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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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> >>live from the cbs bay area stiouds, ts hiis kpix 5 news. san francisco cepoli take quick action to catch thieves smashingrt apa sta ore in unn io uasqre. how it is rtpa of a new plan to crdoack wnon tareil thef t. >> we will do what wede ne to doto put a stop to the esmadns. the w nepush to t gebooster ot into e tharms of bay area ad ultsahd eaof the lihodays. and atwh set the country's busiest orairpt toin complete chao s asmiiollns had ho mefor trn.ento > >>thank you for joining us.
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video fromthe scene shs ow lipoce tiacng moalst instantly, arswming a tageway car and arstreing at let asgheit people. max owdarr islive in san frscancio thwi more on their k quicaconti and prisomed to put a stop to retaheil tft across e thcity. >> rtrepoer: this s louivuitton orste in iounn uasqre s wahit e thhardest last nit ghas you can see boards e argoing up as we speak to cover up the broken wis ndowth atthe shop experienced. thiee thvegos t away with a ton stof uff and the spot was not e thon lye onhit. >> wt hayou saw was holerrib. >>ep rortenur: merous st oresin and around n uniosquare burglazerid orva ndalediz, a grouofp iethves ransacking the uilos vuitton store , getting wawayitthh ousas ndof dollars rth of rcmehandise. ys
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l d anooblmingdale's and rbbuerry were also hit or vaizndaled. stores fixinokg brenwi ndows another madage. i>>t was coerncted, no ubdot in my mind that this was not unplanned. >> rorepter: e thchief yssa th eyha ve made eight ars rest and exinpectg more to come as he debescrid those aredrest as yog unadults, lymost local toth e y baarea, somewho e ar fami liarfas ceto n safrancisco lipoce. >>we will do whatwe needto doto put a stop to the madness.! ere was always mo reofficers before the e crimspree. marissa rodrz,igue e thhead of unthe ion sq uarealliance sa ys the situatiouln wod have been worse without the a extr suorppt. >> weare happy to e sesuch a great responfrse omth e police departmentt buwe would keli to see remo. >> reporter: cepoli had more visibi litysaturday afooternn. the chief says that will become e norm around here. >> we will flood this eaar with
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cepoli oicffers. re>> poerrt: some are not llthriedwi th that wi llbe the case but agree itis necessary. >> mixed infeelgsut b with this stf ufgoing on, you need the cuserity. si>> adefr om the visie bl esence and the bodiarng up we sa llwi there be other changes co mingto union uasqre?> reporter: the mayor and policeie chf announced a big on e that d coulbe ngcomi soon hangvi to dowith righw,t no stmo cars can just ive around unn iosquare, th at soonulcod change d anwe llwi te u yomore about that at 6:00. >> that llwi be insttereing with the shoppers co mingin. be fda, the cdc recommd ende booster shots r fothose erov 18 and the shru is on to get the exa trshot before the holidays. we see how busy it t gofor e on vaincle inic in n sama teo. >> rorepter: cars lecrawd along satoraga drive onsaturday, ivdring towards sathe ragato
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county evecent nt. er >> w sait neonli as a ple ac thatfeofred vaccatinions. re>> poerrt: a popular spot because diyou d not ne edan appoenintmt r foa booster otsh, least not inthe inmorng but by no onthey tuedrn away anneyo ngtryi tdro ive up for doa se lastmitenu. >> i have be enwaiting r fothis day, i fully bee lievin the vaccinesd anam exci ted. >> reporter: some drivers had no pros blemwainitg, eniathusst icfor r theibooster. others we renot ready to wait d anplan to co meback next week. >> most crowded y dai have se. en >>reporter: n samao tehealth sa yshe t ti mingof the desicion to expand eliligibity to all ad ul mtsay be iccrital as we approach the holiysda. >>um nbers of vicod cases e ar imbing . it is not a hulyge atdramicin crease in the bay area at isth point t buwe e ar seeing thaset elwhe erin the country and i antitecipa that that will haenpp in caliiaforn and the bay area. >>reporter: the madendre cated
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trfichc allenges arothund e event ce, nterinudcling the in teecrstionhi bendme , ciespeally in e thafternoon as morepe ople werearriving and just ngtryi to ndatte an t even at the same calotion. >> it depends on the weight. i will see if i can cut out and comedu ring the we. ek >>rertpoer: some ulcod wait it out but others were turned arndan d told th eycould not kelily get a booster shot l unti tuesdawiy thout an appointment. >>i have my 92r--yeaold thmoer him and we wanted to get this do thwi. reporter: lo nglines in both dictreionsea hdingto in the enevt center, a gnsi that all the people veha the mesa idea, e thfirst weekend all adults could get a booster . shot >> iwant toecprott myself d an myfamilybe memrs. >> > san mateo county thheal depart'sment bsweite says a ntoiments are t norequiredr fo ad ultsbut given the demand at we saw today, th eylikely will make apinpotments necessary newext ek.
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you can ma keone online using >> > a live look at sfo, the orairpt yssa more than 52,000 people passed through a ts yeery,da more than 2.25 million peoppale ss edthrough e thu.s. rpaiorts yesterday al on e.he al ethxperts are l stilpihong coming hodaliy gather ingsdo not ignite a wi nterwave of new covised cas . the c cdsays remo anth 110 ,000new cases were report ed onthuraysd with the ven-day eravage above 0094,0. healthof ficials are now urging yoanne eligibleto go t gethe osboter shot. thiss iask 47 llmiion amer ican ad ultsremain unvainccated. th>> ere isno more ambiguity, if you e ar18 or older d anyou a vebe en primarily vaccinated, go get a booster. >>qu a arr teof the popula tion hein t atste, not vainccated,
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repres aents lot of wood. >> w neiestuds veri sk cests to egnant mawoone owshs the risk of ath more than three times higher in covid positive prnaegnt mewon and anotr he sty udfound the risk ofthe ilstlbirs thincrseead by 90 %. only 35% of pregnant n womaare vainedat and e thcdc recodsmmen e thvaccine r fo preg wnantom. en chinaos si dean atlanta airporllt foowg inan accide ntal discharge of a gun. police say it happened this afternatoon a cuseri ty checntkpoi siinde hartsfield jackson inteiornatnawil th the gut nshocainusg passengers to run from the area in panic. an airport ofcifial later idsa e shtioong haedppen when tsa noticed a gun indesi a passengebar's g. >> he was inthe miledd of the checkpoint whensome lepeop re coizgned a we aponin e thbag. when either e thofr ficewent in or the passenger went in to gett
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, it ciacdealntly discharged. >> after it did, l aldeparting flhtigs work grounded and dozens of passrsenge forced to stand on the rmtaac at eithr gates. holy city passengewir th the gun ran omfr the checkpoint and out of the airport. in austria, tens of thsas ndof people thgaered to protest eithr goventrnme's co vid streriioctns just o tw da fobere austria hois srt sched duletogo on cklodo wnand thvee gornntme has mandated ccines for all beginnining ferybrua. in the y baarea, the president ofe thn samateo counoaty brdof supeorrviss is ruinfog r cong. resshe wtsan to ree placjackie sperei who dedecid not to run agn aixtne year. >>i am running for congress because san mateo county is an example for folks. it is an explame r folkfos. how we can make sure weare
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deinalg with suises around healrethca, remo accessibil ity, afabfordleou hsing, college afforditabily,mb eracing our dirsy,it recognizinge th imminent tt hreaof imclate change. >> ifelected, hesaid he wants to sit on the house transportitaon and frasuctrtureco mmittee, then e house educn atioand labor committee. >>it> is hard to thk inabout valee'ntins day be foreth angiksving and chmarists, but congmi up,wh y u yomay have to stt threinking your gift plans , thinouk abt the su-pply chain shortage. an important anrsniveary at alazcatr. goodws ne in the forecast, we will ha vea lilett bit of a fsofhore wind event nitoght. if we had not engott the , rain we would have fireweatr he consncer but thatis t nothe sue as thisgo is odne ws in terms of the g fofor motorr. ow we will look at that
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su pp-clyhain backups pacting what you see or do not see in st oresand erflows are on the li. st semadin avkey is getting answers about ppsuly-chain ladeys that are t noso . rosy >> reporter: this weeklipy tr heto t olwhesaler is not the same as it used to be a>> lot oftimes i come in ere i want to walk away. be cae usit does not emse like there is that me to
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choose from. reporter: ciscarty is ke epg inforests like heidi from ma akingnypr omises. wh isbehind this floral ortf all?ex perts say s comedo wnto two thgsin, transporta tionand lostgiics issues. >>50 % of the time i get whati orr deand 50% of the meti the truck has not n showup. >>it all reesli on whheetr, the heweatr ndcoitions, they haotve n be encoopiverate. >>epteorr: he is a wholeresal and he yssa a big chunk of his inventormey co from carnlifoia u t loa t of it is inteiornatna l. >> prior to purchasing ternational, wewe re100% lifornia ancud rrtleny we are prlyobab 9 5%out of the country. reerport: i am kiasng about a ifspecic variety of daisy, still grinown caliiaforn t bu buhe ys these from british coluiamb because they are avlaaible. nf>> uornatutely, we hatove tell the cuomsters we are not
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ableto receive someorders and wecan bssutitute another cor lo or vaetriy. >> repo: rterthat chlealnge is plamified by aiigrfrehtis sues as it s takelonger toget flerows from ergrows in esplac like h soutamerica to rcpuhas se likehi m and the focalirn ia depart ment ofagriculture says thmbe nuer ofstate for prucoders opdrped from 850 in 2018 to 532 in 2019. the port oflos geanles is eropating 24/7 to clear the bag.cklo the naaltion audubon soy cietsuing bee causof a wind turbine which they say is orlyla pnnedan d it is a threo at trdbis and bats and did not go rothugh. >> > state biologist say they sa 2ve miiolln saonlm from the califo drniarohtug. theyst arted releasing e thfish to e thriver teafr water itcondio insmproved. th
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e salmon were raised in a hatchery in siskiyou county and kept their longer than no rmal cabeuse of scorg chinsummer heat andlow r watelevels. ve ty hebeen releas edin the spngri, biologist evbelie % 90 of them wod ulveha died. omfr fish to bears, they ar e arstting to get sleepy in e thsiraer andy nonprofit be ar ueleag yssa they have ttgoen 23 calls about arbes hiding in crawlss paceunder ho mes. in lake tae hoand uctrkee, so sereou yr crawlspace s so bears do t nomake themselves at home. alcatraz ndisla indians of alibl tre lecebrating the 52nd anniversary thof e native stt udenocpacution of the island onon veermb th20, 1969. nearly 100 tinave amanerics la bndedy boat on alcatraz to cl aithm e former is landprison as indian itterror y. secry etarof the inriteor, a tinave americanok, spe at the
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evt entoday. >>52 aryes ago, the situation s wadire. the fedel ragovernmehant d lked away from thr eipromises to help ingedinous people who were forced to recalote to ur baarn eas. feradel agencies serefu to abe idby basic nscoultitaon strdandas inmany tinave commieunits have lost large sw athsof thr eilas.nd i>> hear the ndwi. ju sta little bit. >> yourtypical , windthere is important fsofho rewind atth willpe hapn nitoght. >>re al lylike a atsituio n,had wenot gotten thera inwe did in octo wber,e would be worried fo r fire onseas but we do not ha veto y worrbecause thiswind event does us a favor. it wblill ow the g foout of hetore moowrr morning. a li velook erov e thcity. yoseple enty of aftrfic on the bay idbrge on that side of the city if we look at the other mecara you see pl entyof traffic as
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well. aubetiful shots. ear skies, that is the tri- valley with 580 going rit gh thugith . cu rrt ennumbers, peupr-50s and los.w-60 however itfe lt for you today, ertempate ur-wise, it willbe idtiencal tomorrow mpteeratures wilt l nochgean a lot, but overnight,wa tch what haenpps as the screen ghlits up d anwe e sea mifali arpattern ghrit there. thatan is offshore wind event. we come in for a close-up lo okth, is llwi go, keli most of them do in the , fallwindy in the moinuntas,we willnot noticeth anyinbeg low 0010 feet r fothe erovwhmielng majority of us, no impa ctexcept for e on thg,in the offshore wi ndevent which would pitycal, it would drthe laapndsce out wit thou all the . rain if itwill dry out e th lande,scap itwill eaclr out the fog tomorrmoow
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fothr e last seravel mornings, plenty of llfa, especi allyin the north bay llvaey sent to thltdea. th fsofhore wind enevt will cl eathr at out of here and it does us a favor usbecae we do not have toworry t abouthe unmotains and rea d agfl warn ing. thank you very much, octor be deluge of ra. e thmid-s 40and chilly . do not rule that out, especially in the north y bavall. ey's daytime hi ghs,li ketoday maybe a degree ortwo warmer, hovewer. sunny rrtomoowun less you live in e thmountains. donot worry about the wind. if wnte waed to e seany rain, there is a lot out ther e. you see a telellta pattern. th atis a gnsiifanict amount of ra ininbeg directed ayaw from us, atthe mohespric river going around, theyar e getting enched from setlate no rtarhwd. hewere, n'dot get any of it. sen-veday forecastnn, suy,we incr easecldsou on tuesday. erthe is e thholiday,no travel
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sues, travelon wednesdaisy a piece of ca keon thsduray and friday are ju stlike toy.da nou w yoveha your anthksgiving o restca and you can make your pl anars ound that . > >>a long iptr for e th49ers isth weekend t bua unreion in jacksonvleil, onthe at esgo way back for gegeor ttkile. you can agine,e was sotalking. a rilrvay turning in tosuch a laugher that [crowdin cheerg]
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yo u're ampio chan.
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me beco aenn agt of va innotiiton wh invesco qqq. you'ot are n qttuier. quteitrs don't do wh that ey're supposo.ed t champions do. an d you're a star. and yoine.u sh that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [i nsrapitional music] bithe g game is going on righw t noin stanfordwi th the ontely saks being stanford wi ns d anthey can spoil cal's bowl piasrations. th e skbaetball teamd haa changace ain stthe nddefeing champion baoryl bears. stanfoamrd ce toplay in the first half.
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ni c. ut easy bucket. anstford down 30-26. much dreiffentin the ndseco lfha as the s bearforced 22 tu rnerovs, usually a sign's are go ing wron g. baoryl outsource the card, inal 52-20 in e thse condhalf, easy erwinns,86 -48. balefo r s loange les,usc mein g ucla . the seco nd qur,arte ucla leinadg 21-10. the keeper. fo-yurard tohducown. -3483, urfo minutes le.ft into e thendzone, hdtoucown did ucla b lowsout u, sc62-33, most thehay ve scoredag ait ns the tranojs . >>ga omef the day wa ppsuosed to beoh io state and mi
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chanig state. abt outhat, it was overbefore fa nshad meti to get the pon.pcor stcj ro udconnecwits th a ivreceer44, yard touchdn ow pass. ohio state le-0d 49 at break n wiit. jimmy ward knows a trip tothe nssuhine state enagcy jaguars has aptrped written all over it. sabendy acs heon thr eindmi. ja cksonvillebe achears e a half ur away. oughh witthe oggeraphy, ward sa yssan anfrcisco will be ready and it is a reunion with cj bethard d anhe goesway ckba withor gege ki ttlewith iowa and the 49ers d anthere s wa
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traslkh taing isth week. >> he could pl ayany posionti otr hethan quartek,rbac hehas a horrible arm. >> head h a quote datoy, i texted himou abt it i'm i was in t hetrainingro om looking at twitter, thepo rert erposted a vio,ou y play every sipotion but cannot have play quarterback. boththe albengs and erraids are 5-4, each micong off consecutloive ss, esthe game is 1:05 on sunday. >> > e joburrow was supposed to be ckpied number e onin the dr aft invegas t bucovid change the scene to s hiliving room and e thfirst meti he llwi fa ce thsilver and blk ac. the ngals head coach mike mike like the city too mu. ch >> my wife knows we do not go to las vegas toergeth, i spt en 72 hours at the craps table, i
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n't like togo to dinn, er shows, just play s.crap once e tverywoor three aryes. >> bengalsd anraerids right here on aysund at 1:00. we will owfoll the game with thfifth quarter. nw slchampionship, that is dennis rodman's daugerht. washinongt spit rigo ahead and trexa time. the game-erwinn a nda champion shipfor the spirit as they deatfe chico ag1,2- first- evertie tlfor the franische. in t hebig game in stanrdfo, thcae rdalin trailingth e golden arbes 14-0 during hatime. >>he big varilr y. thk u.yo >>micong up, how the kloaand
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[laughing anind talkg] at kaiser rmanpeente, your entire car ie teams nneccoted, so eveutn a roinappoe intment ca yn saveoulifer . an d i see you'refo due r mamma ogram. should we leschedu i a len ader ithe prevention, rly eadeteion ctand treatmentc ofanr. finallzoy, okpeeers often us e unueiq ways to enrich e th anal s. video edpost to so cialmedia from t heoakland o zoshows e on ofts i edhood vultures ngtaki aon treat puzz. le it is somethintyg pillcay used cats and dogs. t the clerev bird s waable to fireit out in no meti. in ruretn, of course, got a
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so scipeal treats. e cool. i thought you wod ulhave some hoodedlt vuurfae x r fous. pt caiongni sponsored bcby s >>ge sarntto: night, verdict llfaout. prtsotes i snevaler ctiies following the acquittal of kyle >> we, the jury, find the defendant, kh.yle rteitnhouse, not guilty. >> rorepter: im'an ncy chen in kenos, hawisconsin, wiowth h the tyci is acreting after kyleri tthoenuse was fount d noguilty oaln l counts. >>ar sgent: also tonight, bin'nes w batt.le want president markhis s birthdayth, cee lebration bemay short as his "build back better" an fesac rodbalockins a divided senate. plus, covid e mad tral verush forth anksgiving is under way as alth officia ilsssue new rnwaingsbo aut spreadinge th virus atm faily tgaherings. >> reporter:'m i tom wanit i los angelehes, wre the t.s.a. faces big crowds and a federal ccvaine man


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