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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  November 19, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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>>o rtviual, just do nothing rather than the virtual. >> will give us th captngioni snspoored by cbs >> oon'dnell: tonighott, n guilty on alunl cots. the jurych reaes v aerdict in thtrl iaof leky rittesenhou, after moren tha24 hours of delirabetion. >> notui glty. >> oon'dnell: the emotion in the courtroom tashe teenager who shot three peoatple a protest in ken, oshawisconsin, avoids life in prison and walks fr. the reac e eth breakneing ws: teh c. gred.c.eni lgs htbooersts for all adults. plus whiy t's so dangeusro that napregntom wen w sastill onef o e highest gr oupsof unvaccinedat amensrica. pridesenti bden's health update: e prdeesintnd uergoes a ysical, the bdayefore his 79thth birda ay,nd the hiy storma wdehen he trnsafeedro wetor vice presi kdentamaal harris. us... i>>nstead of gteting basted,
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e thestwtuo rkeys are getting boosted. >> o'donnell: the rtukeypa rdoning trditiaon. waitnt uil the hear the nameofs these two cluky birds. ksthangingvi travel tro?uble the new details on that powerful stanorm d atwh it mensa for your holiday. a nwio fr president biden... >> thebu "ilbad ck better" bill is passed. >> o'donnellat: wh'sn ithe bill ast i heads to the senatefo r an uplhil battle? xas cancer cluster? arwhy che ildhood leukeramia tes in this houston neirhghboood nearly f tiveimhees t state averagnde, a whas t'being done ftoicki f the problem? dan "on the roawid," th the ory aof ninyee-ar-old who stole the show at his sister's wedding. >> this is thes "cbevineng wswi" th norah o'dllonne, reportfring omhe t nation's capital. >> o'donnell: goveod eni,ng and thyoank u r fojoining us wee 'rgoing to begitin wh ewn reaction thtonig ithn e trial of
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kyitle rtenhouse.a jury in wisconsouin fnd the 18-yead r-olfrm oills inoinot ilguty on all charges. rittenhoshuse otnd a killed two presrste and woundedhi a trd ainugust of 2020. d anthis triasal h saprked deteba across the countryb aout gun rights and self-defense. rientthouse brought a semiautomaritic flane d a mecakil t to the presott, sa tyinghahet wanted to pteroct sinesses wheon vilee ncerupted ovheer t police shooting of a black man w whoas left lyparazed. rittene'houss seca garnered tinaonal attentidion, viding amicerans over wheerth hwae s doine g thritgh thing oacr ting aas receskls vigiltean.cb s'an ncy chen has covered the trl vegal to gavel and laeds ofr f oucovagere from kenos.ha good evening, nancy. r>>eporter: gooend evintog you, norah. 500 nationalrd gua torops remained on standby tonight outside cithe tyf o ken.osha but whileh tree have been demonstrnsatio, fsoar, ethre's en no siofgns unrest. >> t we,he urjy,nd fi thede feanndt, kyle h. rittenhouse, noit gulty. >> reporter: kyle enritthoeus cried,la colpsg inon hto te
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bltae after jursro found the 18-yolear-d t noguilty on allch >>otui glty. r>>epr:orte oveomrce thwi emot rion,itnhteouse needeld hep getting baock t his chair.>> aingast thefe dendtan on all uncot are disssmied with prejudice. reporter: teehe tn swa fa fcingivfee lony counts, cludg infirre-dege teinntional homi, cidewhhic carrie ld aife sentence. rientthouse's attorney, mark richards, waks ased how ttenhouse feelt lavg inthe urcothou ase free man? >> ag hue sense of relief forwh athe t jury did to him today. wiessh nonef o thiwos uld havve eer happened. ep>> rorr:te a pviot paloint in theal tri w tashe day rittenhouse k tooth setandnd a e brokdown during equstniiong. >> take a de bepreath, kyle. wh wene prerepad kyle, and we edwork ohin s testimony, ether were things ouwe cldn't talk ouabt iny m offe icbecause it togot o oemtional, and he co'tuldn hdlane it. he's ioun, y know, counseling for p.t.s.d. >> repor tter:her tial rngaered attentiaon ntionwid
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esprident biden hsaide unders ttoodhee vrdict would lee avmany amecarins feengli angry and concerned, including hielf. >> well, look, it sand by what juthe ryas h concledud. the juryy sstem wksor, and we have to abiyde b it. >> repr:orte t jheury of seven mewon and fi m enel deribatfoedr about 26 hour. they believetd riteounhse's claims that he actedn i self-def wensehehen kiedll two meann d wodeund a thi drduring rest in keosnha last year. >> i didn't don ayinthg wrong. fi deend demyself. >> repor dter:uring eigaht dys ofes ttinymo, prosecuto trsried to portray rittenhouse as an instigator, armed with an ar-15-e stylweonap who provoked the shogsotin. >> nou jstice! n>>o peace! ep>> rorr:te outside the cothurouse, friendds an fmailyme mbs erof the victims called thre vedi uctnjust. >> i am... heabrrtoken. >>epor ster:us hanughes is the great-aunt ntof aho hnyuber, thsee cond man killed by ttrienhouse. rttenhouse. doou y think this awas fair vet?rdic >> i think threy tied.
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i--- i- i lkei the facth tat eir must have been someone fingghti for us, because it wodnul't have takheen tm atht lo. >> reportesr: a fro what's next, rittenhouse's attoryne says he will iklely move out of thris aeaer ov safy etconces,rn anatd th he wants tco beome a nurse. ranoh. >> oon'dnellnc: nay echn, thanu k yofoalr l your coverage. d antonight, wtih the c.d.c.di reorct just signiffng o on boosters flor al adus,lt amers ican18n ad ol cderan now geth aatdditional dose of eierfi pzer oro mderna. mohre tan 32 milonli arimecans lhaverey adhabd a ooster shot,n d now those numberers a expectedsh to oot up as ericans look tooo bst their imni htyeading into the holi.days we get more wno from cbs' david gnaud. ep>> rorter: after all oef th d mixemeagssing on booster shots, tonight, the f.d.a. dan the c.d. bei vngery clear. there's no morame more peopline gog to try and fi ogureut what cagotery do i fit in or not? >>ht rig. >> if yoe u'r18 or oldernd a
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you've bene primarily vaccinated, ego gt booedst. >> reporter: ts hat'happening st ans witelir-ke temperaretus are arriving hein t mdiwest, and twithhem, a ovc sidurge. four midweststern athae ve the hiesght ras teof newov cid cases. igmichans ion top. , herecaess rose 86% compared to just a week ago. igmichans i now sg eeinits larginest fl ouxf cases since the pandemic began. dr. d davidoldnason is on the frliont nes. >> this is a perfectto srm. this surgen , iterms of what wee eiseng and the strses 'rwee und, erour staff shtaorges, there'ws lo vaccination s inrate meso of the suourrnding counties. report: ernationwide some tofhe lochtac vcination rates are among pregnant women. only% 35of thearm e fluly vaccinated. o new studiese rveae l thrisk of not getting immunized. one shows tt hamoaomng wen, the ri o dfeaths imore than threeti mehis gher in cov-pidosivite napregntom w.en anr othesty udshows the risk of stillbirths reincas bedy 90%.
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back hinere michiga mn,eet 73-year-old yitwlla rharels.on shisul flyac vcinated d angot thboteosr,ut b cov nidearly kiedll her. the osshots, though, may haveke pter h alive. she had a kidney traannsplt,nd a ssohe's on medication that suppresses her imme unsystem. >> ifo yu're not vactecinad, i'll tell f youlat out, you are a foobel cause it's theor wst thg atht you can do is get out anspd read this disseea. it's a kil dlingisease. ani' cveome closeo t it,mi gh ctylose. >> reportener: o moreng thibe fo wree go: the u.s. armisy adrey to crk acdo ownn soldiers whar'ten vaccinad.te fr n oown, yowou t n'be able toet g promoted. you won't geot yur bousn, and wtheyot n'allow you to reeisnlt unssou y get the vacnacitionor y gouet the exempti.on itpplies to the onnatial ard, too. >>on o'dne: llsignificant development. dad vibegnd,au thank you. presidendt bienn uderen wt a roinmee dical screen tingoayd.
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therse wa an ishtorilc, abeit br tief,ransf oerf pow, erwith vice presintde kamala harthris e firsmat won to hold temporarypo nancy rdcoes is at thite whe house.i unrsdetand you justt go a -oreadutf othe pridesent'svi sit. >> repor wter:e ddi and it's about six pa lgesong. e thpresident appears toa hve been sbyeen a teamf o specliiasts datoy an idthi ghghlits two changes sinisce h last checkup rsfit, the rertpo notse, a many obrvs erhave, that the prest idenhasn icreased eaincrsi fngrequency and severityth of rt oaclearing and coughingin durg espaking gaengements. e thmed ticaleacom nclud aedcid reflux is the cause and recommen cd heonnutie takaning over-the-cerount ad co, ndthe report notes that the presintde's ambulatory gate, his , walkis stiffer and lessfl uithd an it was a year or so o. the cteamhkeald that up to siifgnicant spinatl arhritis and a foot fracte urlast year, as
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we asos me mild dysfunc otionf th neers vein his feet. all to, ldthe predesint spent more than five hours at onanthyr ed medical ceernt today. for 85 minute while he was an neitstizedor f his coloncopyfegs history. esident bideldn to uhes felt t greaanhed went on to carry t outhe tradition palardoning of anksgiving turkeys-- in this tcasewour tkeys named peanut bueran d jelly. bo lttominhee re, norah, the doctorons' ccliousn is he remains ea halthy, vigorous, ea78-yr-d olmale who turns 79 rrtomoow. >> o'don: nelli'sum rprised eyth didn't name thseo trukeys pfiznder a meodrna. thanks, nancy. alril ghts, aturday not only markine g thpresident's 79th bihd, aybut also exactly 10 ntmohs since his inaugaturion. and toni tght,here psident and fellow demos crataree clraebting a rhaugd-fohtic vtory in the ushoe for his "bud ilback be" tterpl, anwhich henv ueiled
3:40 pm
before tgakin office. cbs' kvaris n eaclve has anup da.te >> thebu "ild back be" tterbill is passed. >> repr:orte cerhes and brceleatn ioon theo huse floor teafr mo onthsf infightg,in ushoe democratsd avancedhe t president'.s $175 trillion cisoal spending package that includes expdianng medarice,pr esipcrtion drug pricing rermfo, univealrs pre-knd., a hundreds of llbiions of dollars fight climachte ange. are you confi tdenthat thebi ggt eshurdles on this bill are already inhe t rearview romirr? >> yes. th bill ison mumental. it's historic. it t'sransforme.ativ it's bigger thaann yinthg we'vev ero dne. i have absolutely no the biggeurst he dlwas to get bithe llhe tre. reporte br:ut gettinghe tre hit a last-mi snutenag last t,nigh tnkhas to repliubcan riminotyea ldeker vin mccarthy sengti a record foer th longest floor speench i huoseis hryto, a ralimbng eight ex nd a half hou.
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>> more peopleh tugoht elvis was ale.iv did yoku tae a bathroom brkea and iid dn't? ep>> rorr:te onnely o demtocra d voteagnsait the bill,t bu the -fhaoughleslgiative win of win now fac senate. paamid fily leave is on the chpi bnglock. aryoe u confident t thawn hethe nasete changes tbhis ilil wit ll get rthough the house a second ti? >> we have- to-i'm hop.eful i wouldnay't so cnfident mi' hopefecul bauhese t prenesidt vega us his word that 's going to do everything he n to make sure the bill stays boroug ih its. >>ep rorr:te speaker pelios told ues th presi cdentalled her ter the vote to offer his corangtulations. senate majory itleader chuck umy pledged avto he thee snate pa tsshe bill as quklicy as sspoible. hes phoing to dot i by the end of the eayr. h.nora >> o'donnellis: kr v canleave, k thanyou. mill oionsf eamricans are nervouwasly tcnghi the wea,ther hoping it won'mat ke ae mss of next week's thanksggivin getaway. s' lonnie qujoinn inuss nowwi
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thhe t forasect. knows, h--ow wants to know, how is iokt loing? >> i feel prett gyodo about things, buitt al hligens on a buh cofloudins the nohwrtest. les t'go to the ra pdaricture anwad i nto tshow you wha'mt i talkabing o.ut it n gotoing to loeok vry imesprsive. 'sthat i.t a tt slehoweher re and the,re but ilit wgel t its actn i gear anpu tsho the east. sbyunday 5:00 p.m i.,t's into e thmidwest, putngti rain from pittghsbur io nthouston. eeit kpsus phing east, and by onoonn nmoday, this wiell b a problem hiif ts ais big travel y.da but it m'sondany, ad ifthis is uryo day to travel, i wt anyou to give yourselmef so etxra time. ra uinp and down the i-95 corridor, and it pushes east ar.ea everngythi iprs etty calm out the eruntil, okay, say, you get toednesday night,ka oy, beefor thanviksgingyo, u have rainw don arndou the gulf coanast d puinupg towards lexinongt, keucntky. it's wl ilbe coupled wreith al ld air. lo a tthese tpeemratures on tuesday.te mpaterures as faowr dn usoth as atl,anta georgia. you're lngooki aat temperature ra odingf 29 degesre. iea mn, this is--t' is a pretty
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powerfulrm sto, t buthe timing lotooks b weorking in our far.vo so thatht's eay w we soo it. heif t ti cmingha, ngesnorah, i'll be the first to let you .know as of righowt n, i feel more optiicmist tn hapessimistic o>>'donnell: goiod, dno'twa ntai rn to ruinur o touch football game. there is nepw hoe ton fightor resideofnts an underedservho usn toneighborhood in the adow of the city's skyneli, ewher city health officiaals sy cases of chiodldho eukemiea ar nearivly fe mties s thetate's average. as cbsne' jat ashmlian reports, the e.p.hia. cef isr pomising help. ep>> rorr:te the anguish is deorep f latonya payne, whose 13-year-coold rintia died from ukleemia in july. >> he wanted to make urse want doctors died veryththing ey could to tory t save his t vheery last breath, hefo ught, and he fought. >> rteeporr:ay pne lives inho usn'tos fifth ward air, loinw-comee, prdonamintly afn ricaamiceran community near downwnto.
3:44 pm
the neighbodorho is near a union paficic railyard taconm pnated wiheth t chemical kre so the a, likely human carcinogen. erthe's no confiedrm link yet, but you'revi connc oedf it? es>> y, i truly bel tievehatht e ion pacific lrraioaisd reonspsible for corin'stian leukemia.>> rorepter: payne ims aong more tha,n 1000 who fil sedusit againshet t freight rail company for illesness ty hesay came from eir propertindes a grounatdwer contataminedy b creosote.un iopan cific has saithd e chem hicalase ben contained rgunderod.un in rese ponstoa pyne's suit, tho mpy ansays it will revw ieand reonspd >> as we walk these strtsee, these abandohoned there wafes li in these all ptheeople are deoad n, wall of them dieod frm cancer. r>>epor ter:sandra edwards says mthore an d aozen people have died of cancer oner h street, inclg udinhedar d. >> we veha beefin ghting this urfo and five yes aris and nodybo has come. evoderyby ntwas to come and see what's going b on,ut ntohing has
3:45 pm
enbe done. >> repor eter:.p..a niadmisttorar michael reagan is thlae test. touring the fifth wd artod.ay tishere anhiytng concrete, do u yothink you c oanffer them? >> we have a sen osef urengcy il eangni up this mess. i don't bel tievehat we have been aggree ssivenghou in terms of state ande fderal reaction. r>>epor tter:hee pople who veli near the site agree wtihth atin, clungdi latonya payne, whhoo pesom setnghi will be gaed from this meeting, as her heart aches for waht's lost. wh hatas it been like living wioutht hem? v>> ey erday is hard, honestly. we are all strglgth having to lihoutim h. >>epteorr: the chemical 'thasn bnee used for decesad here, but the e.p.a. sayits 's beli tevedoav he seeped in ttohe so, ilforming an underndgrou plume, impac atings nmay as 100 ignehborhood nora o>>'donllne: such an importantot sry. janet sham, lianthk anyou. westll, ilahl ead onon tight's e"cbsvengni news,e" th eureaopn cotruny that's locking down,
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right henre i aem.rica l alrigthht, e nvoemr befull moon put on a spectacular show iss ihow thpae ralti lunar pseclie okloed here in the nation's calapit hh igabo tvehe shwaingt mononumt.en asit w vibisle across the cotruny, and in m oumpf the d.worl the lec lipseasted htree and lfha hours. that's tonhe lgest in naerly 600 yes. algl riht, scb' steve hatmran is next with a wedding story starring, yes, a nine-year-old boy.
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>> o'don: nelltoghnit, we ise our gra assesnd salute a branide d groom ahend t siblesngofs a little brother. he'sre cbs' steve rhatman "on th road." >>epteorr: troany cad tiehu dsonf o denver, colo,orad say their wedidng was gongi just as they planned, until the ception, whe mn aembe tr ofhe wedding partoly ste eth show. >> it wasn't something that we we nreecessarily prepared
3:53 pm
emotionally to hea h>>e's jusikt li'e, "m doing what i want to .do herego we ,an" d he's passionate r>>eporter: he's also nine. >> i wasn't planng inon making a speech forr tie! t bui did. i let itu ot, and i can't pause it >> reporter:a in miutne, what catie's li bttleroerth had to say. but firstwh, at led him to this moment s>>he's just thee bst cen ister can ask for. >> rteeporr: gus is atcuallsy'ca tie's half brother. theyse're patared by neay rltwo cades, yet celos as conjoin,ed icwhh is whywh, en catie knot gaenged, gus sayss hi feelings got comatpliced. >> i was wriored that sheo wuld not spasend mchu time with me as she used to. so it rwaseath way, beuscae i t to lose her. >> reporter: fornatutely, gus yssa there's just something abt wea dding ceryemon. >>t's just like, kind of like
3:54 pm and mo ostf my worrieos abut them just okindf went away. >> repr:orte whirich bngs us ck teo th rceepti.on >> am hsoappy that you guys got marriedod tay. anknd i ow ii mght seem a little sad up here, but these are tears jofoy. pl( apau )se tie, l iove yosou much! d i am so hap ypyou gave me a brother-in.-law >> rorepter: as the holidays apoaprch and far-offre livates begin ttorickle in, gsu says s sty orshould be a reminder you to neerv leth te word xtended" clo tudhe word"f" >> don l'tet taht separatyoe u, because you p deedon wlove them, and theey dep do lwnove you. reporter: toast-wthory advi o>>h, my gosh! r>>eporr:te steve hartman, s news, "on the road.">> oon'dnell: and nemiver ss the oppoitrtuny ttoell someoneo w chmu you lovthwe'll behtk.
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i'm norah o'donne hllere in our >> i neede,8d $400. >> judgeud jy: why? '>>cause i was ingettg hoa use. >>ou annncer: no m?oney noroembl. j>>udge judy: widhy d you asm k hitoak te out this ryig hh-priced loan? iid dn't have thet. res >> judge judony: d'tov me into $4a ,800 house. announcer: l untishhae d a prm oblewiimth h. >> judgeud jy: "foi und tou at shawn was nva coicd tefelon. tathat point, id tolhim thatco we uld lnoonger see eathch oer." you are suchus a htl,er mssi. mms. nn>> aouernc: "judge judy." you aroue abt etonter the courtroom you aroue abt etonter the courtroom ofud jgeuditshh eindlin. ca ptnsio paid for by s cbtelevision distribution awshn chboris ykin is sugin his irex-glfenrid, esmyha simms, fo ur annpd ailoan and >> byrd: o!rder all rise! your honor, ithiss seca number 182 tonhe calendar hein t mteatr of boykin sivs. mms. jgeud judy: thank. you
4:00 pm
>> byroud: y'rlce weom je,udge. rties have bsween orinn . yomabey seated. 'am, have a , seatplseea. judge judy: b mr.oyn,ki hayou d sha ort relationship wi tthhe defendant. ngduri tt hatime, coinrdg tor youcolampint, shwasos rta short oney mon. she was liviutng o of her car. e needed rent and securityos depitnd a stuff. hashe d meso of the money. shbut e dndi't have alatl th s nheeeded. yo curomplaint says th y touook out a looran f her through ana lo cpaomny, $2,600. anthd e loan had extraordinarhiily gh terest paymeonnts it. and the agretemen washwae s to repay, installmenthes, t meyon. acrdcoing to you, stshe opdpe being yoirur glfenrid. she dalsoidt n'pay the loan. d anthe loan, whwaich s ,6$200, accog rdintoou y is now $3,543 'cause inthe testre keeps accuminulatg. . mssimms says tthathegr aeement was sthatheas w supposed p hayalf of the loan. you toomok se heof t meyon enwh the loan waans grted. how much? >> $200. >> j judgeud wy:hy? >> because g sheavmee atth for basal


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