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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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wi th deals lik e ol14 dla orsff your turkey. > >>breaking news, high end ayfrid nhtig heist. watch as a bay arealouis vutoitn store was hit. >> > top to vw ieafter rainy weather. t geready for big changes, we ha yr ou weekenred foca. st >> atwh do you inthk of this we lcinomg? >> noalrm for my fami. ly [ laug ]hter >> bay area rpaiorts veha t no en ts hi bu isyn two years. a l locacounmmity without reliable war d anconcern thatwh at esdo come out ofth e tap onis ctanamited. > >>i n'dot k thinanybody s feel really sa. >>t iis uaunusl. it has been baa d situation. >> toni ght,wa ituntil u yosee
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what we discovered when we wentdigging for eransws. go odeveng ini'm alan martin. >> i'm elizetabh cook. les t'get right to that kibreangew ns. smash and gr abiethves llpu f a ishet at the luouis vuitton orste. this comes days after th ey cld eaneoua t amdiond store. >>th e first crew on the e sceno kenny? an active scene with a heavy police presence. ey stare ill secharing for suecspts in the area. take a oklo behind me you can see the doors and the windofows that s torehesmasd. s glasliertting the desiwalk veseral streets surrndouing union sqreua blocked off and l stilare. accordg into that. turned ina to bbroery afr te 008: p. .m spoke to a tnwiess who said th more than a zedon people can be seen nnruing out of the ste,or clinging to meharcndise and
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ulhaing as much as th ey could. at one point, offirsce d coulbe seen suourrnding a gray convtierble mustanthg wi one pa tr olcar kiblocng it. veseral offi cerstaking their batons to smh t outhe windows. e person inside of that car tohad be taken to the hoitspal. kpix5 captured video of the police detainine g onpe rsonat e th sce. sfpd, muleltip susp ects arrested. th ere have beena number of hi d en heists allerov t hebay eaar. includinung ion square. hahit rd several times since last year. back t ouhere live, you can see thatgray anmustg ghrit near e thstore. the police offirsce and investigators ill ousurrndg inthat car. searching that ca r atisth hour. the cepoli are respdionng to heotr stores in the area atth alavso he been vaizndaled. is is san inongog inveatstigio n. as you can see, hey avpoceli presence rehe
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tonigh ut inni sonquare. >>did you say 12 people ran out of e th store? >>reporter: according to a witness thati spoke to shortly after i riarved she said she saw at t leas12, perhaps more. at is what we are heg arin from witnesses t ouhere at e thscen e. >>ll ghrit, let emth sort it l alout, nnkey, thanks. >>ba> y area airports have not been this busy scein the ndpaemic began. oppele t gean early star t to r thei anksnggivi tveral. itis stju a sliv erof the hetravy afc fi expectneed xt ekwe. we go to oakland international with how travs elerare vinagangti covid- 19nd a the lihodays. eaandr? >> reporte r: liz i sptooke apait rporspesokperson. shsays 36 -- rpaiort spokesperson e sh says36,0eo00 pplcae me in and ouoft th is rpaior t. itis not anprepdec mibut it is close. reporter: from the line of cars outside, the rmteinal tobaggage cl aim,the
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airpt orhas not looko ed s liven ly itwo years. lee thompson welcoming her son o mero fm iowa >>what do you think of this welcoming? >> pretty rmnoal for my fy.amil [ laerught ] >> reerport: ilwhe friday is the busiest y dasie ncthe ndpaemic started >>honestly neourvs to iben the ait.rpor lot of oppele. >> porerter: 17000,0 avelers are ctexpeed to come ugthroh kloaand inrnteational airpt orfrom wedadnesy rothugh sunday. twe as many mpcoar edto thgianksvi ng weekenstd la yr.ea >> ingettg ckba to alnorm at le astht e new rmal. >> reerport: the new noalrm requires pngasseers to wear mask ms,any travelers say vaccinioatns helped them feel more at ease with flying and seeing velod ones again. >>es pecially nowadays wi,tthhinge s ar g.goin you want to make . sure you spend as much time as you n cawith lepeop. >> amazing.
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i love these two people so much d anmy heotr mom is stinayg at home rit gh now. is just niceo tbeba ck. a lilett reunion. >> u yontmeiod nee therare twice as many eltraverhos w does it coarmpe to pre-ndpaemic lsleve? >> >>or repte r:the airport spesokperson says yoif u oklo at e thnuermb ofseats hedule todaoky los keli it is going to be 80% of e-prpaicndem lelevs. it is geg ttinup there but not there yet.>> 80%, that is impressive anthk you. >>no w,les t'bring in our iechf meteogoroliswit th a rsfit look at the lihoday refoca. st >> the hour byhour fostreca, t'les give a shot. looking eaahd to thankinsgivg onhu trsday. thatweher nwillot causy e an problems if you are going to be travinelg calol w loor throutugho e thstate. teatmperur iesn the 40s. a little olcoer if you are doing one of e thturkeyts tro fobere you
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make up for the burned caloesri later on. teermpatures ndarou 60 on the t,coas lerow 60s on the bay for ghhi teatmperur iesnto th angiksving into the mi ddle 60s inland. let's t noget too far ahead of oursel ves, we arejust gettining to the enweekd. prteotesrs march inside oakland llcainthg e kyle rittenhouse acquittal an injustice anand otr heexe amplhow the cijudialys stem is broken. >> ouabt 100 peopatle ghed reat the plaza. ma detheir way to the deferal cothurouse a few bloc ksaw ayin a peaceful mah.rc thervee ha enbe no reports of operty damager ounrest. a ju ryfound ttrienushoe t no guty on all fifeve lo cnyharges inclinudg intentional hodemici. last year he shot and llki two people at a pr otest in kea,nosh wiscsionn, over the shooting of a black man by a e whitpolice
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officer. ri tthoenuse is now back home a free. man ghtonit, milpitas lipoce had a ooutto. leava ing suspect dead. reinleasg dybo camera footage ofwhat ha ppened. >> gun, gu n,gun, gun >> [gunfire >> otshs fire d,shots fired. >>the ooshting happ enedat a opshping ercent. 42-year-olchd miael nelson was exg itina stenol car when a detective ened fire on him. nelson turerned fire and was kiedll. the po liceinitially clm aithat nels on arteshd ooti fngirst. > >>stileal ahd tonight. a small bay ar eacommunity thout reli wableat aernd nccoern about contamination. turns out the atste agency that overesse the r watecoanmpy has had enough >> i don't think anybody feel really fesa. >> unl.usua this is a particularlyba d
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tuation. >> getting her hands on the inspection report and tishat not all atth fowas un d. sana poised to launch an rteffo to raunvel the mystieers of our universe. [laughing anind talkg] at kaiser rmanpeente, your entire car ie teams nneccoted, so eveutn a roinappoe intment ca yn saveoulifer . an d i see you'refo due r mamma ogram. should we leschedu i a len ader ithe prevention, rly eadeteion ctand treatmentc ofanr.
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>>op> peleli ving in a small commituny in thnte saa cruz mountains are coerned they e ar being poexsed to continamated kidrinngwa ter. now the atste is voinlved. last t nighwe to ldu yot abou big siban war mpcoany and claims that the ownersil faed to red spontohe t customer's pleao r lphe. we ovdiscer eda hero y mabe coming to the rescue of the siredents in boulder creek. >> i don't think ybanody feels real ly safe.
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ep>> rorr:te daniela is amg onthe 0 50resides ntin ulboder eecrk under the g ban siwater coy.mpan shrefuses to drink or use tap wa ter. >> it has wacoter ndioitner. >> report er: wioutht r he ltfiration emsyst that cost he $3,000. >> chi anged the filters on they st. em they look horrible. one of fithe lts erwere blac k. >> report: er shise not e th lyon one. the parks a few s doordown inald lea filtra stionysm.te >> we e arcoreved even if there is aboil water noticet bufor e th jomarity of lepeop around rehe don't have atth. >> rtrepoer: for e thlast year g bibasin r watecompany customerpes exriceend repe atedwar teoutages, the stsyem is so unreliable that the parks say they fill their bath thwi tewar tsohey n causflh the toilet r fothe next ougeta. at rrwoies th emthe most, is the delay ofei ngnotified eyth need to bo water once
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rvseicree turns. th claim at times the r wateco mpy andoes not althert emfo r more than 24 hours and they say ctheyan never get ahold of yoanneit wh answers despite e thowner just livi ng two mis le awayomfr them. >>transpcyaren d an accountatybili a rekey in, anyin lots of things but ciespeal ilyn something that is a necessity of life. >> it is unusual. a paicrtularly bad situation. >> reporte r: t heatste water boards division of drkiinng water tells kpix5 it found deficien ciesin big tewar system in 2018 ridung sanitary sus rvey including urfaile to idprove a lireable lysupp of port able war teand a deront prm oble thatthe company tried o rolesve byepkeing cats in the struurcte. the updates we reestitemad at $3ilonli. the state just recently became aware of thene ormity of the suises wh upitmoore's lack of
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communicn atiodungri tinofication del ays. the enagcy admits enev they can'get t ahd olof moore atim tes. >>om setimes water syemsts do nodot a t greajob at communioicatn and sotimemes isit difficult enev r fous to get olahd of them within that time frame. that is certaiy nlthe case with big siban. >> the stathae s had enou. gh appi ngthe company thwi a fine of $2001,0 ju ast w feekwes >> enwh the watesyr st em poedrtly fails do the inthg that we veha directed them to do wh enth ey reedportlyfa iled to communicatlle we thwi ousr with thcueir steroms, we ha veto explore tions. >> amg onthe state's dictreives is repairing part of e thtewar comps any'inasfrtructure th at burned down ridung last year'spl comexfi re. nopwt tk-t flfor moore tokeep upit wh e th dendmas for upgradanes d
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maintee.nanc they bee lievit is cainusg the e ce ontut ages >>they don't have ouengh revenue, they are not large ouengh tokind of insulate themselves om aevn ent like the fires. >>ep rorter: now, big siban water company may have a lifeline. we ecappria teyour idconserioatn of explinorg it further >>reporter: omfr the water dist. rict in the district's public meg etineaierlr is month the board voted anunimously to nscoider consatolidinwig th big basin wacoter >> i want to regncoize and acknowledge the mo or fesor making th isrequest. th isis, u yoknow, their life endeavor. th>> e county or ste athas no reonbisility in the rgmeer, bo sthaid eyth wod ul lp the rtpaies lookfor final nciahe lpincluding grant money to make it happen. stepping in toma kere pairs, and correc t meifi am wrong, they e not liobgated to ma tkehe repairs,ey th are dothing is as a community
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rvice to threese sintdes? >>ye s. our viewthe tewar diristct s been acting as a odgo ngheibor and helping e wherit can. rei cogne izit isusfrtrating and scary r the folks thatlive th ere. but we are rkwoing hard on th. rertpoer: e thdistrict magenar, howe ver,tiquesons if h e state's response is helping. >> you , knowi rkwoedal ongside m moore for 40 s.year the atste is pug shinthe small agency out of besusins,so to spk.ea he is, i think he has nedo a pretty inibcredleob j over the ye ars. >> reporter:i tried to llca mr. ormoe at his war te coy mpanbut an aninswerg service thatresidents spenok to dinurg ous tage pi uckedp. >>they know nothing, the an swinerg serv ice. >> reporteri : e-ilmaed moore, thas t waremo than a ekwe ago. i am l stilwainitg on a resp. onse >> itbreaks myea hrt th at soonmee would have a baby to raise around here with thisat wer. >> porerter: many g bibasin
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water cutchells te me they want tono kw where eithr y monehas go neall of these now, they wait. pehoful for a resolution that could ta ke oscle toyetwo ar s. >> we thk inthe w laneeds to be chd.ange we think th atuty ilit ancompie ps,rivate or, notshould be held to higher sartandds. they sh. ould >> obviy ouslg bibasin is in a rld of fincl iahurt including what you iomentnethd e $21,000 fine. when is the company inneedg to y that? >>epteorr: well, alan, jimom ore may facethese s fine but e the statsa ysit will allctuay wave them if moore sends the atste s planfor coecrrtive tiacons by the end of arjanuy. again, stju anpls he does not even netoed make any upesgrad. >> let's hopeit all works out for the sidents for sure. great reinportg,th ank yo u. > paulwe, made it. it is the weekend. a lot of folks avtreling or okloing fod rwartoma ybe getting outside a ttlile bit this weenekd. >> i inthk the weather wi blle
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cooperative fo r l alof that on cewe burn off eathe rlmoy rning fog tomorrow. e last of the drizzle is congto an d. it hasbe endienng in fs itand stts. on actre precipitat ion,a coleup spots ar ou tndhe bay area. that will antrsionti to e th lollcay dense g moving into saturday rnmoing. the ne xtrain chan ceisow dn the lin ne i the fore. cast it wie ll bones tuda y. the chances are okloing more and more meager for monday ghnit and tueswiday thve ery new h batcoffo recast model data wthate do wn to a 20% chance th atmeans it isot n likely to . rain we can not completelye rulit out. e thcechans are low that we remothved e showerns ico from the sevedan-y forecast. we hope the tada inpots to a we tter direction, ntoice get to that fobere the holi day. that'll be out of the way in time fbuor sy travel days on wednesanday d thanksgiving day lfitse. looking oue tsidrit gh now. you know e thholiysda are getting e clos whheen ty rntu on the ghlitsa the the embarco.ader temperaturwhes, ere they were a few hours
11:19 pm
ago. miledd to r uppe50s. down to the lower 50s in santa rosa where you have the dense g,fo redu cingvisibilities later tonight. opdrping down mostly to the middle to up pe40r s, inland, ndarou the y baand the coast anwnd do to 40 des greein santa rosa. ch ilerli in some of the noh rt bally vaey s. high temperatures tomorrow, once the fog ce. aberage hey will warm up ar the tw o tothree grdeees. ar ou nd60 degrees r fothe coast. ddmile 60s ndarou the peninsula and middleup to pe60r s farther in. land upto 67 eedegrs insan . jose thtemperatures llwi rchea the middle s. in, landeast bay. typret chmu evneeryo twbeeen 64 d an66 degrees. lemidd 6 0sin san cifransc o. 66 in eastbay. a littlef ofe shorwind will helpthings ou t there d aneven upto ndarou 70 degrees for nohe rnsonoma county around
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ndsor. thteermpatures are t nothat mild for the big mega. the weheatr looks coopiverate for the 144tayh pling of e th l/castanford mega. ertempatesur in the at60s kickf f at 4: in the teafrnn.oo a t loof suhinsne. the sun goes down before 005:, inbrg a wet irsht or jacket to layer up when t theemrapetures start dropping. mperatures inwarmg upanother degr oeer tw the coolesyst da llwi be tuesday and wednesday. remo clouds on datuesy. i just n'dot think we will see much in the way of measleurab rainfall. we rmwa aup little bit. tempureratesre turning to most exactly atwh is normal for this timef o thare ye. late nove mberby e thend of next week. charlie? >>st> raight ahead, a reunion this weekend. jimmy ward has manage to get ofof his escht about e thman spreonsible for tidrafngim h. >> > in detroihet, t stpions, a go o ne in e thmotor city. alofl the way ttohe final
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lcweome into late night sports. a stteament to how odgo the warriors are. sting tot,nigh vegas, coarmping the roerans d still cldeared golden stafate voteris by two points. the star sitting making this one a compivetite game. an apalpe, a watch. st eph watching because hekn ew they would pi ck up the w.lo tied. nice save. gog inacross coanurt d he buesri it. goenld led by 5 at the half. 3rqutearr. one man lihighgh t. theae stl. and the slam. hegoes up with two hand ts,hey led by 13. po ol, inleadg l alscores at 32. the best player on the flr.oo tibeaufu l,crafty rersvee there to go up . eyth were cruisio ng tan syea n. there are the pistons, down 3. grant, no odgo. tipped around. onmore chance, p toof the ke y. and there is a lid on the
11:25 pm
window. lden state gets their arst some . rest ptheyull out thw.e 105-102. 3- 1. now, e maybwithout eithr star running back and star tingrug nninback, early cainditi onwas mitchell, itou wld be okay. w,no doubtful to play ndsuay teafr brngeaki h fisinger on monday it is a :0100 a.m. ki ckn osunday and reunion withth e general manager who heldthe sa me role thwi the 49ers fr om2011-20 16. defensivcke bawa rddid not like it when he would get hicoacng ti, pshe was coout nfenerced. whatever coennferceth at is in. he will loalw the tipsm fro hn lynch ho >> thatis never good, never good. m g.comedo wn th atmeans someinthg is ingog on >> he was a aypler, outhgh. th iats the diffceeren. john is a player.
11:26 pm
he haa s gold jacket. [music] th>> e sounds of e thcal band whsio vited kp tixoday to t geus ready r fo toowmorr's24 1th bimeg ga nsagait anstford. the bears d ancardinals have split their last two megsetin with the rdcainal winning the stla se as ionn berkeley. stan fordreivceer says he experienced the fuanll rge of otemions in this gameerov the last tw o years. >>i have obeenn both there is nore gat erfeeling thwian anon the flipside of atth, wnoorst feinelg than losing the axe. cal orstmed our field. the worst i ever felt afr tea loss. >>santa clara n'mes ho4-pes 0. they win big. all good news to give, that is
11:27 pm
your oklo sports. we idsa n safrscancio 5-0 last they are 4-0. now, ntcoenders in the west coast erconfen. ce there is a te amcall ednzcoaga. so. >> , yeahthat is true. >> . okay thank u,yo charlie. nasa isunaiavling a new scteleope. scnttsis say it kemas the hubb lleook like a child's toy. how it n cashed light on some ofthe ggest ermysties of the erunivse
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for sas vingof0 4to 7pe0 rcent ouon yr olwhe meal wi th deals lik e ol14 dla orsff your turkey. > >>tonight, nasa is laung chin a new telescope in searching for life on o ptherlatsne. >> s makeit lookli ke a child's toy. e thtelescope is gndesied to
11:31 pm
anersw the tiquesonar, e we alone? the tescleope they say isou abt the size of ate nn isurcot. so g bith eycan not fit ontop a ro cket fully ctinta. >> we had to gndesi it so it can be edfold up and then unfold in space. >> you edne to build one this big if you to lookat the dimm est, ieearlstga laxy. >> it will launch amonth from motorrow. l we'lbeig rht back.
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> >>e thlate sishow nt.ex >> e thwsne couentins streaming
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oncbsnbay ea. have a greatk wee capontiing onspsorebyd cbs e>>d sheeran iswn kno for pourinhig s het arout hintois cht-artopping singles. anwid th his new a, lbumshraeen has edpeal bk acthe covers to hikis nky sex lifeth, wi fsan ab tleo envisage ml entapiurctes they n mayotav he expected. he'll eve en bpeorrfming some of those t hisongs in pokonem gofo r spa ecial in-gamnce coert. ♪ ♪ ( tsungo "shape ou"f yo )


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