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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 21, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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we will see you back here and a half hour with new is always on her website. see you at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> duncan: breaking news tonight, hostages released. a christian ministry group says two of its 17 american and canadian citizens kidnapped by haitian gangs are now free. >> breaking news tonights an suv speeds through a holiday parade route in waukesha, wisconsin, injuring mult pem people. people.-- multiple people. covid concerns the biggest surge since the pandemic began is expected this week. that's prompting health officials to warn of a post thanksgiving covid surge. >> i'm lillian luciano where some flyers worries about the unvaccinated among the crowd. >> duncan: and european wave, the w.h.o. expressing new concerns after several countries report record high infection rates leading to tough new
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restrictions. plus peng shuai surface, the chinese tennis star holds a face to face call with the president of the olympic committee but questions remain about her safety. and later, a trail blazer in tune with her career path. >> i never thought about the gender, i thought about the function within. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york, with jericka duncan. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> duncan: good evening to our viewers in the west, and thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news tonight. we have learned that two of the 17 americans and canadians seized in haiti by a criminal gang have been released. while there have been no official confirmations, the christian aid ministries, a group that sponsored the hostages said this in part. we are able to report that the two hostages who were released are safe, in good spirits and
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being cared for. we cannot provide or confirm the names of those released. the reason for their release, where they are from, or their current location. the 17 including five children were abducted in october after visiting an orphanage. the incident highlighted haiti's growing kidnapping problem. it is worsened amid economic and political crises following a devastating earthquake in august and the assassination of the country's president last july. also breaking tonight during a holiday parade in waukesha, wisconsin, a fast moving suv drove thriet through the parade, you saw it there. mult pem people have been injured. the red suv has been recovered. the search for the driver is under way. waukesha is about 20 miles outside of milwaukee. millions of americans are
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hitting the road days ahead of thanksgiving as health officials warn of a post holiday surge of covid infections, and the concern is very real. covid has already killed more americans this year than in all of 2020. lilia luciano is at lax where you say you have seen it packed all day, lilia, right? >> reporter: that's right, jericka. millions of americans are on the move here and elsewhere across the country and as the number of travelers jumps, so has the number of new covid infections. millions of americans are bracing for long lines, full flights and packed airports, in what is expected to be the biggest holiday travel period since the start of the pandemic. >> i think things are getting back to normal even with the spike. >> reporter: pent up demand and the opening of borders are spurring travel. on saturday two million flyers went through t.s.a. checkpoints with worker shortages and covid concerns are worring some travelers. >> i'm honestly nervous to be in concerns are working s the airport. it is a lot of people. >> and tonight police are searching for this man who caused chaos saturday at the
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nation's busiest airport, atlanta's hartfield-jackson. authorities say kenny's gun discharged at a security checkpoint and he ran away. beginning tomorrow t.s.a. employees are required to be vaccinated. the agency says most workers are complying but according to its latest numbers 40% still haven't gotten a shot. >> there is the potential if you do not have an approved exemption and are you not vaccinated that you will lose your job. exemption and are you not vaccinated that you will use your job. >> 62 million americans eligible to be vaccinated aren't. scott gottlieb says it may change what it means to be fully vaccinated. >> i have i eventually this will be considered a three dose vaccine but i would be hard-r pressed to believe c.d.c. is going to make that recommendation any time soon. >> reporter: health officials say a booster could increase the effectiveness of the vaccine up to 95%. and dr. fauci says he's
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optimistic that we won't need a booster every year. jericka? >> duncan: we wait to see what happens next, lilia luciano for us in los angeles, thank you. two weeks after the u.s. listed the covid travel ban to europe the world health organization is now warning of a surge in covid deaths across the continent. unless proper actions are taken. here's cbs' imtiaz tyab. >> reporter: belgian police use water canons after some demonstrators chanting freedom turned violence, earlier tens of thousands took to the streets of brussels to protest against thousands took to the streets of using re-- newly reinforced restrictions like mandatory mask and work from home orders as infection rates continue to spike. several european countries are now convulsing with protests after the world health organization declared the continent the hot spot of the coronavirus pandemic. in the netherlands, there was a second night of violence, this time in the capitol the hague. dozens have been arrested in what police are callingol
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antilockdown disorder after a partial lockdown went into effect last week following a major surge in coronavirus hospitalization. in nearby austria which has some of the highest rates of covid and lowest rates of vaccination in europe, thousands took to the streets of vienna on saturday after the government announced a full nationwide lockdown starting on monday as well as mandatory vaccination requirements starting february 1st. imtiaz tyab, cbs news, london. >> duncan: chinese tennis player peng shuai spoke with the president of the olympic committee on a video call today. tom hansen has details and it appears the call eased some concerns but there are still some concerns and many questions about her safety. >> reporter: that is certainly correct, lots of unanswered questions here, jericka. the chinese government has released its own videos to prove that peng shuai is safe and well but that 30 minute video call appears to be her first contact with officials outside of the country.
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chinese tennis star peng shuai is seen smiling here to ear in this image from a video call with the international olympic committee. the i.o.c. says peng told them she is safe and well and asked for her privacy. china released its own version of proof showing peng at a youth tournament in beijing sunday signing autographs for young fans and posing for pictures. until this weekend no one had publicly seen or heard from peng in weeks after she accused a former communist party official of sexually assaulting her. those allegations quickly disappeared along with peng. >> these latest images that the chinese government is putting out, they are trying to pretend everything is okay. >> reporter: another video posted saturday appears to show the former number one doubles player having dinner with her coach and friends, the women's tennis association has threatened to pull out of tournaments in china over peng's disappearance and there have even been calls to boycott the upcoming winter olympics in
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beijing. now those boycott calls range from pressing corporations to yank ads to the u.s. threatening to withdraw entirely from the winter games. and while it seems that peng is no longer missing, it is unclear if she is making these appearances by choice. >> duncan: tom hanson, thank you. with inflation up more than 6% this year, president biden's approval rating is taking a hit. a new cbs news poll shows 44% of those polled approved of the 4 president's performance. his lowest ranking of the year. cbs' christina ruffini is at the white house. obviously these are not numbers, christina, that the president was hoping for. >> reporter: yeah, good evening, jericka. that's right, it means a majority of americans disapprove of the way the president is doing his job. now the white house is hoping the build back better bill will boost america's opinion of not only the economy but also president biden. >> there is no question inflation is high and it's affecting american consumers and
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affecting their outlook. >> reporter: brian deese said today that's why congress needs to pass the 1.75 trillion dollar social spending plan as soon as possible. >> we need to move on this build back better bill right now. >> reporter: but opponents of the bill say spending that much money could have the opposite effect. >> this idea that we're going to spend 1.75 trillion, but trust us it is not going to cost you anything, nobody buys that. >> reporter: a new cbs poll finds only 30% of the americans say the economy right now is good. and a large majority say every day items are costing them more money. most attribute inflation to supply chain issues. but 67% disapprove of how president biden is handling the problem. >> we are doing everything to lower costs for every day families. >> reporter: democrats say the aim of the build back better plan is to make life more affordable for families. >> we know paid leave helps people get back it to work. >> reporter: but key provisions
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including paid family leave and immigration reform might not survive the senate, where democrats can't afford to lose a survive the senate whe single vote. now also in that cbs news poll about a third of democrats say they don't think the president has done as much as he promised to do on immigration reform. so you want to watch out and see if that is one of those things that gets cut by the bill. >> duncan: so much in that bill. christina ruffini, breaking it down for us at the white house, thank you. one of the greatest golfers of all time who many thought might never play golf again is roaring back. that's right, tiger woods tweeted this short video showing him healthy and fit as he takes a swing nine months after suffering a devastating leg injury in a car crash. the 15 time major champion added making progress to his tweet. straight ahead on the cbs weekend news, new york to london, in three and a half hours. the return of supersonic flights.
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the noise is so loud and so powerful it could knock out glass windows. well now high speed intercontinental travel is poised for a quieter comeback. p cbs' barry petersen shows us ho ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this is animation of lockheed martin and nasa's experimental x-59 which may flyd martin and fas next year, that could launch an era-of-supersonic jet flights across america... muting the sonic boom that ended supersonic flights over the u.s., in 1973. if it worked the x-59 will sound about like a neighbor closing car door. to do that the plane is almost mirror smooth because any bump makes the sonic boom worse and to do that, engineers eliminated
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the pilot's front window so nasa to do that the test pilot jim less said learning to fly with a computer screen that might actually be better than a window. >> it is going to be pretty much like looking through a big rectangular window. we will be able to see pretty well, in some cases during testing we did, we are able to see other aircraft at a further distance than the guy sitting next to me looking out the front window. >> reporter: and if the computers go out, he has a seat of the pants back up plan. >> we will look out the side and see a little runway out one side, a little runway out the other and land in the middle. >> reporter: in denver colorado, test pilot bill shoemaker is also training for a different experimental supersonic jet. the xb-1 also set to fly next year. >> by the time that first flight year. >> by the nie comes you are really focused and sort of get that sense of responsibility takes over. >> of everything you said i think i heard don't blow it. >> that's good advice. >> reporter: the xb-1 could pave
5:46 pm
the way for the supersonic overture designed by a denver company called boom. because it will have a sonic boom, it did only fly over the ocean. cutting the flight time from new york to london from 7 hours to about three and a half. about thr that's good enough for united airlines which has ordered 15 of the jets. >> it looks like a bigger version of this. >> your vision goes beyond that though. because you think that you ought to have a plane where for a hundred bucks i go from new york to london. >> and imagine what it would be like if instead of reading about other cultures in text books and youtube videos, if our kids instead were able to visit other people. o break bread with them, experience their shared humanity. >> reporter: so next year test pilots and their experimental jets will take to the skies. to see if our world can go a lot faster and maybe become a lot closer. barry petersen, cbs news, edwards air force base,
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5:50 pm
states. but those roundups have been met with backlash. kati weis of cbs station kcnc in denver has tonight's journal. >> you want clean water. >> reporter: at a prison ranch in southern colorado, inmate david jackson and alex cockrell spend their days caring for these once wild horses. the mustangs path to this pasture is not without controversy. a few months ago these horses lived free on public land in colorado but the state's wild horse specialist steve leonard say there are too many horses for the land to support. >> we still have this lack of forage for our wintering areas i don't believe the horses would survive the winter. >> this fall, the bureau of land management rounded up more than 700 forces in the state for relocation. critics of the roundup push for birth control instead of that relocation. >> it's never easy to see entire families, i mean really generations of horses that are no longer going to be on the
5:51 pm
range. >> reporter: even colorado's governor asked for a six month moratorium of the roundup but in the end the b.l.m. went through with its plan bringing hundreds of horses to this prison complex in canyon city, colorado, to prep them for adoption. >> it includes giving them an equine infectious anemia test. >> reporter: it holds more than 2000 live horses and the much like the roundup it faces criticism. >> a wild horse photographer who adopted three mustangs attended a prison adoption event this summer. >> i was shocked. there was mud, muk and urine like ankle deep. there was not much hay. and when i went to the yearling pen, half of them were skin and bones. >> reporter: what would you say to critics who feel like the horses may be mistreated here. >> i have two death reports in-- two reports saying the horses are treated quite well here, they have the expected amount of
5:52 pm
body condition on the horses. feet conditions are right, all the reports speak for itself. >> reporter: advocates want to see for them eves but covid has curtailed adoption events from more than a dozen to only three this year. horses that aren't adopted will go to long-term holding ranches but advocates question the conditions of those facilities too. carol would like to see more adoption events at the canyon city facility because she knows of hundreds of people who would be willing to adopt horses, like helios which she just adopted back in august. >> there are people who want these horses and are not being allowed to have them. which is insane. b >> reporter: the blm says more adoption events will be heldem. which is insane. starting february. until then, it's not just the horses that are being prepped for a better future, so are david and alex, feeling more confident about life on the outside. >> i feel very fortunate, it was a stroke of luck, you know. i have never thought i would even have an opportunity like
5:53 pm
this. >> reporter: kati weis, cbs news, canyon city, colorado. >> duncan: next on the cbs weekend news, meet the woman who listened to her inner voice to pursue her dream of directing an orchestra. f directing an orchestra. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. (tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. ♪ ♪
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5:56 pm
united states. here's cbs' mark strassmann. >> reporter: by coincidence, nathalie stutzmann introduction as conductor came the night the atlanta symphony orchestra played tchaikovsky's 5th. it has a recurring theme just like america's major symphonies, the maestro invariably is a man. ♪ ♪ ♪ ...until now. >> i am nathalie stutmann. i'm a conductor. >> reporter: also a renowned contralto, a female singer with the lowest vocal range. as a young musician in europe she also dreamed of conducting, her music teacher refused to consider it. >> i found it magic. i mean it was just the repertoire and the voices that you can have, when you conduct. >> reporter: you were told
5:57 pm
directly this is no place for a woman? >> oh, they didn't need to say anything. i thought myself it is not a place for a woman, it was clear. >> reporter: atlanta's orchestra interviewed 80 conductor candidates before hiring its first female leader. stutzman's charisma and commitment stood out. >> we think we have found probably one of the most inspiring musicians on thebly planet. >> reporter: jennifer barlament led the search committee. why does it matter that the person holding the baton is a >> jennifer barlament led the woman? >> from a musical perspective, its all about that chemistrya woman. >> from a musical perspective, between the person in the orchestra. >> you can't tell what a woman conductor looks like until you see one. >> reporter: they can now, the audience and the musicians. >> she is a great role model for musicians, young women who want to conduct and see that as a norm now. >> and this is also exciting that she is the right person for
5:58 pm
the job. >> reporter: stutzman finally climbed the conductor's podium a half century after that music teacher shooed her away. >> i expect to share my absolute passion, absolute adoration for music, good day, bad day, with music everything is better. so this is why i am here. >> reporter: other major orchestras may now take atlanta's cue. stutsmann is getting used to the leading movements, mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> duncan: and stutzman's story showing us that there is always a place for women. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. "60 minutes" is coming up. i'm jericka duncan in new york. thanks for staying with us. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ ♪ ♪
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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . a warning from police that we could be in for more mass robberies and the security analyst weighs in on the rise in the crime and what it could mean for shoppers. >> at what point we finally say that you can't come into macy's unless you have been cleared? it is a mess. there has to be some recourse or somebody who breaks the law. >> from thefts to gunbattles and sideshows, what is going on in oakland? and the police chief is set to address the mayhem that unfolded over a course of several hours. later, it is a material worth more than gold and takes minutes for a criminal this off
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your car and we take a closer look at a problem getting worse by the month and costing drivers thousands. good evening. we began with a warning from walnut creek police that the bay area could be in for more mass robberies tonight. this afternoon, police tweeted out that they have intelligence that a group of thieves who ransacked the broadway plaza nordstrom are considering similar activity later today. we spoke with the security analyst about this rise in the coordinated mass robbery and what it means for shoppers. >> reporter: tonight we have seen that response begin by police and we saw officers here throughout the day and also at this location and we know this is happening at other bay area shopping centers as well and a way to create a barrier and block people from quickly


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