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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 23, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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live from the bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. safety is on the minds of shopper city leaders. what's being done about it? we went straight to the da up next. and how did this happen? an amtrak train crashes in to a truck in contra costa. the hours long clean up stretching in to the morning. and major news from the white house that could bring relief to people at the gas pump. we will have more coming up. >> and get ready for the busiest travel day we have seen since the start of the pandemic. how the chp is making sure drivers stay on their best behavior. good morning to you.
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it is tuesday, november 23rd. >> we are off to a cold start but higher temperatures are on tap for us. >> let's get a check of weather and traffic. areas in the 30's and 40's. >> it's a cold start for sure. bundle up if you are heading out the door with the cold he we go you case 3040low 50's we wi cocomiin at 43 3á. oakland at 51. livermore 41. downtown san francisco, we are looking at low 50's san jose. 44 and down to a cold 37 in santa rosa. other locations for napa. in at 35 to start off the day. 43 in fremont. 42 in redwood city. dealing patchy dense fog. down to a half mile for napa. two miles for fairfield. u ll go through the day it'll
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erence. several degrees cooler compared to yesterday. low 60's along the coast. mid-60s's and inland with a mix of sun and clouds. we will talk more about what you can expect for thanksgiving day coming up many let's check in withgianna. we got new information as this first reported as a one car crash. apparently it hit a large vehicle. a box truck involved in this as well. i'm talking northbound 101 as you head out of san jose this morning. slow speeds, two lanes blocked. this is an injury crash. you have fire crews on scene. m back up. if you are getting ready toko mute take 87. that's a much better choice this morning. you see that arrow on the screen. we are clocking in nice speeds. >> the live news desk watching the clean up after an amtrak
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train collided with a tractor trailer that was carrying a bunch of vehicles. you can imagine the mess left behind there. this was in count contract costaer the taker trailer got stuck on the tracks in san pablo. that passenger train came along and slammed in to it. in that intersection it's just full of bent metal. fuel spilledda youer all over the ground. this happened at about eight last night. as for that train the engine derailed and disconnected from the cars on the train. this morning the 30 people that rear their way to their destination. amtrak called in buss and no major injuries to report that the investigation continues. back to you. and developing morning the president is expected to announce he will release oil from the strategic oil reserve. >> we are live in a chevron
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gas station in san jose with what this could mean from gas prices. >> that's right this could be major news for california. we are heading in to the holidays, two day away from thanksgiving and it can get pretty expensive to bepaying a big amount of money. here at chevron gas station it's $4.95 for a gallon of gas. think about when you are paying that and traveling for the thanksgiving dinners. hopefully this does bring some relief, especially because california is paying some of the most expensive gas in the nation. take a look at this these are the average itself you ok at the national average it's $3.40. that's $1.59 more than it was a year ago. then if you look at california's gas average it's $4.71. then the averages in some bay area cities even higher. the hope with this expected announcement is that it'll keep a lid on gas prices, especially as we head in to the holidays.
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take a list tone what the direct ear of the white house national economic council stayed. >> we are focused on doing what we can to make sure american consumers not bearing the shortened of the stick during these periods and that is where the president will talk about. >> now here at the chevron on royal avenue in san jose, $4.95. if you go on gas buddy you can find cheaper prices. we have a link to that on >> thank you so much. hopefully we see changes. we will take a look at san francisco where the da said new charges coming for the recent thefts square called the roies absolutely unacceptable. >> that's why we are out shopping during the daytime. >> change your shopping hours and habits in. >> definitely. bay area shoppers reacting with concern to the recent crime wave.
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>> justin andrew is live in union square following the vow from authorities to keep people safe. >> safety is at the cor of all of this. when you think about it. people are a little scared and fearful to go shopping this holiday season knowing these mob style criminals, at least most of them are still out there on the streets. we took the concerns to city leaders on both sides of the bay and we talk to san francisco da about what he plans to do to make the city safe. he said his office is a waiting more arrests and will likely announce felony charges today. he said 25 individuals are still at large in connection with the union square burglaries over the weekend. the mayor and police chief said there would be more of a police presence in union square to let crooks know what they did will not be tolerated. my colleague challenged him. >> so many people have reached out to me, residents and
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tourists who say they believe under your leadership, san francisco specifically, not other cities across the country, has become this haven for retail crime and property crime because of your hands off approach to crime. >> if it feels that way we have work to do. we want everybody to feel safe and be safe in san francisco and until everybody is safe and feels safe our work is not done. >> all right. you heard from some of the shoppers at the beginning of this live report. you will hear from even more shoppers about their concern this holiday season. that's coming up in the next 30 minutes. we are live in san francisco. >> you mentioned that police presence. i know we heard that officers will be posted up in different areas. have you noticed that? your travels this morning? >> yeah. actually early their morning there was one right here at the intersection of post and stockton. he moved to the side because i
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think there is some -- some truck that are coming into do deliveries at some of these stores here. he moved out of the way but there's another one down the block here. we are seeing that police presence here this morning exactly how city officials promised. >> all right. thank you. and flu video out of the grove in los angeles. that smashed window you see is the aftermath of a break-in at a nordstrom. lapd said 20 people were involved the burglary. the suspects got away in four separate cars. the police beefing up patrols. a mob stole up to $2,000 of stuff over the weekend skin juried five employees in the process. a live look now at oakland where police say they have a plan to crack down on crime just over the weekend, hundreds of cars and robbery caravans engaged in shoot outs with security guards and officers. a car jacking pursuit ended
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with officers shotting and killing the suspect and oakland suffered it's 124th homicide. the chief has pledged to deploy tactical teams throughout the city and has extended staffing as the violence seems to be getting worse. officerssay they are caught off guard by the use of guns. >> i think they have learned over the pandemic year that they haven't been held for the possession of firearms and the use of firearms so i think that it's a criminal justice failure in that way because we haven't held very dangerous people in just different for very long. now it's not intimidating to come out with a for to use the firearms because there is not much responsibility right now. >> the chief said that he has received assurance from the da to be tougher on violent offenders. he is asking the city to address rise in crime. the council is expected to hold a special meeting milk next month.
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still ahead, uber eats adding marijuana. where the move just launched. and buckle up and watch your speed when chp officer its will be in full force ahead in my travel tuesday segment. your travel tuesday tips. here is a live look at the south bay. san jose, good morning to you. mainly clear skies in the mid- 40s's right now in san jose. it is a cold start. the 30's, 50's as we start off tuesday. a dry cold front on the way and that will bring cooler temperatures and at least a mix of sun and clouds. we will talk
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click, call or visit a store today. happening tomorrow police in san francisco will hold a virtual town hall to discuss a deadly police shooting from last week. it happened friday at the cw hotel in the south of market neighborhood. officers were responding to reports of a man armed a knife. a confrontation apparently followed then an officer opened
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fire. the suspect later died at the hospital. the medical examiner has yet to release the ofthn who decide. san francisco police say they have arrested four people and seized 21 illegal weapons after serving search warrants at two homes in the city. you can see in the pictures drugs and ammunition were also seized. federal and local agencies found the suspects through social media accounts listing firearms for sale. uber has partnered with tokyo smoke allowing customers to order cannabis include uber eats it. has been looking to break-in to the industry for some time now after including liquor delivery early their year. they plan to introduce delivery in the united states once its leg on a federal level. tomorrow is expected to be one of the busiest travel days we have seen since the start of the pandemic. >> it's also the start of the chp maximum enforcement period. what does that mean for you and
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for traveling out on the roads in. > >> it means buckle up and watch your speed. chp officers will be in full force starting wednesday night. that's tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. through sunday night. lookingfor distracted drivers and anyone driving under the influence which is not only dangerous but if you get caught get ready to pay up. >> it's uber, lyft. taxis still around. it is better to pay $35 to 45 dollars where if you were to make that decision to drink and then to drive and then get pulled over and be arrested, you are going to be paying over $18,000. >> yeah. it is just not worth it. something that may be top of mind for many travelers is the rise in gun violence that's spilled over on to the freeway. c hp hopes to prevent another tragic freeway shootings like what we have seen in recent weeks. if you are getting ready to travel out and about the bay
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area we have a lot of brake lights out of san jose. very good news to report. just checked in with chp and that earlier crash is now in the clearing stages. looks like speeds are looking better there. 60-mile as an hour which is better than just about ten minutes ago. we were seeing speeds as low as 11 miles an hour. a little sluggish. it is improving all lanes now open in that area. if you want to use 87 still looking good. if you have that option also, to take 87 instead of 101 but 101 improving. most of the south bay looking good. 87 and that ride along 101 getting better. south of there though if you are super commuter one of our routes, gilroy. it is the usual stuff. no crashes through this portion of the freeway but some slow speeds as you head through there. also slow speeds for that ride in to the pass. westbound 205. a lot of brake lights.
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that is typical for the morning ride. things looking better. check out the travel times. 48 minutes now. westbound 580. 205 to 680. westbound 80. highway 420 the maze. that's a 22 minute mm the metering light was turned on earlier than usual. no specific reason. i looked in to that there. was no crashes or any traffic hazard. about 5:45 we then on and a slight back up. give yourself a few extra minutes. 12 minute travel time from the his to 101 and tracking some slow speeds on the rich mopped, san rafael bridge. there's a lot of dirt and debris in the roadway that they are working on. that's a look at your morning ride. let's check your forecast. i was born and is california. it was cold this morning. >> it is for sure. a cold start. crab that coat as you head out the door and i have to say i love your travel tuesday tips. heading to sacramento for
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thanksgiving. my cousin is hosting i will be on my best behavior as i know all of are you as well. let's check our temperatures. 43 in concord, 49, 41 livermore, downtown san francisco at 453. san jose at 44 and down to a cold 37 in santa rosa this morning. as we look to our current visibility we are dealing with patchy dense fog. that's a difference compared to yesterday morning. down to about a half mile in napa. our sunset at 5:53 p.m. we will see a few more clouds, it'll he about cooler compared to yesterday. you will notice that difference. 64 for a high in san francisco. for the east bay, shoreline, oakland, good morning to you much topping out at 65 as we look to the afternoon with the mix of sun and clouds in the south bay. san jose walking through juror day. 3:00 p.m. 65, for a high temperature with a few passing clueds.
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this low pressure system bringing rain to the pacific northwest and dropping a dry cold front our way. we will be on the tail end that have front. this point it does look dry. of course we could use more rainfall but at this point we are looking at cooler temperatures and a few more clouds for today. can see that on future cast. with those clouds through the afternoon. checking the daytime highs not a lot of change. most of us in the 60's this afternoon. 68 in pacifica. mid-60s's around the bay. redwood city in at 64. four inland locations mid-60s's in the south bay. mid-60s's inland east bay, for concord and for the tri valley and livermore and for the napa valley mid-60s's. thanksgiving day forecast it looks great. for the coast, low 60's, mid- 60s's and upper 60's inland. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. not a lot of change. temperatures just slightly warmer as we look to the end of the week and the weekend. inland east bay and for the
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coast there you go with temperatures slightly warmer as we look to the weekend. the longer rain weather models keeping us dry. back to you. happened today sfpd and walgreenss kicking off their toy drive. you can purchase or drop off a new toy at any san francisco walgreens. last year about 2,000 toy was donated at the city's stores. community members will be able to make a donation on venmo or go fund me. we are asking you to help our neighbors in need to find out how to donate your time or money to a good cause go to used cars in high demand and you could cash in. what led to the shift. and later the zoom boom is slowing down. the video conferencing platform.
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lopefully you are nice and warm because it's a cold start to the day. we are down to the 30's, 40's and 50's this morning. as we head through our , cafoinlost g okand atclouds i francisco. at 60 degrees. it'll be a cooler day compared to yesterday. oakland looking at 59 with a mix of sun and clouds for your lunchtime. noon hour, for the south bay, san jose, 61 degrees by noon and as we look to fremont, 67. it'll be much cooler compared to yesterday. you will notice that difference and santa rosa you are down to the mid-30s's to start off the day and just 59 by noon for
6:25 am
your lunchtime with a mix of sun and clouds. what you can expect for the ve tthg that thksgiving day forecast coming up back to you. >> that's an important one. the demand for preowned cars shows no signs of cooling. >> the main reason is there's a global shortage of semi conductors which influences that chip shortage we have been talking about. all of this is driving prices on the used cars. >> what that is doing is there's a higher demand on used vehicles that's increasing the market value. >> according to thomas normally his dealership has 100 new cars on the lot. that has dropped to just 15. it's 6:25. >> how oakland police are making safer to buy and sale goods with online strangers. >> and the approximate uribe back over new initiative to create more storage for water across california. and later the holiday
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tradition returning to san francisco with a high tech twist. and here is a live look outside. beautiful sunrise right there in san francisco. we will be right back. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need
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if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. crews in san pablo are cleaning up after an amtrak train derailed and hit a truck. 30 passengers were stranded and the engineer was reportedly injured. no word on their condition. > more charges could becoming today in connection with the union square burglary over the weekend. the san francisco da called them absolutely unacceptable. today is expected to be the last day of testimony before the elizabeth holmes fraud trial brakes. yesterday the founder defended herself against fraud claims by showing her company had success in 2009 and 2010. goal to you. it's also tuesday, november 23rd. >> good morning to you. glad to have you with us. another beautiful day headed for the bay area. >> it's starting off chilly. this is for sure.
6:30 am
can feel that difference. that cold air this morning and that chill. bundle up and put on that big coat as you head out the door. here is a lovely view with our san francisco camera and you can see the sun just about to rise and the golden colors in the sky. check out the temperatures. 43 in concord, oakland at 49. downtown san francisco at 53, san jose 44 and a cold 27 in santa rosa this morning. mainly clear skies with patchy dense fog. other locations napa, at 37. down to 41 in redwood city and 43 for fremont and dealing with the visibility down to about a mile in napa. three quarters in santa rosa. walking you through the day as we head through the afternoon we are looking at temperatures cooler compared to yesterday due to a dry cotempes, adding a feclouds. low 60's along the coast. also inland this afternoon. we will talk more about that seven day forecast and that thanksgiving day forecast
6:31 am
coming up but now let's check in with gianna. how is that commute slow? >> we don't normally see this. unfortunately we have a back up at the richmond san rafael bridge. this happened several hours ago it. was a truck with a lot of debris and gravel. we didn't see any problems until the morning commute started getting busier. now it's backed up and traffic is very slow as you head over to the marin side. be patient. give yourself a few extra minutes. i would recommend highway 37. see how slow that is? that red on the sensors. sluggish as you head through there. 37, normally a good alternate for the richmond, san rafael bridge. that's a 33 minute travel time. the travel time, 15 minutes. it may be just worth it to wait it out and sit in a few brake lights. once are you past that getting on 101 working pretty well. if are you taking the bay bridge, 15 minute from the maze to 1401 and photograph sick
6:32 am
backed newspaper to the city. following a braking news this morning. the president announcing that he is planning to release oil from the strategic gas preserve in a bid to try to lower gas prices. taking a live look at the white house where is he expected to make that announcement official. the department of energy releasing 50 million-barrels of oil of which 32 mill will be in exchange of i'll. 18 million will be the acceleration of a sale of oil prelie authorized by congress. the move part of an effort with major energy consuming countries like china, india, japan action jach and the uk to release the reserves of crud oil. if they are successful that move would put these countries against the opec coalition trying to get control over oil prices. we are expecting that official announcement later today. if you want to find more
6:33 am
information on how to find cheap gas prices, in your area, go to the website. we have a link there. black friday normally the biggest shopping day of the year is now just three days away. >> with the wave of retail crime in the bay area, shoppers may need to be careful this year. a heavy police presence around union square yesterday. squad cars on just about every corner as workers boarded up windows at the nearby westfield mall. justin andrew is live. we are hearing squad cars there. some shoppers squared right now to go shopping. >> yeah. that's because investigators say that they fear that some of the crooks could strike again. that's why we are seeing businesses like here boarded up and this is not the only business. the real reel across the street and other businesses. we are seeing this because they are in fear that the criminals could come again. at least 25 of them involved in
6:34 am
these mob style crimes still on the streets. remember over the weekend city leaders promised we would see more police officers on the streets around union square. we have seen that. people are altering their holiday shopping plans because of this. the san francisco da said that he plans ke the city safe. he said his office is a waiting more arrests and will likely announce felony charges today. till some shoppers across the bay are concerned. >> its been alarming. we are out here shopping during the daytime. >> you are going to change your habits in. >> yeah. >> i just fought back from college and i was made aware of what was going on. upsetting. >> all right. we know a lot of people shopping plans will change because of this fear. we know that the mayor, she is set to announce her shop and dine campaign urging people to still come out and shop, shoppers they are saying not so much. they are scared that some of
6:35 am
these criminals are on the streets. we are live in union square. >> the worst time for all that have to be happening. thank you. today is the last day of testimony before the elizabeth holmes trial breaks for the holiday. yesterday the founder defended herself against fraud claims by showing her company had success in 2009 and 2010. they said that her company worked with patients in major drug companies in the united states. >> she is doing a good job of personalizing herself and getting the jury to like her. >> holmes said she could not have intended to deceive anyone because she believed her company's blood testing devices worked. you are taking a live look now and the courtroom in georgia as the trial over the killing of ahmaud arbery is expected to go to the jury soon. prosecutors are making one final rebuttal to the defense's closing arguments before the jury starts working on the fate of three men.
6:36 am
they are charged with murder, assault, and false imprisonment. one defendant said he feared already for his safety as he chased ahmaud arbery before pulling the trigger. a man will go before a judge days afterrest plowed in to a holiday parade. five people were killed. at least 48 were injured including several children who are still in critical condition. police say that brooks had been in a domestic incident minutes before he intentionally drove into that parade. >> he actually had [inaudible] barricades up and he drove right through the barricades and the officers. >> early their month brooks was accuse of relationshipping over his child's mother with his suv. he was in jail until november
6:37 am
11th. his bail was only $1,000. prosecutors say it was supposed to be ten times that amount. they are now investigating why it was lowered. oakland police are offering a safe place for anyone to meet up with buy or sale online purchases. the safe exchange zone will be set up in a parking lot next to the police station in downtown oakland. they encourage people to use the area in the daylight and the area is monitored 2 24á hours a day. signature gathering has started to place an initiative on next year's ballot that would force lawmakers could fund more water storage in california. some farmers in southern california water districts pushing the initiative called the water infrastructure funding act of 2022. if passed by voter itself would require the state to spend 2% of the general fund on project that would expand water supplies. >> that would be three to four billion dollars a year to fund water supply projects.
6:38 am
we don't choose specific projects but we define category that are eligible for funding. >> the initiative's co organizer said the measure will pass if voters motivated by another dry winter. a christmas tree shortage hits the bay area. what is cussing it and how you can avoid being disappointed. good tuesday morning to you. it is a cold start to the day. with redown to the 30's, 40's and 50's so bundle up. we are be log at mainly clear skies and patchy dense fog. i'm tracking a dry cold front and that will cool us down as we look ahead to the afternoon. the cooler temperatures and a few more clouds in the sky. your full forecast coming up. and the market just opened a few minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the big board. close to 50 points. before which head to brake a
6:39 am
preview of cbs mornings. good morning. ahead on cbs mornings millions of americans will be flying over the next few days for thanksgiving we will ask the points guy brian kelly to share his travel tips before you leave home to see your family. and many people are getting ready for christmas. we will look at how a christmas tree shortage could affect your celebration. also a new western drama . that and more at seven.
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hopefully are you nice and cozy with a blanket, hot coffee and tea. it is a cold start to our day. we are down to the 40's, 50's and even the 30's this morning.
6:43 am
43 in concord, san francisco 53. down to a cold 37 in santa rose a. other locations napa in at 36. we are looking at 41 for redwood city. through the day a cooler day. of of us in the mid-60s's. one of the most popular video conference services appears to be slowing down. diane king hall joining us us now. trading has been underway. right now the dow is on the plus side. it is better by 29 points but it's up and down for blue chips. the nasdaq under pressure down six points. just a little bit of pressure. zoom boom is slowing many the platform revealed its quarterly report card saying it earned $340.3 million. revenue climbed 45% to more
6:44 am
than a billion. om it'sexinits thanjo2,customs and increasing spending to more than $100,000 a year. wall street still doesn't like that. doesn't care right now. >> all right. but still oomph in zoom. >> yes. it is. this is some boom in that zoom. >> diane king hall. thank you much. >> thank you. home sales managed to inch higher last month despite rising prices and falling inventory. sales of existing houses, town homes and co ops rose .8% in october from the previous month and all 6.34 million existing homes were sold. that number is down almost 6% from a year ago when pandemic home buying was in its peak. prices have not taken a break from going up for more than 9.5 years which is the longest
6:45 am
increased duration on record. new video. the white house is getting in the spirit. the first lady received the official 2021 white house christmas tree yesterday. it arrives by horse and carriage. it's an 18.5-foot fraser fir it. will be placed in the oval shaped blue room of the white house. supply chain issues putting the crunch on holiday presents. >> and now it could also mean a christmas tree shortage for you. the majority of the christmas trees at bay area tree lots come from oregon and washington. both states saw record high temperatures this summer during what would have been the peak growing time for trees. supply chain disruptions causing a shortage in the fake trees as well. >> they sell out early. they are pretty much done. they are not going to be able to get more trees. >> most bay area tree lots will open at the of the week. officials recommend getting the tree early and prepare to pay
6:46 am
up to 15% more. >> why? >> quick poll. real tree or artificial tree? artificial tree for me. >> we always do a real tree. >> i'm all about the real tree. >> we do both. >> okay. >> small artificial and then like the big grand. >> look at you. >> a christmas combination. >> trees in every room. >> i do. >> are you surprised? >> that's all g right there. >> right when she said that i was like she is one of those people. >> i am. >> i love it. >> nice weather. it does put new the holiday spirit. that nice chill in the air. >> grab your winter coat because you will need this morning as we are looking at temperatures in the 40's. 30's and 50's this morning. depending on where you are. show you this in just a moment. here say beautiful view. something to brighten your day. this lovely view with the sales force tower camera as you look east across the bay and mount diabblo. high above that layer of fog.
6:47 am
love the golden colors in the sky. 37 thmorning. se # concord, dealing with some patchy dense fog. fairfield down to five miles, three miles in concord and four for livermore and napa and santa rosa. that was the current visibility. the sunrise at 6:58. let's walk you through the day in san francisco and looking at a mix of sun and clouds with those cooler temperatures. 64 in san francisco this afternoon for a high as we look to the east bayshore line, oakland at 65 as we take you through your day with a mix of sun and clouds and for the south bay, san jose looking at 1:00 p.m. 62 and 65 by 3:00 p.m. with again a mix of sun and clouds and a cooler day across the bay area. it's all because that have low pressure system bringing rain again to the pacific northwest but it's dropping a cold front. we are on the tail end of this
6:48 am
front. looking at a dry cold front and what that means is it'll drop the temperatures so a cooler day and a few more clouds as well. as we go hour by hour you can see the clouds streaming in as we head through the afternoon. checking our daytime highs, 64 pacifica, around the bay in the mid-60s's. for the peninsula mid-60s's. 64 redwood city and inland location was relooking at mid fy grr coor dfostlooks low 60's for sd the coast. mid-60s's around the bay. that seven day forecast not a lot of change. we are looking at temperatures holding steale. san francisco, oakland and san jose. inland east bay. the north bay and the coast you can see warming ujust a bit as we look to thanksgiving friday and into the weekend. >> let's check in with gianna. there are some locations dealing slow downs. >> yeah. it's busy. there's a couple of hot spots.
6:49 am
we have been watching the richmond, san rafael bridge. we have a lot of dirt, debris and working hard to clear it. everything is cleared but the damage is done. look at that back up. like look hire. this is commuters going toward the toll plaza. it caused a trickle effect for those commuters going to the marin side. we are seeing speeds down to six miles an hour. once you are past the pay gates it looks better toward 101. looks like westbound 80 starting to see some slow and go conditions. san pablo into richmond improves but your travel time 20 minutes as you head from the maze over to 1401 across the bay bridge. richmond, san rafael 15 minutes castro street to 101. you can use highway 37 but that's about a 30 minute travel time. you may be better off going through the brake lights. meet earring lights on. i'm getting first reports of a crash. not a lot of details yet just reported by chp.
6:50 am
may cause extra busy conditions as you head in to the city. san mateo bridge looks good. not a bad ride over to 101. only 13 minutes between heyward and 101. things pretty quiet in san francisco. at least from the bold especially gate. westbound 80. there are some mass transit delays on capitol corridor, 520 so plan for that. ba to you. ok at your g black friday shopping just three day away but with a spike in retail crime would you still go? we are live. a major announcement from the president is expected today and it could bring relief to drivers at the gas pump. we mr. have the details coming up. streaming today on cbsn bay area a hidden forest crisis. we go into greater detail about the disappearing kelp trees along the coast. that's at 7:25 and at 7:45 we talk to actor tate digs about his variety special set to air
6:51 am
monday on kbcw. you can watch it at or on the app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download that for free on your favorite streaming platforms. and tonight at seven a kpix5 original report. one little known effect of coronavirus has been the impact on hundreds of families in the process of adopting children at home or overseas. when the pandemic hit. i have never seen anything that starts to compare with the size of this issue. >> sometimes i feel really anxious and impatient and just saddened. >> how technology is helping the pain of separation. watch our original report empty arms tonight at seven on xa. >>announcer: and, 5.
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watching the aftermath of a train wreck. crews have been cleaning up all
6:55 am
night long. check it out. a westbound amtrak passenger train slammed into a semi trailer truck that was carrying a load of vehicles. the train's engine derailed and this was the mess left behind it. happened at a crossing at about 8 p.m. huge pile of wreckage. all of the vehicles had fallen off of that semi. meantime the train was carrying 30 passengers, no injuries among them. they were boarded on the buss and taken to a nearby am rock station. the train's engineer did have some injuries. he will be okay but the investigation into all of this continues. back to you. live in union square this morning where there is a cloud of concern over businesses and shoppers that worry leaving some businesses boarding up live here in union square. this is something that has a lot of people afraid because of the weekend crimes. people are changing how they are going to shop this holiday
6:56 am
season. more police presence here in union square noticed leaders hope it defers crooks sending a message that their actions won't be tolerated. the da said they plans to make the city safe. he said that his office is a waiting those arrests and will likely announce felony charges at some point today. you can bet when we learn more about those charges his office we will let you know. with relieve in union square. live here in san jose. officials say that the president is expects to announce his decision to release oil from the strategic oil reserve and really the hope is it'll bring relief to drivers. we have been talking about these gas prices for the last couple of weeks. at this gas station in san jose, 4 dallas 95 for a gallon of gas. you can see the last person paid about $74 for about 15-
6:57 am
gallons. we know that bay area residents paying for some of the most expensive gas. take a look at this. in san jose, the average gas price is $4.80. in oakland, it's also $4.80 in san francisco. $4.87 and it's higher than that california average of $4.71. the hope is that this is going to bring relief for people. especially as we are heading to the holidays when people will be traveling, driving to see their loved ones. we do have a link to the website gas buddy where you can find the cheapest gas prices in your area. you can find that on live in san jose. we are filling it at the pump for sure. take a look at the traffic. metering lights on and it's busy heading in to san francisco. we had reports of a minor fender bender near the metering lights. looks like it's out of lanes but still a 19 minute drive as you head into san francisco. also showing travel times for some of our major freeways, westbound 840. that's a 30 minute commute.
6:58 am
looks like westbound 4 getting busy. antioch over to 80, 44 minutes for your travel time there. capitol corridor delays this morning for train 520 and 521. also vta orange line out of san jose won't be running -- allen rock station this is due to ongoing maintenance. plan for that if are you taking bart or caltrain, at least those are running only time this morning. check the schedule before you head out the door and grab that jacket because it's chilly. >> put on that coat as you head out the door. temperatures down to the 30's, 40's and 50's. here is a stunning sunrise with the sales force tower camera. really just a lovely view. we have a lot to be thank many for in that beautiful place like the bay area. let's talk about the temperatures. it's a cold start. bundle up through the a cooler day with the dry cold front. few more clouds so a mix of sun and clouds and clear and breezy
6:59 am
even ahead. let's talk about the temperatures. low 60's. mid6o's around the bay and inland this afternoon and again with the mix of sun and clouds. the daytime high around where we should be for this time of year. looking good in the 60's across the area. back to you. >> happening today popular holiday tradition returns to san francisco with a high tech twist. >> macy's at union square is teaming up with the san francisco spca to promote adoptable pets. instead of putting lial inows,onday live streams of a the cats and dogs available for adoption. >> that's a way to get them home for christmas. >> and stress relief. you know how stressful it can get shopping out there. stop and look at that. >> maybe shop for a pet while are you at it. >> there you go. >> don't forget the news continues all day. >> cbs mornings is up next. have a great tuesday.
7:00 am
♪ >>comeo cbs mornings andllo yoe west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> oh, my god! >> it reminded me of war. it was like a war zone. there were bodies everywhwhere. >> new details about the holiday parade tragedy, what we know about the suspect andighting fo life. the trial over the killing of ahmaud arbery is heading to
7:01 am
the jury. we


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