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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 22, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PST

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a crime spree crawling across the bay area leaving businesses battered and dozens of suspects on the run. i am justin andrews with video that's really compelling next. across oakland hit by thieves. new video just into our newsroom. a material worth more than gold taking minutes for a criminal to saw off your car. a closer look at a problem getting worse by the month. >> governor newsom taking his booster campaign to the bay area, what dr. fauci announced ahead of his visit. good morning. it is monday november 22. i am len kiese.
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>> i am amanda starrantino. we have a lot to get to but first we will check our weather and traffic. it's going to be warmer but a chilly start. >> a cold start with 30s, 40s, low 50s. through the afternoon, a mild day with fo. it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. a live look, you see those clear skies. 38 in santa rosa, 40 concord and livermore, 50 oakland, san francisco 52, 46 san jose. other locations dealing with cold temperatures, napa 36, 36 fairfield, my hometown. we are looking at 45 in san rafael, 44 in fremont this morning and vallejo at 51. 43 and 42 in red wood city. bundle up and put on that big coat as you head out. check it out as we head through the afternoon, pleasant weather with mid 60s along the coast.
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upper 60s around the bay and low 70s inland. you see on futurecast all the sunshine as we go through our day today. let's check with gianna. this morning we are looking at the bay bridge starting to get backed up. it's already busy, metering lights have been turned on and we are seeing a lot of traffic. the morning rush is definitely sluggish into the city, a 12 minute ride from the maze into san francisco. the upper deck is getting crowded as well. no crashes through the area, that's the good news. we have a couple hot spots into the altamont pass. west bound 580 at isabel avenue, that is blocked, exit ramp due to a crash. west bound 205 around mount house there is an accident over to the right hand side of the road way. traffic is busy as you are in that area, 48 minutes.
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san jose police corn firming another store hit by robbers. >> lulu lemon, a group of suspects entered and walked out with merchandise. there is no word on arrests. >> this is just one of several major retail thefts across the bay area in the past four days and stores and malls are shutting down early in fear of it happening again. justin andrews is live to walk us through what is going on. >> reporter: looters and robbers have been on the move, the latest happening right here we are told nine people broke into the mall. it's unclear if they got away with anything or not. these smash and grabs have been getting a lot of tension. in some cases 40 to 50 people are behind these and we've got some of the crime captured on
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video. witnesses describe several dozen looters holding hammers and other tools, smashing sam's jewelers, booking it and running away. you can hear some of the workers screaming in fear. macy's and foot locker is also ransacked. they got off with shoes and clothes. >> it was really scary. you have people with no consideration, no morals, no understanding for people's safety or lives. feels kind of helpless, really disturbing. >> we saw other stores closing up and panicking. of course we arnicking. i grabbed my girls and we ran to the back and barricaded ourselves. >> reporter: criminals hit the nordstrom in walnut creek saturday. they were terrorizing shoppers, assaulting employees, getting bag loads of merchandise before taking off in cars. police are not saying if any of these are connected but when we
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analyzed video and looked play by play, there are similarities. we know detectives are investigating to see if there is any connection with the smash and grabs. i am justin andrews, kpix5. a lot of these are happening while shoppers are in the stores. are police giving advice for people who are doing their christmas shopping and happen to run into one of the cases? >> reporter: we have not heard from police specifically about the recent smash and grabs and what they should do. but i think it is important to mention you should always be aware of your surroundings. like witnesses say, the robbers have been bold and brazen. they don't really re who is around. they're going to attack. make sure you are safe, look at your surroundings and try to avoid anything if you see it. also let police know if you see any of this activity. back to you. >> thank you, justin. i am anne makovec at the live news desk.
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we have more trouble to report at retail stores in east bay. this happening overnight, new video from oakland. the walgreens on high street west of i-580, around midnight police were seen commanding people to get out and arresting a person found hiding in the bushes nearby. then around 2:00 this morning, police responded to what we are hearing may have been a looting incident at a pot dispensary on telegraph but they have not said anything about it officially yet. we have calls into opd. in san leandro, a shooting incident at the bloom dispensary on fair way drive. police were seen collecting evidence about 3:00 am along nickel son street. our photographer could see shell casings and a bolt cutter littered nearby. we don't know if any of the incidents are connected. we have calls into opd and san leandro pd to find out more. back to you. >> thank you.
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developing out of wisconsin, holiday celebration took a tragic turn when an suv plowed through a parade. at least five were killed and dozens more injured. witnesses say the vehicle did not stop even after hitting spectators in different locations. according to early reports, it looks like the driver was running away from another crime. today, oakland's police chief will discuss the crime that broke out across the city over the weekend. it looks like we are having a problem with some of that video. an out of control side show broke out and hundreds gathered to watch spinning cars, cameras capturing somebody in the crowd firing gun shots into the air. no word on arrests or citations. officers responded to several marijuana dispensary burglaries. a security guard shot one of the suspects who was taken to a hospital. police ended up taking two others into custody in the
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case. a short tilater officers responded to a second break in at a dispensary and this p ta ters are e inuding thar ths typi converts wiin a few minutes. they make a couple hundred dollars on the black market but owners must spend a few thousand dollars for replacement. rise in thefts is due to the surging value of the precious metals found inside the devices including platinum. with supply shortages during pandemic, price of rhodium has reached $11,000 an ounce. a possible solution is to weld a metal plate to cover the converter. this will slow the thieves. car alarm could scare them away. insurance companies say toyota prius are the biggest targets
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because each has two catalytic converters. still ahead, a sense of pandemic daja vu. county bringing back indoor mask mandate starting right now. governor newsom is expected to be in the bay area today talking booster shots. we'll have the details, coming up.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. 6:12. a live look at san francisco, governor newsom is expected to stop here today to push booster shots. joycelyn moran is live in the newsroom with the details on this. >> reporter: the governor is continuing his push for more californians to get their boosters. it comes a couple days after boosters were authorized for adults 18 and older. when can you get it? six months after receiving moderna or pfizer and two
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months after receiving johnson & johnson vaccine. at the same time we are three days away from thanksgiving when people are traveling and planning to spend time indoors with loved ones. dr. fauci says cases are starting to go up and his recommendation for boosters, bottom line, get it. >> the vaccines themselves clearly are still highly effective but you want to make sure the durability of that protection is longer. that's the reason why you get boosted. we know no vaccine lasts forever. >> reporter: newsom is expected to visit around 11:00 am. we'll be live streaming on cbsn bay area and we'll be sure to keep you updated. masks are required indoors again in santa cruz. mask mandate reversal comes in anticipation of holiday gatherings to get ahead of a possible winter surge. it applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status. it calls for people to wear masks inside homes when members
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of another household visit. bad news for those hoping to hit slopes in lake tahoe. a look from sierra. you see one trail is covered in snow but this morning there are no signs of fresh powder. you have to take my word for it. we'll try to get that video for you. next strong signal for snow could come in december. north star to push back opening dates. let's get you caught up on our forecast. good morning. we are looking at quiet conditions. i wish i could tell you we have a big storm bringing rain for us and snow in the sierra. at this point, it will be quite sometime, in december when that will happen. a live look with sales force tower camera, a beautiful start as we look east with clear skies this morning. check out our temperatures. it is a cold start, much chillier compared to yesterday at this time. concord you are coming in at 40
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degrees, 50 oakland, 40 livermore, san francisco 52, 46 san jose. check out santa rosa down to 38 with clear skies. other locations, 36 in napa and also for fairfield. we are looking at temperatures in red wood city down to 42, 43 mountain view, 44 fremont. bundle up as you head out the door with the big coat because you can see the temperatures on the cold side for sure. today's forecast, cold, clear skies looking at mild sunny conditions this afternoon and a chilly eveninead withlear ies. ise 6:57 . strong ridge of high pressure is in control. that's why quiet weather not just today but over the next several days. checking daytime high temperatures, it is looking great, a mild pleasant day ahead with mid 60s along the coast in pacifica, 67 in san
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francisco, 70 oakland, upper 60s to low 70s peninsula. 67 in concord, inland east bay, 6 for the tri valley in livermore and 68 for the napa valley this afternoon. through the afternoon, hour by hour, you see all the sunshine. as we look to tomorrow, we were hoping for a few showers with this weak weather system. at this point it looks like a dry front maybe for lake and mendocino county areas. cooler temperatures tomorrow with passing clouds. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see temperatures a bit cooler for tomorrow but really quiet weather over the next several days including thanksgiving and into our weekend. inland east bay, north bay, coast, temperatures take a dip tuesday and then slightly warmer by the end of the week into our weekend. let's talk about that thanksgiving day forecast.
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it looks fantastic for the coast, around the bay low to mid 60s and mid 60s inland. great weather for thanksgiving. i have to share this. over the weekend we got our holiday lights up and that never happens. you know me, i am a procrastinator. it is a big deal to have it up even before thanksgiving. >> where is mary? i am impressed. >> thank you, thank you. >> good job. setting the standard for sure. we are talking about the holidays. if you are getting out of town ahead of the thanksgiving rush, wednesday will be the busiest day from 1:00 until 6:00. if you can leave earlier today or tomorrow or before 1:00, you will be better off. pack your patience if that's your travel time, especially when the afternoon commuters mix with the holiday commuters. it's going to be extra busy. 80, 580, 101, busy conditions. airport traffic and parking might be an issue. you have plenty to plan for
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before thanksgiving. if you are out the door this morning, bay bridge toll plaza is busy for morning rush heading into san francisco. your travel time is 14 minutes from the maze into the city. metering lights are officially on. it's busy for the ride into the altamont pass. a couple things to look for west bound 580 near isabel at the ramp, there is a crash in the clearing stages. west bound 205 near mount house is out of lanes to the right side of the road way but that's an area where we see a lot of traffic. extra busy out of tracy onto 580, travel times 48 minutes 205 towards 680. east shore freeway, highway 4, 101 out of south bay is still looking good. commuting out of san jose, so far, so good. a live look at 880, nimitz freeway, both directions at the limit, no delays. traffic is light along nimitz freeway from this point into hayward and fremont, things are
6:19 am
moving pretty nicely. we are seeing extra volume out of marin. golden gate bridge is looking good into san francisco. coming from highway 37 south 101 heading into san francisco, that will take about 20 minutes. no delays on richmond san rafael bridge. san mateo bridge is crowded west bound, tail lights working towards 101, 12 minutes between 880 and 101. a race against the climate clock taking place off sonoma coast. hidden kelp forests are home to a variety of species providing protection from predators but they're disappearing. >> this is a climate driven catastrophe. if this was in our terrestrial forests, it would be front page news every day. >> in tonight's special report, hidden forest crisis, what is done to restore lost kelp? that's tonight on kpix5 news at 7:00. quick and quiet. how future of cross country
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travel is about to get more relaxing. before break, if you are looking to give the gift of a hot meal this thanksgiving our food for bay area families drive is on. to donate time or money to help our neighbors in need, go to
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happy monday. it is a cold start to our day with clear skies. temperatures in the 30s, 40s, 50s. through thn,a beautiful day. your lunchtime forecast, you might want to take lunch outside because it's going to be beautiful with that sunshine in san francisco. 61 degrees. oakland, good morning to you.
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for your lunchtime at noon, 64 with that sun. for the south bay, san jose, 66, really warming up with that sunshine as we head through our afternoon. lunchtime forecast in fremont is looking great, 66 with that sun and for santa rosa, you are down to the upper 30s. as we head through our day, we will see those temperatures climb. 60 degrees for your lunchtime. lunchtime forecast at noon with plenty sun. i will have your seven-day forecast including what you can expect for thanksgiving day. details are coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. high speed intercontinental travel poised for a quieter come back. >> thanks to a new experimental jet from lockheed martin and nasa. this is animation of the x59 jet,. usually noise is so powerful it can knock out windows but this jet built without a front window will
6:25 am
sound as quiet as a neighbor closing their corridor. pilots are learning to fly with a computer screen. >> it will be like looking through a big rectangular window. we will see pretty well. in some cases we were able to see other aircraft at a further distance than the guy sitting next to me okinout the front window. >> one other jet could cut time from new york to london from seven hours to a half. test pilots and experimental jets are set to take to skies next year. the car is turning heads in dubai. it is made of more than 440,000 lego bricks. it was made to mark launch of a new toyota land cruiser. the project took a team of 12 people close to 3,000 hours to create the lego car. it will tour dubai for a year. i don't have patience for 3,000 hours with legos. >> that's a long time. >> goodness. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay
6:26 am
area. >> expect another dramatic moment in a months' long trial. what's next for elizabeth holmes as she takes the stand for a second day. >> reporter: bold and brazen criminals attacking retailers across the bay area. i am justin andrews with video to prove it. deadline day at airports. tsa workers are required to be vaccinated starting now. but amid
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and complete required activities. if you ar th us,yo rng he bay on weekd.thieves t verajor througt erght police responded to stonpeople reportedly broke into that building. a holiday parade in wisconsin turned deadly when the driver behind the wheel of an suv plowed through the crowd. multiple people were killed and more than 40 others injured. police have taken a person of interest into custody. fbi is also working with local again in santa cruz. mask mandate reversal comes in anticipation of holiday gatherings to get ahead of a possible winter surge. it applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status. good morning.
6:30 am
we hope you had a great weekend. first things first on this monday is your weather and traffic. we start with mary lee and that sunshine that we will see take shape as we start this week. it is beautiful. we are starting to see glimpses of the sun, sunrise at 6:57. but you see the glow with the sun about to rise, a spectacular view as we start our day. here we go as we look to san francisco with mark hopkins hotel cam and lovely golden colors. it's a cold start. grab that coat if you are heading out because we are looking at temperatures much colder compared to yesterday morning. 40 concord and also livermore, 50 oaklandsan francisco 52, 46 in san jose. check out santa rosa down to 38 degrees. napa 36 and also for fairfield, 43 mountain view, fremont 44. as we head through the afternoon, plenty sunshine, a
6:31 am
mild pleasant day ahead with mid 60s at the coast, upper 60s around the bay, low 70s inland. i will have more on the seven- day forecast including your thanksgiving forecast coming up. let's check with gianna. you are talking about a crash on 880. >> a couple cars are tangled up. heads up if you are getting ready to head out, grab that jacket and give yourself extra time for the ride into hayward towards the san mateo bridge. it looks like maybe one lane is blocked as well as the right hand side of the road there. once you are passed that getting onto 92, a live look at the bridge, you see traffic is looking better though getting crowded. 14 minutes from 880 towards 101. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. we have brake lights almost to the foot of the maze, not quite off of the east shore freeway or 580 just yet but we'll keep you updated. i am anne makovec with new
6:32 am
information on the disaster and christmas parade in wisconsin. five dead, 40 injured. police are saying that the numbers could change as hours progress. an suv went speeding through a crowd yesterday. police say they do have a person of interest in custody. they have not yet officially identified the person. they also have the red suv in their possession as well. law enforcement official familiar with the early findings of the investigation is telling cbs news it looks like the suspect was actually taking off trying to escape from another scene when this all went down, possibly a knife fight, when it happened and that the incident does not appear to be an abt of terrorism. but the investigation continues. the fbi is involved as well as the local police. we are going to keep you posted. it was a weekend filled with crime and chaos across the bay area.
6:33 am
thieves targeting retail stores in san francisco, walnut creek, hayward, san jose. one security expert worries is for in person shopping. >> at what point do we finally say you can't come in unless you have been cleared? what that's going to mean, i don't know. but certainly these department stores are having a big challenge now. >> we have been all over this crime spree since friday. justin andrews is live at stone ridge mall in pleasanton. police were also called there overnight. >> reporter: just a few hours ago, we are told nine people wearing black busted into stone ridge mall. it is unclear exactly what they got away with, if the suspects got away with anything. let's go live to union square. this is in san francisco, a live picture from our photo journalist. you see a police presence this morning. that's to deter crime. that's because friday the louis
6:34 am
vitton store and other businesses were hit by suspects. some businesses had to be boarded up and that's because some of the windows were broken. the criminals seemed to be bold and brazen. witnesses in some cases, 40 to 50 people attacking the retailers. this is inside hayward mall over the weekend. you see criminals carrying hammers and other weapons used to break the glass at sam's jewelers. nordstrom in walnut creek was hit too. >> they have to hire security guards costing 25, 30, $40 an hour. suddenly it books a break even project to even establish a business. >> we can't just have people arrested and put on the streets shortly after. the people need to pay the price for what they've done and
6:35 am
we need to find them all. >> reporter: detectives are digging to nail down the suspects. witnesses say there were 40 to 50. so we are talking about a lot of people. witnesses describe them as being teenagers >> tnkr thatreport. the bay area is not the only place hit by major thefts. several luxury stores on rodeo drive were hit by a group of ten men. they attempted to burglarize smashing windows with a sledgehammer. >> used to be the safest city in the west and all that. but it is not anymore. i think it is getting very easy for them. >> the beverly hills police department says they are increasing patrolling in the area to try and deter criminals. in the bay area, police in petaluma searching for a suspect wanted for several crimes including assault with a
6:36 am
deadly weapon. police were able to obtain this picture of the suspect from body camera footage. this was yesterday afternoon. police received a report of a stolen vehicle. after finding the vehicle the suspect resisted arrest, assaulting a police officer, and ramming the stolen vehicle into two patrol vehicles. after a chase, police lost the suspect's location. petaluma police are asking the public to contact the department if you can id the suspect. happening today, former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes taking the stand in her own criminal trial again. holmes faces 11 federal fraud charges over allegations she knowingly misled investors and patrons around the company's blood testing abilities. she's pled not guilty and faces up to 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and restitution for each charge. live to sfo, this just in, tsa says nearly 9% 3% of its workforce is in compliance with
6:37 am
a federal covid vaccine mandate. this is as airports nationwide are seeing a major boost in travelers and long lines. this is as airports are dealing with staffing shortages. saturday, 2 million flyers went through check points which is a new pandemic high. tomorrow is expected to be the most traveled day in airports ahead of thanksgiving. >> first time on a plane in two years. i was thinking it was two years ago i went to visit family in virginia and haven't been on a plane since then. >> it feels great actually to be back and to be traveling again and getting out. i feel like we're able to do it safely. >> for anyone choosing to drive this week, you should expect to pay high prices at the pump. >> we have seen unusual and unseasonal increase in gas prices. typically this time of year we would expect prices to go down. they have done anything but that. >> aaa predicts travel will hit prepandemic levels with roughly
6:38 am
7 million californians hitting the road. 6:38. coming up, president biden could announce this weekend his pick for the nation's most powerful economic post. who is reportedly at the top of his list, next. get ready for a beautiful day across the bay area. it's a cold start in the 30s, 40s, low 50s this morning with clear skies as we head through the afternoon. a mild day with plenty sunshine, high pressure in control not just today but through the rest of the week. i will have your seven-day forecast including your thanksgiving day forecast. the market, not talking about the supermarket. just opened ten minutes ago. the dow is up about 157 points.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you
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usic ♪ so ink to myself ♪ert d happy moat clear skies
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and cold temperatures, down to 30s, 40s, low 50s as we start our day and as we head through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine. mid 60s at the coast, upper 60s around the bay, low 70sen land this afternoon. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast and thanksgiving day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. door dash will pay more than $5 million to settle allegations with san francisco drivers. chronical has learned it involves allegations of cheating almost 4500 delivery workers of the city's mandated healthcare coverage and paid sick leave. door dash which is headquartered in san francisco did not admit wrongdoing. time for a check on wall street. diane king hall is joining us live. you have some breaking news on president biden's pick for fed chair. good morning, amanda. we are learning that president
6:43 am
biden has officially tabbed jerome powell for a second term as head of the central bank. he has led the economic policy through the sharp sudden covid- 19 recession and unleashing unprecedented stimulus, nomination heads to the senate for confirmation next. you are seeing investors in a buying mood as a result of the news, dow now jumping triple digits up more than ints at the moment. nasdaq in the tech sector on the plus side by 82 and s&p 500 also on the plus side. >> diane king hall of thanks so much. governor newsom continues his push for more californians to get their booster shots this time in the bay area. >> joycelyn moran is live in the newsroom with more on what we can expect. >> reporter: his visit today comes three days before thanksgiving as people are traveling, getting ready to see loved ones. newsom is expected to be at a
6:44 am
vaccine clinic hoping to increase vaccination rates and highlight availability of boosters. booster shots are authorized for all adults 18 years and older, six months after pfizer or moderna vaccine and two months after johnson & johnson vaccine. newsom has been urging for people to get boosters after warrenning of a potential winter surge. dr. fauci says cases are going up and he talked booster shots. >> it looks like boosting individuals dramatically the l of protection. thathewhy you have heard me over and over again be very bullish about telling people if you have been vaccinated six months ago or so and have mrna, get a booster. if you have the j&j two months or more ago, get boosted. >> you can hear more in his full interview on cbs mornings
6:45 am
at 7:00. >> thanks. disney dropped covid vaccine requirement for employees. florida companies are prohibited from mandating all employees get vaccinated. workers are allowed to be exempt for reasons like anticipated future pregnancy or recovery from prior covid-19 infection. employees can opt for regular testing or use of personal protective equipment which must be paid for by the employer. today, a w art exbit featuring work from banksy will open to the public. >> it is being called the largest collection of the artist's work. it will feature more than 100 pieces of his work inside the palace of fine arts. tickets are on sale through the first week of january. 6:45 is the time. let's get a check of weather and traffic on this monday. >> we will start with mary lee. that sun
6:46 am
>> it is monday but it is beautiful. it is, a stunning start to our day. if you are getting ready, take a moment and look at your screen. hopefully this puts a smile on your face because it is so beautiful. mount diablo with the golden colors in the sky. it's a cold start so bundle up if you are heading out first thing because we are talking temperatures in the 30s, 40s, low 50s. concord 40 and also for you in livermore. downtown san francisco, 51. south bay, san jose is 46 and a cold start in santa rosa down to 38 degrees. we are looking at today's forecast, cold conditions, clear skies as we start our day and as we head through the afternoon, mild weather with plenty sunine. bebeautiful day across the bay area and a chilly evening ahead.
6:47 am
here is what you can expect. i will walk you through your day in san francisco, daytime highs topping out at 67 with sun. oakland topping out at 70 with plenty sunshine and temperatures will plummet though after the sun sets. san jose south bay, walking you1 inouthbainan jose. it's usrong dge ofrein cont t ionsnot just fothe next sever days, in fact, through the week. our high temperatures, peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s. red wood city at 72 and inland highs around 67 in concord, 68 tri valley in livermore, 71 fremont, upper 60s for the napa valley. you see all the sunshine through your day, taking you hour by hour on futurecast. as we look to tomorrow there
6:48 am
was a chance of maybe a few showers. we were seeing that last week about you now looking at a dry cold front, really cooler temperatures and passing clouds. lake county, mendocino could see a sprinkle or two tomorrow. otherwise, cooler temperatures. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see cooler weather tuesday and wednesday but looking great for thanksgiving with temperatures slightly warmer by the end of the week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, a little bit cooler for tomorrow and ise teures the . mid 60s the bay and mid 60s inland. weather wise, gianna, no problems with great weather expected for thanksgiving. >> that's good news especially for drivers if they plan on hitting the roads and getting out of town. you will see extra busy conditions wednesday. that is expected to be our busiest travel day. plan for that. if you can leave before 1:00 wednesday you will be better off and avoid some of the
6:49 am
delays. we have different travel and traffic patterns this week likely to kid being off and universities and colleges closed for the holidays. west bound 80, we have a crash. traveled traffic is backing up through there. you are tapping your brakes towards the bay bridge. 14 minutes from the maze into san francisco. also keeping an eye on north bound 880 at a street, there is a crash. south bound we are seeing brake lights. that is the commute direction towards the san mateo bridge. keep that in mind if you are headed towards 92 which is starting to stack up, crowded as you work towards 101. checking with chp, there are no crashes or stalls but it is busy towards the peninsula. 40 minutes antioch, 280 and brake lights for altamont pass
6:50 am
commute. the south bay ride is looking good. if you are commuting out of san jose, things are at the limit north bound 101 at least from hellyer to sfo. i will say south of there the ride out of gilroy into morgan hill is getting crowded. today, christie yamagucci rink kicking off its 25th anniversary season. there will be a special celebration tonight featuring a live performance from the hit broadway musical hair spray. there will be performances by san francisco ice theater and former team usa member angela wang. another bay area retail store hit by thieves in four days. this morning we ask what is going on? $75 tasting, no hangover guaranteed. where people are paying to swap wine for water. streaming today, it is medical monday and we are talking booster shots. we ask a local doctor if a third dose of the covid vaccine
6:51 am
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i am justin andrews tracking a crime spree across the bay area. the latest one at stone ridge mall overnight. nine people apparently busted into the mall, no word if they got away with anything. let me walk you through this weekend's wave of looting and robberies. yesterday in the hayward mall while still open several dozen teens holding hammers and other tools smashed sam's jewelers. then the criminals ran. police say they went to the macy's and foot locker and got off with clothes and shoes. in some cases 40 to 50 people are behind these. they also hit nordstroms in
6:55 am
walnut creek. that was saturday. we are told they were terrorizing workers and some of the shoppers in walnut creek. mobs were also seen doing their dirty work in san jose and san francisco. we know detectives across the area are investigating hopefully to see if there is a connection and also we are talking about a large group. at least were caught in walnut creek. no word on the others. there could be several more. i am anne makovec at the live news desk following latest information on the disaster at a christmas parade in wisconsin. police do now have a suspect in custody after five people were killed. around 40 people were injured. an suv went speeding through a crowd. now we are hearing that the suspect may have been trying to escape from a knife fight nearby when he drove that red
6:56 am
suv through barriers and spread into the road way where the parade was taking place. we are hearing the incident did not appear, at least at this point, to be an act of terrorism. fbi is involved in the investigation as well as local police. we are going to keep an eye on that as the suspect will likely be identified later today. back to you. let's take a look at the other top stories. >> oakland's police chief will speak about a weekend crime wave, incidents include an out of control side show rday burglaries at multiple marijuana dispensaries and a deadly police shooting after a suspect rammed into a patrol car. elizabeth holmes will be back on the stand in her own criminal trial. she's facing 11 federal fraud charges over allegations she knowingly misled investors and patrons about blood testing
6:57 am
abilities. governor newsom is expected to be in the city to push booster shots. it comes a couple days after boosters were authorized for adults 18 and older. starting today masks are required indoors again in santa cruz. mask mandate reversal comes in anticipation of holiday gatherings to get ahead of a possible winter surge. it applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status. tsa says nearly 93% of workforce in compliance with a federal covid vaccine mandate. this is as airports nationwide are seeing a boost in travelers we are dealing with a few brake lights west bound 80, highway 4, commute out of the altamont pass. this is a crash involving two vehicles. once you are passed that, it gets better and then you are tapping brake lights again at the bay bridge with the
6:58 am
metering lights on. extra volume heading west bound towards 101 and a trouble spot north bound 880 at a street, another crash south bound 880 through hayward. busy on the nimitz freeway. here is a quick look at your travel times, busy through altamont 52 minutes west bound from 205 to 680. it's going to be a beautiful day. here is mary. get ready for a lovely day across the bay area. a live look taking you to the santa clara valley. you see clear skies as we start our day and check out the golden view. it's a cold start so bundle up and put on that big coat. we are talking 30s, 40s, 50s this morning. let's take you through the day with our micro climates. we will see sunshine across the region. it's going to be a mild, pleasant day with mid 60s along the coast, upper 60s around the bay, low 70s inland.
6:59 am
we will warm things up, a nice day ahead. back to you. >> very nice for a monday. people in southern california are paying to participate in water tastings. >> yes, water tastings. one west hollywood hotel is offering water tastings for $75. >> some bougie water. >> america's first certified water, he studies unique albeit subtle flavors of bottled water. >> water from feature islands tastes differently than water in germany. water is the universal solvent. it will reach out different minerals created by nature. this minerality is actually the taste. >> even put it in wine glasses there. the only bottles he refuses to touch are those labeled at purified or distilled. >> i am sure there is a subtle
7:00 am
taste. but $75? >> you can do that at home. >> do you want to taste water anyway? >> that water better turn into wine if welcome to cbs mornings and hello to our viewers in the west, it's monday, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> to your world in 90 seconds. >> kids just laying on the street, people putting blankets t least two people right away, rolled over both of them. >> at least five people arere dd and dozens hurt as an suv speeds through a crowd at a christmas parade. two missionaries abducted in haiti are freed. they were among 17 missionaries kidnapped last


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