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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 20, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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from the s salefoe rctower lo okg indown on n safrancisco. live if you look at rs, 's e noy,talu. veibils itie that are down - - . okay we're in the low to mid-50s.
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wase look across the rest of thste,at we rmwa up intoe th mid-60s for evyberody. yosee u thwi the rest of the fore icastn a few. for now, back to you. >> anthk you. > a unyog moerth guednn down in front of r hechildren is the latevist ct. im da lin spoke with the grig evin family left hibend. >> rtrepoer: was the shngooti targeted or caught in the cros refi? that is one of many questions om the vict im'sfalymi. the imvict s waon hearway to safrancisco for a jo interview. >>ep rorter: ta lkedto my daerught 20 minutesfo beret i -- i talked to my daugerht 20 teminus fobere it happeden. she was on the way aton intew.rvie she was teexcid d anshe goes, ok, mmmoy, i will llca you when it's over. i will nevgeer t atth call. >> reporter: icalia benton is stil sl inho. ck >> i keepwag ntintoe wakup from tnihis ghartme. >> reporter: onsomee otsh and kiedll her daughter tinhe oakland area on intetersta 80 before the y babridge toll plaztha ursday mog.rnin
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heugr daht, er29-year-oldan ami morris was in the passenger at of the maroon suv. the driver was r heanfice e. 3-her ye-oarld and 5-yeldar-o nsso were in the back seat t>>he only saving grace is th aty mgrandkids rewe scathed. therey we t nophysicallyrt hu. mentalthly, ey llwi never be e thsame. ep>> rorr:te the fiancee o wh was indrivg lltes me over the phe witas not road . rage he said, he was driving d anal ofa su, ddenarhed gunshots. the ol destboy said what enhappedto mommy. myontu rned d anlooked and saw her. r>>eporter: shs e wableeding fr omthe headand died at the sce. >> she was a vegir, happy and sm il edand laughed all ofthe time. she loved, loved her children. my grdsanons knew that eithr mom loved them atth they will never unrsdetand the greatness of who she was. the world lost a light e duto
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somes one'stidup careless vienolt act. >>re porter: the chp decl ined itos to anteinrview and is sirefung toree leas inatformio n. doing so would jedioparze the veinstigation, at the toll azpla, i am da lin, kpix 5. > here's tra uly besoring p.stam thchsap id therwee re 77 freewashy ootings in alameda cotyun the last12 mont. hs smh-asand- tgranhiesev pulled off a g bit heisin san cifranscs o'union squa. re the la testerrobby happ ened after a cr ewcleaned out a amonwed jelrsty ore. the cepoli blockef d ofveseral streets around iounn resqua d an witnesseids sa e thofrsfice ch as sedeveral lepeop. according toe onwitness, telirally dozens ofpeople ran ouof the store clutching mehaisnde. an d atone point, officers uld be seen surrounding a ay convertibmule stg anand blocked itwi th a patrol car. tw o oppele inside ofthe car we roreptedly take know to
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the hosp italand our cameras urcaptedid veo of e onperson taken intocustody. >>an> d a addely shooting is under investatigion by the district atty'ornes fiofce. it haedppen ne arfolsom and fih ftstreets. po li ceresponded to rea port of a man on foe lsomand fift h. one officer edopen refi kig llin thanat m. >> wn heroars riarveond ensce, -- he wn officers riarved on sce,th ey made coacntt with thmae le ecsuspt in sideof a residentiabul ilding. dungth is encounter, offi cers feltthe nef ed odihascrging r theiweonaps. >> andpoceli didn't say if one officer oripmultleff oicers d firetheir weapons or how many shs owkn fired. po li ceare expected to hold a to llha meinetg the xtne few days. >> > lpmiitas police changed thr eistory abt oua
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roconfntioatn with a suspect laston mth. thdee partment ad mitstheir ficer fired t firsand releasoded by m caand foe otag of the confrtiontaon. >>well met seyoe ur hand s. >> gun! gun! gu n n. >> shots fired! reporter: e thshooting pphaened a ntmoh o agat milpitas sinhoppg ntceer. the 42-year-old was gettg inout aof stolen car when a tedecte ivopened fire onhip. anhed reedturn fired ans wa killed. poceni itially aiclmed that he startthed e shootout. ju rorsacitquted kyle enritthoe usin nokesha, onwiscsi n. the necbs wsor crespondent miaechl george reports. >> reporter: find the guilty hkyle. rittenhouse. repo: rterky lettrienushoe stard teto e,shak cry and llfe to the r flooas the jury shfinied readthing e verdict. nogutyil on all archge s. >> he has to get on thwi s hi
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li fethe best he can. i inthk -- >>fenylo charges in the shooting dehsat s.of >>ef rosenbaum d ananthony hur d anwounding a third ma n. >>o juste,ic no peace! >>reporter: rosem'nbaus fie anceanhud ber's girlfriend exprd esseouagtre over the veicrdt. >> it feels like e thvi'sctim liven's dot ttmaer. weow kn thsye stem is a fae.ilur >> reporteour: tse idofhe t courthouse, the erare about 50 otprestors and the momentth e verdict was read, there were ch oresthose in the crowd who se ke ylrittenhouse. enev passing rsca rewe inhonkg horns. am onthg ose here who will he slob convi, ctedthe erwas sile nce. some said th isis not the outcome theyntwaed, but 'sit one theyexpe. cted >> it shows th eycan go do things on the restet and erthe ar e noconsncequees. ha>> wt are your thoughts? >> i am hope. i n'dot think he's ilguty. >> many continue todeba tee th verdt icpassnaiotelyan d peaclyeful. >> absolut ely. would fedendou y in atth right.
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>>you can defend me all you want. would never get out if i di the same thing he did. >> reporter: the shootings took place over a night of protest ov picole viceolen ofacblk peleop in the suermm of 2020. rihottenusare rived at the esprott with an ar--styemle si automatic e riflantod ld jurorse w asthere to he. lp the juryer theautboed for about 1/3 2 day --de lirabeted r fo 3 1/2 days beforequ acitngti th-ye 18eaolr-d. >> protrsesto rntued out in oakland lastnight calling the rittenhouse acquittal an in justice and an exalemp of how thste ju us system is enbrok [ indiauble ] i domen't an behind someone bee causpeleop who were murdered. >>bo aut 100 people gath ored atra fnco gallplow aza and walked to the deferal courthouse f aew blocks ayaw in a peacefarul mch. this mngorni, erthe are no repoofrts property damage or other stunre. >> and oscling arntgumes are toset bineg on monday in the trl iaof three men charged with the murder of bearry in
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orgia. laers r foall three defends haesve rted their case. trisav mcmichael, o whfay tall shot arbery was cross amexined sendco time. ththfaer and neighbor chas ed th25e -yearld-o through the hbneigorodho last year. the ateytorn fothr e family said the fedense team tried d an failed tosecure a ploy alde for yabrn. yabrn's toatrneyai sd th atis t tr. ue he isnccoerned abt outhe strengheth t state's seca. th e pros cautiornn tued it down flat out. >> nideed. de. nied >> what are tayou lkg inabout? a>> will three are chard ge withde murr and ha ved pleanot guilty. >>he t city of oakland has g bi plans to revizetali and improv ceacss to the tewarfront. it all thano ks ta 14 and a ha mliilon lldoar federal gr antot improve acce ssand ke pedestriasans fe r. as an add des,bonu it will helpn otr heg bipredopos tewarfront precojt, kpix 5s dranea boa rb
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reports. reporter: 'sit being called the town for all vi. sion town stands for troransfmi ngoa kld anwaterfront nehbigorhos.od it'sut abo irompving access for neighborho cod'sutf ofin the warfntro by intetarste 880. >> iprt oposes the way atth the lepeop o whlive there now d an in tuthe fur e,the people who wi work rehe in e thfuture n camove arounthd wi dniigty. >> repo: rterhe'sre what money fr tomhe dimecal iomilln federal grwiant ll build. red carpet buslines all of the wado wnoabrdway and into jack londquon sar e. the same for martin luther kingr . y.wa l alof that and new ghhi bivisili ptyedestrian cr osalswks, bicycle lanes, irrepaedid sewalks d anthis. >> befir-tiopc lines runng in under the stre etto inbrg oak we toi west oakland. repoerrt: ifu yowere wonder ying,esth, ose ecprojts support that other big project oppros aedt howard tealrmin. >> aspart of our early reement with the -- the tyci of oakland accepted the reonspsibility to israe the fu
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nds to pay for offsit frinastructure. toy'das announcement is a siifanict milestonwae tords that comemmitnt. >> repo: rtergegeor b. and cheryl shwaington sa idthe city should add this to the waterfrontce acssob ject ecprojt. >> i think you need to make bigger s. igns i noticed co mingin, a lot of pes theye 'rsmall and that im-- prinovg the signs and primove more visitibily. and owfolling this announcement, it lookkes li oakland ha s noti meto waste whiten comes to enticing the to stay. th eyon cfirmed thate thteam pu t in an feofr to 53a plot of land in laves ga s. they have beenup onfrt abt ou kingon ctingcyen plans if -- is stlo. and big news in t hefight agt all-icameran adtsul are able to get a thirvid cod-19 vaccine do se. last night, the cdc gave the fil nagreen ghlit to anyo 1ne8 or r oldewho can now qut ie their teboosr. the onlyqu reirenemt is tobe
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atea stsix ntmohs pa sttheir last dos e ofa erpfiz or moderna vaccine. on santa cr uz unty thisor mning. e thcoun tyis bringing bathck e indoasor mk maatnde for puicbl spaces on monday, ahd eaof hodagay therings. th atan mdate -- regassrdle of vaatccinion statusd anco wsfor peleo t maskup inside of thr eihomes whenme mbs ersivit. d anairporarts e bustngli aspl peoe giben their pre- thksangiving travel. friday, 36 ,000peleop moved thugroh the rpaiort in oaankld, a numberos cled to prepmiandec levels. an dr neaa can,o nhas fmorerom -- nakano has more from oa kld aninteatrnional. >>rertpoer: from the lines in the rmtein alto baggage claim, thorairpt s hanot looked li ve ilyn two years. lee thompson with a so onin ndha to welcome home her son froma. iow >> what do you thabink outht e
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weomlce sothmeing. or>> nmal for my family. >> reporte r:fridisay a sybu day since the paemndic started .-- >> i want to see rvneous to be the rpaior. ts lot of people and -- o sn 170,00av0 trels ere arpeexcted nfromexwet ek through sunday, twic e asmany arcompedo t anthksgiving wee kendla styear. >>nd it's about getting back to no. rmal y>>eah. t >> alo tsthe new normal. >>he t new alnorm irreques passengers taro we skmas. ma nyra tvelers say that vaccioinatnshe lped them elfe more at ea sewith flngyi and seeinged lov ones again. especially with nowadays with how inthgs are anything you want to make ysureou spend atuctih me. l>> iove the ospeopo le smu. ch d
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. >>weomlce back. th e time now is 6:17. californiage dunne sscrab may t nomake it to your thanksgiving table. it could be herefor richstmas. the commercial seas gonot the een light tostart on cedember 1st. thsoe noma-mendoccoino un ty neli toro egon. sethe as onis on ldho, wehover, g alonthe bay areacoast and signed to otprect migratin mphuback wh. ales fish d anldwilife willss reaess next month. > and now nuermbs on the ctimpa ocaf lifornia wireldfi. the naontial pa rkidsa that lightninarg spkewid ldfires may ha kveilled 10,000 giant quoia trees over the last0 2 ye ars. the rglaestrt ees on the plet. the treeres we once seen as fire resntista a ndrecontri bute fires have rnto new dozens of
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owgrths of the ersira nevada killing githe an tsin large mbnuers for the first ti. me>> > d anokay, ckba here at home, we're kitracngth e fog th mniorng and ttgeing you y readtote sp outse idfor sardtuay morning. it n'sot terribly wispderead. ouif y're in the nortayhber thee lt ya,ou oushld plan on tting g foon e throad. ltheyook pretty froe m thtop of the lesas force d aninlookg down. onhe . city anotheewr vi from the sales rcfoe tower looking at the town. e theris oakland in the dicestan. you see the cloud ithats fi ll iedn much of the bay and lookinckg ba dn own.agai it's 49 degrees in nccoord t righno w. 44 in saa nt. rosa sewhe erthe fog is there? co enough to develop more wi derespad fog. asar as daytimghe his are concd ernefor today, we warm in tothe low and mis.d-60 th gatets us ahead d ani skip eaahd to what is the most pantar pt of the da y. let's look atthe fog. u yocan see the visitybili readings, which have gonewndo into the0. 5 to3 0.e.rang in concordyo, u veha it down
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e low as well. d giveou yrself extra meti in thrte noh bay for sureisth morning. if we wa ntedto t gean eaid on w the fog isav behing thh roug today, 'lwel skip from the bivisili mtyap. yon u catcwah where the low cldsou are at this point. th e ghhi luresotis onmodel. pl itforward. tch it on and mewalt ay. really, it takes until 91 abt ou ever thathappens. by 91, the ouclds are go. ne and sudanny y. that tsge us into e thmid- and peupr 60s for r ouwarmsper ots and atth is how saayturd is ingog to play out. d anwhy of we look atthe bigger pictunore, alre shot of ra cinoming our way. th at would have been the ne xt storm. anild whe e thtufure cast piedp uon that, say,we could -- berefo it ge tshere and tu esy,da wego're intog -- the clouds and i don't have rainn ithe refocast on datuesy at thiins pot. it looks keli that system is gotoing sy tato far to the north. anloinokg past estuda y,of co ur, sewe get into the ho
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liy.da dnweesday, a big travel day d an you will veha no weather is sues in northern licafoiarn r fo travel happening on wednesday. and into sdthurayth, anksgiving da ty,he temperatures e arin the r uppe60s for inland locas,tion l owto mid-s 60for the bay and a few clouds athe t cost keinepg it in the low 60 s. thvee sen-y daforecast, you ll see incrngeasi ouclds for tudaany d thatis e thonly g thinshinowg up. yon'u dot see a lot anchge. roacss the e wholthing and the eris no g biswings inthe mperatures and we do w loto mid-60s. d anup in santa rosa u yomight get to 70 toda y. and thatis prtyet much it. an'rd wee kind of rntuing off the rain for awhile. ppi suosthe at is odgo. th isee wk, we kind ofwa nto t haveot smoh avtrel. as farase thweheatr is concd,erne wree' going to veha it for wednesday and into the weekend. >>ea yh, that is exactly what was going to we started out withthe soerak d anever e,sinc we rahad in andh at has been less than the t firsstm.or >> loand oklis ke we may t no
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t gethemsi gnifanictly ssle inra maks erand at lost toin early december. tha ynkou. >>h. yea tes law is in legal outrble ag ain. a former empyeloe is veleling sexuaral hasensmt claims ag ait nsthe auto mak er. . >>stigraht eaahd in spor, tsa reunion in jasocknville. > and mmjiy rdwa has something to get ohiff s chest for e thn marespblonsie r fo drafting him now. e.d anyesterday in detroit, go odhi tng is that it 'sthe pistons. a go odone. mothe tor city and unthtil e final shots. orts is next. everyone needs alheth insurance. coreved californias imaking sure more people can get it. new fedefundral in g of $3 billion is a vailable to lphe more califons grniaetov cered.
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. it'sa testament to how good theri warorars e d anhow bathd e pistons are. dremond anudd agalala l resting la am ountin declared ldgoen state rifavotebys o
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theydema it a compivetite game. sth s wasmiling. he ewkn poole d anwigins would ck up the load. ed at flakes 46. anwinsgi ski ipst. anlld po in the corner and golden stalete d by5 atlfha. the maone-n highghlit fo giwins. theae stl and here he goes. th e amsl! they led by 13. wigins sco27red . and poole with32. e best player on the r floo anatd th is vererse move erthe. warsrrio u14p . theye wersicruing to an ey as win. th50e ops rallied. do wnhr tee -- pis ston rallied. do wnth ree and two rostng. an otr hechance for ditetro. e thtop of e thankey d jasockn. and erthe is a d lion the hop. in their owiln budi. ng goldente sta -- dubs shfini the road trip,an 3 d 1. and vemome fntrowners are in cksonville on suaynd and mo
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be withoheut t arstting runng in ba. early indioncati was atth mitchell would be okay. he's doubtful after breaking his fingnder a it's a 10:00 a.m. ck on sunday and iorionn thwi bulky. annsdefeive back jimmy ward didn't like it enwh he would ge t psdi from them. bemidji st ate,whevater coennfercee hwas in, he didn't like it and will alltiow ps fr omoh jn link. >>ndth is is -- nclyh. >>hiiss never good. the gm co tmehere and that me ans something is going on and we saw what happened. >>e hwas a erplay, though and cahey n'het lp it and has a geldke jact, you know. trent never played, right? tre ntnever played. hn played.
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has a >> [ musi] c >>d unsods fromthe cow band visiting kpix yesterday to get usea rdy for todas y'124th big mega. and thatis against stanford. e bears d anrdcain allispt e thlast two meetings. with the cardinals winng inlast seonas in rkbeley. stand anrdfo receiver aemichl wilson expeenriced the full rae ngof emnsotio and gthaiame the last two years. >> i have been on both sides. thsie de where -- and where wet losand there is nore gater infeelg anth on the flip side of tt haand no rswoe feeling anth losing. i rembmeer in 20 none. th was the worst. >>nd a santa laura men's hoops, do 4wn d an0 on the asseon, wiinnng big ov erl callpoy last nit. and that istsspor. micong up on kpix 5, d an stream ing,how a erform tesl plemoyee said she was xuseal ly hara bssedy her cowoerrks. thlae wsuit she's lefid.
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>>an> d a sml albay ar ea commy unitwit thoureliable tewar ancod ncerabn out we'rgge diining to the report omfr the state enagcy. and thisisa live look ouidtse in san sejo. we'rcke ba ain moment.
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>>th> ank you so much for
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injoing us. i'den vifehely t'les start with a check of the weatwiher thme teorologist darrecen pk. >>en ough fog outer the tobe here in thenorth bay. nortbah y and the delta. you're going to hit fog. it looks primesvesi omfr the les force to wer. this is not on rothe ad and phone in trthe ivlealy. that is the oklo from lookg in strat down at 580 fr omduinbl and sapleanthi ll. we't don have request any fog issues there. do here. north bay eyvalls through the delta and concord as well. su nsnehi for e thmost rtpa for everybody y todaanwad rmer than yeerstday. 'll be ckba in the mindd- a upper 60s. wii ll be back with the rest of the foreca stin a bit. back to you. ha>> tnkyo u. d ansltea has been hit thwi a atscted resherows meant lauiwst. sea xual harassmlaent wst.ui kpix 5s etki doha s more. some mfiay nd the language i isth latte bit offens ive. >>or repte r:the wslauit
6:31 am
compares sltea's faorcty floor aton archaic construction site or frat house, sangyi it foedster a st seadyta teof xual harassm ent. jessica barraza tried to fight t a ndco'tuldn ndhale it ymore and snapped. cording to the lawst,ui she hiwas red the reyears ago and endured some pety of harassntme nearvely ery dasiy nc e. heatrntoey, david low, said itrt staed as verbal comments. >> cat llcas look oh, she has t fableep p,bloo s hheas a - - [ bl] eep , she has a coke bottigle fur ae,n onion butt r>>eporter: the 23- page lawsuit is notorsht on details glof oing and touching. ke when she was astoked do group stheretcs that wod ulhave required her to bend over in onthe male colleaesgu who hara hsseder. ltmuiple times a we, ekmale corks erbrushd up against her back sidine, clinudg with their gripes coacrding to the suit, the nal straw meca wh senhe was trying to h puncher time ca rd when a male coerwork meca up bfromehd inand t puone of s hi legs in betweer n helegs. teafr, she had ipmultlepa nic attaancks d went to the e.r.
6:32 am
her ordoct deorrehed r not to wo a ndput her on medication d therapy. the documents idsa that e sh tried to go to her supervisors and hr but nothhaing ppeden. t>>his rahassntme is so pervasive. 'sit so rampant and it's clearllly we-kwnno to tesla. w could it not ? bewi thhe t frequency that'sit happg.enin they're awofare isth enrovinment. th'rale lowing it to ntcoinue. tevenhoh ugit's thr ei responsibiliasty anpl emoy er nsto iura e safe workplaorce f thr eiemployees. >>or repte r:is tha ere paerttn of bioehavr? barrazz inappotetod a rentcoribute tweak, a joke ouabt arstting a university u yocan use your imagioinatn about the nyacrom. anstd la h,mont t hefederal government, edward near13ly $7 million to a ntcoractor who duenred daily ra cistepheitts. dr. shawn fleter a ofsoatn saj university. e loan musntk coins ueto -- elonus mic continues to send dire actnd reindict messesag what he stdsan for.
6:33 am
it's not surpsiring th atthese alleongatis ntcoinue to meco up beuscae it can even when we see lethe adsherip. we seethe eris quite a bit of u esontiable behavioatr th is alwe d. >>epteorr: in fremont, kiet kpdo, ix5. >> wree ached out to tea slfor mmcoent and has not heard ckba. a southern focalirn iawoman is recei vingprseai for inheatg the familiarra phse see so meinthg, say thsomein g. a thmoer from dana point ouabt 65es mil rtnoh ofsa n diego thghout she recogn izedo tw missing kidsfr omtennessee wh ildre opping f ofher n soat school. shtre usted a t guand reedport the sating to police and sure enoughr , heti psrewe spot on. th weyere able to lo catee th ssing 3-arye-old boy and ska owkn-year-old gel neraand gealled duabctor, the fa ther of the youngeilr chd. >> as he pulled up to scho, oli oked at my son d ani said, i ha veo tgo back. i thk init might be then and i ha to make . sure
6:34 am
>> i want to thank julia for following inher stctins. evenwhen in her consoucis was sangyi this is probably nothing. the deputies took the suspectspoto cusdy and both chdr enare safe. > and pe ople insanta cruz are concd ernethey're being poexsed to contamin ated drin kingwar.te anwed reported abobiut g siban water companies g aginsyemst d anclaims that the r owne failed treo spond to e th customers plfooys r lphe. maridia menall tes usthat so mee onmight be micong tothe rescue of resis dentin boulder eek. >>i don't inthk anyone elfes really safe. >> repoerrt: dalaniel is ntmoh e thnearly 50re0 sintdes in bodeulr creek under the war te company. e refuses toindrk or use tap r.wate >> it s haa water conditr.ione >> reportwier: tht outhe
6:35 am
filtratiyson ste cm,osting her an maestite[ d inaudible ] one of thefilterwas s black. >> rorepter: she's not the onlyn e. pathe rka s few few dares down installed a llinfierioatn system. and we're covered for a boil water cenoti. for the matyjori ofop pele, they donha't ve that. >> reporter: the stla year, stomers havepe exriceend repeatated wer outages. e deterioratsying sts em become sreo unlileab, the parks y that they fill their batuthb wi wthater to silymp flh usthe iltoet dungri e th xt oagute. wh watorri esthem is the nscoist delay d anbeing tinofied they stmu bl oitheir war tewhen service returns and claim imat tes big basin water ancompy esdon't alert them for more than 24 hours and eyth can r neveget a hold of yoanne with eransws,es dpite the neowr living two miles away from them. >>ra tnsparency and
6:36 am
acunbitality are key in tslo of things. t especially insomething th is a necessif ty oli. fe >>epteorr: they llte us that found deenficici esin e th r watesyemst in 2016 and 2018 ridung sanitary surveys, inudg ina ilfaure to provide a reliable supply of potable tewar d ana rodent problem in the treatment planilt budi ngth e mpcoany d trietoes rolve by keg epinca tsin the structure. the upgr adeswe reestimad teat $3 mliilon and the ste atbecamew arofe the enormity ofthe esissu when stcuoms erweedre f up with mr. mor's allelaged ck of communication -- mr. moore'les alged ckla of counaticion during the lays. agthe en cyadmits theycat n' get a hold ofoo mre at times. >> mesotis mewater stsyems dot n'do a great job of commatunicioann d sometimes dit'sifcufilt even for us to t a hold of emth wiinth that
6:37 am
mefre amand that is the case with big basin. >> reporter: the state had enough, slapping thcoe mpany witha fine of $21,000 whist a few weeks ago. >>hen the r watesyemst repelyated fails to do the things we have directed them to dowh en theyreatpeedly fail tocommune icatwe llwith us or wi tthhis omcusters, we hao ve t explorree mo pituniving ons. >> reerport: among e thstats e' directivess irepainirg rtpa of big basin r watecompany's in frtrasucture that burned down duriasng lt arye's complex fire. th e siredents feel the money to make e thosrepairs madeitor me difft iculfomrr . moore to epke itup wh the state's demands for upgrades and relagur temainnae,nc which they libeeve are causing the recentta ouge s. >> they tonight have enough revenue. not large enough to insulate themselves from an event li ke the fires. >> b igbasin water coanmpy may ahave feliline. >>e wappreciate your
6:38 am
coidnseration of eloxpring this fur.rthe >> repo: rterfrom the san relonzo valley r watestctri. earlier this mont h,the board voted to idconser consolidatin thwi big basin r watempcoan y. >>i want to recognize and acleknowdge the moores for makithng is thisth is eilir fe endeavour. >> repoerrt: while the county orat ste veha no responsilibity inhe t meerrg, they sai d, they would help the rtpaies look fo nafincial help, udincling grant money to make it happen. >>nd absa loreo nzstd eppein to kema they're not gaoblited but doing this as a community icserve to the red ntdes. >> andth eyhave enbe actis ng a a good neighbor tiacng erwhe it can. i reizcogne 'sit usfrtrating and y scarfor the folks that liheve tre. we're wog rkinonar hd on isth. >>re poerrt: e thdistrict
6:39 am
gemanar,ow hever, quesontis whetr hethe sts ate'response ise >> irk woedal ongside jim mo re r 40 ye ars. the state is pushing the small agen ocyut of businespss, ike inthk he's gone an incredonibli over the s.year >>or repte r:i tried to call mr. moore but an aninswerg services the residents e spokto during outages picked up yo. 'sit like us. eyth know noth ing. >> reporter: ie mailored mmo re th --i aiemled moore more thana week i am wainitg for a onrespse. >> breamyks heart that soonmee woulved ha a ba byto e rais ndarou he erwith water. >> rorepter: many cuerstoms tell me thaney wt to know e wher their money has nego all of the osyears. noth eywait, hol pefufor a luresotions thatld cou te ak close totwo years. >>e wthink e thlaw needs to be chan ged. wehi nkthat the utility coanmpies, privateor not,
6:40 am
should bed helto higher stans.dard >> , huh. >> > e thstre etidoutse of the sa n sejo medical center yeery.da keisouer nriessh -- esnurs and medicaall heth professialons e aramong the te onsf thoundsas across henortrn calirnfoia striking in solidarity withennegiers. e engineers yo ioupn is shing r fohiergh wages and s habeen deadlocinked a stroke thla sttwo moth s. anisd keerss iued the statement, theunn ioinsist s it receive much more and in some cases, two types more, congveri keiser perntmanee plemoyees. > meantime, w a nehiv treat tmenis called a step forw ard. theypr imov edan injectable tram thatla repces the need fora ily llpis. the triashls ow atth e th treatment is as exctpeative as r al medioncatis and at
6:41 am
mataining a low viral . load >>he rewas noth ing. ablulyte nothing andst ju e th death ensentce. taking this to e thxtne l.leve and reducee s thtrtmeaent days r om2 3 65tosi x treatments a year is w a nepatirame shift in e thbreakthrough >>the drug maker is ramping up the ppsuly to make it fr eely available to v hipatstien across the uk. coming up, a furriey frnd saved heanr d inspired a miioton give other animals a
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
. lookinveg li out at capitol hill, prenesidt debin's larkndma siaocl spending bill isdi heango tthe setena. the e houspaedss the arnely2 $ litrilon bill teafr mont hsof angling between democratic wmlaakers. >>th isvote, the yays are 22 0. the naysare 213. e build back beertt bill is passed! >>ch ores as you can hear, rang t fromushoe democrats afr te apovg inthe legislation by a margin of seven. homiuse notyri leader kevin rtmccahyan maged to delbuay t not derail e thvo teand bufilisteder for more than 8
6:45 am
1/2 s,hour the eslongt co ntuoinus house eespch in rnmode htoisry. ev>> nerin american history will see mtaany xes be israed and so much - [ inaudible ] >>t's a lecebration for us no w. hit'sisritoc, it's tr anorsfmatianve d bigger than anythiweng he averev done. >> the house bi ll'sprice tag co me rs asoulygh $1.85 trliilon. itlu incdes funding for universal pre-k ilchd care, clatpre ovisions, hog,usin thhealca arend paid le ave. e thbill faces a tough battle ahead in t heevenly dedivid senate. >> > teafr nointhg but bad wsne, there is a chance, a anchce that we might be seeing relief at tashe g pump. udcre oil prices fell about 4% yeery.da theydo're wnab out 10% in e th last four weeks. it could ease pressure on risiasng g pceris. acincordg to aaa, e thnational avagise $3.41. th iths e low of e thgas icpre we have seen in six
6:46 am
weeks. th e licafornia average, vehower,is $4.70 a gall. on > b.a.r.t. iscr ineangsi electric clvehie archging rtpos d anstatn io parking lots e thagency u manan p mousily vote -- unanimously voted on thursdo ay tovappre all charging p aortst atstions. b.a.r.t. has rtpos is the sel vera statnsio and soal colimpmenting a major shfoift r eceltric hicles. >>wel 'lstick the focus to trk e thfog this morning, which is not terribly widesp. read there is no nsdee fog adsoviry to day. that is goodnews and th atis gog ltoook impressive from the p toof the lesas rcfoe wetor. ths is ifr omthe trival ley. cayou n see 'rwee indog just fine. la stee wkend at this meti, this wh olvae lley s wacolemptely edsock i n. and we rewe inlookg at dee ns fog. weon d't have that and e ther are places that do he avfog th we edne to make sure we otlight. it's thenorth ba y. d anthe delta. lo okat the read ingsup erthe. concord. sibility foru yois0. 3.
6:47 am
intellg u yothat is how far you n casee down the road. napa isthe same. ntsaa rosa and petaluma, 5. th ats iwhere yoe at has ppen next, you willsw it chinto the fureas ct and you can see the cl oudspidected th ere. there edis ruc edvisibility for nccoorand d the north ba y. everyolsne ee isclear. welet that play forwd arand go to . 91 an d itall melts away. and we'll have a aubetifully bl s kyday today. thwi daw tom highs into the mid- anupper 60ans d in other rdwos,t iwill be waerrm today than yesayterd. a good log okinsardtuay out there and gets breezy in the motaunins overnighd t annothing thhoat sulbed a factor. ifwe had not ttgoen masuch rain tghhrououoct tober with e storms, weul wod be talkg inab oufit re heweatr nccoerns. anbed cause the laapndsce s ha plenf ty oismotu reon it, this is the kind of windenevt most
6:48 am
ll never noceti. it'sht nig to see we have enough rai n wedot n'have to ke headlinesut abo erevy offshore e. vent they're goin g toke epenhapping and they don't make the fire weathencr coer. ns and thulankflywe got the inra and ha atth oklos odgo. anotr hechance of inra here and who wacan tcthh e emsyst erclos utos and llfas apart. the ershows n'dot make it . here it would have enbe tuesday and o oklis ke that is t noholding gether for us. thand atme ans from wedadnesy on, the erare no weheatr issues. yo u veha travel anpls, theier you're going mesowhere or somewhere is coming rehe on eswednda y. thanksnggivi pperor, the foca lstooks great and ac ross the vesen-y daforecast, and teerurates are cooling do wna d from r uppe60tos low 60s an d atth willay pl o utwith temperesatur io ntthe low 60s by thursday and friday of next . week and would have been niceto
6:49 am
ve seen the light rain hold together on tuesday and l we'l mess out on thate onand wait and see how inthgspl ay out fr tomhere. l we'lsee more inra coming our way. probably fheor t next week 1/2. >>ot g you. atth is what i was going to as i know the forecast is not pricontiible. ea>> yh. >> and man next week or rtfuheru t. >> into y earldecember, d an looks like'rwee instayg y dr into the first rtpa of the nth. >> g otyou. >>ur e. and thiswe ek's jefferson ard winna er, san anfrcio scwo masan ved the life of a dog d he saved rshe. d for e th lasttwo decade suise she's ma deit her 'slife mission to reuesc as many an ims alas possible. >> meco on, . guys >>or repte r:she ovprides a loving home for every four- legged home she can throug ckroet dog ueresc urban dog sa
6:50 am
ncartuy in east oaankld. >> ande'shll give you liratelly the sweater ofoff her . back ep>> rorr:te the board member idsa that p aleyled the no npfirot for 20 years with a ger >> g theenoserity [ inaudible ] reporter: because lepay was oncean underdog. >> wast ouerthe wi thmy mom an d byba brother on the stetre. >> porerter: theyrewe hossmele. her motherdi ed whenpaley was ten. t >> a pthatoint, you , knowi wa s basically on my n.ow i was living in the d ol anabdoned train acarsndyo, u knownk, ju yards on the oukis rtof town. >> ts higuy. ep>> rorr:te she found peace wag lkinthugroh animal teshelrs. when she was olr,de e shadteopd lelld bey, a black-and-n ta hound dog abou t tobe euthanized. and taking reca of him, i took better careof myself and made better choices and that vesad my life. >>yo u like being grouped. atth is for sure. >> reporter: she got eacln d an r sobein rehab and founded rock
6:51 am
dog in 2001 in hor noof led bey,ll whodi ed of caernc w. a netwk orof foster repants d an vontrsee, rocket doovg prides a peac, efulsafe place for animals in danger of being euanthized and hope s towa sha twahe 59 of neglteecd usabed animals, tsahe me feelg inshe kns ew aa child. >> i look at the alanims, the foolin g isthere. i see it reteflecd in their ey. i see e thfe arand rtunceaiy.nt >> rtrepoer: in l,al e shsaid ckroet dog reesed cueand found new -- rescued and unfod new holes for mo reth an13,0 00an ims,al including willow lepay's heart for homeless abused surrsvivo d anothers in ne edresonates with this lunteer. >> sebomody in needn caknock on the door and ask for a leash. eyth can ask for a toy. thaney c ask for food. >> reporter: overseas, rocket dog ra isesfunds for rabies vain fesor dogs in antanzia and volunteer suppt orspay and neuter ccslini in puer torico.
6:52 am
>> this is a life llwe-lived, yokn. ow how can you do anything ttbeer h anhi ts? >>epteorr: for saving ousands of animals and pr ovinidg them fesa, vilong holes throrough ck etdog rescue, this week's jefferson arawd in thebay areago esto paley hebousaux. to nominate someone you ow, find the online form on our website at
6:53 am
we lce omto this world. yoveu ha seom big shtooes lots ow f neinodtructions. .4.. ouns.ce.. so manney w to.ys it's notoing g to ebeasy. but,et toghe we r,got this. kaiser pernentmae. . >>dratamic video sha ows firefighter rengscui a man from buinrng ilbudi ngin boulder,
6:54 am
colodora. >> ye ou'rgo odto go! good job, buy.dd r>>eporr:te prtyet aminazg tch. e thfireghfiter catching him from a sec-story building. the rescue could last mont h. anthe footage was made public ouby bld erpolice. >>pridesent n bidecoinntued the white house tradn itioof pardoninrkg tueys ahead of th angiksving. rothe se ga rdenrecemony saw th e velis of turks eypeanut butter and lljey spared from getting n eateridung next sday'siday. >>sa> na's preparing to lachun a new letescope in the search fofer li ootn her planets. the ivmasse size and capalibities makes huthe bble space telescope look likea child's toy. jathe mes webb space teoplesce is desiedgn to answer huni'sty most existel ntia questionres, a we alone in the crouvep harsan d where did the fit rslight in the cosmose com from. thtee lescope, ouabt the size of a tennis court is sobiitg, t can'fit on top of a rocket fu
6:55 am
lliny tact. >> dweesneigd it to be filed up and then unfold in space. w>>e went to buile d th tescleope this big leunss we ne ed tedo. yoedu ne tod builone if you want to look at the demmes t, most earliealst gaxs iein the un ivseer. . >>thmae rching band isready for the big game y.toda as rtpa of an annual tradi, tion the p groustopped by the peaks nerowsom. theais yr,th ey were outse id usbecae ofthe pandemic. th atis not stop pingthem fr om spreadthing eir pride and ey're ready to golater today r the game. >>an> d now that the y baarea is reopening, we'asre ki ngyou arshe otphos ofgetting back thtogeerit wh family and iefrnds or show you wh atyou miss g doinusg inth on]
6:56 am
-g re patarty, carlen hmustave blown byourudte -n otxa ectly. h-youavgre eat name-bra nd snksac, tons of an d erwhe did you getechees? -hel! logrocery outl et, bargain rkmaet. -♪ce groryut olet bargn aimark et♪ yoghborhgrood ocy eroutlet heis t dtiesnation
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for savings 0 of 4to 70 percten on youolr whe alme . >>'s> it 576: and time r foa look atht e top sts.orie a bay area won mais dead r afte being shot on i-80 befo rethe bay bridge llto plaza earlier isth week. it's a77 fry eewashooting in alameda county this year. ch p deedclin to comm sent,ayg in they d on'tntwa to ifonterre wi t heinveatstigin g. e th cityof oakland is prosoping a project to revitalize e thwaroterfnt and licompme tnthe howard tnaermil and while the city is the is
6:58 am
kimang that new, e tharcs anunnoced an offer r foa plot of land lain s gaves. so far, the ndla purcd haseis proposed > >>and etprty ewvi of a foggy safrn ancisco. it 'sot n atth bad, ghthou, for mo st locations onyoce u' reaway fromthe bay d anthat is the ewvi from e thaltrivle y. in the north bay, it's foggy. thvie sibility appears to.3 of a mile in pana and nccoord. giveur yose lftrexa time on the road t. oday as far as the forestca, it's sunny by . 91 thmpe teerurates climbing back into the mid- and uppe60r s. >>nk tha you,darren and fo watching kpix 5 newsth is
6:59 am
7:00 am
narrator: today "onlucky dog",c er rescues aer vy scared and tipomid od-tleerrier mix. ershic: e'ges tting overlo.oked shjue's stot n in great shape. naat: orshe might bect exalywh at one familisy looking for, afmoter urngni the loss ofir the evpriousog d. ckni: we definity elwanto t rescue a dog. a dog the at wcacon nsider to bu r family member again. naat: orwith a lot ovef lo, a smidf ge oluck, and meso ecialized trngaini, idsmge to bu mjustig ahtrrivate her final destioinatn, l aoving home. denise: i t can'wa tito let her know thae't shs velod anshd e n cabe comfortaberle he.


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