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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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engott eithr boosteotr shs. >> and what eyth plan on pushing for coming up next. it's ay, november 19th m i'aman. da and i'm len. >> just a few isolathoed swe rs out. the eri want to showu yoif u yo start off our day. th weak cold front pushin rothugh. n,agai is t'falling apard t an yocau n e sesome keli ttgeing sprinkleio actn rehe and hi-de ft onzooming in for the north y baand paofrts hillsb urg,guvirnlle. d anthat wisell the shower tiacon and we're loinokg at meso ricleangn ispots. anin toour y,da the eris a chance of an isolat ednksprile or two. r fothe most part, we're arting e thngdryi trend through afthe teoornn. dae ytimhis ghon the cool side.
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per-50s along the coast and w 60s onalg thy.e ba 61, co nocoorder d ansan cifransc o,61 and 62 for oa coolk talabt outhe weekend focarest upin a few monts we were hongpi for ayfrid ghlit. >>s thiis10 1 in e thh nortbay annotova. it's a messasy crh d anhas enbe there r foseveral hours and this is southbound 101 at denglo and there is a let of debris. crarews e rkwo on eaclri ngup the me. ss there ais lot of tempere atur to t heargud rail erthe. las neare edclos tiunl rtfuher noceti, diverting fitrafc to easeco nges ttionhrghou that ar. i will show you the maps now to t you around the area ifyou're taking utsohbound 10 t1,hey will take u yooff at teloang d stay on th atand make
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a right to rondla. reootod take you to roland d 101. a lot of brake lights. i wi hllave an daupte on the tr aveltimes in e thxtne report. thank you,and thanksgiving avel ru shis cioffial ly on y.toda expected to hebe t buessit y da at o sffor e thholiday. >> ixkp 5s jolycen moran is live fromthe airport. w hois it log okinlike there no w? hopefuthlly e lines are noo t to long fevor erybody. >> reporter: 'sit pretty nglo here at the risecuty chkpecoint. hlooker e. this lonehas started to ckpi up. th iats rmteinal one, gate b and stju in the last10, 15 minu tes, we alrely saw e th line pupick . really, ita 's ffdierence from out we we reseeing stla . year we remember back to hoy lida season. health experts wereurnggi us no t togather. isth year, we have a vaincce. anr d pee thcdc, 69% of those y12ears of e agd anolder are y fullvainccated in thes. u. and you can see thatis maki ng
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a differencer fotrelav. airp ortsin the y baarea d an airlines e arinbracg r fobusy da ysahead. ey liav om a d ts is facingaf ge >>e seof sc ralimbng and toin the lihoday se. ason >> what does thmeat an for u?yo plan ahead if you're flowing. it mmrecoend deyou come two hourfos bere a domestic flight and three urhos fobere internatl ionaflhtigs. check your htflig stutas befo re hand incase there e arysdela. remember, s maskwi llbe qureired at the airport d anon o urli fght. i'm jocelyn n,mora ixkp 5. >> s. >> p,li who said45 mitenus and itnow 's two urhos. >> yes. >> g bidifference. >>ma ke sure you t gethere y.earl >> t hankyou somuch. and haenpping today, 24a - hour strike is to begin in less anth an hour at keiser falicities across thebay and ntral valley >>today marks day o twof the so-ca slledymthpay strikes.
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ix 5s juinst ewandrs is li ve in oad klanth ismog.rnin any idea how many works erwill wa lkthe pi lcketin esthis rning? >> reporter:ga ornirsze doors an to piet neli thisni morng. the protests e arplanned roacss the bay and beyond, stretching om oakland ton sajose, cramento to fr esnoanwed 're ldto tt hathey want erkeis to aibargn ingood h faitto fix whatthey call a okbren mental hethal system that avlees patients wainitg townthree mohsnt for therapy appointm ent. clinicians hawho ve waged seravel strikes against keiser er acssce to mental hethreca are strikinthg wi mes mberof statio enarynge in ears l loca39. they have been on ristke for nelytw o mont hsand aiclm that keiser rectjeed n unio proposals to increase stngaffi, recruit more bingliual and mino trityhepirasts and ease suunstaiblnae case adlos ca usg inincreased tuerrnov at iser clinics iskaer is sangyi this in a
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stemt,en the union ins sistit receives much more and some secas, nearly twoes typ me orth anth oerrionion from meti to tis coveringis kaer perman eentempyeloes. weop're tistmiic, keisered atth we can ree solvthe remaininsug iseswi th local . 39 they have been without a co ntctra since octo1sber t. we know someof the peoplell wi be gatngheri in less th anan urho and they anpl on being out herel alday nglo. wee 'rlive in ondakla. justin ans,drew ixkp 5. >>we'lsel e if atth is the y ke to en tdinghi s. justinan, thk u.yo on capitol llhi, house de moatcrs are expected to pass pridt enbiden's ilbud back be tt eragenda as soonas datoy. and th atis after an erovnight votewas postd ponecabeuse hoe usminority le aderkevin mc cahyrt did a mathraon eespch moren thaeit ghs hourlo. ng soat, th ntwe into e thearly inmorng urhos. th eydecided to call it for the
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night. the leatgislion clinud esmoney for climate change, universal e-k, and crpresip tiondr ug reform e thnonpartisan recongssnaiol budg etfiofce found the llbi increases thfie decit $367 iobilln over 10 s yearand that ishe not conserid rethe vee nu gerad teby the s irgetting grteenr forcement power going afweter aly thchtax ea. ts thouat cldba lance itself out. n d w,no once asit pses the house, which it's ctexpeedo t dood tay overin sethe na, te democrwoats uld need all 50 of thr eimemberpps suort in orde topass it. an d atth is up in e thair. we'll keep an eye on it. on the coronavirus front this inmorng,ta stewide case p to5 million. toverhe last week, caliiaforn has reported an average of ab48out 00 new cases per day. and atth is donewn ar ly2% from the levels seen two weeks ago. thcois mes as ipcl uc kse ar seeing nglo nelis. maarny e shruing toge t eithr teboosrsju st in time for the daholiys.
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deinpendg onwhere you live erthe is about a week or o tw wait meti. instead, mane y argog into mmcounity inclics like the e on held at erflow emelentary in sonomat lasnight. >> seems like wee 'rgoing in to a rgsue ghrit now and wanting to hthave e addiontial prtioduconor f our whole family and peacofe mind for resu. >> my whole family is otprected, you know. my had us a ndkids 'rwee good. small inclics like this one arvainccating roug20hly 0 people in a span oref the hos.ur justover 17 min lliofully vaccinatseed nis orhave re ceediv a booster shot e thnu mberis conincerngom se publheic al thexperts because million people esag 65 an , upcompleted their initial vac nationats let asx simo nths ago,ni meang they would be eligible for a osboter. cdthe c porerts that69% of the total u.s. polapution s ha received at least one dose. is morning,'r wee stil itwaing to hearfr om auitthoriewhs ether a shooting on istnterat80e near the bay gebrid tollla pza was targ eted ordo ranm. it happ enedyeerstday morning.
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a motherst lo hefer li in the gu norrtses so far. >> > d anthis is e thcosend de adlyfrwaeey shooting in alameda county in just two eks. ere is an arm of more than six each month. in the county over the la st year. for every y dacommeruts in the ea bay, eefrwashy ootings are becoming too common. >> they see wrecklaness d n'dot carewh ats igoing on or in the car with you. they want you,ey th're gotoing shot werhoev you'rewi th. >> you veha to watch out for uryo safety at cen rtaitime d anbe o twsteps ahead. >> alsoclngimbi, the homicide numbers in oad klanat mo rethan 0. this morning, rethe suspects ainre leya. police verecored $50,000 worth of enstol jewelry afr tethe sm ash-angrd-ab at solanoto wn ntceer in fairfield. it bares a striking simitylari to another jewey lrorste smash- d-grab in orconcd rleaier thweis ek. so far, police have naiot sd if the twimo cres are cotennecd. >> a rmfoer crim jinalusceti professor at sa onomste athas
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en diincted on arn sogechars. prosecuts orsay that 47-year- olgad ry maynard aitrled fire crs ewfighting the dixie fire overthe summer and set new res behind t hem. if convicted, he faces up to 20 yes inprison and a arquter million lldoar fine on each of fithe ve cotsun he's facing. and iomillnsof federal doarlls are on the way to the y baar eato boost police staffing. it's part ofa 39$1 million ju ste icdepart mentt granto ag enesci across e thcountry. co wea ttcounty will get $375,0o 00 tinbrg three w ne officers on board. san frscancio llwi get more an 6 millio hn toelp higher 50. ane d thci tyof fremheont ld rtviual swearing-in cere mony for e thnew po the erform veretan and captain shwaawn shgtinon. >> tonit,gh it will be s.bu we, not . me partnepsrshi, the police and the commy unitas one. >>washington has been on the job since stla month when
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foerrm chief pete rsonreorsted. he is the first black person to lead the department in this 'scity history. > and w nothis morning, the p lover isin the hospital teafr cra ash in eaonst ctra costa co. unty this happened in byron yesterday mog.rnin e thcepoedly enbe driving a paoltr motorcycle anda s found off the roadway. thmorctoycle had major da. mage the officer's has not been asreleed. and the ti meis:1 50. stl ilahead on kpix 5 and st reinamg on sncb y baarea. >> the amazing work omfr docttoors t gea bay eaar erfath bk acon his feetafter a tragic ienncidt. noist ane d thhold put on e th high schoolmi adssn iopolicy. anwh ata dgjue is saying abthout e san frano ciscbod ar duof ecaonti. >>al> l right, i am tracking a weak colond frt. bringing a few ve ryghlit sptyot showers and chkiecng that on high ddoeaf ppr.le i will have the weenekd forecast aevnd senay-d forecast congmi up. nd>> a ifyou're gettreing ady to head out of the door in th thmoer y,ba wee 'rmonitoring a affialc ert
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th e clsiasc hollywood story. mweeet the hero, the l-alnew nissan frontrie hero fac seseeming lypoimssibleha cllenge. tension budsil... the otpl twist thhee ro preilvas in hollywood, thisou wld be the end. but our here, we are just geinttg stard.te intrucoding e thall-neniw ssan fntroier. > >>welcome back 'sit 5:. 13 bay areaea resrcrshe harnessed the wepor of technology and treme learning to ex trrdaoinary ends. >> r theirkwo veuncoreand inno ovatef prapoach to inspal word can injuesri.
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aasllen mart inreports, it's helped one bay area dad get back on his feet. >> reerport: liobgation beach n frscancio. n knowfo r -- ocean beh,ac france. own for its cowald ter and w rapower. thki ndof mace he w louldov e. on fruebary 12th, 2017. >> i checd kethe waves. kiss edmy wife goodby e. id i g amoing surfing and i will see you in f aew hours. >>re porter: while surfing, chris e brokhis neck hewas unfod by a ndfrie floating in onwifeha ciac. d r hoalspit, n safrscancio's only lel veone trauma ercent. judge he was so cold. onste ldco. and he had ndsa all thugroh his hair and his seno andors. ani d knew meimdiately oh, this is way woe rsanth a broken bo. >> repoerrt: chharis d a devastating 7ical spinal chord injury. doctorids sa he would locally ner reinga movement below hi
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ckne, even if hedid survive, he woulned ed a ilventat orto thbrea. >> the first thing he mouthed to me. he was on a veatntilor d anth at s wapull the plug. >> porerter: unknown to richs and bbdeie, ucfs doctors had plimemend tea nol vesurgical procotol tobed usein patitsen with new spinal chord injuries.h e , ideato titlghy monir to tipaent's blood prsuesre d an man tap it wi thinthe goilksoc zone. not to high, t notoo low. >>th e just d gh prsure repr:e oopresre rae ismuch more narrow than current elguidin. es the daouta fnd higher blood pressure may, in ctfa, da magesp in altissue. a new udsty confirms e th benefit. within a narrow range, th tipaents d hachmu beertt outcanome d unexpectedooly gd outcome. >> reporter: the ctdoors didn't diovscer this apchproa on their own. >> th isis a mahun machine panertrship. thi s isone ofthe great th aingsbo utbeheing ren ithe a y area.
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>> repteorr: scientists used maine lear ningand arfiticial llinteigceen. >> we rkwo on extrac dtingata tfromhe patient reco rds. >> reporter: eyth tracked 118 alspin orchd patients at o tw y baarea trau macenters. zu ckbuerrg and santa cla ar valley medical center. eyth built an algothrim and sc oud rethdae ta from each patient lookg inat ndhureds of thsaounds of data tspoin. the machinnces uoveder the intrigngui patter n. wee werrisurpse d. yes. >>ep rorter: e thtrauma teams took the findgsin from the lfare to the bedse idto use inat pients look c. hris >> they go rastight to the u ic and we kema sure th eymaintain their anme arer toual pressure al. >> reporter:er aft richs undet rwensurgery. >> i had nointhg. twweo ek s,nothing. ree weeks, nofeeling or veme antt at thatpoint, they write you of f. then stuff stteard happg.enin >> repor ter:chs ribegan to elfe sensation b elowhines ck. "ms,onth hcoe uld move a toe d ana limb. tahe srt edfeeding hims elf. >> i remember the first day he
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ate a piece of chatocole. from thibls tae. he put n it ihis mouth. we cheered. >>rertpoer: s chriundet rwen experimentalom stacceh ll thy erapand a trial at ucla. to day,he can walk on his own. what began at zuckrgerbu idpa off. h>>e oostd up from hi eewhlchair and walk eda few st eps. i get emotnaiol. itti sll gives me chills inspal chord injuesri af fect 18,000 pati entsin the s.u. ea chea yr. thfee liti mecost heto t pa tit enand society is how many. chris libeev esfunding and shinarg big tada might help leaccera tetreatment fo heotrs. >>ns itead of having hundreds of sam, plesyou have thoundsas. there is no reason we can't haveus thoan dsof subs.ject 'rwee rasctching the surface. >>incredible f,stuf d r. ferguson believes th isapoaprch mibeght alipped ototh ermore coonpi snal issues, udincling spinal ten ises on aisnd low back pain. e most commonse cau jofob-
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red latedebisality. 5: 18 now. whatu yocan peexct once you ad outside. >>we're looking at mperatures ie n thw loto mid 50s and a few spris nkleout ere. ve ry light spot tyshower actrking that yofor u on hi-def doleppr. thake we ldco front rolls rough. from the rtnoh bay, a few sherows. zooming in here and you can see from ndwisor to ocdecintal e.ther adwe h a few showers rleaier in nta rosa. th at is a foggy view, n'ist it. sohe, re's another viewwith thsales rcfoe tocawer me ra loinnog rth. cayou n e sea little bit of the ostsligh. but foggy and gray. lo okg inat w loto mid-60s this morn ing. we're lookating a namile. the vilisibity in irfafid el -- a mile and a half. thsie vibility in irfafid.el sat lianght d darar view. the weak cold f rontpuinshg thro ugh. and that is y wh'rwee hicatcng a few shs owert outhere. it 'sgo ing to bea co olone.
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we're tag lkinabout upper-50s lo okthe t.coas low 60s for you. fo61 r a ghhi insan frscancio. 62, oakl and. w to mid-60fos r the penia.nsul inland, 64 in san jose this ternoon. and through our day weas head thug h. the reofst the mornating 8:00 a., m.a spotty shower atth is a possibility. sprinkle ortwo and throug e thafternoon, there is a cechan tseo e fea w more isatoled sprinkles thi ink for the most part, west'll artot dry things out an d ybmae catching meso sun brksr oa ttlile bit of clearing. the isthat chance with ough instabi lityfor it, an isolat sedhower. we lo okto the weekend, more nshine and temperaturares e a little waerrm on sardtuay and suay. as we look to next week, one weather demol br ingsthe chance of a few shows erfor ne xt tuesday. e others do n't. and i will epke that chan icen r fonext tuy.esda it's iffy with the ne xtweather stem the erand that looks gr eat. thfor e ascot and the
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60s. n francisco and san jose, there we go. warmer and remo sunshine for the enweekd. and again, that chance of a sher or two onxt ne tuesday. t noother bay and coast log okin great this weekend. te mpaterures slightwaly rm er and loinokg at a chance of a sh owor next tues day. loot check in with gianna for a look at traffic. it's a bit of a mess. if yoreu' taki ng101, give yourseexlf tra time. ok at this isth iswhat we're dealing th. very tiacve e.scen southbound nearloteng. an overturned big rig was cayirrng a lot of l metadeisbr. the ercent didevi. you havea lot of actytivi there and atth is on scene. yingo tuprit ghthe hivecle. this ey t puabrbsoent onth e freeway. las neare shut down in bo th direct ionsand mostly affectingh e southbounde sidof 101. d let's show our maps now.
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yocau n see the d rethere in thnte ceerof the rescen. it's backed up in the area. sohbutound 101 atlodeng. ontoe urfo las neare blocd ke leand avg inthe right sherould available. rtnohbound 101, you have the t righla neopen traffic is rtdiveedof f at delong. anu d yocan take th. at once reyou' off of the wafreey to redwood and larond, i am izoomn here and i highlighted the alternates. at is your alternate inha tt area or you can leave a little bit lar teonce the nelas open . n,agai ty'here inworkg on upwritthing e vehicle. ho pellfuy, they willcl ear atth thxte ne half hour or so. 'lwel keep you uptedad on th at and tr avels timettgeinbug sy for the ride to the altamont sspa. a fr, idaya getaway friday. the t firswave of traffic as ksthangiving is just a few days ayaw. you will see busy conditions lar on steabod un580. ifyou' reheading watords the ceraval lley and i-5, give yourself extra time ther e. right now, inthgs are busy webod.un head. s up 85 and 80, highway 101. we'll all be busy later during e thafternoon . ride bay br, idgegolden gate and san
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mateo bridloge, cay llso extra conditions aswell as folks tr yingto get t ouof town fo e thholiday week end. back to yo u. >> they're tonhe go. > thank u yoso much. saann frcio scsuperior court dge put w lohigh hoscol admissions lipocies on hold. ina ruling, the judgide sa the n francisco board of educn atioviatoled the brow it qureires a local government bo dyto have open and public etings. thbod arilfaed to post a me etg inagenda ckba fonebruary 9t h. duringt thameeting, bord ermembs tevod to end the w lo gh school competitive academisic msi. on the jue dgmade the admiss ions resolus tionnu lland void. >> > the umal notice association leased a stenatemt saying, qu ot e,san francisco students anfalimies sederve blpuic meetings that artre ansparent, inusclive aneqd uitable. it's 5 two. sit -- 5:22. still ahead on cbs 5 and sncb bay . area >> the sthioric trip to the inrnteatiol naspacste ation for one nasa astronaut anhed r journey here in carnlifoia .
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. > good friday morning to you. i tckraing a weak cold fron inbrging's few isolated spotty ershows. trackingt thafor u yoon hi-d ef doppler. oking at the north bay. fea w sprinkles t oue therthis
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moin g. as we he tadhrough your lu ncimhte hour. atoo n,san frano,cisc 57thwi mostly dyclou skies r foyo ur luncm h toforecast r fo -- ncluhte imforecast. kland and into the utsoh ba y. san jose for onno for u.yo 64 with mostlyou cldy we'rgoe intog veha clouds. e theris a chance to see an isedolat owsher through our ternoon. i thk inas we head throh uge th day, l we'lsee a drngyi tren r fous. frt,emon . 63 at the lunce htimho urand mostly cloudy skies. inlookg tosanta rosa, mid-50s th the clou. ds we'll talkabt outhe weeken refocast and atwh you can ex pectmicong up. ba to you. nasatr asont aujessica wa tks inis about to beco methe fit acblk woman on the in teatrnional space stn atio crew. he>> s'sxp eected to la unch into s paceinap ril. -- to launch intosp ace in april. crthe ewwi ll spd ensix hsmont in the iss larabotory uccondting scientt isresearch. a tks inhas been prirepangfo r her rsfit space ssmiion since be
5:27 am
ing sele ctedas a astrt onau candidate. in 2017 quick. tkins edearn r hebachelor's grdeee in joey gilocal an vienronmental sciences at anford and we nton to rnea a doctorinate olgeogy frommous shlie's keea yh, i did that. >>i t gothiso., to >> i got isth. >> ahye. good for her. 7t52ime ise thti. me e ne xthalfr houd an streamoning cbsn bayar ea. >> the start of the anksgiving tl raveru shin the bay area and atwh you can exctpe to insee the roads and n -g preatar, tycarl must he avblown your bte -nxaot -you hgrave eanat me-brand kssnac, nsto of meat... anerd whe d diyou get isth imported chseee? -hello! ergrocy tlouet, bargain
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♪- grocery out let rgbaain rkmaet ♪ it -wh isth holiday toset bt usyour wallet, yoeiur nghrhboood grocery etoutl is the destionnati safor vis ngof 40 to 70 percent onou yr whole meal with deaikls le 14ol dlars off yourkr tuey.
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. in a matter of minutes, presottors will be outside on the picket nelis outsid e of keiser. i will tell you theider mands ngcomi upnext. me mbs erof the house in o natn's mi birt prhe enagt'
5:30 am
an d otanher day in court on the elizabeth holm esfraud l.tria how the jury arhed from the rmer ceo hef.rsel and we're veli here at sf o. it's a busy avtrel day for ople as they eltrav for thgianksvi. ngif y'roue planning tyio flng, we'll teyoll u atwh yoneu ed ton owco ming up. good inmorng to you 'sit ayfrid, venomber 19th. i'lem n kiese. >> i'm a man starinranto. i am asngsumi there is a lot gog inon by the rpaior t. >> yeah. and what are eyth loinokg lookr fous outside. >> 'sit a gray start and a few sp ottysherows t outhere. trackingt thafoyor u. not a lot. u yocan see aswe zoomin heit&tre is wet weheatr iffor the north bay. we veha morning clouds and a vefew ryli ght showers as we stt f ofour da y.
5:31 am
througthh e teafrnoon, rtnohwtlesy cloudy skie s. could see sun breaks rothugh e thy datodad y ana olco day across thegi reon. there is a anchce of an isolatedin sprkle or two. thh rougthe day, negeray,ll th atdr ying trend for us. upper 50los ng the low 60s along the low to mid-60s in the peninsula anlad inndth is morning. 64 for you insan jose , 62concord. 61 , n saanfrcio scand 59 for paficica. we'll talk t abouthe weekend fo restca including our seven- y refocast coming upin stju a moment. lecht's ecink with gi. anna it's getaway friday and trki tnghe track alert. caltrans s creware with usy d this is on 1 10through notova. and h soutannod rthbound. th e sides of the hiwaghy ar feafcted. tuoverrn bedig rig. carrying a lot of metal depre- anscd attered acrothss e fry.eewa there is ael fu spill in the roadway wasel l. a lot isoi gng on and you n ca
5:32 am
see that here. at veis ry busy as ea. 'se ea rthbou10la ne is op. enedc isonly gettg inby the right ldshouer. your on , thesyou can get e th freeway at delong and use re dwood to get to roland and backto 10 1. i am keeping a closeon the freeways u yomight be out d ant aboufor theke ween d. we're starting to actrk low speeds arne sfo d anplan for that. it 'soi gng to be busy at the airport saysas llwe. it lksoo like things are crowded e wheryoaru e. >>'s it etprty s buhere and thardo libeeve a year o ag thheal eerxpts were ur ging against gathg erin withfamilies an ythisea r,it's looking diert.en i wisall y things havesl ow ed
5:33 am
down a bit at the ts ecchkpoint. key haseve en waves of lepeop co mingin before e thflight s. today is is peexcted to be the esbusit travel day r fo thanksgiving theold the sf nichrocle the orairpt tiancipates hireacng is t ecto 65% of prepanc demi passenger levels du ringthe ho le saasy seon and antipacite 5000as psengers will go rough securihety cckinpots. fou r yoatho me, ifyo u plan tol y datoy or e thnext couple of days, make sure you are eppraring ahead of time. spotoke a coup leof pe ople he trehis morning. nyma traveling fo thanksgiving. e vaccine is lpheing them elfe more mfcoortable. ta kea listen. >>e trelaved last year as we allnd drove. is this year, it s waeasi erto mpju on a flight. de finitely dt idn'exctpe this nyma people. es t like 6:00 a.m., i dndi't know they flew th isearld y an lkwaedp. u
5:34 am
i was keshocd. >> lookg inat thsce reen here nyma flights seem to be on time and it's recommended th atyou k checthe flight status before heintog the airport. ma skars e required hereat the ait rporand on your igflht and make sure that you e armicong here with tiancipation as you can see. the nelis can get pretty lo. ng live from sfo, i'ms >>lip moran. >>that is ysalwa e thkey. t gethere early tomake sure you ge t onthe igflhtan d keep h e lyfami onin your prayers fothksangiving. thank you so chmu. enpatits waitingyre the months for -- waitinthg ree mohsnt for appointments. y that picketacing ro ssthe ba y the second day ina row. injust, ilstl no deal reache tathis point. >>re porter: yeah, and they ven't had a contract in a mont2,h 1/ ty hesay. thismoinrng in 30 numite s, they ptolan gheatr here outside of kais aernd all keiser's ssacro e thbay area
5:35 am
and beyond. is is stretching fromoa kld an to san jose d ansacramento to esfrno and feel like their ask is sim ple. theyan wt keeris to bargain in good faith to fix a brenok healrethca steysm leaving paentits waiting up to thghou montfohs r therap poapintm. ents clinicians w howaged several kestris aiagnst iskeer over ac ce ssto mental healthcare ar ristking with t hestation ennes erloll 39 a ndveha been on kestri r fonearly two months clmi ngkeiser rejected oposals for staffing is come to ease unsustainable case loads that are uscaing increasernd tuov aert keiser cl ins.ic ke siserou ndthe off on this, to o d ansaid the iounn insists yet receediv chmu more vecoring erkeis rmpeanente empls oyeeand we're mioptist icatth wecan resoe lvthe inremaing issues
5:36 am
th l loca39. organizerse arexctpeed about 2, 000 ctdoors and nursanes d engineers to gath aert the ke is erfacitilies roacss the area. veli in kloaand, justin andrews,x kpia lot of pe opleeh er e. thank you,juinst. hawe ve brea kingnews on the invacce booster onfrt. moments ago, e thfda announced th it's approvede thmoderna d pf izervaesccin r fofouse r all adults in the ituned states. ne sxttep is the cdc. at can ha ppenas rleay as today. and in fa, ctit's expectoted anthd is process has been on e thfast tr ack. moderna rele asedthe telast da tao tthe feds' few daysag o. an'sd it caug htup withpfizer the process. me stat esincluding here in california haonve ge ovabe and ndbeyo e thfederal rngoveme nt tionwide, the messaging has be en confus ing. the biden niadmisttiraon trying mpsili fyit, saying e thnew fully invaccat edwill so onneed
5:37 am
the reshots or two, if u yogot hnjoson & sojohnn. agairen, bakg innews this rnmoing. pfernd a moderna ttgeing the okayfr om the fda. the cdc isnext. we 'll be on top of i t. back ytoou. >>nk tha you, n ani think. >> thismorning, the north ma wrineat erstdiri ctis anplning to stoilck pe ssruian riwaver ter this erwint toak me sure o thenlrey servoir didn't sign error r erro -- do est n' dry up. the tewar dist ricthas employed e stage stragyte in stpa drou, ghtsincluding last ntwier. theais yr, it plans to feed war into the reservoir ieearlr d anmit ghpurchase do tubleheup splies from last year. >> andw nothis morng,in enar't stabs for outhsands of marine county renesidtsou cld fake mohso tprocess -- take mohsnt to esprocs. since the realnt assicestan program began in june, the tycoun received mo rethan 4 ,00p platicions for assncistae. right now, there are remo than 00 plapications that have yet tobe proces sed. and this morning foinllowg
5:38 am
a cobb 10sb huanisd inhearg ov werhy san francisco ended plans for a holemess drop-in nter two weeks before it s wa ctexpeedo topen. cethe nt erwas to take ov era fo rmermcdona ld'ssi. te it pu lledthe ugplplt asmonth be cae usof a ckla offuinndg. some blame the mayoofr swayingh e outcome, aringug she met with thenehbigorhood counmmity so ccerand opposed the ojprec t. no. back to court this morning. yeery,da the jueary hrd from thrme foerce o herself. she did not testify asa wiestns. prutosecors played o audi recogsrdin omfr roger rlpaof f, wawho s on the theyre we taken during an in teiervw that becaa me 20 49 cover story. th eyincluding r hecl aimsthat his de sviceays could do1,000 l ooted sts d anth atthe ancompy d diits own work without relyin tg onhi-prdarty analysis. nd>> a seravel of the inorvests
5:39 am
read the tiarcle of fortune. isth witness is echoithng e testimony the ryju h asbeen aring e thlast 11 weeks. 's never goday when your owvoe icincratimines you. he>> furesed to vegi up the otr sources r fos hi reinportg,it cing journaliicst prive.ileg >>an> d the defense rests its icasen the shoongti of gaa ve- yeldar-o jgeogr, arbery. istrav mcmichael took e thstd an yester day. he testified me believed atth arbecory ulpod se a th reat because he s waruinnng rdtowas hi m. he d antwo others claimed self- dee fensyisang they were trngyi to makea citi theyin poted out inconsncisteiebes tween his testy imonand written statt emen hours after the shooting. clinosg arguments are scduheled fondr moay. and time for a money watch rtrepo. anthe guideselin on di sney cruise lines. ane king hall has more.
5:40 am
go modorning to you. reporter: go odrnmoing to u,yo len. hafrppy id. ay presidbient deman y unve ilhis pick for federal reserve chair o day or motorr owafter hiinntg an unannocentme can come by th wkeeend. e two front runners are encurrt aichrman jerome powell, ose urfo-year term expires in ja nuy,ar and a fed governor. ma'scy rntuing in the re port card and a request for workers. it's back to a year ago and the profitin risg,2 rothwn milln io dollars. an d asit gears up for k blac friday, the reta ileris ngaski torn t raemoyplees tork wo in- ste orships asngki for more els,ve it . says and disn eycruise s lineare wi thnew idguelin. es e company wirell que ir everyoagne es five and older to befully vaccinated aiagnst the coronavirus before ttseing sail next year. paenssgers must prove idproof of a nevegati covid testtake ow twbeeen three days d an24
5:41 am
hours beforeei thr trip. >>we hear a mysty erperson s openan exceptionally rera pie ecof orhisty, h?hu >> yes. >> that is true. >> an officifial rst edition inprted copy of the u.s. constitution fetched more anfra milliolln doarats th sotheby's auction in neyow rk yesterday. d anit's e onof 13 survivin picoes from the first prin ting in 1787. anlionne grouowp crd pppued ov$4er 0 min llioto buy e th document anstd lo out. lein >>tell the tr duth,ia. ne you edwant tt ha-- . >> dy not get in on that. [ laughter ] >> i willay s ag ain. i'm sorry. >> iwas saying atth was you. you ntwaed so menice readings co mi ngup, ghrit? i wish. i wish i wi ish had pocketedt. tha >>'t don we all. >>no. >> don't we it was not me okay. riall gh t. >> and diane, anthk you so
5:42 am
much e seautistics 30:00 when the ocstk market enops up. co mingup, restaming on cb snay b area. >>it 'seasier to jam out to your firssot ng when u yoknow th e word. hootw spify is helpg inyou fi nd lyrics. and morecricitism for tesla after a h rougye. ar whe the compy anstands on coum errepo'srt list of most reliable carmakers. > i'm tracking a few ligh otspty showers. this morn ing. for the norty h baand due to a e ak cold front. ase go thugroh our y datoday, loinokg at the chance tosee an isedolat rispnkle or two. r fothe most rtpa, lymost cloudy skianes d the cooler teerurates. i llwi have the idfray refocast, includthing e ekweend co umingp. on]
5:43 am
-g preatar, tycarl must he avblown your bte -nxaot -you hgrave eanat me-brand kssnac, nsto of meat... anerd whe d diyou get isth imported chseee? -hello! ergrocy tlouet, bargain ♪- grocery out let rgbaain rkmaet ♪ it -wh isth holiday toset bt usyour wallet, yoeiur nghrhboood grocery etoutl is the destionnati safor vis ngof 40 to 70 percent onou yr whole meal with deaikls le 14ol dlars off yourkr tuey.
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welcome . back it's 5:45 cyma's union square is kicking off the hoy lidaseonas. >> tgrhe eat tree wi llbe let up today 'sit officially laavaiblfoe r viewing. isth is video ofe th brceleatnsio from a few years ago. this year marks macy's 32nd anal t grea treesanta. nta is rnretuing for in- onpers sivit. ths at i byserervioatn only and sttsar xtne we. ek san frciansco mayor onlond breed kicked off the ci ty's turkey givea way. more than 0055 of the frozen rdbis llwi be given outot remo than 85 sites across the city. y everye, artheyor wk thwi the
5:46 am
human icserves enagcy to give awaythanksgi vingtus rkeyto those in need. an d they ndha out hurendds of food btsaske f dorry goods an lihoday meals. >> i think there is a need all over they. cit food insecy urit isone of e th challe ngeswe have. woinwig th the odfo bank and nl vs and the mission. distributing odfo. we're seei nglines longeran th ever be. fore >> a reminder, we're is the as ykingouo thelp our chnies inee nd. to find ouhot w to dotenad your meti or money r foa good cause, goto ive. and let's go toa gian na franco t>>he first wave of trfiafc for the holiday rush. uh>> -h huyo and you have todayn d this rnafteoo n,wednesday ishe t sybu styeerday as well. leave rleay,iv ge yourself trexa time and brace yourself. live look at 880.
5:47 am
the freeways nor and ouarnd the airport. yon u cae seth aingsremo ving. goodne wsif you have an early flhtto catch. u're okay on the freeway e therand e theris meso nglo ahea d. ttg inon to the flight n rertpo in a few minutes. if you' reheg adinto sfo. traffic is vimong okay along 101. d good news. you should not veha bra ke litsgh alo80ng 3 or 280 and el caminoin movg tathe limit. netigoations try to get out of to wnand look at trafc fiin the soh utbay if yo u'reheading to manetta in san sejo and trafc fi is recaern o87. bus -- is clear on 87. a busy ride through n sa. jose getatrway av eland friday, shldou be lyfair quiet for e th morninhog ur s. that willanchge later on. for the sybu fewreays, 85, 80, an101 d 580 for fos lkinto
5:48 am ceraval lley and i-5. mg ovin chmu bteetr. anthd e mateo idge. e thparkg inlots to e seif they're busyor full. 586, blduin inteharcnge. things aetre gti bngusy, anyway r fothe ride in tothe taalmont . pass heads up taking thwee stunbod 580 . ride and mary has a bi t ofan ae ctiv efhi-d dploper behind you. >> and trkiacng a few sptyot isol atedshows erth ismorning on hi-dedof ppler. westt aroff e thday and due to a weak co ldfront pushing rough. ase zoom in, the location ttgeing the wet start to the da ve lryight spnkrile acti. on a few t lighsherows fr om larkfi--eld throh ugsib t afon pol d an -- sebastopol and
5:49 am
evywerhereop beach. re we go, a liveoklo with thsae les rcfoe tor wecarame. we're edsock in with th atfog th ismorning. te mpaterures in the low to mid- 50 the morninoug clds as we t star off dathe y. sunrise at 654 a.m. we may not be able to see e th sunrise withthcle ou. ds and e thsunset at 4:55. and check out the forecast for toy.da the inmorng ouclds and ligh owshers as we t staroff the day and 32 the afooternn, there is a an ocef an atisoled spri onkler for mothe st part, wel wilsee the dryingtr enfod r the ba area and isunksbrea and cool teermpatures throuthgh e afternoon. wethe ekco ld t fronbringing a few light ershows for us. weta keand you whatyou can ctexpe r fothe eaar. uppes r 50long the t coasd an low 60s long the 62, anoakld. low to mid-60r s fothe nspeniula and inland 64in san sejo. 62, orconcd isth aftern oon.
5:50 am
as we take you through the day re on future cast, you can sen e subreaks and a anchce again to s eea rispnkle ortw o. i inthk r most rtpa, y eaarl sohedr more sunand warmer for our enweekd eaahd. as welo toko thanksgiving day, your forecast, low 60s long e th cot d anthe bay with the suhi. ne mid-60las innd. looking fgoodor thksangiving. thsen-veday forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. e light warm-ndup a remo sunshine. there is a chance ontudaesy to e an isolated shower. on e atweher l modeshitows and other does n't. the east bay d annorth bay,th e coast, rmwaer r fothe weekend heed and e thsunenshi. looking great stoatdaury and aysund. tbacko u.yo >> k thanyo u. we look live catapitol llhi, house democrats are peexcted to pa ssthe build ckba better plan datoy. la stig nht's vote was postponed afr tea top house republican raielld agait nsthe proposal in
5:51 am
marathon poach lasting into the early mog rninhours. >>th is is the lesing most wr eceskls and spirreonblsie spen our tinaon 's hiory. >>hibis ll udincles the extending of the child tax crited th atceredud ilchd pove rty. >> it includes y monefrom climatane chge, ivunersal pre-k and pripescrti donrug reform. thbie ll is expected to sspa the house. decrmoats will neel d al50 of the members on teafr a tumuusltuo year, tea slplummeted the alannu list of most lireable akcarmer s. tesla came in almost dead last, nkraing 27 out of 28 dar brands on theis lt abe ov -- car br ands on e thstli above li ncn.ol th cedit suises with heat pumps, air condioitning and mignsaliedpa nels. mothe dex l nkraed de adlast for all cars and liability, scorina g 5 out of 100. >> i am pesurpumped about the
5:52 am
new atfeur e. spottiusfy ers havece acss to re al time rilycs on the atplform. nethe w atfeure is eefr and is v ailable across mobile devices, telioevisns, gaming systems anskd detop coermputs. t 'sno t eagrt r fomy friends. i tonight have a great voice. i amex cited for len to listen o e i>> can't wait. >> ini thk sing, too. karaoke time. >> no. it's 5:52. instand reaming oncbsn bay ar. ea>> actor will smith describes hions e of the mo, mentkimang e thnew movie. and a preview of the new episode of mnuagm p.i. hoonw e of
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
. riall gh t,good friday rnmointog you. i'trac fkingor the mother y. as we -- the north bay. low to mid-wi50s th mostly cl ou intoe thteafrnoon, mostly oucldy. coseuld e sun ksbrea. an isolated sprinkle that is a possibility for us. ingene ral,wee 'rlog okinat a drngtr end as we headthugroh the rest of the today and toin the weekend. his ghtoday, below eravage. low s 60around the buy. mis d-60in e thsouth bay d an san jose62, and conc ord. 3 grdeeebes low ave.erag i will have the weekend forecast and n seveaft coming . >> > llwi smith sa ide thwest wo keto urs of his li fewere if
5:56 am
ves d anserena williams loved the now movie of his thfaer. thnne teis supetars ga vehim a thumbs up. ng riarchd arrives in s.u. thea terstoday. ontonight's magnum p.i., arzachy is asked to assist with a feradel investigatinion to chhis iloodhd friend. th e actor ca meup thwi the story for thise epodane d since he is -- [ inaubldie ] he madesu re itonclude a scene riding the ves. ummagn p. .i rsai wt anto at 009: konpix 5 and is avlaaible to amstre on pamoraunt plus. >> > 'sit 5:56. ounext half hour onkpix 5 anstd reaming on cbsn bay eaar, major new devepmloents on stpaer stsho th -- on booster otshs this morning. > and another delyad freey wa shooting. baar eadrivers tell tushey dot n'feel . safe now what? >> d anhere 'sa live lo ok idoutse. looking eastin san frciansco frheom t laram hopkins cam era. we'll be ribaght ck .
5:57 am
v atanargud, y'reu' me orthan justinve an st,or you'n owre ane th wi aesccs to ncfinaiaadl vice, toola s and pealrsonized plan thatps hel you a build future for those veyou lo. va ng.uard abecomen r.owne
5:58 am
va ng.uard on] -g re patarty, carlen hmustave blown byourudte -n otxa ectly. h-youavgre eat name-bra nd snksac, tons of an d erwhe did you ge t this impord techeese? -h! ellogrerocy outlet, ba rgairkn maet. -♪ groceutry ole t bargain market ♪ it-wh this holid ay setot bust your wt,alle yo urei nghborhood gry ocerouettl is theti desnaonti fosar vings of 40 7to0 petrcen on your wholale me wieath dlsik le 14 dollars oouff yr rktuey.
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. ksthangingvi is just ar ound the corner. he reat sf o,it'sex pected to be a sybu travel y.da if yoreu' planning on flying, wel llte you what u yoneed to know coming . up plus, eth -- i will have it coming up . next good morning,


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