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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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no we are following breaking news this morning. a strike across uc campuses has been called off. this virus -- this disease is not taking the winter off. >> a warning from the governor. get the booster now or prepare for a potentially devastating holiday season. and thanksgiving is just around the corner and holiday travel is expected to be very busy this year. we will tell you what health and travel experts say schu consider coming up. a bay area neighborhood targeted. what should thieves after and
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what homeowners doing to protect themselves. it's wednesday, november 17th. it is shaping up to be another beautiful day in the bay area. >> yeah but we have to get through that chill first. some areas in the 40's and 50's. >> something to wake you up. walk out the door and feel that for sure. we are in the 40's and 50's. about ten degrees colder in spots. compared to yesterday morning. you will feel that difference as we start off the day as we are looking at partly cloudy to mainly clear sky was patchy, dense fog for parters of the north bay. as we head through the afternoon mostly sun why i to partly sunny skies and near normal for the daytime highs, around where we should be for this time of the year. beautiful look with the sales force tower camera. there we go with the temperatures, concord in at 44, also for livermore, 58, oakland, 53 san francisco, san jose down to the mid-40s's and a chilly 43 as we start off the day. you can see for partsst north bethea dense fog. it's not as bad as yesterday
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morning. the past seven mornings. 63 pacifica. 66 san 67 oakland. san jose at 79. let's check this with gianna. also where it's slow going this morning. >> the super commuters out of gilroy. morgan hill. give yourself extra time and it's a little foggy there. we have brake lights happening in that area. especially on the northbound side of 101. that's the commute direction. the good news is no crashes or accidents shall but a lot of slow and go conditions. it's foggy in that area. give space between and you the car in front of you. you may come up quickly on the brake lights through there. north of there you can tap the brake lights as you head from the 280, 680 connector on knob 101. looks like guadalupe parkway looking better. reports of fire activity northbound. that is in the clearing stages. breaking news a system wide
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strike by uc lecturers has been called off after a possible deal is now on the table. justin andrew is live at uc berkeley and they had a few demands for the uc system. >> let's talk about the new sleepments that's happening morning. the union representing the lecturers said that a possible deal has been reached. let's pull up a tweet this morning. it reads they have won transforming ground breaking improvements in important areas including job stability, work load and compensation. the union posted another tweet writing uc management barginned in good faith and the board has canceled today's strike. that strike would have affected nine of the ten uc campuses statewide. there were 6,000 ready to take the picket lines. the negotiations have been going on for about two and a half years and finally a compromise with this. again the strike has been called off. we heard from students before
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the strike was called off. listen in. >> i think that it's so unfair. they help us so much. you know and they don't get enough pay for what they do. >> even though they are lecturers they are -- they -- they are workers also. i believe they receive a fair pay in their own rights. >> and it seems like they got exactly what they wanted. at least that's what we know so far. we are told they will be gathering across some of the campuses. statewide. the gathering will be a celebration rally. we are live in berkeley. happening today heyward's school district is set to consider a proposal to close or merge up to eight elementary and middle school campuses in the city. this as the district looks for ways to address declining enrollment and a budget short fall of $14 million. the staff and community members are planning to march and rally ahead of that possible vote. they say the district has no plans for the student or the
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programs that would be impacted by any closures. we are waiting to find out more about what may have caused a woman to ram head on into a taco bell restaurant. it happened last night in oakley in the east bay. there was a child inside. both the woman and the child, a 3-year-old girl were taken to the hospital by helicopter. so significant injuries there. it happened just after 9:00 p.m. and we heard from witnesses who said that it didn't look like this woman was slowing down. that she was accelerating on her way into that taco bell restaurant. a 30-year-old woman behind the feel. both her and the 3-year-old child waiting to hear more about their condition this morning. back to you. >> hoping think are okay. a warning this morning from officials at sfo. parking structures could reach
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full capacity this holiday season. airports bracing for a big jump in travelers. we are live from sfo and how much are we talking here? >> aaa is expecting the air travel for thanksgiving will be up 80% compared to last year. just here this morning at sfo you can see that it has gotten a little busier in just the last hour or so. we know that people are starting to feel more comfortable traveling, given that this year we have a vaccine but health experts say there are a couple of thing that people should have in mind as they travel. that includes vaccination status and a level of community transmission where you are visiting. ucfs infection disease -- said numbers starting to increase in the united states and in europe so community transmission is something to consider. some family members may be immune compromised. some medical risk of the household and setting of a gathering should be taken in to
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account. we know that not all children are eligible to get the vaccine so traveling with kids can get thicky. take a listen. >> i feel a little bit nervous. i think as a vaccinated person i would feel a little more confident particular a as i boosted vaccinated person. >> now as far as preparing for travel, lines are expected to belonger so travel experts say consider getting tsa precheck along with the long -- as long as the s there is also a shortage of tsa workers. live from sfo. kpix5. pfizer applied for emergency use authorization for boosters for all difficults. the fda said it's advisers -- the administration's decision could happen any time. the governor said that get the booster now or face a devastating winter.
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>> this virus, this disease is not taking the winter off. it's coming back in force. are you seeing that all across this country and the likelihood if we don't take seriously this moment and increase in the number of people that will loose their lives. >> this as sonoma county report that nearly half of eligible county residents 65 and up have received a booster shot. data shows 45.4% of eligible residents 65 and older have gotten their shot. update on go big votes in the bay area. first in oakland where the city is one big step closer toward bringing a major new development to the current home of the a's. late last night the city council voted to start negotiations with the african american sports subpoena entertainment group. itn 't wants to build a newcombe flex that would have housing and retail and take facilities. fully will now have one year to reach a deal to buy or lease the city share of the site.
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the city owns one half. the a's own the other. in san jose the city council voted to protect coyote valley from industrial development. land owners wanted to sell to developers in hopes of expansion but the council voted against that. more than a thousand acres of open space are now preserved. it's now 6:09. >> bay area neighbors on high alert. >> like a lot of residents we are worry about what happens next. >> some would be thieves targeting a neighborhood. what they are after and how far they will go. and getting paid to tear up your lawn. the bay area water district offering cash to homeowners looking to conserve. all right. good morning to you in the south bay. here is a live look with mainly clear skies. it's a chilly 46 degrees. we are in the 40's and 50's as we kick off your wednesday. as we head through the day
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today mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. daytime highs little above average. 67 oakland. upper 60's close to 70 and 67 for concord. tracking the next weather system. details on when he will see more wet weather in that seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. and this just in to the traffic center. getting reports of a new trouble spot adding to a i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor,
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people in one of san francisco's most exclusive neighbor hoops say they are being targeted by would be thieves almost every night. one man said his garage has been hit eight times. twice in just the last three weeks. most recently someone tried to break-in by prying open a vent on the garage using makeshift tools often left behind. >> we didn't used to use our alarm ever. we have a gate on our -- on the front of our house and didn't
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lock that. we think that's crime is kind of gone from the tourists who are in town with a lot of smash and grabs. the governor issued an hard to identity ways to clear up traffic. supply chain issues starting to take a bite out of school lunches. the school district is using multiple sources for mainstay manies. with they are reducing their meal cycle from four weeks to two. the water district is paying people to tear up their lawns. the district's rebate program said that they can pay homeowners up to $3,000 to
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replace their lawns and sprinklers with drought resistance landscaping and drip systems. it's estimated that every square foot of lawn that's removed saves about 35-gallons of water a year. >> the folks here are also going to be a catalyst to those that have been thinking about maybe doing something to the landscape, trap the water bill is starting to increase to where they are -- this getting out of hand. >> requires maintenance and water and does nothing for you. >> drought conditions over the summer prompted the governor to ask california to cut water use by 15%. data released today shows most aren't doing that. california reduced water use by 3.9% in september. that's down from 5.1% in august. still need more rain to help out with that drought. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with mary. >> good morning to you. definitely need that rainfall. we are tracking the next weather system. that will bring some showers back to the bay area later on in the week.
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that will talk about this. it's a beautiful start to the day. check it out. the sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay and we have been the last several mornings socked in with that fog. 52 in san francisco. 44 live more. 24 hour temperature change. a big difference this morning from five to 14 degrees colder compared to yesterday morning. the visibility, the fog not as extense itch as it has been over the last several mornings. down to four tenths of a mile in fairfield and a quarter mile in santa rose a. the north bay, parts of the north bay still dealing with that fog. the sunrise coming in at 6:52 and this morning we will be
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able to see the sunrise from many locations that. will be a nice welcome sight for sure. that mix of sun and clouds. all because of this rim of high pressure. this flat ridge off the coast. stopping the clock on future cast. low to mid-60s's. upper 60's. close to 70's. around the bay from 66 in san francisco, 67 oakland. highs in the north bay in the mid to upper 60's this afternoon. tracking our next weather system on friday. that will bring the return of wet weather for us. just picking up a few hundred diagnostics to a tenth of an inch much. in the meantime san francisco,
6:18 am
oakland and san jose. few more clouds on thursday. can see the temperatures falling the best chance of wet weather will be the north bay and for the coast. just like clock work that 6:00 a.m. hour. >> around six is when they turn on the metering lights. you get all the brake lights. we have the breken down vehicle reported near treasure island. have you that to deal with once are you across the upper deck of the bay bridge. about 18 minutes for the travel time. maze in to the city. richmond, san rafael bridge getting busy this morning. we are now tracking some slightly slower speeds near the toll plaza. a fog advisory in effect for the richmond, san rafael bridge. dense fog as you head through there. be careful. traveling in that area. we are tracking slow speeds on
6:19 am
highway 4 and 5 # 0. your highway 4 travel time, 42 minutes from antioch to 80. westbound 580. be careful as you head through there. san mateo bridge looking good. 14 minutes between 880 and 101. we are thinking about holiday travel. if you are getting ready to head out of town a couple things to think about. to plan for. get away friday will be busy for the evening. wednesday before thanksgiving you will have a lot of trafficsa wet. one of the busiest travel days on the roadway. sunday return traffic will be busy. try to leave early if you can and if you are going toward one of the airports starting on friday and the rest of the week you will see extra busy conditions in and around the airports and it may be hard to find parking. you have been warned. back to you. >> got that warning from g.
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still ahead new year's eve just six week away as ready to make it's biggest come back yet. what guests must do if they want to get in on the celebration. month and this morning kpix5 is proud to kick off the food for bay area families drive. the pandemic has put more people in need than ever and that includes the food banks themselves. donations can't keep pace with rising costs inflation and supply chain problems. if you gave last year trust me. we need your support this year. most of our clients lost hours and then they went through their savings. we are going to see a long time for them to recover. >> we will be profiling different organizations every day to help our neighbors in need this holiday season. to donate your time or money to the cause go to
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good wednesday morning. we are looking at chilly temperatures to start off the day. as we head through the afternoon, already thinking about lunch here. your lunchtime forecast and we are looking at great weather. may want to take that lunch outside. be log at san francisco. 60 degrees at noon with mostly sunnies as we look to oakland. 61 by noon with mostly sunny skies and a few in the south bay. san jose, 62 degrees with that sunshine. a beautiful day ahead. fremont 63 for your lunchtime hour with mostly sunny skies and for the north bay, santa rosa you are dealing figurey conditions. partly sunny skies by your lunchtime with 58 degrees. a little on the cooler side for
6:25 am
you in santa rose a. already thinking about lunch. excited about it. super hungry. back to you. >> especially with that lettuce sandwhich. >> it all sounds good. he is like i can hear your stomach. where it won't be so nice, by the thousands will be allowed into new york's time square for the traditional bell drop. >> the mayor said this year the party is only on for those who are fully vaccinated. >> that wakes you up. the pandemic forced new york to down size. the ball drop in 2020 to a virtual event. you must show proof of full vaccination and photograph id. those unable to get their vaccine must show proof of a negative pcr test and wear a mask. >> when we think about doors we don't usually think of being face to face with someone. that is very much, you know the
6:26 am
reality of that beautiful time square celebration. >> the nypd said they are ready. the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> another big time investor says why he bet big on elizabeth holmes. why his testimony is going to the heart of the prosecution's case. and a two day strike has been called off across uc campuses. a possible deal reached. ly have the details up next. and airports bracing for a busy holiday season. if you are planning to travel we
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ear are your morning headlines. the uc strike set to happen this morning has just been called off. they made at nounment about 90 minutes ago. a child was rescue from this horrible crash last night after a car hit the side of a taco bell. a 30-year-old driver a 3-year- old were taken to the hospital by helicopter. no word yet on their conditions. the cause of the crash is also still under investigation. the city of oakland is one big step closer toward bringing a major new development to the current home of the a's. city council voted to begin
6:30 am
negotiations with the african american sports and entertainment group. they will now have one year to reach a deal to buy or lease the city's share of the site. good morning to you. it's wednesday, november 17th. >> good morning to you as well. a lot to get to this morning but first up, traffic and weather action for you. sweater weather. >> yeah. cozy, weather right? >> yeah. >> we are in the 40's and 50's. a chilly start to the day. check it out. take a look at this beautiful start. just a stunning start to our wednesday with the golden colors in the sky.
6:31 am
a chilly start with mainly clear skies, patchy dense fog for parts of the north bay. as we head through the afternoon mostly sunny to partly sunny with daytime highs through normal in the 60's this afternoon. you can see as we head through the day, 66 in san francisco, 69 close to 70 for the south bay and san jose. oakland, 67 and 67 for concord and lever more. let's economic had with gianna. >> you will be stuck in traffic. it's getting busy for the morning ride. we have brake lights westbound 37.
6:32 am
it's very foggy. just keep that in mind. about an 11 minute drive between richmond over to san rafael. bay bridge stacked up. metering lights on. we had a broken down vehicle. busy into san francisco. of curious we are getting ready for the holiday travel season. what to expect and is it safe? kpix5 joins us now live from sfo. good morning. >> yeah. good morning. well as far as lines, we will tell you on how to prepare for that. you should consider thinking isn't the vaccination status of attendees, the medical rick of the households and of course the setting of a battering. as far as preparing for travel lines expected to belonger. travel experts say consider getting tsa precheck. tsa minirator was on cb
6:33 am
to say about wait times. take a listen. if there are standard lane passenger it'll take about 30 minutes. if they are a precheck passenger ten minutes or less. i don't think they should expect chaos. we work closely with the airlines. >> you can hear more of his interview coming up at 7:00 a.m. on cbs morning. a strike by lecturers has been called off. this after a possible deal is on the table. >> according to a tweet this morning about 90 minutes ago from the union representing
6:34 am
them a possible deal has been reached. they said they have won transforming and ground breaking improvements in important areas including job stability, work load and compensation. there were 6,000 ready to take on the streets and strike statewide. they were accusing uc leadership of unfair labor practices by the president's office including paid family leave, compensation for online instruction, and layoffs. again that strike has been called off. we do know some still plan to gather because they say they is a thing to celebrate. they consider this a win.
6:35 am
taking a live look at capitol hill where a big vote is going on in congress. the house to vote on a resolution that censures a republican representative and strips him of his two committee assignments. that's for his twitter and instagram post that was a photograph shopped anime video they made that appeared to show him killing a representative and attacking the president. he has taken the posts down. also today sentencing for the man called the qanon shaman. a key figure in the january 6th attack at the capitol. he has pleaded guilty to a felony charge. back to you. >> thank you. in about two and a half
6:36 am
hours the elizabeth holmes fraud trial resumes in san jose this after another big investor took the strand. he said that he met holmes and her then boyfriend in 2013. they talk about grossman investing in the blood testing technology. he said holmes said the devices were being used by the defense department and in patient trials by several big pharmacy firms. grossman incested $96 million. >> this witness, you know had decades of being a bio tech analyst. even he got duped by the claims that elizabeth holmes made on two occasions. >> a legal analyst said yesterday's testimony helped prosecutors establish that holmes and her then boyfriend were a team. new alameda supervisors have appointed a replacement for a college who died early their month after being hit by a car while walking her dog. the board of supervisor as
6:37 am
pointed her chief of staff dave brown to seven the remaining 14 months of her term. the late supervisor was known as a progressive leader and a champion for children and the at risk. taking a live look at the white house. the president will be in detroit today at a new electric vehicle plant. is he touting his bill passed early their week that includes the $7.5 billion that sets aside to build charges station across the country. yesterday the president was in new hampshire promoting the bill. he visited northwood stock to talk about wood and bridge improvements. the funds will provide for the area in the nation. we just got new video into the newsroom. the queen is making her first in person appearance after a back sprain nearly a month ago. she was forced to cancel several events. twitter tweaking its strategy to fight misinformation. the new warning label you may see pop up on your feed. that's ahead in the live money
6:38 am
watch report. and a man with a pogo stick hops his way into history. the new names getting added to the world recordbooks. >> i was looking at that video. and the market just opened. let's take a quick check on the big board. the dow is down about 87 points and before we head to break a quick preview of what's coming up on cbs mornings. >> good morning. ahead on cbs mornings the economy is rebounding but businesses are struggling to meet demand and find enough workers. see how a company is turning to high school students for help. also air travel is way up this holiday season compared to last year. we will talk to the head of the tsa about mandates and staffing shortages, also what they are doing to keep travelers safe. and i get together with some of the original and current cast members of ghostbusters. i will talk to them about everything including the new film. that and more.
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we are helping you get started for the day and we are looking halt a chilly one. grab that coat first thing if you are heading out the door. maybe to work or school or about to walk your pet. we are looking at 40's and 50's this morning. several degrees colder compared to yesterday. you will feel that difference first thing this morning. as we go through the afternoon mostly sunny to partly sunny. high around where we should be. 66 in san francisco. 67 oakland. upper 60's. close 2070 for the south bay and san jose and 67 in concord. the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. twitter is out with a new
6:43 am
warning label aimed to fight misinformation. diane king hall is live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. how does this work? >> let's do a check to the market action with trading underway for more than ten minutes and you had gains yesterday. starting automatic the gate the dow is up down more than 50 points. the nasdaq lower by about seven. s&p500 under? pressure. just goes to show the market gives and take away. at which time certify tweaking its strategy to fight misinformation. users will start to see new warning labels on misleading or false tweet that are designed to make them less confusing. they will be bigger and displayed different colors. >> thank you. treasury secretary now says the united states government could reach its debt limit by the middle of next month. she estimates the government
6:44 am
will run out of money on december 15th the extended deadline givens lawmakers more time to deal with the debt ceiling. however it's not clear how democrats who control congress will move forward after republican leaders have said they won't help raise the limit. do you use tiktok new may have some money coming to you from a lawsuit claiming they illegally collected used personal data from its users. the lawsuit sites federal law and illinois law that allows plaintiffs to seek money when their data is harvested without consent. you don't have to live in illinois to claim your share of the $92 million but state's residents canned get up to six times mop money. you this staple center in los angeles will soon have a new name. starting christmas day the arena will go by the name arena the platform
6:45 am
is paying $700 million over 20 years to rename the building. it has been called the staple center since it opened in october 1999. for that much you can name it whatever you want. >> put whatever name you want. >> it'll be weird not calling staple center. also new, from a back flipping gymnast to a man pulling a car this year's world records day is as colorful as ever. >> talent from around the world have smashed all kinds of records. take a look. american, tyler phillips set the title for most carsjumped over on a pogo stick. >> those are big cars. uk gymnast ashley watson broke his previous record for the farthe st back flip between two horizontal bars. the jaw dropping distance over 19 feet. >> and chain a had to hone in this hand stand skills. check this guy out. he set the record for the
6:46 am
fastest time to pull a car 50- meters walking on his hands. he managed to pass it in just one minute and 13 seconds. >> that's crazy. >> that's a long time to be upside down. ifs. >> how do you think of that? >> that's my question to. how do you decide that i want to do this and then you actually do it. wow. >> he is excited. >> yes. yes. >> i did it. >> my name is in the book now. >> totally worth it. chess check on traffic now getting crazy. the forecast, chilly this morning. >> yeah. elm feel that chill this morning. the 40's and 50's. i want to show you this. isn't that beautiful? it's beautiful. >> beautiful this morning. >> just stunning. we can see the sunrise. its been so foggy lately. this is just a really beautiful view. something to brighten your day and hopefully bring a smile to your face as you look on the sales force tower camera east
6:47 am
across the bay at mount diablo. check out the temperatures. boy we are about several degrees colder compared to yesterday morning. 44 in concord. also for livermore. 57 oakland. 4á6 san jose and 43 in santa rose a.24 hour temperature change, anywhere from five to 14 degrees colder compared to yesterday morning. bundle up first thing this morning. down to a quart mile in fairfield. dense fog this morning for you. also for santa rosa down to a quarter mile. the fog not as extensive as what we have seen over the last several mornings but still patchy dense fog as we start off the day. as we head through the afternoon mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. low 60's along the coast. upper 60's inland. right around where we should be for this time of year. that flat ridge of high pressure in control for us. just off the coast and that's keeping us high and dry. as we go hour by hour and you can see the sunshine this
6:48 am
afternoon for your lunchtime. as we look to the daytime high was the coast, low to mid-60s's peninsula. mid to upper 60's. 67 san mateo. the south bay, santa claire a upper 60's close to 70 there looking at 70 for campbell. inland east bay, 67 concord, also for new the tri valley. 67 in oakland. highs in the north bay. mid to upper 60's this afternoon. tracking our next weather system. that's not a big storm by any means. bringing some more wet weather as we look to the end of the workweek on friday. picking up a few hundred diagnostics to a tenth of an inch. san francisco, oakland and san jose. there we go with the cooler temperature thursday and especially on friday. wet weather returning for us looking great for the weekend ahead with partly sunny skies. inland east bay and the north bay and for the coast cooling it down with that better chance of wet weather for the north bay and for the coast and them
6:49 am
slowly warming it up as we look to saturday and for sunday. it's slow going. >> we have brake lights as we work out and about if you are going toward the bay bring. metering lights on and it's a slow ride into san francisco. give yourself a few extra minutes, travel time at about 19 minute from the maze over into the city, no crashes that earlier stall though has been cleared out of lanes. if you want to use the san mateo bridge travel time looking belter here. 14 minutes between 808 and 101. i was going going to recommend bart but check the schedule before you head out. i got this into the traffic center. right before we went to air. bart is now dealing a 20 minute delay as well as the dal yes, city line. look -- plan for that.
6:50 am
dealing major delays. ly have more on that in just a bit. muni, caltrain are all on time this morning. 8840 southbound right before a street. we have a crash block block the left lane. traffic backing up substantially in that area. seeing speeds down to 16 miles an hour in some spots. making it extra busy out of the that castro valley y area. over toward 880 really busy in that area also. ly zoom in and give you a couple options for alternates you can use. 185. -- may work you will still with surface streets to avoid the brake lights. taking a look at traffic. 37 westbound at railroad avenue. not far from merit island. reports of a broken down big rig. busy westbound 42 minutes from 780 over toward 101. travel times looking better on richmond, san rafael bridge. heads up it's foggy as you cross the span. there's a dense fog advisory in effect. >> thank you. still ahead that massive uc strike has just been called
6:51 am
off. we are live with what led to the announcement. and keeping the tradition alive. how a grandma's accidental text led to years of friendship. and streaming today, the attorney general planning to announce legal action in defense of that state's ban on -- for profit private prisons and detention facilities. we will bring that to you live at ten. and at 8:15 the stars of young sheldon. we are also on the cbs news app.
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we have breaking news on a covid pill. the biden administration is work ago an i contract to purchase ten million courses of pfizer's anti viral pill. the surgeon general confirmed this to cbs news.
6:55 am
the pill isn't even approved yet. it's an experimental pill. pfizer said it can protect people from the most serious symptoms up to 940%. keep you out of the hospital according to them. pfizer is asking for approval from the fda. merck is working on a similar process for its anti viral pill. back to you. i'm justin andrews live at uc berkeley where educators were supposed to walk off the job but that has been called off. that's because a possible deal has been reached this morning. according to tweet from the union, representing lecture are, s this very won transforming and ground breaking improvements in important areas including job stability, work load and compensation. in at tweet they said uc management barginned in good faith and the board has accordingly canceled today's strike. they have been waiting for this for about go and a half years.
6:56 am
that's how long long negotiations have that some of these educators got exactly when they were looking for or at least close to it. we are live in berkeley. >> eye live and this holiday season is expected to be a busy one. here at sfo it's a bit slower right now but throughout the morning we have seen waves of people coming in and we know that people are feeling a little more comfortable traveling this year given that we have a vaccine but still health experts say you should consider some things including the vaccination status of attendees, the level of community transmission, the medical risk of the households and the setting of a gathering. as far as preparing for traveling, lines expected to me
6:57 am
long. specifically here. parking should be at capacity so be sure to use the online booking system. as far as those lines, travel experts say consider getting that tsa precheck because on top of lines there is a shortage with workers. if you are travel around the bay using bart heads up we are dealing delays recovering appear earlier problem. a 20 minute delay in the dublin, and city and directions. muni caltrain are all on time if you want to use that instead. bay bridge backed up. metering lights on. look at the travel times. are you feeling it. westbound 80. grab that jacket. grab that cough owe and get
6:58 am
going. it is a chilly start to your day. >> feel that chill this morning. something to get you going. check out this sunrise. isn't that just beautiful? lovely with the golden colors in the sky. with our mark hopkins hotel camera. we look across the bay. we are in the 40's and 50's. 43 in concord, livermore, 51 san francisco, 47 san jose and 43 in santa rosa with some patchy dense fog. parts of the north bay this morning. otherwise mainly clear skies with that chill. lookingat mostly sunny to partly sunny with near normal for the daytime highs. around where we should be if not a little above average. 63 for you in pacifica. 67 for oakland. also for concord, pleasanton as well as for livermore. upper 60's. close 2070 in san jose this afternoon. looking at 65 for the napa valley. back to you. a thanksgiving tradition is still gog strong for two former strangers. >> love the story so much.
6:59 am
it start back in 2016 when a text was tent to the wrong person inviting them to dinner. wanda thought she was texting her grandson. turns out he had changed his number. ja mal got that message instead. they figure out the mistake but he asked if he could still come and she said of course. they have spent every thanksgiving together since and this year his whole family is invited as well. >> it's so tweet and probably brought all the families together and that's the whole point of thanksgiving. got to love it. bring everybody to the table. >> it is a beautiful thing. >> all right. the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings up next. have a great wednesday.
7:00 am
♪ ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings," and hello to you our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nikolaj coster-waldau. >> yes, he is, we're all here. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. new covid cases are rising again around the country. tomorrow the fda could authorize a pfizer booster shot for all adults. >> a lot more people get vaccinated. a lot more people get boosted and that infection is not dominating your life. >>


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