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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and day. and night. only at jack in the box. breaking news at 11:00. last night it was san francisco. tonight it appears walnut creek has been hit by a mass robbery. here from a witness who describes the setting chaos. which of union square boarded-up out of caution. the big plans san francisco police have to put a stop to retail theft. a gun battle between police and civil suspects legs out in a quiet open neighborhood. what officers say started the shoot out. we begin with that breaking news walnut creek. i am juliette goodrich. a major police present in downtown walnut creek after reports of a mass robbery inside of a nordstrom store. dozens of cars pulled up to the
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area and a large crowd stormed the store grabbing as much as they could carry out. one witness described the setting chaos. >> as soon as i saw people running down the sleep -- down the street i 50-80 people. they were looting the nordstrom and usually it is really busy. if they are active x just come right here. it was crazy. all the guests were getting concerned. it was scary for a moment. >> police could be seen outside of the store. it is unclear if any arrests have been made. this comes one night after dozens of thieves targeted the louis vuitton and many other stores in san francisco's union square. tonight most of the stories in the area are boarded-up out of caution. let's go to bed you live in san francisco with the new promise from police to crack down on
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retail theft. betty? >> julia, all-around union square there are signs on the holidays but there is also a very heavy police presence. take a look behind me. that is a mobile command post where the chief says officers will be working around the clock to investigate several burglaries from friday. they tell us several of the suspects are familiar to the department. tonight block after block the sound of nonstop drilling filled the air in union square and shoppers took in the classic holiday sites. wall there won't be much windowshopping at many stores it wasn't hard to see san francisco police officers at virtually every corner. >> actually it gave me a sense of comfort because they are obviously visible and they want everyone to know we are going
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to be here if something happens. >> many high-end stores at union square that were not hit in the chaos friday night are not taking any chances. we found workers boarded-up to do your store tonight. >> does this incident deter you from thinking about coming back here? >> that is kind of scary getting caught up into that scene. >> today mayor london breed -- they were burglarized or vandalized. >> we will be making changes to union square and how cars are able to access. there will be limited access in terms of when you come to this area. our buses and cable cars and other public transportation will be able to circulate. >> scott says the mass burglaries in vandalism last night with a concerted effort
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to overwhelm officers. >> we have to make it difficult for people to do what they did last night. pull up to a business, shatter the windows, gordon wipe out anything they can carry and get in their cars and leave. >> here in union square there is still holiday tradition. in fact, as of a few minutes ago people were still ice- skating. as far as the suspects, please tell us 8 people were arrested in friday's chaos. all of them young adults local to the bay area. he is confident more arrests will follow. >> they responded to a homicide a shooting in an alleged shooting of an alleged robbery suspect. >> brian police say a robbery suspect opened fire in the neighborhood which is back that way and that led to a police chase which ended up over here.
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broadway and oceanview drive and that is where a police officer opened multiple rounds on the suspect. >> a big police presence at the site were at least one officers shot a robbery suspect. several streets were shut down for hours as investigators collected evidence got involved. >> this is very unusual for this neighborhood. i am very surprised to see this your. >> walking around the streets i have felt safe. i have never been worried about gunshots. >> the first call became 3:00 him. backfired photoshop officers.
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opd officers discharged their duty firearms. the suspect was struck and transported to a local hospital where they are being treated for their injuries. shots fired! shots fired! >> no suspect identification at this time. please say officers recovered a loaded gun. >> we have when detained in handcuffs. >> police say the carjacking victim is okay. >> what can you tell us about the homicide? >> that homicide happened earlier in the day the 3900
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block of carrington street which is in the fruitville neighborhood. that was homicide 123 of the year in the city. i understand the police chief chief armstrong will hold a press conference on monday to talk more about that homicide and also about this police shooting. >> now onto a heartbreaking dutchman. a suspected drunk driving crashes interstate 80. the crash happened early this morning the crystal lake. it closed a stretch of the roadway for more than 7 hours. the chp says a jeep was driving the wrong way and caused a crash with two other cars. two adults and two children were killed in a baby was rescued by citizens who witnessed the crash. >> there was a good samaritan holding the infant and when the officer went to the car all
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forwarded on scene. >> the driversays costs the cr-- was expected to survive. >> on the covid for the rush is on to get a booster shot now that they are recommending it for everybody over 18. made an appointment for the booster. >> i am glad people are getting it. i want to protect myself and my family members. >> i have my 93-year-old mom here. just want to get this done with. >> by noon demand outweighed supplies. organizers say more boosters could be available by tuesday.
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if appointments become necessary you can always make when. let's take a live look out of sfo. is the biggest travel weekend since the start of the pandemic. that only in the bay area but nationwide. the tsa screened 2 1/4 passengers. that is the most since march 2020. sfo someone then 52,000 outbound passengers for the highest since 2020. tonight police are still looking for the man who started it all. officers say agency saw a gun in the luggage of this man 42- year-old kenny wells. he then jumped into the bag and that said going off. he is a convicted felon and wasn't even supposed to be in possession of a firearm. he ran out of the airport and
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hasn't been seen since. dozens knocked over barriers as they ran toward the exits. people. >> airline passengers bringing guns to the airport is a huge problem according to the tsa. in the first 10 months of 2021 the agency caught over 4600 firearms and most of them were loaded. that number surpassed the full year for 2019 when the tsa confiscated 2400 guns. >> why filling up your thanksgiving plate could also empty your bank account. how technology could soon make pursuits a thing of the past. how the u.s.s. hornet is highlighting the crucial role to play in the space race. >> a little bit out of an offshore wind event.
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to their thanksgiving >> th nooning thatll be more e during the holiday weekend. john laurence report/is for the birds. >> get ready to fork out a little more money for your thanksgiving feast. the farm bureau federation says it will be 40% more based on their informal survey. >> it is hard to point to any one thing but certainly the underlying global pandemic. >> the biggest reason for the vta increase? have to winnable to carry out the survey was carried out before grocery stores started advertising promotional prices which come out later this year.
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>> we have seen price fluctuations anywhere from $.88 per pound all the way to $1.50 per pound. certainly there is a lot of variation we are seeing in the retail space. i think that is driving a lot of those concerns scenic mate sure you're looking at not just going to the same grocery store for all of the items for the christmas robert shop and a bit. you may not by the field the the same deal on every product in this >> americans will spend one of the stacy's satellite a new
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high-tech disabling system could reduce pursuits by stopping a car dead in its tracks. it is call the police pursuit eliminator. >> it works off of different satellite gps technology . brian is just gently nudging us in that direction with suggestions. i have an offshore wind events to talk to you about.
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normally that would be like oh no. this is a good one pick is going to help clean out the fog tomorrow morning and probably even one step a little more. since we got so much rain october we are pretty immunized against offshore wind events. the landscape is very well buffered against start a fire start very. this setback widow get wendy below 1000 feet. you don't even feel the wind
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but you to get the benefit of the offshore wind. you see the streamlines off the coast? had to be be advised especially if you're in the delta will go to 70 in redwood city. this is going to be and i stay. maybe the warmest of the 7-day forecast but only technically we are going to cool down a little over the next 5-6 days.
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pointed looks like la nina. this all the way through next sunday. not tomorrow but next sunday to monday. looked all the way through the holiday no rain here. it all stays well to the. forecaster thanksgiving day has some upper successor locations >> wednesday will be easy weatherwise at least locally here for the bay area. there is no items of concern on their. guys back over to.
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>> straightahead a recap of today's college robustly. for the first time in a long time the big game featured a pair of losing records. still, a huge game for your holiday plans. some anger from
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the big game up top with smaller implications than usual excluding the pandemic riddled season of 2020. you have to go all the way back to 2000 for a stanford cal matchup with losing records for both teams. cal still alive with the building. averts the initial
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tackler. that is longest pass play late third. around the corner situations versus this said spot there is your step over 600 yards of offense. they crash the kernel 41-11. cal has now want to make of the last three games
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>> it is us in. being able to say that in 2019 and a couple of years lateis a revealing. >> you can tell they're going to have that i will be denied attitude. >> i am not surprised in any way. we performed the way we did. as he did think you would be time to push him out of the adult. instead 70 yards to the house is the half-time. to give utah a 28-0 leave.
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they went 30-7. cincinnati all of a sudden in the catbird seat. >> let's go to the battle for l.a. ucla and usc second quarter bruins darian thompson robinson takes it himself. motorsports coming after the break including the stanford men's team taking on the defending champs. the sharks back in san jose after a two-week absen
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. san jose hadn't been home in two weeks. they went to macguffin 3. first- period washington on the power play. set up her belief in the fourth all-time leading scorer.
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it is to macguffin 0 washington. his second of the night. capitals when 4-0. lost 6 of their last statement >> was all bears in the second. james with the easy bucket. 52-20. >> a lot of sports going on tomorrow. warriors back home after a quick road trip. >> thank you charlie. coming up how the u.s.s.
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the ship has been converted in a historical museum. the apollo 12 mission been 52 years ago marking the second time american astronauts walked on the moon. >> it was amazing. have to put the whole thing in the context of the 60s. >> there was nothing like it. the played important roles by to recover the astronauts. the business plans to return by 2024 to which we say good luck with our. thanks for tching. we wil on] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget.
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