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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 18, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: teachers devastated that two elementary schools in east bay are shutting their doors. i am justin andrews. i will tell you why the district is shutting down the schools. vaccine clinic coming to an elementary school in oakland for students and their families.. osha's changing constants on mandates after a judge's recent criticism. >> reporter: fda could authorize booster shots for all adults in the u.s. we'll have the details. good morning. it is thursday november 18. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. so glad to have you with us. let's get a check of weather and traffic on this friday eve to see how things are shaping up. closer to the weekend. >> almost there. chilly conditions again, 40s and 50s. a live look with our san
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francisco cam, mark hopkins hotel camera, 46 concord, 53 oakland, 45 livermore, san francisco 53, upper 40s in san jose, santa rosa, a chilly 43. through the day, mostly cloudy skies. we are going to see more clouds continuing to stream in ahead of the afternoon ahead of a weak cold front, scattered showers late tonight into early tomorrow. you can see the clouds through the day in the afternoon, still dry. late tonight at 10:00 p.m., starting to see a few showers for parts of the north bay. this is a really weak weather system, not a lot of rain expected, maybe a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch of rain. we'll talk more about what you can expect tomorrow morning. let's check with gianna. it's dry now but i can see wet roads for tomorrow morning. heads up to commuters. >> enjoy it while you can. tomorrow things may be different. we are seeing usual stuff on the roads, brake lights into
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the altamont pass, a little slow west from the 580 area into that altamont pass area to livermore valley. also watching this trouble spot along 880. this is north 880 at stephenson boulevard. there is activity to the right hand side of the road way. there is an injury crash. unfortunately a vehicle went down the embankment into a ditch. they're trying to recover the vehicle so you will see some activity. early start along 880 through fremont, things are at the limit. i will let you know if that changes. other than that things are fairly quiet. we are continuing to follow breaking news, amber alert now in effect for a girl, a teen- age girl who was kidnapped in santa rosa yesterday afternoon. here is her picture, a 15-year- old. chp says a man forced her into his vehicle at a gas station in santa rosa. she lives in vallejo.
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here is the man officers are looking for. 20-year-old simoneaud, last seen in a green '07 chrysler town and country mini van with a paper license plate on the vehicle. here is the number 12478u3. he is described as 5'7", thin, brown hair and eyes, last seen in an orange shirt and black pants. i want to show you her picture again. she's 5'6", long dark hair last in black jeans and black sweat shirt with green and red cherries. officers believe they could be headed to southern california so the alert is active in orange, san diego, l.a., riverside counties. obviously if you see the van, the girl, or the man suspected in the kidnapping call 911. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. hayward school board officially voted to close two
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schools. >> it voted unanimously to close bowman and stro bridge elementary schools at the end of the school year. justin andrews is live at one of the schools closing. teachers say they're devastated and heart broken about this. >> reporter: absolutely. we interviewed a teacher who has taught at one of the schools for 27 years. imagine just how upsetting this is. she has the connection to her classroom and also the children there. this is not sitting well with her and dozens of other teachers, parents, even students in the district. many gathered last night watching the board meeting over zoom. hayward unified school board last night was deciding whether to close four schools and five other facilities because of a $1llion budgdecit chootop maint for older school buildings while dealing with declining enrollment the district says. the district says this is dire. the district is designed to
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serve about 24,000 students but projections show enrollment can drop to under 17,000 over the next couple years. last night they voted to close bowman and stro bridge elementary. some say this is not the time to do so, at least not now. >> we are still here for you and you're the reason that we do the job. the students are the true reason that we are here and that we as teachers make our decisions based on the student needs. i don't feel like the district has had their needs in mind when they made their decisions. >> reporter: the superintendent says none of the teachers will be laid off. they'll just be reassigned to other schools in the district. >> justin, this will be quite the shuffle of course and heart
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breaking as you mentioned. thank goodness the teachers will be able keep their jobs. justin, thank you. pfizer's covid vaccine may soon be available to all adults across the nation. >> the green light for the booster may be given as early as today. joycelyn is live with all the details about what this can look like. >> reporter: in california the state has already been pushing for adults to get booster shots. this is because cases are rising and because leaders as well as health experts are trying to avoid the winter surge we experienced last year. nearly all bay area counties including in santa clara are in the substantial category of transmission as defined by cdc. san francisco health officials say infection rates have risen sharply. the seven day rolling average
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of new cases hit 11 per 100,000 this week from autumn low of four per 100,000 cases in the last week of october. important to note, most of the cases are among unvaccinated residents. as families are planning thanksgiving dinners and getting ready for holidays, the push continues for adults to get the boosters. >> it is clear that boosters are necessary for us to avoid a significant surge in hospitalizations and perhaps increased mortality as well. >> reporter: the fda could authorize pfizer booster shots for all adults in u.s. and cdc committee is expected to meet tomorrow. >> joycelyn, thanks. make it easy to just go get that shot. meantime, u.s. occupational safety and health administration suspended enforcement of large employer covid-19 vaccine mandate. osha's decision came after a u.s. circuit court called it
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fatally flawed. it would have required large employers to ensure workers were vaccinated or tested despite the decision, private employers can issue their own vaccine requirements. hosting vaccination clinic for students five and up plus their families. it is an effort to reach vulnerable areas and provide vaccine to families that might not have easy access to healthcare. there have been more than 20 small earthquake in the san ramone valley. >> it started near the danville border around noon yesterday. as of this morning there have been 21 after shocks, four stronger than a 2.5. the epicenter was under a danville neighborhood. that's where our photo journalist was last night. people across the bay area reported feeling first lake from point ray national seashore to south of morgan hill. >> i am in dublin and it felt
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like someone picked up my house and dropped it. very scary. >> it was strong. i was nearby. i was at school in social studies and sk. >> we are here to help get you quake ready. we have a detailed list of resources at a big question in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. will theranos founder testify in her own defense? the prosecution is wrapping up its case. yesterday the jury heard from a woman who says a theranos blood test told her she was hiv positive. it was wrong. a dramatic departure from a lengthy cross examination of a big investor, he claims holmes lied to him which led to his firm losing $96 million. the trial resumes later this morning. len ramirez will be there. a community is mourning the death of a teacher who was fatally struck while walking in front of a san francisco elementary school.
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children lined up to remember their beloved teacher andrew zieman who attended sherman elementary as a child. flowers and posters cover the wall at the intersection of franklin and union streets where the 30-year-old was walking last wednesday before losing his life. >> comes to work every day to a place he loved and he was loved. >> i loved him because i wanted to be in this class. >> school leaders have been calling on the city for changes to make the area safer saying this is a tragedy but that it was preventable. sfpd made a case in an arrest of a 70-year-old. the oakland police chief is speaking out addressing brutal violence and growing number of lives lost. oakland seen homicis so far this year and lately we have been hearing stories of innocent victims getting caught in deadly gunfire. over the weekend a mother and her 11-year-old daughter were
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shot in their east oakland home. this month, 23-month-old jasper wu caught in a gun battle as his family was driving home on 880. >> i believe that in this moment it is a call for all of us to come together, even if we were given resources. they won't be here tomorrow. it is not an overnight process. what can happen right now in this moment is if people see something, they can share that information. >> chief armstrong adds that with fewer officers, oakland police department is only solving roughly 35% of cases. we've posted our entire interview with the chief on tonight at 7:00, this bay area father of two suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. doctors told him he will probably never walk again let alone do anything else. so how did he go from this to getting back up on his feet to be able to do this? >> i've had amazing results. >> we were surprised. >> it was pretty miraculous to
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see his recovery. >> the first step to treating paralyzed patients, how it began with big data, young scientists, and a very determined man. that's tonight at 7:00 on kpix5. look forward to seeing that one. still ahead, the questions being asked by commander in chief as he searches for a way to lower gas prices across the country. california expecting a big budget surplus. what it could mean for you. it's a chilly start to our day. we are in the 40s and 50s once again. i am tracking more clouds streaming in as i am watching our next weather system. it's really our only weather system this week. a weak cold front will bring light scattered showers tonight into tomorrow. i will show you futurecast coming up in just a few minutes. i am already seeing red poppin
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happening today, president biden will meet with leaders of canada and mexico. they're scheduled to meet in person in our nation's capital. on the agenda, economic integration, immigration, the pandemic. it comes a few weeks after president biden reopened land borders to fully vaccinated travelers ending a nearly 20
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month closure that caused tension with both nations. president biden calling for investigation into oil and gas way to lower gas prices. he has ordered federal trade commission to look into whether illegal conduct is pushing up prices. he did not cite specific evidence of wrongdoing in his letter but says prices remain high even though oil and gas companies' costs are declining. oil companies say prices are surging because of increased demand since covid-19 lock downs. this morning the governor is out with measures to get goods off ships backed up at the ports of long as las vegas and long beach. the issue is the lack of truck drivers. that expanded hours at dmv to get more drivers on the road. >> it might not pose immediate relief on the retail front. it will have substantial
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benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo and containers that will make their way into ports of long beach and l.a. >> as for the issue in regards to the lack of warehouse space for empty container ships, the governor says they are working to find storage sites. to the state capitol where lawmakers need to figure out what to do with a lot of extra cash. one option, sending some of it back to you. the latest estimate projects a $31 billion budget surplus nearly double the state's preset spending limit. that can force lawmakers to either cut taxes, spend more on schools and infrastructure, or issue rebates to taxpayers. push for ballot measure that would fast track water projects. water infrastructure funding act of 2022 needs close to 998,000 signatures of registered voters by april 29 to qualify for november statewide ballot. if approved it would require $4 billion a year from california's general fund to be
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set aside for projects such as creating recycled water plants. it is 5:17. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. >> a chilly start. let's start things off with mary lee. it is. grab your coat if you are heading out for work or school or walking your fur baby or pet. we are watching clouds streaming in. a live look with our sales force tower camera as you look north, you see that gray start. chilly temperatures, clouds rolling in. as we look to our afternoon, increasing clouds with mostly cloudy skies ahead of our next system that will bring light scattered hit or miss showers later tonight for north bay and rest of the bay area by tomorrow morning. let's check our temperatures. it will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday afternoon. upper 50s along the coast, low to mid 60s for the
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peninsula. san jose 66, 64 inland east bay and concord, tri valley 64 in livermore and 62 for napa valley. tracking this low pressure system that will bring rain to pacific northwest once again. they're already getting that. it's going to drop a weak cold front and that will bring light scattered showers tonight into tomorrow. a dry day today for the most part. here is 4:00 in the afternoon. you see the clouds streaming in. tonight at 11:00 p.m., you see showers pushing in across parts of the north bay. overnight into tomorrow morning, really some light showers for us. not everyone will see that wet weather but it's really our only weather system this week. by tomorrow in the afternoon, we'll start to clear things out. this is a quick moving weather system, not expecting a lot of rain with the system, maybe just a few hundredths to about a tenth of an inch of rain. seven-day forecast, dry today with mostly cloudy skies, light showers move in late tonight
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into tomorrow morning and drier as we look to our weekend with more sunshine. inland east bay, north bay, coast, north bay and coast, you will see showers earlier for you tonight and then again looking at the hit or miss showers for tomorrow morning and then looking great for our weekend ahead with mostly cloudy to mostly sunny skies depending where you are. let's check with gianna. how are things shaping up? >> i am keeping a close eye on the golden gate bridge. i saw some flashing lights. you can see them a bit in the distance. it looks like we may be doing lane changes or making lane changes, adding extra lane for south bound commuters which is the commute direction for the morning drive. a little bit heavier traffic than usual but likely due to that. once that gets done, once everything is clear, everything should be moving at the limit. it's a pretty easy ride out of marin if you are headed say out of san rafael or novato things
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are at the limit along 101. not the case for your ride out of tracy into the altamont pass. it is busy. super commuters, the traffic is starting to bog down a bit getting onto 580 from 205. you are seeing brake lights around north flynn and it stays slow beyond that. the good news is it eases up. we have that extra volume, head lights towards 680 but it is looking better there as opposed to traffic east of there coming into altamont pass. 39 minutes 205 towards 680. east shore freeway is clear highway 4 and 101 out of san jose, not seeing brake lights or issues. 84 680 is clear so you can use that if you want to avoid brake lights. 880, nimitz freeway near colosseum, traffic is at the limit. north of here we are getting reports of fire activity to the right hand side of the road way. keep that in mind if you are
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taking 880. back to you. >> thank you much. today, a state clean up effort hosted by cal trans. it is holding clean california litter clean up event. volunteers and workers will be removing litter from fair grounds drive and vallejo. officials will be there as well as city and county leaders. it starts at 10:30 this morning. san jose water teaming up with state officials to donate thanksgiving meals to those in need. utility is the donating 100 safe way gift cards and 100 more to the lgbtq plus community center. north beach citizens will continue food and grocery give away for low income residents and homeless on kearney street starting at 9:00 this morning. the warm welcome back for one of valley medical center's
5:23 am
most persistent covid patients.
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out. let's get to your lunchtime forecast, thinking about lunch already. at noon it's going to be cloudier afternoon. mostly cloudy, 57 degrees for your lunchtime, east bay, oakland, mostly cloudy at 58. south bay, san jose, mid 60s by your lunchtime with mostly cloudy skies. for fremont, 63. we are looking at clouds really streaming in for our afternoon and for santa rosa, a cool 56 degrees with those clouds. i am tracking a weak weather system that will bring light scattered showers late tonight into tomorrow morning. i will show you futurecast and what you can expect taking you hour by hour coming up. back to you. a warm welcome back in san jose for one of valley medical center's most consistent covid patients. davis returned to begin out patient therapy after a nine month battle in a hospital bed. >> i thought i was going home
5:27 am
in a couple days, get better, have some sniffles, but it didn't turn out that way. going into a coma, waking up and not knowing two months had passed, i was really scared. >> noah has been recovering at home for about ten days. we of course wish him all the best. 5:27. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> diary diction from researchers on what could be a flu pandemic in the future and advice to countries. slow pace for more healthcare workers to get shots and wh i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. 'y i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to,
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♪ ♪ sometimes family... ♪ ♪ is the one you make. where there's love, there's family. ritz. a taste of welcome. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news,
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an amber alert for a teen girl reportedly abducted from her family in santa rosa. what you need to know this morning. the late vote from the hayward school board and two schools set to close their doors soon. the move that could happen today expanding number of americans eligible for booster shots. what we have learned about health of the u.s. economy with the labor department's newest jobs report. fall out and punishment for one congressman over tweeting a violent video. good morning. it is thursday november 18. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with what it looks like outside with our traffic and weather on this thursday morning, friday eve. feeling good. so great to be almost closer to the end of our work week and we are looking at chilly conditions again, 40s and 50s to start our day. we are tracking more clouds streaming in. you can see a live look with our san francisco mark hopkins hotel cam. in concord 46, 51 oakland, mid
5:31 am
40s livermore, 48 san jose, 43 in santa rosa. here is what you can expect as we head through our afternoon. upper 50s along the coast, low 60s around the bay. temperatures are a little bit cooler compared to yesterday and we are going to continue to watch clouds stream in. you can see that as we go through our day hour by hour on futurecast stopping at 2:00 p.m. watch as we head through tonight at 10:00 p.m. we will start to see scattered showers for the north bay. this is a weak cold front, a little cold front bringing some showers to the area, a few hundredths to a tenth. not everyone will see that wet weather. we are looking at just a little bit precipitation. i will talk more about what you can expect where you live. let's check with gianna. it's starting to get slow going through the altamont. it is. super commuters are headed out the door because we've got brake lights already. business as usual, north flynn is where we are seeing some of the slowest speeds. give yourself extra time.
5:32 am
you know what to expect if you typically take this route. once you are past that things look better towards dublin interchange. head lights heading west bound, looks like extra volume but that's typical right now. as far as travel times, 42 minutes 205 towards 680. no major crashes on 80, highway 4, 101, drive out of the south bay looking good. it's getting crowded at the bay bridge. i will have a closer look in my next report. i am anne makovec continuing to follow our breaking news, amber alert in effect after a teen girl was kidnapped. here is her picture, 15-year- old old. chp says a man forced her into his vehicle in santa rosa yesterday afternoon. it happened at a gas station on guernhave i will road. she lives in vallejo. this happened in santa rosa.
5:33 am
police are looking for 20-year- old simoneaud last seen in a green '07 chrysler town and country mini van with a paper plate from texas. the number is 12478u3. he is described as being 5'7", thin, brown hair and eyes last seen in an orange shirt and black pants. i want to show you the girl's picture again. georgiana is the 5'6" with long dark hair, black jeans and a black sweat shirt with green and red cherries on it. officers believe they might have been headed to southern california yesterday. if they continued on, they would be there by now. the alert is active in orange, san diego, los angeles, and riverside county. if you happen to see the van, the girl, or the suspect, call 911 immediately. we will keep you posted on this amber alert. >> thank you. teachers and parents devastated knowing two
5:34 am
neighborhood schools are closing. >> hayward school board voted last night to close two schools, bowman and stro bridge elementary at the end of the school year. justin andrews is live. this isn't easy for either side of this. >> reporter: absolutely. on one hand you have teachers who have been committed to these classrooms for decades. on the other hand you have the district staring at a $14 million declining deficit on top of declining students. >> with less funding, it makes less sense to be maintaining facilities that we don't need. >> reporter: the two school closings are a pretty painful reality for teachers, parents, even the district. last night the hayward school board had to decide whether to close four schools and five other facilities. in the end they voted to close
5:35 am
two, bowman and stro bridge. the district has a $14 million budget shortfall for next school year on top of millions in maintenance costs for older buildings while dealing with declining enrollment. teachers, some of them, say the decision was not based on community needs. >> even though i saw it coming, i am very devastated. i have taught at bowman for 27 years. this is my 27th year. i know the families. i know the community. what these students need is a community school, a neighborhood school, a small school where they can walk to, where they feel safe. i think the decision is wrong. >> reporter: you can hear the teacher's commitment in the sound byte there. the good news is that none of the teachers in the two schools will be laid off. we're told they'll be assigned to other schools throughout the district. >> justin, thank you so much.
5:36 am
very confusing for students to try to figure this out too at the end of the year. thank you. today, fda could authorize pfizer booster shots for those 18 and older. >> in california the state has already been urging adults to get those boosters. joycelyn moran is live from santa clara county health department with more. health experts say this is a critical time. >> reporter: that's right. the state like you said has been pushing for the boosters because governor newsom says they're trying to avoid the winter surge we saw last year. nearly all bay area counties including in santa clara are in substantial category of transmission per cdc. the cases are rising in san francisco. the seven day rolling average of new cases hit 11 per 100,000 this week from an autumn low of four per 100,000 in last week of october. again like we were mentioning
5:37 am
nearly all bay area counties are in the substantial category. thanksgiving is a little more than a week away. as we are closer to holidays, state is warning of potential surge. this year we have a vaccine but with waning immunity health officials are urging boosters. take a listen. >> we are in a risky situation even though it's a better situation than we were in before. >> reporter: the fda could authorize pfizer boosters today but the cdc director would have to sign off on that. we'll update you. >> we'll be watching. thank you. public healthcare experts are warning nations to prepare for future flu pandemic. national academy of medicine released a series of reports yesterday. researchers suggest the world is not ready to deal with an influenza pandemic like the one in 1918. the flu killed 50 million to 100 million people through 1919
5:38 am
during that pandemic. researchers recommend countries start developing next generation vaccines and build up capacity levels in poor and middle income nations. a new study suggests about 30% of healthcare workers in u.s. hospitals remained unvaccinated against covid-19 as of september. they note the percentage of vaccinated should increase per the requirement that healthcare workers be fully vaxed. kyle rittenhouse faces five counts including first degree intentional homicide. his defense yesterday asked for mistrial saying they had only a lower resolution copy of the video shown in court. prosecutors say they did not intentionally enrsion. the judge says he will rule on the request if there is a guilty verdict. for the first time in over a decade, house of
5:39 am
representatives voted to censure fellow member of congress. the republican representative of arizona has been censured over treating of a violent video. it shows himself attacking president biden and appearing to kill democratic congress woman cortez. the congressman did not offer an apology and instead says rejects accusations that the cartoon was dangerous or threatening. time for money watch and a look at the jobless claims reports. diane change hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. we just got these numbers. fewer americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. first time filings fell by 1,000 to 268,000. it does move the needle in the right direction with claims below the psychologically significant 300,000 level. new forecast for global economic growth. it is predicted it will total
5:40 am
6% this year and 4.4% next year. it cited progress on medical treatments reducing strain on hospitals and preventing new lock downs. get ready for thanksgiving to gobble your wallet. the cost of a turkey is $1.50 a pound up, 24% from last year. the number may drop because it is based on prices from two weeks ago before stores started offering thanksgiving sales on the bird. >> everything is going up. my dogs own my house and i just live in it. but this dog takes it to another level. what is going on with this dog selling his house? >> oh my gosh. i know, this whole story is wild. man's best friend is selling his miami mansion for nearly $32 million. worlriest dog named gu eritthis
5:41 am
from his grandfather whose owners bought it from madonna. it has nine bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms. oh amanda this is just his crash pad because he lives in tuscany. >> oh how do i come back at gunter the 7th? >> exactly. >> thank you diane. >> look at gunter and my small box i live in in san francisco. he is living good. >> don't judge us gunter the 6th. it is 5:41. coming up, changes for pge customers early next year with rate plans. how target is managing to avoid a ngfeing other retailers now. here is a live look with our san jose camera. 48 degrees. we are in the 40s and 50s this
5:42 am
morning tracking our only weather system of the week. it will bring light scattered showers. we'll talk about this tonight into tomorrow. i will show you futurecast. we are asking you to help our neighbors in need this holiday season. to find out how you can donate time or money to
5:43 am
5:44 am
a wichita state university basketball star getting a lot
5:45 am
of attention for contributions after his most recent game. >> instead of leaving the arena to celebrate the shocker's victory, dexter dennis stays to help some who support him most, the custodial staff. the junior guard was spotted in this video picking up trash in the stands tuesday night. dennis declined request for interview saying he doesn't want the attention but the facilitator was happy to speak up. >> we want to say thank you for leading and showing us there are still folks that recognize hard work done around here. >> dennis said helping others helps him keep perspective on life. how humbling is that this. >> incredible. that's awesome. >> setting a good example. >> be like dennis. getting busy on the bay
5:46 am
bridge. you can see clouds streaming in on our sales force tower camera as we look southeast and our temperatures. grab that coat if you are heading out for work or school or about to walk your pet. livermore is coming in at 45. san francisco, 53, 43 santa rosa. our sun set is at 4:56. we are going to see clouds as we head through today, kind of obscuring the view. for your forecast, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies this afternoon and tracking a weak weather system that will bring light scattered showers late tonight into tomorrow morning. checking daytime highs, a little bit cooler compared to yesterday, upper 50s along coast, 60 san francisco, 62 oakland, low to mid 60s for
5:47 am
peninsula and highs inland in the mid 60s. 62 for the napa valley. we are tracking this low pressure system bringing a lot of rain to pacific northwest. we're going to be on the tail end of this front, not expecting a lot of rain but light scattered showers tonight into tomorrow morning. let's time it out taking you hour by hour. you see for our afternoon the clouds streaming in as we look to tonight. at 11:00 p.m., showers start to work in across parts of the north bay and you can see through our overnight and into even tomorrow morning really the hit or miss light scattered showers. not everyone will see this. it is not a big storm by any means and by tomorrow afternoon we are looking at clearing. picking up a few hundredths to possibly a tenth of a than inch. south bay with rain shadowing you may not see much if anything. san francisco, oakland, san jose, a few spotty showers friday morning and drier
5:48 am
weather, little bit more sunshine for our week ahead. north bay and coast, you will start to see showers late tonight. you will see that first thing and then looking at spotty showers for tomorrow morning and then drier weather tomorrow afternoon, little bit more sunshine for our weekend ahead. let's check with gianna. it's starting to get a little bit busy as we start our day. >> especially at the bay bridge. you have metering lights on and traffic is starting to back up. if you are making the ride into san francisco via bay bridge, you have these brake lights. it is to beyond the 880 over pass. if you stay in the middle lanes you do not have to bottleneck or merge. they take you right through the metering lights. a little information to make your drive a little easier on a thursday. tomorrow will be first round of get away traffic for the holiday. the light rain we are expecting will clear up. hopefully things will be better. if you are traveling on friday
5:49 am
afternoon, getting head start for the thanksgiving holiday, plan ahead because we'll see busier than usual conditions. super commuter routes out of gilroy, morgan hill, it is already busy. we have people making the trek north bound. if you are around the 280, 680 connector things start to bog down in san jose. it is getting busy in the south bay and also busy for the ride into the altamont pass. we've got usual stuff out of tracy well beyond mount house. extra busy getting on 580, extends to just about north flynn. past that you get a break headed through the livermore valley and brake lights as you approach the dublin interchange. 84 is also busy. 680 is good so you can stick with that as you travel through the sunol grade. hundreds of pge customers will see rate plans automatically change next year.
5:50 am
it will charge more for electricity used between peak demand hours. this will impact customers unless they actively choose to keep the current plan. changes will affect nearly 338,000 in contra costa, marin, solano, napa counties. target doesn't seem to have the same staffing shortages plaguing others. it has a high retention rate for workers and is not struggling to fill open positions. the turn over rate for hourly workers was lower than in 2019. it is also adding 100,000 temporary employees for the busy holiday season. it is 5:50. celebration of metallica for their anniversary. coming up today at 2:00.
5:51 am
gayle king, tony dokoupil, nate burleson son join drew for a chat. >> hinge adding a new video feature that allows users to add voice recordings. it is meant to give a little bit more data on who you might be dating. do you like this? voice memos? >> i like it. >> i am all in favor. >> i am too. >> the point of online dating is to make things more efficient and not wait for your aunt to fix you up. you are compute rising this. that is
5:52 am
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with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey. san jose good morning. 48 degrees. you are in the 40s and 50s. grab that coat. through the afternoon, we will continue to watch clouds streaming in ahead of our next weather system. upper 50s along the coast, low 60s around the bay, mostly cloudy skies. i am tracking a weak cold front that will bring light scattered showers tonight into tomorrow. back to you. there is your wake up. bay area rock legends announced plans to take over san francisco. the band announced a week of live events to mark their 40th anniversary. starting december 16, different artists will perform metallica
5:55 am
tributes. some band members may drop in. it culminates with two performances at chase center. tickets go on sale tomorrow. a local harry styles fan left a concert with a little more than she expected. >> this is after she held up a sign asking the singer's opinion for her next career move. >> tell me to quit my job. what do you do? >> i work in marketing. >> what do we think catherine should do? >> this viral moment happened in the middle of a concert in sacramento. the recent uc berkeley graduate held up a sign asking the singer for career advice. she landed a marketing job but had dreams of being a writer. with his help she decided to follow her dream. >> when i wrote the sign, i said if he sees this and acknowledges it in any way, it is a sign that i need to do it. you have been thinking about it for so long. you just need to take the leap
5:56 am
of faith. >> it may not work every time but if you are feeling worn out with your job, attending harry styles concert might be your best move. if harry styles told me to do anything, i'd probably do it. >> i am not touching that one. >> how fun is that? i can't believe he noticed it. >> it really wasn't an ask. it was a tell me, i need some affirmation. >> to each their own. a bay area airport expecting holiday travel rush like no other. the new numbers projected this morning. >> reporter: teachers are devastated two east bay elementary schools are closing their doors. why the district is shutting it down up next. breaking news, an amber alert is in effect after a teen- age girl was kidnapped in the north bay. the latest, what we know about what happened and their
5:57 am
description, coming up next. >> reporter: as caserisifda uldz
5:58 am
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are following breaking news, an amber alert for a 15-year-old girl abducted in santa rosa. what you are asked to look for right now. >> reporter: two schools closing their doors at the end of the school year in hayward. why teachers are troubled, next. >> reporter: fda could authorize booster shots for all adults in the u.s. this comes as we approahe


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