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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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off our coverage. >> reporter: there is a group of protesters who have been out here for almost 2 2 hours outside of the district attorney's office, still chanting to recall the da. the da announced felony charges after this retail crime spree that happened this weekend. earlier today, they called the acts brazen, and so they will not be tolerated in san francisco. nine people are facing felony charges after the major smash and grab a crime spree in san francisco over the weekend, including this hit at the louis vuitton store in union square. >> these are not petty thefts. this is not misdemeanor conduct. it is felony conduct. >> reporter: they include looting during a state of emergency, grand theft, receiving stolen property, and carrying a loaded firearm. the san francisco police chief says he is confident there will
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be more arrests. >> we have significant leads we are following up on. there is a lot of video evidence to go through. we are in the process of trying to identify faces in vehicles, going through all of this evidence. >> reporter: some of those arrested are known to the department, and have been in and out of the criminal justice system before. during a tuesday news conference to encourage people to shop in san francisco, the mayor addressed the issue of holding people accountable. >> talk doesn't mean anything unless we can demonstrate that we actually have followed through and what we said we are going to do, and people are held accountable for the crimes that they commit in our city. portman when asked if the suspects was stay in custody or not, here is how the da responded. >> ultimately in every single case, including these, it is the decision of the judges or superior court of san francisco whether somebody stays in custody or if they are released. >> some of the people facing charges weren't necessarily involved in the louis vuitton incident?
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>> reporter: out of the nine people facing charges, five were specifically for the louis vuitton incident. three people are facing charges for the burglary of a cannabis dispensary, and one person is facing charges for a burglary of walgreens in san francisco. >> in some cases gunplay was involved. across the bay area, efforts are underway to beef up security in shopping districts. one that greek police are closing streets around broadway plaza, and the pd is now out in force around union square. >> it is sad and scary and disappointing. >> i wish they would stop, and people with love and respect one another. >> our police departments are under control of elected officials, who are not necessarily as tough on crime as they perhaps should be. criminal charges have been filed against two of the three suspects believed to be involved in the shooting of retired oakland police captain
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ersie joyner. surveillance video shows a group of men trying to rob joyner last month at an oakland gas station. joyner said he feared for his life pulled out his gun, and shot and killed one of the attackers. another suspect shot joyner several times. he survived and is recovering. the da says all three suspects face murder charges because the killing happened during the attack. in-n-out and kemandre king were arraigned today on charges that include robbery, attempted murder, and assault with a deadly weapon. the third suspect and alleged getaway driver, joshua hayles, is being extradited from texas to california. gunfire erupted at a shopping plaza in san jose this afternoon , with witnesses describing it as a chaotic scene. reporter kiet do is live in san jose with the details. >> reporter: still an active scene out here. they are picking out some lights , so the csi team will be here into the nighttime hours. it appears as if some of the shots fired today happened
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outside of the store. shell casings, the most obvious indication that at least some of the violence occurred outside of the store. this started around 2:30 this afternoon, when san jose police got a call that two people were shot on the 2000 block of story road. people nearby said it sounded like fireworks. >> it sounded like boom, boom. >> i heard the shots five times. >> reporter: were you scared? >> of course. as soon as i heard the gunfire, i was scared, and i tried to run away. >> reporter: a witness tells us the two victims look like they were hit in the torso. one of those victims went to the hospital with life- threatening industries. hernandez lives across the street, and saw the aftermath. what happened? >> and then he was moving his hand for help. he was waving to the people for help. >> reporter: waiting for help. >> reporter: we did see some members from the gang
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investigations unit knocking on doors and speaking with neighbors. no word yet on suspects or motive. kiet do, kpix 5. today, elizabeth holmes returned to the witness stand for a 3rd day to testify in her own defense. the former ceo said she did not tell her business partners and investors about a major shift in company strategy, all to protect trade secrets. len ramirez has details from federal court in san jose. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes and her defense team know the prosecution's key points, and it seems they went down the list one by one, addressing each of them. the big question is will the jury find her answers credible. it was the most grueling day yet for elizabeth holmes with nearly 7 hours on the witness stand him a guided by her own attorney asking for the questions. she addressed one of the prosecutions strongest pieces of evidence. tran20 force that she was the
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one who put a pfizer company logo on validation are documents sent to walgreens, even a pfizer never validated their nose. holmes said she did it because the two companies worked in a previous project, but said i wish i had not done that. >> it's always good to get it out of your witness to explain why that happened. the fact of the matter is the prosecution has already said that it indicates deception. >> reporter: ersie joyner also explained why they stopped using their own equipment shortly after the walgreens lunch. she said too many patient samples were coming and all at once for her fingerstick machines to be practical, so theranos switched to using big commercial analyzers, which were modified to take small samples come about holmes never told walgreens or her investors about the change to protect company secrets, even though she did tell fda regulators. >> if you look at the past press, whenever she is asked difficult questions, she says we can't talk about that
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technology because it is a trade secret. the thing is, a lot of people have found that as an excuse, because then you can't examine her technology. >> reporter: she also said she didn't personally read or approved every word on her company website, or marketing materials, but said she never approved any messaging that wasn't true. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. ready, set, go, thousands of californians are getting a jumpstart on thanksgiving travel. here is a lookout from 580 in dublin. no snow, so no problems along i- 80 in tahoe. in los angeles, what would you expect? it looks like that all the time, but there was gridlock this evening. chief meteorologist paul heggen is joining us now. is looking pretty good for travel across the whole state. gusty wind from time to time, so both hands on the wheel. temperatures won't be a problem.
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mid to upper 70s for southern california, los angeles down to san diego, to palm springs, which is a bit warmer than average. you combine the warm air with the offshore wind, and that is a potential recipe for trouble. beginning tomorrow, red flag warnings go into effect. 30 to 40 mile-per-hour sustained went, with gusts 60 to 70 miles per hour. the humidity levels will be 5 to 15%. this goes into effect tomorrow morning, continues all the way through friday, and for a practical perspective, if you're going to be driving mother went will try to move you around on the road a bit. we will be gusty tonight, but the wind will calm down tomorrow. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area --
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>> reporter: with rising concerns over crime, people are looking to protect themselves, both with weapons and their hands. i'm andria borba in san francisco, and i will have more on that story. how more than 1 million bay area water customers are being asked to cut back after a new emergency declaration. the bay area is giving back this thanksgiving.
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the bay area isn't the only place dealing with retail smash and grabs. take a look at this scene in a nordstrom nla. about 20 people ransacked the store. seems like this have people rethinking their own safety. kpix 5's andria borba on how self-defense businesses are booming right now. >> reporter: there are really easy things you can do to protect yourself in public. to put the phone down, check your peripheral vision. one thing i learned after getting nearly mugged in seattle is dish the big shoulder back for something with a cross body strap so you can keep yourself closer to your body, and your hands free, but people are taking it a step further with weapons and training. the president of coyote point armory in burlingame has seen a
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tremendous uptick in gun sales in the past year and a half. he says 95% of the sales were for personal protection. >> there are still a lot of people looking to come in to get what they need to protect themselves in their home. >> reporter: sales of nonlethal weapons like pepper spray are also up 100%. it is not just weapons. people are also signing up for self-defense classes across the bay area. a business owner at a mother in san francisco is doing that today at the united studios of self-defense on san francisco's fillmore street. >> i have a 3-year-old daughter, and i feel, obviously obligated to protect her and myself. i feel the world right now is a very interesting place with a lot of things happening. it feels like there is a lot of high intensity when i walk out alone or with my daughter. >> reporter: john collins, a black belt, says first and foremost, if someone is trying to take your possessions, let them. but if things escalate into an attack, he says there are three essential moves you need to know. >> if something starts to happen, no, stay back, stay
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back, no, no, no. >> reporter: the volume of your voice in particular is important. >> the roar to draw as much attention to self, tell them what to do. if possible, her their eardrums because of proximity. >> reporter: the next steps are putting your hands in front of your face and backing away. he says this is something folks should practice and be ready to deploy with the ultimate goal of walking away safely. >> move around, looking for the exit. trying to assess the situation, whether i need to physically interact or not. >> reporter: these are great tips, especially the part about getting really loud and trying to scare them away, her their eardrum, and then try to look for the exit. that was huge. >> reporter: it is a three-step process that has to happen all at once, you get loud, put your hands up, step back, and remove yourself from the danger, give yourself time to find that exit
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and safety. >> great knowledge, especially those quick thinking skills. thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi takes a victory lap in san francisco today. she was joined by local labor leaders to celebrate the new infrastructure law. the $1 trillion spending plan will mean jobs here in the bay area. >> this is a running start on not only our hopes riding on what is in the bill, and mass transit and the rest, but also the running start is to protect the planet. new at six:00, a new lawsuit seeking to and california state of emergency do the pandemic. governor newsom has extended the state of emergency through next march. a grant some extra powers to deal with the health crisis. a group from southern california has filed a lawsuit, claiming current conditions no longer justify the declaration.
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a live look at san francisco, where a water emergency was just declared due to the drought. it means a new call for conservation. all too .7 million sf customers are asked to cut back water use by 10%. for now, the reduction is voluntary. you don't have to tell paul heggen twice about the need for more rain. unfortunately, we don't have any rain in the forecast for the next 7 days. things look more favorable in early december. in the short term, gusty or wind kicks in tonight. high pressure building in from the pacific, squeezing the atmosphere to produce the stronger band. they will remain gusty over southern california as we talked about, with red flag warnings in effect for southern california tomorrow, thursday, and friday. for us, the strongest gusts shape up in the overnight hours. from napa to vacaville to fairfield, 25 to 45 mile per hour gusts. there will be higher costs elsewhere as well. it will back
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off a bit as we head into early tomorrow morning. all the wind will be noticeable tomorrow, it won't be as strong as the gusts tonight. 20 to 25 mile per hour gusts, beginning to diminish by late tomorrow afternoon. a beautiful look at downtown san francisco from treasure island. temperatures are backing down into the 50s. san jose is right behind at 58 degrees. tomorrow looks like a nice dog walking day. we have fiona bringing you tomorrow's dog walking forecast. she 16 years old, blind and deaf, and still goes for 2 walks per day. be like fiona. but niche, mid to upper 60s. noticeable went throughout the day, but not all that strong during the afternoon. temperatures will start off chile tomorrow morning. upper 30s and the north bay families, but we will recover
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from that chilly start with temperatures around 60 degrees by noon, then into the low to mid 60s for high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. these numbers are 2 to 4 degrees above average for late november. as we look ahead to the thanksgiving weekend, we warm- up another few degrees in the end. back to that rainy outlook for early december, probably an overstatement to call it rainy, but a better outlook. it takes us right through the first 7 days of december here, and they show a good chance of above average rainfall for the bay area and northern california. no such luck for southern california. this is a long-range trend forecast, so we can't say specifically when it will rain, but overall the weather pattern like it will shift a better direction to send rain to the bay area, but not in the next 7 days. temperatures don't change much around the bay, mid 60s in san
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francisco and oakland. san jose warms up to around 70 degrees by saturday, sunday, and monday. temperatures will only be slightly cooler for the east bay and north bay through early next week and along the coast. low 60s for highs all the way through the holiday weekend. the "cbs evening news" is coming up. here is norah o'donnell with the preview. here is what we are working on after kpix 5 news at 6:00. we have a cbs news exclusive. we go inside america's counter drug operation, the coast guard seizing 26,000 pounds of cocaine. plus the new deadly opioids stronger than fentanyl that is now out on the streets. the "cbs evening news" is now just minutes away. straightahead and sports , we will hear some disco. the 49ers and kpix are about to get closer . the warriors klay thompson rocking the headband. he spoke his truth today. his return is close.
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streaming today on cbsn bay area, we have betty yu's full interview with the san francisco da, at 8:15. you can find cbsn bay area on our kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app
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nba up top, and of the warriors. when are we going to be able to use the words warriors and klay thompson in the same highlight reel? close? yes, but the coach said today that they have not picked a date . says he will in a couple of weeks. the speculation, before christmas. klay thompson has been trying to come back from this. hasn't played in an mba says the 2019 the finals, rehabbing first his knee, then his achilles tendon. he just participated in a full team practice and is about to slide back into a lineup that has the best record in the league. he was asked if this team has a championship run in him. >> oh, yes. it is 15-2. that's a great indicator, and our defenses top
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three, as well as the offense, and i'm not out there yet. think about that. really think about that. i am more motivated than ever, as well. i want a championship so bad, more than anything. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to just, oh, that is it. >> anthony's sitting with his son, hopefully smiling on the inside, a day after yanking his new deal to stay with the giants. he said he received interest from a lot of teams, but chose to stay with the team that lost out on a world series appearance after setting a franchise record. >> it feels like there is unfinished business. i know the front office is going to try to bring, you know, a lot of the guys back to get back together, and take care of that.
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>> the nfl, 49ers and vikings this sunday. we are smiling because the 49ers and seahawksga on cember5 has been moved at a afn at do that mean? it means that game will be on kpix 5 . seattle, one of the first meeting said levi's stadium back in october. jimmy garoppolo got hurt in that game. since then, seattle has lost 5 of 6. that is third-ranked st. mary's rugby, they beat their opponent 39-29. they trailed 26-7 with 15:00 to go in the game. four-time national champs, back to back unbeaten seasons in 2019 and 2020. take a look at this shirt, worn by washington wizards basketball star kyle",
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almost 7 feet tall, and that one is too big for him? the price tag on this designer shirt, $1700. >> it is not quite finished yet. >> it looks like grandmother went askew with her christmas knitting. >> if you cut a hole in it, could allen anti-fit in it? and if you bought that shirt in the bay area, what with the price tag beyond that ? >> triple. >> yes, absolutely. >> added what infanta any better. >> i'm wondering if someone would pull that string and see what it would happen.
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a bay area hip-hop artist has been giving away meals during the holiday season for more than a decade now. >> today, mr. fab held his 17th annual turkey giveaway in north oakland. >> you would look at those families and to say to be obsolete of those beautiful memories come out to not be able to share those things, i want to be able to say if i was ever in a position to make a difference and help, i would love to lighten the load for individuals. >> this drive also hands out clothes. he's an oakland-based artist
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and owner of dope era clothing. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: breaking news: the death toll that christmas parade tragedy rises. the sad news tonight that a child becomes the sixth person killed as the man accused of plowing through the crowd appears in court. darrell brooks facing murder charges tonight. why an officer says the suspect wanted to hit as many people as possible. and the incredible doorbell video showing what happened right after the deadly rampage. >> do you know this guy? >> absolutely not. >> o'donnell: plus, the pope's prayers for waukesha. jury deliberations under way. the latest from the ahmaud arbery murder trial where jurors are deciding the fate of the three men accused of murdering the 25-year-old jogger. skyrocketing gas prices: the steps president biden just took


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