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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 19, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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oncbsnbay ea. have a greatk wee capontiing onspsorebyd cbs e>>d sheeran iswn kno for pourinhig s het arout hintois cht-artopping singles. anwid th his new a, lbumshraeen has edpeal bk acthe covers to hikis nky sex lifeth, wi fsan ab tleo envisage ml entapiurctes they n mayotav he expected. he'll eve en bpeorrfming some of those t hisongs in pokonem gofo r spa ecial in-gamnce coert. ♪ ♪ ( tsungo "shape ou"f yo )
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>> aounnncerit: 's "e thlate sh wowith epsthen lbcoert." tonit:gh plusst, ephewen lcom:es kevin hartan
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d simucal guests rt oberpltan and isalon kusras featuring n jobatiste and stay human. and w,no livone tapfre om the edullivan theater in new york ci, it's stephen col!bert ( cheers andla appus)e >>teenph: there you !go ere you go! ohat, th'sha wt i'm lookinrg fo rithght ere! th'sha wt i'm talkinoug abt! ( cheers a andppuslae ) ♪ ♪ >>teenph: friday! fray. happy fr.iday welc wome,elmeco one and all, in re, out therr.e, m and amrs.mecari, all the st ahipst tsea,o he"t late show."
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i am youhor st, stephen ercolbt. wjon,e dema it. >> jyuon: p. te>> sph: enhappy friday. >> jon: ayfrid! >> stephenpp: hay idfray to everybody.i wo ukep today thin, kingist i still thur?sday la ( ugerht ) turned outs it'frayid. hope you alle havweenekd plans. joe biden cenlrtaiy esdo, becatouse moowrr is his bihd.ay so-- ap( plause ) thyoere u .go thyoere u .go so, ouif y s heeim, be sure to sing "happrty bihd."ay buavt lee f ofthe ♪ how old y areouow n ♪ stju don't ask. joe 'thasn bwnlo out the candles yet, but p i'mrey ttsure i know his wish: be ptterolnul mbers ug( laht )er an cd ofoue,rs more wishes waalys wish for wmoreiss.he th hat'sow g iot this gig. ( laerught ) ( applause )i dot n'think-- herehe's t thg-in- ( auapplse ) i don't k thinbin degets enough credit t forhehi tngs he does acmpcolish.
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casepo in in lt:ook at this headlineut abo his infrastructuilre bl omfr cnn: "americans at ren'feinelg relief from b'siden b wigashingtonvi cty.or"he sneigd the infrastutrucre bill on mo!nday it's fy.rida is is what tnthe iertne opping has dtoone us. ( as iiempatntus ctomer ) "u eusxce me, i ordeared suspension be,ridg a indt has not ard riveyet.i clkeicd twy o-dadeveliry! caspn i eatok america's manager,as plee? goet g america's meranag, ease. wi'llai"t. ( apseplau ) "i rorecding you. , i'm recordyoing u ghritno w." ( laerught ) get in the y partmo fodor his bihd, aybiden met uph wittwo of his pals, mex picanredesint baand nkan mager tellingr you grandma, "buw t hocod ula young lady like neyou ed r aetirement accounant?" dr mesanuel lopez raobdor; and cann adiapreim
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ministnder a ptroey professor o swears his b newea hrdas nothtoing dwio th his divorce, stin trudeau. sterday, thehr tee north americande learsot g together a for meinetg that's infllormay called, t"thehr aeemigos suitmm" slightly qiouestnae blas a name. poimrtant than taurude's suggestimeon, na age trois. thavey he o to ditn ifrench and the three les aderadesdrsed a seesri of issues thahat ve causedsi tenonmo ang neighbors specific, allythshe awn me-cndesamlail cabello bre.akup lotot negotiate we're all upset. he's cann.adiash e'ams erican.wh icnah tionet gs custody of his abs? it b maye e jobiden's birt,hday but he's tnehe o ginivg out all thgis,ft because you may reme tmberhapft izer, the pharmaceut cicalomnypa, has a new pill tthhat eyay s can re hduceostapilizations from
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covid 9%by 8. well, now bithe den administonrati h basought enough llpis for 10 mil ( asen bid ) "irat's in' inpills, jack! ( cheendrs a alappuse ) that's right. "that'ghs rit. i'm the candn!y ma i'm cathe ndmay n! une cljoe here is cyourov pidez endispser! tjustilmyt head back, they me out my neck!" ( htlauger ) disturbimang ige. it a's disturbing e.imag ( auapplse ) now,re the'sus jt one problem th this pill o: itnlwoy rks if you ian d e thpeople who wneill edo t take iy t, banlad rge, are an-vxeaxrs. so, the admiranistti ions gettahing eaofd conspiracy theories bnay remi ingt dr. ellindl'mas gical horse erelix! ( laughter ) ap ( plseau ) winow thnt ai-5g flavor crystals! guaranteedke to epou yr cousin's friendal's blsxa ectly the same ze you know loand ve!
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thmie adnirasttion is also hainndg out vaccino es tki,ds and th gat'soi bngetter thanan yo enexpected. in faceat, nrl1 y in 10 younger s. children a got conarovirus shot ie n thfit rstwo ekwes of ccvaine eligibil wity,hich presents-- ( plapause ) 'sthat rhtig, i agree. icwhh representsas a fteupr take than when ad wultserine itially ofrecod ronas viruvaincce shots. well, thates mak sseen. ki an'ret on faceboo u yotell them thcce vainwie ll make thegnm maet, icthey're like "ameweso! mom can us te meo t pumy awdrings up on trihe fdg"e! ( laerught ) ( appl )ause atth's the fridge. th'she t fridge righert the. i'm a child. no nw,ot everyone xcis eited abt ccvainating chil.dren coernsvatives are l stiluptse that "mesesa seetrt's" big birdw eed tethat he rece hivedis covi19d- vaccine.he g hotis shots froe m thcot.un as( count )
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"you need tone,woth, ree-- three boosters! aha--hha-ha!" ( appl )ause where's myht ligni?ng whe'ers my lightning! one of thes guywhs o'most "mseupt" is conservevati ptoasr and prisonen talt owsh hypnotist, m mariourloil. murillo saids thiabt oubig bird protoming the vax:>> ts hiis the most nidemoc thing i'eeve sn ain long time. s>>tephen: (as chpreaer) "rt!epen for lo, i sabew a asrit se upou t tofhe sea: an e-fightoot ctallany aron roller sk watesha ug mhte my letters h andowo t share oymy ts! 'sit the work of d theev."il ( laughter ) ( applause )it 's-- a whatra's czybo aut this is that g bibird promotiacng vcis neis nothinw.g ne ck in 1972, bibig rdas w intellg dski, "don't wai ccvainate."
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but whey,hai t do know? maybe the hshowasha cnged since th0se ' "saseme street" skiome ndf o hell-hole? les t'check in on y'todas episode! ♪ these are h theersoe in youigr nehbhoorod ♪n nyoureiboghrhood your neighbodorho stephen: i tknowhagut y. jon! jon stbatie. >>onth: at's right. jo tl elme, you werer ove there? atwh's it like othver ere? ist llfu of hellspawn? >> jon: , wellstheepn, "d" is r definitely, notandod n't re cbiall g rdbi a demon, ofdous. s>>tephen: thanu,k yo j.on ( cheendrs a alappuse ). message tohas bsee nt. >> jon: i dolin't keha tt. g bibird is my boy. >> stephen: e'thers loa t to feel hop aefulbo rutight now. dski are gettinged vax, 'sit be aea butiful fall hweekere
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in new yortyk ci. ( applause ) realreallyee llsike things are lookin.g up sowh, at else is g ooingn tinhe ne? ohin, maryland, tvehey' fndou a sef orare, contagious eymonkpox! moeyx pois a pretty rare sease but itea sprdsas eily beuscae it's sprearod thugh largspe reiroraty droplets. meathatnst' is airborne. i amd we tol he avfootage of the eymonkpospx reading. fly! fly! >> senteph: w,no before you get out the lyansol d arstt wiping do yr oumonkey-- ( applause ) >> stephen: shyou ou kldnow, though monke iypoxs tinhe sameil famy vofiruses assm aloxlp, it causes ermild symptoms. okay. so, it'sry sca, t buit's no smlpalox. in others, new wkeorrs in a nnsylvania lab discodverefr oz venials marked ll"smapo"x. hey! mano sllx pountil you've
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finished younkr moeyx.po ( uglahter )ap pantrely, these viofals de cadlyongitaon were foundwh ilcle eaning out aez freer. , been there's: it le,at yo du'reignggi around in the frzefor r a treat, allnd a you can ifinds eanxpired hungry aman,n d olchicken bu, rgerana d biological wn.eapo juhrst towt iout! yoreev ner going to amake chkebun rger! ( htlauger ) we, rivaous poxes as aide,t least wothe rls d'safe from a swmsar of nncaibalbs cra. whatha's tt? 50 millionni canbacrl abs have endescdeond australia. wh gich,iv wenhat i know about aulistraa,s ia lot of canlniba crabs? ( laug )hter very c fewanbanil crabs? an pcterfe aunmot of cannibal abs?au stliraa is terrifying. erthe are so manabs,y cr ty'heve tually shut wndo roa.ds let's see. holy cesrabft r foa limited time at red lob!ster la( ughter )no w, k inow you havee som questions, l"aike hhh!hh"
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an"cd raaabs!" buth cisrowd of crabs is ecperftlnoy rmal. th'reye heading to o thecean to ma a sndpawn. butht e crabs' canl nibaside s comeouwht en babies reinturng fr tomheir first o mceanigtiraor e tefeasd bony adults as part of theirie dt. oh, so's, it aor fm of birthco h whicmas kesense. if you're a ucrabsi tnghosecl awtos put on a co indoms pr aettywkrdwa. "hg , ondian"e. ( plapause ) ths ere'on olyne solution forth isri csis: the ausiatraln rai force netoeds cpeart bomb e thescrs abwith old bay seasonind g andr mope in therewi th s aupersoaker ldoade with drawnte butr, b aib, and ai nyam hmer. thoaat rd llwi be clean bymo nd.ay ( plapause ) wee 'vgot a great fshoworou y tot.nigh uemy gsts ikevin hart. buwh wene come back,
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it "anmewhile." it's "meanwh"ile. ♪ ♪ ( plapause ) on]
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♪ ♪ ( appl )ause >>te sphen: happy ayfrid. joban tiste and stumay han, everybody! ch ( ee arsnd applause ) hay idfray, jon. on>> j: pphay friday!ha ppfry iday. velo you all outre the. te>> sph: enjon, i'll tell u-- ch( eers and appe laus). >> jon: yloveoull a. te>> sph: enthanks, every.ybodpl ea, sehave a seat. jou n yokn wowho is hereto nit,gh the one, thlye on themu ltalitented, the dicynam modyna hseimlf, mr. kevirtn ha iser he. >>onli: ving legend. stephen: biarg st. thatn 's ahonest to hugod ge .star >> jon: does suptand in stadiums s>>tephen: 55,000 people.>> j: onby yourself taon sge. >> stephthen: ats imore thanth
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is. au( lghr te ). >> jon: buewt vierats heme,th we havewe vierats home. >> senteph: hweave viewers at meho. thatru's te. we have ice this much. lkfos, you know eni spd loa t of tiigme rhtve or there, tenyderl clipping tewhe nsit,es most agfrrant tea-leadsf bu othf e day, gingelarly yi tnghem to dry by theht lig othf e rosy-find gereda,wn instakingly pisteenghe tm to petirfeconn ithe most topical of freatsh werat ghered from the nation'ss newrervseoir, before ceremoniouslrvy seintog you the anoxanidt-rich elixir of spoke tea shhaan tt misy nighmotly noguloe. but tisomeme ss,ometimes, after bender on abhesint and mountain dodew ce d,re i sweat mylfse awake hoverveed or vaa t of berlistinseg wer runoff. i add heto t ggluring pot of nightmareste whavethr e voices demand: sc orapsf t wetrashcan leucane d band-aids tfromhe communitoly po. then, usin og anldym g sock i found at h theobenok y.m.c.a., i strain it inall to d aisused
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gasoline cteanisr otoffer you the scngaldi-h dotemented demon tonic of news that is my segmt:en "mewhanile!" ( eechrs and appla)use this r hightere. it g'soing to be 'soi gng to be anilwhe, on saturdmiay, chanig coach h"jimarugbah's pants ught fire du tringhe michigan-pstenn atgae me."ha pps enall too often. that's t whyhealy ways have to beea rdy to put thace coheous tp pantrely, harbaughod sto too cle osto a space hr,eate wchhi caused tirhe fe,nd a he debescrid e thmomen nt ian interview. all of the sudden, endayl baldsawin id"c, oach, your pants onare" i and go"h, uh?" ug( laht )er our pants arone fire." i loowok dn d anoh, my gosh, mya ntars e on fire. soma ade little coac phingoint to daybalen ldn:wi if somebody'n fe,ir man, like, ,"hey coh!"
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>> stephnoen: w,o tbe fair, at college falootbl aypler isn'int beg idpa to be a fima..n. or ftbooall player. ( plapause ) mewhe,il a bunch of lepeop just rode ho trseso mca donald's dre-ruth. h,"yea il 'ltake a numbeurr fo wi sth ama clloke and 1,500 of ose little alepp slices." ( laughter ) the hrideapneped in cyayberja, c aity in western mays, iaknown as the couns try'veiorsn of silicon vaeyll. noso, mteatr what count u'yore in, silicalon vlebry os are ( laughter ) anwhile, theng you he avstruck aiagn, because "z gen hasde cledar blond hair as 'cheugy.'" and a-listers asuchs gigi hadid, fncloree ghpu, and hailey ebbier have ditcthhed eir stw-racolored 'dos g andone brunette. anthd ey look pretooty cl indog
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.it obut,f urcose, true genty z sle icons werene bruttale l along ( cheers and auspplae ) ear catch rimy dp,am f! i'a m bop, t.b.h! la( ughter ) and does tarhe cpemat tch the apes? la ( ugerht ) nobody wano ts tkn.owi wot n'tell you. meanwhile-ey- th'rhae rd wood flrs. meanwhile-- ap( plause )be lod-ve- ap ( plseau ) wh iats wrong with? you u yosaid you wantoted bine co me.dyme anilwhe, beloved cmeast mber from "the of,"fice b. .jnovak,ha s faa ce. ther ie its. wellw , noth fatace is on oducts world, wideanhed 's not wsurehy.
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pelete saling celebrs'itie faces tol selstf ufis very common. and ths is itr.ue a few s yearag ao,n iraniancl otnghi company use id mymage to sell s.suit i veshr ould've donet thast ocphk oto gig in tn,ehra b iut was yoanung d nghury, and theypa idn ipistachios. bub.t j.'s is beinedg us tpuo sh all s kindofei wrd s, tufflike this lofine uguruayan flag face inpat, these elec ctrirarszo, and these euanrope ke-nelength pn.chos ( laughter ) ( applause ) , welli llwi say this: "" kneeis thrfe peeclet ngth for pon:chos not too , longnotot o short, t buyou still feikel le u'yore aring a hot, g wetargeba bag. and yo nu'llote icit'she t same otpho of novak ol n althees prucodts. at's becausepa, aprelynt, soonupe loaded it toeb a wsite where itam bece rtpa of the puicom dain. d anit's the intt,erne sito spadre out of control. rmnoally, an imaoege dsn e'tnter puicom dain for 120 s.year that's why, 02in 20,he t hottest oduct was thg e bibill mcnlkiey air fryer.
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( laughter ) so goon d, aancharist will assassinyoate u r foit!we 'lbel right back kwithevin hart. ♪ ♪ pl( apau )se [upbeat stacouic micus throughout] [u pbeat acoustic m usic thugrohout]
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>>ph steenth: ere you go. ap ( plseau ) wee lcomba, ckeverybody. ladies andtl genem, enfolks, myu estot night is an r actoand codi wanho's conquered everythingm froanatimed movies todi staumou trs. owhe n srsta in the netflix series, "tstrue or"y. eaplse welcome btoack "e thlate show," k hevinart. ( chee arsnd applause ♪ ♪ ♪ >> t yhankouth, ank you! thanu.k yo muchre appciedat.
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muppch areatcied. chrsee and applause ) thanu.k yo wow. it feels-- ita got bhoe nest, man. thatls fee sgoo od. it f..eels. doi n't even think you gunoys kw w homuch you just ma msme ile. itee's bn lsoong since i'adve h the audienceer intaconti, and sjusteeg inpeople againei, seng their faceans, m. it's special. cheers and auspplae ). very spe.cial yeah. te>> sph: enit's like sneomeo turns on an coair ndioitner in lyourifwhe en you hear that om a crowd. thk anyou for beierng he. >> thank you. stephen: you're a dbiamn g star. >>arrin ght i am. >> stephen: veyou' enbe doing-u'- yoveee bn doing all thshe ows. an'vd wee adgl to be on th vacalcade. vei ha taso k yoa u question. at are the cidov precautions you run aintot e thdifferent placoues y gtoo ? we to ry tbeaf se here. how do c youomrepa our protoco otother places?
12:06 am
right now in 'm oa ompro ur, and the incrazesiss eiseng how every ibodys different. wei nt to "the t sodayho"w. wthatashe t first one. thasat w le ikgoing to-- wishat alit cled? jailah, ye, ahye. ( laughter ). >> stephthen: eycr sub you wdownheyon u come in. >>t iwas tough. at one p ioint aedsk them, "you aldil d know i wasin comg, ri"ght? fingerpr.ints i'm talk a pk ricoflo bod. mei an they put (some beple ) on my face i and d'ton know what it is. th saypred me. thand eyhi tnk i don't know. i saidha, "wt tishat? was it raid?" doi n't know whaatt th w.asi godot ne there, anend th i enar't to the otonher e s-wa- i went to go del"kly and ryan," and, youw, kno tt haone is crazy beusthe ey're livingie a l there. backstage, , wellbastckage 'rtheye l altalking to ybuou, t when we got onout t shetage, anth aeyct like theyer nev taedo tyou back there. ey say,s, weon d't shake hands." i id"w, e just huggn ed ithe
12:07 am
."back >> stephen: jthatust made .news that just maewde ns ghrit now. that wn as aexusclive. that w "as ala stehow" exivcluse. >>he ty know i'm c erazynohug anca tllhem all out t.on ii get it. t i geit. evyberody is tryin fg toige urit out. and they're ngtryi tfio gure out the best t wayo t geback to the rld of erare e some hyperitsensive nsteion in how t io dot dan ogress. but i'ven beetrelaving and, you know's, it wrdei because fferent plac- es -so pmelaces dndi't even knowt thaweer we in nda paem.ic was in -- stephen: i inwas sthou carolina. i knowct exalyha wt you mean. i>> went to wic, hitaani d was talking toeb somod ay,nd i was li, t'"is cr tazy,he whole paicndem." and he saiwhd, "at's that?" d i said, "ilit's ke w ahole thing." d he said, "oget !ut t!" hed tolme to get. so ppleoe don't evenw kno what'sng goi o an,nd some do. ev ienn californiaey, th're geinttg back to itwl sloy. buast a person th tathrives off of beingun arod oppele and crdsow, it's just tgoodo ese
12:08 am
faces, it's tgoodo e sethat en.ergyan d hoi pe we're get ctinglorse back te o thwa oysf norm. ouof crs se,afety first, but this juselt fes odgo. >> stephenu : yogotht e kids faatscinedwe, got the pills ngcomi. , i understaound y got-- u've been inrvteiewing peopl uryoself. es>> y. >>te sphen: you'ven bee dabblin ng ithine terview game yolfurse othn e show "hart to rt" on peacock. anund i detarsnd you offer people a d.rink io. d >> ste: phenani d want tedokn owf iyou would lineke o? i understaound y'ra e fan of tequila. >> you have iltequa r fome ( bell ) >> stephenli: a tt ilece? >> i'll wtakehaveter you giveme . right there. >> stephheen: ree wgo. >> i'll bees hont. you guys aayre w too comfblortae. >> stephen'l: wel sterilize it. >> i jusw t saste evput his hand on the ice. he put hisd hanony mice. ayok. let'.s go th iiss great, man s>>tephfaen: nttiasc. >> tu-o yo- w hoabout this?to y?ou >>te sphen: i'm doiting . >> i'm sayleing t'tos ast to you
12:09 am
righw.t no >>teenph: you're thest gue. we hav te tooa--st you want a li ottlef isth action? >>givet ito me. i'll take it. >> senteph: epke away the scurvy. hoch batch elof dtaig rht there. te>> sph: ento-- from one talk showt hostono ather talk hoeho sthe, re's to guess ts agood kevin eryoe u go. >>ha ynkou, sir. ( plapause ) ( cheers appnd ala)use now, we haveta to ke q auick br beak,uton d't go away. l we'lbeig rht back with more vin hart, evoderyby. pl( apau )se ♪ ♪ ♪ erlung oesn a lcvoano, and gettine g thbe wstorko ofou yr li ifes for gamer s?nerd come on su fi nd yourhr ythm. sie.yo hurappy p.lace and gettine g thbe wstorko ofou yr li ifes for gamer s?nerd
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apauplse ). te>> sph: enhey, everybody, 'rwee back here kwithev hinart. right there. kevin, ita got a yskou a questiboon autou yr friend dwneoh jnson. >>ur se. it'sng goi tgeo t very honest. ( laughter ). >> ste: phenweal tked about this week,ma he deom se news th wk eeby saying the at hhas a habit ofin peeg ain water bottle whiles he'woinrkg out. ka>> oy. >>ph steenwe: re you aware of is? haouve y sn eethis nap your workouts wmrith . aydwne johnson? >>t'nos t news to me. he has sme llledikure ine for years. te>> sph: encan you talk to him? it makes no e senstoe. m >> at rta ceaipon int you know when a perhason s pra oblem. he'sli deangit wh something >> ste: phensohi ts isco mpsaenting. ea>> yh,he tre were time ts onhe set when i l wasik "e,should we
12:15 am
say someth"ing? anshde was like, " bhe'sig." ju l iett happen. just i lett pphaen, man. stephen: spngeaki of big. the u yoare on "men'urs jonal" with your tymigh bepics. right e.ther you're kind dofoing this thing, ghthou. yorein kd of doing tishe ft thing undethrnea t bheicep. >> actua tlly,hishs irt here i d hatrouble put itingt .on s>>tephen: you veha always en fit. w hoold are you ?here 1>>3, 13 years thold ere. >> stephthen: eryoe u go.>> tt'has right. .>> stn:ephe rhtig there. y>>eah, it just r gotat "edr," dndi't it, ladies. it got redat "r." .s >> steph: enas a teenager wearing a dospee, d dithat help our hurtr youlo lveife. >> that saonys cfintde. there's innothg remo confidentth an y aoung black kn id ia speedo. byhe t way, you guys probably thk atth was with mym swi noth, atas w on my classp. tri ( laughter )
12:16 am
melet tl elyou-- let mel tel you-- let elme tl u yohow bad th is. goi'm intog tell you hodw ba thhois ptos. i adwe h ala css trip-- i twento ge worgeasnghiton high school. i i was heon t sm witeam. at's the norm. tharese e e thtrunks you wear. evguery y iisn a speedo. woarmen e tinapered suits. i nodid t owkn the world oef th otswher imor wld. i nodid t owkn the long swim trunksst exi. i went te o thtr, ipmy georgewa shgtinon high school. and we getth in e olpo, and i sa i s'mo happy i brt oughmy trunks. and i ghbrout smypeedos. t'les go! i and geout t there-- ithe's t fitirst me h ieard a group, say "what thble ( ee) p do you have on?" i've never--th at e mesa time--t t sheame time. d i was like ( laughter ) ( auapplse ) i lwsike-- i reme, mbergog,in "what yoare urll a speedos at?" nobolsdy ee d haon speedos.
12:17 am
'sthat mcly ass trip. 'sthat are gat picture. >>ph steentw: o years ago, when you wer--e on auactlly three,rs yea a, gosince then, you-- you iweren sea rious carc cintde. >> yess., ye >> ste: phenanrey sidual or e aryou feeling t righasai rn? >> nano, m, m i'great. bai'm cko t100%. ryve lucky to bere whe im. a of couthrse e prapeciation forli feoe gs up 1,000% ywhenou have aypny te aofccident that, you kncoow, ulhad ve caused rminal harm,e liktohe wre it didn'te havtoe bwhat it isno w. >> stephend : ani deunrstand itad me you rethinurk yo work-life bae.lanc >> abseloluty. >> ste: phenbuitt 's been a lecoup oyef ars. how do k youeethp at-- how do you ykeepoumir nd fedocus wrehe it shod ulbe? >> i htoave bhoe nest with you. it's likoue, y kw,no right now,h iss iwhen the batsttle ar,ts right? beuscae after my aenccidt,f oof cose w ias shut down i and was d teafr that the pandemic. and yo lu'reoongki tail course lmof aostwt o and a halfrs yea whe eri've been home. thfos cuon my family a was priority. that ustnderanngdi-- absolutely,
12:18 am
that's mbyy ba. th'sat my tribe, right the.reth e rtha household. thhae rt household pl( apau )se so, you knowth, i infok r me, the thins,g wa i s'much a woahrkolic. i get 1, t000%o cmyraft, to my business. d anit was underdistanngha tt i'm not himatcngha tt energy at meho. w do i-- howi do gi tvehat en aergyndak me sure that thatis gngoi into them f, irstand enhe t work second? i dowas initg reverse. i was doiting wk orfirst, famiecly sond. and i thin tk itak aes lot to check your, selftond uerstand whe u'yore walking w, rongand where you'akre tinstg heaps aret n'correct step nsoow that 'rwee getting back into the s owingf inthgs and i'm ba ackt work, it's m theenlta of, okalay, l ghrit, we're back int.yo u' hreustling again. but we shuwnt do f aor week, let's go hanome d t'les chill. you've been t,at i make sure you two weeks aifnd we,id ks, and yo pu'reriitorizing. so i think w nowhei'n m able to
12:19 am
ma tseho bigger moveds an biergg decisions, jit'sust making them lfeelikae prtyiori. not that ien hav'bet fore. the pandemijuc i stea rlized that i coulde havdo mneore and miedss a lot. i've never bhoeen meor f that long. cas aom, icyou're gone yever d i s wagone near every weekend for ea20 yrsf omy life. so when you toget s weehat happen ss onatdaurys and sundays consistentlye , thsme ilchanges. thare het atbes a littledi ffenert. and you want n andeefod r thelo veha tt comes with- un- unconditionaedl feba ockf just u when your .time it's nngothi n'i dot edne anything else. just want yoimur te. ( auapplse ) that's what i took from that.>> sphteen: we have akto te another break. wel rbeight back wiorth me vin rtha, evyberody. ( apseplau ). ♪ ♪ ♪
12:20 am
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ex pecerien the power ofct sanuary t atheco linln wish list e erthe's this feelingchas we e. vent. ex pecerien the power like someoneed t upphe .. brightness on entithe reor wld.
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likeou yr body is super-ged,char bu t your mind is super calm. fiteels l20/2ike 0 vision for your w beiholeng. anwed 'll chase this fng,eeli tiunl we can feel it... onore.e. m feel the hydrow ghhi. ( applause ). stephen: hevey, erydybo. wee 'rback here wiheth t one, onthe lyr. m kevin hart. noouw, y'ra e billsy guy, std-anup, films, pstodca, mega sh, owinterview shows. noyow u're in a crthime rierll ries on netflix. >> yes. >>te sphen: calledue "tr
12:25 am
story." >>es. >> stephwhen: at'st iabout?>> "uetr story," "trtoue sryis" me tinakg a step-- yanou wt a drink?i' llri dnk. >>teenph: i figured uli wod drwhink ilyoe u're talking. >> " strueto" ryis me ngtaki abi gg sertep in the w oorldf dra amand thriller. in my careveer eryinthg is tht oughout. everythis ng icaullcated.i ba sbytepped my aucedien, my fan baseti getnger he."u pse"id was my firsept st."f atrhheood" was a br iggest.ep"t ruste ory" is crazaze crier wiand ld.eran d e threason i wantoted do ithis'mt aa point wherwae i nt to s thakehis ngup. i nto tdo things that i han'dot ne, and i wao nt ttake audience onhi a wrlndwi and brthing emac bk to what they owkn me for, andn theta tkehem on anothneer o. i'm in con otrolf cmyareer. i produce,te wri, d ancreate my owprecojts.>> sphteen: there's omno cedy in this. >>he'sre no comedy al.t al 's dark. iter's vy rkda. >> ste: phenwhisy it dark?
12:26 am
>> as tta maerf ofact, i should st tkialng personal iand shldo gdark. this projecton is e... lahtuger )th isro pject is one ithat tkoo onecseau i just feltre the was dea si omef that neededbe to shown. ini thk awell battle with thgsan, d i think ththe ings we be attlwi, thsometimes we ha ave tough time etof lting the osthings out. wthisasy mway of lettihong tse gsthin o autnd putting tonhem display. stephen: so d youon k'tnow at the show bois aut. o,>> n io dn't. i don't. i don't. i don't. but it h-as - >> steenph: are there muerrders? ea>> yh,he tre are a lot of rders. actually devedelop t shehow by llcaing eric new wman,hos ithe crea wtor,rir tebehind "narcos," d i called hanim, d sai id, , "heyi ntwa to kill somy.ebod" ( laughter ) and i ded cidei ntwa to kill somebody. anhed was like, "wayou nte mto help?"i sa, idno. atth's your pers bonalusesins. i twanto ado tv show based arndou that. and we dopeveledt, i man. and amit ce t ougreat. weand sureced amazing tt.alen
12:27 am
sley snipes y is mcoarst. hela pys my brother. heri bngs credibiltoity the project. biy neza is another. >> stephween: he ava clip of yoanu d i think we ssleynis peis in it, y kounow what's g ooingn here? >>f urcose i know what is going on.>> sphteen: does it need tting up?>> ian c set it up. ( laughter ) rue story," t righno kw,evin rtha, weeysl snis,pe playing sketball.>> sphteen: jim. >>ea yh, here it c.omes >> stiutll o here on thest reet hs,uh? >> what you indog out rehe?>> what do you mn eawhat am i doouing t he?re i'm from here. this i ss mytompg inground. you all knowt, tha don y'tou. this is itmy cy. >> this is yr oucity. .>> s,ye absolutely thismy is city. >> tishis crazy. >> hey, where wau s yoat last nighmet and kim stomed hein t old neighohborod. put my s ttoryogether. followe. m co omen. >> hyoey, u all paking pics?
12:28 am
take a pictuitre wh us. >> make ysureou pt osit, outhgh. >> i g iott. >> as a matter of fact, tag me and i' rllepost it. intalkg toou y? where are oiwe gng? we're mo?ving >> wow, wow. ( applseau ) woo. wow. >>ph steenbe: fore we go i ha tveo ask you a kquic estion. i veha hea yrdou say that your goal-- you wtoant bae biioirnae. >> oy.ka >> ste: phensof ithatth is e case, if you be ecoma biiollnaire, what bwille uryo llbiionaire quir meso people-- soreme a gngoi to spe. e aryou going toce spa? are goyou intog drill to the center of the h?eart what y areouoi gng to do? en people be bcomeilonliaires they becomale rely b (leep ) >> those arete whi ( laur ghte ) ap ( plseau ) ♪ ♪ ye, mei an -- >> ste: phenyoreu' goi tngo be lmoreikope rah. yoju bstecome super ?nice >> i will-- lli wi--ri befly i pwillutt iin context, .okay
12:29 am
rethe as bonehind the naivrrate me wanting ecto bomae billionairt'e, is t noabout thei naiancl side. 's about thery sto a mndeaning ofow h. e wheri meco from, i'm notsu ppedos to be wherem. i a i'm supposedbe to ata stistic. erthe are young tkidshalot ok mlikee o whgrew up in an enroennmt where thisal is l it's suppotosed be. cif iano gback and shahoke tse ki' dshan tdshatht e drm eacan bemeco a reality, inthe itteia and i havera narti bveehind it, owhatpptuornities will get tecread f ofof my dream mibecong reality? 'sthat wt hait is. it a'snother form otof mivioatn inand spatirion. nit'sotbo aut the tag. itbo's authe t title that's attached to it. whercoe i mero fm, it doesn' pphaen. so if itpe hapnsho, ly ( bleep ). dr aeamsreea rl. guyoys, u n cado it, too. we can make it. d do not letbo anydyel tl you differy.entl i'vim lingro pof that it c pphaen. >>ph steenth: at's a better rocket. ken,vi thank you scho mu for being here.>> iov le you, man. thyoank u msouch.
12:30 am
>>ph steen"t: rue story" iepremrewes dnesday on nixetfl. vin hart, evoderyby. we'l rl beig bhtack with a peorrfmance with rt oberpltan and onalis kusras. ♪ ♪ ( apseplau ) if you g smellas yo,u're too close. ave lethe structure,all c911,e ep people away, ancalld pg&e right af ter soe ca wn both respond out and ep tkehe plic ubsafe
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if yeeou s wesir down, ea trt emth all as if they're hot and ener st ay away from any downed wire, c91all 1, caand ll pg&e right after e so wcan both respoutno ke and ep p theublic safe. >>teenph: their alburam, "ise thro,"of came out today. performing "t can'legot ," rortla pnt and alisoaun krss. ( chrsee andpp alaus e)
12:34 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ told byou,aby one moree tim ♪ don m'take me sit l alone and cry well, it's over i know itt bu ♪ i canet't l go i'm likeis a fh t ouof water a♪ cat in a tree u yodon'ent ev wtan ♪ to ttalko me well's, it o iver, kw noit ♪ b cut ian l'tet go wheon't take me back ♪ when mei co aunrod says he'rrs soy enth ♪e llpus me out i t goa big chain ♪ around ecmy nk i'and m okbren down like a traiecn wrk well, it's over, i kitnow ♪ut b i can't let go i see goa t candle ♪ and it s burnsori bght in my windowry eve nhtig ♪ wel il,t's over, i iknowt bui n'cat let go ♪you don'ket li tseo e me stdianng aunrod ♪l feeli ike been shotan d dii dn't fall down ♪ well,s it'ov, eri know it but cai n't golet
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♪ he t won'ta mkee back wh ien comoue arnd ♪ says heor's sryhe tnhe plsul me out ♪ i got a big chain ound my neck and i'm brodoken wn li tke ara winreck ♪l, wel is t'over, i know it but i can't let go ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪urofn f the troubl keli you turn oflif a ght ♪ went off leand fte m it jaiust n'rit ght el♪ wl,t' is over i know it t i can't legot ♪rod unevery corner sothmeing i see brings me r bightack w hoit used to be ♪el wl, it's overkn, i owt i t i can't let go ♪ hn'e wot take me back when i comoue arnd ♪ says heor's sryhe tn he pule ls mout i got a bigin cha
12:36 am
aroundne my ck ♪ and iro'm bkedon wn likera a tinre wck♪ wl,el it'ovs er, i know it but i c'tan leto g ♪ he n'wot take me back ewhn i acomerodun ♪ say'ss he sryor then ulhe plse mout ♪ot i g aig b chain ndarou mney ck ♪ a'mnd i bkeron down like a tinra wreck el♪ wl,t' is over, i iknowt bucat i n't let go ♪s it'ov, eri know itbu t cai n't let go ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's erov, i know it t bui can't let ♪go ♪s it'ov, eri know it t bui can't let ♪go ♪ ♪
12:37 am
♪ ♪ ( cheers a andppuslae ) >> stephenec: chk t ouanother perfore mancfr tomhem on robert plandnt a asolin krauss, everybody. that's it foher "t le atshow." tune in neeext wk enwh i'll be joined by ewandr gfiareld, lady gagad , anch jefose andres. go nodight. conaptiinspg onsored by cbs c apontied by media accesous grp watgbh ca ptioning spoednsor bcby s ♪ t lheate late shoh,w, o oh lathe te late show ♪oo w! e thlatee latshow, oh, oh ♪ the late late swho ohoh,


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