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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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changes in union square after a huge smash and grab crime spree hours ago. last night, a group of police officers surrounded a specific getaway car and smashed the windows in front of the louis vuitton's door. >> other stores were hit but target was also walgreens and the police chief and mayor say they will stop the madness. >> max darrow is in union square with changes the mayor is promising. >> reporter: the louis vuitton store got the worst of it last night and you can see boards are going up right now to cover up the damage. people got away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and also hit other spots. the city and police will make a move that should make it harder for people to pull off crimes like what we saw last night. after numerous stores in and around union square were burglarized or vandalized on
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friday night, san francisco mayor and the police chief says changes are coming to union square. >> we will be making changes to union square and how cars are able to access. there will be limited access in terms of when you come to this area. >> we have to make it difficult for people to do what they did last night, shatter windows, wipe out everything that they can carry, and get in the car parked at the curb and leave. report back several shops, including louis vuitton , burberry , and more were either burglarized or vandalized. on saturday, many shops put up boards over broken windows, glass, and made fixes to other damage. san francisco police chief says they have made eight arrests and he expects more to come as he described those arrested as young adults, mostly local to the bay area, some are familiar faces to sf. >> it was concerted, this was
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not unplanned. >> reporter: he says police will rise their visibility throughout the holiday season. >> the vandalism and theft that swept through union square last night must stop. >> reporter: the head of the union square alliance, the business district, she says it imperative you will feel safe to shop in and experience union square. >> there are police everywhere in union square to support the visitors and people who want to be out here on the weekend and enjoy their time. >> reporter: many people upset by the crime spree. >> i personally have also given up on the city. >> reporter: some say san francisco is still a special place. >> this is a great city, stay safe, but it is safe to be here. >> we heard from the police and the mayor, any word from the district attorney? >> reporter: they put out a statement saying they are outraged and commended the response by police and said to standby for felony charges.
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we first brought you the police chief's press conference live on cbsn bay area and you can tune in 247 on the biggest travel weekend since the start of the pandemic here in the bay area nationwide. the tsa screened 2.24 million passengers yesterday, the most since march of 2020. back here at home, sfo saw over 52,000 outbound passengers yesterday, also the highest since 2020. we are not just in the middle of a holiday travel rush. the holiday booster shot rush is on and we saw long lines for covid boosters on the peninsula today . we see just how busy it got at one vaccine clinic taking walk-ins. >> reporter: cars crawled along
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saratoga drive on saturday, driving towards the san mateo county event center. >> it is worth getting in line. >> reporter: a popular spot because you did not need an appointment for a booster shot in the morning but by doing they turned away anyone trying to drive up for a those last- minute. >> it depends on the wait. i will see if i can come during the week. >> reporter: some drivers had no problem waiting, as enthusiastic for the booster as they were the initial shot. >> the line is long because a lot of people try to get vaccines before thanksgiving .! san mateo health says the timing of the decision to expand eligibility to all adults could be critical as we approach the holiday. >> especially as we will have potentially multi generational groups. many potential larger gatherings, the weather is getting colder and people maybe indoors. all of those things point us to maximized protection needed
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from everyone. reporter mike the demand created traffic challenges around the event center including the intersection behind me, especially in the afternoon as more people were arriving and in some cases trying to attend an event at the same location. >> get your shot and let's get this over with. >> reporter: the long lines were in both directions leading into the event center, a sign that the people have the same idea, the first we can all adults could get a booster shot. >> it feels amazing, i have been waiting for this day and i fully believe in the vaccines and i'm excited. san mateo county health department's website says appointments are not wired for adults but they could be next week. you can make an appointment by going to a san mateo county supervisor going for the seat held by jackie speier. >> i am running for congress because san mateo county is an example for folks. it is an example for folks.
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how we can deal with issues around healthcare, more accessibility, affordable housing, college affordability, embracing our diversity, recognizing the imminent threat of climate change. >> jackie speier, who represents the 14th district, and now she will not run for reelection and the district extends from south san francisco to east palo alto. for the palo alto community celebrated the grand reopening of the new pedestrian bridge called the highway 101 pedestrian bicycle bridge. a good name. $23 million project replaced the seasonal benjamin lefkowitz underpass that was available only half the year because it flooded out the second half. the new bridge provides a new access route to the nature preserve and businesses and other amenities on east bayshore road. students planning to go to college maybe glad to hear this, the university of california no longer requires any kind of admissions test for
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undergraduates. the s.a.t. and a.c.t. have one that criticized for being racially biased and give a leg up to wealthier students whose families can afford pricey test preparation. some signs of progress for the california job market as employers added over 96,000 new jobs in october. the gains did lower california's unappointed rate to 7.3%, tied with nevada for the highest unemployment rate in the nation. in milliken oakland for the national audubon society is suing the county. its approval of a new wind turbine facility near tracy is an issue the audubon society said the project has been poorly planned and they say the project is a threat to birds and bats and did not go through a sufficient environmental review. big sewage bill in marin county is being cleaned up as county leaders say 75,000 gallons of sewage spilled thursday off of highland avenue. it is in the happy valley and
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montecito areas of downtown san rafael they believe the cause was a pipe blockage and environmental health experts are checking to see if any sewage flowed into the san rafael creek or into the san francisco bay. still ahead, the uss hornet back in the news, highlighting the crucial role it played in the space race. the federal government had walked away from their promises to help indigenous people. the white house cabinet member marking an historic anniversary in alcatraz. thanks to an offshore wind event that will happen later tonight, we may be able to shift our focus from talking about the fog tomorrow morning, good news on that front and a look at the holiday forecast coming up.
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the uss hornet is celebrating its role in the famed apollo missions this weekend. >> we look at how the special exhibits are on board. reporter mike the apollo 12 mission is a towering technological accomplishment, marking the second time american astronauts walked on the surface of the moon. >> landing a man on the moon the first time was amazing and you have to put the whole thing in the context of the 60s, the vietnam war, the cold war with the soviet union, the space race was a big deal. >> reporter: the staff at the uss hornet, converted into a floating museum, celebrated the anniversary of the apollo 12 mission with the public.
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>> that was the only lunar flight, apollo flight, that had military service crew and it had to be old navy so we are proud. >> reporter: the hornet was not just a witness to history, they played their own important role in the mission, helping to recover the astronauts after the splashdown in the ocean. >> the hornet was the prime recovery ship for apollo 12 and also the prime recovery ship for apollo 11. >> reporter: the exhibits are meant to honor the past and reignite interest in the future of space travel. the u.s. set a goal of returning to the surface of the moon by 2024. >> 1000 years from now when people look back at the 20 century, they will remember it was the first time that humans got away from the earth. they did not go far but that was revolutionary. a live look at alcatraz
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island where indians of all tribes are celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the native occupation of the island on november 20th, 1969. nearly 100 native americans landed by boat on alcatraz to claim the former island prison as indian territory. the secretary of the entergy year interior spoke at the event. >> 52 years ago, the situation was dire. the federal government had walked away from their promises to help indigenous people who were forced to relocate to urban areas, federal agencies refused to abide by basic consultation standards in many native communities have lost large swaths of their lands. >> new at 6:00, eastbound highway 80 in the sierra has reopened after a wrong way crash killed four people. the crash happening early this morning near yuba pass and crystal lake. it closed a stretch of the roadway from more than seven hours. the chp says a jeep was driving
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the wrong way and caused a crash with two other cars. two adults and two children were killed and the crash is under investigation. developing story him at the l.a. times is a new oil she reported near the ruptured pipeline that caused the oil spill off of the orange county coast, state and federal authorities are investigating the sheen as it covers an area fairly small. it is about 70c0 feet at the original oil spill on october 2nd released at least 24,000 gallons of crude into the ocean near huntington beach. authorities think the leak was caused by an anchor rupturing a pipeline and the l.a. times reports federal authority boarded the container vessel called beijing at the port of long beach on thursday. they identified it as the second ship under investigation in the spill. gorgeous orange sunset. look at that. over san francisco, a welcome change from the misty and foggy weather yesterday. it was beautiful all over the
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bay area. >> nicely done, darren. do you have more? >> we are keeping it, and what you did not see as we have been getting patchy fog in the morning and tomorrow we are getting rid of that as well. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. a live view from treasure island looking back at the city. the reason why we clear things out is because the situation that otherwise would have had us a little stressed. there will be an offshore wind event happening later tonight. normally, that would have been a big fire with a concern for us but since we have gotten so much rain, we don't have to be concerned about that as the mountains have gotten plenty of rain and we are out of fire season. mid to upper-50s right now and watch the visual. offshore winds, the brighter it gets, the stronger the winds. through the overnight, the classic scene, that is the offshore wind. if we look at it closer to home, you see the same places light up that get hit the
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hardest, the mountains, that is tonight, northbay mountains could see gusts 45 miles per hour and we could see gusts through the east bay hills almost that strong. this is the kind of event, down here at the lower elevations where we live, this would have been headlines if we had not gotten any rain. since we don't have that, the benefit of this is the dryer winds are now also going to take whatever fog would have developed and cleared out. we will likely have a much better morning tomorrow is still cool, low-40s for the colder in the valleys in the northbay and everybody else's mid-40s. that time of year when the mornings are chilly. another sunny day tomorrow, just like today. mid and upper-60s for daytime highs tomorrow. a good-looking weekend and a good-looking seven-day forecast beyond that because one view into the pacific shows us a pattern that may be we will not like as much. the storm track is going way out of his way to have nothing
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to do with us and driving another intense series of rainmakers into the pacific northwest over the next few days. if we let this play out through sunday, all the way through the holiday, that is rainfall between now and this coming sunday, nothing here. a quick look ahead to the forecast on thanksgiving shows us it will be beautiful, sunny, pleasant with mid and upper-60s for most places. wednesday may be a bigger concern for the weather because that is the travel day, the same, sunny and low to mid-60s, looks great and staying that way through the weekend. we will be out of the storm track for a while. same story here for the in the valleys of the east bay and northbay valleys, daytime highs in the 60s. a little bit cooler over the next few days but nothing drastic. charlie? >> 49ers in action tomorrow. a reunion for jimmy ward, who was drafted by the general manager of jacksonville.
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plus, football at wrigley field, no need to get your eyes checked, it happened, highlights from around the college football saturday is
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the big game today at stanford and the only states involved things stanford's chances at spoiling cal's bowl aspirations. stanford had a good opportunity against the basketball baylor bears, the 14.5 favorites coming into the game but stanford came to play in the first half. the cardinal, late in the first half, a nice cut and an easy bucket. stanford down 30-26. much different in the second half, 22 turnovers, usually a sign things are going wrong. the easy score. baylor outscored the cardinal
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52-20 in the second half and are easy winners, 86-48. battle for l.a., usc meeting louis vuitton . the second quarter, ucla leading 21-10. touchdown and you can have my john hancock early because we are not losing. four minutes left. dtr is a playmaker. watch them go over the defender and scores on the 15 yard run. he had two scores and threw for four and ucla blows out the rivals, usc . bryce young is your current favorite to wind the heisman trophy and the alabama quarterback had a day, six minutes left, arkansas hanging tough, down six, he airmail's williams, full extension for the 40 yard score. no alabama qb has thrown for
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more yards than he did today, 559, five touchdowns, alabama winds , 42-35 and clenched a matchup with georgia in the sec championship. chicago, look how wedged in this field is, probably not many fade routes. second football game in 40 years . no game, northwestern versus purdue and all boilermakers, three touchdown catches from milton white and they wind 32- 14 . the football crowd sang take me out to the ball game. jimmy ward knows a trip to the sunshine state against the jaguars has trap written all over it, the sandy beaches on their minds, jacksonville with the most land area in the u.s. not in alaska, the beaches are a half hour away from the stadium. enough with the geography. jimmy ward said they will be
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ready, a reunion with the jacksonville general manager trent baalke . he held the same role with the 49ers from 2011 to 2016. defensive back jimmy ward did not like it when he would get coaching tips from trent baalke who was all-conference in bemidji state in minnesota. he will allow tips from a hall of famer, john lynch. >> that is never good. gm calms down, that means something is going on and we saw what happened. >> john lynch was a player, he can't help it, he has a gold jacket. trent never played, right? trent never played but john has a gold jacket. >> he played at bemidji state. insert that pointing spider-man gif. raiders and cincinnati coming off consecutive losses, both, they play on sunday. joe burrow was supposed to be
6:24 pm
picked number one at the draft in las vegas but covid change the scenery to his living room, first time he will face the silver and black . the bengals head coach they like the city too much, mike brown they want to have his offensive line on standby in case they need to pry him off the craps table at 4:00 a.m. on sunday. >> my wife knows we do not go to vegas together, i spent 72 hours at the craps table, i don't go to shows or dinner or the pool, i just play craps, very low wages, low stakes, but once every two or three years, i self-imposed a ban when i lose. >> bengals and raiders can be seen here sunday at 1:00 we will have the fifth quarter after the game. nwsl championship, that is dennis rodman's daughter, trinity, washington spirit go ahead with that goal. in extra time so the game-
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winner at a national women's soccer league championship for the spirit who defeat chicago 2- 1. first-ever nwsl title for the franchise. the staff are not looking good, california up 20-3 on the cardinal home turf. we will see what happens, thank you. this evening, state biologists say they saved 2 million salmon from california poshest route, they started releasing fish into the river after water conditions improved. the salmon were raised in a hatchery in siskiyou county and kept their longer than normal because of scorching summer heat and low water levels. have they been released in the spring biologists believe 90% of them would have died. from fish to paris, the animals getting sleepy in the sierra and the nonprofit bear league says they have gotten 23 calls. about bears hiding in crawlspaces under homes. in lake tahoe and truckee.
6:26 pm
they are asking homeowners to secure your crawlspaces so bears do not make themselves at home. vultures, zookeepers often you use unique methods to keep animals entertained and we see a hooded vulture taking part in a treat puzzle, something typically used on cats and dogs, but the clever bird was able to figure it out in no time. in return, got to snack on special treats. coming up in the next half hour, chaos erupts at the nation's biggest airport with multiple people injured. what we know about a security checkpoint scared that sent people running. what will it take to avoid a winter surge? the message from dr. anthony fauci leading into the holiday season. >> the second gunman killed robert kennedy, not sirhan. >> it was him all by himself. as the convicted tenor of
6:27 pm
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a scare at the nation's busiest airport stops flights and since passengers running on the biggest travel weekend in two years. give her joining us, i am
6:30 pm
juliette goodrich. >> i am brian hackney. all clear at the left airport after chaos earlier. >> a passenger's weapon accidentally fired this afternoon and this was the scene at the tsa checkpoint at the hartsfield jackson atlanta airport, some people crawling on the floor getting away and barriers were pushed to the ground. authorities say it started around 1:30 when the tsa started searching a bag. as the officer opened it up, the passenger lunged into the bag and grabbed a firearm which accidentally fired. the loud noise plunged the area into chaos. >> in the aftermath, three adults with non-life- threatening injuries and the rest to evacuate, two were hospitalized and the tsa said the round hit the back of the person who purchased the weapon. after the gun went off, he ran out of the airport. passenger stood outside on the tarmac after the airport called
6:31 pm
the ground stop on all departing flights, but it was brief and the airport gave the all clear. the fbi and the atf are investigating. tsa administrator said recently airline passengers bringing guns to the airport is actually a huge problem as the tsa reported, the first months of 2021, they caught over 4600 firearms in security checkpoints, most of those guns were loaded. the number surpassing the four year of 2019 when the tsa caught over 4400 guns. health experts are still hoping upcoming holiday gatherings do not ignite a winter wave of new covid cases . the cdc says more than 110,000 new cases were reported on thursday with the seven-day average above 94,000. health officials are now urging anyone eligible to go get the booster shot. this is 47 million american adults remain unvaccinated. >> there is no more ambiguity,
6:32 pm
if you are 18 or older, and you have been primarily vaccinated, go get booster shots. >> a quarter of the population in the state is not vaccinated and represent a lot of human wood for the coronavirus to burn and that is what is happening. two new studies reveal the risk covid presents to pregnant women , one shows the risk of death is more than three times higher in covid positive pregnant women , another study found the risk of stillbirths increased by 90%. only about 35% of pregnant women are vaccinated. the cdc recommends the vaccine for pregnant women. meantime, a sense of pandemic deja vu in santa cruz county. starting monday morning, the county is bringing back its indoor mask mandate. it is all in anticipation of holiday gatherings to get ahead of a possible winter surge. the mandate applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. in addition to public spaces,
6:33 pm
the minute also calls for people to wear masks inside their homes. when people of another household visit. meanwhile, in austria, tens of thousands of people protesting the government's covid restrictions two days before austria is scheduled to go on lockdown. they mandated covid vaccines for all beginning in february . you know the phrase, see something, say something, that is what one southern california mother did and now she is being called a hero. a mother from dana point, 65 miles north of san diego, thought she recognized two missing children from tennessee while dropping off her son at school. she trusted her gut instinct and reported the siding to police and, sure enough, orange county deputy says her tip was spot on. authorities found the missing three-year-old boy, 16-year-old girl, and they're accused of dr., the father of a three-year-
6:34 pm
old. >> as we pulled up to school where i was supposed to be volunteering this morning, i looked at my son and i said i have to go back, i think it may be them and i have to make sure. >> we want to thank her for following her instincts. even when, in her conscious was saying, this is probably nothing. >> deputies took the suspect into custody and both children are safe. and iphone glitch left some tesla drivers locked out of their cars. tesla drivers can use smart phones to get into the tesla but yesterday a number of them complained on social media that they got a server error while they tried to use the tesla app. it is not clear how many people were actually locked out of their cars but yesterday after responding to a frustrated tesla driver, elon musk said, should be coming back online, apologies, and we will take measures to make sure it does not happen again.
6:35 pm
looking live at the san jose airport, they now have daily nonstop flights to palm springs, the alaska flights take about one hour to go from the valley to the desert and the price to go from san jose to paul springs starts at $64. tonight, 48 hours looks at a washington state woman' surprising role in surviving, solving a cold case, we spoke with erin moriarty on how dna help crack the decades-old mystery. >> this is so interesting, a woman's dna help solve a cold case more than 30 years old. that had to be quite the shocker for her. >> it really was. can you imagine? this young woman just wants to find members of her family. to find out, and how she really found out, that there was a killer in her family tree, was by having two police show up at her door. it turned out they were related, she was a second cousin of the suspected killer.
6:36 pm
>> you can watch the full report, a killer in the family tree come on 48 hours tonight right here at 10:00 on cdc . still ahead, the unusual police chase caught on camera. how the suspect tried to escape after hitting a dead-end. crossed all the lanes and there was a lot of money, numerous people got out of their vehicles and started picking up the cash. >> money raining on a southern california freeway, the scramble for law enforcement to get it
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
l.a. is famous for many things and this is one of them. a freeway chase, unusual video as the driver behind the wheel of a white utility truck led police on a high-speed chase out of l.a. in the orange county, the driver got off the freeway, drove into a cul-de-sac, ditched the truck, took off on foot, hops a fence, all caught on video, offices closed in and arrested him and chp says the utility truck believed to be stolen. out of orange county with the same thing, video of a chase involving a school bus which started when an officer in buena park saw a silver suv crash into a school bus. the driver started shooting at the bus which had a six-year- old boy inside. as the bus driver tried to escape, the suv did not let up, repeatedly ramming into the bus. the driver led police on a chase to the bus yard and nearly crashed into a police cruiser. it all stopped when police shot the suspect.
6:40 pm
a 60-year-old man. police believe he was targeting the bus driver. >> this was not a random act but the school bus driver was mr. baxter's wife and he wanted to murder her. >> the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and the bus driver and the boy were not seriously hurt. a mad dash for cash, chaos ensues after an armored truck spilled money onto i-5 in carlsbad, a little bit north of downtown san diego. we have the message from authorities who were now looking for all of the missing cash. >> reporter: cash fell all over 5 north freeway and parts of 5 south near cannon boulevard exit. >> it was across all the lanes. >> reporter: this sergeant with the california highway patrol says at 9:15 friday morning, the driver of this armored truck was heading to the federal reserve when the doors flew open, spilling cash.
6:41 pm
>> all traffic came to a stop and numerous people got out of vehicles and started picking up the cash. >> reporter: a man and woman collecting cash were arrested after they accidentally locked themselves out of their car. >> there has been stuff on social media and there is a lot of video evidence of people stealing the cash from the freeway. we are working with the fbi, a joint investigation. >> reporter: after video circulated on social media, many people came out searching for money. >> my little brother called me instantly and he was like, there is money on the floor, i wanted to buy my new board some clothes. >> reporter: if you find any, will you keep it or turn it in? >> i will ponder that. >> reporter: chp is urging people to return the money to their office and vista immediately. >> be honest and turn in money that is not yours. >> at least a dozen people have returned the money that they
6:42 pm
collected on the freeway. still ahead, 100 times more powerful than the hubble space telescope, why nasa says it has the tools that could answer if there is other life in the universe. the big hurdle for a sierra ski resorts, forcing some to delay their opening. no more snow coming in the near term or rain, the question is, what about fog in
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
the most powerful telescope at nasa is weeks away from lunch with a mission to search for life in other solar systems and they have been designing this for decades as we report the telescope look deeper into the universe than we have ever been able to before. >> reporter: the hubble space telescope has been beaming back images, transforming our understanding of the universe for more than 30 years. now, it's successor, a telescope 100 times more powerful, is weeks away from launch. the james webb space telescope is designed to answer humanity's most existential questions, are we alone in the universe, and where did the first light in the cosmos come from? >> i think the greatest discoveries will be answers to questions that we have yet to ask or imagine. >> reporter: the deputy project manager was hired by nasa 30 years ago to help fix hubble.
6:46 pm
it was the mechanical version of eye surgery, the mission in space was to install corrective mirrors so the near sighted and nearly $2 billion hubble space telescope can do what it's supposed to do, see. >> reporter: once in space, web cannot be repaired by astronauts, it will be too far away, orbiting the sun at a distance four times further away from earth than the moon. the telescope is also so big, about the size of a tennis court, cannot fit on top of a rocket fully intact. >> we had to design it so it could be folded up and unfold in space. it is the origami observatory. >> repororter: withth 300 singl poinints of faililure, eaeach o could d be fatal l to the succc of the mimission. >> we would d nonot have built to speakak unless wewe needed t and you need to to look at the various dentist and earliest galaxies in the universe. >> reporter: they will be launching on a european rocket
6:47 pm
from french guiana, a nod to the telescope's international partners, europe and canada. just getting to the launchpad has cost nearly $9 billion more than initially projected and it is about a decade overdue. >> reporter: was there ever a moment where you thought you just don't know if this will happen? >> there were numerous asked essential crisis, technical and programmatic, through the life of the mission. but i guess we are all internal optimists. we persevered. we made it happen. >> the james webb space telescope is set to launch no sooner than december 18th. after a windfall of early season snow, a few tahoe ski resorts were hoping to open in time for thanksgiving. >> that will not happen because of warmer weather, but heavenly is among the resorts delaying opening day. video from boreal tells the story, not a lot of snow but still there is a chance they
6:48 pm
could open by wednesday if they get the snow machines running. >> it is usually around the start of the season, give or take, folks are getting together with their families, a great first experience on the snow. >> hopefully, they will be able to get it going soon enough, but if not, you will let us know when we can ski. >> no major storms over the next week and a half but if he gets into the 20s long enough, that is all they need. fingers crossed that will work. they have gotten good at producing snow that way. we look outside from the tamron treasure island with clear skies tonight and most importantly into tomorrow morning. if you have had to do with fog on the road, many of us have, especially in the north they valleys or the delta especially, tomorrow will be better. temperature now at 54 in santa rosa. here is why tomorrow is better, there will be an offshore wind event overnight tonight, that says sunday at 12:30.
6:49 pm
40 miles per hour gusts in the mountains and we would have been making headline news over this if we had not gotten all the rain we did. this is fire weather. but, if the landscape is not critically dry, not fire weather and we do not have to worry about the winds. what the winds do now is benefit us in terms of clearing out the fog and the offshore winds will bring in some drier air and help move the atmosphere in the right way. any fog will not be widespread or last long. a better day for tomorrow morning if you will be on the road. daytime highs tomorrow in the mid and upper-60s, like today. if we want to see more on what happened to the storm track, it is doing a really over exaggerated things right now, it is going way up into the pacific northwest. in fact, another very intense atmospheric river will deliver huge amounts of rain to the pacific northwest and british columbia, like it has been doing for the last week. the amount of rain has been
6:50 pm
absurd. meanwhile, we are blissfully unaware down here because the storm track is doing one of its exaggerated turns away from us. it makes it an easy forecast going into the holiday. this is a cumulative rainfall between tomorrow and sunday, next sunday, not tomorrow, in other words, all the way through the holiday with no rain. your plans are to go, no matter what they are, on thanksgiving . wednesday also looks great, the big travel day for somebody coming here or you going there, you will not have any travel issues on the road here locally. that is good news. in the seven-day forecast, nothing coming our way for the rest of the weekend. early december, things will stay pretty dry. that is what it looks like for the next seven days with a subtle increase in clouds on sunday from a weak storm that will fall apart before it gets here and just clouds. saturday and sunday, a few more
6:51 pm
clouds and that is just it. enjoy the 70s for the next several days in the in the balance. back to you. next, questions about the smoking gun as bobby kennedy's killer eyes a possible release from the california prison. >> what happened was, we discovered there
6:52 pm
(bacackground tatalking anand laughingng) ♪ ♪ (child) ) ...some pepeople juo there immemediately.....
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atat kaiser pepermanente, , r entitire care teteam is conn. so even n a routine e appoint can sasave your lilife. i i am so gladad you did this mamammogram, so we cacan detect i it e. everythihing looks g great wiwith your eyeyes, and i i see you're due for a mammmmogram. shouould we schehedule it? oh y yeah that''d be grerea. a leadader in the e preventio, early y detectionn anand treatmenent of cancec. welcome back.
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breaking news out of oakland where therere is a a heavy poli presenence in the e rockridgdge neighborhohood followowing repo of a shshooting, possibly involvining police. . video fromom citizen app shows officersrs blockiking off part street inin the e neighborhood the story we will follow and update you tonight on kpix 5 news at 11:00 . more than 50 years ago, sirhan sirhan was convicted of fatally shooting robert kennedy in august, a two member panel recommended the now senior citizen be paroled from his california prison. >> as we await the decision, there is a controversy about the killing that has divided some experts and the kennedy family. >> allen martin has the original rereport . >> bobbyby, yoyou look beautifu >> repeporter: 191968, robert kennedy, running for presidide blititzed the bay areaea, bayvi hunterers point, oakland, eve the popowell strereet cable cac
6:55 pm
>> people feel they have no control over what happens to them. they have no control over their destiny or the fufuture. >> repoporter: days lateter, he the importrtant califofornia primary y early morning from th ambabassador hohotel inin l.a.. >> my ththanks toto all of you i want to chicago and let's win that. >> reporter: he entered a kitchen pantry and suddenly, gunshots. >> senator kennedy has been shot. >> reporter: he was hit three times and transported to two hospitals underwent emergency surgery, and 26 hours later, died from a severe brain injury. even so -- >> we discovered there was more to the story. >> reporter: sirhan sirhan was caught immediately , this cadet, 22 caliber revolver, was ripped out of his hands, a handwritten manifesto and a notebook spelled out his intent that kennedy must die. there was little doubt in the mind of anyone that the 24-year-
6:56 pm
old palestinian killed the senator, or did he? >> he is not guilty of the murder, he is guilty of shooting me and four other people. >> reporter: former kennedy eight, sirhan sirhan wounded him and four other . >> the second gunman killed robert kennedy. not sirhan sirhan . >> reporter: they say a security guard is the prime suspect, 1988, that stunned a kpix reporter . >> stuff i have never heard before. reporter mckee interviewed several people, an fbi agent, forensic scientist, and an investigative journalist. >> i don't think we really know what happened. >> reporter: dan had spent months looking into the shooting, his efforts were based in part on an fbi report indicating more bullets had been fired then sirhan sirhan's gun could hold and the fatal shot was delivered at point- blank range behind kennedy's right your. >> he would've had to have
6:57 pm
begun here. >> reporter: witnesses saw they never saw him get that close. but now with sirhan sirhan on the cusp of parole . >> he should never be released. >> reporter: they came to believe he acted alone and that the extra bullet holes were misidentified by the police. he also says the now deceased security guard passed a polygraph. >> he was wrongly accused. >> repeporter: ththey disagree, they want to test part the security guard's 22 caliber gun and compares those was to be once admitted in court when the gun of sirhan sirhan was re- fired in the 1970s, those bullets did not match the only intact one taken out of kennedy . the kennedy family is also divided. while his widow and six of nine surviving children opposed the parole. >> they are totally wrong, their father would be very upset wiwith themem because he a man of justice. report my two other children, including bobby kennedy jr., believes sirhan sirhan should be released . >> i said, bobby, this is the
6:58 pm
guy who killed your dad. he ininsisted ththat sisirhan s was innocentnt . . >> reporter: sirhan sirhan accepts responsibility for having caused the death of robert kennedy but claims he does not remember the shooting. at the parole hearing come he said he "probably cause the whole incident through his gun or other guns." the lapd opposes his release. >> an honest to god ballistics test would put a lot of it to rest. >> governor newsom will have the final say on a release and as for the reasoning behind the parole, the panels recommendation is posted. we have posted the transcript from the hearing on . coming up tomorrow, so bring new numbers on the impact of california wildfires, sequoia national park says lightning sparked wildfires may have killed at least 10,000 giant sequoia trees over the past two years. that estimate
6:59 pm
accounts for nearly 20% of all giant sequoia trees, the largest trees on earth. we can only hope for regeneration. take you for watching. we will see you here
7:00 pm
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