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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 19, 2021 3:12am-4:00am PST

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toor me covid cases will take. not only on patstien, but onhe t staff that c fareor emth. >> i'm not angry ateo pple who don't get vainccated. osomef my cagolleue gset very any about it. i'm not angrybo aut it. i'm disappointed. >>ep rorter: the arere enough dsbe at thi hsospital to care r more oppele, but not enough d itou cld get rswoe. .ho antnyca sramucci says ether has beenn a uptick in the number ofos hpilitazations among pele who are vciacnated and veha yet to bebo osd.te andhi tsos hpilta alreadyas h longer er wait times. noh?ra >> a reminder g toetha tt bote irf eligible. all ghrit,iz l clioln,ha tnk yo > well, therse i oagute totnigh aerft a fmeorr student at a priva stechloo who esconfsetod rape organize teatmpting to se axualbu fseour teedenag girls as part of a plea deal wtasn'iv gen any psorin time. ltheawrye representing one of the girls ssay his client was so sickenyed b t hestinjuice, she acaltuly threw up at the co urouthse after the sentencing. cbs' molnga lehi has an emiootnal interviethw wi o onef
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the imvicts. >> repor cter:hrtoispher beerlt, stan bdingefeor a judge, facing teigh years in prison for sex crimes, including rape agaitns four tnaeeged girlsns iide his family's upstate new york ma you fully expecteimd h to go to ja?il >> i did, yes. >> repor tter:hi swoman, who as ke tdo be referred to as m.m. wa osnef o ltbeer'sct viims, who teifstied at the trial. e was iensid theou crtroom wh judge matthewph mury announced that incraarceti on isn't appropriate. >> i actlluay pdraye overt wha is the approtepria steennce in this case.>> rorepter: theen stenceor f rape? ght years probation. >> i completelyro bke wndo. it was as if i wasei bng imvictiz aedll orve again. r>>eporter: yould coun' t believite ? >> no. wias sick to my stomh,ac shaking wither ang and disgust. reporter: m.m. was just 16 at the time, a hh igschool udstent, as were the other victims. belter was 16 when thess aaults gan. histt aorneys told the court he isme trendously remorlsefu for
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wheat h has done. >> ion d't believe it forne o second. will have to live with this r the rest o f myli.fe kninowg that he is wal tkinghe etstres andha tt ano gtherirl ca bne a victim of his any day no iw,t's terrifying. reporter: her aorttney was blunt. >> if this induaividl was not a rich white kid from a pleriviged baouckgrnd, whoa be in psorin right >> reporter: m.m. told me she hanos regrets about speinakg ou atnd tgakin the witness stand. >>on i d'thi tnk we'll fdin that closurnte uile w knowha tt he'so cked up. and thege jud failed us there. he isut pting us through hell. >>or repte r:well, belter's thmoer alsoac fes gechars, includingnd eanrigeng the welf oaref a chi fldor allegedly prinovidglc aoholo t minorst a ose paresti in her home in wenster n ewyork. norah? >> mola lenghi, tha
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inese tenni sstaren pg shuai ha s been scrubbed from the co uny'trs internet. the fornumer mber one doubles ch am hpad fmaorlly aedccus zhang ga aoli, close friend of xi jiinofg sexual assault. she saider seval years ago she refused him, ate dinner with him and his fewi, but eventyuall gave w anma eil has aparpeed, aldllegey from peng, retctraing eut ahorri wtes the allegioatn of sexl uaassault is not true. ni'mot missingor n aim unsafe. steveon sim, adhe of the women's nnis aocssiation to whom the no wast sen doubts it's real.he sdai i have a hard time beevgin thatg penshiua acal wlyrote thema eil that we received. i vehaep reatedly tedri to hreae r, to no aiavl. chinese media cgtn published that letter. >>tate media in china serves, in the words ofre psident xi
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jinpinog, ter sve theom cmunist do she ty are not really a dia outlet that we mightno kw inhe t utenid stesatr othe . rorr: as for pensh fmroer anens bile li jean king tweeting hinopg peng uashi ious fnd safe w,ith ja pasene tennista sr nmiao osaka simply wringti where is peng shi? ramy inoiocenc, s cbnews, hong allri ght. we're going tour tnow n to a tinaonwide short oagef truck drivers. ere are a nrumbe of re,ason including a feredal law that doesn't allow driversnd uer the age of 21 to cross state lines.u t part of the bipsaartin frinastructure lowaw n opens tho or tori dversge ad 18 to 20, all inop hes of getngti more erics anbehindhe t tonight in our eye on erica, we learn about athnoer gr ooupfve drirs that could be part of thewe ansr ttohat trucr iv serhortage. atwh's the mostan dgerous part out driving a bigru tck like th is? >>ri dving inor maj cities.
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>> reporter:li wilam augostono is an stinructor, one of 140 public delay fundedch sools in th ceourynt traininivg drers. >> turn heon t iitgnion. >> i wouldut p yourea st belt on. why arehe tse people stainndg the?er 'sot n a good idea. >> repor iter:t's a 280-hour program, with a mixf o linearng in the clarossom -- >> so today we have rules of the adro. >> rteeporr:nd a behind the wheel. >> okay. ohy m lord. ok. >> it's aig b hivecle. ep>> rorr:te oneth of e hardest parts for ,me the double clutch. >> ok.ay hodow i brake? >> step on the chlutc fstir to the floor. uh-huh. nd>> a you'r geoing to bre ak like nl.orma [ laerught ] >> youus mt slowow dn and preeocd withca ution. >> rorepter: the claesss now ha ave wait ltis to get, in and stacey aigo runs the program. w many peeoplid dou y think ulwod sign up? autbo 150 stenudts. >> reporter: how many didig sn
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up? >> we have 315. >> rorepter: more tnha doub. le >> morane th ledoub. >>or repte tr:he country n eeds more tha onne million new driv oersver theex nt decade, because ofri dves retiring, spendi lng aotf o teim away from hondme a the paicndem. >> you c san'tee really we,ll it's betteor t wait r>>eporter:ut b ist' it got leticia gdnarer bdehin the wheel. whar seome of the mtos exciting opportunities about bemi ang truck driv?er >> there are soany m jobs out he re that's one thing we don't have to worry about once we're fiednish. we can easilyum jp right into a job. >> reporter:um jping into the jo, a recordum nber ofwo men. theru tcking industayry s the ey'rmo creonscientious of ingettghe tir loadsn o timeoo t deliver, thahet tyak tee carf o the equipment ttbeer, they get threi papwoerrk in time. >>or repter: wait a mitenu, you're telling me thend iustry saheys ty keli female drivers. > tyhe do likeal feme >> rorepter: 95% ofhe tse students tedrain f orfree, thanks to tsgran. >> you can c youhaeng yourif le and start makgin $27, $28 an hour and you get to see all the
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unedit states and mmakeon ey while reyou' dngoi it. 'm>> i jtus ready to rkwo. >> rteeporr:ha tt's exactly why gardner hopes to hit the road. how ishe t pay compared to other bs you've had? >>ve eryob j i wkeord is muminim wage orlo cse to minimugem wa. >> reporteher: t meyon is a beer? >> a lot beertt. i wouldn'et b struggli. ng >> repr:orte a dndo youee fl liker you struggling? definitely mi'ra pying that i caven ha a job by ctmhrisas. >> and a were praying for her too. i shouldot ne ttha no one was injure td inheil fming of that orsty, okay? ll a ill n aotonight's "cbs ernight newsow," h mhuc will yo heav to pay f yorour thanksgi vingfet?as we,ll we'll get you a price kchec on kchec on and why ♪♪ you poouur yr hetar into everythinyog u do, icwhh is a lot. so te akcare othf at hea rt with lipton. because sippin ' on uneeswtened ln can help suppore a althhey art. lipton. stop chuggin'. start sippin'. yoveu ha always lovedvi cks povars.
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mareining stores. allright. congmi up next, thiswa ard winning teacheet gsuc mhe mor than an apple. that's right, tonight s is lebratin
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tonight whae ve the story of anxt eraordinaryea tcher who takeops t ho.nors her lnesso plans areed bas on rhewn o experience to succeed, d she expects the sam ferom her udstents. we get more now from c'bs jan crrdawfo. >> go touhrgh your bind,er take ou a sheet of pepar. >>or repte gr:rowing upoo pr in jamaa,icsh keiiaho trpe never thought she woulddu graate college. e>> reporter: l etalonece bome a visionaryh higscolho english acteher and win a million dollar pre.iz >> ksheiia trphoe fr tomhe united stas teof arimeca. [ richeeng ] >>epteorr: working with imgr aantnd refugee students, thare myldan edurcato and tra ck coac jhuston w the gbalol tehe rprize, beating out 008,0 otherors fm 1 12countries. >> because i amn a immiangrt,
3:28 am
anbed cause ind ueranstd their story, io d not ever lower my exatpectio fnsor my students.i let them rise to my expect exctioatns. >> t andhe ydo? >> t andhey do. >>ep rorter: and touhrgh her fotiundaon t,he formerra tck star atow har udniversityas h helped huns dredoftu sdents get college solcharships or mentoring, like senior isatu. >> i kwno she is always going te heer for me,nd a iil wl make her proud. >> tcheaing is not something th jatust happens in the asclsroom. tbeheir coaches. tbeheir ntmeor. be that safe spaceor f them. >> repor tter:hoerp says s'lhels eer h winnings top hel even more udsten.ts this award in manyay ws is just benngiing? >>s it' a benngiing. ep>> rorr:te inspiring oerths to dream big too. jan crrdawfo, cbs news, bladensburg,ry mala.nd >> andha tt's theer "ovnit gh news"or f this frid.ay for some of you,s new conts.inue for others, check back lateror f "cbsni morng as"nd follow us lionne any time porertinfrg omhe t nation's
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pitol, i'mah nor oon'dnell. >> t>his is cbs news flash. m i'tom hanson iewn n rkyo. thoue hse hasay deled a vote on prenesidt biden's build back betterpl an, a pillar of his stdomeicag enda. the sweeping .9$1ri tllionil bl pands social services, ad drseess climateng chaend a eaincrses access to heah ltcare. >> for the first time in over 30 years, a first edition print of the u.s.on cstitution has been sold for $43 million. sothy'ebsuc ationedff o the rare cument which is one of 13 escopi othf eon cstutitionm fro itofs ficial first prtiinng. >> and two lucky turkeys nam ed peanutte butrnd aly jel wlil veli to seeno ather day, wehiigng int a 40nd pous each, e india bnairdsre a set to be paonrded by president biden.
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for mores, new dnlowoad the cbse ws app on your cell phone or nnecdte tv. i'mom t han cson,bs news, n ew york. ♪ announcer: ithiss e th"cbs overnighnet ws." >> good evg eninand thank u yoso much j foroingni us.we 'rgoe ing to beginh witbig developm ientsn e thahmaud arbery trialic, whh s hagarnered national attonenti a tndoday brghcit vil rights lrseade to thste atof georgia. the densfee rested itse, cas setting stthe agfoe r closing ar guntmes on monday. today travcmis micelha, the man whsho ot aerrby toth dea, ad miedtt under crossmi-exanaonti that the 25--oyearldla bck man ver pulled o wut aean poor reatened himan in y y wabefore mimcchaepol intes d hishguotn at him. chmcmiaeanl d two other e whit men charged with mdeurring arbery havaie clmed selfen-defsesa, ying they suspected hi bm ofurarglies and ased him dow an inn teatmpt to ma ait cizen's arrest.
3:31 am
well, thn e meha oveffered no evidencear of be cryommitting y ancrime, and t modaycmhaicel said arbapery peedar suspicious wh tenhey pulled u hp onimn i their pickupt , buadttmied under questioning athatllrb aery did warun. cb or mavillafranca oiis gng to lea od usffon tight from th urcothouse in bricunswk, georgia. odgo evening, omar. >>or repte gr:ood evening. tr maviscmhaicel is the onnely o of the threeen defdas ntto te sty.if and y todadungri oss-examinat tion,he osecution trtoied pe okholes his versionth of e orsty, yisang what he tthold e ryju is t nowhat he toldic pole. tr maviscmhaicel was back heon t stand for a ndseco d oayf crosams-exinioatn. precorut linda dunik oski cused on howic mcmha el rcpeeiveard berys ahe floolwed d anconfntroed t 2he5-ye-oarld muipltle tesim. >>ha he sn p'tulled out a gun. >> that's eccorrt. >> he hasnai't sd e onword to yo >> he has not. he nohas t rethatened you in y way, verbaorlly pcahysilly. no, ma'am. repteorr: dunikoskio als tiqueson medcmichael's version of the chase through the
3:32 am
neighborhood that led to the fal taconfntroatio gn,etti ng mcchmiael atodmitha tt heou cld have stopped following arbery after he ran f wayrothm e piupck trucutk, b d nidot. >> and all he haned do sfao r ruwas n ayaw from you, r?ight h>>e has run pae st manrad n d lei t him run awyeay, s. >> rorepter: the procusetor also pressed chmcmiaeonl incotensisncs iein his statement police in hesis ttinymo to the jury. >>wh so ater we you nervou ouabt while givihing ts stematent? >> i just edkill aan m. i had blood e on it was the mtrost autimac event ofy feli. >>ouer we nervous bee causyou thought weyou reoi gng to jail, ght? >> no. >> youte're llg inthis jury that reyou' a cllonfused and you can't get fathe ctsts raight?>> uernd the circumsestanc of gog rothugh a traumaevtic ent, this iats wh y gouot. iei trd, and thi ws ishat happened. r>>eporter: out osidef e th courthseou -- >>ns bruwi icks our genera'stion selma, that cithe viril ghts era is nowta srtinerg ov tayod.
3:33 am
>> repor hter:uneddrs of pastors joedin activists aemnd mbe orsf thare bery e llray prompted bisy th stemt enmade last wen ek i urcot by defenseor attnekey vin gough. w>>e don't want m anyorble ack pastors ngcomi ihen re. >>o nmatter what he say, we going to praanise y y.wa >> repor ater:rby'ers mother gave a britaef stentme to the media and ssaidhes i emnaotiollexy hausted froms thi osg inarguments art e seto ben ndmoay morning. h?nora ma>> or afvillraa,nc thank you. all right. now to anothrier redae ys of delibeonratis d an still no ver idictn e thtrial of ky rteitnhouse. e thteenager couetld g utop life in pr fisonorho soting three men, killing two at a protest in 2020. nationuaal grdro tops are anstding by outskeide noa,sh scwionsin in case e thveicrdt sparks vioe.lenc all right. toy,it wh just hourssp to are, gothe veorrn of oklahomale cald off the exioecutn jofulius s.jone jones has obeenn atdeh row,
3:34 am
proclaiming inhis nonccee for nearly 20 years. and as' cbsmiyare villarreal rtrepos,is h pursuit of dofreem is far froerm ov. cheering ] >> rteeporr:he t mercy julius s joneanhid s supporters have beraen pyi fngor came justr fou hourfos beree hwas set to die.n ata stement, gove krnorev in stt idsa he was sparjoing nes' feli, but ordereatd th hshe all ner veagain be elie gibltopp aly for, be consedider f, oror ceive any adonditial mmcoutatn,io parn,do or leparo. at s theta cteapitol where su ppteorrs have rallthied e governoror f wksee to commute s'jone steennce, the rean ctio was swifd t anjulabint. >> i just twanto hit my knees and y crout odto g. repr:orte jones has intaedin hisnn iocen icen the 1999 murofder binusessman paul howell dura ing newas s 19 at the otimef s hi arrest. w 41, he got o thepptuornity to plead c hisasone e more time tohe t state's parandon d ropale
3:35 am
board earlthier ison mth. >> anom t the person responsible tafor ki mngr. holl l'sife. >> repor uter:ltatimely, the board reencommdehid s sentence cbeommuted to linife psorin wi tthhe possibility of palero. >>t iisnhumane that my sir otbrher inrisorow. attnenes dnweesday for what woulde hav been the lasmet ti. >>br my otr heis not a pern so that w touldaka e life. wheould protect it. ep>> rorr:te but rachel llhowe believhees t ecuxetion would mhaveea jntustice for her father. >> he was nnan ioct enman takini s kids to get ice cream wi th aunt, and he was muedrder in frt onof me and myte sisr d anmy auntl , alfoa r car. and evhe nerot g a say in this. >> repor jter:on' esattorney says this t isn'evyterhing they waednt, but they arare gtel fu thvee gorn porrevented an irrarepablmie stake. on theer oth se idof it, the weholl family temells ts hi decisiones giv tn hecomfort beuscae they beliet ve i rermaffis nejos' guilt. noh? all right.
3:36 am
mireyala vilrrl,ea thank you. we,ll wet wanto turn now to e covid ndpaemic. thheal officials are conedcern nitoght about a 35 s%pike natideonwi i nnew cases in recent ekwes. with hospizatalitisono als on eth .rise uthepp meridwest is sineeg the eslargt surges. soe w getor me on this from liz iowc.c mol is t'>> is prunecedented. i veha never seen anso my oppele on ati venlar toat oimne te. >>or repte dr:r. joshua huerelst is a criticarel ca psihycian in ab nbottorwethstern hospitn al i minneapolis. s hiicu is full. the hosp sitalysm tehas nearly 33co0 vid patients. mo of the i66cuov cid patstien a oren ventilators. what's behthind isis re? >> wutitho aou dbt, it's the olackf ccvaination. thvae st majority atof pies ntth ate wsee tinhe i acure not ccinated. reporter: c covidas iesn otup nrly 50 % in the wlastee ck,ompared to the ek before. hoit aaldmissions insecread 24%, with thrge laesint crease
3:37 am
amg osthe 30 to 49. susattn ruen spent ak weein a rul nnmiesota hospital. shisnv uaccid.nate >> i feed l batangki up a bed if sobomedy needs it e worsth ian do. >> rorepter:he s is w nohome and plans tova be ccatined. toghast cases rise tinaonwide, cbs hnewsasea lrned tha e fdison csidering auizthorinbog osters for all adulorts f both pfizer and mornasa soon as today. but %31 of the countrys istill ccunvainedat. what will enhapp ipef ople inrema risestant to be ccinated? >>hees msage has to oube ld and clear. th visirus will fiound y. yo c'tan run out theam ge clock onhions e. >> how young doi? >> rteeporr:ac bk in the icu . drhuel wsteroresri about the to mllore covid cawises llak teo t lyon on patientst , buonhe t staff cthatarfoe r them. i'm not angt ry apeleop who don't get invaccat.ed sof me omyol cleagues get very angry abou.t it i'm annot graby out it. i'm disappoi.nted repr:orte trehe are enough >> tcbhe "s erovnight news" will beightack. b
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>>nn aouncer: thisth is e bs"c overt nighne."ws >> i'm ben tracy in washington. anks for syitang with us. idpresenbit den hostshe t leaders anof cad aand mexicot a thwhe ite house inhe t so-called gaergin ofhe thr tee amig.osit 's the first trilalater summit betw teenhe normeth arinca nati sonsince 2016. e bidendm ainistration is okloing to reset relations, ich were strneaid under frorme president skaryl hryen has the latest. >>ep rorter:re psident biden lcweomed canadian p mrimeinteisr justin taurude and mex ican president andrd ades lsopez ob rardo to the white house the
3:41 am
president first met withac eh leerad on-oe-onne. >> i thie'nk wre at ourt bes whenqu eity and justice coincide. >> rorepter: then all teehrit s wndo together wedadnesy afternoon for the fstir north amiceran ldeearum smi stince 2016. ecom cicoopetiraon is at top of the enagda, with the group sometimeser refre tdo as the th ree amigos. >>e wshldou be buildingk bac in a more gnsiificant,e mor eneny fdly way. e'>> wve bny agnli virot, on fighting co avidnd gngetti through tshi paem. ic >> repr:orte cadana has rdaise concerns o tverhe proposeaxd t itcred for americadan-me electric a provision in the president's bud ckba better bill. >> we're goialng tk about that. >> thect eleri vcehicle tax edcrits is an opportunioty t help csuonmers in this coy.untr >>ep rorter: u.s. officials have idsa the three leaders wouldtn' center their tksal arodun borrde policy. instead,y' there using the itsumm a asn opportunityo t lock arms, to mitig tatehe root ca ousesf migration.
3:42 am
erskyl y,henrbs c ne,ws the white e.hous as pceris go up forut abo everythithng, angiksving din wils ao be more exivpense isthye ar. how much we can eepxct to pay. ep>> rorr:te thieas yr the archity will cook 2 thousand meals. >>e' wre continuin sg toeere gat allenges in c ourit aynd around the world. and therree a ppleoe that a iren ne oa f warm meal. repr:orte b futrom charity likes thines o tohe t agevera dinner e,tablhe t meal w bille more expensive. the american fmar bureau feradetionay ss a classic thanksgiving fstea for t en peleop, incdilung tu,rkey uffing, ancrbeierrs,eg vgies d pumpkin pie will ctos $53.31 to make, up 14%ro fm last year. alstmo everything t onhe menu io rehi ts yefrar, omhe t dinner rolls tode se.rt but thear lgest increases i for thetu rk.ey fasrmerik lehr cis hbeave en
3:43 am
edforc to rise pricesau becse his coresps areay w . up >> everythine'g wre binuyg now days isos cting .more fe,ed fu,el labor. all of those thisng have incrd easeinri pce from 2020o t 2021. reporter: p slusupypl chain issues are leangdi to icecery ru f e mtiulple example is acrn inea isen the cost of eggs, incre maseany packag ing, for any of the ingredients, a n increase inhe t cost of gas to transport any of those ingredietonts the piest cru numafacturer,t i all adds up. ep>> rorr:te even with the higher cost, theow ber myission wi be able to makell a of this year's s.meal >>ha tnks to our dorsno, we've been able to get the turyske thate w need and all the xings. >>epteorr: and sheay ss rising prices makesee fdi pngeople in e edve en more impor.tant jessie mitc,hellbs c ,news new yo.rk the "cbs overnightew ns" wie ll bright back .
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k:cler hello, how ca so re throat pain ?? ♪honey lemon♪ vi try ckpos vacool drops. in honey lemllon chi. for fastg -actinso re throat relief. wo oo porivaze sore throat pain with vicks vapocoodrl . ♪ ♪ you pour your he artintove erythinyog u do, whicis ah l ♪ ♪ can helpport sup hea althy heart. li. st op chuingg'. st art siinpp'. . t heew nho gst bustersov mie premie iresn thesater today. fans are excedit to seehe t rnretu o sfome of theri ogilna
3:48 am
cast mercy. llbi murray, danyk aroyd and bill hudson are bkac in the hilygh anticipated "ghost musster aerft ."life "c mbsornings's"o- chosst nate rleson got a chance to talko t alle fiv of emth. they met at fdny's ladder 8, a aceplha tt holds a special me faningor actors and forfa ns. re>> we' the beautiful, we're onlythe gstho erbusts. >> rep iorter:t's a return manyh outhght ey'd ever see. >> ghost bteusrs. yes, we're back. >> reporter: t andhe return to the onarigileh firouse in downtown manhattan, theogetr for the rsfit time in over 30ye ars. what was it likeki walng in here? i>>sh flaed on the scene where bring the ecto heom forhe t fit time. >> youan c't park that here. >> we thohtug that kind of in thnte eraenc here. >>re y aouroub tled by estrang noes iisn the night? >>te reporr:he f tranchise was a
3:49 am
ural phenomenon. >> all right. this chick is astot! >> repor thater:t hpeeld rt ocke bi llmurr danay, krayoyd, harold s,rami and ernie hudson to a ra lelev of global celebrity. et>> gem ' !up >> pa,ul i rbeememr sitting down with you it seemed like a year or two ago, ainskg you whatou y ha cinomg up xtne. youd sai i can't tell you m uch about it, but im a involved in one of theos mt iconic franchises. were you thignkin to yourself the is going tbeo added stress and pssreure to fulfill the expeioctatns? >> there wastn' any hesita.tion it was really just excitement. one, because i'm a fanf the franchise. i love tsehe guys, like evyberody seel. >> yeah. >> i'men frid with n jaso-- excue,se m thes re ia fire. >> i hatise th. i like to torture th.em >> repor wter:hat wasr you originaldo fanm ofhe t 1984 clsiasc ghtbosusters? >>he t cast.
3:50 am
ii'm tnkhi like nerve this room justri tppgin out that i'm sittin tg inheeh firouse with th em right now. 'sit the coolestng thi ever. the movie is onicic. they're iconic. ey>> h, ere whdo ttahese sir go? >> they go up. >> a lotf othe successoe gso t rick andig sourney and bill's rfpeorma ances a leading comic man, and just the solidity of nie's prencsee andhe t recebral influence of haldro. >>ha tt' wshat you wandte to say,pa.ul th'sha wt s youhodul have id. >> i wante ld toea tvehat for da n. your bette bri hngim insi. de >> reporter: the latest sequel llwi be without ldharo raimus, who died in 2014. hero wte the originalcr sipps with aykydro andla pye idnhe t tfirs go lmfis. >>t tha first mtieeng was leik i owkn how we're gngoi to do this. i knowow h this is going to work. follow myd lea rehe. it's gngoi toap hpen in the way we allan wt it to. so i just basicatally s down wiimth h as the lead writer.
3:51 am
wandithout him we wouldn'te hah e teinll wigent,onulderf writintg tha c oameutf o it. >> the dead rising from the grave. >> human sacrifice, dsog and ts living together, mass hysteria t>>he original has always been a rlleay bigt par of my life. even though i've metou yuy gs andke word thwi you a lot, it's still really weird,ik le mr. paul said be in the firehseou with the ecto whit t oherigil na ghosustbters. >> reporter: 15ea-yr-old mckenna greac first saw the original en sheas w only 3rs yea old. she plays the gradandughter of eg spengler, and the new sequel ghoststbuer asfter life. >> did i i hitt? >>s it've erymotional for a ost bus ftersil am,nd i think th'sat really special for ppleoe to be able to watch. in the theate'mr, ioo lki ng around and seeing ppleoe crying. it r'seayll special to seeha tt fourilm hast tha kindf o an paimct on people. i'm just excit fedor peopleo t be able atto wcht iand be exteabd out all of the callsback a ndthacrowbks. >> the calkslbac, d an
3:52 am
wbthroac,ks theas eter eggs. >> ist' so cool. >>ep rorter: peoploue wld debescri tshi frahincse as cr osensgerational.wh yo d you think it geteneras with so many eras of ?fans >> ie'v seenld o kids withhe tir grandkid asnd they're all laughing. nomat ny movies does that. i think t iheres a part ofs u that always wonders, who is in thelo cse wthen they turn the light out? and "oghtus bte drsealt witht i in aay w that was bra avend y,funn and i think that'shy w pe opesle rpond to it. >>ep rorter: bi, llthere was an terview you didit wh oahpr back in the '80s. it was you, dan, ernie, harold. and shesk aed - - >> wer yeoun eve a little surprisebyd the success t ofhe first one? >>ndou y jumdpe inht rig ay wa and sa- id - >> no. >>ea rlly? >> no. >>ot n at all? >> not at all. ep>> rorr:te how didou y ?know >> when you're a man,ou y know.o u're not yet man, you're still
3:53 am
boy. but when you are n,ma you know an speak. >> we have been shoongti. and wead h thanksgiv aingt ivan rymaann's e.hous and heap hped neto shows u a ttlile piece of somethingha tt wet sho when we caughhet tir fst osght. and i went back to work that day and idsa, guys, wean c all relax. this going to be r really,eay ll g. >>epor rter: you had a infeelg? >> i knew right ayaw. this stuff s waso funny.te argin up atth hotel ballroom. i anme, the fstir 45 minutes of ghtbosusters is abasout funny s a movie can athe's tse guysti wringhi ts stuff. evything was hanging ther ou>> yro dve the ship, man. you put the rothttles. greasted comy leading man of s hi tigeneraon >> is it a st?ar >> it is s atar. >> very .good 'sthat gatre. >> hey --
3:54 am
r>>eporter: you are namheed t sexiest man alive, paul. inki bngack on this film, was it hardo t suit with just norlma humans? re gat esqution. >> almost irunfa. >>ah ye.>> youre a the sexiest man aliv e,paul. >> no i, don't thinkt' is uetr. >> i agree with paul. i donel't bieve thatau pl is the iesextstan m alive, but i couldn't b heappen kerwl that paul has tons awer these kinds of questions for the res otf his .life tallhe firemen are lkioong at youik le jesus -- >> i see a lot of sexy firemen here. >>he ty're thene os with the candlears. >>ex siest perso inn the fiusrehoe ghrit now? >> ayok, bring him forward. we'll have him sndta next to paul andee s which one the camera p icks.up >> oh, trehe he is! >>ic rhoo lks go.od >> can weet g a side by desi? ri ichs handsome i>> give it to rich. >> i tnkhi it's mr.ud rd here. >>ot n even close. whcao n pull off ate winr ckjaet
3:55 am
and tsshor? rich can. >> i d kon'tnowhw at the wtheaer isut osideow he h is dssreed. >>on i d'tno kw what it'
3:56 am
3:57 am
h ausband and wife in new zedalan heav dugp u whatld cou be the wor lld'sarstge potato. cb ian leees tak a closer look. r>>eporter: itas w a simple day of weedi tnghe garwhden en collin's hoe sktruc something huge i>> graedbbhe t hoend a smaedck into it. atwh is it? reporter: i wtas so big, it was beyd onbeli. ef >> i stoaid donna, it's a potato. d she went no. ye,ah it 'tis. ep>> rorr:te the portly potato ti tpshe scale at 17.4 pounds. sothmeing this large deserves a name. they settledn o doug. cabeuse, you know,he ty dugt i up. >>ug do, you are too ecspial.
3:58 am
>>epteorr: the new zlaeand couple is now wtiaing toee s if eithr super spudre baks the guneinss world record,ur crelynt stngandi at a msleay 10 unpods. >>f iweav he it confir med, there will be a >> ahye. actually, i'm kithinng. since i a'm bit of aby hobis t home brewer'm, i thinking about ape scial a.vodk >> reporteutr: b uilnt th,en the titaniatc ters i living the eyas li. >>r poo fellow, don't have arms andeg ls and that stor of thing. so i made him a little trolley i can take himut o and give hi ait b of sinunshe wno and then,ou y know. >> reporter:nd a of secour a bit of atttienon fromir the neigshbor f torheirri pzed potato. ian lee,bs c ha>> tt' tshe "ovnierght news" o rhi ts friday. r some of you, the news ntcoinues. forothers, check backer lat for bs mornings. forollow us lionneny a time at reporting fromhe t nats ion' capital, i'm t
3:59 am
s thi is cbs news flash. i'mom t hsoann in new yo.rk these hou has delayed a voten o president debin's bui bldack better plan, ail plar of his dostmeic enagda. the sweeping $1.9 trillion bill expands social seicrves, addresses climate change and eaincrses access to hh t forhest fir timen i over 30 yearhes, tir fst edition printth of e.s u. constitioutio ha been soldor f $43 llmiion. sotheby's auctioned off the rare documehint wchs i onef o 13 original cieops ofhe t constitu ftionrom its first > d antwo turyskeam ned peanut br utteanjed lly llwi live s toeeno ather day. wehiigng in at 40 pousnd each, h
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eir bds are set to bear pdodne by president biden. foror me it's frayid, november 19th, 20. this ishe t "cbs inmorng wsne." late night ssseion.ho use democrats d aelay vote on the buildk bacte betr mease.ur the matarhon speecht tha srdiupted their plans. > back on the stand. traviscm michael tesestifi for a second day. what he admitted about his deadly contifrontaon with ahmaud arbery. theea srch for j immyhoffa. the new twist that's led fbi investigatortos a ldfanill in w je.rsey weeg bin wit hhouse deatmocrsn o the


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