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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 17, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. it literally felt like someone picked up my house and dropped it. >> shaking in the east bay, an earthquake and aftershocks giving people a scare, how far away they felt it.
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developing in alameda county, a chase, crash, two officers hurt the new details on the chain of events along 580. i am kenny choi . our top story, an earthquake and several aftershocks rattling east bay today. the latest measure by the usgs shows it was a 3.9 center near san ramon just before noon. we flew over the area right after it, largely residential. we are live. what are people saying? >> reporter: where i am standing in danville on conway , right behind the fences in the backyards of some folks is where the epicenter of the largest earthquake today was. the first of this warm, the 3.9 happened at 11:43 this morning and registered a 3.9. three minutes later, a second
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earthquake with a magnitude of 2.6 hit, and another 3.0 this time at 11:58. michelle has lived in this neighborhood for 20 years and this was the longest quake she has felt in a while. >> yes, felt he clearly, my neighbor and i we an e g anthe >> reporter: michelle tells us she did not feel the rest of the swarm in danville, possibly because she was so spooked by the first one. coming up tonight, news about more residents in this area who say they had quite a fright when the first largest earthquake in the swarm hit. we will also have analysis by the geological survey about what this means in the larger picture. chief meteorologist paul
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heggen continues our team coverage . the aftershocks had a lot of people nervous. >> the first earthquake got the balls attention, i live a mile away from the epicenter, i was in my car so i did not feel it, we are looking at the closest location and you see the swarm, the yellow dots indicate the center, the largest was the 3.9, the largest aftershock 3.0 and 2.6. we are possibly looking at more of the smaller aftershocks through this evening and for the next couple of days. this is just off of the calaveras fault, the one we are focused on for where the swarm occurred. there was a swarm of dozens of earthquakes in this location several years ago that were all mostly smaller than the 3.9 that struck before noon today. i will have a look at our next rain chance in a few minutes. joining me now live is usgs
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geophysicist, brian kilgore, your impression on the earthquakes today ? >> i did not feel the earthquake but people felt it all over the bay area, down to santa cruz, up towards stockton. and further east. it was widely felt. i will say that earthquakes in the east bay on the calaveras fault are pretty common. there is nothing unusual about this. earthquakes like this are really to be expected. it has been quiet for a while so this was a surprise, one widely felt and got people's attention. >> it surprises people, definitely. today's was under a 4.0, what is the likelihood of a strong earthquake there? tell me about the aftershocks. >> there have been 12 smaller aftershocks since the earthquake, before noon, and
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the most recent one was a 2.0. i sure reporter mentioned, the san ramon valley has experienced earthquake swarms over the years, there have been a half a dozen since 1970. whether this will turn out to be a swarm or just an earthquake with aftershocks, only time will tell. as far as the probability of a larger earthquake after this, of course it is possible but the probability is quite small. i don't have a specific number for that. but generally for earthquakes of this size, i don't believe aftershocks probabilities articulated. it would be a small number at this point. >> brian kilgore, thank you for the information and informing our viewers. people are posting about their quake express on social media, share your post today
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with #kpix. bay area agencies are reminding people what to do in case a quake hits. now to the developing story, a wild scene along 580 in alameda county. this is video following a high- speed chase that ended with several injuries. we are sorting it out for you. >> reporter: this is where the incident came to a conclusion as you see the broken glass in the middle of the intersection and the fence is bent. this is at 98th and 580 in oakland. this began seven miles down the road, several people were hurt including two alameda county sheriff's deputies. yet these were out on patrol and spotted a stolen pickup truck. drivutey tookoff wn 580 gowrong
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way. he then jumped out of the truck on 580, banded it, ran off the othi boulevard and got another car. there was a struggle for the keys but he started the car and drove off while a deputy tried to get out. he drags the deputy about 15 yards. the driver hit a second officer and patrol car, got back on the freeway, and took off at more than 100 miles per hour. he tried to get up at the 98th avenue offering but he hit a few cars and crashed. three and lenses were called but police did not say how many people were hurt. the man was taken into custody and investigators are trying to figure out what you read in the first place. >> not exactly sure what was going on, was he running from other crimes or did you do something more serious? did he feel the need to go to this level of carnage? >> reporter: they described this like something out of a movie.
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today, san francisco health officials give an update on covid-19 in the city and county as they are encouraging all adults to get booster shots . for kids aged five to 11 to get the first doses. >> as people gather and engage in the busy holiday season, contact rate will increase. contract rate will increase and there are more opportunities for the virus to spread. >> with breakthrough cases surging across the country, the fda is expected to authorize the pfizer vaccine booster for all adults as soon as tomorrow. but california is one of at least seven states that are not waiting around. it is encouraging anyone who is vaccinated at least six months ago to go ahead with the next shot. santa clara valley medical center welcomed back the longest hospitalized covid patient, the 31-year-old man is returning for outpatient treatment . justin andrews was there for the return that came with a surprise. >> reporter: the smile on noah davis' face , hidden under his
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mask tells this remarkable story, one of tenacity and treatment. a little bit ago, he was surprised to see the doctors and nurses who fought alongside him during the dark days of his covid fight . this is not how the story began many months ago. he was fighting covid-19 , he lived basically in the santa clara valley medical center for nine months. things to caregivers and support staff, he is on the road to recovery. he got innovative treatment and extensive rehab and has been at home recovering remarkably for about 10 days. today, he starts outpatient treatment and the road ahead is long or mac noah but his optimism in shores doctors he will be okay. >> i was scared coming in, i thought i would go home in a couple of days, have the sniffles for a couple of days ago home. it did not turn out that way. waking up from a coma not
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knowing that two months had passed. i was really scared, especially waking up, my arm did not move, my legs did not move. >> reporter: we are hoping his smile, even though inside of his mask, is used as a weapon as he continues fighting towards full recovery. today marks two years since china recorded the first known case of covid-19 in the world and since then it has killed more than 5 million people globally. it has infected nearly 255 million people. experts say we may never know the source of the virus. new research shows america's opioid academic has reached unprecedented levels as more than 100,000 drug overdose deaths the u.s. from april of 2020 to april of 2021, 20.5% increase from the year before. overdose deaths from opioids climbed past 75,000.
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>> a lot of individuals that are getting caught up as a result of what has been going on with the pandemic, with covid-19 , with homelessness, unemployment, and looking for relief from this pain, misery, and suffering. they look at the drugs is an element. >> wilson walker is beeping deeper and will have much more coming up at 6:00. in a few hours, hayward unified district leaders will boat on the potential closure of more than half a dozen schools, the board is considering a proposal to cle u and middle school campuses. they say it is because of declining enrollment and a budget shortfall of $14 million. the district staff, educators, and community members plan to protest as they say the district has no plan for the students or the programs that would be affected by closures. still ahead on kpix and streaming on cbsn bay area,
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catholic bishops give guidance on giving home communion, how president biden and other high- profile churchgoers are drawing more attention to this issue. plus, we have felt it, supply chain issues driving up prices, what industry experts say about the problem and how we there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again.
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america's roman catholic bishops have approved new guidance for giving holy communion, an issue getting new attention because of president biden. we have the latest from the white house. >> reporter: does the body of vicious approve this statement? applause followed a vote by u.s. catholic bishops delivering what some cms to a high-profile rebuke of catholic politicians who support abortion rights. at the semiannual meeting in baltimore, the bishops voted 222-8 to approve a document reinforcing teachings about holy communion. supporters say it was parked in part by the election of president biden. he is catholic and attends mass nearly every weekend. individual bishops can determine whether someone is ineligible for communion and the new documents is only as a guidance to priests. it says that catholic public figures have a special responsibility to follow church teachings in order to receive
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communion. >> he talked about me being a good catholic. >> reporter: for years, bishops have been at odds over whether catholic politicians like the president and nancy pelosi, who support abortion rights, should be stopped from communion if they do not follow church doctrine that opposes the procedure. the kansas city archbishop supported the effort. >> if the catholics in congress and senate, if the catholics supported the church's teaching, we would have bipartisan uber majority. >> reporter: this father, a people contributor, says the entire debate runs counter to the wishes of pope francis. >> it is a very different vision to some of the bishops who want to use the eucharist as a political football. pope francis says no to a political football. >> reporter: when asked about the issue, president biden only said it is a private
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conversation. to wall street, a rough day for the markets as the dow jones dropping 211 points, the nasdaq down 52, and the s&p down 12. live look at the capital where lawmakers are taking up the nation's supply chain issues ahead of what will be the most expensive thanksgiving ever. the house transportation committee asked experts about stall day to clear the backlog. as of late last week, the backlog of ships across the coast of california set up more than 80 vessels. the trucking industry says the pandemic has worsened the shortage of truck drivers, those drivers say they are losing time and money as they sit outside ports waiting for cargo containers. >> it is one chokepoint of many. you can stay open all day, you just have to have more people putting in the time at those ports to move the containers. >> in addition to getting more
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workers on the docks, america's major ports, experts say, are in major need of modernization. lowe's says earnings rose to $1.9 billion, like its rival, home depot, they have been benefiting from a hot housing market and a rise in do- it-yourself projects. amazon is taking another step towards going green, lodging new curbside recyclable packaging for its grocery service. process from whole foods and amazon fresh will arrive in insulated packaging they made from recycling people and would do away with the need for plastic liners and bubblewrap. if someone tells you to take a hike today, you may not take it personally as it is national take a hike day. national, state, local agencies are posting online and encouraging people to get outside and enjoy the weather. also posting some hiking safety
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tips. paul, take a hike and give us the protest. >> i will do the hike after the forecast. perfect today, sunshine after the dense morning fog and we will see some of the developing early tomorrow morning but more clouds moving in father up in the atmosphere, more cloud cover on thursday and slightly cooler temperatures as well. light rain returns to the forecast tomorrow night, as early as tomorrow evening for parts of the north bay but likely late thursday night and the first half of friday. not a huge rainmaker but the first one in almost 2 weeks. this is the cloud cover spreading. we do stay dry with a chance of showers moving into the north bay, hit or miss stuff through thursday evening. the better chances late thursday night into the early hours of friday morning for the north bay, gradually spreading across the rest of the bay area throughout friday. this is not an oppressive
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rainmaker for us. this will be trace amounts of rain. just enough to wet down the roads. at this point in the rainy season, it is still november, we will take what we can get. clouds leave us saturday and sunday, they are both looking very nice. for the northern half of the bay area, a 10th of an inch on the higher end. a few hunters of an inch to around a 10th of an inch of rain in most spots. a few hundreds of an inch around san francisco. in the santa clara valley, if you pick up one 100 of an inch of rain, that is bonus territory as you will see passing sprinkles and that will be about it. right now, beautiful, some clouds father up in the atmosphere but those are substantial enough to drop sprinkles and temperatures in the 60s,. 67 in san jose.
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later tonight, temperatures in the 40s, except in the bay where temperatures were being your 50 degrees. cool but normally cool for this time of year with high temperatures tomorrow with the cloud cover not warming up a lot, low to mid-60s for most of the bay area. the warm spot is 66 at san jose. cool spot at the coast in the upper-50s. showers on friday, do not cancel anything outdoors but be flexible in case a shower pays you a visit. we clear out for the weekend as saturday and sunday looking very nice, slightly cooler temperatures through the first few days of next week as we get closer to the thanksgiving holiday. temperatures close to normal by monday, tuesday, and wednesday with maybe another rain chance over the thanks giving weekend. coming up, a special guest in washington, d.c., what brought sierra and her children to the white house. streaming on cbsn bay area, james jones overcame
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looking live at the white house where first lady jill biden hosted sierra and her three kids, the first lady and sierra had conversations aimed at getting kids five to 11 vaccinated against covid as part of the effort to level up the nation's vaccination rate. the conversation will be shared across social media platforms. sierra has nearly 60 million followers online netflix has a new top 10 list, it just unveiled the website that features the most popular series and movies based on the number of hours you were spend watching them. right now, "red notice" is the most watched film and "squid game" for the show. why this popular breakfast treat is getting a throwback price, that is coming up. >> reporter: this giant cargo
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ship carries about 5000 containers, normally they would have for two five cranes unloading and loading as fast as possible but right now there are only two, a big part of the slowdown and we will explain why it is e cbs evening news. as we head into the holiday season, check out where you can find ways to volunteer and donate to local food banks in our food for bay area's reshows tomoow
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night to friday. not a guarantee everybody will get measurable rain but the best chance in a couple of weeks. also going to be dry for the california-stanford game saturday at 4:00 in palo alto with temperature at kickoff in the low-60s. coming up at 5:00, live with educators, staff, and community members who will march and protest against the post school closures in hayward. that store and much more on the news at 5:00. before we go breakfast time blast from the past to celebrate the egg mcmuffin's 50th anniversary, mcdonald's is selling the sandwich for .63 tomorrow, the first price when it went nationwide, you will have to go to the mcdonald's
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app to get the discount. that is going to do it for kpix captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the courtroom drama and the surprising turn in the trial over ahmaud arbery's killing. the man accused of murdering t 25-year-old jogger takes the stand in his own defense. travis mcmichael, one of three men on trial, explains why he shot ahmaud arbery. >> i want to give my side of the story. >> o'donnell: jail time for the so-called qanon shaman. the january 6 rioter sentenced to more than three years in prison. tonight, his extraordinary speech likening himself to jesus and gandhi. the judge's reaction. historic sciencure-- congress votes to rebuke a republican lawmaker after he's depicted killing alexandra ocasio-cortez in an animated video posted on his taxpayer account.


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