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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 18, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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for schools in alameda county endangers of clothing. the community is furious. the vote just minutes ago.
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the calls for change tonight to make sure what happened to a beloved educator outside his school never happens again. we loved him because i wanted to be in his class. the east bay shaking over 20 small earthquakes in a matter of hours. what it means tonight. >> what would your message be to the people that live here and the people that are reluctant to even come to the city? what it will take to stop the violent crime. we do what i want with the police chief or answers. what to expect with more rain headed our way. but is about 24 hours. good evening. i am elizabeth cook. i am alan martin. breaking news. a boat minutes ago in the leg not battle in alameda county over closing schools. the hayward unified school board voted within the past
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five minutes over whether to close these four schools. and five other facilities because of a big budget shortfall. we have been on the story since the beginning in our live appleman elementary school with the results of that boat. >> reporter: with the board just decided to do was close this elementary school as well as --. they will wait on deciding the fate of the other schools until committees can be formed to see exactly what that would mean. tonight, we see a group of teachers sitting under homemade signs saying keep someone open. been out here tonight watching that zoom meeting. where the school board decided to close their school. dozens of teachers, parents and students relative outside the school district offices ahead of the board's vote. >> it is terrible what they are
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faci a 4 million budget shortfall. was $900 million in maintenance cost for older school buildings. all while dealing with declining moment. >> we are funded according to how many students we have in our school district. with less funding, it makes less sense to be maintaining facilities that we do not need. >> reporter: tonight's board meeting, the superintendent later how dire the situation is, shattering the district is designed to serve 24,000 student but projections show enrollment could drop to under 70,000 students over the next couple of years, a decrease of over 30 percent "something now is not the type to make changes as teachers and students are struggling after being out of the classroom for so long. >> we just came back from being sheltered in place. students have not been in school for 1.5 years. we're still in a pandemic and everything is hard.
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now you want to dump us somewhere else. it is difficult and outrageous. >> reporter: the teachers here say that they are devastated and hard broken by the decision. the board to decide to close strawbridge and bowman elementary school but glass brick elementary and -- middle school were on the chopping block. decided to not take any action on glass brook or on --. they will work on that in future meetings. the superintendent did say they do not plan to lay off any teachers or staff. all of the teachers and staff will be reassigned to other schools within the district. that is a bright spot the teachers and staff will not lose their jobs. there have an 20 all earthquakes in the san ramon ey 'v on the story for s. is with a 3.9 quake around
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12:00. as of tonight, there have been 21 aftershocks, for them struck with an 2.5. >> the epicenter was under a dental neighborhood. that is where our border journalists was this evening. people across the bay area reported feeling that first quake from the seashore to self of morgan hill. >> i'm here in dublin, it felt like someone picked up my house and dropped it. very scary. >> it was strong. i was at school. we felt the entire think. went to get under our desks. >> with spring in paul heggen for a closer look at what is causing the fault. >> this is according to the calaveras fault. i live about a mile from the epicenter. my wife thought i had driven into our house because it was that jolt. let's take a look at the pacific specifics of where we are looking. the fault is right underneath 680. all of the yellow dots.
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this is reporting an earthquake list the 21 aftershocks. four of which were strong enough to feel. this is part of the area that is prone to the earthquake swarms. we'll see how many more earthquakes occur over the next several days. maybe even the next couple weeks. fortunately, we have not had any new reports. all of the green dots are the almost 600 earthquakes of reported with the swarm and almost exactly the same spot in 2015. they can add up to literally hundreds of small earthquakes. the fault is one of the more active once and a second most likely to produce a major earthquake through 2043. this is a service that the usgs did, ranking the faults unlikely to produce a major quake. on higher on the list is the hayward fault with a 33% chance of such a quake. is a 72% chance that we see a 6.7 quake or above within the next 22 years. i will come back and talk
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weather in a few minutes. you can stay up-to-date. we have a list of earthquake resources on our omua > foch san francisco to make sure that what happened to a beloved educator outside his entire elementary school never happens to anyone else. kenny choi has a story. >> i love tim because i wanted to be in his class. >> reporter: children and up to one up and honor their teacher. >> he has a good spirit everyone. >> reporter: wiping away tears, friends and family members a candlelight vigil was a under -- who attended german elementary as a child. >> how lucky andrew was to come to work every day to a place he loved, and he was left. >> reporter: flowers and posters cover this wall of the intersection, where the 30-year- old was walking last wednesday before being fatally struck by
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a car. school leaders have been calling on the city for changes to make this area safer, saying this is a tragedy that was preventable., it wasthey'rng doi lying at el to get hurt. the pta has 30 years worth of correspondence with the city around making the streets around her safer. >> reporter: inside the school, students have filled hallways with pictures and loving notes. >> he was a good soul. i am heartbroken. >> reporter: the father said his son ashes arrived today and hearing stories of his son tonight are helping the family heel. a suspect tried to evade police in the east bay is now under arrest after he triggered a crash. it began in san leandro and ended on interstate 580 in
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oakland. sheriff deputies that he spotted a stolen pickup near 170th avenue when they tried to pull over the driver, he took off the runway on 580. the suspect later abandon his truck on the side of the freeway. ran towards foothill boulevard and jumped in a black hatchback. deputies confronted him but the suspect drove off, dragging a deputy about 15 yards. the suspect rammed into a patrol car and headed to oaklands. he crashed into several other cars before being arrested. the deputies who were injured are both the actor to be okay. a would look at oakland where the police chief is speaking out addressing the brutal violence and the growing number of lives lost in the city serves and protects. he set out with a plea to the community to take a stand against crime. >> reporter: oakland, so far this year, has seen 120 homicides. we have been hearing more of these stories of late of
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innocent victims getting caught in the deadly campfire. >> people in oakland deserve to be safe. behavior in the city is unacceptable. i do not anyone can rest and tolerate this violence. >> reporter: over the weekend, a mother and her 11-year-old daughter were shot in the east oakland home. also this month, the 23-year-old was caught in a gunbattle as his family was driving home on 880. >> that is one of those cases where people are like, my goodness. how did this happen? how did that young boy get caught in all of this. it makes people go, while. nobody is safe. what would your message be to the people that live here? and the people that are reluctant to even come to the city? >> i want people to know that we are working around the clock to identify the people responsible for these violent crimes. >> reporter: the wi fewer offic open police department is only solving 35% of its cases.
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the department has lost more than 60 officers in the last six months, bringing the total to 681. is well shy of the 737 authorized positions. is the department looks to fill the vacancies, the chief says they cannot arrest its way out of this prime wave. >> i believe that in this moment, it is a call for all of us to come together. even if we were giving resources, they will not be here tomorrow. it is not an overnight process. what can happen right now in this moment, if people see something, they can share the information with us. if people want to see people held responsible for this, they should share information. >> when posted the entire interview with the chief on still ahead, shocking video showing a parent blind siding a youth referee. what sparked the sudden attack. a former theranos patient
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shares her traumatic experience due to a mistaken diagnosis. a year-long battle over late-night concerts at levi
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a shocking seen at a youth soccer game, of all places. apparent attacks a referee, slamming him to the ground. reporter spoke to the referee about the attack that has el
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paso county da considering charges. >> reporter: video shows the violent act by a soccer dad, running across the field and blind siding a referee, knocking him to the ground. the soccer dad then stands over the ref, shouting at him. i felt like i got hit by a train. >> reporter: andrew -- is a referee who got decked why the dad more than twice his size. >> this was easily the hardest hit i have ever taken. it was crazy. it happened so fast. >> reporter: he is okay now. it stemmed from a call after my. the sun disputed the call by following off of the field and got into his face. he pushed the teenager to back him away. >> apparent from across the field came and assaulted me. >> what we see in this video is incredibly shocking.
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this action, and by a parent from the sidelines, is clearly not something that is appropriate. >> reporter: was the police were called to the field on a report of a battery. reported there batteries to the plaza county da. >> i want criminal charges. i want this guy to pay what he has done. >> reporter: under 16 youth match was part of the soccer organization. this is bennett the coach of the team that child plays on. disciplinary committee is recommending the team be expelled from all competitions until june of next year. >> is the first time it ever happened to me. >> reporter: the attack will not stop the referee from taking the field again. >> this will not stop me. i want the younger referees to see this and say, if it happens to you, do not let it affect your life. >> da says it could take some time to determine whether charges are warranted. the big question and delivers homes trial, will the
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theranos founder testify. the prosecution is wrapping up its case. the jury hed om a woman who says a theranos blood test told her she was hiv-positive. it was wrong. dramatic apartment or from a lengthy cross-examination from a big investor. he claims that she lied to which claims his firm was $96 million. of trial resumes on friday. it looks like the 49ers have won the curfew battle at levi the city will allow some conference, five year, two break the 10:00 pm curfew. 49ers and santa clara have been fighting over the curfew for years now. the team claims ed sharon pulled out over the role and has cost the city millions in lost revenue. the city manager says there is no evidence of that. mostly clear skies across the bay area right now. lucy moore cloud cover moving
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in tonight. especially tomorrow as a week cold front approaches the bay area. it will be close enough to send a light round of rainfall through the bay area tomorrow. the bulk of the moisture or mrs. to the north. that is part of the rainy season or we will take what we can get. the clouds will continue to thicken as we head through the rest of tonight. we stay dry during thursday. the rain remains to the north. chance of showers moves into the northbay around sunset. i think the first wave is overdoing it a little bit. the better chance of rain will hold off until later in the night. we will be tracking the showers moving in after midnight moving across the rest of the bay area as we head through thursday night to the pre-semi's hours of friday. the rain looks less and less impressive as it moves further inland. is will be hit or miss showers. is not guaranteed that everyone will see measurable rainfall. will reduce the should be out of here by mid to late afternoon on friday.
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clearing skies in time for the weekends. much rain? not a whole lot. north of the golden gate around a 10th of an inch. a lot of spots receiving us of that, only a few hundredths of an inch of rain. is what we are expecting with trace amounts were in the parts of the east bay and santa clara valley. some passing sprinkles in those locations. or rain chances later this month to finish off november. , temperature dropping off. down to 46 in livermore. 44 in santa rosa. temperatures tonight will bottom out around 50 are on the bay with mostly mid to upper 40s further inland. cooler in the northbay. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow but a big smile on the face of muldoon, who is available for adoption. he is a senior dog sanctuary. (a link up to his information and how you can adopt. temperatures in san francisco warming up to the low 60s.
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not much warmer further inland. flow to mid s.e alis me ofr along the coast with highs in t the best chance of rain holds off until after is on site and moves out by midday friday. maybe mid afternoon. we will warm up a little for the weekend, back to slightly above average temperatures on sunday for everyone across the bay area. a cooling trend kicks in monday, tuesday and wednesday. some passing clouds but no additional rainfall for the abbreviated work week before we get to thanksgiving. i was about to say, he is back. this giant, really never left. with be the height machine midweek for cal versus stanford. 124 game that is upon us. coming up tomorrow as 7:00, this bay area father of two suffered a spinal cord injury and doctors told himhellprobab
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baseball up top. status felt right here? i guess his heart is in san francisco. a nod of his head and tooth, brandon belt --. not ready to give up his status. makes me think of that line from the tom hanks captain phyllis movie. i am the captain now. >> i felt like in my heart i had been the whole captain this year. told everybody, i was the team captain.
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they did. >> the free agents for about sue two sips of copy. he agreed to another ear with the giants, posting his photo on instagram. it was a qualifying contract offer for $18.4 million. the 33- year-old hit a career high of 29 homers and 97 games last season. miss the playoffs because of a broken thumb after getting hit by a pitch. warm reaction that the brewers picture upon learning he was named cyan honor. the start edged out zach wheeler. he had the lowest e.r.a. in the majors. giants kevin gossman finished six. bluejays -- won the award in the american league. covers the stamford kick off, the big game is saturday at 4:00. emotions run deep and 124th meeting. esalumni. this season has lost
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cal? the bears should be close to full strength after a covert outbreak forced them to play shorthanded in arizona. ufc game had to be postponed. cal head coach wishes he could model the energy his team is emitting already. >> going to that team meeting yesterday, just the energy felt like the first day of fall camp. there has been some adversity and some things out of our control. they were eager to practice and play and focused on moving forward. men's basketball. folks in scarlet are out of kentucky. they went right at the gills dylan got this bucket. village the gills by 1 with six minutes left. by the two minute mark, gills st. ma won ui contl
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. 73-64. that give them a perfect 4-0. the stamford men beat -- 74- 60. the giants, they get to keep a big bat brandon belt, they have some pitching decisions to make. coming up, a college basketball start plays a key role in a double-digit one when. it is his contribution after the game that has people talking. we are asking you to help our neighbors in need this holiday season to find out how to donate your time or money to a great cause,
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tonight at wichita state university basketball star is getting a whole lot of attention for his contributions after his most recent game. of leaving the areva, dexter dennis stayed to help some of those who support him the most, the custodial staff. the jr. god sported here picking up trash. he declined a request saying he does not want the publicity but the facility director was happy to speak up. from our custodial staff out to him, we want to say thank you for leading and showing us that there are -- out there to recognize the hard
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work. smith he said helping others helps him keep his perspective on life. i love seeing th
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traffic moving slowly for a late night. of mecca late show with stephen colbert is next. >> innkeeper watching. the news continues on cbsn bay area. (mellow music) - the bay area is a golden destination and healthy living. but are you missing out on life's simple joys,


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