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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 20, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PST

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mo vewi" th andy stany.le breaki ngnews, ghhi end frayid night heist. watch as a y baarea louis vuitton store was hit. > top to view after inray weather. get adrey for g bichanges, we veha your enweekd refocast. what do you think of th is welcom ing? >> normal for my family. ug[ laht ]er >> bay area airports have not tbeenhis busy in two ye ars. a lol cacommunity without abrelile tewar and con ncerth atwhat does come out of the p ta ison ctaminated. i n'dot thk inany ybodfes el
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really fesa. >> it is unuausl. it has been a bad situioatn. >>ni togh t,wait until you see what we scdiovered when wewe ntdigging foanersws. good evening i'm anal marn.ti >> i 'melizabeth . cook let's get t righto that brkieang news. >> smash and grab thieves llpu off a ishet tathe luouis vuitton orste. th comes days after they cl ead neout a diamond st ore. >> the first crew on the sce en night. key? >> an tiacve scene wi tha avhey police presence. they arste ill searching for su sptsec in the area. ta ke a look hibend me. yocau n see the doors and the ndwiowofs sthatto resmheasd. gls aslittering the sidewalk. several sts reetsurrounding unn iosquare blocked anoff d stl ilare. rdaccoing to atth. turned into a roerbby after p8:00.m. spoke to a wiestns who said
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atth more than a dozen people can been se running out of the store, clin gingto merchandise and hauling as much as they could. at e oninpot, officers cod ulbe seen su rrndouing a aygr convertible anmustg thwi one trol car blkiocng it. several fiofce rskitang their batons to assmh out the rs onside that be taken to the hoitspal. kpix5 captured video of the police detainine g onpe rsonat e th sce. sfpd, muleltip susp ects arrested. th ere have beena number of high end ishetsll a over the bay area. clinudinung ion square. hahit rd several times since last year. back t ouhere live, you can see thatgray anmustg ghrit near e thstore. the police offirsce and investigators ill ousurrndg inthat car. searching that ca r atisth hour. the cepoli are respdionng to heotr stores in the area atth alavso he been vaizndaled. is is san inongog
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inveatstigio n. as you can see, hey avpoceli presence rehe tonigh ut inni sonquare. >>did you say 12 people ran out of e th store? >>reporter: according to a witness thati spoke to shortly after i riarved she said she saw at t leas12, perhaps more. at is what we are heg arin from witnesses t ouhere ae en >>ghrit, let emth sort it l alout, y,kenn tnkhas. >>ba> y area airports have not been this busy scein the ndpaemic began. oppele t gean early star t to their thanksnggivi tveral. itis stju a sliv erof the hetravy afc fi expectneed xt ekwe. we go to oakland international with how travs elerare vinagangti covid- 19nd a the lihodays. eaandr? >> reporte r: liz i sptooke apait rporspesokperson. shsays 36 -- rpaiort spokesperson e sh says36,0eo00 pplcae me in and ouoft th is rpaior t. itis not anprepdec mibut it is close.
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>>rertpoer: from the line of cars outside, the rmteinal tobaggage cl aim,the airpt orhas not looko ed s liven ly itwo years. lee thompson welcoming her son o mero fm iowa >>what do you think of this welcoming? >> pretty rmnoal for my fy.amil [ laerught ] >> reerport: ilwhe friday is the busiest y dasie ncthe ndpaemic started >>honestly neourvs to iben the ait.rpor lot of oppele. >> porerter: 17000,0 avelers are ctexpeed to come ugthroh kloaand inrnteational airpt orfrom wedadnesy rothugh sunday. twe as many mpcoar edto thgianksvi ng weekenstd la yr.ea >> ingettg ckba to alnorm at le astht e new rmal. >> reerport: the new noalrm requires pngasseers to wear maskans, my avtrelers savay ccinations helped them feel moreat ease with flying and seeing velod ones again. >>es pecially nowadays wi,tthhinge s ar g.goin you want to make . sure
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you spend as much time as you n cawith lepeop. >> amazing. i love these two people so much d anmy heotr mom is stinayg at home rit gh now. is just niceo tbeba ck. a lilett reunion. >> u yontmeiod nee therare twice as many eltraverhos w does it coarmpe to pre-ndpaemic lsleve? >> >>or repte r:the airport spesokperson says yoif u oklo at e thnuermb ofseats hedule todaoky los keli it is going to be 80% of e-prpaicndem lelevs. it is geg ttinup there but not there yet.>> 80%, that is impressive anthk you. >>no w,les t'bring in our iechf meteogoroliswit th a rsfit look at the lihoday refoca. st >> the hour byhour fostreca, t'les give a shot. looking eaahd to thankinsgivg onhu trsday. thatweher nwillot causy e an problems if you are going to be travinelg calol w loor throutugho e thstate. teatmperur iesn the 40s. a little olcoer if you are
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doing one of e thturkeyts tro fobere you make up for the burned caloesri later on. teermpatures ndarou 60 on the t,coas lerow 60s on the bay for ghhi teatmperur iesnto th angiksving into the mi ddle 60s inland. let's t noget too far ahead of oursel ves, we arejust gettining to the enweekd. prteotesrs march inside oakland llcainthg e kyle rittenhouse acquittal an injustice and another example how the cijudialys stem is broken. >> ouabt 100 peopatle ghed reat the plaza. ma detheir way to the deferal cothurouse a few bloc ksaw ayin a peaceful mah.rc thervee ha enbe no reports of operty damage or unrest a jury unfod rittene housnot ilty on all fifeve lo cnyharges inclinudg intentional hodemici. last year he shot and llki two people at a pr
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otest in kea,nosh wiscsionn, over the shooting of a black man by a e whitpolice officer. ri tthoenuse is now back home a free man. >> > nitoght, milpitas lipoce had a ooutto. leava ing suspect dead. reinleasg dybo mecara footage of what ha ppened. >> gun, gu n,gun, gun >> [gunfire >> otshs fire d,shots fired. >>the ooshting happ enedat a opshping ercent. 42-year-olchd miael nelson was exg itina stenol car when a detective ened fire on him. nelson turerned fire and was kiedll. the po liceinitially clm aithat nels on arteshd ooti fngirst. > >>stileal ahd tonight. a small bay area counmmity thout reli wableat aernd nccoern about contamination. turns out the atste agency that overesse the r watecoanmpy has had enough >> i don't think anybody feel
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really fesa. >> unl.usua this is a particularlyd ba >> getting her hands on the inspection report and tishat not all atth fowas un d. sana poised to launch an rteffo to raunvel the mystieers of our universe.
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peoplile vi ngin a sml al community in the santcra uz mountains are concneerd they e ar inbeg poexsetod coinntamat ed drinkiwang te r. now thate ste is voinlv. ed st night we toldyou about bisig ban watempr coany and clai msatth e thowners failed to respond heto t ctousmer's plea folpr he. we discov ereda hero may be micong to the screue of the siredes ntin bodeulr >> i don't thk inanybody elfes really safe. reporter: daniisela g amonthe 500 residents in boulder creek under the bi g basin water company. she refuses to drink or use p ta water. >>it has water coionditne r. >>reporter: ouwitht her firaonti system that cost her ,000. >> i chand gee thfilters onthe sy. stem they lo okhoibrrle. one of the fis lterwere bl ack. >> reporter: she is not the only one. the pas rka few doors down
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instd allea filtration sm.yste >> we are recoved even if there is aboil war tenotice but for e th mari tyof people around here d'ton have that. >> reporter: for the la st arye g bibasin water company stomers expeceriend repeated r wateoutages, the stsyems iso uelnriable atth the parks say theyfi ll their thba with water so they can flush the toilet for the next outage. what worries them the most, is the delay of b eingnotified they need to boil watecer on servreice tus.rn they claim attimes the water coy mpando es not alert thfoem r mo trehan 24 hos urand they say they can never get ahold of anyoitne wh swaners despite the owner stju li ving two s mileaway from emth. >> transparency and accountability arekey in any, in tslo ofhi tngs but especi iallyn sothmeing that is a cenessity ofif le. i>>t is unusual. a icpartullyar basid tuation. r>>eporter: the state r watebodsar disivion of
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kidrinngat wer tells kpix5 it found deficiesenci ing bi war system in 2018 dungan sitary surveys clinuding failure to provide lia reab lesupply of portable water and a rodent problem that e thcompy antried tool resve bykeeping tsca in the sturructe. the uptedas wereestimated at $3 monilli. the atste just recently cabeme awarofe the enortymi of the issues when custs omerbemeca d fe up wh itmr. moore's ckla of commicunation during notitificaonel days. the agcyen admits even they can't get ahold of moe orat times. somesetim tewar systemdos not do a great job at counmmication and sometis meit is ffdiicult even for us to get ahol d ofthem within that time frame. that is ceairtnly the seca thwi g bibasi n. the atste hahas d ouengh. slpiapng e thcoanmpy with a fine of
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1,00ju0 st a few weeks ago. >>when the tewar system reportedaily fls too dthe thing atth we have rected them to do when they reportedly fa iledto counatice well with us or thwi their customers, we have to plexore opontis. >>among the state's direct ives is reinpairg part of the water mpcoany's infrastutrucre that rnbued down during last ye'sar complex fire. t tkpw-flt mofor ore to keep up with the demandr s foupadgres and mateinnance. th believe it is causine g th recent out esag. >> theydon't have enough ree,venu ty hear e t norglae enough to ndki of insulate themselves fr aomn evt enli kethe fire s. >> repr:orte no w, big basi r watecoanmpy y mahave a lilifene. >> we appreciate your consideratio n of explorin fg iturerth. >> repoerrt: from thewater stdirict. in the ridistct 'spu blic meeting earlier this month the bod ard vote
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unanslimouy tocons ider nscoolidating wibith g siban ter company. >>i ntwa torecognize and owacknlee dgthe moores for making this reesqut. isth , isyou owkn, their life en deorav. >> the cotyun or state has no responsibi lityin the merger, th sd aitheywo uld he lpthe parties look r fo nafincial help udincling grant nemoy to kema it enhapp. >> stepping in to make res,pair and coecrrt me if i am onwrg,he ty arnoe t oblid gateto make trehe pas,ir they are doing this as a commituny see rvictoth ese residents? >> ye s. in our view the water district haens be enngacti aa s good neighbor ande lpg inwhere it i regncoize it is frusintratg anscd ary foe r thfos lkthat live there. but we are working hard on this. >> report er: the stdiri ct manager, wehover, questions if the stats e'reonspse elis hping. >> you know, i worked alidongse jiorm moe r fo40 years. the state is pushing the small
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ag oencyut bofusiness, so to speak. is, i think he has done a prty incredible jober ov the aryes. >> repor ter: i d trieto call mr. moe orat his water coanbuy t an answering serve icthat siredents spoken urto ding outages picked up. >> theyw knonothing, t he swanering icserve. >> repo: rter e-i mailed moore,ha tt was moreha tn a weekgo a. i am still waiting on a response. >> it breaks my heart that someonule wod ahave baby to e raisaround re with wthisat. er re>> poerrt: many big basin tewar cuhetcs tell me they want to know whe ertheir mones y hagone all ofthe es years. now, they itwa. ho pel fufor a resolution atth ulcod take close to two s.year >> we think the law needs to be chge d. we think atth utility co mpanies, pteriva not, oushld behe ldto hightaer snddsar. theyou shld. >> ouobvisly big basin is in a world of fincnaial hurt inincludg atwh meyou ntneiod the
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$21,000 . fine when is e thcompany needg into pay that? >>ep rorter: well, alan, m moore may face these fines but the statsae ys it wictll auay llwave them if moore sends the state planfos r corrective actions by enthe d ofja again, ju stplans hedoes t no even edne to make anygr upad. es >> lehot's pe it all wos rkout for the residents for sure. greapot rertg,in thank you. , paulwead me it. it is the weekend. a lot offolks traveling or looking foartod maybe geg ttin oue tsida little t bithis ekend. >>i think the weheatr will be coatoperive for all of that once we burn thoff e rleay morning fog toowmorr. the last of the drizzle is congmi to an end. itasbe en ending finits and st. arts on trace precipioitatn,a couple spots ouarnd the bay area. that will trsiantion tothe cally dense fog movingto in saturday morning. th e next rain anchce is down thnee li in the caforest. it llwi be ontudaesy. the chanarces e loinokg more and more meagorer f mo ndaynight and datuesy thwi every new ba
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tcofh forecast modadel ta thate wget. wndo toa 20% chance that anmes it is not likely to rain. cawe n not comple rtelyule it out. the chans cee arlow that we veremod e th sh iowerco nsfrom the vesen-day fostreca. we hope e thdata points to a ttweer directioicn, ne toget to that before the lihoday. 'lthatl beout of the way in ti fmeor busy travels dayon wedadnesy d an thanksgiviayng d itse. lf lookintsg ouidrie ght now. yoknow the lihodays are gettcling ose wh ty heturn on the lightsa the the emadbarcer o. temperesatur, erwhe they rewe a feurw hos ago. ddle to upper 50s. do to the lower s 50in santa ro sa whe u yohave the dense fog, ciredung visibiesliti later toni ght. dropping down mostly to the middle t peupr 40s, inlaarnd, ou ndthe bay and the t coas ando wnto 40 grdeeeins santa rosa ilchlier in meso of the north bavaeylls. high temperatures tomorrow, onhece t fog di ssatipes they willm warup nicely. t aboua degree above average ouarnd the
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ba y. two to three deeegrs. arnd 60 degrees for e th coast. miledd 60s ar oundthe nipensula d an lemidd tupo per 60s farther inland. up 6to7 des greein san jose. the mpteeratures rwilleach the middle s.60 inland, east pr ettymu chever yonebeeetwn 64 66and degrees. mi 6ddle0s in san frscancio. 66 in east a little off shore wind llwi help things outhere and even up to ar ound 70 degrees r fo henortrnso noma county around ndwisor. tethe mpaterures are not that mild for the g biga. me the weatr heoklos coopere ativ for the 144th inplayg of the castl/anford ga. me teatmperur esin the 60s at kick ofat i4:00n the rnafteoo n.a lot of sunsnehi. thsue n goes down before 5:00, g brina wet sht iror ckjaet to layer up when temhe tpeturares art dropping mpteeratures wag rminupan other grdeeer o two. the coolest dayswi blle esday and wednesday. mo crelouds on tuy.esda i just dot n'think wellwi e se
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much in e th way of measur ablerainfall. we warm up alittle bit. temperesatur turerning to moalst exactly wh iats normal for this time ofh e arye. lateve nomb erby enthe d of next week. charlie? >> > rastight ahead, a reunion is eken d. mmy rdwa has magena to get ofoff his cht esabout the man responsible for drtiafng him. > in oidetrt,he t pistons, a ogoodne in thmoe tor city. al l ofthe way heto t final shot. sports is next hi honey ! omhi mmy! oh iissed you! you just wanidt to veo ca kll theids. ok . hush little .dbaby..on 'say a word...
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t buif slow uploads speed turnurs yo goodnight call into aden accintoral hror movie... ca n you hear me? shut i.t down justbe rememr. nyou'reotad a b mom. styou ju nbeeed tter internet. f at&tibeler diver sst faeroa upld speeds fo r more reliablo e videca get at&t, fiberplstans arting $ at35on a mth f yor aear. mi lited availabi lit in sarelect eas. call 1.877.oatnly.t. >>welcome intoat le ghnit spts. a testt amento how good the waio arsre. reg stintonight, ves,ga comparthing e rosters and ilstl decl ared goenta ste favorite s by twino pots. the starttsiing mangki isth one a mpcoetitive game. anappeal, a watch. steph tcwahi ngbee caushe knew
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thouey wld pick up the low. edti. ni save. ing ac rosscourt and he buriest. i ldenst ate. d leby at5 e thlfha. 3rd quarter. e man highlight. e steal. an d the slam. he esgo up with two hands, they le d by13. pool, leading all scor esat 32. e best player on the floor. beautiful, craf tyreverse erthe too up 14. they werecrnguisi to an ea sy win. the are the pistons, down 3. grant, nogood. tipped ouarnd. one more cechan, top of the key. and thisere a lid on the owwind. golden atste getsir the star somerest. they pull out the w. 5-10102. 3-1. no w,maybe thwiout their star nnruinbag ck and arstting running ckba, eay rlindication was mihetcll, it would be ayok. now,ub dotf ulto aypl sunday
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afte breaking his fr ingeon mond ay night. s it ia 10:00 a.m. kick on aysund and reiowin th the general gemanar o whheld the same ro lewithe ths 49erfrom 2011- 2016. de feivnse backward did not like enwh he would t gecoaching tips, wheas out conferen ced. evwhaterco nference that is in. hewill allow the psti from joynhn lch however. >>that isner vegood, never odgo. g.m meco do wnthat anmes mesothinisg goinong . >> he was a player, though. that is the ffdierence. jo isa pl. ayer he has a ic[mus] >> the soun odsf the cal ndba o whvitesid kpix tayod to get us ready for
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morrow's 124th g game against stan. ford the bears and caalrdins veha splieit thr last two meetings with the ca rdalin win ningthe last season irkn beel. ey anstford receiver yssa he experiencethd e full range of emot iionsn isth game overth e stla two s.year >> i havebeen on both sides. there is no gatreer feeling an winning. and on the flip desi of that, no w orst feelinang th silong e thaxe. cal stormed our d.fiel the wot rsi ev erfelt after a lo ss. >> saclnta ara men's hopes 4-0. ey win l odgo news to gi, veatth is yourlook atrt spos. we said san francisco 5-0 la st night. th are 4-0. now,contrsende in e thstwe t coas conference. th ere is tea am llcaed conzaga. so. >> yeah, that is tru e. okay. thk you,rl chaie. >> > na sais unavai aling w ne telescope. scientistsy sait makes the
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bbhule lk oo li a d'chils toy. how it can shedlight on meso of the bit ggesmysteries ofthe universe
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> tonight, nasa islaunching nea w tescleope in searching r folife oner oth pnelats. >>ke mas it look like a ilchd's toy. thletescope is designed to eransw t he questiaron, e we alon e? the scteleope they say is about the size of a teisnn cour t. so big eyth can not fit ontop f a rocket fully intact >>we had to design it so it can be folded ndup a then foldun in space.
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>> you need tobuild one this big if u yo want to look at the dimmest, earliegast la. xy >> itwill launch a month from torr. ow we'll igbe rhtac bk.
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