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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 22, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PST

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good evening. thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news. two of the 17 americans and canadians seized in haiti be criminal gang have been released. the ministry the group that sponsored the hostages said this in part. we are able to report that the two hostages who were released are safe and good spirit. and being cared for. we cannot provide or confirm the
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names of the released. the reasons for their release, where they are from. are the current location. the 17 including five children were abducted in october after visiting an orphanage. highlighting the growing kidnapping problem. it's worsened in economic and political crisis. ion of the country's president in july. also breaking tonight. during a holiday parade in waukesha, wisconsin, a fast moving suv drove right through the parade. you saw it there. multiple people have been injured. the red suv has been recovered. >> the vehicle struck more than 20 individuals. some of them were children. and are some fatalities as a result of the incident. we won't be releasing information on the fatalities at this time. we are working on notifying the family members of the deceased. we're no longer looking for a suspect vehicle.
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we have a person of interest in custody at the moment. this is still a very fluid investigation. >> turning now to the other top story. millions of americans are hitting the road days ahead of thanksgiving. health officials warn of a post holiday surge. of covid infections. and the concern is very real. covid has already killed more americans this year than all of 2020. we're at lax where you say you have seen it packed all day, right? >> that's right. millions of americans are on the move here in elsewhere across the country. the number of travelers jumps, so has the number of new covid infections. >> reporter: millions of americans are bracing for long lines, full flights and packed airports. in what's expected to be the biggest holiday travel period since the start of the pandemic. >> i think things are getting bao normal. even with the spike. >> pent up demand and opening of borders are spurring travel.
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on saturday, 2 million fliers went through check points. workers shortages and covid concerns are worrying travelers. >> i'm nervous to be in the airport. it's a lot of people. >> tonight, police are searching for this man. who caused chaos saturday at the nations busiest airport. atlanta heart field jackson. authorities say his gun discharged during a bag search at the security check point. and he ran away. beginning tomorrow, tsa employees are required to be vaccinated. the agency says most workers are complying. but according to the lat numbers, 40% still haven't gotten a shot. >> the potential if you do not have an approved exemption and not vaccinated you will lose yor job. >> 62 million americans eligible to be vaccinated, aren't. former fda commissioner says boosters may change what it means to be fully vaccinated. >> i think eventually this will
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be considered a three dose vaccine. i would be hard pressed to believe it will make the recommtiti soon. >> health officials say a booster could increase the effectiveness of the vaccine up to 95%. and dr. fauci says he's optimistic we won't need a booster every year. >> we wait to see what happens next. thank you. two weeks after the u.s. lifted the covid travel ban to europe, the world health organization is now warning of a surge in covid deaths across the continent. unless tougher actions are taken. repter: belgium police u water cannons after demonstrators chanting freedom turned violent. earlier tens of thousands took to the streets to protest against newly reinforced covid restrictions including mandatory mask requirements and work from home measures. as infection rates continue to spike.
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several european countries are convulsing can protests after the continent is declared the hot spot of the coronavirus pandemic. a second night of violence in netherlands. in the capitol. dozens have been arrested in what police are calling antilock down disorder. after a new partial lock down went into effect last week. following a major sn ronavirushospitalizations. in nearby austria. with the highest rates of covid and lowest rate of vaccination in europe. thousands took to the streets on saturday after the government announced a full nationwide lock down starting monday. as well as mandatory vaccination requirements starting february 1. >> chinese tennis player spoke with the president of the olympic committee on a video call today. we have details. it appears the call eased some concerns. there are still many questions about her safety.
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>> yeah. that's certainly correct. a lot of unanswered questions here. the chinese government has released its own videos to prove that she is safe and well. that 30 minutes video call appears to be her first contact with the officials outside the country. >> reporter: chinese fen nis star is seen smiling ear to ear in this image from a video call candidate international olympic committee. saying she told them she is safe and well and asked for privacy. china released its own version. showing her at a youth tournament in beijing. sunday. signing autographs for young fans and posing for pictures. until this weekend nobody had publicly seen or heard from her in weeks after she accused a former communist party official of sexually assaults her. those allegations quickly disappeared along with her. the latest images the chinese government is putting out, they are trying to pretends everything is okay.
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>> another video posted satyappr numb plaavingerit th women's tennis associaton has threatened to pull out of tournaments in china over the disappearance. and there have been calls to boycott the up come lg winter olympics in beijing. >> now those boycott calls range from pressing corporations to yank adds to the u.s. threatening to withdraw entirely. it seems that pung is no longer missing it is unclear if she's making the appearances by choice. >> all right. thank you. a store in california the latest store to be hit by what's being termed a flash mob robbery. 80 masked thieves some carrying crowbars and weapons stormed the store. terrorizing shoppers and grabbing merchandise. then taking off in two dozen cerres thr of them.e suspects. the national retail association
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thanks for staying with us. we are just three days away from thanksgiving. for most of us that means turkey, coupd withiciosides.gro 25% of people surveyed said their thanksgiving day dinner won't have any turkey. then those who won't have any meat at all. we have the story. >> did you ever think you would
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be making jack fruit tacos for lunch? >> absolutely not. four years ago i didn't think i would be vegan. >> looking for someone to spread the gospel of plant based eating. she would have been an unlikely messenger. >> what was the food you grew up on? >> i grew up on everything. i was in north carolina. i ate a little bit of things i shouldn't have eaten. fried food. pork. and chicken of course. >> what did you think of vegans? >> i thought that was for white people. particularly white women. who do yoga and in a cult. it's the way of thinking. >> she now believes giving up all animal products and going vegan herself is what finally ended her balance of chronic pain and fatigue. she never could have imagined what would also happen. >> boy did things happen. i could have never dreamt this or thought of this. >> she took her daughters advice and started posting videos on
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tiktok. a healthy mix of what to eat. seasoned with dash of how to live. >> if you can't have a good one, don't mess up nobody els. >> the videos racked up millions of views. she had a best selling book. feeding the soul. and several corporate partnerships. >> my goal is no not to judge anyone. or force my lifestyle on anyone. my goal is simply to share what it did for me. and representation matters. now when people think of vegan they also think of a with an afro. >> 5% of u.s. households are vegan or vegetarian. these days there are plenty you might call plant curious. many are swapping out meat for vegetables. >> make you dance a little bit. >> in a diet often called plant based. or even -- flextarian. >> plant based eating is a huge
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trend. >> she is a food trends analyst at data essential. she says 25% of americans now eat a flextarian diet. and that plant based is one of the fastest growing terms on restaurant menus. up nearly 3,000% in just the past four years. a lot of that is thanks to plant based meat alternatives. beyond and impossible burgers. have proven it's possible to make plants taste likeeat. innovatipr throughout the supermarket. >> name any animal protein or animal product and now there's plant based alternative. >> 71% of consumers have tried a plant based meat. and more than half say they are willing to pay more for it. >> there are two major reasons why people are turning to plant based food. the first is health. and the second reason is this is a major one, is that plant based eating is thought to be bet pla.
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and better for the environment. >> global food production produces a thrd of human caused greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change. and raising animals for food especially cows accounts for nearly twice as much planet warming emissions as plant based foods. >> nobody wants to be told whatnot to do. they want a solution. >> the cofounder and ceo of daring food. a company creating plant based chicken products headquartered in california. far from the native scotland. >> they kicked me out when i stopped eating scotch beef. >> i don't eat red meat. i eat chicken. are you trying to convert people. >> our mission is go after the chicken lover. go after you. >> the average american eats about 100 pounds of chicken every year. that's 8 billion chickens. mostly raised in large factory
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farms. his chicken product is soy protein. >> it tastes like chicken. >> and designed to replicate the texture of the real thing. >> that really does have the same texture and taste. it's almost like skin. >> daring launched the first product into the already crowded alternative chicken market less than two years ago. it's now in more than 6,000 retail stores. >> what is the chicken product to come up with disrupt the market? >> the chicken cutlet is the holy grail. it's the toughest to go after. we're at the first inning of the this. we are barely just getting started. >> he wonders what if we simply enjoy eating vegetables. >> real food should be real food and not pr tend to be something it's not. >> the founder of shook. a chain of israel street food restaurants in washington d.c. where the food including their famous shook burger. is proudly plant forward.
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>> the objective is reconnect people with the plant and eating vegetables and seeds. why go through all the effort to hide it as something different. do exactly the opposite. actually demonstrate the to people that cauliflower with taste amazing. >> protecting the planet for future generations is his motivation to put plants at the center of our plates. >> i have two young kids. unlike elon musk. i don't want my kids growing up on mars. because we destroyed the planet. there's a misconception the solution to climate change is buying a tesla. it starts with reducing the meat we eat and more vegetables. >> on the weeks leading up to thanksgiving, jim went out searching for the perfect cup of coffee. he claims he found it. in the back room of a store in new york city.
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>> reporter: in the shadow of a manhattan bridge in brooklyn. he's restocking his supply of columbian beans for the coffee bar inside the grocery store he runs with his cousin. >> one black one cream and sugar. >> you have people coming in here. coffee bar at the front. and drinking columbiaen. >> when it comes to filling their own cups, forget the coffee bar. >> we have a secret place. speak easy. >> a coffee speak easy. >> and in their back room coffee speak easy, where they brew it old school. you can forget the colombia beans as well. >> what are you drinking in the back room? >> they are from ye ich isoome t to the world's best coffee. >> it's the grandfather of all
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coffee. >> how old is this the tradition of coffee drinking in yemen? >> so the coffee started in the middle 14th century. >> he is an eighth generation yemen coffee merchant. >> low acid. it's not going to bother your stomach. natural sweetness. >> yes. >> do you think that is because of the soil or the sun or the kind of water? >> all of this is mixed in and makes the coffee special. >> he estimates 5,000 yemen owned stores in new york city. just about every one with a back room with a where they keep the good stuff. >> if i walked in and said can i get a cup of yemen coffee, what would they say? >> sell it, no. but a friend maybe they'll give you the back. >> take the east harlem.
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>> ordering coffee? >> where, sure enough. it's colombia up front. in the back. >> this is all yemen coffee. >> he keeps half a dozen different varieties in his back room. brought by friends and family visiting from yemen. some more coursely ground. others not as dark. one so mellow it doesn't need milk. another so strong it will knock your socks off. >> double shot starbucks. use one shot of this. >> that smells good. >> no milk no sugar. just black. >> so, if the yemen coffee is to have shelf,. >> that's off the charts. >> why not sell it up front? >> a civil war, drought and spike shipping costs have sent
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yemen coffee prices soaring. particularly problematic for one of the few to try tak fro counoo to front ening u a chain of yemen ee >> what'n y $400. >> wait, wait, wait. your last shipment of coffee cost $400,000? >> yes. >> if you were to get the same shipment same size of colombia beans what would it cost? >> 60,000. >> for the most part, yemen coffee is not for the pour and go crowd. so for now, just about every yemen selling coffee will keep stocking the colombia up front. to make a better living. and continue to drink the good stuff in the back.
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to make a better life. >> it's not daily basis coffee. for now. for you is it? >> yes. >> i don't even drink coffee and i want to try some. the
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cars to televisionone ry wre sa been booming all along, is the one selling super yachts. we take you inside. >> reporter: the rich and famous love their toys. nothing says i have deep pockets like a super-yacht. the world shabs off covid-19 restrictions. it's all hands on deck at the spanish shipyard:. >> capacity was less. a lot of uncertainty. in terms of the operations of the yacht. and now the industry is big. >> a super-yacht is a luxury vessel longer than about 100 feet. if you have moneyhey gorom $10 million into the hundreds of millions. and apparently a lot of people do. 200 have already hit the waves this year. >> the industry is growing every year. >> this shipyard is backlogged for years to come. don't think it's smooth sailing once you get one. owners sink a fortune into maintaining them.
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10% of the purchase price every year. and it's easy to see why. >> we have maybe 30 people working for the boat at the moment. >> during the pandemic, we were told we're all in the same boat. but as the ovid
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we have a story of the healing power of prayer. which may come as no surprise when you learn the person saying the prayer is pope francis. >> reporter: it's not easy to up stage the pope. unless you are -- the 10 year-old italian boy enchanted by francis and his cap. he offered the seat as a compromise. but persistents pays and he walked away with a prize. simply going up and down the stairs was the real prize. for a boy with severe epilepsy anpeally after his health took
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yet a new turn for the worst. >> the doctor was almost certain it was a brain tumor. she said. francis told her he would pray for him. he took my hand and said for you, the impossibsn't t.hreekslatehatoteant. doctors told her his test results showed no sign of cancer. and his symptoms have improved. his classmates are elated. he taught us a lesson. that when you need to do something, do it with all your heart. and what would you like to tell pope? >> thank you for the miracle. >> that is the overnight news for this monday. for some the news continues. for others check back with us later for cbs morning and follow us online any time.
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reporting from the broadcast center in new york city. s newsy after an suv plowed into a christmas parade in wisconsin. striking at least 20 people including children. one law enforcement official says the suspect was fleeing another scene. possibly a knife fight. triaof the three men accused e shooting and killing ahmaud arbery. the 25 year-old was unarmed and jogging in a georgia neighborhood when he was gunned down. the defendants say they believed he was a burglary suspect.
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k pop band took home several honors at the american music awards including favorite pop group. taylor swift also a big winner at this years amas. for more news down load the app on your cell phone or connect to tv. itemnd i.the "c morni news. christmas parade tragedy. at least five people are dead and dozens injured after an suv plowed into a parade in wisconsin. what we know about the driver. on the move. millions of americans are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday, but covid isn't the only thing they're worried about. tennis star mystery. the first pictures emerge of a chinese player not seen for weeks. why the new video isn't easing
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concern for everyone. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin, of course, with


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