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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 23, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. writhe now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area a live look from the tower camera looking east. one of my favorite shots because you see so much of the city. it's tuesday. november 23rd. >> we have a look at what is going on outside. >> we are looking at another chilly start. not as cold as yesterday morning but we are dealing with temperatures down to the 30's, 40's and 50's in spots. looking at some patchy fog as well. 44 in concord, 52 in san francisco, looking at 46 san jose. a cold 39 degrees in santa rosa. dealing with patchy dense fog down to a quarter mile in fire failed. as we head through the day today, we are looking at temperatures cooler compared to yesterday. you are going to feel that
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difference. 60 in pacifica. 65 in okay land. in the mid-60s's for the peninsula and high inland in the mid6o's. 65 concord and 65 for the napa valley. we will talk more about what you can expect as we look to the rest of the week including thanksgiving day coming up. how are things shaping up out there and especially are you looking at the south bay. starting off with the south not bad to look out for. tritav's oinn g 87 on guadalupe parkway or plan to. northbound at 280. there's reports of a minor fender bender. are you seeing on the maps a lot of green which is good news. it means traffic moving at the limit. there's a crash westbound 80 and that right lane is blocked. right now it's still early. not a lot of cars on the roadways. no big impact to traffic. we will watch that and keeping a close eye on the bay area
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bridges. live look at the bay bridge. things moving nicely. this is typical for this time of the morning. everything clear into and of a nice start for the drive across the san mateo bridge. we are continuing to cover that amtrak crash yesterday after it hit a truck that was truck on the track. it happened just after 8:00 p.m. and the clean up has been going on all night long. about 30 people were on board the train when it derailed. minor injuries. the driver of the truck was hurt but is expected to be okay. it sounds like the back tires of the truck got stuck on the tracks. people inside were working to get it off but they weren't able to do it. the train came through and the trash happened. a lot of the trains, cars are damaged as well and amtrak has been working to get the
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passengers on the way. continue to follow the investigation. this is a new view of a smash and grab at the southland mall in heyward. we saw the same mo over and overall weekend long. hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of items stolen. this morning we are getting answers from top law enforcement officials on both sides of the bay. betty has more. >> so many people have reached out to me, residents and tourist as like who say they believe under your leadership san francisco, specifically, not other cities, has become this haven for retail crime and property crime alike because of your hands off approach to crime. >> if it feels that we have work to do. we want everybody to feel safe and be safe in san francisco. until everybody is safe and feels safe our work is not done. that's why i have been focused on proactive work. >> the da who is facing a recall election in june said
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his charging rates in 2021 are higher than those in other counties in under the bay area. retailers not taking any chances. multiple stops near westfield mall are boarded up. high end brands still allowed customers inside but security locked the door after each entry. >> we know that when it comes to property crime san francisco police are spread thin. they aren't able to y ey onlarres in about 3% of recorded thefts. >> the police chief said more arrests in the barrys are over the weekend as repeat offenders. >> if this were something driven by my policies we wouldn't see it in chicago, san jose and the other places. >> do you believe you are soft on crime? >> absolutely not. nothing could be further from the truth. >> there wasn't a lot of
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window shopping to do. tourists and locals looked at the holiday sights. >> it's craziness. it's weird to see and it's sad to see. >> what's your sense of safety here? >> i mean there is a cop every two feet. you tell me. >> that was betty reporting. when asked if jail time was sufficient punishment for these kind of thieves he said that should be looked at on a case by case basis with the goal of reducing prison. the police chief said there's not that much responsibility. over the weekend we saw a deadly officer involved shootings u murders, robberies and illegal side shows. the chief said that he has a plan to crack down. >> the violence seems to be getting worse every weekend. officers even saying they are getting caught off guard with the escalated use of guns. >> what violen thar
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az othe criminals to use firearms? these robberies? >> they are have learned over the pandemic year that they haven't been held in custody for the possession of firearms and the use of firearms. i think that it's a criminal justice failure. we haven't held very dangerous people in custody for very long. now it's not intimidating to come out and drive with a firearm. it's not intimidating to use them. there is not much responsibility right now. >> just this weekend hundreds of cars and c aravansengaging in shoot outs. a car jacking pursuit ended with officers shooting and killing the suspect. oakland had it's 124th homicide. this weekend the chief has pledged to deploy tactical teams throughout the city and has extended staffing but he said he needs the city's help. >> councilmembers to step up and have a conversation about the loss of life in this city.
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beyond the politics of whether you support police or not. there is a clear problem in this city. >> a councilmember who opposed reducing staffing for the police said he hears the call for the council to step up. >> i believe next year there is a freeze on police officer positions. would you recommend to the council to unfreeze those positions again? >> i i'm 100% behind unfreezing those positions. i didn't think they were wise in the first place. the underlying idea on freezing the positions were that we were not going to need them. >> kpix5. some encouraging news this morning on the pandemic. california's coronavirus case rate has been stabilizing after troubling signs earlier this month. kenny reports on the new update from the cdc. >> claudia just signed up her youngest son to get a vaccine appointment. >> i feel confidence that
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science is telling us that this is good and i believe in science. >> her 6-year-old son will get his first dose when the mission neighborhood health center launch muchs a pop up site for two nights. >> coronavirus is like really bad right now. >> troubling up ticks have stabilized recently. state officials say there are good signs as case rates and hospitalizations in california have dropped this week. they are pleading for urgent participation as more people start gathering inside. >> people continue to get boosters to protect themselves as well as the 5 and 11-year- old's protect themselves from spreading covid and hopefully make it through the winter with less cases. >> that's why this pop up will stay open later than usual for working families hopping on buses to get to the clinic. >> more school based clinics. more pop up clinics. more mobile clinics. >> it's wonderful when you can afford to go anywhere or when you can afford to go any time.
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for some parents especially, in immigrant communities and low income community its it's not as easy. the time is now 4:40. coming up,. >> it may be a lot harder to find that perfect christmas tree this year. >> there's most definitely a tree shortage. this is the worst i have seen. >> the reason behind the shortage and how you can avoid coming up empty handed. >> and elizabeth holmes spars with prosecutors as she takes the witness stand in her own defense.
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we are learning more about the dark history of the man accusein a deadly tariffing rampage at a christmas parade. the 39-year-old was fleeing a domestic incident when he allegedly drove the suv through barricades and into a parade, killing five people. court documents show he was accused of intentionally running over his child's mother with his vehicle earlier this month. witnesses to sunday's tragedy are still trying to make sense of what happened. >> you think about the response you could have to stop the guy and it's just -- you know even if i was right in front thankful it would have been hard to stop it. he was going 30 to 35 miles an hour when he went past.
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>> the victims range in age in 52 to 81. four were members of the dancing granny's group. a vigil was held in their memory last night. now to san jose where it's back to court this morning in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. yesterday she concluded her second day on the stand defending herself against fraud charges. she testified that the company had early successes in 2009 and 200. they said she could not have intended to deceive investors because she believed the blood testing devices worked. supply chain issues putting the crunch on holody presents and now it could mean a christmas tree shortage. >> katie explain itself may be hard to find that perfect tree real or fake. >> the lights are up. one mit is set ther ere aral >> they will be here absolutely. >> johnny moore has been in the christmas tree business for 40 years. >> there's a tree shortage.
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this is the worst i have seen. >> the majority of the trees at bay area tree lots come from oregon and washington. states that both experience record high temperatures this summer during what would have been the peak growing time for trees. >> it was really brutal is the word. >> the american christmas tree association said some reported losing up to 90% of their crop. maybe an artificial tree instead? not so fast. supply chain disruptions are causing a shortage in fake trees as well. moore said because of his relationships with growerns he will be stocked at both lots. the main one in livermore and another in san ramone. >> i think this year is definitely a tough year for a lot of tree lots to come up with the trees. >> he said the best bet this year is to shop early u be prepared to pay 10 to 15% more and if you find a great tree buy it, many lots may run out of trees well before christmas. >> they eadone
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aren'gog tore trees. >> in livermore. kpix5. and most bay area tree lots will open at the end of this week. time for the money watch report. a northbound profit just got millions of dollars from the ceo of amazon. stocks were mixed on monday as investors adjust to news of jerome powell being renominated. the s&p fell 15. no more turkey trots to target on thanksgiving. the retailer now said its stores will be closed every thanksgiving. the move marks a permanent line in the sand on the prepandemic pattern of starting black friday a day earlier.
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critics had argued for retailers to shut their doors clospandemic. ay ho r ny stowe da> jeff bezos is giving $100 am natiis in honor of john lewis the late civil rights leader and congressman. it's the largest individual gift they have ever received. he also said advertise family would give $166 million to nyu's medical center. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. >> we will start with mary. >> good morning. it's a cold start to the day. we are down to the 30's, 40's and 50's. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera as you can see sutro tower. down to 38 degrees in santa rosa. 44 concord, 51 in oakland.
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52 in san francisco. san jose in at 46 this morning. down to a quarter mile. dense fog in fairfield. three miles for the visibility in santa rosa and for concord about four miles in livermore. some patchy dense fog as we start off the day. otherwise mainly clear skies. a cold start, bundle up and put on that coat as you head out the door. as we look to the afternoon it'll be a cooler afternoon. you will notice that difference. several degrees cooler compared to yesterday. a clear and breezy evening ahead. here we go. satellite and radar view and you can see that dry cold front and that isoler temperatures. rain up across the pacific northwest. for us, on the tail end of that front just bringing at least the cooler temperatures and a few more clouds as we head into future cast. as we go across the region looking at upper 50's, low 60's for the coast. 63 for the peninsula in san
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mateo. as we look to the inland east bay 65 concord, pleasant hill. mid-60s's for the tria valley. 64 for daley city. 64 alameda. 65 oakland and san leandro and highs in the north bay in the mid-60s's. santa rosa at 65. that thanksgiving day forecast and it looks fantastic. low 60's at the coast with that sunshine. mid-60s's around the bay and upper 60's inland this afternoon. seven day forecast, not a lot of change here. we are settling in to a quiet weather pattern for the bay area. you can see the temperatures holding steady over the next several days for thanksgiving and into our weekend. maybe slightly warmer for the weekend ahead. inland east bay, the north bay and the coast slightly warmer as we look to thanksgiving and friday as well as into the weekend. let's check in with a look at traffic. not bad if you are out the
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door early. a good time to be on the roadways. in fact most of the bay arsan r are showing nice conditions. if you are going from richmond to san ralph yes we have a bit of a snag. there's a lot of dirt, debris in the roadway. expect delays. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic moving at the limit into san francisco. pretty typical this time of the morning. there's no crashes or stalls to slow you down through here at all. again no mooters lights. that's good news if you are going into san francisco. same story for the san mateo bridge. your travel time, easy 12 minutes between 880 and 101. the golden gate bridge off to a great start. we aren't seeing a lot of cars just yet. there's road work just north of here on 101. like lie running a traffic break to pick up the cones and get everything out of lanes and traffic should be moving again. slight delays but an easy
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commute southbound 101 down into san francisco. that's probably about a 19 minute ride. in fact here say live look at the travel times. 19 minutes there. the richmond, san rafael bridge. seven minutes castro street. 9 # minutes which is the san mateo bridge and that -- only seven minutes. that's it from the maze over to 101. checking your travel times on some of the major freeways, slight delays in to the pass. 28 minutes, # 05 to 680. east shore freeway westbound. that crash in the clearing stages. things moving at the limit. 13 minutes highway 4 to the maze. this morning a south bay holiday tradition is back. >> downtown ice made its return to san jose last night. the outdoor ice rink is located on market street. an olympic gold medalist was there. she said she didn't want to
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miss the start of the25th anniversary season. >> it's beautiful, it's outside and it's defend flightly puts you in the f esti ve mood. >> and tiffany just revealed what it calls the most expensive piece of jewelry ever. >> it's all yours. >> for around $20 million. the world's fair necklace was just revealed in dubai and features 180 carets of diamonds set in platinum. the center piece is a flawless 80 caret empire diamond. the diamond was cut and polished in israel and set in tiffany's workshop in new york. what have i got? on monday it was great for basketball. it was great for giants baseball business and it was epic confidence builder for your san jose sharks. wow. they went toe to toe on the ers]
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it's rare but we are going to hit you first with the nhl and the san jose sharks. how long could they stay with the team that had won 14 of his first 16 games to open the season? what a finish last night in san jose. hurricanes have been a wrecking ball through opponents. sharks had lost a couple straight. took a couple of periods but when kevin got a stick on it he didn't hesitate. tied the game up. sharks had been frustrated to that point. game went to overtime and watch this. hurdle shot it and on the other side, finished it. if you look closely, the puck went right under the defender's
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arm. sap center the joint was jumping. 2-1, sharks win. baseball buster posey retired but how about one more honor? he was named the national league come back player of the year. posey returned to all-star forum after sitting out last season and then retired on his own terms then and drop the mic. anthony threw month posey but he has plenty of time to find another catcher now. giants signed him to a three year contract worth 36 million. he won a career high 13 games last season and the team also reportedly close to a new deal for alex wood. two years and 20 millions. a 10-4 record last season with san francisco. how about college basketball? the gal seconds. it was vegas. they gave him a show.
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tied at 47. second half. they failed augustua. open look. is he the -- who was in the house. proud papa. irish up one. no problem for dan for three. he scored a career high 22 and saint mary's beat notre dame. they will play oregon in the semis of this -- move to vegas pause of covid restrictions. the best of the broncos here and william rocked the rim. williams led with 22 and they cruised to an 85-66 win. the broncos are 5-0. on sunday, 49ers exciting feel that touchdown pass to a tacking. trent williams, monday night football the giants got it right. a touchdown pass to 315 pound andrew thomas.
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giants tie the game with tampa bay but this is tom brady's house. a third quarter pass to ans. brady threw for 307 two scores buccaneers won it 30-10 to snap a two game losing streak. that is sports at this hour. everybody have a great day and i will check in with you later. >> we will see you then. coming um on kp ib 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area breaking news. what the white house announced it's doing to try to lower gas prices. and the good news on the covid front here ahead of the holidays as health officials stress the need for the booster shots. and the plan to track down on
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charges could becoming done
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today in the recent mob style robberies. i'm justin andrews. how your safety is a top for ci coming up next. and the plan from oakland's police chief to crime starting this thanksgiving weekend. and what we know after a scene of chaos involving an amtrak train. the covid holiday outlook good morning. it's tuesday, november 23rd. good morning to you. glad to have you with us. first a check of weather and traffic. you know i pay attention to every forecast you give. >> i love that. >> i heard you mention an area in the 0's this morning. >> yeah. in the north bay. another cold start to the bay. bundle up and put on the big coat as you head out the door. we are looking at the temperatures plummeting once again this morning. check it out. santa rosa down to 37 degrees degrees. that's a cold start for you. a


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