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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 18, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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next. >>has nkr fowangtchi. have a good night. see u yotomorrow pt caiongni sponsored bsy cb >> tmohis rng,in things are going from t bado rswoe for fabo.ok an unprecede tntedro ovef internal doctsumen, vireewed by nbc news, res vealmo sretunning fiin fgsrom the comps any'own internalea resrch. it ao lsrevealing juowst h unhappy some employees were with e respad of misinfmaortion and calls to violence on the platfo.rm >>meanwhile, afat cebook ad hequtearrs-- >> okay. we all knower, the s habeen alo t urof tnor vehere at facebook.bu t m i'happy to wel mcomey new team. sole, t's shearome ideas. >> how abo autn apthp at mesak teenage girls feel horrible about themseeslv? >> have it. >>hy w if ndwe uermine
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democracy? >>id d it. w>>ow, mii ss lex luthor. whe eris he, anyway? >> here y is mev pillan--we 'rgoe ing to ship nga sile wah tcbattery in a l boxarge enghou to hold a wr/ashedrr!ye ( maacnial laugh ) >> announce ir:t's he"t late " showwith stephen colbert! tonit,gh theet w plusst, ephewen lcom:es bruce springsteen! featinurg joban tistane d "stay human." and w,no livone tapfre om the ed sliulvan tethear in new york tyci, it s'steph cenolbe!rt ch( ee arsnd applause ) emthe song playi)ng >> ste: phenheo,ll my friends! check it! outhe y! it's ntoice s yeeou!
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dwhatid s iay? what d sid iay? (ch eers and appelaus ) ♪ ♪ >> jheon: y! >> senteph: erthe it is! there s!it i ( piriano ff) not always, sobut memetis. hey! thanks vmuery ch! ( cheendrs a alappuse ) ♪ ♪ betil.fu how nice. always feelsd. goo anywhereth in e rlwod-- you ocomeuter he, you feel better. that's thet, spo rhtig there. this is mathe gi lc,et it work. ksthan, erevybody. plseha, ve a seat. (di auen ccehanting step hen) ladies andtl genem, enit's so lolyo tbe here. ere's no fee llingikbee ing wihith ts diauence. weomtoe "the late s"how. i'm your h sost,teenph colbert. ( rschee a andpplause )la di aesnd gentlemen-- (ch eers and appelaus ) but of cou-rse-
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you alreknady ewha tt. all of thes newtoy dais stuff welrdyea know. facebook is .evil globalmi warngs ireal. blrepuic oanfficials helplped an the coup. p-tarts contnoain fitru. ( laught)er th'sat true. thand at o'sur top story. beusthe e company-- ithiss truehe-- t cpaomny that make e thtoaster "pas itry"s inbeg suored f $mi5 llion because frd ostestwbraerry pop-tarts "con 2tain% loress of dried strawberriesie, drd arpes, and drd plapes." yeah, we know. (laughter ) that's why wlie keth em.( laughter ) onhe t other hand, the brown sugar amcinnonop p-tarts rehas alug sar, and 50% ouof yr commended daalily loncwae of brown. ( laughter ) but, i am coctntrauayll obgad teto be surpriabsed out atwh's happeningth in e rlwod, so hgoere esot nhing. 'bhow outht at weather we're having, huh?
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( aucedien rcteas ) ain't that ak kicinhe t khakis? le tsshan a week a tfterhe rngoveorf ocalifornia dreeclad a drought geemernc ay, huge m storbrghout "potentiallyhi sticor rain" to thlde goen inac sramento, thegoy t more than 5.5he incs rofain, which oke the prev riousecd orset in 18; d ansan franciscd o haits fothet wtest i dayn e thcity's hiy.stor e first eswettt y,da of course, was hwhenar srytyles me to the firellmo and performeatd "werlomen sugar." ( cheers a andppuslae ) wow. thtrat suchok me. atth-- th--at that touchened a rv..e. ( laerught ) ...shall wy.e sa d anit's not juse t erthe are also w tindshaart e so rostng, it took mia se and levitate ad itcrs osa bridge. hope that trr'uckes ayok-- d anthathe t lid was on his bopee tt.le ( laught)er kispeangf owhich, outsihede t
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49sters ad wium,inald so blew poa-ttpoies across tarhe pking lot. la( ugerht ) w nowe know whatpe hapnshe wn thn e fahi ttshe ( bleep ). laughter ) so-- (laughter ) that's qtyuali. that's a quality, lyfami je.ok >> jonah: ye, 'sit a quality >> stephenin: brg e thkids in fothr at joke. sot' whas causing ?this mahuns. but more specifica tlly,he'sre an offe shorstm orsystem known bas aomcyb s,om bb cyclones. beuscae that's whaatt weheisr now. stju a combinatif on oteibrrle things. so, reget adfoy r next week's focarest of murderyp thoon; st-iabcanes; ane d thre ostf the week is floods that totry elaxpin bitcoin to. you (lahtuger ) n'i dot reca.( eechrs and appla use) i don't cahare wt ocblk chain is stop trying xpto ela binlock ( appl ause) !th ers e'some excitinwsg ne out heof t notegiations over prest idenbin'des "build bac ttbeer" bill. of this wee, kendrertpos are, democrats areae "nr dea al on
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thspdienng bill."an d i amea nr-excited tong bri you this breaking nearly-news! ♪ ♪ for cmoreonxtte, let's watc .tv first jeup, re dmyiamond at cn rejemy, arthe ey on the precipice ofea a dl? >>t idoes appear tthathese democrateaic lde arsre on the ecipice of al. dea >> stephenay: ok, iist clear how pmuchroesgrs was made styeerday? >>t'nos t clear how chmu prre wssas exactly made yesterday. >>teenph: well, anyo, newhat doweno kw? >> we doknn't ow w ahole lot >>teenph: okay, whatn' dotwe owkn? >>he arere still a f knunowns. >>ph steenok: ay, so what are these known unkn townshawet re discseusd? >> we doknn't owhe t exact tadeils of what diwas scseusd. >> senteph: okay, gihoven wli tt wlee know, cacan blnee ws t to a placere whe ty hecan talk contilynual autbo these netigoations and s ttillelusl nothing? c>>an they get e?ther thathe's t qstueion at themo me.nt (laughter )
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>> ste: phenthk anyou all. (laughter andla appus e) k thanyoalu l, for nothing. (cheers and auspplae) ther ie its. >>: joni keli that. s>>tephen: we wstill ayn othis st aory,s erthe continues tonot obene. (ug laht er) no ccirually, the spngendi bill's almosist exteencs icleos tong bei si-emconfirmed by spkenar ncy pelosi, towho ld rerts erthat the demtsocra are "pretty muhech treon" the so scialpeinndg bill. th'sat some real "intextg uryo friendo 'twmitenus away' when you havelen't fthe t house yet" engyer. "rii'm ghart ound the corner. i'rim ght around e thcoerrn. gohe aad and ordere sompaid family l feaveorhe t table." (laughter ) "nhao, tt'nos t the sound yof m shower running. how d coulyoheu ar my shower wh ien'm texting?" (lahtuger ) (pi ano riff ) wh'sat this? i'm getting another alert-- it's a kibreangco "uld-be-somet."hing (ug laht er) we'rare heinthg at these tracesf pgrroess may haven bee
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dectteed this weekinend a myalthic ld ancalled delaware. president b, idenansed nator majoe ncn,hi senator chuck meschur,he t senate majority ader, they h cad aricatil meetinstg yeery daat presidentbi des n'delaware home. duand ri tnghat meeting,re we' told tthhat eyad me some prre issn reaching tdsowar a deal. >> stephen: , okaynowew 're tag.lkinth e rdwo is, they hatven' actualealy rch aed deal, but by thene d of the mee, tingthees the reold men weree abltout p ase idtheir differs enceand reaslee a joint stenatemtsa yi, ng"they sure d mon'take 'em slikeopa hiloren anymore." la( ugerht ) its- i- and thoey d they dnoo t. trt eayot urself to a-- (apauplse ) n'i dot owkn what she was. ( laug hter) its-- it is a memonuntlyal bad day for fabo, okthe world's sotop cial media network and uncle radicar.lize thankshu to nddsre of akleed inrn dalocuments, 17s new niorgazaontis are publis ahing series oorf stieabs out all of thdagema facebook does.
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for plexame,ow h coordinated grpsn ofacebook sowco disrd and violenince, clinudg on january 6. 'sthat iadn dition to the cey unanyoouur csison ws on nameher intws dashnd la ) unsurpsinga ofsinftion t hasdo faok c.e.o. markke zucrbg. ylastea hr,e testified rebefo ngcoress that faokcebo rovemes 94% atof he eespch, but theco mpy'ans own researscher estimated it r waseminovg less than 5%. ( aucedien bsoo ) atth's a hell ofpr a sead. "mom!mo m, k inow i said i 9 got4%n o the matht, tes b iutt was alactuly%. 5 i didnie't l. i just ry eallsu ackt math." (laughter ) ( cheendrs a alappuse ) e c.e.o.s-- i did.i suedck at math. sui cked at math. did. the.e c.o. i'snfluence was so ngstro tt haa former v.p. at
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face sbookai"td he specter of zuckerbeoorg lmsn ieverything the companesy do." okay, but is isit h sctpeer? orid d he just weao r tomuch nssucreen again? (la ughter ) alsoci miaed isn't the only thing thatpe held uscae the jaar6 y riot. so did g.o.pfi. because orzeganirsf othein suecrrtion now sayey "th particedipat i'dn ozens' of niplanngee mtings with mrsembe of cons gresanwhd ite house staff." ( audienooce bs) wow! alrely? great plan, ninggu.ys "okay! you grab the podium; s youmear poop on thlle was;he t rest of you record eryvething on your phones p andutt ion facebook dweefinitely get caught. les tgoo jail!" ( cheers a andppuslae ) one of the-- (piano riff ) ( cheers appnd alaeus ) ( piriano ff) one of the mosrpt suringsi, colelyte not surprising larevetis onis how many reblpuican membersco of ngssre
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were ivenvold tinhe planning. we're talkinteg inlltuecal gi lantsikpae ul gosar, lauren boebert, mo ksbroo, dimason caho, rnandy biggs, loand uie gohmert. 's a real "os cean11of" people c whoan'tou cnt to ten.e (piano riff ) theye havtoet s reminders o eithr phone to rd eminthseemlves toat brehe. ( laug hter) this wt asn'ju ast random event with weirdikos le e thq-shaman.h isas w a conspiracy to overturn aoc demrac tielection that incd ludethwee irdos in cong.ress one of the oizrganersas id, "i remr embemaorrjie taylor greene specacifill" s, c ian imagine ihat's rdo t rget someone t whoel ylsou forefist rears e caused by crcuedmcis scepa lasers. ♪ ♪( uglahter ) we've a got grt eashow for you tonight! my gues st imrbr. uce spngristeen. ba( ndla pying ) (chrees d anapplause )
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>> stephen: ehey,veborydy! give it orup f j bonatiste and "stamay hun,pl" ease. ba( ndla pying ) (chrsee and applaus)e n,jo good to see ya. (chrsee and applaus)e pee. >> jon: , yeahchk ecus out.oh ! >> senteph: eaplse have a seat, ybeverody. thanu k yove mryuch. jo lteisn, i know yo cu'reool yoand u fdoun things anu d yodo cool thingats th a freun... t i bet-- whevater you name, i t i did someg thincoerol this weekend. j: onwhat did youth do is weend? >>ph steenwe: ll, you have to nahame wt u yodid, and seei if can beat it. on>> j: ayok. >> senteph: atwh's the coolest thinu g yodithd is weekend? >> jthon: is week, ih!-- o i went to eydisn wldor. ch( ee arsnd applause ) >>ph steenth: at's pretty .cool j>>on: yeah! >> stephen: 'sthat pttrey cool. at's pretty .cool i had dinniter wh ondi warwick. jon: oh! ( cheers appnd alaeus ) s>>tephen: yeah o whwon? whn,o wo j?on >> jon: th--at's y gouot that
11:53 pm
e. s>>tephen: i goatt th that'sha-- tt'mys ace in the le, right there. >>: jonwow! >> stephthen: ers e'ado cuntmeary in the mlaontcir fieslm ftil vaabout her life, caedll "don't makeov me er." and thennt i ierewvied her afrwteards for theie audnc ae,nd thenwe we nt t outo nndier afarterwds. sh e'ssooo cl. >> jon: !yeah >> senteph: e'shs 80, she's still got shit, e ilstl looks faasc,ti she's stille, lik tolltay present anerd engec,ti still >>on: yes, yes!>> sphteen: s--he's ♪ do yoowu kn thy e watoan s josé ♪ cheers andla appus e) >>: jonhaa!-h th aat'smangzi.>> sphteen: you forg yet--ou forget howy manaminazg hits she had, w andhaant amazing wom e shwas-- is. >>on j: oh, my goos.dnes stephen: yeah. have you ever hemet r? >>on: i've n mevereter h. >>te sphen: i'll iduntroceou y. >> ji on: cat n'wait! i'll hyoold u ttohat one. te>> sph: enjon, have yoeru ev met bruce ngspristn?ee >> jons!: ye i have. thsse bo. ( ch aeersndpp alause ) >> stephen: usbecae atth's etty cool. ( cheers appnd alaeus ) 's right overer he, stju numites away frow.m no brspuce ristngeen is right there. (cheers and auspplae) (auendice woofs )
11:54 pm
>>ph steenth: at's exactly t.righ at's right. and he's gotod a pca nstow, wito rm perresident obama. >> jyeon: s,ha tt's e o twof them toge, theri heard the t firsepodise. >>te sphen: yeah, pit'sreytt exciting. (ch eers and appelaus ) that's py rettexticing. yoowu kn w eholse has got a podcast, jon? ti'llelyol u right now. fos,ou y're all herean on sthioric night fthor "e telash ow b,"ecause this hshowere, the one reyou' wchating now, is also they verfit rsshow of oure w dcpoast, "the lahote sw pod wshowitsth ephen colbert." fr ts himoment on, r aightfter the shows, air y couan get that nit'shs ow's audio aas pot.dcas ivit ges e youvethrying you wa--ll a the jokes, thall e guestsd , annoea ddly n n'conas dcpoast say the ?same erhe ctalyin hasn't said- it- ich makes yondu woerwh y. ( htlauger) stju becseau the podcast liens erwon't see thsue vials, doesn'ant me tt hathey aren't getting futhe llho sw expecerien. isn't that r, ighthoywllood superstarsel anginjoa lie and ris elba? 'rtheye thbo herd e annoinddg (cheengri )
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qu teila adherrura.ex traoarrdiny aw.aits (bandla pying ) (chreeans d applause) >>te sphen: hey, eboverydy! lcweome back! ( cheers andla appus e) ladindes a gtlenemen-- i'exm cited to telu l yoth maty gutoest nit ghcalls himself a hi sghchool graduarote fm freehoneld, w rsjeey, who plays e thguitar. ladies and gentl, emenbreuc springsteen. (cheers and auspplae) (ba nd playing ) (ee chrsnd a applause (band playing )
12:01 am
( cheers appnd alaeus ) ( laught)er ( cheendrs a alappuse ) >> sphteen: well, it- is- vely to see you. thank soyou mh ucfor being ck.>> mply easure. >> stephen: tgoodo e seyou ain. i owkn you're a buansy m a tllhe time. yoha bveeen spending l aot of tiitme wh rmfoer president oba. (chrsee and applaus)e know that. llwe, fair amoun tt ofime.yo u veha a new book,ne "regas,de born ie n thu.a.s." it apaccomni teshe podcast, the eight- ppartodstca series you widid thim h.
12:02 am
and, it wantoet g into all this, and osomef e ththoughts u yoexpressed ine, her b iut've got to do thste mo iormptant questionst fir, , isdid you make thcue t for his 60irth bthyda party? la( ugerht ) isth past august? el>> wl, h ieard you wer'ten g,goin si o didn't go. (laughter ) te>> sph: eni wasgog,in and i cugot t!>> o oh,h! >> stephenah: ye, ahye, yeah. so...>> trehe was nobody reintestgin there, anywa s>>tephen: thatig's rht. u yoweren't thernde, a ier wen't the. ha>> tt'its . te>> sph: ensure. yonce. la( ugerht )co men. o >>-z jay! >> stephen: dhey,o u-yo- this ris aeay llimportant quonesti m hahes asked you-- h hasein vid teyou to call bahim ra?ck >>h. u.. wellac, i tulyal asked him about that. i idsa, how do yout wantoe b referred to? ani d assumed mr. idpresen bt,ut he sd,ai call me barack. te>> sphen: wow. ye.ah ch( ee arsnd applause ) and-- >> stephen: wnow,asha tt hard? >>hehen asked how wai nted
12:03 am
to be rrrefeedo. t.. (ug laht er) and idi sa, r."m boss, please."( eechrs and appla use)>> sphteen: michelle b hasee-n-ly miel, leand i have neaot hrd anything fthrom e rmfoer president. (la ughter )i ju sstay, "michelloue, yr husband-- " ( laught)er how did the podcasd t anthe booo mebo aut? whose idasea w ts?hi >>wa it s tuacally the esprident's idea. he calmeled , icwhh, of course thi ought he had w therong number. becaheuse 's c aolumbia graduateac, teheofr constiontutialaw l, university cofhicago law sl,choo fstir africaern amic panresident of e united states. ( ch aeersndpp alause ) i am... gua itar player. ( laughter ) i am...
12:04 am
a freeholdio regnahil gh schoolr adteua. ( laerught ) >> stephween: lli , will show yo-- w iill email yoesur rumeto y.ou it's atl lite t bilonger than at. ( laug hter) >> all right. >> senteph: u yowrite in the inodtruction of thoois bk,ou y sathy, "esare e treacherous times,h witmu acht stake, with erevything at st"ake. i agrethe wi you, but what do u meboan autha tt, specalificly? i anme, it's harrongwi. oh, it's hainrrowg,ea yh. do yanou wt rjmaorie taylor greemane, ttae gtz, ron desantis and ou-fr exeaesrls leader ciding the fofate the americaner expimt?en au( diceen booing ) >> stephoken: ayal, l right, so i agwiree thll a that danger. >>has t'what i define as treacherous. >>te sphen: i agrethe wi all atth danger. ybut,ouno kw, kpieeng yourho
12:05 am
pep, u i think, isor a mal coanmmdment. t>>hat's correc s>>tephen: you , knowi y,sa you doot n worry. hsoow do you keouep yr peho up? where dohaes tt meco from, for u?yo >> well, h youavtoe be a fiti ongptimist, i bveelie, you know. in the s tenseha wt,ell, there was an aptttem tovo erturn free and fair eiolectn. it failed. s>>tephen: but y everday, learn there m wasucmoh re comptylexi tito , and much more >> yeah, thajut's st coming out. t i guess-- ani me, 'sit a clicbuhe, t w hodo you remai tiopmistic? i' gveot young kids. i have to. doi n't have a ce.hoic yoowu kn? >> stephenre: su. applause y>>ou know, i m tean,heth oer chceoi is-- is untabhinkle. so, you knowha, i veo tremain opsttimiic. and seeing t yhem,ouno kw, my kids were atout grgeoe floyd anbld ack lives ma ptterrosttes. seeiheng t derivse group of yog unpeople in three stetths e y after the tielecon.
12:06 am
you know, it c's alie,ch but th'sat what keeps ptme oimtiisc. i ththink ers e'a great geraonti of young people coming w up,hore a into-- will bent ierested in pctroteing icameranem docracy and tshing like the funntdamealig rht tovo teal, l of which heeas bn a so oanf endangered iespecs at e moment. so, anywayat, th'sy mhope. (apauplse ) te>> sph: enwe have to taake quk eabrk, but stickun arod. right baitck wh remo bruce (chrsee and applaus)e ( band pla ying) ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's'a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪fe♪el like throwi myng wo rries away♪♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would sa♪y♪ stsual♪ ♪♪fe♪el like throwi myng wo rries away♪♪♪ ♪♪it's'a most unusual♪ sky♪♪
12:07 am
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12:09 am
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12:11 am
(ee chrsnd a applause ) >> stepheny,: he eryvebody! e we'rba wckith the author, along wiarth bacobk ama, of b theoo"rk enegades," ucbre springsteen. ople talk abthout e rkwo-life bal aance l.ot and, whet n arisou yr work,is trehe such a thing as an art- blifealcean, or is evytnghi blended? ea>> yh,ea yh, no, thereot's g to be.i thk init's like, l iike, fndouou t rleay on, i was , likelovemy j, obgreat way toe makali vi, ngno way to liifve, reyou' aus mician. you know, so'v youe t goto watch yourself j, obit's a great way to make living. ouif y flyul subsume youf rselin itit n'so way to live.
12:12 am
d anthere have bmaeen nyma, ny arstprs evious to mend-- a my s-peer- o whdidn't figurate th ou a indt can be verery, vy, ry dangerousyo to u,en mtally, phiclyal. noclvieang between ywoour rk alifendou yr family lifde anyo urom he life, you .know you've got to msoake meer vy clear bounda ariesnd distinctiof ns iyowau nt to live a llif le inh botthe osareas. >>te sphenwe: ll, that is thsomeinyog u may not hanove kwn 1in975 when thibus alm opdrped, d-- ch( ee arsnd applause ) "born to run." a ktbreahrghou moment for you. i undendrsta y bourought thsomeintog shousw from thisal bum. >>h! right. some sbodyai bd,ring show and , tellbrg insomething.oh , right, le et mgeaht old. this is guthe it tarhat is--
12:13 am
(ch eers and appelaus ) that's g theuir.ta>> sphteen: that's the one. (ap plause ) >> i've playhied ts itguar for 50ea yrs.i bohtug it when i 2 22ea yrs old, for o$185n highway i 34, thk,in in belmar, nejew rsey, from a-- man( plapause )-- fr aom great guitan r manadme phil d vei' had it everce sin. it's kind ofut a mt,t' is made upf o twdifferent gus.itarbu t isth guitar has ibeenn everuby cl, eathter, arena, and adium acrossri amecaan, d mostof t , 'sit been aroundit a b. ( cheers a andppuslae )>>
12:14 am
sphteen: are you-- 's not the ogunly it yarou iplayn nccoert, though,ht rig? >> no. te>> sph: enwhat does itl fee li wn heyou go from heanotr guitar to othisne? when this geone n hurlis ke, ih guitar on,on i d'tav he anything eension of my acaltu body, you know. anything ei lse pi uckp, it's a itar. u yoknow? and-- anord, f se omreason, i've ayed this fo lr soonthg at it just became rta pa oyof ur-- of yo--ur your naturartl so of ysique. d-- but i dopln't ayt imuch onge sta tsehe days becaus'se it tten-- i sor pt ofutt ia li bttleitut o to pasture,s it' nedo so much goorkd wo f more. >>ph steenha: ve you thought abt ouputting it oo ut tst?ud >>ea yh, yeah. la( ugerht ) i shouyold, u owkn. >> stephen: , herei' tllake that foyar . i' pllut it back. >>ea yh, okay.
12:15 am
(laughter ) (applause ) s>>tephen: theru e yogo. have you er velet jon stewart toucish th? >> d ion'tel bieve jon stewart s hatouched thatta guir,o. n >> stephen: la( ug hs) (ug laht er) >>te sphen: now, yfaour nsre a famousevly dot.ed are thery e anpaicrtular meesmori ofaf ns expressing r theiapecpriation to yohau, tt come to mind? >>ea yh, there's ba een few. thwoe rst was, aft jer iumdpeov erhe t wall at elvhois' use, ani-d - which, lonorg sty orsht, i mpjued over the awallt viels' hous se toeef ielvis was at htlauger) and-- >>te sphen: was he? n>>o, he was ine laktae.ho >>teenph: okay. >>nd a then they t mhrewe t.ou but i had a oflot fs andoing tho at tmeor f quite a while. d of course,n whei ulwod chase athemwaofy f my frontla wnth, ey would sayt, bu uyo diito telvis!
12:16 am
u yoknow? la( ugerht ) bue t onofhe t strangests one wa i o'mn my motorcywicle th a frndf omine, we're ngcomi fr le akplacid, it'su, yo knhuow, nddsre and hundreds ofmi letos get from lake placid. 'rwee trying in ftan aeronno toe t ckba to jersey, itand arstts d 'sit pouring ands it' inpourg,nd a we're ridinndg, a it jt-us- it's like apinsnd needles hngitti y, ouand we're so cakedometplely to the bone. go through al tolboh,ot i'm stk tinraffic, i'm chdrened, a and guroy lls down hisdo winw, has amen 8x10 and aen p. (lahtuger ) li-- so i sd igneitnd a handed it tbacko m.hi applause ) >> senteph: hweave to take other break, s butti ackround. l we'lbeac bk in a minutthe wi remo bru.ce ( cheers and applause ) nd ba pyilang ) ny
12:17 am
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>> stepheny,: he eryvebody! ch( ee arsnd applause ) we're back wthith e thauor of "renesegad." you know thiy.s gu it b'sruce springs.teen on tf op othboe ok and the podcast thouat y c danownload, yoalavso he-le- t me be sure
12:22 am
gtoet this right-- okay, s it ia concert ofilmfth e gelendary "1979 ukno nes concert." ( rschee and applause )th eryoe u go. >> now, thisere o pneroblemwi thhi ts album cover. every bandbe memr oisn it,ex ce fptor roy benton. robeonnt is not on talhis bum cover, bsty miak ae,nd i'm in veryp dee(bl eep ) abou,t it which hyis w iri bng it up this evineng. so, roouy, y a nreot here, but you arhee re ,in my heart. ( cheendrs a alappuse ) >>te sphen: so, foe r thpeleop whn'o dot-i - remember, i was te riggeht a tbeo listening to cothe nct,er the no nukes concert. >>h,ow w. >>teenph: i was-- i was 15.
12:23 am
fothr e people who't don kw,no what wheas t nnuo kes concert? >> the nkeo nus nccoert was a benefit erconct r fono nukes. ( laughter ) >> stephthen: erite is. there yo.u go>> a, ndat the time,as i w ndki of talked iitnto by jasockn brown, and t thehree le island nur cleaacdecint inconvcemed to take part. tsohat's what thohe sw s.wa thwaere s l alkinds of peo-ple- tom petty, jonacks bwnro, chaka kahn... >>te sphen: james nn rieaitt... >>.. .james taylor, bonnie rat,it there were t a loofre gat simucians. anwed played madisqson uare garden fi or, thk,in two nights, onofe which was mrty bihd,aywh eri e turned 30. and it wasre a gatho sw. thste e re betand played fnor a ho aurnd a half, ahind ts lmfi th iats coming outen momtalyri
12:24 am
fisilm of that .show >> stephen: d anwe have a clip hef-re o- thi ink this is the enof your se ncondig ohtut there. >>ka oy. te>> sph: enso you've alyread turned 30, ink thi. >> yeah. te>> sph: enand the crowd is yingo tget u yoto dono e more song. jim? >> can i't giko on le is!th ( cheers andus applae) i'm 30 years! old my hea start'srtg into go on me! - i can't! ch( eersnd a applaeus ) - i can't! ( cheers and applause ) i can't! (chee arsnd applause )i dowan't nt you to beg. i wadon't nt t youo beg! ( chndeers a auspplae ) (♪ "quartther to re ♪e") ♪ wel'tl, don y knoouw half pas, t ninewi dadthdy g ♪ hine's swgi on ngthe saxth wi t girhels of blue ♪ d we'reanngci al tl overheoom r ♪ people weancire dngik le eyth were mad ♪ngin swig best band theyve er had ♪ sngwiing best song couler bd eve
12:25 am
♪ig a nht wh itdaddy g ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers a andppuslae ) >> ( laug)hs >>teenph: you're 30! yocat n'go on, you're 30! >> i't can gono like that, i'm 30 years old! and that, 'sthat it!>> sphteen: what's t ffdierence betweouen y n aownd that 3ye0-ar-old guy, whand at's the same? >>l, wel is t'funny. stage, i doknn't owf i ere's a lot ifof dfencree, you know. applause ) ani me, u yoknow-- you , knowweti sll come out, anwed take it all w theay, every ghnit that we'rest on age, you know. ch( ee arsnd applause )
12:26 am
so, you , knowi anme, that's a complylete dfeifrent person. u yoknow, at 30,as i w sllti a kid,-- and a tndhat was myen ti lreife,ha wt you're viewing right there, ynoou kw. so, that's-- >> stephen a: nortif-le balance there. >> (lahsug ) anort-life balance! no, juorst wk,or wk, work, work. soat, th w dasifferent. but-- but cabasill iy, still feel a iboutt e thway that kid would have. th ht asn'chgeand at all, you kn.ow >> senteph: 'rwee so luckyyo u' greoing to be d aoing sgon for usig tonht. ( cheers a andppuslae ) (pio anriff ) >>te sphen: mr. bruce ngspristn,ee what will yeou b playing? >> wl ilbe playing "the" (chrsee and applaus)e which was a so wng iro--te ait's sg oni wrote whenas i w that y mounganig rht there, i e wrotitro pbably only w oeeksr monthsor befe atth show.i wa29s when i wrot, e ityou , knowanitd 's held up pyrett
12:27 am
, wellanitd was really the benngiing of a cer ktaininofd myra narti wveriting, that led toec a rori d made called"n ebskraa" and a reci ord made ca "lledthghe ost of tom joad" "dand evs il& dust." sort of-- ( applause ) stephen: i mbremeerhe wn it cautme o. i was i 16, wa16s , anjud i st myhad lenicse. i s obprably late co hmingome, i s thwi a friend ofe minwho d hamoved down tuto soh rocalina frosom bto an,nd he really inuctrodede mto your musi d anhe goes, "ohu, yo veha to ar t" his,anwed listened to "the river." ani s wariveted by it. i iknewt s wasomeinthg new. and i'm oucuris,ha wt did that song mtoean y touhen, and wha esdo it mean now?40 y learsat?er >>th at e meti, i wrote the song--em i remr bei wrote the so ingn the middleth of e ghnit, and i liwas vi ongn a farm in w nejersey. ani meca home from ttuhe sdio, and i wep nt utoy mroom, and i't m nosu--re i'm not surate wh thite iniainl spiration was.
12:28 am
i k thini d habeen listeniong t so hk anwilliams, an hd head a songut abo gngoi down to the r,rive a tndhe river was, dry someg thinli tkehat, you , sittayed in my .head and ismy stewar s-- who lived onlyf halanou hr away from me, s sort of li mvingy repants' li yves,ouno kw? wtheyerjue st, you knowvi, ling a velury be-llcoar life. r husband wacos a nsuctrtion wo, rkeritas w the '70sre ceiossn, there wasa n't looft woo rk tbead h. ani arstted-- reallye , shwas the inatspiriofon r-- she and her husband twerehens ipiration for three co othf at d,nc oe i got the inopeng lines,t tha"iom ce from down in the vallwhey, er me,r., when u're young, btheyri yngou up o to dli ykeour daddy do tne,"he re fstell out afteatr th. you know?
12:29 am
( appl ause) so-- >>ph steenwe: ll, bruce, tshank msouch for beinreg he. >> yeah! >>teenph: thanks foryi plang waalys wonderfulta to lko tyou. ( cheers a andpplause ) the book"r is enadeges." thmae n is bruce sgsprinte.en he'll igbe rhtac bk with a song. ick around. ♪ ♪
12:30 am
therise's th fngeeli we chase... li sneomeo upped the e ht brignen ss othe entire world. like you ir bodys r-supecharged, bu mt yourinupd is serm. cal it f leelsike 20/20 vision for wyourhole being.
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and weas'll che fthiseeling, untianl we c feel it... on e. more. time. .
12:32 am
ph sen: noand w rfmiceingsen.
12:33 am
ch( ee arsnd applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ c♪ iomfre om down in talhe vleh ermie ster, when ye ou'ryogun he♪ ty inbrg you up to do yeah, liouke yr ddday done ♪e d anmary etwe m ihin gh school ♪n wheshwae s just 17 weid'd re t ouof this valley ♪owton where thele fidser we green ♪d we'goow dn to the river anin ttohe river we'ved di
12:34 am
♪n dowtohe t river weid'd re he♪ tn goi t mary pregnant and,, manth watas all she wrote ♪ aornd f m19y th birthday i gount a iocan rd ♪ a and wdiedng coatwe wt endown to the courthouse and the judutge p ialt l to rest o ♪ nweinddg day smiles walk down tishe ale ♪ nowo fler ns,o wedding dress thatht nig wwee nt ♪n dowtohe t river inand tohe t river we'd dive ♪ dow tn toheiv rerwe 'did re
12:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i gotob a j woinrkg workcoing nsuctrtion ♪ for the johnstoomwn cpany bulat all those tshing that seesomed iormptant ♪hevay nished right inheto t air ♪ i acte liki n'dot remember mary actkes li s dheon't care ♪ but iem rembeusr riding in my hebrotr'cas r ♪ her btaody n d anwet down at rethe seoirvr ♪ igat nhtn othose banks i'd awlie ake ♪ andl pulheclr ose just to fe eelach breath s the'dake
12:36 am
♪ now thoemse morsie come back auto hnte m ♪ they haunt me like a cuers is a d, reama eli ♪ if it d con'tomtre ue? or is it shiometngor wse? ♪ that send ds meown to the river♪ tughoh i know the river is dry ♪ sendsdo me wno tthe river tonight ♪ down to tivhe rer my baby and i ♪ down heto t reriv we r♪ide chrsee andla appus e)
12:37 am
stephen: thyoank u,ru bce. thanks, brr.othe enegades" is t outomorrow, anthd e legendary 9"197 no nukes crtonce" aisvailable vember 19. bruce spngristeen, every!body at's it for "lthe atshe ow." od night! cheers andla appus e) captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by dimea access grot up awgbh ac captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the le atlateho sw, o oh,h the llateate show ♪ woo! the lateat le shohow, , oh
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t♪he late late show , oh ♪ it's thlae te lat


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