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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 22, 2021 3:00pm-3:29pm PST

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live look from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. stores, pharmacies, even dispensaries all hit by thieves across the bay area. how law enforct
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tackle the crimes bike. all ours on elizabeth holmes today as she takes the witness stand again in the theranos trial . why this might be one of the most important parts of the case so far. a mask ruler russell. coveup once again indoors. thanks for joining us. i'm kenny choi. our top story at 3:00 on kpix 5 and cbs and bay area, a wave of weekend crime, retail stores hit and you weekend of potshots. awaiting news conference from oakland's police chief to begin. we will bring that to you when it starts. one of the alleged looting incidents happened at 3:00 this morning in the eastmont neighborhood of oakland. police responded to a report of a robbery on macarthur boulevard and saw several people trying to leave the area in different vehicles. someone in one of the vehicles opened fire. a marked opd vehicle was hit several times according to police. none of the officers work
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inside. about an hour before that around 2:00 this morning, police responded to what we are hearing may have been a looting incident at a pot dispensary on telegraph. in san leandro, a shooting incident at the bluhm dispensary on fairway drive police were seen collecting evidence around 3:00 this morning around nicholson street. a photographer could see shell casings and a bolt cutter the weekend. across the bay area this started friday night in san francisco's union square and continued into early this morning. reports of people storming stores in walnut creek, hayward, san jose and pleasanton. some grabbing whatever they could carry and running off. kpix 5's justin andrews reports it is not just retail. something is went after people's medication. >> reporter: these criminals can be very scary to shoppers who are just trying to buy this ms. gibson a thes the officials tell us they
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appear to be moving methodically and could strike again. we got our hands on this brand- new vivid video from saturday night. at least 30 criminals in a matter of minutes work inside the wellspring pharmacy on piedmont in oakland. workers tell me the robbers away with lots of drugs. >> it is obviously a search for narcotics. >> reporter: a sergeant with opd and president of the oakland police officers association says these criminals are bold, brazen and could become more violent. >> breaking at the pharmacies, breaking into stores, and attacking people's homes. >> reporter: that is just in oakland. the spree is crawling all over east bay. witnesses tell us yesterday 40 to 50 people holding hammer smashed into sims jewelers, leaving workers and shoppers shaken. the mob of looters and robbers got off with some clothing and shoes from other stores. the criminals are attacking bay area businesses while they are open, potentially putting lives at risk.
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there is absolutely a very similar mo with what you are seeing in other cities and what we are seeing here. we just have significantly more violence associated with it >> reporter: on saturday the nordstrom at walmart creek was hit, too, dozens running with weapons terrorizing shoppers, assaulting employees and snatching bag loads of merchandise. >> knock it off. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: police department across the bay area are investigating these smash and grabs. they do appear to be somewhat connected at least at some point . meanwhile if you are going out shopping, make sure you are extra careful and vigilant because again, these detectives tell me these thieves could strike again. in oakland, justin andrews, kpix 5. we now know that five employees have minor injuries from those that is at the walnut creek nordstrom on saturday. these crimes appear to be happening more often now so what
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is the state saying? here is governor newsome's >> p full stop. you have already seen on 680, four patrol presence. you will see substantially more starting today. in and around areas that are highly trafficked coming into the holiday season, black friday . and shopping malls. so the state is supplementing those efforts and we are going to be more aggressive, still in this space to help support cities and the prosecution. developing in the south bay today, theranos founder, elizabeth holmes returned to the witness stand. kpix 5's len ramirez has more. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes has been on the witness stand almost 45 minutes this morning due to a lengthy delay in court this morning. she is covering the time period
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around 2009 one it seems theranos was having some pharceutical companies doing clinical trials in europe and elsewhere with cancer patients and other types of patients. elizabeth holmes' testimony today has been widely regarded as one of the most important if not the most important part of this case. in fact, people were lining up at the courthouse in san jose at 4:00 this morning just to get a seat in the troom. len wiing us the latest on her testimony coming up on the kpix five news at 6:00. doorãwill pay more than $5 million to settle a labor dispute with some san francisco drivers. a wage theft complaint accusing the doorãof cheating nearly 4500 delivery workers out of healthcare coverage and paid sick leave. the majority of the $5.1 million settlement will go to workers who made deliveries in san francisco between 2016 and
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2020. it is the largest settlement ever, reached by the office of labor standards enforcement. doordash which is headquartered in san francisco did not admit lot wrongdoing. to the coronavirus, a mask rule reversal in santa clara county, now required indoors in anticipation of holiday gatherings to get ahead of a possible winter covid search. this one applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status. the mandate calls for people to wear masks inside their homes and members of another household visit. to wall street. enough data a rough day on the nasdaq, dropping 200 two points, the s&p falling 15 and the dow up a bit by 17 points. san jose-based zoom released its third-quarter report today. the video communications company surpassed wall street expectations for the profit of a dollar double is $1.11 per share and revenue of just over $1 billion. happening now, closing
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arguments underway in the trial of three georgia man accused of murdering ahmaud arbery. greg graham hi travis and william "roddie" bryan's have all a pretty pleated not guilty of charges of murder, aggravated a assault and -- followed him and he struck because he wanted to detain him after reports he might have been stealing from a construction site but there were never any police reports filed and arbery did not have stolen goods on him. 10 days of testimony concluded last week. new details about a deadly crash at a wisconsin christmas parade over the weekend. five people killed and 48 others injured. marissa parra on what we know about the man in police custody. >> reporter: police have identified the driver of this suv who plowed into a crowd at
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a holiday parade in waukesha, ac alo -- down in the street! >> reporter: police and officers shot of the suv but had to stop firing due to the crowd. the people who died ranged in age between 52 to 81 years old. >> waukesha has held a norman rockwell type of christmas parade for almost six decades. last night our wonderful parade became the scene of a horrific tragedy. >> we saw the whole thing happen. richard blocks son and niece were marching in the parade and for came home later to find the same suv went through his yard, damaging a car. >> we think in hindsight, what response we could have to stop the guy and even if i was right
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in front of it it would've been hard to stop it. he was going 30 to 35 miles an hour. >> reporter: main street, where this happened, is back open but what remains is the page where police marked of evidence le on the road. president biden spoke about the tragedy this afternoon. >> an entire community is struggling to cope with a horrific act of violence. >> reporter: works will face five counts of first-degree intentional homicide and possibly other charges could be coming. marissa parra, cbs news, waukesha, wisconsin. still ahead on kpix five and streaming on bay area, thieves hitting stores in the south bay. with a targeted and why police believe it may have been a coordinated effort. holiday travelers are facing the most expensive gas prices in years. we look at when the costs could come down. beautiful weather across the bay area to start thanksgiving week. blue skies ahead and hayes on the horizon. we will take a look for the
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new video from san francisco's union square not chopper 5 over the area. you can see some stores are already boarded up. you may see more police after that theft spree on friday night. police say they are stepping up their presence and also talk of changing traffic patterns in the area to deter terminal activity. in the south bay, lululemon at santana row was hit by thieves over the weekend. around 6:30 last night, four people made off with about $40,000 in merchandise. one suspect had a gun in his waistband warning to authorities. around the same time at valley fair mall, another group took fra sunglass hut police believe the two groups were working is. they go in, trying to y someone tries to stop them which immediately turns the
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theft into robbery. not to mention the amount that was taken, also classifies it as a felony. obviously organized. right now there is some conspiracy charges possible to. too. police say security officers likely prevented a larger theft. so far no arrests. at the bay bridge, right now, many people a are hitting the roads very soon. kpix 5's jeff franco says people will be paying some of the highest gas prices in years. >> reporter: this man is driving from the bay area to be with his family at thanksgiving and this year, it is a pricey trip next last week it was $70 for a full tank. >> reporter: aaa says 48 million americans will drive for thanksgiving, almost 4 million more than last year when the pandemic kept many
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people home. and drivers are seeing much higher gas prices. the national average is up more than 60% in the past year. as the economy enedth oilyhagged nd uel l uc ha tcth inoil to some of the highest levels and seven years. >> reporter: patrick from gas predicts the national average for gas will be $3.35 during thanksgiving but there is good news. rices are starting to tick down and could continue to drop in the coming weeks. >> i would expect the downward trend starting to gain momentum the last into early potentially mid december and could run longer than that depending on how supply and demand and you to fluctuate. >> reporter: shaw is looking for other students heading in the same direction he is. >> i'm looking to carpool with them and we split the gas price together so it is much cheaper. >> reporter: he says whatever it costs, it is worth it to be home for the holiday. gianna franco, kpix 5. to paul, what is the
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weather going to be like during the holiday week? >> it looks good around here so if you are traveling arou the y youe yi somewhere further away, the weather is also looking pretty cooperative. look at tomorrow's travel forecast. a big trouble we can general so we will keep you updated day by day. all the major travel hubs looking good conditions tomorrow. sunny skies and sunny temperatures average across the door board. those spots expected to be cooler will be cool. the spots a little warmer will be warm. 70 degrees for houston, not bad for november. happening locally, patchy dense fog tonight, cool temperatures but not as chilly as the readings this morning. a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow. nothing falling out of those clouds, the rain chances will stay further north. gusty wind picking up by tomorrow afternoon.
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picking up gus over 20 miles an hour tomorrow afternoon continuing into tomorrow night and wednesday. a dry mild thanksgiving holiday in-store that looks really nice weather traveling wednesday or over thanksgiving weekend. the weather should cooperate. right now temperatures above average for this time of year. the cool start spot is oakland at 63. san jose in the low 70s, 72 right now. the numbers won't be quite as warm tomorrow but still a degree or two above normal mostly in the 40s starting off, 50 degrees around the bay and along the coast. a normal- looking temperature map for november. high temperatures tomorrow a degree or two above normal, in the mid 60s across the board. seeming in for a closer look, with the exception of that along the coast, around 60 degrees, low 60s around the peninsula and mid 60s in the santa clara valley. 65 degrees in the san jose area. some of the cooler spots we have a hard time getting rid of the fog, antioch, brentwood, te every else reaches a little oakld in the eastbami further north cotoward
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warm with thicker clouds and an outside chance for a passing shower while everyone remains drive. in the seven-day we don't have any rain in the seven-day outlook. the next hint of a chance of a shower doesn't head our way until monday night into tuesday. an outside chance at this point, temperatures warming up inland. san jose, upper 60s by thanksgiving and friday. above 70 saturday before a modest cooldown kicks and by sunday and monday. things looking good across the board. along the coast, high temperatures thanksgiving should reach the low 60s for turkey day. no excuses to avoid getting out for a little exercise before you indulge in thanksgiving dinner. we will keep you updated for the rest of the week. a race against the climate clock taking place of the sonoma coast. kelp forests are a home to a variety of species protecting from predators. >> this is a climate driven
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catastrophe. if it would happening in our forrester would be front page news every week. >> in our special report, the hidden forest crisis. what is being done to ste lokel 5 at 7:00 > ill ahead at 3:some fates . when rudolph and frosty and the gang are coming to cbs this holiday season. and what some young stars think about the classic characters. plus streaming this afternoon on cbsn bay area, we ask a local doctor if covid-19 vaccines will become a free dose deal now the boosters are approved for all adults. that is at 4:10. you can find us on the kpix app. we are also on
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a live look now as we wait for a news conference from oakland police chief to begin to address the recent robberies, the looting over the weekend. we will bring you that as soon as it starts. in just a couple of hours, the christie yamaguchi downtown ice rink kicks off its 23 anniversary in san jose. the opening celebration starts at 5:30 feet during a live performance from the all too "torn" reduction of the hit broadway musical, "hairspray" and there will be a san francisco ice theater and former -- member angela wang.
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the animated classic rudolph the red noreiner anceat kids fro of youror cbs shows about their hoy ♪ >> ilove watching frosty the snowman rudolph the red nose reindeer, pretty much all of the santa claus movies. it is tradition, what i do around the holidays. >> some of my favorite holiday memories and traditions are spending time with my family, making filipino food, and holiday treats with them. >> my cousins and i like to snuggle up at my grandparents house. >> i definitely love movies like rudolph the red nose reindeer because it can actually teacher good lessons. >> rudolph. christmas is not often do you are going to lead my team. >> i am? >> ♪ rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
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♪ that's all you get. >> mice -- my family celebrates christmas and hanukkah. hanukkah is the best because of the food. >> what i love is the family. i really care about that stuff and it is nice to see them over the holidays. >> being with family over christmas makes me feel happy and loved and i think that is definitely my favorite tradition. >> i remember it was a huge part of my childhood. i would watch frosty 10 different times on 10 different occasions. >> i am alive! what a neat thing to happen to a nice guy like me! >> really thankful for my hamsters. they are part of the family. thankful for everything. i am just excited to kick off the holidays. >> and happy holidays! >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays from my family to yours. >> lots of happiness and love >> hope you will have a merry christmas and a happy new year. >> don't miss your favorite holiday classics, rudolph the red nosed reindeer tonight at
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8:00 and frosty the snowman returns on friday at 8:00 right here on kpix five. coming up, you see the real ones fighting california wildfires. i couldn't help but make this lego cal fire helicopter kit a reality. a chaotic week of thanks giving travel already underway. i am errol barnett at the world's busiest airport in atlanta. i will share with you some of the more interesting travel stories passengers are sharing
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another live look right now as a news conference from oakland's police chief is about to begin to address the robberies and looting of from over the weekend. you can had to cbs to stream that live. coming up, we look at what stores and shoppers are doing differently to try to stay safe and thieves. and finally at 3:00, cal fire wants to make this lego version of its firefighting helicopter a reality. take a good look. someone designed this sikorsky s 70 fire hot using these tiny bricks. you can vote online within the next month to get the company to actually produce the set. it would include the helicopter, two pilots, and two firefighters and it would have about 3000
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pieces. so pack your captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, a christmas parade turns into a nightmare after an suv mows down children and the elderly, killing five and injuring dozens more. an update on thkids still in critical condition and how the suspect with a long criminal history was let out of jail just days earlier. after a joyous tradition on waukesha's main street ends in tragedy. what we're learning about the five killed, including the leader to have the milwaukee dancing grannies, a group cbs news profiled just this summer. >> she's like the heart and soul, honest to god. >> o'donnell: tonight, the suspect facing five counts of intentional homicide. closing arguments in the ahmaud arbery murder trial. his mother weeping in court, as armed demonra


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