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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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all day long. if you want to know where the epicenter of that first earthquake is, on the fence line, on the other side, in someone's backyard is where the epicenter is. at 11:43 this morning, everyone in this danville neighborhood stood at attention. >> just about to go on a bike ride, and it hit before i went out in the garage. definitely felt it. it was a big bang. >> sitting at my computer and the monitor started shaking, and i actually felt two pushes, and walked around my house. the dining room chandelier was shaking. >> reporter: at a christian academy, harper put the skills she learned during the great shakeout to use. she and her classmates spent five minutes under desks. >> we felt the whole thing, and had to get under our desk.
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>> reporter: the quakes and subsequent aftershocks were likely part of the calvaries park system, possibly sentenced on the pleasantton fault, and this could begin a long group of shakes. >> there could be dozens of earthquakes over days or stick sometimes weeks. >> reporter: there is a chance of a 6.7 on the scale in the next 30 years. the magny attitude 3.9 was felt all over the tri-valley. . >> i'm here in dublin, and it felt like somebody picked my house up and dropped it. >> reporter: a clerk was rattled at a store. >> it scared me. i ran outside. >> reporter: only time will
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tell whether or not this earthquake and the aftershocks turn into an earthquake swarm if this area, something the usgs said people should consider thinking about the future. they first started noticing earthquake swarms in this area back in the '70s, and we've certainly seen them in parts of the east bay before, so it's a good reminder to get your earthquake kit together, and check on your earthquake insurance, as well. >> yeah, get the kit ready. it's not in it's going to happen, it's when. >> paul has the latest on where this quake hit. >> it hit near my his. we certainly had shaking going on there. this one occurred to the northeast of town san ramon on the castro fault.
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cal varies fault. there have been 13 aftershocks, but only two of those have been above a magny tight of magnitude of 2.5. these are the earthquake swarms along that fault since 1976. this is where today's quake occurred. there was a quake there in 2006. hundreds of quakes in 2015 with that latest swarm, so we'll see if that happens over the next self days. i'll focus on the weather side of what's going on in a few minutes. people who felt the quake are posting on social media, and bay area agencies reminding people what to do in case a quake hits. you can share your post with the hash tag kpix. we have a list of resources on our website of how you can be prepared. just go to now to a developing story. a suspect trying to make a high-
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speed getaway triggered a nasty crash. several people including two deputies injured in all of this. it began in san leandro, along interstate 580 in oakland. max darrow has the latest on how it all unfolded. >> reporter: this is the intersection where it unfolded, 98th avenue. if you zoom in here, you can see some of the glass is still left in the road. if you pan over here, you can see this fence is all bent up. this is where the car finally came a stop. a sheriff's deputy told us this was like something out of a movie. tonight a man is in custody after he took police on a wild chase along interstate 580 from unincorporated san leandro to oakland. >> we kept hearing the sheriffs whistling buy, like they were chasing somebody or trying to get to the scene. >> reporter: deputies were out on patrol near 170th avenue and spot add stolen pickup truck. they tried to pull over the
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driver, but the guy tech off the wrong way on 580. he then abandons the truck on the freeway. >> we have a male who jumped over the guardrail. >> reporter: he upped in a black hatchback. deputies confronted him. there was a struggle for the keys, but he was able to drive off while a deputy tried to get out, dragging that deputy about 15 yards. the driver then hit another deputy. and took off once again on 580. the suspect eventually crash wood is several other cars here at 98th avenue and 580 in oakland. the suspect was injured and taken into custody. >> not exactly sure what was going on from him. is he running from other crimes? did he do something more serious that he felt a need to go to this level of carnage? so we'll be looking into that. >> reporter: a guy who lives
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along foothill boulevard said she not surprised this happened. >> it's too much criminal activity on this street alone. you know, foothill boulevard is known to have a lot of, you know, bad people coming around, either from oakland, be hayward area, something like that. >> max, do we know how the deputies are doing tonight? >> reporter: allen, i'm told that both deputies are expected to be okay. one of the does have a poke broken were and a lot of cuts. an uptick in covid cases, and officials in san francisco are urging people to take precautions this holiday season. they are encouraging all adults to get booster shots and kids ages five to 11 to get their first doses. the city has administered first doses to more than 13,000 children. >> we are still in a risky situation, even though it's a much better situation than we were there in before.
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boosters are necessary for us to a significant surge in hospitalizations, and perhaps increased mortality, as well. >> with breakthrough cases surging across the country, the fda is expected to authorize the pfizer vaccine booster for all adults as soon as tomorrow. california is one of at least seven states that aren't waiting arondo for that. it's encouraging anyone who was vaccinated at least six months ago to go ahead with that shot. meanwhile, today marks two years since china recorded the world's first known case of covid-19. since then, it has killed more than 5 million people globally and infected nearly 255 million. >> a live look at the state capital, where there's good news for our economy. the state legislative analyst says that california is expected to see a $31 billion
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surplus next year. gives credits to businesses, saying tax revenues continue to climb despite the pandemic. from april through june, businesses report add record high of $216 billion in taxable sales. that's about a 39% jump over the same period last year. president biden if detroit, also known as motor city, but touting federal investments in electric vehicles. part of the newly signed $trillion dollar infrastructure law. skyler henry has more from the white house. . >> reporter: president biden visited a general motors electric vehicle plant in detroit, michigan. the third stop on his tour to promote the bipartisan physical infrastructure law. >> we're going to be building again! we're going to be moving again! >> reporter: billions of dollars will be invested in electric buses, building a nationwide network of electric
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vehicle charging stations and reducing emissions. >> you see these projects starting in your hometowns, i want you to feel the way i feel. pride! >> they continued to push the build back better act which includes roughly $550 billion to combat climate change. >> president biden and i are working day and night to make sure this bill gets done. >> reporter: republicans have dashed the social spending plan, which includes provisions to low archils, healthcare, and housing costs in the wake of rising inflation. >> the hard working men and women of this country cannot afford to be guinea pigs in a socialist experiment where democrats try town plate in their way out of inflation. >> party moderates in the democratic party are awaiting the cbo's report of the cost. >> hopefully we'll then be able to move forward without delay. haven't house leaders say they want to vote on the build back
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better act this week. tomorrow president biden will host the leader of canada and mexico at the white house for what will be the first north american leader summit since 2016. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the nationwide search for two missing kids shifts to california. the new piece of evidence just discovered. plus what we're learning about a shooting that took the life of a popular rapper. and thousands of acres of open land saved. now the question is what to do with it. a look at what might come next for coyote valley.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a new twist in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial.
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no verdict yet, but the defense attorney general has asked the judge to declare a mistrial before the jury reaches a decision. the defense said it receive an improper video of a prosecution's video and said it would have changed their case. the judge has not yet ruled on that request. meanwhile, tension among protesters, as jurors spent the second day of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. >> we want healing to come to kenosha. >> i hope the young boy is found innocent. >> at least 500 national guard members on standby outside the city. protesters say they're concerned about the possibility of violence erupting regardless of the outcome. >> i'm very concerned about that. >> i think most people are
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intimidated by people threatening to burn a town down in a man is not god. >> rittenhouse said he shot and killed the man be who attack anymore self-defense. the search for two missing kids has shifted to california. the three-year-old boy and his 16-year-old cousin were last seen in kentucky november fifth, put the suspected kidnappers car was found in san la menty. they believe that noah clare was taken by his father. he was supposed to return this to mother's house in tennessee. his cousin, amber clare is also missing. elementary school students in south san francisco walked to school today to recognize a civil rights hero. the kids participated in their first ruby bridges walk to school day. one of the school's teachers says it all started when
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students were reading about civil activist ruby bridges who as a six-year-old girl was the first student to integrate in the south. and students asked why doesn't she have a day dedicated to her. >> they found out that she didn't, so they worked so hard, collecting signatures and going to school board meetings, city council meetings. they connected with senator beck wish thank goodness, so it could be a statewide celebration. >> i think about how happy she can be right now with me helping her, standing for her. >> later in the day, students were surprised with a virtual visit from bridges, who spoke with them through a video call. well, there is no optiminimum for the western monarch butterflies after the population reached an all-time low last year, but the number of orange and black gorgeous butterflies spending winter along the coast bouncing back this year.
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last year the society of butterflies recorded less than 2,000 butterflies in its annual winter count. this year's count started saturday, and unofficial results, early results, suggest there are more than 50,000 monarchs adam common wintering sites. butterflies are back, but the rain went away. >> rain chances back in the forecast tomorrow night. not a huge rainmaker for us, but at this point the rainy season, say it again, we'll take what we can get. a mix of clouds and sunshine today. the bulk of this is going to move to our north. they've had a little bit too much over the last several weeks but we'll take, again, what we can get. just gradually increasing clouds overhead. locally dense fog to start the day tomorrow, and then mostly cloudy skies. but staying dry during the day. there is a chance of showers moving into the north bay by tomorrow evening. those will be pretty few and far between. tomorrow night is when that
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better chance will move into the north bay. that rain chance will continue to progress across the rest of the bay area throughout the day friday, friday, but it's not a guarantee of rain for everybody. if you get a shower, be thankful for it. i won't produce much in the way of measurable rainfall and the showers should shut down as we head into friday afternoon and friday evening, and then we should see plenty of sunshine as we head into the last weekend before thanksgiving. we're talking about a few hundredths of an inch of rain in most locations. in san jose, you'll probably just get a few sprinkles out of this one. best chance of picking up a tenth of an inch of rain will be further inland. but it is nice to see a chance of rain the forecast, and then we dry out again as we head through most of the pre- thanksgiving workweek. looking outside right now, a beautiful sunset with a few clouds on the horizon. those clouds will increase from the west as we head through the
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rest of tonight. temperatures at the moment, a mix of mid-50s and low 60s. 62 right now in san jose. those temperatures are going to drop off into the 40s inland by early tomorrow morning. mid-to-upper 40s in most spots. with a near 50 degree low temperatures along the bay and around the coast. high temperatures tomorrow close to average. maybe a degree below normal for concord, a degree above or san jose. upper 50s along the coast. some of the warmer spots further inland in the south bay, morgan hill getting up to 67 degrees. inland and the east bay, a little more cloud cover earlier in the day, so your temperatures only hit the low- to-mid 60s by the afternoon. tempting in the low 60s for the north bay. only around 60 degrees for a
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high temperature in santa rosa. further north, mendocino county and lake county, similar temperatures, but you do have a chance of picking up more substantial amounts of rain from this system, even if it's just a quarter inch or so. everybody needs it. back above average temperatures sunday, and then a minor cool down on the days before thanksgiving. monday, tuesday, and wednesday. maybe a better rain chance way down the line. some of the extended data has been hint we go might see another rain chance before we finish off the month of november. maybe after thanksgiving weekend, but that's way, way out there. we'll look at tomorrow's hour- by-hour temperatures coming up at 5:30. >> thanks, paul. coming up, how singer harry styles helped a berkeley drought make a life-changing decision. >> plus it was a fight to save it. now the big question is what to do with the large open space in the south bay. the plan on the table for the future of coyote valley. and streaming today on cbsn
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bay area, a new episode of young sheldon airs tomorrow night at 8:30. we'll hear from two of the stars. you can find cbsn bay area on or on the kpix app.
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looking live at the white house now, where first lady jill biden hosted a special guest today. singer sierra and her three kids. the first lady and sierra had
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conversation aimed at getting kids ages five to 11 vaccinated. it will be shared across the singer and the white house social media platforms. a local harry styles fan left a concert with a little more than she expected. she held up a sign asking the singer's upon for his next career move. [ indiscernible ] what do we think she should do? >> well, the viral moment happened in the middle of a concert in sacramento. recent u.c. berkeley graduate katherine held up a sign asking the singer for career advice and land add marketing job. still had dreams of being a writer. with harry styles help, she decided to follow her dream. >> when i wrote the sign, i said if you see this, if you acknowledge it in any way, then it's a sign that i need to do
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it, you know within you've been thinking about it for so long, joust need to take the leap of faith. >> good for her. may not happen every time, but if you feel tired of your job, maybe attending a harry styles concert may be to the best move. part of the great resignation happening these days because of the pandemic. well, stadium center in los angeles will seen have a new line. staples arena will go by aprein. the company is paying to rename the building. but some lakers fans are not love the new name. >> staples center is an iconic name it. should stay. >> the arena has been called the staples center since it
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opened in october of 1999. i'm devin fehely, coming one we'll look at how the public may use the hundreds of acres of land that's been saved in coyote valley. plus a supply chain crisis driving up prices this holiday season. the new plan to ease congestion at the ports. and why the princess cruises was born right here in california. r over 55 years, we'vebeen s
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a historic ice rink targeted by vandals, how nearby businesses are stepping up to help get it opened just in time for the holidays. plus a new push ease congestion at california ports and getting goods moving to consumers. but first our top story at 5:0, a last great open space in san jose saved from development now a new debate over what to do with all of that land. we're talking about thousands of acres in the coyote valley in south san jose. >> devin fehely on what might come next for the land that was saved. >> reporter: before tuesday's vote by the city council, the future of coyote valley really hung in the balance with the pendulum swinging in the direction of more commercial development or towards conservation. that has all been decided, but
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what is still coming into sharper focus is how the hundreds of acres of open space will ultimately be used by the public. sky drone 5 gives you a majestic view of the green grand you're of the land in question. >> i want everybody in my city to have those inspiring moments where they have an opportunity to reconnect with major. everyone mayor mayor sam liccardo took a victory lap after the vote. really don't want to invite
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hundreds of carrs, d ose. >> repoer: mckenziid e in in helping win the conservation battle in the valley. >> adding more sprawl wouldn't be helpful very much. >> reporter: the open space authority is coming up with a master plan for the area. lewis said for his part, he would like to see more bike trails. >> i think opening this up a lot more would be super beneficial for the area for out door enthusiasts. >> i would like to see it some more, like, proper biking trails. >> reporter: in the future, land use battles in the valley are likely to be of a gentler sort. hikers and bikers and bird watchers and native people, all making sure that their interests or represented. in a valley now protected for future generations. the open space authority said they will begin to engage with the public in earnest in the early part of next year, so they can begin to to form la


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