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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the all-new nissan frontier. live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and now, live and streaming on cbsn bay area, walnut creek police bracing for more and possible retail robberies tonight after dozens of people storm a department store. we are live with the very latest on this investigation. in oakland, a restless night as crime after crime breaks out across the city and a look at what officers were up against. a live look at sfo right now as tens of thousands of people head home for thanksgiving, but a big warning tonight about what those people could bring back to the bay
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area. we start with a warning from walnut creek police tonight about another possible round of mass robberies across the bay area. this after dozens stormed a nordstrom taking anything and everything they could. thank you for joining us. let's go to shawn live with the reaction from across the community with what it looks like at the store this evening. >> reporter: as police prepare for this to potentially happen again tonight, they say they get reports about this and that is why they want residence and businesses to be prepared. you can see the police presence is here right now and this is what we have seen all day by the mall. police officers are located right by the store and part of a response that we know the entire bay area now has to consider and another aspect is
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creating barricades like this what makes it harder for criminals to drive away. truck police say around 80 people moved in on this nordstrom store saturday night before closing wearing masks and dark clothes and carrying crowbars and pepper spray, they were determined to steal as much as they could. >> i feel like during the day there is a police presence and so many people around and i don't think they would ever try it and they may be afraid they could be seen in recognize. >> reporter: they felt safe in the afternoon walking around the mall as the holiday season began but some regular customer say they were little nervous after hearing about the looting at the same location. >> i hope it does not happen again because this and safe for the community, and all of us want to be in a safer neighborhood. >> reporter: leaders hear the frustration who say these crimes are becoming too common because criminals aren't worried about the consequences. >> i am concerned as well because this was a brazen robbery. we need to work with the da and encourages many of these charges be made and prosecuted and then convicted and put
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behind bars. >> reporter: they increase their presence on sunday and said they have the resources to keep more officers on patrol. >> we will be as ready as possible to prevent any thing like this happening again. >> reporter: business leaders say they are grateful shoppers were unafraid and want to make sure they don't have to worry about it in the future. >> people are yearning for the opportunity to be outside. we want them to know it will be safe. we don't want this sort of thing to happen again. >> reporter: customer say they will come back, not ready to give into the fear these crimes are creating. >> it is a shame that people are scared and afraid to shop and i think that is a real shame and don't let them beat you. keep shopping. >> i think that is a sentiment and a lot of people are saying this is a time we can be out during the holidays. our police asking for help from the public? there were so many guys out there yesterday?
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>> reporter: they are telling us they have already gotten a lot of cell phone video but they would like to receive more and if there are witnesses who saw anything, they should absolutely come forward and the mayor says there is surveillance video from inside the store as well as from stores outside and that is all part of the investigation. >> i bet they are checking that right now. thank you. it was a busy night in oakland for police with officers responding to several break-ins and shootings and sideshows. they say a man is dead after a shoot out with officers happening in the lockridge area and police say it started as a pursuit of a carjacking suspect in east oakland and they say at one point the suspect used the stolen car to ram their patrol cars and that is when several officers opened fire on the car hitting the suspect who later died at the hospital. officers responded to several marijuana dispensary burglaries and in one case a security guard spotted the season action and called for backup. he said another security guard shot one of the suspects who was then taken to a hospital. >> i heard gunfire back and
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forth and back and forth and the night came out and saw guy laying on the ground. >> police ended up taking two other people into custody in that case at a short time later officers responded to a second break-in at a dispensary. this time they showed up in an armored truck. however, several suspects were able to escape. if that wasn't enough, police also had their hands full with yet another sideshow with hundreds gathering to watch as drivers fun out. they captured somebody in the crowd firing a volley of gunshots into the air and no word on any arrest or citations. oakland police have scheduled a press conference to discuss the violence and it is set for tomorrow and we will be there. catalytic converter thefts lead to arrests and made in response to a report of catalytic converter thefts in
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petaluma. it was reported this morning around 3:30 near southpoint boulevard. they say they found several catalytic converters, a carjack, and electric tools in the backseat of the suspects car and for more information on the growing issue on this da lin will have a special report on catalytic converter thefts coming up in our newscast at 6:00 p.m. a local safe streets advocacy group called bike walk alameda hosted a safe streets rally, a remembrance for road traffic victims and this event was followed by a group bike ride to memorialize victims and included a stop at the location where the alameda county supervisor was hit and killed by a vehicle this year. >> the most recent fatality was a huge blow to our community and she was one of our
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community elders. >> there have been four fatalities on their roads this year. some stunning new video of an apartment gulfton flames and this morning the two alarm fire happened and 80 first avenue and a wall of flames shot out from a second story window sending fiery debris onto a balcony. luckily, they got it under control, and no injuries were reported. the fire is under investigation. and now at alive look at the airport and one of the busiest travel weekends that we have seen since before the pandemic as tens of thousands of people catch their flights home for thanksgiving. with the travel forecast expected to return to near pre- pandemic levels, health experts are keeping a watchful eye on the rising covid parts and numbers in parts of the nation. tom hansen reports from new york. >> reporter: with thanksgiving days away, americans are on the go this holiday season, with
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well over 2 million people passing through airport security each day, a new pandemic high. >> we are all taking different precautions. >> reporter: even with cases on the rise, the former fda commissioner said the situation is far better than a year ago. with an average of about 170,000 new daily covid cases were reported. >> we are probably not as good as we should be given all the tools we have given the vaccines and the drugs but how much infection we have had in this country and how much immunity is in place. >> reporter: new cases in the nation are up 54% the last month, michigan, minnesota, north dakota, and wisconsin, the hardest hit. now that the cdc has cleared the way for americans 18 and older to get a booster shot, there are growing questions about the prospects for additional boosters. >> we would hope, and this is something we are looking at carefully, that that third shot with the mrna not only boosts you way up but increases the
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durability so that you will not necessarily needed every six months or year and we are hoping it pushes it out more. >> reporter: meanwhile disney is reversing course on vaccine mandates for workers at walt disney world in florida and the move comes after the governor signed legislation restricting workplace mandates. tom hansen, cbs news. tomorrow marks the deadline for the biden administration's federal vaccine mandate. and now on to washington where a new challenge faces the build back better bill which passed the house last week after months of wrangling between progressive and moderate democrats. now, there are questions about whether the package will make it through the senate and as many u.s. families worry about inflation, the biden administration says it is a difference for the build back better bill. >> what the democrats are
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proposing is out of touch and extreme and what we have before us isn't a social spending bill. it is a pathway to socialism. >> when the government does big things, it is not easy. it takes a lot of work and a lot of negotiation. it is made all the harder because our republican friends are intransigent against this bill. >> the biden ministration said the bill will be fully paid for even though a congressional budget office analysis shows a significant shortfall. still ahead, the dramatic scene just outside of milwaukee after an suv plowed through a holiday parade. and more bad luck for the golden gate fields after reports say several horses died at the facility this week. and just when you think you have seen it all, how much some californians are paying to taste water. we are watching the close of a spectacular sunday and mid-
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november day and you couldn't ask for better weather. going into the holiday, we will keep most of this but there will be so
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developing news and wisconsin. multiple people are reportedly hurt after an suv slammed through a holiday parade and this happened in a town outside of milwaukee. cell phone video shows the suspected car racing through several road barriers and some witnesses reported hearing gunshots in that area. emergency crews are still on the scene. this is a developing story and we will continue to follow it and have more update on our news at 6:00.
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three race horses have reportedly died at golden gate field in the past three weeks and the racing board set on friday a two-year-old thoroughbred was euthanized on the track and this after falling during the first race of the day. two other horses died during training sessions earlier in the week and marks 26 racehorse deaths at the berkeley race track in the last 11 months. we reached out to golden gate fields for comment, and we are waiting to hear back. a new art exhibit featuring work from the elusive artist bank see will open to the public in san francisco and it is been called the world's largest collection of the artists work and will feature more than 100 pieces of the work of banksy inside the palace of fine arts and tickets are on sale now through the first week of january. many across the bay area have been likely wine tasting, but
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believe it or not, some people in southern california are paying to participate in water tastings. one west hollywood hotel is actually offering water tastings for $75 and the host, martin rees, is the first certified water some all you, and like the ones who do wine, he studies the unique, albeit subtle, flavors of bottle water. >> water without flavor doesn't exist and every water has a taste and i like people who say this is crazy because there is a chance for me to touch them on a different level and say, wait a minute, give me the chance to explain that water is not just water. >> for restaurants that feature familiar and lesser-known brands with the pairing of seasonal foods, his water recommendation ranges in price
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to a few dollars to a few hundred dollars and the only bottles he refuses to touch her those labeled as purified or distilled. you shouldn't touch any water that comes from the sky because that is the water we want. i think this is a nice transition to you. what you think about that? we know the free stuff falling from the sky is not coming for a while and we are kind of out of the rain business for the next several days and with thanksgiving coming up, it is good timing. there are no significant weather issues for thanksgiving here. we will look nationally in a few seconds and i show you where there may be some hiccups for travel plans. but before thanksgiving, we will talk about the start of your week and this is the close of sunday and what was a spectacular day in high time days were 70 and mid-to upper 60s for much of the bay and smooth sailing now going across the san mateo bridge looking west heading over toward the peninsula and if you really want to look west you can see way out past over here from the
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top of the sales force tower. you can leave that shot behind as nice as that is and here's another one for you. we do know it is clear with no clouds and we did great this morning and the fog and likely keep the fog contained tomorrow although not as well as today but some patchy areas of fog possible monday morning but this won't be a fog scenario and we had a lot of that over the last week and a half but thanks to an offshore wind event last night, it helped dry out the lower levels just enough so the fog didn't really materialize today. we lose tomorrow some of that influence and it will start to redevelop a little bit more and it will be colder little bit tomorrow so be advised and the daytime highs tomorrow is just as nice as today warming up into the mid-60s again and fantastic on monday. the storm track takes everything away from us and you can see where the clouds are going and what is happening on the big pitcher is we miss out
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on a storm over the next 24 hours because everything goes up into the pacific northwest and you can see the accumulated rainfall between now and sunday and this went all the way through the holiday and nothing happens here and it keeps raining up there and that is typical for this time of year although british columbia has been getting an insane amount of rainfall and a whole other story. this is the forecast for thanksgiving. it will be sunny and mid-to upper 60s. that is here and you don't have to think about it at all and travel here will be a piece of cake. i will look at the country now at a whole. on wednesday afternoon, for the most part there is not a whole lot going on but it is subtle but right over here there is no so we will see some light snow which is a hub and some tryst -- transitions on wednesday but the rest of the country you can see chicago and atlanta. but on thursday there will be some rain and the midsection of the country but we are where we need to be in there does it need to be any thing significant. this shows you what we were talking about a second ago with
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no rain and not for san francisco or oakland or san jose and if we look across the microclimate it is the same story here. we may cool down by the middle of the week but that is it. back over to you. content, content, content. straight ahead, that team in scarlet and gold is making a move and a game all set up for the 49ers to mail it welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. lots of new introductions. ...4 ounces... so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive. - [narrator] it's a mixed up world. and the way we work looks a little different. but whether you embrace the new normal or just want to get back to the routines that feel right, x-chair continues to be at the forefront of change, which is why we've launched the all new x-chair with elemax. elemax combines gentle body temperature regulation with stress melting massage to increase your comfort working from home or at the office.
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[crowd cheering] how's sanchez looking? with your qb's increased spin rate, any pass with a launch angle of at least 43 degrees puts sanchez in the endzone. you a data analyst or something? an investor in invesco qqq. a fund that gives you access to nasdaq-100 innovations like ai statistical analysis software. how am i gonna do? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. ♪♪ the 49ers, after two games
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in the last six days, they are definitely trending up. costumed 49er fans in jacksonville and poolside at the stadium? why not. it is florida. the second quarter is 3-0, san francisco and samuel running downhill with a gun run and 25 yard touchdown made it 10-0 and eight carries and 79 yards and the jaguars couldn't get out of its own way and committed a fumble here and fred water a little of give me that and deep in their territory but jacksonville stopped him and 3rd down but after the play this happened. jenkins with an openhanded punch here and it moved on and drop low right here and he caught all seven passes thrown to him and his third touchdown of the season made it 7-0 -- 17- 0 and it was this play with the big fellows get open and trent
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williams didn't have a chance between two defenders and they went to 4th down and george kittle showed how it was done in that touchdown increase the lead to 27-3 and an epic day for nick bosa in his home state and two more sacks today including this and he had 10 before the season in the minors dominated all phases of the game and won it 30-10. san francisco has now won three of their last four to even their record of 5-5. >> it's 14 days moving in the right direction i will say and things are coming together at the right time and we are getting to that back half of the season and i think it is just to we are in a long we have been trying to find out and find ourselves. >> where we showing you this pregame hug? they played at the vikings and the packers needed to bring it in the last few minutes and he
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is gone. 75 yard play and four touchdown passes for rogers and it wasn't enough. kirk cousins through it and what a play here 26 yard gain down the sidelines and a replay of the throw but all rogers could do is watch as joseph drilled a 29 yarder with time expired and a minnesota beat green bay 34-31 and the vikings are 5-5 and this sets up a gigantic matchup next sunday at levi stadium at the 49ers. in the meantime the raiders had all kinds of fans but they needed to beat the bengals today in las vegas and the raiders ahead 6-3 in the second quarter and freedom high school product out of oakley and the bengals took the lead in the 4th quarter 16-6, cincinnati and we will call this a tight
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and drive and darren waller and again and 116 yards in the game but how about that other tight and and to foster marrero and three plays 75 yards. it was a three-point game but the raiders couldn't muster the defensive effort when it mattered and joe burrow to ja'marr chase 22-13, bengals and still this is a back breaker right here. to eli apple and then offensively he just hammered him with the run and cut >> a 20 yard touchdown run and he ran for 121 yards with 27 carries and the bengals won it 32-13 and drop the raiders after three straight losses to 5-5. >> i have been a raider fan for a long time in 20 years of this is enough and i am fed up. i just want to be a part of the
5:26 pm
moment it changes and i want that so bad and that is what keeps driving me. i get just off and upset and i stand up here and i have done this a lot of times and i'm going to do it because the men in our room in the way we work and go after things it shouldn't always and like this crap. >> the stars still rising for santa clara women's soccer. they needed a corner kick and got it against wisconsin and broke a second half tie and carly used her head and the broncos won it 2-1 and have advanced to the ncaa tournament quarterfinal play against number one duke next week and the coach, jerry smith, one of my favorite coaches, i hardly ever see, but he is one of those guys when you run into them it is like no time has passed. >> just like you. thank you so much. we will be right back. how fire crews helped rescue an
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finally, oakland firefighters came to the rescue to help a tired old pup. the crews said the owner call the fire department when they couldn't get their elderly dog out of a creek bed. it is unclear how the dog got down there, but oakland fire said he was too tired to walk back up the hill. they responded and they gave
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him a lift. >> that is it for us at 5:00. we will see you back here and a half hour with new is always on her website. see you at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> duncan: breaking news tonight, hostages released. a christian ministry group says two of its 17 american and canadian citizens kidnapped by haitian gangs are now free. >> breaking news tonights an suv speeds through a holiday parade route in waukesha, wisconsin, injuring mult pem people. people.-- multiple people. covid concerns the biggest surge since the pandemic began is expected this week. that's prompting health officials to warn of a post thanksgiving covid surge. >> i'm lillian luciano where some flyers worries about the unvaccinated among the crowd. >> duncan: and european wave, the w.h.o. expressing new concerns after several countries report record high infection rates leading to tough new


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