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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. >> > thanksgiving is just around cothe rn. er here at sfo, it's exedpect to be abusyav trel day. ifyou're anplni ngon flying, we'll tellu yo whatyou need to cknowomg inup. >>pl> us, the -- i will ha ve it co mingup next. odgo rnmoin g,it f'sriday, nomb ernih.nt
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i'm len e.kies daanta 'sngbuwe ery ttg y.reknow ads e in ssmey alre al >> an itlookliing ke for us odeutsi? >> a cloustdy art to the guy and kitracng afew light sherows and high deafdoppler. e picked up inotsps. a few ndhureds to a .1of an inch of the weak cold fron micong thugroh. yon u case e,a few showers stl illighting up the darar scen. and really tangki you to th rtnoh y,ba ddhien valley kela throcaugh liogsta. a few light sherows this mornaning d rothugh the day, n'cat rule out an isolated sp rilenk orwo t. for e thmost part, we'll see mostly cloudy s.skie cool tempurerates. we're intalkg abupout pe50r-s long the low ar60s ou ndthe bay. 60 in san franci sco. 62, oakland. lowe tomi d-s 60for the pe niulnsa. his lainnd the mis d-60ansod liidins concord, 62and
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liorverme r fothe trivalley an 62 for . l taabout that weekend focarest. yoevur senay-d forecast and,of course, ksthangingvi forecast all coming up ina femow mes.nt you , knowthe nortbah y is pi ckg inup a 1 0.of an inch and thwee t roadways. and in that a irea,t enhappedve ornight at 1 there are. and's busy ensce in e tharea. caraltns crews e arthere. anoverturnedg big.ri it was a lot of debris in the adroway. cayou n e sethey're doing reirpas in thateaar this morning. a lot ofct aivity north and uthbound. a lo wsteak lights cabeuse of -- a lot of akbre lights cause of it. southbound 101 inno vatoand nedear lo. ng you can use delong toredwd oo and ro landas analrnteate. thatis ttgeing busy as well. i checked in thwi chp. they recommend you take lavikelle to37 and 101. yoveu ha two options to work yo urwa y around the . mess
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traffic is inbackg up inthat eaar. 'sit also a getaway frid ayfor hothe liy daweekend. so , trexa busy later on this rnafteoo n. hopefu tlly,hewiy ll cheer th at the next half urho or so. the thanksgiving travel shru isff oicially on. toy dais exctpeed to behe t busidaest y at sfo r fothe holiday. k>>pix 5s jocen lymoran is lee from the air. port hoitw's oklos -- is live from theaiorrpt. hoitw's okloing in. >>wekn ow it's going tobe busy. thrpe aiorrets a acbring for th. at i will say if u yolook, things veha sl oweddown rehe at the security ecchkpntoi and gate b. wee at rmteinal one. eaierlr, we saw a t loofpe ople ming through here. it happened rebefo the fligs ht when lepeop are chkiecng in. airports in the y baarea and aiinrles e arbracing r fobusy da ysah ead. a aais exinpectg air tr avelwi lle bup 80% for thanksgi ving compared tost la arye. if you remeermb ckba to la st year, health exs pertwere urging us notot gather. th isea yr, we have a ccvaine.
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peand r the cdc, it's % 69of those 12 years at >> it hopes thatevyoerne is geinvag ccinated. sa n anfrcisco has do nea good job of makipeng op lefeel fesa and gingvi emth e thchance to co out when they rey adand do things tathe irown will. >> how can you prepare for your flight. an ahead ifu' yore flying. it 'srecommended u yoriarve two hos before for a domeicst flight and idconseret gting tsar ecckhe and make sure you're checking the flhtig st atus before hand. if we oklo e thenscre here, it shs inthgs are ingog smoothly. st are on timeand 'sit important you check the flhtig statefus boryoe u leave the ho use and get here toth e airport and before u yostart kichecngin . >> lyjocen,t' is nice to so t no to many canc eledfls.ight how's it okloing geinttg there?r
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afc fican get backed up berefo you get to the orairpt. what did u yonotice on the way in >>ringvi here nortndhbou, i noticed e therwere more cars on the fry.eewa a couple of lanes werose cled. heresi outdeof the airport, yore seeing more carsar e dropping off. >> and epprarioatn is key. >> geand t erthe as early as yo u can. >> y. es all great advice anthk you so much. >> tnkha you. a >> strike is to begin acro ss the bay and central va. lley >> today s markday o twof the also-clesyd mpathy strikes. stin andrews is leave in oakland thismo rning. homaw ny are workers are we talking about here? reporter: theyex're peinctg 2,000 woerrks. we're in oakland and havea
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couple typlen this isa long day for emth. the workers want the company to bargain in goodfah itand fix a br okenmental hethal system le avg inpaentits upto rethe months wag itinfor thapery appoenintmts. clinicias ns istriking with mbers of atstionary energines local . 39 they claim erkeis rejected union proposs alto increase stfi, ngrecruit more bilinguad l anhorrnoity therapisndts a ease suunstaie nablca seloads cainusg increased rntuov erenwh it comes eito kser clinics. kaiser is sa yingthis in a atstement, the mpcoany said, th e iounn insists it receediv muche, mor in some secas, two types moreth another n unio emagreen ctsovering cueser rmanently emeeploys. we're opsttimiic thatwe can resothlve e inremainisg sues with l ocal. 39 they have enbe thwiout a co
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ntctraence is toocber 1st. after the li veshot, we're ing to try to interview a uple of workheers re to hear omfr them. th isa long y.da they have food, water and ffee to sudden emth. we li vein oakland, i'm ju stin andrews, kpix 5. >>and keiser isso unngdi conft ideninth e statenemt. it wie ll breintestg into see what the workers feel. ney in they cacon me to an ag reenemt. thyoank u somuch. > m i'nean on mackavick. th in gsare moving klquicy d an pfizerd anmoderna got e thfda approval for their booster if r all adultsn ithe united ates. cdthe c isexpected to dod same inthg likely to day. meaning lepeop cldou get the boteosrs as soon asisth week end. in californi a, we veha gone abe and beyond e thrafedel
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recommendas tionas have veseral other states. naontiwide, the mee ssagis co nfinusg. thdee bin miadnistration tg ryin to simpfyli it. the final step s the cdc. back to you. th>> e roconavirus state ewid cases topped 5 the last ekwe, licafornia has rertpoed an average of 4800 new capeses r y danear2%ly omfr the lsleve seen two weeks ago. th comes as clicins are se leingonlig nes and those vaccinatreed a shruing to get boteosrs inim te for the holi. daysde peinndg on where you ly, ere is a week or two itwa ti meto get aanppntoiment at the locarml fa asse. inst ead,ma nyare going to the cls iniclike lastghnit. yoms see le ikwe're going to in
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a surge and wag ntinto have thed diontial prodpeuct r our whole fa milyand peace of mind o r sure. >> mywhole fami lyis prteotecd. wogood. >>nd a clinics like this one e arvaccinating hlrougy 0 20 people in a span of e thre hours. of 17il mli onllfuy vaccinatened sio rsreceived a boosshter ot. 40 millipeon op leesag 65 and uppl comet edtheir initiac l va onnatis atleast six months ago. about 69% of the tatol u.s. population has received at least one dose. 'rwee waiting to hear omfr authieorits etwhher a shoo ting was taedrget or raomnd. no ars restso fa r. this is e thsecond de adlyfr eey washooting in alameda cotyin twweo eks. istherise anavere agof more th ansix chea month in the
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counovty er the last year r foevident commut fers,reayew shootings are too common >>they're wrecs.kles th deyon'tre ca atwh is g goinon a ndin the car wi thyou. theywa ntyo u,they will shoo oewhver you're . with >> you have totcwah out for th e fesaty, you know. >>reerport: the homicide ineacrses imclbi. ng >> the funeral for jasper, th arnely 2-year-owald s killed in a cross fire ofa shngooti 0 88 near sentveh st reetin oakland arnely two woes heas w hit whe ilriding in the r caseat. a reward is offered r fo information leading to an arrest. > >>and this moinrng, thre spsuects are in jail. lice recod vere$50,000 worth ofstolen lrjewey r aftethe smh-asand-abgrbing in refield. theyea br a ristke misilarity
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to anotherst ore smash-and-grab concord. authorities havenosat id if the grtwo ou psare nncoecd.te >> > l stilla dyon kp ix 5and st reinamg on cbsn bay , areathe whole put on the admissions po li. cy what the dgjue is saying about the san francisco rdbo of goodfrayid morning, frndies. welo're okg inat a great start and very ghlit spotty shs ower this morning. e temperatures in the low to mi d-s 50at this mohore ur. we'll talk abt ouwhat you can expe ctthis wed ekenand e th seven-darey foca stcoming up. and i will have the latest foinrming a onthe troubl spot. cag usinmar jodelays t ouof the noh bay. tadeils coming u p.
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. >> > 146:. a san francisco superior court u dge put the hose admission pocyli on hold. e san francisco bord of
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edioucatn olviated the brown ac t. it requires local gornvement esbodi to veha open and publ ic meetings. e board failed topo ast meetaging en daon february 9. ngduri e thetmein g,board mbers voted to end lowell high school'mps coetivite the madee umce associatiod n ha this to say, e,quot n sa francistsco udtsen and mifalies rvdesee publmeic etgsin that e artransparennct, iluvesi and taequibl e. 6:15. d let's tu rnit to mary lee now and what u yocan ex pect outside on thisfriday yogood rnmoing toyou. e we'rlooking at a aygr t star of w locldsou, areas of fog and sp ottylite rispnks.le let'shs owers this inmorng. you can see a w feshowers li ghngti up the radar rescen th ismoinrng. zog omininnd a you n casee the lot showers over libanas th is
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morning. keeping the chance n of a isolated spre inklof the for thmo stpart, a yidrng entrd. the tempaterures this morning, loto mid-50s as we look to anfrce. thtee hol m caanwid th the cldsou. sunsetobscure the sunrise an tom for the sunrise d anfor thet insan franci msco,osy tlcldyou skies at 60 degrees. we look to olaaknd. log okinat 62 with medountly oucldy s. kies the south bay, 64 th is aftern oon. coa ol day across e thonregi. there we go with the weak ldco front. brgiinng a few ershows for us. s we go rothugthh e day today, per 50s lo okthe cot,as low s 60along the bay, 63 for a high. edin rwo codity, the south bay and ordo in san . jose conc pord,leanastton, valley velirmore at 62and the pana
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valley at. 62 all right, let's gothrough the day, hoy-ur-bho urand log okin at mostly cloudy co ulrean thk r the part, the dryireng tnd for , us tomo arrowndfo r sunday. inun sshine. antemperat muresore erwarm. the seven-foday restca, sa anfrcisco, oaklanand d n sa jose. yocau n see the sun that is slightly erwarm mpteerurates for r ouweenekd. ah ead. on tuesday, innot great fr om time tito me. there is a chance of a nde th coast, lookg ineagrt for the weekend ahead. whe e thsunshine and te mpaterures on the rise. ickly, the anthksgiving da refocast lookineag grt. he 60s long the coast d anba y. mi60d-s inndla th aisfteronno. alghl rit, les t'talk to ginaan and, of urcose, you are actrking the traffic alerist th morning. >> it's out there for several urs, . mary i just got an daupte from ch p.
6:18 am
they edcall t outwo largmpe du trucks to the scene d anthat it wi keta eitoght ten hours for some tofhis to eaclr. this is 101 rothugh nova. to undeder long. and th isis erwhe an overrntued big g rihaenpped overnight. ound 1 there are th is morning. was rrcaying hecrusd cars. thisis metal deisbr all over throe adways. dageto the center di videas well. yo u veha can urcloses inboth dictnsio at lodeng. nortndhbou 1,10 the right nela isn. ope that is in the hbsoutou ndside f 101. anaftrfic is l stilbeing diedvert off of the freeway. yo u can use that toredwood and things are crow ded. more cars on e throadway and the mornincog mme uthottings up. so10uth 1 from 12to 37. they do peho to open a few lanes. least one ortwo lanes ar oscled for eit ghto ten hours as they clear it t.ou it'sbu sy into miaydd at leas t. hopefu lly,itwo n't af fect
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travelers geg ttinout of town for the holiday enweekd. taking lilakevleto 37 to 10 1, that is a great option. the drive timefrom 80 to 1,10 29 teminus. look at isth. the bay br idgetoll plaza meriteng lights are on. you head in tofrance and peexct sybu nsca for this getaway fr id. ay the firsvet wa of trafc fifor the holiday trelav asseon. travel times for weunstbod 580, 50ut minesfr om 205 to 0 68and eastd boun680 uiis qetor f now. to85. and plan r fo thatif you're tr avlielng this aerftnoon. ckba to you. >>gu> t's 196:. co umingp on kpix 5 and stinreamg conbsn bay area, get ready for a muc,si movie and food-edfill week end. the documents arieanmud sic vi odeosut now th atare sure to keep you bus y.
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. go odfr iday rnmoing to u.yo we'rine gog to the south bay. n jose, 55 grdeee s. we're okloing at low to mid-50si th the cldsou and a few light shoty shs ower-- otspty showers. lk about the ncluhtime caforest in nn.oo lymost oucldy s skieat 58 degrees. kland, 59. thcle ouds. 64, luncimhte and onno. frem ont, 63thwi lymost cloudy ies. ola co teafrnoon r fo usin sa
6:24 am
ntroa sa, mid-50s. erthe is an a chance of an isat edowsher. through the day, the drying entrd for . us we'll lkta about e thweekd en back to ifrnyolooking to spend y indoors. >> get ready to turn on the tv. he 'smore with li vemu sic,film anodd fo u yo willneed to ge u yothrough the weekend. liam, great to e seyou. good morning odgo morning, len and amanda. a great documentary in a moment to cookto e thfirst to ckro out to. peter jackn,so in a three- part doc on the beats.le >> e we'rgog into take the beatless and be quiet. >> yocou rerded the coernvsation? inaudible ] >> th atis e thtitle song "get back." a rethe-part doc aboue t thmost
6:25 am
famousic mus four someever, of secour, the beats.le the financl coert and rooftop performance in london in 1969. it's captured aubetifully here. , roadmo rean 1010parts ns at be 0 urhos he edwait thugbrin g it the release of e thdomecuntary today counsides with the new cd d - - friends, a and spiaecl book with more on the b fa4. tch "get back" onsndiey plus. > as soon asgoi t into france anald reiz iedt was -- atwh it was alabl out, one taste of that toed and i r neve got over . it >> and the late julia child is e leatbred in a w necudomentary anshs edlighawt ay from e th life inthe kitchen.
6:26 am
hewa s the first famous tv keco who found fa meat e thage of 50. the passion for cooking ca me abt after spending years in pa i and she went on the to sp30end years inpbs. morning letevision shs. e ntts eay he. feso, thosdays in pari . and e thosdays inspiring the -bestselling bookte masri ng frenchki coong. jewel wase pasd in -- julia paed in 2004, e ag91. julia now plinayg in the bay area > >>♪ music ♪ there is no resuscioitatn. a>>nd the foo fighters, rock roand ll hall of mefars now. a brand-new devio out datoy for e song "love esdi young" fr om the latest alm bumedi cineat midnight. e thdevio direedct by dave olgrl stars jason you e see thfoo fighters in th isin fe formas a dingvi
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. teama relyal cool devio. a great albu m. of urcose, e thfoo tefighrs. it rocks d anthe o fofigh, ters of co, ursepl bayedote tlrock recrean'y tland you llwi be look -- en rectly and you will beki rocng. they will noanunce to urtedas for 20 two. we can't wafoit r atth. tossiting back toyo u,of course. tu rk eyday is less thana week aw. ay on thest li today, lots of greaact ples to donate. u can vegi your time or stju, you owkn, nadote a turkey to someone in . need all of that n and amanda, rock out this weekend for staying indoors. ol things wato tc h. i hopeu' yore ingog to veha a t greatueyrk day. course, i will beck ba here next friday. ckba to you guys >>same toou y, liam. enjoy atth turkey xtne we ekj. ye s,and great julia impression well. >> i hoped you would do it aiagn? >> in julia's icvoe? >> thank you so mu. ch [ laught wer ]e found. plseea. >> eusxce me. >> ha vea erwondful day. ch. eers
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>> liam, cs horetoou y. >> as lwaylo ve -- cheers to you. >> > e thnext half hour on kpix 5, soal streamin g oncbsn bay area, the fda prapoves boosr te ots for all adults. th ere oisneor me step th>> e start of the ksthangingvi travel rush in the bay area atwh you can expect to see on throe ad
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heliadnes. erpfiz merodna saidu. s. regula torsopened up boosr te shots alto l adults. ere is one more step. th e c cdmust agree to paexnd borsoste to even thhealy young adults. adse arsre to tedeba that tsomeime r latetoy.da >>. antod day is ctexpeedto be e on of if not the but siesday at o, leading up to ksthangingvi. the trair av elis edpricd teto e aup opwhpi ngfo80% r the hoy lidathis year mpcoared to last year. it cos meas tsa faces stngaffi shortages. > >>and lanes are opreened on utsohbound 101 innovato r afte the rollov erof a maivsse semi truck niovergh t. e thdriver was ulhaing crheusd vehi clesand rertpoedly fell leasep in the l.whee the ndcoitn iolesuncar of the driver. >>. od morning, it's fy,rida novemberet ninee n. i'm amanda starrant ino. >> i'm len kiese. it's a bus y daday. we have a ni fceorect astoday.
6:32 am
looks eagrt for thwee ekend. ha>> tt is odgo. >> yes. > >>dissipating and falling art asit moves acssro the gireon. bringingew a f lit ghshows er and hieagh df ppdoler rate you can see for llmi valley ckpiing up a w felot showers. he 60s, molyst cldyou skies. we look to oakland anlod ok at you. e clouds we adhe through e th rest of the day d ansouth bay. the d-mi60s with mostly oucldy sk ies. we're lookinatg the drying trend d an talkabt outhe weekend caforestnd a seven aft o mi ngupin a few moments. chk ecin with gianna. yoreke eping a e closeyone th
6:33 am
e aftrfic >> that closure is in effect aneyd th anpl to open a lane or o top heltraffic squeeze through there. e backup is you uscan e the long to ooredwd and ro landn as aalternate. t back 1to01 d anch coremmending kelaville to ov er 37. tordwas 101. that is odi go alatterne as we. ll fr homoe 12 to 37. alscl, ene a close eye on avtrel times. it's going to be extra, peescially later this afternoo onthe roadways and traffic heintog the airports. if u yohave an early flight to catcath sfo, 101 okloing at the ma apsnd looking goodr fo the ride into the san bruny.oiar and chk ecin with jocelyn mon.ra who liis ve with thelatest on w hopeople are dienng atth airline travel isth morning. cejolyn? nd>> a 'sit hard to libeeve
6:34 am
that a year ago, he althexperts were urgusing aiagnst gathinerg. oklo hereat the cuseri ty checkp ointli. ne we have can soon how backed up it can get. th told us the airport ancitepas reaching 60to % 65 of propmiandec level during the leho say seonas anand ticipate 0 ,0 p00assengers llwi go 32 yocuu seri tychkpecoints y.toda if you plan on yiflng, epprare ahea d ofti. me we sptooke a co uple ofpeople e re this mog.rnin the vaccine islp heing them fe me orcomfortable. stlien. >> we avtreled last year as wendll a ovdre. theais yr s waeasier toju mp on a htflig. didn't et xpecthis many oppele. 6:a.00 m., i didn't know they
6:35 am
u isth early. i s ocshked. we>> shedow you the cuseri ty checkp ointli. ne this oris f stcuomer assist ance to check in e thbags for erican, soutsth we an tbjelue. the oslines can t gepret ty backed uppreparatision ingog to be key and you're arriving upcole of hours before uryo scheduled htflig. thisat the as u yohave been teg llinus, e thlines are enbing and flow hing,uh? >> that is ri ght. they t gelong and quick. arprepatn,io again. fi t erthe as early as you can gtoet tothe turco time. ank you, jynocel. i'm anne kemave c. the fda gave the approval to pfizer and moderna to give thboeir osr teshots to all uladts over the age of . 18
6:36 am
next st ieps e thcd c. at organiza tionexctpeed to mo arforwd alsowi ththat today. th mateans thatall adults coulged t boosters bthy e we ekd.en the esprocs s habe enon the st track. re in caliiaforn, we have alady gone above and beyond e thdeferarel commending as. it look keli nationwideon, soer rather anth lerat, the new fully vaccin atedis going to meanee thr stsho or two if you ve the nafil step, the cdc. we 'rkee eping a close eye on tthemod. ay they rwieviength e tada ahd ea ofim e. > >>thank you, and patients itwaing three months for th ery apappointmentsat, th is what keiser cliniciarens a saying thoris mni. ng >> th'reye pickinetg e thcosend day ina row. ix 5s justin an rues is live isth morning. the strike litokes be underwayo
6:37 am
w. >> reporter: this isa solidarity esprott happen ing. you're looking at the workers marching andprottiesng. the ey'rennegiers, nurses and ve not had ay corantct for a mo1/nth 2. dtheyemdianng there be a chge. lo aokt the new video we shota few mosimentng. y atth piinckg upnd a hoping thgnsis d ansound thes bring solutitoons ts.hi theynt wa keiser to bargain in go odfaith and fix what they call a broken ment alalheth system inleavg tipaents inwaitg up to three months for a erthapy appointmt.en keiser rejected union proposals to iasncreed fistafng. recruit morebenkliual and nority thiserapts and ease ca adlos. he re'sa statenemt omfr keiser. itsa id e thunion stinsis it will h reacremo, in some
6:38 am
ses, nearly two types more than othnier uon reagemtsen. we'rtie opmiicst, keiser sa, id we can resolve the mareing in issuesh witlol ca39. twealked to prone ottoesr this moin g. ke a listen. >>keeris is clngaimi going to ma things work. you are all inargug e th oppotesi. let'lks ta ouabt that. >>i ulwod y sathat keiser said, y the do atth a t.lo they putatth mee ssagforward. ven the engiernes have been out he freor 63 ysda now and the pharstmacis e araldeing winith uon issues, our clinic, althl e ment alhealth clinicians aeare dli ng with union suises, you n casay th at reyou' bgaarining in odgo itfah, but the results are in what show. s up out . here >> reporter: they'rcke si and tired of iskeer talking about gsthin, eyth te llme
6:39 am
eyth also ntwa action. ju st ainndrews, kpix5. >>thk anyou so much. hollpefuy,om sething is rkwoed out son for everyone there. >> 6:39. coming up on kpix 5 an restamg inagain on cbsn y ba area. >> it's teasyo jam out to your vofariteso ng when you know e th words. atwh spotify is doing to help yofiu nd the lyrics. >>and where the company now stands on cons umerporerts list of mostreablile car makers. and y happfriday to you. he 's alive look wi thour sutreareis land mecara. looking at the baidy brge. thgre eat start to the day. the low to mid-50d s anchkiecng few t lighisolated spris nkle for parts of e thnortbah y this inmorng. mostloly cudy skies and a dr tyingre ndthrough e thday toy. low to m0sid-6. below average isth ti meof the year. we'll talk about e thweeken refocast and seafven t micong up. --sen-veday forecastin comg
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
. >> > ndhureds of rkwoers e ar calling for a gnresiatn ioof a big name ceo. diane king ha jlloins us live omfr the new rkyo stock ex ch tangehimos rning. go mniorng, diane. >> reporter: good rnmoing to yo u. before the latest, let's oklo at trading. it 's be uennderway for ten mi nutes and inorvests inpullg the w donow and abt ou200 points. yo u veha games ther e. the na sdaqis better by orperfm points. ne ar aly dozen esstat ckkied off an inigvestatn iointo the repant cpaomny o f insta gram atbre to know if metaokbre courage protectilaon ws and t pu young people at riskby conaorditi nge thplatforms. th aeyccused the mpcoany of exoingti children in th teinrest of ofprit. the parent company pushed back
6:44 am
aiclming the gaalletis onare false. >>an> increasing number of employees and shareholders are callinr g fothe o ceto sustain do. that is not for this. you veha a company down here celebrating ringg inthe bell. meantimere, mo tn ha800 workers have signed on to a tipetion calling r fohis resiiognatn. activision is the mpcoany bendhi popular gamekes li call f dy utand candy cr ush. the ancompy's halindng of xual assaultal legaontis. amdaan? >> and did ian, cbsmoney on tch. com,thank u yoso much. and looking live from catol , hillstla nis ght'vote s postponeted afr a top-house re puicblan rallied against the pralopos toin the early mo >> this is the ngsile most wrkls esand irresisponble spending bill inour naonti's hiy.stor >> this bill inclesud an exnsion of the child tax
6:45 am
credit, which recedud child poverty. >>he t plan udincles money r fol ime atchange, univl ersaprk e- d anbrg indrug reforman d is expected to pass the house . in in thsee nate, democrwiats ll need all50 of eithr members on >> ty heplan stoto bckoil this wiernt to make resu the rervr oidoesn't dry . up it's nothing fonew r the ridistct. the pres surehabes en employed the past to deal with drghcot nditions. th isea yr, itpl ans to feed waeater rlr ieand y mapurchase ubdole the suppliesfr om last year. > >>rent assist ancefor hundreds ofresidents could take monto hs tprocess. th e deputy niadmisttorar said sie the progm ran begain june, the uncoty reivceed remo th,0an 400 applications for assistance. tens hionsigh this rnmoing
6:46 am
followincog a nttienous hearing ov erwhy san anfrcisco ende anpls r foa homeledrss opn -i center atth is two weeks rebefo it wa peexcted to enreop. it was to takeve or a former mcnadold's site inthe heat and anstnion streets itpu tlledhe plugs because of thlae ck of funding. me blame the mar,yo argug in e met thwi the neighborhood soccer that opposed that precojt. new video isth rnmoin g. the lot ngesrtpaial loanar ec lie psin the millennium, sting for 3 1/2 hours, maki ng it e thlongest since ferybrua of 1440. merember that arye? it was a good one. thece lipse could, soonfrom the u.s., japan and e.chil and mary, aua betil fusight in the sky? it was. wehad the clouds d anshowers niovergh t. we wert e noab le tosee it in
6:47 am
thy e baeaar, but asit w a,nd take. ular the longest partial lunar lipse, very eaclr. and starngti off the day. lo okg inat san frano.cisc the temperesatur inhe t low to i d-50s and l stiltracking lit ghshowers. a spnkrile or two is about it this morning. thmoinrng clouds. a few isoledat spotty rispnkles or o twand rothugthh e y,da can't rulet ouan isolated spnk. le for the most part, a drngyi trenfod r us and molyst cloudy skies. cool tempereratus. it's notca beuse of the weak cold front bringing the dsclou and shs oweryou picked up omfr a fendw huretod a .01 ofan in chf orain. r uppe50s arndou the coasd t an pacifica. 62 , kloaand. tolow mid-60s for the
6:48 am
peninsula and ghhis inland. mid-60ins san jose and ncord, liver moreand 62 r fo the napa valley. ancould see is unbreaks. agn,ai that drying trend. through our rnafteoo n. here we e arat 3:00 p.m. d anfor the stmo partth, e high supresreeg bins to d builin lar on. the temperesatur onthe rise. and aswe oklo to thanksgi. ving ow 60s and 60mid-s inndla and lookgring eafot r e thweenekd ahead. ere is a chance to see a sh oweror two for estuday. one atweher model owshs . it the othe rsdon't. ening that cechan. the north bay and coast, you casen e e thtemperat ureson the . rise and with a little bit more suhinsne. 16ch, a an ceto see an isolated
6:49 am
sherow into datuesy. we'll have tta beer idea. s lookgreat r fothanksgiving on thursday. it 'sri fday, the bay area stem st arof the week here. opra from frt.emon she won a national is stem mpetition. thtoe p ten outhsa ndro bber woohod jns fonoundation award for he althadvaenncemt at the maer s. she loves mpcouter programmin d anwants to uepurs a care iern comp suterciceen. i love how she cares ouabt he mmcounity d anmaking a diffceeren. congrats to her. >>ana d tinaonal awar d? >> >> that isco. ol we ha vea lot toge. t to a lot of people tryi ngto head out of to wnand the traffic t aleris in e if act on 101. thand isis at lodeng out of novatod anckbaed up in the
6:50 am
area. d it was carrying crheusd meadow. metal. nohbndou 101, you have e on right lane . open use an alternate and you can it the fry eewaat delong. geand t onredwood and back to 1. chcop remmdienng lakeville to . the rimeteng li ghtsare on and fitrafc ckbaed up in this eaar. it 'sa getaway friday. rothe ut, es85, 80 and 1 10are tbusyhiafs ternoon. >> > teafr a up itouultes year, sltea plummeted on the annual list of stmo reliable car marske. sltea came indead last, ranking 27th onthe list, beinatg out lincoln. ong the coerncns, urcoage reports cited is sueswith hot pu mps,air ndcoition and misalignpaed ne. ls the mox del rank eddead last h montall cars for lireabily,it
6:51 am
scorg'ins 5 out of 100. >> this morning, ifspoty users a veac cess to real tomelyri cs on e thplatform e thmusic streaming company said the new feature is free isand ailvaable roacss multiple dev, icestelevision, ming systems anskd deton co mperuts. >>ad ele is out datoy,oo t. >> o. g>>et ready in t henews. room and meti now is 6:51. kibreang news out of wainshgtond., c. on the build- backte betr anpl. >> and turk eyday morning rush s o n. s lineargee tting . long >> streaming on cbsn bay area anr d ouweatexher tra gmseent. meteolorogist paul n hagais ving into coonmm rainfall extremes across the uncotry at 8:15isth rnmoing. h watcat or on the kp p.ap we're on the cbs newsap p. you can down loadit
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. >>i'> m anne makavec. side the house gechanrs on catopil hill. e house passed the president'uls wod ckba better de al. a huge gileslative win. it wanes go d idknow onalg y e democrats are taking it ugthroh e thpushni line. at pl anheads to the senate. lethe giatslion includes mone r foimclate change, universal e-k and presipcrtion drug re fo. rm it would ineacrse e thdeaf etst by $367 billion. that does not count the ne wepor of the s irwould get to aft werealthy tax chtsea, recog upinso meof e thmo ney. that isoi gng into the debate in thesetena. demos cratwod ulne edall 50 of their mes mberon arbod. we'll keep an eye on it. back to you. > i'm veli at iskaer in oakland. motongri the protests folding live right w noon the
6:56 am
air. d anyou're okloing at a hafundl of otprestors and yeinllg more af lf,ess wait d anthis is in oakland. ere are a handful of those presotts acssro the bay and ndbeyo. 'rtheye pihong this inbrgs a solu. tion and hope that pfizer fixes a brenok mental health system, keeppatients inwaitg up to three months for a apthery appointment and claim that keer ctrejeed proposals to crinease staffing and more lingual and erthaptsis and ea seaiunstnae blcase loads caing ineacrsed turnovers at keiser clinics. 'sit mioptist icit can resolve thisessu. workteers llme that they want action and they llwi reinma he rehe t enreti day. live oinakndla, i'm justin anewdrs, kpix 5. i'm joycelin mon ralive he. aithe rpt oris praising for what is expected to be e th
6:57 am
siest day for tr avelfor thanviksging. this is the chk-ecin lines if you plan to check in uryo bag oror f custerom assistance. u yocan see the slips are getting longqu icy kland we lktaed to people thismorning. ople are infeelg remo comfblortae avtreling, in part do u yoto the covid ccvain e. for thc,e cd % 69of e thos12 ye ars of e agand older are fully vaatccinedin the u.s. and kimang a dierffence for avel. cahow n you pareir for the long lines? it 'sec rommended you arveri two hos urbefore domestic and threee fo reinternational flights. coidnser getting prechecked and checurk yo fghlit status befoharend. remember, fain cts are required the rpaiort and on your fl. ight be wearing them. th erare e the anstds wi ththem and they're offe ringmasks as llwe. i'm jocelyn n,mora kpix 5. anlod okg inetprty go odis 101 and hopefu lly,you okboed
6:58 am
parking in adva nce. and thaw ctexpeing busy conditions on the parking . lots the bay idbrge and golden idge, stan mateo gebrid will busy later on a ndlkfos out town r fotheke ween d. d aheaofig fure, 85, 80 and 101 exctpeed for the wagetay otros and brake lights this afooternn. speaks oakf bre ghlits, 'rwee on top of the traffic eralt. soouuthbnd10 1 at lodeng. th e nelas are blocked. the ghrit sherould is laavaibl e. you have an hour travel time w nofrom highy wa12 to 37. an d e us37 to 101 as an a cl oudystt ar tothe day. th ismary > >>it is. i am tracngki the oucld streg aminin. a gray cld ouand isolated sherfos r parts of nothe rth bay. i thk infor the feast , part we're gog into e sea ngdryi trend through the restof ayfrid. molyst cloudy skies d ancool te mpaterures. r-uppe50ths is afternoon. w 60s around the bay. 60 in san francisco. kloaand and the pensniula. tolow mid-60s miand d-s 60for you and e thutsoh bay.
6:59 am
low 60s, orconcd, velir moor and the pana valley th is aftern oon. >> a public skate spotin east anoakld. >> obsta clesfothr e park were u ilt by a ougrp of vontlueers fromacssro the bay eaar. this is a look at styeerday's kioff event at the parkon 9th avenue. d b street. inudcle skate look a girl e th areais constantly hit by crime. forts are undeayrw to vireve the area and kema it safe r fo children tooy enj the yo you e doors. >> we inve sted00$1,0 00into e state parke. her woke fought for e thmoney and wo n'tot see how it's gog into be tiacvad tewi thour family and chil drenand how we use the space. >>ids joing inthe event got fr seekate ssseio, nsbo, ards van shs owand protective g ear. >> going vety well >>yes. >> anw d hofun is atth?
7:00 am
>> r supefun. th>> e wsne continues all day bson cn y ba. area >> cbs mornings iscoming up xtne. thanu k yofor joining us. ha ave great week end. ♪>> > lcweome, welcome"c to bs morn,"ings a hndappy friday to you. at will he hello to our ewers on thet i>>'m tony doko.upil >> i'm nate esburlon. >> yes, s.he i we're all here. t's go to tos day'"e ye openerou," yr rlwod in 90 >>o 'amam. >> n revereaedch for anythin g, did he? >> no. >>us jt ran? >> yes, he was just ruinnng. >> aernoth d oayf intensnse teimstony from the w manho killed ahmaud ar.bery his stunningis admsi ionn court. hothe uswie ll vote on the esident's ag dendaestepi a maonrath g soppeech.


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