 people got tested. that's the increase on average normally this he are testing around 1500 people a day here at this testing site. organizers say they think it's because people are trying to play it safe and make sure that they are covid free for thanksgiving. take a look at this video this is families deciding to get tested. one family who spoke to us yesterday said all of at difficults were vaccinated and their kids who recently became eligible had gotten their first dose. they wanted to be on the safe side by getting tested. last year was difficult so people don't spend thanksgiving wither this loved ones this he want to be extra safe. here is what experts say. >> then -- i'm like all right.
5:36 am
let's start [inaudible] >> you want to know if someone is infectious at that moment. that's what the -- that's what the rapid tests do. >> and we know the state has been pushing for people to get their booster shots. the professor said if its been more than six months since have you been vaccinated you haven't gotten that booster shot that's another special circumstance where you could get tested. live from san jose. the live news desk following the hunt for those responsible in a string of retail thefts and the arraignment that are happening today. taking a live at the city of san francisco where nine people facing a series of felony charges for a series of smash and grab robberies in union square last friday. among the charges, looting during a state of emergency, commercial particulary, grand theft and carrying a loaded
5:37 am
firearm. police say there are at least 25 more people involved in these robbery who are still on the streets. the district attorneys several bay area county working with the state attorney general on a partnership to bust the organized theft rings and braking up the fencing network that then sell the goods. we will watch these court cases starting today for the nine people who are facing charges right now but keep in mind the avenue cage time for a felony case to make its way through the court system in san francisco is about two years. back to you. the elizabeth holmes fraud trial is on holiday recess until monday. following the founder's third and most grueling day on the stand. they spent serve hours address that she put a pfizer company logo on documents sent to walgreens even though pfizer never validated them. she said that she did it because the two companies had worked on a previous project but said that i wish i hadn't
5:38 am
done that. >> could be something as damaging so it's good to get it out of your witness. the fact is that the prosecution has said that it indicates, you know, deception. >> holmes also explained that they switched to modified commercial analyzers because too manysamples were coming in at once for her finger stick machines to be practical. she said she never told walgreens to protect trade secrets. lawmakers investigating the capitol riot have subpoenaed members of white ring groups allegedly involved in thea hack. they include the oath keepers and proud boys. they are have accused some of the members of conspiracy ahead of time to disrupt the college proceedings. the committee chairman said the panel believes those subpoenaed have information about how violence erupted at the capitol and the preparation leading up to it. time for money watch report
5:39 am
and how to stay on the look out for holiday scams. die hack king hall is live from the new york stock exchange. hi. good morning. >> good morning to you. i want to give you a quick recap of stocks really quickly for you. stocks ended mixed yesterday and a holiday shortened trading week on wall street. let's talk about the scams. you better watch out. federal authorities warn about hot dale scams. the fbi said the two most prevalent scams this time of year are nondelivery and nonpayment scams. the fta said be on the look out for social media scams which are hot beds of deception. i want to talk about google and employees there reacting to expanded vaccine mandates. according to cnbc the new order reportedly asks to up load their vaccination status if they are planning to work in the office or remote and several hundred workers have
5:40 am
signed onto a manifesto opposing the newman date. i know we got a chat about bacon. >> hormel gift wrapping its bacon for the holiday season. what is this about? you have our attention. >> yeah. i mean look. here is the deal. we all love the smell of bacon and hormel is trying to wrap it up. the brand has a black label bacon wrapping paper. it comes with the smell of the breakfast staple. sizzling aroma. it is presented in a decorative weave pattern. you can register for a chance to win a slab of the stuff at wrap by black in or out? >> i'm in but i don't know it that's going to be good for pets because they will tear up your presents. >> yeah. i mean my thing is they need to send the real thing if they are going to send the wrapping paper. that. part right there. are you right about that.
5:41 am
>> right? >> bring home the bacon. thank you so much. we will see you coming up halt 6:30. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. >> it's like a scratch and sniff. >> yeah. good way to put it. it's now 5:41. coming up. also streaming on cbsn bay area. there. are more cooking fires on thanksgiving day than any other day of the year. how you can stay safe as you prepare your meal. and fueling the opioid crisis. the verdict against three of the nation's biggest pharmacy chains. and a live look at sfo on this get away day. the day before thanksgiving. it's a cold start to the day. we are down to the 30's, 40's and 50's. we have frost advisories in effect for the north bay and east bay. as we head through the afternoon with sun highs in the mid-60s's. your thanksgiving day forecast including that seven day coming up. ersation]
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a jury happened down a verdict that holds three major pharmacy chains responsible for their role in the nation's opioid crisis. the verdict is part of a lawsuit against cvs, walgreens and wal-mart. they didn't do enough to stop the flow of pills in two two ohio county. it could lead to lawsuits in other cities and counties. there are more cooking fires on thanksgiving day than any other day of the year. this demonstration shows just
5:45 am
how dangerous it can be. take a look at that. deep frying a turkey can create massive flames. firefighters say in the event of a stove fire never douse flame was water, instead put another pan on top to put out the fire and remember to kid away from the stove. >> if are you using a turkey fryer use it outside of the home. that means not in the garage. not on the porch. also make sure you start with a thawed turkey and never over fill or over heat the oil in that turkey fryer. >> and don't put a frozen turkey in there. never leave a stove unattended because cooking accidents are the number one cause of fires in the home. great advice there. one of these yearsly take on making a turkey. not this year. but one of these years. >> okay. >> never made a turkey. > >> i mow know who is hosting next year. >> come on over.
5:46 am
come on over. turkey with glenn. >> nice. a chilly start again out there this morning. >> cold. even colder compared to yesterday and the morning before so definitely bundle up. we have frost advisories in effect this morning for the north bay and the east way. the areas highlighted in turquoise here under frost advisories due to even colder temperatures. places like santa rosa, napa, concord, antioch, livermore all under frost advisories until 9:00 a.m. today. due to the colder temperatures. check it out. looking at 38 in concord, mid- 40s's in oakland, low 50's livermore, san francisco, looking at san jose 46 down to 40 degrees with clear skies in santa rose a. sunrise in at 6:59 a.m. and the sunset at 4:52 p.m. ad coulder start. bundle up and put on the big winter coat if you are going out. feel that chill in the arias we look to the afternoon. plenty of sun and highs near
5:47 am
normal for this time of year. off shore winds kicking in for us. we were watching that last night and into this morning. in he are going to let up as we head through the day today. high pressure builds in and that is why we are see plenty of sun. as we go hour by hour you can see all of that sun as we head through the day today. our daytime highs again right around where we should be. 61 pacifica. san francisco come figure at 64, 65 oakland for the peninsula, mid-60s's, 65 in redwood city. the south bay, 66, 65 concord, the inland east bay and looking at 67 for the napa valley. thanksgiving day forecast and it looks great it. will be a chilly start to the day for tomorrow and then we will be in the 60's with sun across the bay area in the afternoon for tomorrow. looking great. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. you can see we are settling in to that dry and quiet weather pattern for the bay area. question are looking at temperatures just a little warmer as we look to the weekend. as we look to the inland east
5:48 am
bay and for the coast looking great for thanksgiving day. into friday and into the weekend as well. just slightly warmer for saturday and for sunday. all right. let's check this with gianna and it's a get away day. a lot of people will hit the roads, taking to the skies as we look to especially later on this afternoon. >> yeah. hopefully a lot of people are home packing getting the early start to that drive. later on that's where we will see a lot of extra traffic on the roadways. again we are expecting to see prepandemic levels or possibly close to that for this traffic this afternoon for a get away day. hopefully you are getting prepared for that if you are going out early this morning and going to catch the early flight to sfo or drop of after pick up family we are tracking brake lights. near sfo. near airport boulevard exit. there are also traffic cones in the roadway from overnight construction. blocking two lanes right now. it is sluggish. we are seeing speeds down to ability 21. making busier than usual.
5:49 am
plan for that if you are taking 101 southbound. northbound 101 looking okay through there. 280 if you want to use that instead. photograph sick moving at the limit. if are you going to sfo, 10 # is your only choice. taking a look at the feetway if you are going to oakland airport early this morning. 880 is clear. i want to show you the south bay travel times. so far so good in the south bay. 87 looking good. 101 clear. if are you going to the enter flat airport things clear on the roadways. slow speeds though northbound 101 from san martin into morgan hill. that is the commute direction. later on southbound 101 will be busierer than usual. over to 152 trying to get i-5. westbound 580, tracking a few brake lights. 35 minutes for your travel time here and again later today after 1:00 you will see the busy conditions eastbound, say if you are going to the central valley, trying to get over to i- 5. ly have a closer look at
5:50 am
that in my next report. and happening today the nonprofit martha's kitchen in san jose will serve the first thanksgiving meals for the unhoused;ers say that the event will include music, raffles, and donation of free jackets and winter clothing. it all starts at one this afternoon. and this season we are asking you to help our neighbors in need to find out how to donate our time or money to a good cause go to it is 5:15. next and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the grammies just around the corner. the nominations for the museum ache ward show and the bay area acts being recognized. and coming up today on the drew barrymore show, max greenfield makes an appearance. that's all today at two on kp
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
it's a get away day. the day before thanksgiving. here is a live look at sfo and the traffic expert was just mentioning starting to get busy out there. there's construction going on near sfo. also a lot of cars as people start to head to the airport. that holiday rush is on. we are looking at a cold start to the day in the 30's, 40's and low 50's. even colder compared to yesterday. bundle up if you are going out the door. we have frost advisories for the north bay inside valleys and east bay this morning. we will see plenty of sun as we
5:54 am
head through the afternoon. enjoy it. we are looking at high pressure building in. mid-60s's. not just for san francisco, oakland and for san jose and for concord. not a big temperature spread from the coast to the inland locations, all of us seeing highs in the low to mid-60s's and just a little above average. ly have your thanksgiving forecast coming up. back to you. it's time for a look at the entertainment headlines. the second season of the real world homecoming brings back together the original cast members after 28 years the house mates head back to the same venice beach house from the 1993 show. the second sea soap of the real world homecoming premieres today. >> flash back there. a family who lives in a magical place where each child has a unique gift but for the youngest. when the magic around their home is threatened it's up to her to save it. it takes place in columbia and the creators took great care in researching the detailless of
5:55 am
the region. and when super man and the rest of the justice league are kidnapped it's up to super man's dog and a team of pets to save the day in dc league of super pets. dwayne johnson, and kevin hart star in the adventure film. dc league of super pets hits theaters may of 2022. >> good family movies. fun. >> yeah. the nominations out for the 2022 grammies. >> and plenty of bay area acts in. her is up for multiple awards, including album of the year. best traditional blues and oakland's [inaudible] for best traditional pop vocal album. also the san francisco symphony. the 64th awards air live, january 31th on cbs.
5:56 am
john batiste lead was 11 nominations. justin bieber and her is have eight each. 45:56 is the time. in the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> after a rash of retail robberies walnut creek puts up barricades. why some say they may be hurting more than they are helping. >> and it's a big travel day for thanksgiving. look at the lines here at oakland international airport. we have a live interview with the airport spokesperson coming up after the break. and should you get tested for those thanksgiving dinners, some families taking that extra step to be safe but we will tell you what health experts say. and let's give you a live look outside before we head to break. are you looking from our mark hopkins camera. giving you a live look east. it's 45:56. ersation]
5:57 am
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if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the holiday travel rush in full swing. we are live from what is expected to be one of the busiest airports in the bay area. and a 7-year-old daughter. i didn't bring her today because of what happened. >> barricades in place while you shop after a rash of robberies in the bay area but this morning retailers say that they are scare away shoppers. >> and testing before turkey day. how people in the bay area are taking the extra step to avoid covid on thanksgiving. >> just so much to be thankl for and i love that this is


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