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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  November 19, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> we 'tdidn get the stanford ♪ ♪ captngioni snspoored by cbs 'd>> oonllne: tonight, not ilty on all tscoun. thju rryeaches a ver idictn the trial ylof ke ttrienhouse, after tmoreha24n hours of delibera.tion >> not guilty. o>>'donllne: theme otio tn inhe courtroom as the teenager who shot threoee pplate a protestin kosenha, wisconsivon, aids life in ispron and walkse. fre thretiacon tigonht. the brngeaki ns:ew the c.d.c. greelin ghts boosters lfor al adults. plus whys it'soan dgerous that egna wntomenre a stinell o of thhie ghest groups of vaunccinated amensrica. president biden's healthat upde: the prenesidt deunrgoes a ysphical, the dafoy bereis h 79th birthday, andhe t history made whe tn herafensrred power to vice prenesidt makala harris.
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>> instef ad ogeinttg basted, esthe twtuo rkeys are gegttin osted. >>on o'dne: llthe turkey pardoning ittradion. wait until you hear the names of the two luckbiy rds. thanksgivingra tvel bltroue? thw e nedeiltas onha tt porfweul orm and whatme it anfos r your holiday. a win prfor esenidt biden... >> the "build back better" bill passed. ( cheendrs a applause ) >>'dneonll: what's ie n thbill as it hea tdso the senate a forn uphillat btle? texas ca cncerluerst? wharche ildhood leuk remiaates inhi ts houston neorighbhood arnely five timee s thsteat averagnde, a wt's habeing done to t fixhero pblem? anthd "on e road," witeh th orsty of a nine-year who-old ste olthe owsh at s hisist'ser wedding. >> this ie s th"c ebsvening wsne" with norahon o'dne,ll repoinrtg from the nioatn's capital. >> oon'dnellgo: od eniveng toou r ewviers in the w aest,nd thank you foinr joinusg we're goin bg toeg winith new reaction
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tonight in the t orialf leky rittene.hous a ryju in wisconsiunn fod eth 18-yolear-d omfr illinois no ilguty on all chs.argeri tthoenuse shot andle kild otw otesters andnd woued t ahird in at ugusof02 20, and this ial has spardeked ba atecross the coy untrabt ougun rights and self-defense. ttenhouse brt ougha ausemitotimac rifle and a mel dicakitot the protest yisang that he wd antetoro ptect businessesn whevienolce eruptev erhe t police shoo otingf a blk n mawho was left rapalyzed. rienushoe's case gardnere national attonenti, vididing amicerans over whe hthere swa indog the right g thinorct aing as a recs klesvilaginte. s'cb nancy chen cohas ved rethe ial gavel toel gav a lndeads ouoff r coveragem frokeshnoa. go eniveng, nancy. >>epteorr: good eventoing you, norah.50 0 tinaonal guard ts roopreinma on sta tndbyonhtig outside the ty of kenosha. but whilere the veha been demonsiotratnsso, far, there' enbe no signs ofes unrt. w>>e, the jury,d finthe dendfeant, kyle rtenhouse,
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not gu.ilty >>ep rorter: kyle enritthoeus cried,la colpsing onto t theable aftejur rorsou fnd the 18-year- old noilt gutyn oall gechars. not guilty. >>or repte or:vercome withrce oh otemion, rittenhseou needed help getting tbacko s hichair. >> charges against the defendant on all c aountreis dmissited wh prude.ic >>ep rorter: the twaeen s cifang five felcoony un, tsincluding firsdet-gree intentional hodemici, icwhh carried a life sent.ence enritthoe'uss ateytorn, rkma riarchds, was askewd ho rittene housfe llteaving the courthouse ae freman? >> a hugnse see rofelief for wh tathe jury did imto h tayod. he wishes none of this would ha er vehappened. >> repor ater: potival point in thtre ial was the day rihottenustoe ok the stand and brokwne do dinurg questioning. >> take a deep bre kath,yle. whe en wprareped kyle, and we woedrk on his testy,imon trehe wereng this cweouldn't talk about in mofy fice because it t gotoo emotionandl, a he coul hdn'tane dlit. 's in, you k cnow,ouelnsing
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for p.t.s.d. >> rteeporr:he t trial garnered ntatteionan tionwide. esprident biden hsaide understooe d thveicrdt would lee avmany americaeens fling angry anncd coerd,ne including himself. >> well, loo ik, stand by what the hjuryason ccluded. thrye ju steysm works, and we ve tido abe ibyt.>> rorepter: the jur sy ofeven woanmen d vefi men deliberated r about 26 h.ours th beyelieved rittusenhoe's claims tt hahe aedct in lfse- fense when he killed two men and wouna ded thd irduri reunst in kenoshsta la yr.ea >> i didt n'do ainnythg onwrg. defended mysf.el during geiht ds >> reporter: during eighdat ys of testimony, prosecutors tried to ptroray rteitnhou ases an stigator, armed with an ar-15- ste apweon, who prov tokedhe shootings. o >> njuicste! o >> npee!ac >> reporteutr: osi tdehe courthouseie, frndans d family mes mberofhe t victims called e verdict un.just >> i am...rt heabrenok. >> rteeporr:us san hughes is the t-greaau ontf anthony hu tber,he cond man kilbyled rittenhouse. you think twahis s faa ir
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icverdt? >> i thinky i-- i-- i tlikeheac ft that r theimu hstave been someone fighting fs,or u bauecse it wouldnav't he ketan thhaem tt long. ep>> rorr:te as for whatex's nti tthoenuse's attornayey ss he will likely omoveutf othis arveea or fesaty concerns, and that he want bs toece oma nurse. rse. norah. >> o'donnellnc: nay chen, thkan you fol r alyo curoverage. toand nit,gh with the c.d.c. ctdireorus jt signing off on osters for adull alts, amics an18 and older n canow get that aiodditnadol se of ei ptherfir zeor moderna. mo trehan 32 millimeon arinsca have already a had bstooer shotn d w nothose numberes ar exctpeed to shoot sup a americans loo ok tbot ostheir imunheity adg ininto the holidays. we get more frnow ombs c' david begnaud. >> rteeporr:ft aer all of the mid ssmeaging on booster otshs, tonight, f.the d. aa.nd e c.d.c. areng bei vy erclear. there's no amorembuiigty. noe morpeleop going to trdy an refigu out what gocateryo di
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fit r in onot? right. >>f u'yore 18 or oldnder a you'ven beeprarimily vaccinedat, go get boo.sted repteorr: ts hat'haenpping ju asts winter-likmpe teerurates are arngrivi ithn e midwest, and withm, the aov cid surge. ur midwesteratn ste veha the highest s rateofew n covid cases. chigan is on. tophe reca, ses rose 86%pa comred to stju a week ago. michigan iw s nosengei its lat rgesinuxfl of cases since thpae ndem bicegan. dr. d davidoldnason is on th onfrt lines. >>hi ts is a perfetoct srm. this suringe, tmser of what wee eiseng and the sstres we're under,re the a sretaff shtas,ge there's low vainioatn rates in se omof the surroundintig counes. >>te reporr:atio nnwide some ofh e welost vaccinatiaton res are ng pgnreant mewon.erangnt womenn ly5% 3 of them arely ful invaccat.ed two neudw stieres veal the risk ofotet gting immunized. one shows athatmo wngomen, thei skf odeath is morane th teehr s timehiergh in covid-povesiti pregnaomnt wen. another studowy shs e thrisk of
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stillbs irthineacrsed by 90%. baerck he minichigan, mee-t 73 year-old twy hillaarlsreon. e shis fully vactecinad d angot e thbooster, butid cov nrleay killed her. ose shots, th,houg m hayave hkepterli ave. she had a kidneyns traplt,an and so shen 's omecadition thatsu ppssrees her immunste syem. >> if you're v notacnacited, ti'llelyol u flat out, aryou e fool, becaus'se it t wheorst g thinth yatou can do is o getut anred spadhi ts disease. 'sit a killing dseisea. and i've come clos ie tot, ghmity close. >>or repte or:ne more thing before w: e gothu.e s. army is rey ctorack down ondi solers wheno ar'tac vcinated. omfr now on, you't won babe le get promoteoud, y w'ton get yoonur busan, d they won'tow all yotoee rnlisunt less you get e thvaccination ouor y g tethe ptexemion. norah, it aps plietohe t naaltion grdua, too. >>on o'dne: llsignificant development. dad vibegnaud, thank you. whensi prede bntiden underwent a
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roinute medical scinreeng datoy. thwaere s hanistoric, albeiter iebrf, transfer owof perwi, th vicesi prede kntamala harris bemicong the firstan wom thoo ld tempy orarpridesential powers. cbs' n cancyors deis at the white hous uni derstand yout jusgoat read o-outf e thpresident's visit. >> rteeporr:e wdid and it'senes visit. >>ep rorter: we dind a abousit x pages long. the prest idenaparpes to have beenn seeby t aeam of specialists y todaanthd e report hilitsgh two changesth to e espridens t'heal sthinceis h la rs tt,he report no ates,s nyma servers haveat, th the prest idenhains creased increa fsingreenqucy andse vetyri of throat cinlearg dan coughi dnguring speakingen gamegents. thmecadil team concl audedcid reflux is thuse cae dan recommended he ctionnue taking an over-thune-coteacr id blkeocr. seco, ndthe report n toteshatse the idpresens t'ambulatory gate, his waislk, sfftier and less fld uithan it was ara ye osor ago. the tehaam clk tedhat up tosi
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gnicifant spinal arthritis and a foot fracturste la year, as ll as some mdyild sfctunion of e nerves in s hifeet. all tothld, e esprident spentmo re than five hourst awalter mreededical center today. for 85 minut weshile he was anstaehetized for shi conoloscop ky,amalhaa rris became the first female acting president in u.s. history. when he t goback, presidentbi deton ld us he feleat grt dan wenont to carry ouet th ittradiol napardoning ofth angiksvingke turys i--n this case two turkeys named peatnu butter j boomin le here, noraheh, t doctors'cl conusn iois he remainhes a aly,th vigorous, 7 -oyearldal me who incidelyntal rntus 79 tomorrow. >> o'donnei'll: m rpsurised they di'tam ne those turkpfeys izer and rnmodea. thksan, nancy. alrit,gh saturday nolyt on marks these pridt'ens 79th rtbihday, but alxaso ect 1ly0 months sinisce h iugnauration. antoghnit, the presi adentnd owfell docemrats are celtiebrang a hard-fouvight cty orin the house for hiuis "bldac bk
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erbett" anpl, which he ulenveid before takofing fi.ce cbs' kris clvan ea hveas an update. >> the "build back betteilr" bls pseasd. ( cheers appnd alaeus ) reporter: cs heerand celeatbrion tonhe h fouseloor. after months oinf fighting,g, house democrats ad use modecratads vanc tedhe presiden$1t's .7tr5 illion cisoal sinpendg ckpaage that cludes expan mdingedicare, presticriponru dg pricingre fo, rmuniversal pr, e-k.and hundreds ollf biio onsf dollarso fight cli aryocou nfident that the biggest hurdonles tbihis llre a aladrey in the reaw rviemiorrr? >> yess., ye this bill isum monenl.ta itis's htoc.ri it's transfoivrmate. it b'sigger than athnying we'vev eron de. i habsve aoleluty no doubt. e biggest hu wrdleaso tget thlle bi trehe. >>epteorr: but gettiheng tre hit a lastut-mine agsn last s tta ing corerd f tornlicase rambling e aightnd h aalf hour camcrthy marathon.
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today, i go bt myooerst shot. . more peoploue thghelt vis was alivane th t shetimulus created jobs. diyotau ke a bathrooeam brk ani dndi't? >>or repte or:nly one democrat voted nsagait e thbill, but the ha-fghout legislativn e winow b faces an utancerinat fe in theou senate. paid familavy lee oisn the chpi an eorfft tot lifthcae p for ctdeduinstg ate and locaxel tas could seane chge ts,oo. yoare u nfcoident that wthhen e senate cha tngeshibis ll it will getht rough the hoe usa second time? >> we have ti'o-- m pehoful. uli wodn s'tay confident. i'm hopel fubecause the prest idenga uves his word ttha 'she going to dory evethg inhe can to msuake rehe t bill staysh erite is. >>ep rorter: speakeler postoi ld us p theredesint called he teafr the vote tfeo ofr shi congratulas.tion setena majority le caderhuck schumer gepledd htoave the senaaste ps e thbill as quickly as possible. hes ihoping to doby it t ehend tofhe year. norah. >> o'donnellis: kr v canleave, ank you. iomillnsf oamericans are neourvsly watching w theeaerth, hoping it woman't ke m aess of xt week's thgianksving geway.
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cbons' lnique inn joins us now th the forecast. all right,ni lone,ve erybody knows,-- how wtsan to know, how it looking? >>ee i fl etprty good abouttty t things, itbut all hinges on a ncbuh of clouds hein t northwest. legot's to the rapidar cture and i wantsh to owou y what i'ma lkg inabout. 's not goinglo to oker vy imesvesi. at's it. a lelitt swehor here and t,here but it will itget s t acin gear anpu tsho the east. byun sday p5:00.m i.,t's into thmiesdwt, putting rn aifrompi ttursbgh down intost houon. itps kee phiusng east, and by on on mondayis, th wl ilbe a oblem if thi as is b tigravel y.dabu t 'sit mon aday,ndf ithis is yo duray tavo trel, i want you to givure yose slfome extra time. urainp d andown the i-95 corridord , antht en ipuessh east oe f area. erevyt everngythi iprs etty calm out thunere ti ol,kay, say, yotu ge wtoednesday nigokht, aybe, fora thanksnggivi, u yohave rain do ouarnd the gulf t coasand pushing owup tar ldsexington, kentucky. but rit'sain. will be cou wpleditreh al cold air. look aest the mpteeratures on estuday. tempureratess afar down south astltaan, georgia, yeou'r inlookg aat temperaturedi reang of 29 degrees.
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i methan, iss- i- it's a pretty rfpoweulto srm, but the ngtimi los btoe working in our favor. , that's the w waye e seit. heif t tinimg changes, n,orah lli' be the firs lt toetou y knbuow, t oasf right now, elfe more optimi tstichan pessimistic. >> o'dllonne: odgo, i don't wane rain tino ru o turouch footbal mega. anks, lonnie. the eris new hope ghtonit rfohon resideofnts aunn derserved housneton igorhbhood in the showad of the cityky's sli,ne whertye ci hlteah officials say cases hiof cldodho leukemia are nearly five s timethste ate's average. asbs c' janet sham rlianeptsor, the.a.p. chief is promising he.lp >>ep rorter: the ashngui ides ep for latopanya yn we,hose 13-year-old ntcoriiadin ed from leemukia ilyn ju. >> hnte waed to makeur se want doordis d everythingy theem coul td toryo tsave his life. ttohe very lastat breh,e h fought, heand fghout. >> rteeporr:ay pne lives in ushoton's fifth , warda w-lo income, predanomintlafy rican icameranom cmunity near dotownwn.
6:44 pm
nethe igorhbhood is near u anion pacirafic ilrdya contaminated wi tthhe chemical socreotea, likeumly hanar ccinogen. erthe's no confi lrmedinyek t, but you're cnconviedf oit? >> yes, i y trulbee lievth tathe union fipacic ilraroad is respone siblfocor rintian's leemukia. r>>eporter: payne is ammoong re than 1,000 f whoil seduits aiagnst the freiraght ilom cpany foileslnses they saye camfrom their preroptiesnd a groundwater contataminedy bcreosote. ion pacific sahas idhe tosote. n uniopaficic has said the chic halas been contdaine rpoesnse to payne s'suit, the coy mpansa iyst will reviedw an spond accordy.ingl as we walk esthe streets, e thesabdoanned houses. the erwas life in e theshoesus.l l e thpeople are dnoead w,ll a tofhem died froncm caer. >>or repte sr:andra edwardsas yo reha tn a dozen pe hopleave died oncf caern oher street, clinuding her dad. w>>e have been tifighnghi ts four f andivyee ars and nobody hames co. erevybodnty was ctoome and see wh'sat going on, botut nhi hngas
6:45 pm
been done. r>>eporter: e.p.a..a administramitor chreael ag ians lathe te, sttouring the hfift twardod.ay ishe tre anything reconctedo, yoinu thk u yocan offer them? we have a s oensef geurncy incl eangni up this mes doi n't believe wthate vehawe e en aggressivoue enghn i terms en aggressivene ough in terms of state a fndederal reaction. reporter: teohe pplwhe o live near tithe se reage wihath tt, including latonya payne, whone, whhopes s hos pesomething wie ll bgaedin fr this meet aing,s r heheart acfohes r atwh's lost. what hasbe it enik le living without him? >> eveayry d ihas rd, honestly. we are allug strglg inwith ving to liveho witutim h. reporter: thehe cmil cahasn't been used defor cas dehere, but the.a.p. says it's bveelied to ha speeed into the soil, forming aner undgrndou plume, impactasing my anas 100 neighborho hodomes. rah. >>'d oonnell: suchim an poanrtt story. t janeshliaman, thank you. well, stahill eaond tonight's "cbs evenings, new" e theuropean coy untrth'sat locking down,
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ccatined citizens wthane do ghrit here in ama.eric alril ght,he t november full moon put on eca sptalacur sh erovnight. this is thhow e rtpaial lunar eclipse lo hokederine the tinaon's capitalh higabe ovthea shgtinon monument. it wasib vislecr aoss the country, an nd imuch of the world. the pseclie stlaed teehr and a ha hlfours. th'sat theon lgestn inear00ly 6 years. l alrigh ct,bs' steve han rtmais next wa ith weinddg story starring, s,ye a nine-year-old boy.
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'd>> oonllne: tonight, wise rae our glassed s ansatelu a bride angrd oom and the siblesngofs a littrole rehe's cbs' stevrte hama"on n the road." >> reporte tr:roy and cati hudson odef nver, colorasado, y their weddwaing s ingog just as they pla, nnedunl tithe recen,ptio wn hea member of the inweddg rtpay stole the .show >> it wasn't somet thinghawet
6:53 pm
we nesecsarily prepared otionally tor. hea >> he's just like, "i'm doing iwhat wt anto do, here o,we g" and he's ponassiate. >> repr:orte hs e'also nine. >> i wasn'ant plni ongn making a eespch for her. cae! t bui di.d it i itlet out, and cai n't epaus .it >> reporten r: ia numite, what tie'tts lile brotherad h to say. but first,ha wt led him tohi ts montme? >>he j'sust the bestte sisr i can ask for. one can com.pare tryou y e onof these.>> rorepter: gus is alactuly tie's half berroth. they're sepad ratebyea nrly two dedes, yet close as conjoined, h whicis, whywh cenatie got engaged, gayus ss s hifeelgsin got licompcad.te i>> was worriedt thashwoe uld not spend ash mucti wmeith me heas s udse to. t so iwares ally stressfnul i th watay, because dni di'tan wt to lheose r.>> rorepter: fortunalyte, gus tsayshe'sre just somethingab oua t wedding cere.mony>> it's juste, lik kd inof like
6:54 pm
gimac. gic. and most of and most of wmyorri aesbout th jemust kind of awentway. >> rteeporr:hi wch brings us ckba to the receioptn. >> i a hm soap tpyhat you guys t married toy.da and i knowig i mhtee sm a little sad erup he, but the asere tears jofoy. (applause ) cae,ti i love you msouch! ani samo happy you vega me a brheotr-in.-law >> reporter:s athe holidays proach and f-oarff rivelates betogin trickle i gn,us says his stshory ou blde a reminder toou y to never lee t thword "eenxtded" cloud torhe wd amily."on't let thtae sparat don't let tsehat patera you, cabeuse you deepn dowlo tvehem, and they ddoeep wnov le you. >> reporter:st toa-wthory advice. >>h, o my gosh!>> rorepter:te sve htmaran, scb ne, n "othe road." 'd>> oonllne: and never tmisshe opportunity to tell someone how mu y louove them.
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6:59 pm
i'm norah nno'doelhel re in our naon c'sapital. > right now at 7:00 -- >> i epke wanting to wake up from this niarghtme. >> mother shot and edkill in front of her kids on her way to a job interv iew. lathe te stvictim of violceen on a bay area freey.wa > >>anheotr grieving lyfami id goodbye anto otr hefreeway tishoongic vtim. ghtonit,ha wt ospreys are sayi angboutth e > another mask mandate returned ahead of the hoyslida. the coun typlanning tteo exnd ntit io private ho mes. >>il> stl damp isth evening. there e arpahetcs of drizzle clinuding the rimochnd-san fael br.idge how much moisture we piedck up the la st 24hours, and ekweend caforest. just asoakland annoceuns
7:00 pm
big fundg infor a waterfront relooncati pgrroess,th e oad klana'dos uble wndo on moving to las vegains pot a young mother gunned down roin fch ise thlaofadbi olvience on a bay area freeway. kpix 5's da n lispoke wi th e thgrieving fa milye shleft bendhi. >> repr:orte s wathe shngooti ettargedcr aoss in the crose?sfir is one of e thmany esqutions frome thvi'sctim family. th e victim, amani rrmois, was on h erway to n safrano ciscfor a job inietervw. >>i edtalk to mydaughter 20 minutefos bere it haedppen. shwae s on r heway toan rvinteie w. she was excited and esgo, okay mmy, i will ca llyou enwh it erov, d ani wi llnever t geth atal cl. ep>> rorr:te alicia is still in shock. i keep ntwaing to wakeup tfromhinis ghtmare. >> reporte r:someone


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