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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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walgreens. >> reporter: on saturday night, it was the well spring pharmacy on piedmont avenue, which was open ed today, but surveillance video, which was sped up by the pharmacy owner, shows the crowd that descended on the store on saturday, and this, of course, just one of the businesses hit by a mob of thieves over the weekend. >> at least two dozen businesses were impacted with rove be caravans of vehicles, targeting cannabis retail operations, and pharmacies throughout the city of oakland. . >> reporter: this is not the first time, but it's a crime that can create serious hardship for those already struggling. massey was coming straight from a doctor's appointment today. >> this is the third time i know that en little guy that really needs it, you know. >> that this city has to deal with overwhelming violence in this community over the weekend, and it's unacceptable for our residents, it's unacceptable for our visitors.
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nobody should have to live through this. >> reporter: all right. so pharmacies, one target over the course of the weekend, but police were very clear when they spoke this afternoon, that it was the attacks, to use the word, i'm not sure what you call it, put the raids on the cannabis dispensaries that resulted in most of the gunfire being exchanged. so any number of different kinds of things unfolding over the weekend. pharmacies just one part of it. >> just within the last four days, large groups of thieves have targeted at least five different bay area shopping center. in some cases, the chaos and destruction was captured on camera, as thieves smashed their way into stores, carrying out as much as they could carry. juliette goodrich is live in livermore with more on how the thefts are putting shoppers on edge. juliette? >> reporter: yes, we're here at the san francisco printing outlets in livermore. you can see behind my shoulder
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there. you may be able to see some police lights. that just happened in the last hour. i don't know in its because their having a visual deterrent by having security out front or if somethinghappen we'rfily th out, haved not shop iday people are eagetobublack friday be the day they turn out. >> no black friday shopping. >> reporter: if why is that? >> say if safe, because they're going around everywhere. even like the nice areas it would be. >> reporter: never know what could happen. >> a holiday shopping experience tainted by the recent smash-and-grab crime spree over the weekend all over the bay area. at the southland mall in hayward, a mob of 40 to 50 people was described, running inside with hammers and other tools, breaking into a jewelry store and take off. >> yeah, my friends were actually there when there was a robbery. they had to be stuck in a store, because they saw them run out and everything, like out of a jewelry store. >> it's just sad, the times of
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what has been going on, and people are now groups, mobs doing it, instead of individually going in and doing it. >> reporter: many shop sayres they're worried about the growing trend ofbberloing qu wh ey hit xt. >>s surpd, becse i ouldhappen c i don't think it will happen here in pleasanton or dublin. >> reporter: but there was an attempt at lens, at 1:00 in the morning, a group of nine trying to break in. police say nothing was stolen and no arrests in this case yet, but they say they do have surveillance video. >> it makes you think and be more aware of your surroundings and what is going on, like, right behind your back. >> reporter: so as we enter that holiday shopping season, keep in mind some stores, traditionally opened on thanksgiving, won't be, like target, then day after thanksgiving, typically black friday, some stores aren't having that. they're just having the holiday
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sales throughout the holiday, so you don't have this mass group of shoppers thdawe, and s come out the day after. take act like look at walnut creek and the stepped up police presence this evening, police department s has promised to increase patrols after the mob of thieves targeted that nordstrom store there. tonight we're learning at leastg gsout overhead ju afpar ca rk in the area, as shoppers strolled through the stores, and chopper five also flying over union square in san francisco, where a heavy police presence was spotted. shops in that area now boarded up after crooking smashed into a store last friday. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin addressed retail crime sprees within the last hour, saying this. >> we saw over the weekend, not just in san francisco, but hayward, walnut creek, chicago, and san jose, is absolutely unacceptable. if you bring that kind of
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nonsense, that kind of criminal behavior to our city, there will be consequences. >> and governor gavin newsom also questioned about the crimes during a stop at a bay area vaccine clean this morning. >> we want real accountability. we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe. i have noathy for these folks, and they must be to hold account. >> we goveor's pss conference, as well as the oakland police chief, live on cbsn bay area. you can stream the news anytime on, where we will also continue to follow the outbreak of retail crime and how bay area leaders promising to shut it down. >> well, now the south bay, where elizabeth holmes spent her second day on the witness stand the theranos fraud trial, defending herself against prosecutors and len ramirez with the success she said her company has had. 's while the testimony today focused on an earlier time period when theranos was
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starting to make for itself working with pharma sighticle companies both here and abroad. elizabeth holmes held hands with her mother and his band as she entered the federal court house, amid a crush of cameras and onlookers. on the stand for a second day, she fold the jury how in 2009 and early 2010, theranos was work with major drug companies and the mayo clinic on patient trials. her attorney asked how theranos test results compared to other company's during one trial in belgium. it performed well, she said. >> she's doing good job of personalizing herself, and getting the jury to like her. >> reporter: gut former prosecutor and legal analyst michelle hagen said her defense is focusing on the period about three years before the alleged fraud took place. >> none of it is technically relevant in the sense of we want to know how is the technology working at the time that these patients' blood was tested and when these investors invested in her company. >> reporter: ny defense may
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also be trying to country key prosecution argument that holmes faked documents with pharmaceutical logos to lure investors. >> that's where cross- examination matters, because right now she is play fog her strengths. >> reporter: with holmes on the stand, the courtroom has been jam-packed wispectators, m- a iasomething that happened. it's exciting. >> reporter: holmes will be back on the witness stand for several more days. >> well, tomorrow is the last day of testimony before the trial breaks r the thanksgiving holiday. folks driving through oakland today may have noticed this large plume of smoke. chopper 5 flying over a fire under 880 at 23rd street just after 12:30 today. it's unclear what started the flames or what caught fire. however, it did break out near some homeless encampments. >> still ahead, the push back
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over a new initiative to create more storage for water across california. plus a live look at oakland. how police there are making it safer to buy and sell goods with on-line strangers. >> and a decades long holiday tradition returning to the bay area. the big change organizers are making. nice weather out there this evening. mostly clear skies over the bay area for the moment, but some passing clouds tonight unfortunately. they're not going to drop any sprinkles on us. we'll take a look at the forecast as we get closer to thanksgiving coming up. ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan.
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become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq sink gathers is putting an initial tissue that would force more water storage here in northern california. >> but the success of that measure may depend on the weather. . >> reporter: even in the midst of a hirst or drought, not a lot of new dam asks reservoirs being built in california right now. but that sentiment could change, and there are many getting ready if that happens. with many reservoirs drying up and no guarantee of a wet went
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we are somebody farmers and southern california water districts are pushing an initiative called the water infrastructure funding act of 2022. if pass bid the voters, it would require the state to spend two percent of the general fund on projects that would expand water supplies. and that would be $3 billion to $4billion per year fund water supply projects, and we don't choose specific projects, but we define project categories that are eligible for funding. >> reporter: the everyone to qualify the statewide measure has just begun and many bay area water agencies aren't even aware of it yet, but steve sheldon says there has been a lot of political foot dragging going on. >> in 2014, california's passed proposition one, which was supposed to fund water storage. nothing has been constructed from that proposition. >> reporter: that includes the expansion of a reservoir in contra costa county that was approved for prop 1 funds four
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years guy, but still hasn't gotten the money. the new initiative's co- organizer think this legislature must be forced to act, and said it will pass if voters are motivated by another dry wenter. >> a lot of this depends on the weather, but voters, as it is right now, very much support public spending on water infrastructure by 70% to 80%. >> reporter: but some environmental groups are lining in ohpiece. they don't trust ones proposition that would speed up the process. some think the state should focus more on conservation. >> instead of creating more, we need to use less, and what we > april to get enough signatures to put the measure on the 2022 ballot. >> supporters say the never tissue isn't just about creating more storage.
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state funds could also be used for water saving projects, such as expansion of recycled water delivery symptoms. >> doordash will pay more than $5 million to settle a labor dispute with some of hits san francisco drivers. they are accused of exciting nearly 4500 delivery workers out of healthcare coverage and paid sick leave. the majority of the settlement will go to workers who made deliveries in san francisco between 2016 and 2020. it's the largest settlement ever reached by the office of labor standards enforcement. doordash, which is headquartered in san francisco, did not admit wrongdoing. we have reached out to doordash for a statement, but ha heck. oakld police are offerin a safe place for anyone to meet up and buy or sell on-line purchases. the department's safe exchange zone will be set up in a parking lot next to the police station in downtown oakland. they encourage people to use that area during daylight
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hours. police say the area is monitored 24 hours a day. >> it's being called the word's largest collection of art biff the -- conclusive street artist banky, and it is now opened in san francisco. the art of banky featured more than 80% of the artists work. tickets are on sale now through the beginning of january. a popular holiday tradition returns to san francisco. macy's at union square will unveil this year's holiday window displays. the department store is also teaming up with spca. however, actual live animals will not be put back on display. the group says instead monitors will play live streams of cats and dogs available for adoption. look at that little guy. macy's is also expected to make a sizable donation to the shelt. well, there's a race against the climate clock taking place off the sonoma coast. hidden kell forest, home to a
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variety of species, providing protection from predators, but they are disappearing. >> this is a climate driven catastrophe. if this was happening in our forests, it would be fronts page news every day. >> in our front report, the hidden forest crisis, what is being done to restore the lost kelp. that's tonight at 7:00. going back to the weather now. lks aving sttown for the holidays. yeah, looks mike either way. tomorrow's weather likes nice across the country. let's look at what you need to know. some patchy dense fog developing tonight. temperatures will be cool, but not quite as chilly as this morning. a mix of clouds and sunshine on tuesday. winds starting to pick up during the afternoon. hour-by-hour wind gusts will actually get stronger tomorrow evening and tuesday night, a dry, mild thanksgiving, and a dry and mild thanksgiving weekend, as well.
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the nice weather sticking around through the four-day holiday weekend. right now looking towards downtown, the embarcadero center is lit up now. temperatures dropping to the low 50s in santa rosa. still holding on to 60 in san francisco. everybody else's temperature in the upper 50s. pretty normal temperature for this time of year. tomorrow we'll start off around 50 along the bay and around the coast, but dropping down to the 40s farther inland. temperatures will warm up, just not que as much as today. a cool sport in petaluma for a trio of dogs. temperatures are going to stay pretty similar on wednesday. close to average, maybe degree or with above normal. right around 60 along the coast. everybody else in the mid-60s, as we head through the holiday
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weekend. the winds will start picking up tomorrow afternoon. 15 to 20 mile an hour gusts by 3:00. offshore winds are going to be with us throughout the evening and overnight hours, 25 to 45 mile an hour wind gusts, around napa and fairfield, but those winds will start calming down and back to normal wind gusts by wednesday afternoon, and shouldn't be that breezy for thanksgiving day. the hour-by-hour forecast across the bay area is looking pretty good. temperatures will be in the 40s, on the cool side, but normally cool for late november, and then we warm up to the upper 60s inland, with mid-60s along the bay, and low 60s along the coast for thanksgiving afternoon. temperatures may be warming up a degree or two for san francisco and oakland, but san jose gets up to around 70 degrees on friday, saturday, and sunday. we start cooling off next week. some of the forecast data
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hinting a a chance of showers next monday night, but that's an outside chance at this point. we'll keep you updated. >> all right, paul, thanks. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> hi there allen and liz. on this thanksgiving week, a lot of news to cover tonight, and a special story for you, as we go on the run with girls on the run. how this program has helped strengthen the confidence of over 2 million girls. the cbs evening news is just minutes away. straight ahead in sports, have you seen the niners new 6'5" 320 pound receiver? he's hard to miss! and the giants won 107 games this past season. news on a couple of playerers who combined for 23 of them.
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ all right, baseball up top, and the giants. this holiday season, i wish i had their checkbook! two of their free agent pitchers benefited fro. ady di anthy disco gned three-year dea
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worth $36 million. he can buy a lot of itune hits with that. he joined the giants last season and set a career high with 13 wins. and then they didn't let up! reportedly the club is nearing a deal to bring back alex wood. two-year contract worth over $20 million. the veteran lefty posted a 10-4 record last season. and buster posey, he may be retired, but how about one more honey snore he was named the national league comeback player of the year. posey returned to all-star form after sitting out last season, and then dropped the mic by retiring on his own terms. nfl, a 49ers empire, how you feeling? back too back wins bay combined score of 61-20 has san francisco right back in the playoff picture.
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another busy day for receiver deebo samuel, running downhill outline of the backfield. toucown, but he nonly althrooff d zone! ed now they just need to work on a little timing to make the play go. >> i tried. >> once i seen jimmy throw it, i said, oh, yeah, this is my time now. i've got to leave this. as soon as i left the ground, i got blasted. it felt like ten people right there. it's definitely way harder than it looks. nba, the warriors are off before welcoming seth curry and his 76 ors to the chase winter on wednesday night. the warriors carry the league best 15-2 record. draymond green's play this year has been something to watch. he said he has rediscovered his love for the game after a
6:25 pm
couple of down years. plus he has two new critics to silence. his son and caughter? >> they kind of get on my (bleep) if we lose, so that's motivation, and i think for me, also, i've been (bleep) the last couple of years, and so my kids don't really understand how good i am, and i want them to see how good i am, so they'll have an understanding. >> last night, more than a little dust-up, hard to see the blow, but pistons stewart was on the wrong end of a lebron james elbow. both were ejected. jaymee got suspected a game for the first time in his career. tomorrow's lakers and nicks game in forecast. stewart received a two-game ban for failing to leave the court in a timely banner after he was ejected. he posted this onission instagram account. tiger woods ball striking with
6:26 pm
a chance reading making progress. it's the first update woods has given on his golf game since last february's car crash. need to remember that crash from last february. we wondered if he would even be upright again. >> that's amaze. >> now he's hitting boulevard balls like he never left! >> and was it a brace or some kind of compression legging on? >> yeah, a little compression legging, but i'll take that swing every day. >> you have me both. [ laughter ] that's great progress. >> never bet against tiger woods for a come back. >> thanks, vern. . next, ice that never melts. it could soon be a thing,
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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♪ ♪
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researchers at osowoski davis is come up with a way to keep ice from melting. they are calling these jelly ice cubes. they don't melt. they are reusable, and prevent cross-contamination. they got the idea from modestoy ice blocks used in fish markets. they said it could revolutionize how food is kept
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frozen and shipped. >> thanks for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, a christmas parade turns into a nightmare after an s.u.v. mows down children and the elderly, killing five and injuring dozens more. an update on the kids still in critical condition and how the suspect with a long criminal history was let out of jail just days earlier. after a joyous tradition on waukesha's main street ends in tragedy. what we're learning about the five killed, including the leader of the milwaukee dancing grannies, a group cbs news profiled just this summer. >> she's like the heart and soul, honest to god. >> o'donnell: tonight, the suspect facing five counts of intentional homicide. closing arguments in the ahmaud arbery murder trial. his mother weeping, as armed demonstrators gather outside the courtroo


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