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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  November 18, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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> thank you for watcnghi at 006:. the newscoinntues is restamg in on sncb bay eaar which you can nd on the kpix 5 app. ♪ ♪ captioning sorponsedy bcbs >>'dneonll: tonight,re the are sel veradeloveping storieswe as me on the air. the f.d.s a. isetot green-light boteosrs for all as;dult a and g concessionm frothmae n who ot and killemad ahudrb aery. on te ofhehr tee men accused of murdg erinthe 25-year-old jogger admits, arbery didn't threaten him. >> didn'llt pu o autny guns? n>>o, ma'am. >>id dn't pull outny a knife? >> na'o, mam. o'dneonll: clthe osgin argumesents t r fomonday. covid cases and sphoitalatizions ikspe. we're in tidhe mwe, stwhere feinctions are sngoari. is as the f.a.d. could authe orizboth pfizer and moderna booster shots folr al amaneric altdus. vesad from death. row tonight, why the republican governor from oklahoma stopped e thexecution ofiu juls nejos,af telor bbying from kim
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kardashian and other "en ye oamicera." (truck horn ) am aid shortage ofck tru ivers, why tndhe iusy trloves lefema d,e wfind out whaitt takes etto g binehd the wheel. that w fasun! expensive ksthangingvi feast. e nenuw mberjus st out tonight abt ouhow chmu moryoe ur ty,urke pumpkin pie, and sweet potatoes will cost. clg osin90st0 ores. whcvy s says 10% osf it loticaons llwi shut their doors. and, how this maryland teacher at out 8,000li appcas ntto win milln-iodoll parrize. this ie s th"c ebsvening news" withah nor oon'dnell, reporting from the nats ion'catpial. >> o'donnellod: go eniveng tourie vwers in the stwe d anthanyok u so much fo injoing us. 'rwee going to b weginith big developm ientsn e thahmaud arbeurry mdetrr ial, which has
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rngaeredat nional attention, d today broucight viril ghts aders to thete sta ogef orgia. e thdefense resttsed i ce,as td, ttseing the stagre fo closing arguments onon mday. toand da ty,ravis mcmichl,ae the man who shoter arby dtoeath, adedmitt uernd cross-examionnati that the 25--oyearld black man never edpull o aut weapon or threatenimed h iann y way, rebefo mcmichael pointedis h shotgun at him. mcmichael twand o heotr white n mecharged withde murring arbery hclave aid meself- fedense, saying stheyusctpeed him of burieglars d anchased him do iwnn an attemptma to ke a citizen'res arst. well, thn e meha oveffered no evenidce of arberymi comttginid any crimnde, a tayod, mcmichael said ay rber"aeappred" suiospicushe wn they pulled up on him in r theipiupck, but adttmied under quenistiongha ttl l bearry did was run. cb os'mar villafraisnca gngoi to lead us t offonhtig from the coouurthsen ibrunswick, orgia. good eveningar, om. r>>eporter: gooend eving. travcmis micelha is the only one the three ddaefennttos stify, and t, odaydungricr osexs-amination, the osecution trtoied pe okholes
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hinis version oe f thsty,or sayingt whaheol td the jury is not hwhate ldto police. travis mhacmicelas w back on thstd anfor a second o dayf crosams-exinioatn. prosecutor lisa duniikosk focused on how mcmichael rceid vearbe, ryas hfoe llowed and confronted the 2ar5-ye-old multiplees tim. >> hsne ha'tul pled out a gu t>>hat's correct. >> he hasn'td saionwoe rd to you. he has not. he has not atthreen yedou in anwaery, vbally or pcahysilly. >> no, ma'am. >>epteorr: dunikoskio als questioned mcmichael's version of the chase through the ignehborodho thalet d tohe t fal taconfntroatio gn,etting mcmichael atodmitha tt he could veha stopped folwilong arbeftry aere hran ayaw from e thpickup truckt , budinod t. >> allnd a hhae d done so far is run awaym froyo ru,ight? >> he rahas n stpa me, and... n away, and t i lehirum n aways., ye >>epteorr: the proser cutoalso prsemcd michael on consistencie hs inista stement to policd e anhites stimony to e thjury. >> so whate weryoneu rvous about, w ghileivg inthe
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statement?>> it juskiedll a man. i habld ood on me was the mosaut trmac tievent y of mli.fe >>ou y were nervoucas beusyoe u thought you gwereoi tngo jail, rit? >>o. n >> you'rlle teinthg is jury that yoreu' all confused d anyouca n'get t the facts igstraht. u>>nder the cirtacumsnc oesf gog inthrough a trtiaumac enevt, ithiss what you. got tri ied, and thi ws ishat ppened. >> repr:orte osiutde of the coursethou... >>ru bnswick is ouger neration's selma,t thathcie vil rights era owis n srttaing over today. >> reporter:.. .hundreds of stpaors joined aisctivtsnd a mbmeers of the ay rberfalymi, the y rallprptomed by this atement madet laswe iekn cot urby defense anettory vin gough: >>e wdon'ntt wa a mnyore blacstk paorcos ming in here. o >> nmaertt what he say gweoing to praywa anyy! >>ep rorter: arbermoy's therga ve b arief statemeo nt tthe media anidd sa s ihesia emotioy nallexushated from thisr
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ial. clinarg guments are toset begin mondoray norah. >>'dneonll: omar vilanlafrca, thank you. all t,righ n towo another trial. ree days of bedelirations and still no ver idictn e thtrial of kyitle rteounhse. e thteenager couetld g utop li fen iprison for sinhootg life in onpris for shooting th mreeen three men, kngilli t, woat a protest 02in 20. national guarord topars e distanngy boutside kenosha, sconsin in cthase e rdveict arspks violence. riall gh tt,oday, with just hours to spthark ego vernor urhos to spare, gothe veorrn of oklahomale cald f ofthe exutn ioof julius jones. jones s habe oenn death row, oclaiming hinos incee,nc fonelyar 20 years, asnd a s' mireya virellaralep rorts, hipuuirst of freedomfa is r from ( cheers a andpplause ) >> repr:orte t mheercy juliusc nes and his orsuppte hrsave en pyirang famor ce stju four s hourberefo he was set ieto d. in a state, mentgornveor kevin t stitsa hide was sparinneg jos' life, but reorded atth he "shall never agbeain egilible to apply r, be consid feredoror, reivcee any additional
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commutioatn, pardon, oror pale." ( cheendrs a applause ) at theta ste capitol where pporters havlle raiethd e gove frnororee wks tcoo mmutejo ne ss'entence, thect reaion wasws ift and jubi.lant j>> iust want to hit my kneesnn and cry out to god. r>>eporr:te jones has inmatained his iennnoccen i th19e 99 murder ofus binessman pa helowl during a cckarjaing.ol jones wa as 19t e thtime of his arrest. 41now , gheot the opportytuni to plead hise casonmoe re time toheta ste's pardon paand role bod arearlier thisth mon. a>> im t nothe rspeon reonblsie for taking mr. ho'swell le.if >> repor uter:ltatimely, the bod coremmended his ensentce be cteommud ltoife in prison wiheth t psiosbility of pa.role >> it is inhumane that mybr otr heis on death row. >>ep rorte ar:ntoittnee josne visited heotr brheinr prison eswedndaory, f wt hawould havebe enhe t last time. >> my brotisher n aot person that woulde taka feli. he would pro itectt. >> reporter: r butacl hehowell beevlies the execu wtionould ve meant jus fticeorer h father.
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>> hs e waannn iocent man taking his kids tt o geiccre eam with amyunt, and he s wamurdered in frofont mane d myte sisr d anmy aunt, all focar a r. anhed never got a i sayn isth.> rorepter: jones' rnattoey says tishis n'evt erything they ntwaed, but they g arerafutel the rngoveorre pvented an reparable mie.stakon t ohether side of t it,he howell famteily llmes thisde cionsi gives them orcomft, because theley bie ivet reafs firmjos'ne guilt. noh. 'd>> oonllne: all right, miyare villarreal,nk tha y.ou well w, weantot turn now to the cod ndpaemic. public heaoflth fialcis areco ncneerd tonight aba out 35%d to% spike nation iwiden w necases in recent we weks,ith hospitalioizatnsls ao on the ri. thupr pemidwest is sgeein e largest su, rgessoe wget remo on this froz m licoinlls fr o curbs minneapoltais stion wcco. >> it'prs unecenedted. i haveer nev sn eeso many peop aon ventilator neat o >> reporter.r: d joshua huerelst cis aricatil care physi aciant
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ab nbottorwethstern hospitnal i minneapolis. his u.i.c. ifus ll. the hosp sitalysm tehas nearly 33vi0 cod tipaents. omostf e th66 i.c.u. covid tients are ontn veilorats. what'sin behd isth rise? without a d, oubtit t'she ckla of-- of vaccination. the vaajst mory itof patients that we see in i the.c. .uare nocct vainedat. ep>> rorr:te covid cases in minnesarota e nupearly 50% in thla wsteek, compare td tohe week before. hospital admissioncrs ineadse 24%, with thrge laesint crease amthong os30e to 49. sasun ru sttenpe ant week in a rural minnesa othospital. she is unvnaaccited. f>> ieebal d taking up bea d, if sebomody needs itse wor tnha i do. >> reporter: she's now he omand pls anto bvae ccin.ated tot,nigh as cases rise onnatiwi, decbs news hasrn leaed the f. id.a.s nscoidering thauorizing boos ftersorll a adulorts f bh otpfiznder amo dea rnas soon as t,oday but 31% of touhe cnt irys still unvaatccined. whilat wl pphaen if people reinma resistant to be
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vaatccined? >> m theesgesa has to be loud d clear. yocau n't run out gathe melo cck on this one.k this v wirusilfil nd you. >> how y areouoi dng? >> reporter:k bacinhe t i.c.u., drhu. elster worriboes authe t toll morvie cod secas will takeo t lyon on patientst , buonhe t stthaff atar ce for them. >>'mot n angry at pe wopleho don't vaget ccatined. sof me omyol cleagues get veryan graby out it. noi'm t grany about it. i'dim sappointed. >> repr:orte trehe are enough be adst this hospitotal ceards for moeore ppl be,ut not enough staff. and ouit cldet g worse.t worse. dr. anthfaony ucsai ys there'sbe enn auptick in thmbe nuerf o hospizitalatnsio among people wharo e vaccinated h andavyee t to be boosted. and hthisostapil already has b. longer ewa.r. itim rah. >> one'donlla : reminder to get th batooster if l ghrit, liz collins, thank you. llwe, thisere outrage tonight aftefor a rm sertudent at a privscate ho wolho confessed apto rinorg attempting to sexu aallybu fseour teenaged girls as pofart ale pa deal wa'tiv gen any prisomen ti. the la rwyerepserenting one of thgis rlsays his cliwaent s so
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sickeny ed bthine justice, she acaltuly threw up heat t coouurthseft aer the senteg.ncin s' mola lengashi h an emiol nainterview wineth o of the viimcts. >>epteorr: christopheler bter, standing befe ora judge, fangig eht years in onpris for x crimes, inincludg pera, againsurt fo tnaeeged girls inside hisil famy'ups state neyo mrkansion. >> you fulxply eecd tehim to go jtoail. i s. r>>eporter: thimas won,ho w asd keto be referro ed tas.m m., was one of belter's victs,im who teifstied at the t.rial she was deinsi t cheourtroom enwh judge matthurew mphy pronncoued tt ha"incraarcetion n'ist appropriate." >> i actlluay prayed oveatr wh heis t aropppriate senteinnce this case. ep>> rorr:te the sentencre fo rape? eight year ps'robation. i completele y brokdo.wn it ws as aif w ias being epn'ed aver agai beev no. i was sick tyo m ost i wacks si tmyo stomach, aking with a angerndis dgust. >> m. s wajust6 1at
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the meti, a high schstool udt,en as were e thotr hevictims. beer was 16 when the assaults gan. his attorneylds to t cheourt, he is "tremusendolyem rorseful for atwh he has done."th >> i don't bveelie ifot r one second. wii ll have to lwiive thhi ts the rest of my lifnoe, kwing thatis he wkialng the streets, and thnoat ath gerirl could be a victim os f hianday y now-- 'sit terrifying.>> rorepter: her atty ornewas unblt. if this induaividl nowas t a rich whi kteid from a pregiviledkg bacrod,un he would ckbaground he w boulde in pri iben prison rigowht n. >> reporter:. m.mto mlde she has nore regtsbo aut easpking out andin takg eth witnesans std. >> i d ton'thi wnke'll find that clurose until we kthnow at he'ss locked up. anthd e judge fails ed s he ipuinttg us throughl. hel >> reporter:l, wel bteelr's mothero alsfas cecharges, inudcling endangerthing e welfofare ahi cld for allegedly providing hoalcol mtoinors at e thospaierts in at her home ine
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stn ernew york. norah. >>'d oonnell: molagh leni,th anyok u. tnow,o e thdeepg eninmyersty of a eschine nnteis star who 'thasn been seen pulyblic scein accusing a c tophisene official ofex sual assault. wellni, togh tt,here's anal arngmi new twist, ajusts tennis champseion re wnailliams isoingni the calls fnor a stinveigioatn.wi llmsia said today, h sheopes that penuag shi sisafe and found asn sooasos psible. cbs' ramy inocencio reports from hongon kg.>> reporter: m allenonti of che inesteisnn star peng saihu has been scrd ubbefr tomheco uny'trs internet. e fo nrmerumr-beone ranked dolechs amp had publicly cused formere vicprieemr zhang gaoli,lo a csell ay ofpr esenidt xi jinpingof, sealss aault. her fourag-parra pphost on venomber2 said, rasevel aryesag o,he s refused hime , atdiernn with him and his wife, but evtulyal gave in. w, an email aphas peedar, allegefrdly omen pg, retracting everyt.hing e author wri "tes,the allegationse of xu aalssault iso t uetr. i am notis msing, nor am i
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safe." ste mosin, head of tomhe wen's nnis associa, tiontoho wm the noaste w sd,en doubts it'sl. rea he wrote, "ie hava rdha time lieving thatg penshiua tually wrote e thema wile reiv.ed hai ve repeatedliey trd rtoeach he tr,o nova ail." chinesate ste oabrdcaster c.t.g.n. publicizeatd th lteetr. atwh is so conceg rninabtou g gointhugroh, like, c.g. .t.nor other state a?medi>> steta media in chseina rv,es in theds wor oprf esident xiji npg,in to serve thmme countis party. so they noare t alrely a a mediouettl like, that we miknght own ithe united states or t wheest. r>>eporr:te as r fopengai shu,h e otsplight is on hfromer americanni tens amchp llbiie jean kinget tweing, "hoping peng shuai is found fesa," but japane estennis star naomi osakmpa silyri wting, "where is spenghu?"ai ranomy iceionc, cbs news, ngho kong. 'd>> oonllne: all right,re we' ing to turn tonow a nationwidert shoagofe truck drivers. the erare a numberre of ass,on
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includa ing feradel law thatdo est n'allow driverdes unr eth age of 21 toss cro steta lines. but, par tt ofheip bartisan infrucastrtu lreaw now opens the door to drs iverag 1ed8 to 20, all in h oopesf ttgeing more americans hibend the wheel. so tonight, in our "eye on america," wern lea autbo anotheour grp dofrivers that coul pd bearoft the answer to that truckve drir orshtage. wh'sat the most daoungers rtpa about indrivg bia g truck like this? >> driving ijon mar ticies. >> reporter:li wilamug austonoe. isn ainstructor aet th mmcounity colleg be ofalmotire county. >> o hneand up here. >>'d oonne: llone 40of 1 blpuiclyde fund hoscols in the country trai dningrirsve. ur>> tn e thignition.( gienne )>> oon'dnell: i woult d puyour seatt belon. whe y arthe espeop sletandingth ere? it's a not gd ooidea! laughter ) it's80 a 2-hr ouprogram, with a mix of linearng tinhecl asoosrm... >> so, today h, weavrue les of >>'donnell: .a..nd behind th eewhl. ay. ohmy, lord.
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okay. >>t'a s big vehicle! o'donnell: ofone t hheardest parts for me? thdoe uble clutch. okhoay, w ido brake? >>ka sy,tep on the chlutc rst, to the r.floo o'dneonll: -huhuh. >>nd a youe 'rgointog brake laughter ) >>ouus mt slow down and oceed with ctiauon. >>'d oonnell: the seclass wno have at wailist to ge, t inand sty o igruns the pro.gram mahow nyeo pple did you kthin would sign up? >>bo 1ut50 students. >>'dneonll: and how dmanyid sign up? >> we have 315. o>>'donllne: mo trehan ubdole. >>e morth danouble. 'd>> oonllne: the countredy nes e onmillneion w drivers toverhe ne dxtecade, becau osef drsiver tirering, spending a lotf otime awroay fm meho, and the pand.emic f >> iyocau n't see realelly wl, 's better juo st >>on o'dne: llbut it's the hieray p that got laatish gard aner, mheotr of four who hlosterob j, behind thehe wel. atwh are some of m theost excitingor opptutinies about bengcomi aru tck driver? he>> trere a so many jobts ou here. that's oneng thi wwoe n't have toor arybout when we're nishfied. we cany easilju rigmpht into a
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job. >> o'don: nelljumpg ininto thos. >> t theruinckg industry say they're cmoreoniescntious of gettthing eilor ads on time to deve tr,hat they takree ca of e equipment erbett, eyth get thpaeir peorrwk in time. thr eipapeorrwk in, o>>'donnell: wa mit aine,ut you'elre tling me that the industayry ss eyth like lefema dverirs! >>y thedoik le female dri.vers >> o'donnell% : 95ofhe tse sten ttsrained for free, th tankso angrts. >> you c canhae ngyour life and start making, $27$2an8 hour, anyod u getot seell a of eth united statends, a you get to make m woneyhi yleou're doing it. >> i'mt jusrey adto work. >> o'donnellat: th'sxa ectly why negardr pehos to hit thed. roa ho tw isheay p, compared t heotr jobs you hhaave d?a >>lm aost every johab i ve worked winas mim wumage or typret cselo to minimum wage. >> o'dllonne: e thmoney is a l ttbeer. a lot better. wouldn't be ggstruli, ngyou kn. o>>'donnell: an yd doouee fl like'r youe rustggling? >>efitinely. i'prm aying that i h canavae job byis prang r foher, too.
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jama kica,eiiash thorpe neve outhght she wouladd gruate college, lloet aneec bome a visionary hi sghchooenl glish teacanher d n wia million-dollar prize. >> keishhoia trpfre om the united states of america. reporter: wkiorng with immiangrt and refugeude sten,ts the lamarynddu ecator and trcoack ach just wheon t gbalol teheprr ize, beating 8 out,000 othersm fro12co1 untries. because i a im anmmraignt, and bee causi deunrstand their st iory, dnoo t ever lower my pectations fy or mstenudts. i t emth rise to my expectations. ep>> rorr:te and they do a>>nd they do. >>or repte ar:nd through her undation, thrme foerra tck star at howanird uveitrsy has helped hundrofeds sdetunts get colleghoe sclahirsps orme ntinorg, like senisaor itu >> i kthnow athe s's alwaysgo intog be rehe fore, m and i's will make heour prd. >>eainchg just is not sothmeing that hap ipensn eth assroom. hebe tiroa cches. beheir mentor.
6:55 pm
be b--e the safe s fpaceorhe tm. >> rteeporr:ho trpe says shel'l heuse r nnwiings to helpn eve smoretuntdes. this award, anin my yswa, is stju the >> it'sts ju t bheeginning. r>>eporter: insngpiri oerths to drm g,bi too. n crawford, cbs news, adblensburg, maranyld. o'donnell: wveryell deserved. we'll be right back. yo hisurtor. doou r yemember who th it's a gift thprat suris youes, moves you,on and bdsou. y .. i ca n see the nosed anevythierng. she was the alorigin stro ng i know. th holisiday, give tt he gifofamil fy. give theof gift ancestry®. ♪ like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, sing tabbpas,in or an inte nsebuinrng sensation. what is th nisightma?re it'sow h some oppele ingles
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be sure to join steve mahartn on the "cbsni evengew ns" facebook pa fgeor more. thks f joining us. ofright now at 7:00-- people get hit ftle and right, notod go. >> they are ralyndom ooshti. ng iits like they are enjoying killg inpeople. >> afr teyet anheotr deadly shoo otingn a busy y baarea fry,eewa ivdrers tell kpix 5 they no loerng feel sa fein their own cars. so what no w? a few showers try to t hi thoue grnd already isth a be tterchcean of rain on the way nitoght. if you thk inthe rentce storms washed ayaw the threat of water rectstriio, nshear why one bay area district says k thinagnai. >> youve ha got to covenser, ore will have to charge you these surcesharg. it's vener a odgo day when o urow n voice incratimine you. the jury in the izelabeth lmes aufrd iatrl arhes from
7:00 pm
e thformer therosan ceo herself, butnot from the eswitns anstd. a day of surfing tus rn ictrag r foa bay area dad left paralyzed. >> the first thing he mouth to meon a veatntilorwa s pu lled >> tonight he is lkwaing again.o w g bidata he lpedhis determined doc torsma keit possible. >> > ghrit now at7:00 d an stamg inon cbsn y baarea, it's a scene that has be come all too familiar on east seba frwaeeys. evenidce mrsarke onthe gr, ound a life lost too soon. th erree we four peop leinside of that suv when it was hit by gunfirnde, a lyon three survived. t>>he shootingha ppened stju ea of the y babridge llto pl az a,where our kenny choi is right now. >> repr:orte p chconfirming th atthree lepeop did rvsuive insiofde thuvat s, but one wonma eddi this rnmoing. ke a


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