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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 17, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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cook. >> i'm allen martin. we're going to begin with a quake swarm shaking up the valley and beyond for hours now. the 3.9 struck just before noon, and that was the first of about 15 at last count along the danville-san ramon border. >> andria borba begins our team coverage. andria? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, i'm on conway drive. this is where the epicenter of that earth was, in someone's backyard a few miles down, but that triggered a series of earthquakes here in dan and i the san ramon valley. a series of earthquakes hit the san ramon valley. >> actually felt two pushes, and then walked a round my house. the chandelier was shaking. >> reporter: that was a 3.9
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with an end center in someone's backyard, and felt not just in danville, but all around the bay area. >> i'm here in tub listen it, and literally felt like someone picked up my house and drop ited, very scary. >> reporter: at 4:00 p.m., a 2.8. >> the san ramon valley does experience what are known as earthquake swarms, so there could be dozens of earthquakes over days or sometimes weeks. >> reporter: harpers puts the skills she learned to during the great shakeout to good use. she and her classmates went under their desks. >> we felt the whole thing, and we had to get under our desks. >> reporter: if damage at this is gas station in danville where a single bottle of
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dayquil felt off the shelf, but enough to rattle the clerk. >> i was feeling everything shaking. it scared me. so i ran outside. >> reporter: now the largest earthquake was experienced out here in danville today. it's a 3.9. but this is the calaveras fault. it has the possibility of producing a 6.7 or higher, a good rehinder to everyone that this is earthquake country throughout the bay area. make make sure to have your kits ready to go and check on your earthquake insurance. paul heggen joins us now to talk more about the fault lines involved. >> this one was on the calaveras fault. all of these are made up of subfaults, so they don't line up exactly with the rid lines on the match map but this one is very close. we have the initial earthquake outlined, but the yellow dots
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are the aftershocks. now we're concerned about something more substantial than this happening. the san ramon valley had an earthquake swarm if this same spot in 2015, but those were smaller quakes, as well. we're worried about 6.7 or above, and the usgs put together a study a few years ago ranking the odds of faults around the bay area causing that substantial of a shake. the hayward fault is the only other one beside the calaveras fault in the area. a 33% chance there between now and 2043. this was a study back in 2014, so they were looking at the odds over the next 30 years. i hate to even say it, but we're kind of overdue for something larger, because the past 85 years, there have been
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only three 6.0 or higher magnitude earthquakes in the bay area. the previous 85 to that? there were 17 of those earthquakes or even larger, including the largest one, that 7.8, that also resulted in the fire. we'll look at the weather side and focus on the atmosphere instead of the earth coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good, paul. we have a list of resources on- line to help you get and stay quake ready, go to happening right now in hayward, multiple schools in danger of closing because of a multimillion dollar budget crisis. >> a total of nine district facilities including four schools could close in 2022 or 2023. >> katie nielsen joins us from one of the campuses on the chopping block. >> reporter: it is. that school board meeting you were talking about got underway about 30 minutes ago. that's happening virtually tonight, but earlier tonight,
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this was the scene. dozens of teachers and parents marched to the district head quarters in an effort to convince board members to keep the schools open. the district said it might not be possible due to declining enrollment, as well as a more than $14 million budget shortfall in the next school year alone, plus a $900 million shortfall in future costs to maintain aging buildings. >> we want to really take a look at how do woe invest strategically the limited resources we have to really maximize the impact on all of our students. >> this isn't the right time, because we just came back from being sheltered in place. students haven't been in school for a year and a half. >> we're still in a pandemic, and everything is still super hard, and now you want to, like, kind of just dump us somewhere else, and it's, like, really difficult and outrageous. >> reporter: to the considing
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plan to close nine schools, as well as other facilities. again, that board meeting happening right now. we'll be keeping an eye on it, and will have the latest tonight at 11:00. >> thank you know, katie. new images just into the newsroom of an suv that ran into a building that happened a little over three hours ago on professional center drive. one person we're told the building was hut, is expected to be okay. the driver also taken to the hospital. investigators think that 34- year-old suffered some sort of a mole emergency behind the wheel. new at 7:00, a live look at san francisco, where a suspected retail they've is facing a list of charges. longer than cvs receipt. aziza graves is excused of stealing thousands of classifies of merchandise from a target store over the patch year. investigators said she would scan the items at the several check out, and would submit a
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coin or dollar to start the payment process and walk out without completing it. show is facing eight counts of grand theft. in san jose, the jury in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial heard from a woman who said a theranos test gave her a false positive for hiv. erin tompkins of phoenix visit add site for a finger stick in 2015. when her results came back positive for hiv antibodies, she claims she got no help from theranos customer service, she got tested at another lab. the results were negative and have been of since. prosecutors are trying to prove the criminal fraud and conspiracy charges that could put holmes in prison for up to 20 years. also in san jose tonight conservation has worn out over commercial development across 3,000 acres of land in the coyote valley. some of it will remain farmland in a nod to the valley's
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agricultural past. to the other uses still being determined, but it will include increase $public access and hike something biking trails. >> i think opening this unmore would be super beneficial for the area for outdoor enthusiasts. >> i would like to see more proper biking trails. >> the open space authority plans to start taking public up put early next year to form late its master plan. >> and happening right now in san francisco a community and mourning the death of a teacher trick and killed by a vehicle while walking in front of an elementary school. a candlelight vigil was held at sherman oaks elementary to remember him. >> i want to remember him. i want andrew to stay alive forever and again. >> he was always trying to figure out how to hook a kid, how to connect with that kid.
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>> kenny choi sat the vigil right now speaking with students, teachers, family and friends. look for his full report this evening at 11:00. still to bay area freeway. a wrong way chase that started in one week, ends with a crash math to, and tonight two deputies recovering from their work to stop it. did you pay your tax this year if you may have another refund headed your way. and a conservation catch- 22, why california may have to cut back too much meets our new war saving goals. and we have kicked off our annual food drive to help our neighbors in need this holiday season. to donate your time or money to the cause, and just i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt
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tonight a man is in custody after a wild chase along interstate 580 from unincorporated san leandro to oakland. sheriff's deputies tell max darrow it began when the driver took off going the wrong way in a stolen pick-up, and got really wild when he stopped and jumped out. >> he ran towards food hill boulevard and jumped in a black hatchback. deputies confronted him. there was a struggle for the keys, but the guy was able to start the car and drive off while a deputy tried to get out. dragging that deputy about 15 yards, the driver then hit another deputy. and took off once again on 580. >> suspect is north bound in a black four-door hatchback. >> reporter: the suspect eventually crashed into several other cars here at 98th avenue and 580 in oakland.
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five ambulances responded. the suspect injured and taken into custody. >> not sure what was going on from him. is he running from other crimes? did he do something more serious that he felt a need to go to this level of carnage? so we'll be looking into that. reporter: i'm told one of the deputies recovering has a broken arm and several cuts, but both deputies are expected to be okay. >> coming up all new at 11:00, we are digging team entire the crime situation in oakland. >> what would your message be to the people that live here, and the people that are lee luck talent to even come to this city? >> we sat down with the police chief to ask about his plans for curbing violent crime and the tool his needs to get it done. join us at 11:00 for the answerers he provides. two years ago today, china recorded the world's first known case of covid-19. since then, the virus has killed more than five million people and infected more than a
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quarter billion worldwide. almost 200 million americans are now fully vaccinated. but that's still less than 60%, and with breakthrough cases surging heading into the holidays, the fda is expected to authorize to the booster for all adults as early as tomorrow. new federal data shows more than 100,000 drug overdose deaths in the u.s. during the pandemic, from april of 2020 to april of 2021. that's a 28.5% increase from the year before. overdose deaths from opioids climbed past 75,000. >> you know, combined overdoses that, you know, really were a sign that a lot of use had -- you know, the u.s. is of drugs had really changed for a lot of people during covid-19 to underground sources. the silver lining in the bay area, overdose numbers in san francisco are actually on pace to decline in 2021.
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the so-called q anonshaman will serve one of the longest prison terms handed down so far in the capitol riots. he was one of the most recognizable fishings in the siege. he was sentenced today to 41 months after pleading guilty to obstructing an official proceeding. two of three men convicted of assassinating civil rights leader malcolm x are expected to be exxon rated tomorrow. the 1966 conviction of the men are expected to be thrown out after a lengthy investigation. prosecutors say authorities with held evidence in the case, and, allen, for decades, historians have cast doubt on whether the two men were actually guilty of the shooting they each spent more than 20 years in prison. >> and one has since passed away. new water conservation reports show that a is nowhere close to the governor's goal.
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we cut back in september, and overall have reduced usage by just 3.6%, since the governor made the 15% request in july. and water agencies say it's more difficult this time, because a lot of folks permanently reduced their usage the last drought. >> receipt. and we've had another rain over the past month and a half i think a lot of people have let their guard down a little bit saying we have all of this to rain, we're out of the woods. no, still extreme drought across the area. we'll also have more rain in the forecast. it's still offshore at this moment. we have just a mix of clouds and sunshine today. more clouds tomorrow, and then next rain chance will be moving in tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. let's track it with futurecast. more clouds and sunshine throughout the day on thursday. i think the rain chances will stay farther to our north. outside chance of a couple of showers sneaking into the north bay tomorrow afternoon, but i think most of it will wait until at theory sun goes down the evening with better and better rain chances as we head
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farther into the evening, and overnight hours on thursday, so the best chance of more substantial amounts of rain, don't get your hopes up for anything more than a quarter inch. to the best chance will be north of the golden gate, but scattered showers will make their way across the bay area late thursday night through at least the first half of the day on friday, but this is going to be hit-or-miss activity on friday, especially inland and the east bay no santa clara valley, more miss than hit. last of the showers should move through as we head towards early afternoon on friday, and then we'll see clearing skies as we head into the weekend. looks like nice wart r weather both saturday and sunday. futurecast indicating potential for a tenth of an inch for much of the north bay, but you head farther south and lower amounts. a lot of spots only a couple hundredths of an inch of lane. barely a trace for livermore. san jose, think even that 1/100 of an inch is likely to overestimate. you're going to see a few
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passing sprinkles, and that's about it. but we'll definitely take what we can get. right now still mostly clear skies out there. we'll see locally dense fog developing by early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s across the board. anywhere from 50 on the notion in livermore, to 58 degrees in san jose. temperatures tonight will drop down mostly to the mid-to-upper 40s. some low 40s in the north bay valleys, totals right around 50 press along the coast. more clouds overhead tomorrow, and we won't be quite as mild as today. right around average for this time of the year, which puts most of us into the low-to-mid 60s. you'll be stuck below 670 along the coast, only upper 50s there. low-to-mid 60s inland and the east bay, pretty close to normal for this time of year. low 60s around the bay, with low 60s for the north bay as well, some spots even stuck in
7:20 pm
the upper 50s, and sim already temperatures to the north in mendoza county. a couple of degrees above average for high total on sunday. and then a modest cool down, and an abbreviate threatt-tie work week before we hit the thanksgiving holiday. the next chance of rain beyond tomorrow night and friday, still beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast, but we'll keep looking as we head farther and farther into late november. v i'll have an update on tomorrow's rain chance coming up at 11:00. >> maybe if we look hard enough. [ laughter ] >> all right, paul, thanks. looks like a winner in the levi's stadium curfew battle. >> and hear from two of the stars of young sheldon ahead of tomorrow's new episode on cbs. that's at 8:30. you can finds cbsn bay area on or on the kpix app.
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that is a live look at the state capital, where lawmakerrers need to figure out what to do with a whole lot of extra cash. one option, sending some of it back to you. the latest estimate projects a $31 billion budget surplus, nearly double the state's preset spending limit. that could force lawmakers to
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either cut taxes, spendmore money on schools and infrastructure, or issue rebounds to taxpayers. >> well, looks like the 49ers have won the curfew battle at levi's stadium. the city will may how some concerts, five a year, to break the 10:00 p.m. curfew. the niners and the city of santa clara have been fighting over the curfew for years. the team claims acts like ed sheeran have pulled out over the rule, and that it has cost the city millions in lost revenue. to the city manager said there is no evidence of that. a hospital is not usually a happy place for covid patients, but this san jose survivors visit today, reason for celebration after he spent most of the year there.
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[ cheers ] >> a warm welcome back in san jose today for one of valley
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medical centers most persistent covid patients. >> 31-year-old noah davis returned today to begin outpatient therapy after a nine month battle in a hospital bed. >> i thought i was going home in a couple of days to get better, but didn't turn out that way, you know. going into a coma, waking up and not knowing that two months have passed, and, you know, i was really scared. >> can you imagine? noah has been recovering at home for about 10 dares now, and we certainly do wish him all the best. there's the best therapy dog in the world. >> so glad to
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