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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 18, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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thformer thoseran ceo herself, but not from the witnesans std. a day ofsurfing s turn tragicr foa bay area dad left paralyze d. the first thing he mouth to meon a ventilatwaor s pulled the .plug >> tigonht he is walking aiagn. hog w bida tahelped his deteinrmed doctors makeit poibssle. >>gh> rit now at7:00 d an streg aminon cbsn y baarea, 's a scene that has become l too famiarli on ea stseba freeways. evidence markers onthe ground, life lost too soon. there were four pe opleinside ofthat suv when it was hit by gunfire, andly on three rvived. >>hesh ooting haenpped stju east of the y babridge llto pl aza,whe erour kenny choi is ghrit now. >> reporter:p chcoirnfming thatrethe people did survive inside of that suv, but one nwoma eddi this rnmoin g. take a lo okat the scene fr om
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chopper 5 on the approach to thy babr idgetoll plaza this inmorng. you coule d sethe alameda coroner's van threading of rgbuun bdyuick suv adheed in thwee stbound direction ofi- 80 neares wt grand avueen. it haedppen a lilett after 9: 00 th rnmoing, leaving a 28-year- d woman sittg ininside of the passr engeseat adde. we spoke to utcommers who are seeinges the kinds ofshootings all too teofn. >> it's usdisgti ngand sad. the familymb meer s,people's velod ones, so 'sit very distngurbi. >>is it scary, and it might be , usor you, or an, yoneyou kn? ow i lyreal don't know what is going on. >> rorepter: the maledriver an d two junivele boys rewe unjud,re according to chp. they say there havebeen at le77ast freeway ooshtis ngin al ama edcounty in the last 12 months thauorities havet nosaid whheetr th iswas a targeted a random shoot ing,butht ey are asking forthe public's lphe, foany foinrmation relatoted
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this inntcide and shngooti this morning. ey are as kingfor wisetness to comeforward orcall the ch tip line. y kennch, oikpix 5 . >> ijut's st infuriatinatg th we veha to be afraid to ivdre inur o own rsca on the freeway for fear of being shot. it's ridiculous. thanks. >> reporter: it should not be that way. millions of federal dollars of on the way to the bay area tonight toboost police staffing, part of a $139 million jue sticdepartme gntrant to agencies across the countr y. alama edcounty willt ge $3,07500 to bring three w neof firsce on bo n anfrcisco will get more than $6 llmiion to lphe fire 50. >>in the stpa few urhos, the city of fremont held a uavirtl swearingce-in renymo for its ponew li cechief. shawn inwashgt. on >> ton ightwill be ouabt us, , wenot me. partnerships, the
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cepoli d anthe counmmity is one. >> he has enbe on e thjob ncsie lamost nt h,when the former chief kilymber teperson reretid. he is the first black rspeon to lead the department and the 'scity htoisry. >>a > livelook at the evg enin commutroe acss bay area bridgewhs, ere drivers havehad to turn on the ndwishldie wipers amet tis today. >>we justpicked up a few sprinkles sain n jose, and hopefumolly rean d other eaars. chietef meorogolist paul heggen is tracking raomnd showers heading to . us >> wesaw atth rain onic in san josein the stla half hour,h icquh estioned how real that was, but a bit of s bonu farainlln isan . jose there'ots anher vendor ershows thatll wi try to actrk through e thsouthern lfha of the bay area. st of it will evaporate fore it hi tsthe grndou, but more moisture is offshore. much will fall inthe rtnoh bay aftednr miig. ht it will akpe in the pre-sunrise hours friday morning, a few hundredths of aninch of total rain.
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thine ra chances are likely to peak in san fransccio as the sun comes up on friday, th en theyssdiipate quickly. san jose, interms ofany tiaddion ralainfall on top of the 0.01 esinch you edpick up in the last 90 minutes, only a 20% anchce. it n'wot make a dent in drought ndcoitions, but we will take it. anerthe is otanher chance in th e 7 day forecast, whh icwe will look at in a few numites. 1 millions in is a water customers willveha to decide wh etr hethey want to save tewar or money. thfor e rsfit time e sinc2016, h e utility willimpose h toug droughstt reriioctns, which ll udincle fines r fooveruse. >>you veha got to conserve, or we will haveto charge you the essurcharges. were ally have nocechoi. carnlifoiaes, pecially where we are, is ina reseve drought. >> custorsme will be ordered to cut eithr water usage by80% coedmpar to2019, or pay a hasurcrgofe about seven
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dos llarper unit of water. meane,whil a small community deep in the saa nt cr muzountains is thwiout reab lewater. redes ntclaim what mecos out of their taps is sometialmes so feunsa. >>it 's very frustrating d an concerning. at one point i have d hauebl tape on the ucfaet to remind mnoe t to turn it on. >>t takes my heart to think that someowone uld ha vea baby israe around rehe with isth tewar. >> tigonht at 1,1:00 kpix s 5' ray medina on the prive atwater ancompy cuacsed of failing to warn its cuerstoms whenthe war teis feunsa to indrk , d an the spdeere atmeasures osthe custs omerha vetaken to protect thlvemsees. for the first , timethe jury in the elizabeth esholm frautrd ial heard omfr the erform erthanos ceo heelrsf, t bushe did not testify as a wis.tnes prutosecorpls ayed audio corerdings from fortune gazine writeger ror rlpaoff,
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who is now on the theywe retaken dungri an inrvteiew that mebeca a 2014 cover y.stor they udincled holmes's msclai th tatheranos devices do 0010 bloostd tes, and atth the mpcoany did l alof its own work without relyoning thd-irparty anal. ysis >> several of the instveors readthe article offort une. th iswitness eischoing the testimony ththat e ryju has been hearing for the la st11 weeks. iits never a good y dawhen your own voice incriminate you. >> on croxass-emitinaon, rlpaoff refused to vegi up the other sos urceofhi s reinportg,i tioung jrnisaltic privileg deunr the first amendment. caliiaforn is ho pingto drive up s itpediatric vaccination teras by etmeing kidswh ere they are, in school. >> i s wanervs,ou but it wasn't at bad. makes him a comftaorble , owkninitg 's an emelenryta hoscolli, ke the when they go . >> it was so much easier to havemy kid vainccated at school rather th anhave to make a whole anheotr appoint tmend an ta meti off rkwo. >>e thstate idepemiologist stopped by this clinic at mam rkhaelenemtary in oad klan today. about 20% of the coesunti 5 to 11-yolear-dsut ahority gotten
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their first dose. the nuermbs are similar acssro the bay area as a olwhe. he was woierrd he wod ul vener move a scmule again. tonight, thisbay area d dais ba ohin s feet. how big data and determedin doctorars e ta kingnew epsts tordhes aling parasilys patients. >> veha had amazing reltsus. >> wree we pretty >>it s wapret tymiraculousto see his recovery. iethves arwimed tham hmers takea minute bay area jelrwey coteunr. thrie stki ngsimilarity to anheotr heist daysago. thppe hay update onthe famous cowfaonlc, and e th alchleesng still ahead of him at home. > a remind, erour i didn't have tosh out out for .help because you di'tdn have andvother t. to not day. e onblood clot puts you is at rk avof hing r,anothe e so wchosree xalto elto hp keouep y proedtect. xa®relto iovs pren to treat an d reduce the risvtk of d p ore blood clotsom fr hniappeng again. stalmo 98% of peopleot did n nohave ather dvt or pe.
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>>toghnit, bay area researchers havehaesrnsed the power of chtenology anmad chine, leading to extraordy inaren. ds >>th eir work unvecored an innovative oaapprchto treating devaatsting spinal rdco inju, riesanitd has already helped one bay area dad get ba on his feet. >>reporteroc: ean beach, n sa frscancio,kn own for its cold water anrad w power. tjustheki nd of ple acchris barr from the east bay would ve. onru febar12y , 2017 -- >> i ecchked the vewas, kissed mye wifgoodbye, said i'm going surfing,d ani will see you in a w fehours. >> porerter: while rvseing, chris broke his neck. he was found by a iefrnd floa tingin the water. and his wife t goa llca. >>richs has d haan ciacdent,
7:12 pm
anhe is at zuckrgerbe. >>or repte r:zuckerberg ragenel hospitaln , safrancisco's only level one trauma ntceer. >>e hwas so cold, e stoncold, and he has hand ugthroh his hair and seno and rsea. kni ew immediat ely,th isis way worse than a broken bone. >>reporter: richs had a vadestinatg cervical alspin cord inj ury. doctors saidhe would most kely never inrega y an memoventbe low his neck. even if he did rvsuiv e,he wouledd ne a ventilattoor breathe. >>the first inthg he moheutd to me on the ventilator was pull the plug. >> reporter: knunown to chris and iedebb, ucsf ordocts had already emimplend tea novel surgicalpr otocol to be used in paen tswith new inspal cord inrijues. thide ea, to ghtitly monitor a paens t'blood prreessu, and maininta it wiinth e th ldgoiloc zksone,no t too ghhi myotto o low. >> the justright zonefor blooesd prsu. re >> rteeporr:it is chmu more rrnaow than current guideselin.
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the data unfod higher blood presresu may in ctfa damage inspal tissue. a new udsty confirms e th benefi t. wiinth a verynarrow e rang of d bloopressure control, these patients had much beertt ouomtces, in fact, unexpected ly goutod >>or repte r:the ordocts didn't diovscer this oaapprch on eithr own. >> this is a mahun-chmaine panertrship. >>hi ts is e onof e thgrt ea things aboutin beg rehe in the bay . area>> porerter: they edus machine learning and tiarficial inllenigce. >> we work on extrac tingda ta frheom t patient res.cord >>ep rorter: theyac trke11d 8 spalin cord patstien at two bay eaar trauma ntceer s. zucker bergand santa arcla vall eymedical center. they t builan althgorim that scourethd e data from each enpatit, looking atndhureds of outhsand s ofdata po. ints the machines counved rethe triniguing patt ern. >> we rewe surpriseyed, s. >> rorepter: the trauma teams took e thesndfiings from e th ncbeh to the bedside to use in tipaents i richs. >> as soon as they get r thei suerrgy, they go igstraht to the icu, and we makesure eyth inma their mainte arri al pres surego. al >> rorepter: after he underwent
7:14 pm
surg--ery >>3 ekwes, still no feeling, no menovemt atall. that poin t,they write you f. thenll a of a sudden, stf uf stteard happening. >>reporter: he began to feel sensatbeion low his . neck withinnt mohs, he d coulmove a toe, then a mbli. he started infeedg mshielf. i >> rememberth e 1st day he ate a pie ecof cholocate. hegrbeabd a ecpie of occholate r omth is table d anput it in his mo uth,and we eechre d. >> porert: erthen he went experialment emst cell thy erap at the mayo icclin, and a spinalim stulioatn trial at lauc. today, he n cawalk on his n.ow what begatan zuckbeerrg idpa f. >>yo u oostd up fromhis whhaeelcir, and hewalked a couple step s. gei t emotional,be cause it is still ha vingme ch. ills >>or repte r:spinal cord juries affeabct out 18,000 tipaentsth in e u.s. each year. the limefeti stco to the tipaent insociety is huge. chris believes fuinndg and
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sharing bea dat might help accele ratetrtmeaent for otrshe. >> stinead of vihang hundreds of samplesu , yohave thoundsas ofmp sale s. ere is no reas onwe can't ve thousands ofsuecbjts. we are really ju stscratc hing the surface. >> d r.ferguson bels ieveth is approamich ghbet applied to otr remo common sp inal issues, including spinal sten, osisand low ba ckpain, the most mmcoon cause ofjob- lated dibisality. > taking a look at top heneadlis,he t fda could thauorize pfizeros bote rsfor alull adts anytime now, and then the c cdwould need tosign of f,but california is not inwaitg r fothe go-ahd.ea e thstatjue st updated the my turn websiteto offer appointmenfots r y antype of botetor any adult who ntwas one. >>th> e biden adnimistration ju stbo ught 10 milln iocourses of pfizer's new covid antiravil dr. ug once the fda author izesit for emergeusncy e,it will help eatrt vicod patients atrisk foser vere illness.
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inlookg lid vicapitol hi, ll e housspkeear nancy pesilo d coulca lla tevo someti me nitoghont the presenidts so cialspdienng plan. alysts say the nearly $2 trilonli bill would ineacrse the deficit by 367 biiolln dollars ov10er aryes. pureblicans say thatis too muchan, d ev enmoderate modecrats want to see esthe numbers be foreadngdi their suorppt. o twmen convicted in the murder of vicil rights lead er maollcm x rewe erexonated today after spending decades in ispron. e maatnhtan dasaid e thfbi d anpoceli withheld crl ucia evidence that could have clear their names nglo ago. the twmeo n were thbo enroedll inthe 80s. e thcase was re-investetigad llfoowing atth 2020 netflix cumentary" who ki lledmalcm ol x." t>>his.nk tells usfamo falcon isback on ca tmpusonhtig. made a beeline for his home r afterehab rser from e thle
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ngy thwildlife exenperice re leedas him bynear. the bisprd enset veral s weekat the walnut k creehospital inbeg tetread r foinjuries he sustd ainein an paapre ntturf r. tot nighhe has realady been otspted back where he and his mannte aieha ve made their home and raised thr eichicks sie nc 2016. bithe g tiqueson tonight, llwi she keta him back? er icand falcons matefor , life but wiakll te a do madeif eyth inthk their prev iouspanertr is gone, hwhic th eymight after all this time. 'shere hinopg they can ma ke th rkwo. >> weshould arstt a tipetion. yon cado it. >> as the fas lcontu.rn we will keepyou daupted on e th apso opera in e thsky. > a w feraindrophes re d an there. even oncethe shs owermove out, temperaturesl wilbeon the co olside motorr. ow we llwi warm up as we head toin theke ween d. ghhi pressure tacokes ntl roof the weat her,siinnkg air in the mosphere ovaderhe. lllocay nsdee fog sonatdaury,
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but we should e sethe sun breakihrng tou ghwith warmer tempaterures, not going to be close hoto t,bu t a few eedegrs e abovavagere saturday and sunday. t righnow, we are actrki nga w feshowers t sctosouth,itw nd will miss sa ll ll across the peninsula and to the east e thair over the bay area is adding tumoisreas, a lot of ese owshers have enbe apevorating, but every meti one batch of showers apevorates into taihe r, it lphes pave e th way for the xtne batch of sh ows erto reach the gr. ound e therwi llbe more bands of showers throthugh e restof tonight. th e stbe ch anceof the most widesp readra inbegins to edge toin the rtnoh bay stju r afte midnight, and main lystay noh rt of the golden ga tefor the rest of tonight. by autbo sunrise, wewill see some sho wersmangki their way through the engold tega and around sanfrciansco. ilit wl bereally light activity. ere may be meso puddles torr moworning. pl f orit to allow en ough extra time, but the shows er
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llwi be ryve light. the ac tityvi continues ugthroh about ormidmni, ngthen th ings llwi eventuallyqu iet down. few patcs heof mist and izzle possible. we will see if you breaks and d cloucor veby tomorrow teafrnoon. pe tecar st is indicating a lot of zer oson the p,ma no mbmeers shinupg . enev the hi gheramntous, about 0.1 inches ofrain. not a oudrght buster, but we wi llak te every drop. thisere another rain chance that will mo vein fobere anthksgiving. it's not muofch a chan ceat thisin pot, but erthe is ouengh timetw beeen now d antuesday foe r thra inchances to go up a little bit. i think it will be similar to whatwe are sengei this evg enin antoghnit. a few br eaksin the cloud cover ovaner s francisco right now, whh icwill fill in overthe re stof the evening. d-mi50s for moalst all of us, d they will drop too much.
7:20 pm
upper 40ans d 50s by early morrow morn ing. high temtuperarewis ll only reach up in tothe mid-60s to moowrr. the erlinginclg oud cover is really put tingthbre akes on thwa-rmup. up50per s to 60 degrees along th e ascot. wearupm- demost lyas we head the ekween d. sunenshi tusarday and sund. ay loy calldee nsfog over the weekend. th enou r temperesatur ckba off a bit moaynd and estuday, with thne xtchance of owshers tudaany d tuesday ghnit. th we warm-up and clear up ag ai n,good wer athefor tr avinelg on eswednda y,if you are e bravenough tohit the ros ador take tothe y,sk or if u yowi llwait llti things vingit selfit, los ok fantastic. really nice weather for eyturk y.da i will be poinstg on so cial media thhorougutth is evg,enin and we will haveanother up date 1:at 100. >>r ouproducer ssmelia wins the pegrreine falcon pond war. she calls it the yog unand the st list. well done. >>th at 'swhy she tsge paid the bubig ck s. nearly 5 on]
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tonigh t,three spsuects are hindba rs, and police veha rerecoved 0,$5000 worth of st jolenewryel after thistc mah and grab at solano tocewnnter in fafiireld. the mobears a striking simitylari tano other jewelry ste assmh and grab in coorncd eaieisr th ekwe. so far poceli vehan't said of th
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e two cresim are cotennecd. a formal criminalti jusce profr essoat masono state has been ctindied on n arsocharges. 47r--yeaolgad ry stephen maynard aitrled fire ewcrs fightiheng t xidie fire over the su, mmerand set new refis bendth em. ifnvcoicted, he cefas up to 20 year s inpronis , and a quarter million dollarne fi on ea chof thfie ve county is cifang. san jo seresidents are ngseei meso relief 5 years afdeter vaatsting floods. the city d floocouncil unanimously approved a $750,000 lesettme fntor more than250 victims. ba ickn 2017, isdebr clogged cothe yo ctereep and ooflded nebyho mes. ncsie then, the tewar dist rict has inlestald a flood wall.
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sit down to dinner next thayursd. >> according tothe amer ican farmea buru deferation, a classic ksthangingvi feast for 0 wl ilcost 3.$531 to make, up 14% frlaom st year. almost everythoning e thmenu misore this year, from e th dinnroer lls to ssdeer t,but tuthe rk eygobbles up the biggescrt inea seat 24%. >> eveinrythg weare yibung is stcoing more. fe, elfu, labo r. alofl those thin gshave increased in pre icfr om2020 to 21. >>blame e thsulypp chain crisis w, weilall l be kfthanul when thatis nafilly reedsolv soon
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