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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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hundreds of carrs, d ose. >> repoer: mckenziid e in in helping win the conservation battle in the valley. >> adding more sprawl wouldn't be helpful very much. >> reporter: the open space authority is coming up with a master plan for the area. lewis said for his part, he would like to see more bike trails. >> i think opening this up a lot more would be super beneficial for the area for out door enthusiasts. >> i would like to see it some more, like, proper biking trails. >> reporter: in the future, land use battles in the valley are likely to be of a gentler sort. hikers and bikers and bird watchers and native people, all making sure that their interests or represented. in a valley now protected for future generations. the open space authority said they will begin to engage with the public in earnest in the early part of next year, so they can begin to to form late
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that plan for this area. no to the backlog at california ports. a new push to get those shipping containers from the docks and on to the roads. reporter chris holmstrom has the latest. >> reporter: containers taking up space as cargo ships wait at today federal, state, and local leaders gave some insight in how they plan to stop the
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problem. l.a.'s mayor said there already has been some progress. >> since we have talked about implementing a fee on containers that are not moving, we have decreased already by 332%, the number of con -- 32% the number of containers we have on dock. >> reporter: and another hope is to get more truck drivers on the road. >> allowing us to double from 5,000 commercial tests a month to 50,000 commercial tests a month. >> reporter: and truck weight exemptions on our highways. >> it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cad containers that willmaeir way into the ports of long
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beach and l.a. as for the lack of warehouse space, the governor said they are working it to to find storage sites. the supply chain issues are starting to impact school lunches near california. the salinas city elementary school strict said it has gone from using one vendor to several for food products. students are still getting fed, but some districts are having to shop at local grocery stores to complete their menu. america's roman clinic catholic bishoping have approve understood guidance for giving holy communion that is getting new information because of president biden. some catholic leaders say the president and others who support abortion rights are not fit to receive communion. >> does the body of bishops approve the statement? >> reporter: applause follow lead vote from u.s. catholic bishops delivering what some said is a rebuke of catholic politicians who support abortion rights. at their semiannual mein
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baltimore, they voted 222-8. >> the election of president biden, a church-going catholic, who also takes positions that are district attacks on human life, game more impetus to this. >> reporter: individual bishops can determine whether someone is ineligible for communion and the new document serves only as guidance to priests. it says in part that catholic public figures have a special responsibility to follow church teaching in order to receive communion. >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: for years, bishops have been at odds over whether catholic politicians like the president and house speaker nancy pelosi, who support abortion rights, should be barred from commonnion if they don't follow church doctrine that opposes the
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procedure. kansas city archbishop nalman supported ther. >> in the congress and members of the congress, in the catholics supported the churches teaching, we would have bipartisan soup marry outs. >> reporter: but father anthony, a cbs news contributor, said the entire debate runs counter to the popes wishes. >> it's a very different vision to some of the bishops who want to use the you a a cyst as a political football pope francis says no to a political football. we haven't asked about the issue previously, president biden would only say it's a private conversation. the san francisco's arch bishop has led a prayer campaign hoping to inspire a change of heart in house speaker nancy pelosi. one of the men charged in the shooting getting of an unarmed black jogger, umbrella ashford took the stand today. he destroy described the moment he shout 25-year-old aubrey. he called it self-defense. mcmichael is one of three men
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charged with chasing down ashery with this trucks and then shooting him. his mother spoke about mcmichael's testimony saying he skilled her son without having any facts and shot him not once but three times. the defense attorney for suspect roddy brian showed security camera footage of his client watching mcmichaels truck chasing ashery. he later got into this own pickup truck to join the case. the defense argues that ashery did something wrong because he didn't appear he needed help. . >> so now the court is faced with balancing a lot of things going on outside this courtroom and doing it in a way that respects members of the public's right to be in the courtroom, as well as what i'm
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trying to put out there is a fair trial, right? >> the defense said it plans to call 30 witnesses. a tough prison sentence handed down for one of the most talked about capital rioters. the so-called q anonshay man was sentenced to more than three years in prison. he wore a horned fur at some carried a spear on january 6th. jacob hansly told the judge it was wrong for him to enter the capital and he accepts responsibility for his actions. rapper young dolf was shot and killed in memphis. since his debut in 2016, the rapper tallied almost 4 billion streams. apparently he was inside a bake friday memphis this afternoon. a car pulled up outside, and somebody opened fire. the artist leaves behind two children and a long-time girlfriend. he was 36 years old. coming up, thieves target a
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historic ice rink. how the community is stepping up to help it reopen in time for the holidays. coming up at 6:00, more on the earthquake felt across the bay area, and a reality k on the next big one. scientists telling us it's a matter 0 when, not if. a witness in the elizabeth holmes trial testified she got a false positive test from hiv from a theranos device. what she said she did next. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it.
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the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body. that's why it's so important for us to have health insurance. and now, we can afford it. we've got a plan that covers the kids' checkups and my regular screenings. enroll by december 31st at we have a store on how hereby businesses are stepping up after a skating rink was vandalized. >> reporter: gabe bryant, the manager of the ice rink, said it has been a time-consuming process to fix tiny leaks in these tubes. they were gauged vandals caught
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on camera. >> from that night alone, we've had over 425 leaks in the tubing. >> reporter: you can see people walk on to the link not yet up and running, stepping up on the tubes. >> those cracks that happen and the glycol loss is thousands of dollars for those 20 seconds and right now it's extremely hard to replace it. >> reporter: he said people have purposely damaged the tubes. >> we've had people physically cutting the talks with knights. >> reporter: and someone broke into the rink stealing tools, supply, and equipment. he said they even tried to take their truck. >> somebody definitely started to mess with the ignition. now the beloved family rink is in limbo. the vandals cost the family thousands of dollars, and also put tradition on hold. >> my grandkids come here all the time. >> they were down here every day of every holiday season since they started the rink.
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>> it's very sad that someone would affect so many people in a negative way like that. >> well, there is now security outside the rink with local businesses pitching in. nearby bars and some also sent their bouncers to help keep an eye on the area. >> in preparation for thanksgiving next week, the charity group north beach citizens give away food and groceries to those in need. founded in 2001, the group has worked to feed those in need and help find housing for the homeless for almost two decades. it says it has seen the need for food increase by 74% in san francisco's north beach neighborhood this past year. we're going to be profiling different organizations every day to help our neighbors in need this holiday season. to donate your time or money to the cause, go to next, the surprise return for a covid patient who spent near lay year in a bay area hospital. but his recovery is far from over. coming up tonight on the
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cbs evening news. >> it is a busy news day, to we're going to start with the chilling testimony in the ahmad ashery case. the accused killer takes the stand. why he claims it was self- defense. plus we want to take you behind the scenes at the supply chain log jam in california. what's being done to ramp up container processing at one port ahead of emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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31-year-old noah davis is return for outpatient treatment from covid, but there was a surprise waiting for him. he was all smiles. he received a hero's welcome from the medical team that saved his life. he was treated at santa clara valley medical center for nine months. noah has been home recovering for about 10 days now. he'll continue that outpatient treatment to make sure his road to recovery continues to go smoothly. congrat tots him. a san francisco woman saved the life of a dog and then he saved hers. >> and for the last two decades, she has made it her life's mission to rescue as many animals as possible. sharon henry chen introducing us to this week's jefferson
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award moment. >> it is not nub for her to get cold in the middle of the night to rescue a stray dog on the highway, a cat, or even a trapped goat. pa ley bouchier finds a home for every dog she can at a rescue sanctuary in east oakland. >> she'll give you literally the sweat i off of her back. >> reporter: she has led the group for 20 years swathe selfless, generous heart. >> whether you're a friend, a homeless person, or a street dog. >> reporter: because bailey was once an underdog. >> i was out there with my mom and baby brother on the street. >> reporter: they were homeless. her mother died when pailey was 10. >> i was on my own, living in the abandoned train cars and
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junk yards on the outskirts of town. >> reporter: she found peace walking through animal shelters. she adopted led belly, a black and white hound dog about to be use aunited stated. >> i made better choices as a result of him, and that saved my life. >> reporter: she got clean and sober in rehab, and founded rocket dog in 2001 in honor of lead belly who died of cancer. rocket dog provides a peaceful safe place for animals in danger of being euthanized. pailey hopes to wash away the pain of neglect, abused animals, the same pain she knew as a child. >> i look at these animals, that feeling is there. i see it reflected in their eyes. i see the fire and uncertainty. >> reporter: in all, she said that rocket dog has rescued and found new homes for more than 13,000 animals, including willow. and pailey's heart for homeless
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abused survivers and others new instead reese oh nates with volunteer randy scully. >> someone can knock on the as toy, for food. haven't overseas, rocket dog raises funds for rainy's vaccine force dogs in tanzania and sponsors spay and neuter clinician in puerto rico. >> this a wife well lived. how could you do anything better than this? >> reporter: so for her efforts, this week's jefferson award the bay area goes to pailey bouchier. she is rebuilding rocket dog volunteer and donations. donations dropped about 85% during the pandemic. liz. >> wow, unbelievable. what a wonderful person. she has an an amazing outlook on life and your heart melts when you see those animals. they are so adorable. >> reporter: doing a lot of good there. >> thank you, sharon. the bay area has a wealth of people doing extraordinary community service.
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if you would like to nominate someone you know for a jefferson award, you can find the on-line form at our website, >> i know who loves a good rescue dog story. [ laughter ] >> we've got two of our own. they're worth every second. we would rescue all of them if you could, but eventually you just run out of space. i want to get up for a dog walk tomorrow, and thinks are looking good. any chance of showers will hold off until after the sun goes down tomorrow evening. light rain moving in thursday night and friday. it's going to be hit-or-miss. not all of us are going to see measurable rain or sprinkles, but at least there is a chance. we'll see some fog out there tomorrow morning, but more clouds farther up in the atmosphere. those will thicken throughout the day. the showers staying to our north over the ocean until the sun goes down thursday evening. a chance for a few showers running through the north bay, after sunset, before midnight, but those will be few and far between. the best chance continues until
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about sunrise on friday morning. the showers will continue progressing across the bay area, but you see it looks less impressive as we hid through the day friday, they are going to be fairly view and far between. about fifty-fifty chance of picking up measurable rain in any particular spot, but the best chance will be north of the golden gate. saturday and sunday are both looking very nice. let's focus on how much rain we expect, or more accurately for most of us how much rain we don't expect. a trace. best chance of picking on tenth of an inch will be further north in the north bay. maybe more than that for santa rosa, but that would be the high number for the entire bay area, and barely more than a trace for everybody else. you go farther south, and i think you'll see some passing sprinkles in san jose. bailey more than a twice for inland parts of the east bay, and not much more than that from san francisco down the peninsula.
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we'll hope there is more later on this month. temperatures today weren't bad. most of us in the mid-60s. it made it touch to 6 in san jose. current temperatures running anywhere else from the mid-50s to low 60s. commercially cool weather out there this evening. a bit on the chilly side tomorrow morning as you get farther away from the water. around 50 near the bay, but low temperatures farther inland will be mostly into the low-to- mid 40s and some of the northbound valleys dropping down to the low 40s. temperatures tomorrow won't be quite as warm as today. right around 60 degrees for much of the north bay. low 60s around the bay. mid to even upper 60s for san jose and the santa clara valley where the clouds will take little longer to roll in. upper 50s along the coast. once that rain chance moves through on friday, and again it is going to be hit-or-miss stuff, we'll just keep the umbrella handy in case, but you're odds of anything more than sprinkles about fifty- fifty. we gradually cool down. it's not a full-fledged ride on the temperature roller coaster,
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maybe more of the baby coaster as we go up a little bit on sunday, and then back down for the abbreviated workweek, before we get to the thanksgiving holiday, a week from tomorrow. i'll have this evenings dog walking forecast coming up at 6:00. new at 6:00, preparing for the holiday crush. new numbers on just how busy oakland international will be next week. plus potentially damaging testimony in the elizabeth holmes trial. a witness tells how she was given a false positive for hiv. four schools are on the chopping block in hayward. the community gathering by the hundreds to tell the district "slow down." >> and still ahead here at 5:00. >> i'm john ramos in marin county, where they are clearing fuels that could contribute to a wildfire, but a new st
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destructive wildfires have become an ever present risk for many north bay communities. >> and a new study showing why this may be just the beginning. john ramos has the story. >> reporter: marin, just like other north bay counties, has learned that fighting wildfires is now a year-round proposition. the brush and trees behind the golden gate housing community is so thick it is making it tocreate a defensible space. in marin, reducing fuels to
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prevent wildfires is now considered as important as putting them out. >> thing it is are drier. the fils are as bad as they've ever been, and in order to combat that, we just need to get out here and do what we're doing right now. >> the last four or five years, we've really seen an increase in temperatures, which definitely dries out the edge istation, stresses a lot of trees out, and all of that is, you know, kindling or unburned fuels for a wildfire to potentially ignite. >> reporter: firefighters have noticed how much drier and more flammable the vegetation is, and a new study from ucla is the lawrence livermore labs says why. climate change is causing what is called a vapor pressure deficit. as the earth warms, so does the atmosphere, and it begins to demand more moisture than is available. >> to the bigger this distance is, the more thirsty the atmosphere is, the more moisture it wants from soil,
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from vegetation. >> reporter: dr. ron fu said that is causing the atmosphere to suck moisture out of vegetation, so now even healthy trees are more vulnerable be in the fire. man caused climate change is now responsible for more than 2/3 of our fire events and happening at a much faster pace than scientists expected. >> we know climate change contributes. that's not a surprise. but we just didn't know it contributed so much already. >> reporter: the study says climate exchange not something our children or grandchildren must deal with. it's happening now, and has been for decades. >> the marin wildfire prevention authority is take
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aggressive action to lessen fuels before next fire season. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, alameda county parents outraged over plans to close multiple schools. why they say it's all moving way too fast. >> shaking continues in the east bay, after the quake that rattled homes and businesses and some nerves. and powerful testimony in the elizabeth holmes trial. tonight a witness said she was falsely told she had hiv. good evening, i'm alameda martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we starting with a puck bash over plans to close several east bay schools. four schools are targeted for closure. two for next fall. two more for the fall of 2023. we have more on this story.
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>> reporter: the. >> reporter: the community is telling the district this is all moving too fast and they need more time. tonight's board meeting may be on zoom, but that did not matter. teachers, staff, parents, students, marched and gathering by the hundreds at district headquarters to tell the hayward school board "slow down." >> just give us one or two years, or three years to think about the plan. >> reporter: in addition to the closing of those four campuses, there is also a slew of relocations and facility closures. these happening by fall of 2024. do you guys feel rushed? >> very rushed. we're asking them just to push the pause button parent teacher and union rep said the kids just got back on to campus this year and are still real reeling from campus locke downs and zoom classes. >> all we really want to focus
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on are these children. theyju


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