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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 23, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. there is a lot of tough talk but talk does not mean anything unless we can demonstrate that we have actually llowroug reacross
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e y , what is to keand sipe caugh d robbery of a retired oakland police captain. the latest move to try to cut down the skyrocketing price of gas by president biden. thank you for joining us. i am kenny choi . fallout from the retail crime sprees around the bay area. an hour from now, the san francisco district attorney is expected to announce charges against suspected thieves who hit the louis vuitton store and union square last weekend . mayor london breed was asked how she plans to keep people safe in the city. >> make sure we have officers who were out on the streets and on the ground. once the arrests are made, we are hopeful that our district attorney will prosecute. talk does not mean anything unless we can demonstrate that
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we actually follow through on what we say we are going to do and people are held accountable for the crimes that they commit in our city. uare to talk to shoppers about the crime spree. >> reporter: things seem to be normal in union square, people walking their dogs, shopping, may be getting some food. when you see boarded-up buildings and extra security le the normal mood changes. days before black friday, normally a time to shop and spread holiday cheer. >> that is scary. >> sad and scary and disappointing. >> reporter: people who live, work, or shop here, say their sheer has been stolen like the merchandise over the weekend at the louis vuitton and other bay area retailers . >> i wish that they would stop and people would love and respect one another's. >> reporter: we spotted several windows boarded up as concern
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hangs over shoppers and businesses. the san francisco district attorney, chesa boudin , says there are at least 25 people involved in these mob style robberies who were still on the streets. his office awaits more rest and will likely announce felony charges. stephanie yarborough lives in the area assessor shopping retune likely will not change. >> i will still go into the stores and do what i normally would do but it is a bummer. >> reporter: other shoppers are scared and investigators worried they could strike again and there is more prominent of a police presence. >> they are all around this thing. >> reporter: in hopes of a layer of safety protecting people. as they do what they can to stop the recent crime, one woman says it starts at home. >> if we are all working together and people teach their kids how to act, it would be
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better. >> reporter: we were told by the district attorney that the felony charges should be coming down at about 4:00. when that does come down, we will let you know on air and also online. in san francisco, justin andrews. >> we will be streaming the district attorney's announcement on cbsn bay area . find us on or on our app. we spoke one-on-one with the district attorney, chesa boudin, about the crime spree and his office's handling of the criminals oakland police have charged three suspects in the shooting of retired police captain ersie joyner each is charged with second-degree robbery of joyner and the murder of a fourth suspect. the attempted robbery happened at an open gas station on october 21st. we see video of them opening his car door and one taking his backpack, that is when ersie
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joyner pulled out a pistol and opened fire . one of the suspect was hit and later died. two of the remaining suspects, kemandre king and marlon king were arraigned in dublin today and a third was arrested in texas and is being extradited back to california. breaking news in san jose, a double shooting a long story road, now roads are closed near hopkins drive we have people headed to the scene and we will bring you updates as we get them. in the south bay, elizabeth holmes taking center stage in the theranos fraud trial . we look at the focus today. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes was back on the witness stand for her third day of testimony and the questions from her own attorney centered on the deal with walgreens and she admitted that there was she who put the pfizer logo on some validation documents that were later sent to walgreens to seal the deal. other witnesses testified that the presence of those logos
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were misleading. elizabeth home so she put it there because you earlier work with pfizer and she also wished she had done it differently. she will be on the witness stand the entire day. the trial llfor the thanksgiving holiday and she will be cross-examined sometime next week. today, president biden announced a plan to help reduce gas prices. skyler henry reports the move comes as people get more and more worried about inflation heading into the holidays. >> reporter: ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, president biden address the current state of the u.s. economy . >> america has a lot to be proud of, we are experiencing the strongest economic recovery in the world. >> reporter: he ordered the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to counter rising gas prices as part of an effort with other major energy consuming nations. >> our combined actions will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight, it will
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make a difference. >> reporter: this is less than a week after the president asked the trade commission to look into whether there is price gouging at the gas pumps. >> gas supply companies are paying less and making a lot more. they do not seem to be passing that on to the consumers at the pump. >> reporter: critic says the white house as driven up well process by cutting domestic production and kevin mccarty says, let us produce our own energy and create jobs right here at home. >> we will take inflation seriously and get it under control and stop the spiraling increases of prices. >> reporter: democrats and the white house say senate passage of the social spendi callbebill cataract will help/inflation. on wall street, the dow climbing nearly 200 points at the nasdaq struggled, losing about 80 and the s&p up by 7. breaking news out of
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wisconsin where a six person, a child, has now died as a result of the parade tragedy as the suspect made his first court appearance this afternoon. prosecutors say 39-year-old darrell brooks seem to intentionally drive side to side to strike multiple people with his car on sunday and is now charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide. a live look in glenn county, georgia where the trial of the murder of ahmaud arbery is now in the hands of the jury. three men are charged with malice and felony murder in the death of the unarmed jogger last february. we have a story from georgia. >> i am asking you to find all three defendants guilty. >> reporter: the prosecutor delivered the final rebuttal in the murder trial of ahmaud arbery , sang all three defendants should be held accountable for his death. >> but you are saying, one person had their finger on the trigger, that was travis
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mcmichael. under the georgia law, it was as if they were all holding the gun. >> reporter: travis is on trial alongside his father, gregory, and neighbor, who recorded the incident last year. the defense maintains the men, who suspected ahmaud arbery was responsible for breaking into a construction site, were trying to make a citizens arrest and one defense attorney seemingly try to betray him as a criminal instead of a victim. even criticizing the unarmed jogger's appearance the day he was killed. >> and his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails. >> maligned the victim, it is the victim's fault. i know you will not buy into that. it is offensive. >> reporter: the attorney reenthe unger mcmichael spoke out. >> we feel very confident in the case we put forward in the evidence. >> reporter: the mother of ahmaud arbery , been in the
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courtroom every day, expressed confidence in the predominately white jury. >> god has brought us this far and he will not fail us now. we will get justice. >> reporter: the three defendants could face life in prison if convicted and all have pleaded not guilty. ild, with more drivers hitting the roads for thanksgiving , we look at the best times to leave and come back to avoid gridlock. one northern california law's unique form of security during the holiday. >> high clouds of the tri- valley as we look out over dublin with clouds filtering the sunshine but a nice day overall with just some haze on the horizon and ersation]
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a mall outside sacramento is beefing up security ahead of the holiday shopping season as stores at the roseville galleria have armed guards stationed outside. others limit the number of customers allowed inside the store's and they have another high-profile way to keep safe this holiday season. we have the placer county sheriff patrol and we see sheriff's on horses.
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>> roseville police say they are adding extra officers on the streets in marked vehicles and doing patrols around big retail centers and smaller mom- and-pop areas. a live look at the afternoon drive right now as things are looking pretty good near the golden gate bridge. by this time tomorrow, we may see more cars on the roads as people get out of town for thanksgiving . we have a holiday driving forecast. >> reporter: it does not look like soaring gas prices are keeping travelers off the roadways this holiday as aaa of northern california is predicting traffic to hit 5% within pre-pandemic levels. what does that mean for those of you hitting the roads? plan ahead and get an early start. wednesday before thanksgiving we will see some of the busiest traffic leaving before noon, that will save you time and most of the brake lights will be from 1:00 to 6:00 when the holiday traffic merges with evening commuters as traffic will ease up after 9:00.
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that is also an option if you like driving at night. for the return home, leave before noon on sunday to avoid major delays and expect 80 to be one of the busiest routes, also busy eastbound 580 towards the central valley getting to i- 5 and the 101 will be busy. bridges will have traffic. plan ahead if you are flying or picking up family from the airport. book your parking in advance. mass transit a good option getting to the airport but many will be operating on a sunday or holiday schedule. if you are driving, watch your speed and buckle up as the california highway patrol will be cracking down on distractive and impaired drivers with the maximum enforcement time starting wednesday night at six clock in and extends through sunday night. the increase in travel comes as gas averages $3.40 per
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gallon nationwide. that is compared to $2.11 one year ago and much higher here in the bay area. thanksgiving is also a major test for airlines as aaa says air travel is up 80% from this time in 2020, the tsa is flex the flow of passengers this week to rival pre-pandemic fo bankacrossthe ea arerkin cbs they are, we spoke to second harvest silicon valley about the effort. >> we have a tremendous fundraising goal, our goal is $81 million, which is twice as much as we are raising pre- pandemic because we are continuing to provide almost twice as much food to our community. we are now serving 450,000 people every month. that is because, even though it may feel like things are getting
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back to normal, families are still struggling to recover from the economic crisis of the pandemic. >> you open a new location in san jose to keep up with the growing demand. are you seeing a lot of donations and is the need this year as significant as last year? you mentioned a bigger goal. >> yes, we have seen the need decline just slightly but we are continuing to hold at about 450,000 people per month. we are continuing to open new distribution sites and also support our ongoing distribution sites. during the pandemic, we have had to switch over to drive through distribution to keep people safe. we are continuing to serve and many of the drive through's, 500 households at a time sometimes almost 1000 at a time. >> to find out how to donate your time or money to second harvest or other bay area organizations, go to . let's get a check of the st
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>> nice through the four day weekend, nothing, nothing to cause problems whether traveling around here. one concern, red flag warnings for southern california wednesday, thursday, friday, but the only concert in the state. offshore winds go into effect tomorrow in southern california. hours will get stronger as the area of high pressure builds towards us and squeezes the atmosphere overhead and produces some stronger gust, especially in the northern half of the bay area. gusty winds this evening and the winds will peak overnight, 25 to 45 mile an hour gusts for napa, fairfield. anywhere up in elevation you will get the stronger winds . they will relax somewhat early tomorrow morning but still a noticeable increase throughout tomorrow. overnight tonight, the strongest gusts and any potential for an elevated fire reat. rt to mpthe fire danger.
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things are looking good now as we look to the south. not a whole lot of variation in temperatures with everybody in the low-six except santa rosa. temperatures will run in the same territory tomorrow, maybe a degree or two warmer. after a chilly start tomorrow morning, on a widespread basis, upper-30s in livermore and the national weather service has issued a frost advisory the ghost in effect at 3:00 in and continues through 9:00 in on wednesday for the east bay valley. if you have any plans -- temperatures will stay above the frost level but it is close. temperatures tomorrow warm-up from the chilly start with low to mid-60s across the board, not much variation from spot to spot. 67 degrees is the warm location in san rafael and napa.
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thanksgiving forecast is also looking great, cooler start inland with mid-40s at 8:00 a.m. but a warm-up with highs in the upper-six inland. by thursday afternoon, low-60s along the coast and no hint of rain in sight. not just for thanksgiving weekend but even next week, a 10% rain chance by tuesday night, that is all we're looking at. temperatures do not change much over the next several days. saturday, sunday, monday, closer to 70 degrees. that is a typo for the temperature, it will not be 6000 degrees. at 7:00, one little-known effect of covid has been the impact on hundreds of families in the process of adopting children at home or overseas when he pandemic it. >> i have never seen anything
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that begins to compare with the magnitude of this issue. >> sometimes i feel anxious and impatient. just saddened. >> how technology is easing the pain of separation, wash our original report, "empty arms" tonight at 7:00 on kpix 5 . a coming up, the grammy nominations are in, which
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denominations are out for the grammy awards and some bay area acts are getting some, and we have more from los angeles. >> reporter: this jazz musician leads the pack with 11 grammy nominations including album and record of the year, justin bieber is close behind with t.with seven. >> a celebration of excellence, hope, possibility and anticipation. >> reporter: 18-year-old rodrigo was nominated for best new artist. nominees for the biggest prize, album of the year, the weeknd
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received three nominations for work with other artists despite the fact he said he would not attend they eliminated anonymous selection committees allowing more people to weigh in. >> for the first time in 30 years, the nominations will have been decided solely by our voting membership. >> the weeknd's snub, the biggest in history, played a large role in doing away with secret committees. >> reporter: they diversified its membership by inviting 2700 prestigious awards, including o record, album, and song of the year, and best new artist. they air live january 31st on cbs. in addition to her, other
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bay area nominees include elvin bishop. also, the san francisco symphony, michael tilson thompson, and will ackerman out of palo alto. catch the special, one last time, and evening with tony bennett and lady gaga, right here on kpix 5 . he is known for playing football, hosting, acting, dancing, coming
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we are live over san jose at the scene of the double shooting a long story road. now roads are closed near hopkins drive and we will bring you updates as we get them on and cbsn bay area. finally, the next celebrity heading to space is michael strahan . blue origin will be sending the tv host to the edge of space on december 9th. also on this trip, the daughter of the first american astronaut and four other omer e fliggomo than 62 miles above h e quick, the rocket will only be off the ground for 10 minutes and in that time it will hit about three times the speed of
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sound, roughly 300 miles per hour. would you go? >> yes i will not pay for it but i will go. wogo, a leofrisk i. thanyou pt >> o'donnell: breaking news: the death toll that christmas parade tragedy rises. the sad news tonight that a child becoming the sixth person killed as the man akulingsed of plowing through the crowd appears in court. darrell brooks facing murder charges tonight. why an officer says the suspect wanted to hit as many people as possible. and the incredible doorbell video showing what happened right after the deadly rampage. >> do you know this guy? >> absolutely not. >> o'donnell: plus, the pope's prayers for waukesha. jury deliberations under way. the latest from the ahmaud arbery murder trial where jurors are deciding the fate of the tree men accused of murdering the 25-year-old jog


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