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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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we wanted to know where all of that stolen merchandise ends up. >> andria borba is looking into it from santana row in san jose for us. andria? >> reporter: well, allen and elizabeth, as we all know, this is not the first team wife seen these mass organized retail ransackings of stores with merchandise taken out of the stores. we here at kpix 5 have looked into this issue in the past, and have an idea where all of the merchandise is headed. the lulu is calm right now. yesterday, it was anything but. thieves swarmed in and stole more than $40,000 in merchandise. >> this was being, you know, orchestrated by an organized crime ring. not retail crime, organized crime. so when you talk about human trafficking, you talk about drug cartels, that's the area
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that we're in right now, and retail theft is funding those types of really bad crimes. >> reporter: so where does all of that merchandise go? >> are they real, or just, like -- >> yeah, it's relying. everything is real. >> reporter: so we bought some. and how much is it then? >> $50. >> reporter: this is from our investigation in february of 2020, about a swarm of smash and grabs in 2019. this store has been hit three times in four months in santa rosa. then we found a vendor at the laney college swap meet selling veal lulu linen at half price. >> for it to show up at a swap meet -- inspected guess would be that it would be stolen. . >> reporter: where are you getting all of this stuff, ma'am. >> don't know. >> reporter: is it stolen? >> i don't know. it's none of my business. >> reporter: this is what a
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police officer told us about the heist in 2020. >> there's planning that going into when to steal, what to steal, where to steal, and then what to do with what is stolen. >> reporter: today sergeant christian of the san jose p.d. told us this isn't just victimless theft, but dangerous robbery. >> one of the suspects that entered lulu lemon had a visible gun in his waistband, so his who we're dealing with. very planned and organized. they were armed. >> reporter: now some of this merchandise will end up at those swap meets and plea markets on tables being sold at the real thing, which they are, at a lower cost for someone. some of these will end up on on- line marketplaces like ebay and elsewhere. some of the real high-end stuff, the diamonds and the pearls, that is bigger question and one of the things these task forces really have to answer, elizabeth. they're trying to figure out who was at the top pulling the
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strings, telling these people to go in swarms, how it's being organized. there's a lot of questions to get to the top of the organizations that are running these. >> seems to always come down to follow the money. where is the money going. >> reporter: yep. >> all right, andria, thanks. >> this city has to deal with overwhelming violence in this community over the weekend, and it's unacceptable. it's unacceptable for our residents. it's unacceptable for our visitors. nobody should have to live through this. i'm asking council to step up and have a conversation about how they support our effort to address public safety this city. >> tonight oakland's police chief already planning ahead to next weekend and asking city leaders to back him up after a violent couple of days that he called unprecedented. in addition to responding to the city's 124th homicide of the year, officers came under fire as they tried to stop a series of robberies in marijuana dispensaries and other businesses. a carjacking led to a police shootout in rockridge, leaving
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one man dead and hundreds gathers at side shows with people firing shots into the air. one prettied target in oakland over the weekend, pharmacies >> i've got cancer. so i'm trying to get certainly medications filled, and they tell you to go to another walgreens. >> this part showed up at the high street walgreens today, only to find it closed after a robbery yesterday. meanwhile, the well spring opened today after thieves descend on the store saturday night. spectators and cameras swarmed elizabeth holmes as she entered the courthouse in san jose today to take the witness stand for a second day. today the theranos founder defended hearst against fraud claims by showing her company had success in 2009 and 2010, and told the jury her company work go ahead with patients and major drug companies in the
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u.s. and abroad. >> she's doing a good job of personalizing herself and getting the jury to like her. >> tomorrow is the last day of testimony before the trial breaks for the thanksgiving holiday. still to come, why doordash is about to delivery millions of dollars to its san francisco drivers. and the race against the climate clock off the sonoma coast tonight. >> this is a climate driven catastrophe that in this was happening in our terrestrial forests, it would be front page news every day. a nice start to the abbreviated workweek. temperatures were well above average in san jose, while everybody else reached up to 66 or 67 degrees. thanksgiving is look nice. we'll look ahead to the holiday coming up in the forecast. and our food for bay area families drive is on. to donate
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warm is hardly the way anyone who has dipped a toe in the water of our coast would describe it, but kelp is used to chilly 55 degrees. lately the water has been reaching the mid-60s, and for this ecosystem, that's a heat wave, which brings us to the root of this problem, the pacific is getting warmer. if we time lapse the last 10 years, we see an obviously trend. areas in red show temperatures that are above average. by the time we get to 2015, the year of kelp forest collapsed, we see a blob of water so large it's technically classified as a marine heat wave, one the blob, as it's been called, was
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quickly followed by other marine heat waves. there is one in 2017. here is another one in 2019, out in 2020. some of that water along the coast was near 70 degrees. >> there are certainly locations like this spot, russian gulch, where the kelp has just hung on. >> reporter: assistant professor brent hughes of sonoma state university took me to a small beach where he has found a glimmer of hope. >> if you're going to restore by reseeding, then maybe you could select from the best populations that will have the west by chance of surviving if there is another warming event. >> reporter: once you find a strain that can handle the heat like that, you can find millions of spores, and if you can transplant that up here, maybe that will work. >> eventually we're going to figure things out. we don' the answerers, but we're working towards it. >> reporter: you are racing against the clock. >> we are racing against the
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climate clock, yes. >> there was a small ray of hope in this story this year. if you look back at 2019, the kelp is virtually gone along the mendocino county coastline. but then you can see a lot more of it here. it really did surge back. ocean temperatures off the coast, right there, that's the california current, which went into overdrive this summer, and it really provided the best cold conditions for kelp you're going to find. we should have seen kelp flourish under a situation like that this year. instead, we got about 10% of what would have normally been there under an ideal situation like that. so, yeah, the kelp did show signs of being able to bounce back, but nowhere near what it needed to, and it's not going to be enough, because with more marine heat waves coming, other alternatives are going to have to work. >> we're going to have to do something about this prepare >> we first have to get rid of
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those purple urchin. police in wisconsin have a suspect in custody in connection with yesterday's deadly vehicle rampage at a holiday parade. at least five people were killed, dozens more were seriously hurt when darrell brooks' red suv plowed down the route. a lawsuit official tells cbs news, the 39-year-old was fleeing another crime scene and intentionally rammed into the crowd. >> we have no information that brooks knew anybody in the parade. >> investigators say brooks has a lengthy and violent criminal past. according to court documents earlier this month, he intentionally ran over his child's mother with his vehicle. and as prices rice, president biden's approval has sunk to a new low of 44% in cbs news polling. the reasons are largely economic. more than 2/3 disapprove of how
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she handling inflation. >> we know its tough for families to keep up with the rising costs gasoline, food, housing, and other essentials. >> the president hopes his massive social spending bill will bring relief, but opponents say it could have the option effect. >> this idea that we're going to spend $1.75 trillion, but trust us, it's not going to cost you anything, nobody buys that. >> and the president reappointed fed president jerome powell for a second term as head of the central bank. >> downtown ice is back after a two-year break back of the pandemic. 1992 olympic champion christiia ma goochy was there to kick off the season >> it's a perfect place. it's beautiful, it's outdoors, and definitely puts you in a festive move with this beautiful circle of palms and the lights. >> it is located on market
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street in san jose. paul, should be a nice weekend to enjoy it, as long as they keep it challenge. >> yeah, that might be a bit of a challenge, as temperatures will be up close to 70 degrees in san jose later this week. we're just going to see some passing clouds as we head through tonight and early tomorrow. slightly cooler temperatures in store for tomorrow, as well. any chance of showers kind of falls apart as it approach this bay area late tonight into early tomorrow morning, and with locally dense fog dissipating, we'll see clear skies for the rest of the day. wednesday big travel day. no problems at all if you're traveling around the bay area or california. we'll be dry pretty much through the entire state, and it looks like thanksgiving itself is going to be nice as well. just a few fair weather clouds floating through. you're traveling nationally, tomorrow a really good day for it. here is tomorrow's travel forecast. all of the major travel hubs are going to see good weather,
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pretty much across the board, and temperatures close to what you would expect for this time of year, so the cool spots a little cooler, and the usual warm spots will be just a little warmer. all the way up to 56 in denver for a high temperature tomorrow. lots of sunshine, though, for all of these busy airports. a little bit of fog trying to creep in from the coasts. locally dense fog to start the day tomorrow, and then it will dissipate and plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, once those passing clouds pass through. temperatures in the 50s for everybody. 51 in santa rosa, 59 degrees downtown san francisco and san jose. temperatures will drop down to the 40s inland. high temperatures tomorrow are going to climb up to about what is average with those passing clouds. low-to-mid 60s for san francisco. santa rosa reaches 65 by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the winds will pick up after the sun goes down tomorrow evening. stronger offshore winds are going to develop. fortunately we picked up that
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rain in october and earlier this month to help attend you ate the fire threat. we'll fill in the rest of the map around 60 degrees along the coast. everybody else in the mid-60s with very similar temperatures on wednesday, and then we warm up a little bit for thanksgiving, a more noticeable warming trend as you get away from the water. highs close close to 70 degrees as we head into the weekend itself around san jose. no rain in the seven-day forecast. maybe a hint of is a shower monday. i'll have an update any that coming up at 11:00. hey, you're out of luck for thanksgiving, but if you're driving out of town for christmas, you may be in for a gift at the gas pumps. >> streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, covid boosters. will we need them yearly like a flu shot?
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we ask a stanford doctors at 8:15. you can find cbsn
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doordash will pay more than $5 million to settle a labor dispute with some of it drivers. >> doordash is accused of cheating nearly 4500 delivery workers out of health coverage and paid sick leave. the majority of the settlement will go to workers who made deliveries in san francisco
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between 2016 and 2020. doordash did not admit wrong doing, and so far has not responded to our requests for comment. a live look at bay area bridges, where the holiday getaway has begun, and aaa says 48 million americans will drive to their holiday destination, and it won't be cheap. gas prices are up more than 60% in the past year, as production struggled to keep up with increased demand, as economy reopened. but the tracking website gas buddy said that prices are finally starting to tick down, and could continue to drop through mid-december. still to come, a
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a popular holiday tradition returns to san francisco tomorrow with a high-tech twist. >> macy's at union square is
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once againing up with the san francisco spca to promote adoptable pets. instead of putting live animals in the windows, monitors will play live streams of cats and dogs available for adoption. >> that one! how do you get a ar the antlers! any dog i within two seconds. >> the kitties were pretty cute, too. they're all going to get great homes, i'm sure. thank you for watching, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. >> and we'll see you again back here at 11:00. enjoy your n ht.
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