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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 18, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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loing dry. the child vicod vaccine campaign hitss itcosend week. we'lndl fi t ouhow alameda county is asmeuring up. >>we> will start with faoullt r omye t anheotr deadly fry eewa shooting, thtiis meon intersta80te 8 arne the y ba idge. >>t iis e onof zedons of ooshtings this arye alone, d an mmcouny itmembers say enou ghis ouengh. kpix 5'drs aniabo rba is live in olaaknd for us. >> reerport: at 28-yolear-d mother of two is adde tonight. e shand r hefami lywere on stbound i-80 here nearthe to pzala when gue nfirended hefer li. it is a e scenthat has become all too lifamiar on y baarea eefrways, evidenmace rks eron the ground, a coroners fan king ayaw the body aof life
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ended tosoo on. lathe te stfreeway shoo ting happened ar ound9: 30this morning on inrstetate 80 we stunbod near the toll plaza fothbae y bridge. woman, one of e thre passen igersn s hiburgundy v su with e thwindows blown t,ou w as killed bguy drs iverte llkpix 5 that they arane chgi nghabits , and are worr ied. >> a lot of people, gisoi ng crazy, left and right tishoongs. noincentys btanders from gangs anstd uff keli th, atpeople not involved, getting hit left and right,no t good. >> rteeporr:th ere have enbe more than 120 murders in oakland th isyear. bishboop b jasockn of axel gospel church has idpresed over too many nefurals from osthe murders, offgerin little comfort he can to vigrieng motherd s anfamily ermembs. >> idon't inthk these oppele killpeing op lerealize the hetaarche and pain and sufferinthg at they are causing ese families to go ugthroh. its arhet-wrenching to know that. siteemed like they could care
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less. they don't mind. i've never seen ytanhing like it before in my life. >> reporter: he, along with kland city uncociemlmber lauren taylo r,and cynta hi adamfrs om the naacp were holda ing news erconfen ceabout the spike in viceolen this morning when th islatest fal ta shti nghappeden. >>he tse people thathave esthe guns shootaring e randomly sh oongti, and ani me, it is like they e arenjongyi killing ople, and that has to be daemonic. >>epteorr: now the 28-yea olthd moer isdead. we are toldthat e thcalifornia ghhiway pa trolis in charge of this stinveigioatn tonight on the bay bridge. we are inwaitg to heardetails omfr the licafoiarn highway trpaol about atwh happened, whethe r ornot it was a random shooting or rgtaeted shoo, ting or if theyhave any information from the celinse plate adreers and mecaras at the toll plaza abt ouwhat the suspect clvehie looks , likeor maybe even with the suspect looks like. >> that would be key to the instveigation. thank you souc mh.
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this is stju the telast dead ly frwaeey shtioong in alameda tycoun. eaierlr th ismoh,nt a 2-arye- old was shot and killed ilwhe ri dingin his car atse. th s waon 880 ne arntseveh stetin oakland. in the wake of that shngooti, thchp saidthere had been near0 ly 8frwaeey shootings in amaleda county thin e last 12 months. justa w feweeks o,ag an oakland rerefence book out after nglosi his n soand is shti ngalong 580. >> mny so was llkied at the age of 27. adhe h a chance tolive . life his baby was 23 months old, and d not even reached his cosend birthday. >> some mmcounity leaders have been llcaing for a network of fr eeway cameacras ross oakland similar to those used in contrao stcoa unty. new video toin the newsroom the shootiinng veigstation in a herculesst rip mall parking lot. this happened alg onwillow avenue. poceco mbede thrkpaing lot
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whe erat aslet one r cawas t hi thwi bullets. it isunr cleawhat led up to the tishoongbu, t at least one mawan s shot and rushed to the ithospal. as>> far as we know, all of thshe ots were refid rehe and coaintned. dowe n't know, withthe exception of e thblack vehicle movery oushlder, that lobenged toone of the business rsowne here in the shopping center, so it was collateral gedama. e thvictim veclhie at th is pot indid not aparpe to ha ve any llbuet holes. w noto the drought. deral scient istspricedt focalirn iais likely to see lelitt rieelf from the drghout th wisinter. a w nenoaa report predicts most oflicafornia will ntcoinue to be in drought coitndions ugthroh brfeuary. max da rrowis live in san jose where the r watecompany isnow headinwng do s ittoughest oudrght penalties in years. r>>eporr:te th'sat coecrrt. san jo sewar tehas abt ou1 lliocun stoms erin e thutsoh thosste cuoms erwill now veha th e choice to decide ben twee conserviwang teanr d nscoerngvi cash. n jowase ter will soon im pose
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h tougdrt oughrestrictions for the firstit me since 2016. >> you have got to conserve, or wellwi have to charge u yo these surcha.rges her backsa n josewater yssa the californiabl puicut ilities commission gavn e sajose war te e thgrn eelight to implemt en drghout suharcrgesfo r the os who e usremo than they are supposed to. >> we have no choice. esalpecily where weare, a severore >>epteorr: customerars e to cut their water aguse down to 15 % lobew 2019 levels. cu steroms who use mowire ll have to pay a surchae rgof $7pe.13 r itun, one unit equal to t abou748 ongalls of water. k francaerrt lives in campbell and says hethinks so memight fos remo on convtiersaon if it means i don't have to spend the extra cash. >> drought was alwa ysmesothg in imaginary. you heard ouabt it, but it ulwod never impact you
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directly, bunot w it does. r>>eporter: heha s managed to keepis h onfrt lawn eegrn. >>wi tce a ekwe for ouabt 10 numites. >> b uthas cut back water usage elsewhere. showers are 2 to nu3 mites. >>po rert: erthe major rain helped owiut th e thdrghout, bybut nomeans did it and the drought. >> the serervoirs are ilstl ryve depleted. ye s. weeeprd obab20ly more rainst lormsikthe at thisea yr. think t abouwar teevery ti me yousu e it. >> should erevyone be prareped toe sea rcsuharge, or e arsome folks in the clear? >>it will be a casey--bcase s.basi ouif y veha already taken serious step s tocoernsve water and are foowlling the reencommdaontis from san jose water, you llwi be in the clear. ca-bsey-case, you ldshou get a pampethl in the next week or two to explain mo. re >> he willlook ateveryone's tewar usage ecpie by ecpie. thank you. t'les take a look outside, l
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ou dynow in the bay area. homuw ch rainwill h reacthe grndou and get us? wet >>we need to start savi ng every little drop. > it will be afew drs opas we head to thisve ening. a better ch ance ofactual s sour later on ghtonit. we will take it. tharere e meso sprinkletrs yi ng tofa ll out of clouds. there were acaltu showers rafedel rothugh southernla sono county, but not much more than trace. a lk of the ismoture is offshore. that will rollinto the north bay aftednr miig. htin a nyparticular uncommity h nortof the engold gate, only a -5050 chance ofpicking up morean th a actre of inrafa. ll welor than thatr fosan frscancio. the bestan chcewi ll be arou nd sue nristorrmoow morning. you aren't lilyke to see hianytngmo re than passing sprinkoules t of the system. we have another chance of rain down the line in the forecast. california is my turn
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website is now allowing all adults to book covid booster appointments. the state website opened covid- 19 vaccine teboosr sign-toups all lepeop 18 and inos mt places it will take you a few weeks to get an apinpotment. > we are kichecng in withhow aledama county is getting udstents and families va ccatined. >>d anheather canty compares to the esstat vaccination . rate in the effort to vaccinate 5 to 11-year-old, barely 2 wes d.ol how is it ingog? th ers e'a lot of exatpectio ns tht at imay be a mad rush. itis go ing,ybmae a litt le lyslow, but eastdy. >> i'm real lyexcited. ha>> wt ouabt you? i>>'m very exci ted. >> are u yoguys a little rvneous? i'>> m nervous. >>epteorr: for the girls it was a mix ofnerves d an excintteme while mom was gl ad
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thiswas at a convntenie location thatdema her elfe a bit remo mfcoortable. >> it makes them more comfortable g dointh atit's an elementary olscho atth they go to. they will feel more relaxed ind steaofin dog it at a cl in. ic >> reerport: when it came time for the shots, there was moreap prehension and wingggli, but it snwa't really atth bad. n>>o. i>> was rvneou s,but it wasn't at bad. >> rteeporr: tos day'clinic at markham elemryenta ispart of thef forttoge t maetrks vainedat across oad kland an aledcoa unty. as oftoday, ouabt 28% of co un tyresidents aged 5 to 11 ha ve been vaccinated, arcomped to t abou10% stewatide. a silatrr end is refld ecte among the next age group,a hi gh veraccitinaon rate and ameda in californasia a whole. >>an is oaklanred sintde and edalama uncoty health cioffial, i am prd ouof l althat e thbay area has done. ep>> rorr:te dr. a erikpan came tbyo visit todas y'clinic.
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>> isa repant, it's so much easier to have my kid vaccinatt ed ascolho rather th ana e wholother inappotmt en or taketime off work. >> reporter: thatis how the state hopes todrive upnumbers in the coming weeks, making it easy by meeting stenudts where theye. ar >> it did take us a while to getot where we are wi th12 to ea15-yr-dsol, once they bemeca elibigle last spring. it has tan keus veseral months to get to the mbnuers we are at now. reporter: backto that 20% mark foram aleda county, that is lyfair esreprentitave of the y baarea at rglae. ybmae san frano ciscd anmarin a lilehi gher. somana, pa, solano tta lile lower. th atreflects where those countiese havbe enthroughout the pandemic, sort of moreof the same. they astre ill vaccinating people herein e thdark, so the effortti connues past 6:. 00 about 60 people so far. olson walker, ixkp 5.
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>> making the kids and parents as comfortable as sspoib. le ilstl ahead on kpix 5 , and sncb bay area -- >> a new tact icin e th elizabhoeth lm estheranos fraud trial. how prosecutors are using r heown words agt ains he the o twsmh asd angrab bbroeries in o twbay area cities have a connection?
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foe r thfirst timein the elabizeth holmes antherosfr aud tr ial,the jury t goto hear ho lmesand her own words make cl aimsth atgovernmelant wys er say rewe falsehoods. audio rdrecoin gsfrom the 20 14 inrvteiew with a rtfoune mazigane journalisrots ger perloff edplay incourt, homes n bell teing th hemow the devices docan 1000 blood test s. previous witns esseteifstied it could never do more than 12. >> this witness is ecg hointhe teimstony that the jury has enbe hearing for the la st11 weeks. th iiss a porfweul tnwiess. heis mmsuing up and remiinndg e jury of all of thcle aims thatza elibe thholmes made to th eswie tnesses. it is never a good day when your own voice criniminate you. >> the are ticlis cid teby patients and stinveorfos r y wh they were insttereedin the mpcoany. fairfield poceli have arrested three suspects on
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robberchy arges after a azbren jewelrsty ore robbery. four men assmhed wejelries for i spy lacases at the solano townercent. this comeste afr a misilar smanash d grabteafr a concd or wejelry orste on moaynd. a sericuty expert has a eothry at e throbbieers could be connteecd. roiebbers keli this are more oncomm erov the holidays. >>t'> les look oue,tsid her camera cangtchi e thsunset, movin ng ifa stmotion, a drat icscene with ouclds co mi ngin, and a bit of rain no t r fabehind. how coulond so could we see radrinops? af ter midnight for measur ablera, inand it'sa coin flip chance whetr heyou even get0. 001 inches of rain. e will take it, every drop counts, itbut won't alatlevie drought coionditns. it is a akwe cold t fronthat has arrived, just munot ch so far. is evaporg atinberefo it reaches ground level.
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that's it for e thmeasleurab rainfall rtrepos,bu t more moisture hooffsreth at will eventualbely swinging tos ward us. le t'trs ack it with refutuca. st kes epmost of usdry. mae yba nksprile or two on the ndwishldie. the bestchcean of owshers vemos into e thnorth bay. aftemir dnight, clostoer the nortyh ba. the stmo wideadspre rain and heaviest rain will be overhe t north bay. then screatted lighuft stf into thfie rst half ofthe day on friday. e showers be comefew and r fa twbeeebyn latemorning. e highest amou nts,y mabe moren tha0.1 in chesfor ca liogsta and ntsaa rosa. even that isa bit of a sttcreh. a few ndhurehsdt of an inch are molire ke, lywith trace amounts r inland parts of the stea bay. ther e isotanher chance inthe forecast on tsdueay, likely to a be similar letevi event. temperaturesgh rit w noare in the mid to upper 50s. n sajose is actually rertpoing paa ssg inshower. n'i dot inthk that's actually
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pphaening. the sensor may be confused. te mpaterures will dropdo wnto the uppes r 40and low 50s. atth blanket ofou clds overhead ll limit w homuch we warm-up, but we oushld try t ouand ybmaea veto dodge a few showers for a walk in the morning. we have a quartet ofdogs, nnhaah, lola, o,dieg and . pepe cayou n fo llowthem. eyth are ve rywe set. teatmperur esare in the upper 50s and adalrey do for them to moowrr. most ofus willhit e thupper 50s and low 60s motorr. ow there is a rmwa-up as we head to the weekd.en ifyo u want to do so me coderating outside, it is good ather for atth. ifu yontwa to doanything el, segood heweatr for that as well d mito upr pe60s berefo the next ce hancof showers arveri ontudaesy. we wseill e warmer teatmperur, esand good travel co ndioitns wednesdad y an thanksgi vingdaity self, 1 weekr om today.
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knew it 6:00, hweave 1 weekto go unl tithanksnggivi. d coulsulypp chain chalesleng leave us wioutht some lihoday rifavote s? we sent awshn chitnis t ou shpi ngto find t ouwhat they got. ep>> rorr:te this isa stli of the common items you will ne ed make things nggivi dinner th isyear. we are atsonatas insunnyvale to see if th eyhave those emits in stock, and how mu chthey llwi co. stle t's go inside. everyone is going a bit biggeran th they abprobly did last y ear. reporter: ouon r list, a turkaney, d l alof e thsupplies r plenty of sides, as well as dessert. rkwoing our way rothugh the aieswe, saw many items stock fr omhe slf to sh elf. >> we tried to source evwhater we d coulfrom evwherer we d coul ge. t it r>>epteorr: the anplni ngthat iwentnttho ings nggivi starteda rliny 2021 for e thindustry mievght en as supply aichn isesre main in the fa. ll >> it's getting beertt a lilett
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t,bi but eyth still have a long way to catch up. >>ringci has be engoing up for several hsmont. i do thk inthat lyreal cnghaes. >> repor ter:we saw our total go up icqukly, just deunr $200 fo25r items, th atshould fe ed a falymi from 6 to 8 people. >> everyt hinghas gone . up lahabor s nego up. itis kind of inabevitle. >> the stores to what they can to not raise prices, because it is such a competitive industry eagrte rsteally easy r fo soe meonto go down the street toanother e.stor r>>epteorr: with r oulist and reipcet, wewent to another orste a few blocks away. we were leab to ndfi plen tyof thsa meitemins, clinudg lots of tueyrks. in some cases it was eachper at safeway. ot her items werethe exact same price, but not every item we t at the fit rsstore was . here a reminder to be op enand veha tealrnative optiwhons en opping. >>i inthk everybodway nts to cebreat, wants to ceatlebre being happy and healyth.
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report: erit may ha vebeen a mpsilifi edlist, but we ulcod nd a llof the emits we rewe lookg infor at isth locaonti. aff llte us you should be ab to opsh for what u yoneed toakthe at th ingsnggivi erdinn hpeapn this enweekd, as llwe as toin next ekwe before the holiday. porting in sunnalyve, shawn itnis, kpix 5. >>re we ach out to ltmuiple grocersty ore aichns about the costnd a sulypp of food its em ead ofthangiksving. some did not want to comm ent, and others had not gotten back to us yet. sports iscomi ng upnext. mv pswere menad in sebaball. ere d dicrawrdfo nifish, and fillnay, wesaw the defense thatwe ha vebeen itwaing for from the
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thase clsihoc llywood story. we meet the he ro,the all-new nissanront fir hero faces smingeely impoibless cha.llenge tensn buioilds .the plot e he prerovail lyin holwo, othis wouthld be e d. but our here, re we a jt geusttinstarg ted. intr oducg i the l-nealw nian fssrontr.
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♪ maximum out-of-pocket cos. low more savine g. morsplingoi. onof me any cost-savin gmedicare advantage benefits from scan health plan odcall tayor a, sk your agent about scltan heah (background talking and laug)hing ♪ ♪♪ (child) ...somope pele jt usgo there meimdiately... at kaisermr peanen, teyour tienre cartee am is connected. so ea ven route inappointment casan ve youfer li. i am so ygladou did thismo mamgram,
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so wn e cadete ictt early. everything loo gksreat with youeyr es, and i see yoreu' due for a mammogram. ldshou we hescdule it? eaoh yh that'd bere gat. a adleer in prthe evenonti, eay rldetection and treat tmenof cancer. >> sports nsfa, how are we? the 49ers hit the adro this weenekd tangki a cross-country iptr toja cksoilnvle. th eyare pihong atth dee fens avtrels. that side of e thball is log okinto build off of their dominant peranformceag ainst rathe ms on aymond night, when eyth aowlled a asseon-low 10 inpots to a dynamic feofnse for a. to theke nad e,ey two first qur arteinrcteeptions wereth e t smarpl. ug briacrn's ed iteda ayplers only meinfog r the turnndarou. >>i asked emth to say a few wo rdtos the defense, and then th eykicked meout. then thahey d their own
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meinetg, which i . love loi ved seeing i doknow wt eyed abt, t whta abt, wd. >> a similar sc riptfor the raiders and bangs.le each team istrying toget back on k tracafter dropping two jobuowrr was actulyal suppedos to be picked mbnuer on e at the draft in vegas a couple of yes arago. d covichange the scenery to his living roomov er zoom. itis the first time he wi ll facethe silver d anacblk. zac ta yloris a big las vegas guy, andy malike it a ttlile o tomuch. he is hoping s hilineman don't ha veto dr aghim off of the craps tae blat 004: a.m. >> my wife owkns we don't go to las gaves together. spend 72 hours at the craps e.tabl very low wages craps. but about onceevery 2 to 3 s,year i self seimpo a ban when i lose. >> e thnational agleue mvp ard goes to bryce harp, er cosend time the outfldieer has llected the hawardre. brn andocrfoawrd receivedfo ur
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rst-place vo tes,but finished thur theamericanleague, owsh a otanuni animslouy the wiernn. the t firsjapanese born player o win hmvp,e hit 46homers and drove in 100 runs, and he is a ingog 9-2 in 23 arts awith .318 e.r.a. two collegiate football we go. the stanford quarterback is expected to return saturday agt ainsca l. he missed the last o twmegas wi th an injury. epkeing the esax, stanford s ha left to pl aythis asseon, the bimeg ga stla season meca down to a block in the final minute to win. thsaey id it was the most fun th'veye had during the paem. ic >> i veha been on bo sthides. there nois greater infeelg wthaninngni the acts, and on the flipside, erthe is noworse feeling thansilong the ac. ts
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in 2019 we lost atth, and atth s he t worst i have erev felt after a loss. >> the warsrrio are in cleveland ghrit now, and they will na eed late bacomeck. not okloing good right now. it'she t warriors. it could change in a hurry. >> d on'tuncot them t.ou t>>hey ha vethat magic. >> > cons umerporerts blasts tea. the modeatl th received a 5 out of 100 for reilliabit y. >>ni> toght at , 7:00this bay ar feaather of two suffered a devainstatg inspal cord ryinju. how d dihe go from isth to getting back up on i setre ees gofre ♪ ♪ red s roseto ♪
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♪ i see them b floomor me and you ♪ ♪ redic)roseto ♪ ♪ so ink thi tmyo self ♪ ohha wt a wonderful world ♪
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>> > teafr a mutultuous year, te sla plummeted on the nscoumer rertans nual list of most lireable carmakers. tecasla mein almost de ad stla, ranking th27 out of 28 r brands on the conserum rtrepos stli, lyon above nclioln. onamg nccoerns, they tecid issues with the heat s,pump air coitndioning, and samiligned panels. tesla's mox del also ranked dead last amg onall cars for reabitily, scoring a 5 out of 10 0. >> l stilhas a lot ofbig nsfa. >> u yosee emth a lot ndarou
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here. thank you for wangtchi at 6:00. the news incontueiss streg amin on cbsn bay area which you can i ndon the kpix 5 app. ♪ ♪ ♪ caioptning sponsory ed bcb s >> one'donllto: night, there are several lodevepi sngtories as wo men othe air. e f.d.a. is toset genre-light teboosrsor f all adults; a andbi g nccoession from mathe n owhsh otnd a killed ahmarbud aery. one of thrhe teeen m accedus of murdering e th25-yr-eaold ggjoer admi, tsarbe dryidn'tht reaten m. didn't pull a outnyun gs? >>o,a' mam. id>> dn'put ll onyut a kfeni? >> no, ma'am. >> o'donnell: the clgosin arguments ser t fomoaynd. vid secas and hospitalizations spike. 'rwee in the mid, westwheer inctnsio are iss athe f.d.a. could authorize thbo pfir zeand modernboa osteshr ots for all americanlt adus. sad omfr death row. tonit,gh whyhe t repliubcan vegornorro fm okholama spptoed thexutecion of juliunes jos, afloter bbngyi from kim
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