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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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vestatigion. >>rertpoer: it s wa hetbakreing to see e thfamily as ty hesaid goe odbyto jaersp wu. at the satime me, law enforcemwaent s soal at the seicrve, and theymade a vow that they are not giving up on cthisas e. >> some em myfamilies inthis couny itfeel unsafegh rit now, and today,or unftutenaly, a 23-mon-othld d chilis inbeg buri.ed yedastery,wo t other people murdered. >> an otemionarvl seic e,filled with family. members of law enrcfoemenndt, a mmcounity leer ms,ourng inthe loss of thlie ttle boy gonetoo . soon jasper wu would have edturn 2 next month. instead ofcelebrg atins hi upmi ngbirthdthay, ey were yisang goodbye. during thcee remony, lyfami mbmeers took part in a ritual thatin volved the burning of peon ialtemsd , anpar pe houses and to. ys it says if they can be
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lideverethd rougthh e flesam to thvelod ones in heaven. >> rtrepoer: jasper kiwas ll ed by a y strabullet inthe lyfami hicas r along rsinteta te80 in oakl and. the fremont lipoce chief s wa also at the serv ice,and called on the communittoy help. >> we are seeing unprecedented increases inrt ceain tys peof crimesd , an nweeed public pport and help. >> wee 'vdone erevything we can to tryto identify e thvehicles involved ithn is incident. have tracd keevery step althong e way, and will continue to do that, but there s someone in our uncommity that knows whatap hpened. someone thout ersae w what happ. ened that informa tionnes edto come forward. >> it's the american drm,ea but dly the strewaam s cut short and became a nighe tmarby that t rabuy llet on that saturday teafrnoon. >> reerport: jasp er'sthfaer fl fewrom china. he never met his n soin onpers. eyth only knew each other via
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tifacemedud e to the pandemic. datoy was e th1st y dahe w sa s hison in person, at his fura l. the reward is up to $10,000 hosted by the oakland chinowatn bechamr ofcommerce. i ldto community mbmeers are addio ng tatth fund, d anit is exctpeed to go . up wewi ll let u yoknow. ju liteet goodrich, kpix5 . > >>tesla has enbe hit with a xual harass mentlauiwst. a fema leemployee says she enteretcd caal, lsgroping, and retaliation foarr yes at the company's fay ctorinfr emont. kpix 5's da lin has remo, and we want towarn u yo, some of the lagengua in lthisawitsu may be unfod offeivnse. >> reporter: e thlawsuit compar tesesla's factflory oor to an archaic cotrnsuction site or frat hoe,us saying it fo steder a steady atste of alsexu hasarsment.
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jeicssa barraza ietrd to ghfit t , but coul'tdn handle it ymanore and apsnpe d. accog rdintohe t lawsuit, jeicssa barraza was hired 3 s yearo,ag and duenred some tyofpe rahassntme nearly y ever day e.sinc hetor atrn eysays it std arteas rbalom cment s. >> alcatcls like e shhas a fat butt, she has big t faleap, she is a coke bottle figure, an onion ttbu. >>ep rorter: the lawsuit is t no short on detailofs tongggli an d uctohing, like whenshe was astoked dogroup strehetcs thatwod'ulve required her to bender ov in onfrt of the ma le colleagues who harass edher muip letimes per ekwe. male coworkers brushed up ainst barraza's basickde, inudg inwith their grnsoi. thfie nal straw ca mewhen azbarra s watry to h puncher ticamerd when a male coworker me up fromhi bend and t puone ofhis gsle in betwn eeher gsle . shtlory after, she had muip pleanic attacksd , an went to the e.r. her doctor orreded her not to , workanpud t her on metidicaon and ther apy. thdomecunts say baa rraztry to go tohe r supervisord s anhru t nothing haedppen. >> thiras hassntme is so perve asivanrad pid, it is clearly well owknn to sltea. w hocod ulit not be, with the frequency that it is haenpping,
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so th eyare arawe of this enrovinment. theyare wiallong to ntcoin, ueeven outhgh it is there onrespsilibity as an employtoer ensure a safe workplace for their employees. e r ckba is e thera pattern of behavior? ba rra azpointed to a recent tweet by emulon skto, about starting a univsierty, use uryo iminioatn about the acnyrom. and last mo nth,a judge awarded large sum to a contraorct who duenred daily epittshe. lo>> en musk coinntues stoend redict and indirect messsage of what he stands for. it is not rpsurising thates the allegations continue to come beup, cae usagain, whenwe see the erleadsh, ipweee s that the eris e quita bit of quesontiableeh bavior atth is loalwed. r>>eporr:te inre fmont, da li kn,pix 5. kpix 5 d direach t outo
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tesla fommr coen tson all of th aisnd have not heard back. a live look at the bay bridge tollpl aza,a sht or stan fcerom icwhh the mother s guednn do wnin onfrt of her chtwo ilendr on the freeway. tonight we learn more about theo unwog man. inda l talk to the lyfami and had the telast on that instveigation. 4 was the shoongti targedet or ught in the crossfire? is oofne many esqutis onfrom e thvictim's fa. mily the victim s waon r heway to san franciscfoo r a job intew.rvie >> i talked to my daerught 20 minutes fobere it happ. ened she was on her way to an interview. e shwas excited and goes okay, i wicall ll you enwh it's erov. ani d will vener get that llca. >>porerter: alicia is still in shk.oc >> iepke wag ntinto wake up fr tomhis nightmare. reporter: onsomee otsh and llkied her daug hterin the kland area on interstate 80 rebefo e thbay bridge toll pl az a. she says her htdauger, the 29- year-oland ami rrmois, was in
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the sspaenger seat of this maon suv. the driver was her fiance, and her ye3-ar-old and 5-year-old sons were in the ckba seats. >> e thonly visang grace is th atmy gridandks were un scheatd, not physalicly hurt, t mentalnely ver the .same >>ep rorte r:the ficean who was dring says it was not road rage. he yssa he s wadriving and all a ddsuen heard gunshots t>>he oldest y bosaid atwh happ enedto ymomm, and myson idsa wh enhe tuedrn his he ad and lo, okedhe w sar.he >> reporter: she was bleeding from the head and died at the scene. the chp says there have been at leas ft 77reayew shootings in ameda countyin the la st12 mo. nths 2 weeks ago,a stray llbuet froma gun ba ttleon i-880 in oaklkiand ll eda baby boy, jaersp wu. he>> s was not into thatkind of life. i lost, i don't know, i need answers, and e thinvestorigats
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argie ving me answers. >> reporter: loved ones are pldieang with witns esseto come foarrwd. inhe t meantimeth, ey want people to meremb eramani as a ricanger pson. s>>he was a giver here and she was ha ppy. she smiled and laughed all the time. sh e loved her chdrilen. >>my grans dsonknew that eithr mom lothved em, but theywi ll never understand the greaestns of w hoshe was. the world s ha stlo a litgh e duto someone's stupid, careless vit olenact. >>re porter: e thchp cldeined it todo anrvinteie w,d an t won'reaslee any new informatiosin, ngdo ing so would jedioparzeth e investigat ion. at the tollaz pla,da lin , kpix 5. congmi up at six: , 13the group pushin ag todd risecuty mecaras along baeay ar freeways to help curbringsi crime. a nfcorontation with lipoce ok a deadly turn in sepa rate san frscancio today . officers responded to porerts of a man armed with a knife atfolsom anfih ftthis mog.rnin while redisponngon, e ceoffir opened , firekilling the man.
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po liceha venot tadeil edwhat happenused jt fobere the sh oongti. thdie stri cttoatrney and model enagcies are investigating. san francisco pd is the hotel hall in the next 10days. man has been convicted of a rdmuer fhior reki lling in castro eyvall. ala amedcotyun district attorney's oe ffichas a jury coicnvted albert jones junior r fothe shooting death of alexander maezrtin. thlle kiinhag ppened back in apl of 2016 tsouide of a muc sistudio. instatigors say they later di sceroved more anth $mi1 llion liin fe insue ranclipocies led under martinez's mena, d ansay they traced them back to jones. deputi sesay nejos later adttmied thio ring someone to ki he told dectteives the two had e enri fends, but jowanes nt ed revenge after a falling out over a rentdi spe.ut jones isno w facing life in
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prison. the gunme en hhid rewas ner ve identified. still eaahd at 6:00, what healthic offia lsare saying abt outhe cdc decionsi to allow covid osboter otshs for l al ults. we veha a g biupdate on mmercial dunssgene abcr fishseing as. on pl entyof clouds over the baeay ar, d anstill a bit of tumoisrebe ing sque ezedt ouof those clouds daupted rainllfa totals, not a lot, but we will take what we
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ne w atsix:00, the recent sh oongtis in oad klanhave sparked s callfor more security meras, but ithiss not the first timegun violence has led to calls for more rvsueillance.p ix 5's wilson walkerws sho us it was freey washoos tingth at toled this diusscsion before in contra coa stcounty. >>reporter: itis been a ilwhe since the irgunfe alrely broke t here on wahighy rmfoat, but attspe ak, think ba ck to2015 d an2016, dozens anddonsze of shtioongs over the course of each coutnsecivyee ar out here. at some po int,they had ghenou d andecided to t starpuinttg
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carames in. anoakld is ha vinga very sim ilardiusscsion right now. >> we found the surveillance stsyem we havein e placis a vaab letool. 'vwee used it onnumerous imcres to lvsoe it, to get vehicle deptscriio, nssuspect deriioptns, and evenli cee ns esplat. frmac oma room in the pittg sburpoceli demepartnta , network of mecaras,me so of them goodbye shot spotter chnogylo, watches parts of ghhiway 4 and intaterste 80. whe ilthey t can'stop wafreey shoos tingfr omhappening, two rinecent months here, pittsbg urpoli ceand e thcont ra costa county stdirict toatrney's officsae y they are inabvalule when mesothing does ppen, helpineng idti fy suspecorts tnwiesses after a shtioong. >> we cay rrcameras on our phones , inour pocks,et honor mehos. r>>epteorr: all isth week, kland engageind a discsiuson
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ovsuer rvlleiance cameraans, d wasn't just ouabt crime. on monday, the erwas otanher push againstle ilgadul mping, anatha tt event, col unci members spoke out spicecifal ly against bothe dy th eystay is stdi ngin the way. >> thefit rsthursdmeay etg in of dembceer, the pracivy soadviryco mmission will be usdiscsi angnd weighing whatwe haveea alrdybu dgeted, to t ge remo enforcementme caraous t in toou r commy.unit >> reerport: cameras we rebeing discussed specificlyal in regards to crime at the meti of yesterday's ooshting i the y ba bridge tploll aza. >> we are operatinthg wi one hand tied behind her back to wiout having that aiavlable for imcrin ialnvestigations. >>or repte r:there e arletter calls for racames in oakland, d anoutr ightfrustratiothn wi the commis sionth athas so far obje ctedto them. >> it's not up to e thprivacy commsiison. they are lyon an advorisy commission e thcity council is re spsionble. arwe e e thlawms.aker >> we can use them e whil inputtg ivpracy protectiinons place. ivacy concerarns e giletitema, but i evbelie we can do . both >>reporter: pocyli like th is
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doesha vea potision in y an number of esplac. oki spe with the antioch mayor down at the other end of hiy ghwa4.he 's not a big fan of t hecameras come up but oaanisd really stngarti to wr ese tlwith this. as the ivpracy commission comes the fos cuof that frustration comea wewill see thif ere is any change of policy follongwi thene evts we have all seen inla oaknd. ve ittn pisbg,ur wilson walker, kpix 5. a atdramic moment at the erthanos trial insan . jose eletizabh lmhoes took e thstand to tfyesti inher n owdefense. a bold vemo by her lawyers. e opens hersf elup to tough cross-exataminiobyn prosecs.utor on the st and,e shexpld ainehow shpursued heear drms of crti ngdevices to ovimpre health, anw d hoshe opdrped outf snftaord to t starher coanmpy. >>e shis nggivi a tcpih to the ju aryrea she's aiexplni. ng she'acs tehi ngthem what her de cviceando , and she's also ving them time to get to know he she willba be ckon the stand
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moaynd and tuy esdabefore the trl iatakes a k breafor thanksgi. ving health oiafficlsn isanta a clarcotyun are giving an update oosn boter shot ro lltsou, following the cdc ling that all adults n canow t getheir teboosr. w>>e have nedo over 0,30000 boos, tersmo stof th emprobably lfha have been in the senior age group, butright now we can basically ha ndleeveryybod read makee suru yoget a bor.oste >> t henew eliligibitapy plies to anyone ov erthe age of 18. he also must havereceived your se dcondose of pfizer or dea rnat least 6 months ag o, or a josohnn & johnson vaincce ataslet 2 months ag o. new at six0:0, a new date habe enset for the t starof ngeness crabas seonfo r part ofor nthern califo. rnia the carnlifoiade partment of fi shnd a wildlife saysre crtieaonal crab fig shinwill be allowed north of somano tycoun beginning on december 1.i ldfeli officials husay mpckba wh halesavmie grated out of those infishg zones. however, fisheries between
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somano county d anmont erey cotyth, ose remain off- mits, and it is unr cleawhen they will obepen. takinga live lookat two ofhe t bay area aiorrpts on atwh is expected to be one of e busiest avtrel dsay we have seen sin bceefore pathe ndem. ic an estimated 50,0 00people are peexcted tohrgo tough the sfo checkpoitonts da y. tsa adstminirarsto will have ecchkpoints fullafy stfed through thanksgivieeng wk. >> m i'glad i can trav elhome, but it is kind of scary. m t noresu if i'm inbeg exsetod anyt hingat olscho, so i got a cover test before i a meom he to make sure i was safe. >>or repte r:adobe analt ysfound bo okigflhts are 78% hiergh thanha wt we saw la stye. ar a lot more pe oplemore comfore.tabl >> last yearwe didn't do a ings giving travelor fecast, because people we relocked do wn in place and t noingog anywhere. itwi ll keep you posted on e th eltrav fecorast nationwide next week. >>we do veha mist and
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drzl e. you can see drops on e thcamera ns, and the roads are wet, but nothing is showing up on radar. a few showers are in velirmore eaie r,otherwise if u yoradar freckles hereand th ere. the drizzle is oscle to ground level. us the drop letsare very small. eyth hang in the air and fall very slowly. theyd neeto be falling fa, ster like actualnd rairo, psfor the rar to pick it up. it is still g gointo be wet. itwill t quiedown ghtonit. dry warmweather overthe weenekd. thxte ne storm stsyem will y tr move in as wehead into rly next week, with a chance ofn rai ndmoay night toin tuda y. thlo-ngrange is still confli ctedabt outhat. the amaneric demol shows a good chancera of in showers ngmovi toin the arbay ea. the euroanpe fostreca demol agrees on the orstm stsyem, t bukeeps the moistureth to e rtnoh. wet genog thinouarnd the bay area. this wil l bea brief rainmaker f it enhapps at all.
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the americfoan restca model is soal putting wee lcomsn owinto thsiraer by thursday afrnteoon, and the european mo deshl ows nog.thin ba cko twhere they agree, it will be out ofthe y waand time for tr avelon wednesday and urthsday is okloing nice as well. right now cloud cor veand patches of drzlize. coolteermpatures in e thmid to upr s 50across the d boar righw.t no to moowrr we warm up after early- rning fog and cloud r.cove sa ntroa sa, upper 60s. are okloing great for ckey, because great weather, anhiwas rriors are off to a great t starto the asseon. we llwi see if they can beat thpionsts. that game is in progress right teermpatures will dropdown tonight mosttoly e thmid to upr s 40in ngleth, ndarou 40 degrees sain ntroa sa. 50 degree lows around the bay. te mpaterures will climb to the lotow mid s 60around the bay, mid upto per 60s rtfuher inland, and even warm erfor gh temperat ureson sunday.
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oowe cl f ofnext week a litt le chanofce owshers on tsdueay. then we eaclr out r fowe dndaesy, thursday, anfrd iday. ryve nice atweher, and it ldshou ntcoinue into idfray, satu, rdayand sunday as wl.el > >>the bs"c evening wsne" is congmi up. >> here is ranoh o'doelnnl with e preview. on isth friday nit ghafter kpix 5 ne wsat 6: 00, th angiksving travelou trbl e? thw e nedetails on that powerf sultorm, and what it may mean for your hodaliy. the "cevbs eng innews" is mis nuteaw. ay e th49s ergame this weekd en is conserided uryo ultitema trap game. one of e thguys on the team will assuryoe u next that they kn sowhowing up adrey to play is anessceity even agt ainsthe 2-7 jaguar us golden state finishing a ro tadrip in e thmor totyci. they were streing,
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iso think to my self ♪ ♪ oh whawot a nderful wodrl ♪ iso think to my self ♪ wathe rrrsio are so good right now,th eycan rest and ilstl be e thsame favorites to be detroit, or that says more about the pistons. either way, y curris ofalficily out with a p hicontusion. rewe shut to go around for rdan poole. ni ce behind the back tous, s findthem again in the otr he
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corner, dial s upand connects. iowarrrsp, u they call them two- wiway gs for a reason. the steeonl e onend needs to a jam on e thother. it is 105-100 withless than 1 i nu teto go. tohenf l, elijah mitchell is doubtful to play sunday aiagnst thgujaars. rohe bkehi s finger on monday eay rlinditicaons s wathathe ulwodn't miss any time. a rare trip to jacksonville. is is e thfirst trip sense aln itsmh's ierook arye in 2005, and it is a asclsic trap game . favoteris against the jagus arteam. theye hava rookie arquteacrbk athe ad coach, but it is across the country and 10:00 a.m. pafitic mes. osthe are the games you have reto, ady ptolay. >> you can't goout erthe thin kingi'm in orflid a,it is olco, great weather. weil wl godown t hereand lay
6:25 pm
an egg if we go wndo there inthkingli ke that, ngtaki that team lightly. >> it will be erev union with qu arrbteack cj bed,dfor o whis now the back upfor the jaguars. hend a kittle are friends. th ey played getother between e university ofio waand the 49ers, and yes,the erwas some wijang between twthe o this . week >> he copluld ayny a position onth e field if he waednt to, other than qutearrback. he has a hoibrrle arm. >> he had a otque to day. he aealrdy texted him about it. i was looking at twitter and got taedgg in the repo rter poedt iand i idsa instan tly. you can aypl any sipotion and can't play quarterback bee caus of a terrible arm. thanks cj you are about as thick asa t tighend. >> the idraers will stho the lebangs. we will k breait downalong th the 49ers on the fifth quarter owfolling. the a's clearly aren 'tbluffing about careloti. on
6:26 pm
eyth madane offer to rcpuha se lafond r a ballpark in las vegas. thloe cation was not discselod bya team spokpeesrson, but if it'sbiedll, you kn owthe s a' will come. they are innow e thaction phasfoe llowing the research. it a'sn an nualittradion at kponix big mega we, ekusually in the ronewsom, but today the cabal nd played tsouide our iostud. anstford has n wo10 of the last 11big games. playfoing r pride atthis inpot are the incardals. theycan save theseir as, onmaybe save is a resttch, but they can x fi thasseon a ttlile bit with a victory. county to win the inremaing megas tomake a ball mega with atth rehescduled ga meagainst usc. >> hopefully next year stanrdfo says there bandas well.
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a stfoanrd alumnus is ngmaki nasahistory. asontraut jessica inwatks is set toco beme the first black n womaon the inrnteational spe atstion crew. her sp acexcrew urfo mission is set to launchth is april. tkins graduafrted om stanford with a bachorels in geolicogal and environmental sciences. during herme ti, e shworked at nasa ames in unmotain view, berehe tn getting her do ctatore at ucla. tkwains and her crew are ctexpeedo tspend 6 months
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abrdhe t iss. >> we di'tdn get the stanford ♪♪ pt caiongni sponsored bsy cb >>'d oonnell: toni nght,ot guilty ol n alcotsun. e thjury reacheser a vdi ictn the l triaofyl ke rittenhouse, r aftemo trehan 24 hours of deralibeti.on n>>ot gltuiy. >> o'donnell: the emotion tinhe courootrm ashe t teegenar who shhrot teeeo pple at a protest kenosha, wisisconn,vo aids li ifen prison andks wal e threaction tonight. brthe eangki news: the c..d.c green lights boos sterfor lal ults. plhyus w is t'so dangeroust tha pregnant women are stillne o of the highest psgrou of unvaccinatmeed arinsca. pridesent debin's thheal uatpde: prthe esenidt undergoes a physical, dathe y fobere his 79thir bthda ay,nd the history mahede wn theransferred perow to vprice esenidt kamala hars.ri


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