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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 17, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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experts have tips. it's wednesday, good morning to you. glad to have you with us. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting off with mary lee. have a little chill in the air. >> from two to is 1 degrees colder. we are looking at the chilly conditions. mainly clear skies as we start off the day with patchy dense fog. ly show you the locations still dealing that thick fog as we head through the day. mostly sunny skies to partly sunny and near normal for the high temperatures. let's get right to it here. what you can expect as we are looking at the least a live look of the sales force tower camera as we look north and the temperatures down to the 40's and 50's this morning. we are looking at 24 hour temperature change, much colder compared to yesterday and you can see that dense fog for parts of the north bay this morning. as we head through the day 63
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in san francisco, 66 in san francisco, 63 pacifica, 67 oakland. upper 60's, close to 70 for san jose and the south bay. 67 concord and livermore. mid-60s's for napa this afternoon. we are tracking our next weather system that could bring showers back to the bay area. details on that in the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna. it's slow going. >> super commuters, we have the brake lights already building for that ride out of tracy getting onto 580. if you are getting ready to head out the door it's busy already. speeds dipping down about 24 miles an hour in some spots. give yourself a few extra minutes. you will get a break. it looks better toward the dublin. grant line. again approaching 680, not bad. just a little crowded. headlights working westbound. travel times starting to reflect that. 34 minutes, 205, toward 680. still quiet on the east shore.
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no delays on highway 4 and 101. bay bridge looking good. metering lights are off. most of the bay area bridges are quiet with the exception of the richmond, san rafael bridge. we have a fog advisory in effect for the richmond, san rafael bridge. looks like traffic still about seven minute from the east bay to the marin side. a little foggy and quiet on the golden gate. the live news desk. we are continuing to follow the investigation into this car crash. a woman crashing her car right into a taco bell restaurant in the east bay with a child inside. she ran head first into the restaurant. it was a 30-year-old woman behind the wheel according to firefighters with a 3-year-old in the car with her. both the child and the driver were taken to the hospital by helicopter. we are still waiting for word on their condition this
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morning. again some sort of explanation as to why this happened. back to you. happening today thousands of classrooms could be empty today across the uc system. >> that is because more than 6,000 system wide plto wal off the job this morning. justin andrews is liva the uc berkeley campus. this is expected to be a two day strike. >> absolutely. for the first time in 20 years lecturers plan to strike. they use the university of dishonest dealings. it's billionable a year and a half. still no compromise. represented by the american federation much teachererns they are accusing uc leadership of unfair labor practices by the president's office including paid family leave. compensation for online instruction, and layoffs. the university denied the
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claims, calling the planned strike grossly unfair to our students. many say they love their jobs but they are just upset that the university's take it or leave it approach. >> ta ry rolen rturandmento the next generation of citizens, public servants and leaders. we don't feel that same respect given to us as lecturers. even starting salary for full time at this moment qualifies them as low income or extremely low income in six of the nine communities where we are located. >> now the uc system has about ten campuses statewide. we know that the only campus not participating is that one in san francisco. this strike will affect students and how their education goes. they are sounding off about this. you will hear the stance in the next 30 minutes. with relieve in berkeley. a warning this morning from officials at sfo.
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parking garages could reach full capacity this holiday sea sob. this as airports are bracing for lots of travelers. we are live from sfo. you are inside there. how busy are we talking here so far? >> as you can see behind me it is pretty busy and aaa is expecting 80% increase in air travel for thanksgiving compared to last year. we know some people are starting to feel more comfortable given that we do have a vaccine. still health experts are offering some tips. they say there are a couple of thing that people could do and should have in mind as they travel. that includes vaccination status and a level of community transmission wherever you are visiting. a specialist said numbers are starting to increase again in the united states and in europe.
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not all children are eligible to get the vaccine. traveling with kids can fe a li t travelinright now unvaccinat i think as a vaccinated person i would feel a little more confident, particularly as a boosted vaccinated person. >> now as far as wait times here you know, travel experts are recommending that you come here with time or consider getting tsa precheck. that's because lines are expected to belonger and because there is a shortage of workers. live from sfo. kpix5. happening today in los angeles the governor will highlight state and federal efforts to address congestion and keep goods moving. this amid the global supply chain back up. last month the governor issued an order, it directs state agencies to help identity additional ways to clear out the supply chain bottleneck at ports along the coast. today the governor will be
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joined by the white house port envoy. all of this as the governor continues to stress the importance of getting your booster covid shots. >> want to keep people safely in schools. we don't want to close the schools down. we want to keep businesses open. we want the economy to recover and thr isp the fastest and quickest way of ending this pandemic, getting this behind us is getting vaccinated. >> the governor said that officials are anticipating added stress on the state's health care system because of waning immunity of vaccines. alameda county health officials releasing new vaccine numbers. 84.6% of the population is fully vaccinated. the county is highlighting the minority group that are now covered. that includes 75% of hispanic or latino residents and 68% of african americans. this as sonoma county reports nearly half of all eligible residents of 5 and older have
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received a booster shot. data shows 45.4% of eligible residents 65 and older have gotten their shot. in all more than 60,000 adults have received a booster. a covid outbreak has been reported on the stanford campus. at least six cases have come from the same house. it caused several groups to cancel, postpone events. the school said those who have tested positive have been isolated and those who were in contact with a positive case have been quarantined. a violent smash and grab has some businesss in to their employees on edge. concord police say nine men stormed in to iceberg diamonds in the sun valley mall. they shattered the display cases and ran off with the jewelry. employees said that it's common for people to grab items and walk away.. >> i'm not supposed to stop
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people. i'm not getting paid for this. >> employees have been told to just call security or police when thefts happen. most have surveillance cameras and a system. in san francisco, some residents in one of the city's most exclusive areas said they are being targeted by thieves. one man said his garage has been targeted eight times. someone tried to break-in by prying open a vent on the garage. >> like a lot of residents we are worried about what happens next. i think we think that -- the crime is kind of gone from the tourist who were in town with a lot of smash and grabs and when they geared over the pandemic they had to turn somewhere else. ? >> have also added motion sensor lights to the front of their homes to help deter thieves. a live look in oak lapped where the city is one big step closer toward bringing a major new development to the current
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home of the a's. they voted to start negotiations with the african american sports and entertainment group. they will now have one year to reach a deal to buy or lease the city's share of the site. they own one half. the a's own the other half. and in san jose the city council has voted to protect coyote valley from development. land owners wanted to sell the property to developers in hopes of expansion. the council voted against that. more than a thousand acres of open space are now preserved for rec, agriculture and tourists. the time is now 5:10. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. how some survivors of the camp fire are being taken advantage of as they try to rerebuild. is it and the proposal being considered today that could close or merge several
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elementary and middle school campuses in heyward. good wednesday morning to you. may want to bundle up in the 40's and 50's. chillier compared to yesterday at this time. we are looking at mainly clear sky was patchy fog. a quiet afternoon ahead. mostly sunny to partly sunny. we will talk about our next chance to see wet weather in the seven day forecast. and we are tracking brake lights. and getting ready for a couple
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breaking news at 5:14. the uc lecturer strike we told you about is now off. this from a tweet from the union representing those who had planned to strike. now moments ago they said we have a possible agreement. team ucaft has won transforming ground breaking improvements in important areas including job stability, work load and compensation. a new delay in the case of a woman accused of starting a fire. a judge declared her mentally unfit for trial. he also put her case on a hold
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until she can be checked for possible placement in a mental hospital. she has pled not guilty to felony arson. before the fire started near redding a qua rry worker saw her. authorities later arrested her after finding a lighter and carbon dioxide cartridges on her. flames burned for more than a week burning more than 8500 acres and destroying 185 structures. three people were injured. a disturbing case that's adding inassault to injury. some camp fire survivors say they are being scammed by unlicensed contractors as they try to build. an attorney said that they have been conned out of millions of dollars. she filed complaints with the state licensing board and the d a's office but said nothing has been done. paradise homeowner said that she is devastated yetagain. >> i'm still living in the
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they d't return phone calls. they have taken $200,000. they weren't licensed. they talk the talk but they couldn't walk the walk. >> the attorney has offered to review other building contracts for free to make sure they aren't preyed upon by unlicensed contractors. in the south bay the water district is paying people to tear up their lawns to try to hit already 15% conservation mark. they pay up to 3,000 dollars to replace their lawns and sprinklers with drought resistance landscaping drip systems. it's estimated that every square foot of lawn. that's removed saves about 35- gallons of water a year. >> the folks here are also going to be a catalyst to those that have been thinking about maybe doing something to the landscape, perhaps the water bill is starting to increase to the point wthey are saying this is out of hand. >> requires maintenance and water and does nothing for you. >> drought conditions this
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summer prompted the governor to ask people to cut water use by 15%. the data released yesterday shows most aren't doing that. they reduced water use by 3.9% in september. that down from 5.1% in august. it's 5:17 we will turn it over to mary lee with what you can expect. >> good morning. it is a chilly start to our day. bundle up. we are in the 40's and 50's this morning. a big difference compared to yesterday at this time. you can see our san francisco camera looking at clear skies as we start off the day here. 44 in concord, oakland at 58, livermore coming in at 43, 53 in san francisco, san jose at 47 and 44 in santa rosa. 24 hour temperature change. we are from five to 12 degrees colder compared to yesterday morning. looking at the visibility. not as bad with the fog compared to yesterday fo down to four ten thes of a
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mile. a half mile in napa and a quarter mile in santa rosa. i chilly start to the day. mainy clear sky was patchy dense fog as we lead through the day today. mostly sunny to partly sunny this afternoon with near normal high temperatures. around where we should be for this time of year. that flat ridge off the coast and that ridge of high pressure really the dominant weather feature. keeping us high and dry and on the quiet side as we go hour by hour. you can see here we are at your lunchtime at noon. mostly sunny skies. as we head through the day today stopping the clock at 4:00 p.m. passing clouds pushing through our region and looking at our daytime highs. low to mid-60s's along the coast. mid to upper 60's. as we look to the south bay, upper 60's, close to 70 for santa clara. san jose, 70 for new campbell and los gatos. inland east bay, pleasant hill. also for the tri valley. san francisco at 66, 66 forral
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immediate a.67 oakland, and for the north bay highs in the mid to upper 60's this afternoon and also the end of our workweek on friday, tracking our next weather system of course. we need that rainfall at this point. this weather system. this cold front. not really a big storm by any means. on friday picking up a few hundred diagnostics to a tenth of an inch of rain. seven day forecast, there we go. cooler temperatures thursday and friday. those rain chances picking up for us and then a dryer weekend ahead, little more sun as we look to the weekend. inland east bay and for the coast. temperatures take that fall through the workweek and the best chance to see the hours will be the north bay and the coast on friday and then temperatures on the rise as we look to the weekend and looking dry for early next week. next weekend, so, the weekend after thanksgiving. that's a while away for sure. let's check in with gianna.
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we have some areas g start off >> the richmond, san rafael bridge issued a fog advisory. little foggy there and a little slow for the ride in to the pass. we are dealing brake lights westbound 205 out of tracy getting onto 580. it's the usual stuff. no crashes. that's the good news. super commuters you know what to expect. it stays slow at least to north flynn and then it opens up nicely toward the dublin interchange. live look here. 580, 680 westbound. headlights headed toward that 680 connector. once are you on 680 traffic clear north or southbound with no delays right now headed through the grade if that's where your commute takes you this morning. 84 is getting a little bogged down. checking travel times through the area. 38 minutes now. plan for that westbound 580, # 05 toward 6840. if you are out early, no delays. just a heads up once you get to the bay bridge, no metering lights just yet but things
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backing up. this is due to veon the deck. a map of the area. pretty dense fog across the span. in some parts, travel ty eas only serve minutes between richmond as you work toward san rafael. not a lot of brake lights no. need to use 37 as of yet. 37 still a longer commute. if you whatn 't to take the bridge just be careful. you may have limited visibility as an issue. on to the bay bridge just slightly slow near the toll plaza this is due to a broken down vehicle blocking a lane. other than that its looking like. happening today some employees with the heyward school district are planning to march and rally. this ahead of a school board vote on potential school closures. the board is considering a proposal to close or merge eight school campusless. ll of $14 million. school district employees and
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community members say the district has no plan for the students or the programs that would be impacted by closures. this holiday season bay area food banks are struggling to keep up. >> more people are in need to help due to the pandemic and the pandemic is also making every aspect of operations more difficult. second harvest food bank normally distributing 12,000 pounds of food. right now they are struggling with everything from supply chains to fewer volunteers. second harvest said they need donations and volunteers more than ever. >> we are seeing little softness into nations. if you gave last year, trust me we need your support this year. most of our clients, they lost hours and then they went through their savings. we are going to see a long time for them to recover. >> for more on how you can help our food for bay area familiar lips, check out the website.
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it's 5:22. aming ea the high prize paid this classive piece of art and what makes it so special.
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hopefully you are having a wonderful breakfast. i don't know about you but i'm thinking about leadership much and it looks fantastic. you may want to have your lunch outside. in san francisco, looking at low 60's at noon, at your lunchtime with mostly subby skies. as we look to the east bayshore line in oakland. looking at low 60's with mostly sunny skies as well for you. looks great, the south bay in san jose. 62, at noon with mostly sunny skies as we look to fremont, 63 with that sunshine and for santa rose at north bay of course are you dealing fog right now. we will eventually see clearing. at your lunchtime, 58 degrees, it's a little cool out there but i have been loving all the viewer who have been sharing what they are eating for lunch. we have fancy viewers. they are been talking about honey almond chicken, fried rice, so, it's making me
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hungry. >> making me hungry. thank you for that. >> self portrait by one of mexico's most famous artists has broken the record for the highest amount paid for a piece from a latin america artist. >> the painting sold for $34.9 million. it was crated in 1949 and includes a smaller portrait of her husband. it's the first time the piece has been on the market in more than 30 years. according to the auction house the buyer is staying anonymous. >> wow. i was planning to buy that for a christmas gift. our next half hour, breaking news, a major strike by lecturers is off. we have the details just coming in to the newsroom. the and the extra time given to congress to strike a deal over the debt ceiling on capitol hill. and the demonstrations in wisconsin as we start day 2
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rights now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a system wide streak by lecturers has been called off. we will have all the details on the possible deal just reached. and the covid concerns as airports get ready for the busy holiday season. and the big investor taking the stand in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial and what he has to say about their business relationship. >> and retiring in debt. the amount of americans still struggling even after they leave their jobs. good morning to you. it's wednesday, november 17th. >> mary and gianna are joining us for a look outside. we have traffic back ups on the freeway. what does it look like? >> it is a chilly one.
5:31 am
did you feel it? >> i had to run in and grab another jacket many wasn't ready for that. we are be log at temperatures ten degrees colder compared to yesterday. you will feel that chill as you step outside. we are be log at temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning. don't for get the coat as you head out and patchy dense fog. not as bad as yesterday and i will show you this in just a moment. we are looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies through the afternoon and near normal for the daytime highs a. round where we should be. a live look at the golden gate and you can see the temperatures down to the 40's and 50's this morning. we are looking at some patchy dense fog. especially up across the north bay. fairfield down to a tenth of a mile. a half mile for santa rosa. as we head through the day today. looking at low to mid-60s's across the coast and parka. around the bay 66 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. for the south bay, san jose, good morning to you. upper 60's. close to 70 in san jose.
5:32 am
inland east bay. concord at 67. mid-60s's in the napa valley. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies as we head through the day today. we will talk more about that seven day forecast and the next chance of wet weather coming up. let's check in with gianna. how are things shaping up? >> it's getting busy. if you are getting ready to head out the door grab the jacket it. will be chilly and give yourself extra time. it is starting to get slow. live look at the dublin interchange. things getting more crowded now. westbound 580. approaching 680. a little slow here and you will have the bulk of the brake lights heading in to the pass as well. it's sluggish out of tracy. getting onto 580. the good news is no fog advisory in effect for this area or for the tri valley. things better today than yesterday. in that respect but it is a little slow as you work through there. travel times 43 minutes, 205 toward 680. there is a fog advisory in effect for the richmond, san rafael bridge. still okay speeds as you work
5:33 am
between richmond and sap rafael as well. a system wide strike by lecturers has been called off. this after a possible deal is now on the table. we are live at uc berkeley this morning the details on that deal. >> yeah. it is a deal and it's just been reached this morning. the union representing these lecturers tweeted this morning. that's where we are learning new information. let's pull up the tweets now. it said they have won transforming ground breaking improvements in important areas including job stability. work load and compensation. there's another tweet that the union wrote uc management bargained in good faith and our board has accordingly canceled today's strike. these negotiations have been going for two and a half years, finally a compromise with this. that's the new information that we are learning this morning. since that strike has been called off, we are told the
5:34 am
lecturers will gather late their afternoon but it'll be a celebration. we are live in berkeley. airports getting ready for busy holiday season. aaa forecasting thanksgiving air travel will be up 80% compared to last year. >> there are some things you should consider as you travel. we are live from sfo with more on this. >> of course when it comes to traveling prepare for that. when it comes to taking precautions, health experts pointing out a couple of things. take a look at what they say. as far as what you should consider think about the vaccination status of attendees, the level of community transmission, the medical risk of the households and the setting of a gathering. we know people are feeling more comfortable traveling this year because of the vaccine. usc infectious disease specialist said case numbers starting to increase again in the united states and especially in europe. they also say they would feel
5:35 am
nervous about travel figure their kids were not vaccinated but as vaccinated people they feel more confident traveling. especially as a boost vaccinated person. as we approach the holidays and the wintertime the state is pushing for people to get their booster shots. yesterday the governor warned of a potential winter surge. take a listen. >> the boosters are important to deal with waning immunity and to help us get through the winter so we don't experience the winter we had last year. >> now as far as preparing for traveling sfo said they are expecting their parking facilities to be at capacity. you can secure a spot by using the online booking system. the live news desk. we are watching a big vote in congress today. a big vote, taking a live look at capitol hill where the house will vote on a resolution that
5:36 am
both censures a republican representative and would strip hill of his two committee assignments. is facing for his posting of a photograph shopped anime video to his accounts showing him appearing to kill democratic representative aoc and attacking the president. a proposal that was released by the house rules committee last night outlined that democrats will seek to remove him from the committee on oversight and reform as well as the house committee on natural resources. he took down the posting after he faced a lot of criticism for it. he does sit on the oversight committee along with aac so that is awkward. >> thank you. another big investor takes the stand in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. bile grossma, in said he met holmes and her then boyfriend in 2013.
5:37 am
they talked about him investing in the blood testing technology. he said holmes told him the devices were being used by the defense department and in patient primes by several big pharmacy firms. he invested $96 million. >> this witness had decades of being a bio tech analyst. even he got duped by the claims that elizabeth holmes made on two occasions. >> our legal analyst said yesterday's testimony helped prosecutors establish that holmes and her boyfriend were a deceptiv, team which goes to the prosecution's charges of fraud subpoena conspiracy. happening today the jury will start its second day in the kyle rittenhouse trial. is he facing five felonies for killing two men and wounding another at a protest in wisconsin last year. groups gathered outside the courthouse to demonstrate for and against guilty verdicts for rittenhouse. 500 national guard members have been placed on stand by around
5:38 am
the area. rittenhouse's attorneys are claiming self defense over eight days of testimony. prosecutors tried to show him as an in stig ator. >> the prosecution in its closing arguments was very strong on the issue of provocation because if kyle rittenhouse is the aggressor he looses the privilege of self defense. >> if convicted of the most serious charges rittenhouse could face life. the qanon shaman will learn his fate. he was among the group that stormed the united states capitol in january. last week the 33-year-old plead guilty to obstructing an official proceeding. prosecutors have recommended a 51 month sentence which would be the longest imposed on any capitol rioter so far. the president is taking a trip to detroit today to talk about his infrastructure deal signed in to law this week. he will be at an all new electric car plant to discuss how the bill will accelerate
5:39 am
the expansion of electric vehicle infrastructure by setting at side $7.5 billion to install charging stations. he is also expected to tout his build back better plan still being negotiated on capitol hill. treasury secretary said the united states government could reach its debt limit by the middle of next month. she estimates the government will run out of money on december 15th. the new deadline gives lawmakers a bit more time but it's not clear how democrats will move forward after republican leaders have said they won't help raise the limit. time for today's money watch report. how much you spend on the holidays may depend on where you live. diane king hall from the new york stock exchange. i hear that. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. all right. let's talk holiday spending in just a minute. let's talk the preview of that.
5:40 am
consumer losing their wallets in october. retail sales rose 1.7% that. was slightly higher than expect asked sales climbed more than 16% from a year ago. people spent more money on cars, food and fuel. wal-mart is out with its report card and profit fell to 3.1 billion but that was better than expected. revenue climbed to 140.5 billion. salesgrew as consummers turned to wal-mart. and amazon is taking another step toward going green. the company is launching packaging that can be recycled. the new packaging kicking off just before the holidays would get rid of the need for plastic liners and bubble wrap. >> let's talk about the budgets. what should people be setting at side for the holidays? >> let's talk about it. okay. all right. here is the deal. a study worked out the city
5:41 am
that can afford the bingest holiday splurges and the ones that need to tighten their belt. four mound took the top spot. the town can budget more than $3,400 for the holidays. they looked at a variety of figures including monthly income and debt to income and san francisco, you all have a strong budget suggestion of just under $2,000. lynn put me on your list. >> are you already on my list. i don't think i will spend that much for christmas but you will get a nice gift. >> okay. ly take many socks. >> ly get you some socks. i may throw in some lotion too. >> bath and body works. we will see you at 6:30 to talk thing to market numbers. thank you. it's now 5:41. coming up on kpix5. the new program in oakland
5:42 am
to give financial assistance to familiesa the fisk of losing their homes. the and that's being done to get more guns off the streets. >> all right. if you are going out the door tonight gore pet your coat. we are in the 40's and 50's as we start off the day with mainly clear skies and patchy dense fog for parts of the north bay. as we head through the afternoon looking at mostly to partly sunny skies. right around where we should be. the ridge of high pressure. tracking the next weather system. coming up.
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stab mateo county wants to pay cash to get more kuhn guns off the street. the count why i plans to hold at least five gun buy back events between now and 2023. those event also be held at the san mate oh, sheriff office. people will be able to drop off guns, no questions asked. $100 is being offered for hand guns, shot guns and rifles. $200 for assault rifles. the first event is being held saturday, december 11th. . an electric fire at a santa rosa pet hospital left behind six figures worth of damage. the fire was reported just after 1:00 a.m. yesterday at lake side pet hospital on montgomery drive. santa rosa fire officials were able to control the flames in about 15 minutes. investigators determined that the fire was electrical in nature no. manuals were in the building at the time. new video to show you this
5:46 am
morning. a bear spotted wander around a florida home with a plastic container on its head. a team set up traps and started night patrols. after several days they finally spotted the animal. they darted and removed the plastic container from around her face. >> poor baby. >> probably so confused. >> right. >> had to be something good in that container. >> right. >> she buried her face up in that thing. >> all the way up. >> it's so good. >> hopefully it was worth it. yeah. we will take a look outside. how does it look? >> it's a chilly start to the day. temperatures in the 40's and 50's, grab that coat if you are going out the door. check it out. here say like look at the san francisco camera. mark hopkins hotel and you can see in concord, 44 degrees. oakland 58. san francisco, 53, san jose at 47 and santa rosa achilly 43
5:47 am
about foggy conditions. you can see the 24 hour temperature chase, from four to 12 degrees colder compared to yesterday at this time. as we look to the current visibility, not as foggy as yesterday. in fact just looking at the north bay with that patchy dense fog. fairfield, the hometown there. are you in at just a quarter mile for the visibility this morning. a quarter mile in santa rosa. watch out if you are livingin the north bay with those foggy conditions. sunrise coming in at 6:52 and you may see the sunrise this morning with that fog now we are looking at partly cloudy skiesa as we start off the days. sunset at 4:56 p.m. today's forecast, here is what you need to know. it's a chilly start. we are looking at partly cloudy skies. we head through the day, mostly sunny to partly sunny and near normal for the daytime highs. right around where we should be
5:48 am
that. flat ridge just off the coast keeping us high and dry. this quiet conditions hour by hour. it is looking beautiful with mostly sunny skies. we will see a few more clouds stream in. looking at partly sunny skies, later on the afternoon. for the coast, low to mid406's for the peninsula, mid to upper 60's this afternoon. san mateo at 67. close to 70. santa claire a.70 in campbell and then the inland east bay. 67 in concord, also for the tri valley. as we look right around the bay, 66 in san francisco, 64 in daley city. 66al immediate a. highs in the north bay. in the mid to upper 60's this afternoon. mid-60s's for you in ukia. now we definitely need that rainfall and we are tracking the next weather system that will bring the rain for us for friday. this is not a big weather system by any means. this point we will take what he
5:49 am
with can get. in the meantime seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and for san jose. temperatures just a bit cooler thursday and friday. again watching the shower chances pick um us to end out the workweek on friday. dryer weather ahead. more sun as we look to the weekend. inland east bay and for the coast there we go with that cooldown for the workweek. the better chance of wet weather for the north bay and the coast on friday. looks good for the weekend. let's check in with gianna. how are the roadways? it's starting to get busy. metering lights its on at the bay bridge and a back up in the south bay. unusual. it is along guadalupe parkway as you work on northbound 87. there is a seeing some tracking slow speeds, reports of fire activity off to the side of the roadways. you may have a crew there block be that right lane. watching that if you want to stick with 101. it looks okay for parts of 101. when you get north of that connector that's when traffic starts to build. just a heads up as you head out
5:50 am
the door. slow out of the south bay this morning. give yourself extra time. that trouble spot recorded northbound 87, if you are commuting out of morgan hillcor it'susy for that morning ride. if you are going northbound 101 into morgan hill. super commuters out of gilroy. have you that traffic back up. plus foggy conditions. watch your speeds as you head through there. bay bridge toll plaza. earlier trouble spot cleared off which is good news. metering lyings turned on at 5:39 this morning. traffic starting to back upw. reseeing crowd across the upper deck into san francisco. travel time now at about 1 minute from the maze into the city. if you want to use the bridge issue stead still looking good here. tail lights heading westbound toward 101. it is about a 14 minute ride between 8840 and 101. no delays along the freeway. >> thank you. oakland is launching a new rental subsides program it. will give financial help to 200
5:51 am
families at risk of losing their homes. >> we believe in the expensive housing market like the bay area. this is the type of intervention that can rapidly stabilize families, keep them from losing their housing, and allow them to build their income to a moment being self sufficient. >> people in the program will receive a subsides that will cover the gap to bring down their rent burden to less than 50% of their monthly income. next on kpix5 and streaming on cwbsn. >> how the pan democrat sick shifting how kfc wants its customers to get their fast food fix. and just like a tiger that never looses its stripes netflix is confident that tiger king fans hungry for more. the roaring
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
good wednesday morning to you. we are in the 40's and 50's so grab that jack pet are you planning to head out first thing. as we head through the afternoon. near normal for the daytime highs. low 60's with a mix of sun and clouds. we are looking at mid-60s's around the bay and inland in the mid to upper 60's this afternoon. we are looking at that ridge of high pressure in control for us, quiet conditions over the next few days but i'm tracking the next weather system that will bring the return of showers for us. i will have details on that coupling up in our seven day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. time for a look at the
5:55 am
entertainment headlines. joe exotic's story continues in tiger king 2. the new series okla sadiego ne was yite hire someone to kill someone. the crowley's are moving to france in the downtown abey saga. they are head to the french riveria after they inherit a villa. most of the original cast returns for this film. it scheduled for release in march. kfc wants their customers to ditch the drive through. this reproviding an alternative it believes may be more efficient. it's called quick pick up. it works like this you order ahead on the app or website. drive to the location and park in a dedicated spot. then you walk in and get your food off the shelf by the register. the idea is to reduce long lines that slow down service at the drive throughs orrin side
5:56 am
the stores due to the pandemic. >> craving chicken now. >> yeah. it's 5:55. in the next half hour and streaming on cbsn. >> tan than the when schu consider bethat brng s that massive uc strike has been called off. we are live with what led to this announcement. and keeping the tradition alive. how a grandma's accidental text message led to years of friendship at the thanksgiving table. here is a live look outside before we head to break. we will be right back.
5:57 am
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no we are following breaking news this morning. a strike across uc campuses has been called off. this virus -- this disease is not taking the winter off. >> a warning from the governor. get the booster now or prepare for a potentially devastating holiday season. and thanksgiving is just around the corner and holiday travel is expected to be very busy this year. we will tell you what health and travel experts say schu consider coming up. a bay area neighborhood targeted. what should thieves af


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