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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 17, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn looking live from the sutro tower camera at the beautiful golden gate bridge. it's wednesday, november 17th. >> we will start with a look at traffic and weather. still a little early. quiet on the roads. what's it looking like outside? >> patchy dense fog out there. not as bad as yesterday but still dealing that in spots. a live look with the sales force tower camera. as we look north at the transamerica pyramid with mainly clear skies i want to show you the locations dealing with dense fog as we start off the day. really it's the north bay. looking at a quarter mile in napa. half mile in -- this morning. if you live in the north bay and are about to hit the roadways please be extra safe and careful out there. we are looking at as we head through the day mostly sunny skies this afternoon. near normal daytime highs where
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we should be. we are looking at 66 in san francisco this afternoon. 67 in oakland. for the south bay upper 60's, close to 70 in san jose. 67 in cobb cord, pleasant on and 65 for napa. we will talk more about when we could see a few showers. let's check in with gianna. how are things shaping up? this is golden gate bridge view. looks pretty good. >> it is. the only thing we are dealing with is construction. there are some road work projects out there. one of them just north of the golden gate bridge as you head out -- near alexander. they should have things wrapped up with in the next 30 minutes. not affecting the drive across the golden gate. keeping a close eye on 101 north of here as mary said. this redealing with fog. right now 101, santa rosa. off to a good start. rest of the bay area bridges fairly quiet. heing tosan fra ten minute com
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the maze. san mateo bridge off to a good start. everything clear. your travel times all in the green. so far so good if you are headed out the door early. we are continuing to follow an investigation into the east bay after a car crashed in to a taco bell restaurant. the clean up continues this morning. check out the video. it happened in oa anthe person crashed into this restaurant with a child in the car. the child was rescued from the wreckage. it happened just after nine last night. you can see the car smashed head on in to the building. firefighters say a 30-year-old woman was behind the wheel with a 3-year-old in that vehicle. one woman who saw it all happen rushed to help. >> accelerating, no brakes, and then we heard her -- i think she went up on the curb and hit carts and then we heard
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the crash over here. i just took off running. i got here and once they said there was a baby in the car i jumped up on top of the car and pulled the baby out. >> both the woman and the child were taken to the hospital by helicopter and at this point no word on their condition. we will keep you posted, back to you. expect to be busy at the airport. we look live from sfo and oakland international airport. what should you consider before traveling for the holidays? kenny with what travel experts and doctors are saying. >> someone -- and really nervous. everybody is looking and just trying to get away. >> that's not stopping travelers like nikki who is a nurse and knows what covid can do. >> i'm vaccinated. i feel comfortable. i think i'm 50 on it.
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aaa forecasts thanksgiving air travel will be up 80% compared to last year. >> domestic travel is operating at precovid levels. >> before traveling for the hole days they recommend considering a few things including vaccination status and level of community transmission. >> numbers are starting to increase again in the united states and exploding over europe with 50% of the world's cases. >> scary part of traveling is going to an area where it's not taken as seriously as it could be here. >> medical risk of the house and setting of thegathering should also be considered. for parent was unvaccinated children travel is tricky. >> i feel nervous about traveling right now my kids are unvaccinated. i think as a vaccinated person i would feel more confident, particularly as a boosted
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vaccinated person. >> another tip, having tsa precheck. live to oakland where the city is one step closer toward bringing a new development. it would include housing, retail and facilities that would attract pro sport franchises. they own a half of the a's on the other. in san jose the city council has voted to protect coyote valley from development. land owners wanted to sell for development but the council voted against it. more than a thousand acres are preserved for agriculture and tourists. to the east bay where 24
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hours after a bold smash and grab at a diamond jewelry store some new businesses and their employees said that the incident has them on high alert. >> concord police say nine men stormed in to iceberg diamonds armed with hammers. shoppers thought they heard gun shots but it was the robber shattering the display cases and running offwith the jewelry. it's machine for people to come in and grab items off the shelves and walk away. >> i'm not supposed to be stopping people from smashing windows or stealing things. i'm not getting paid for this.>> employees at this business have been told to just call security or police when thefts happen. a customer who just moved to the area from texas can't believe more isn't done to stop
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the crooks. >> it's shocking to me. it's a strange concept. >> businesses are trying to take steps to protect themselves and their employees. most have surveillance cameras and a system to thca in registers. employees are worried robbers are getting worse. >> erwhming for safety reasons. people are stealing things. >> all nine men you saw in the video are still on the loose this morning. happening today more than 6500 lecturers plan to go on strike. that could leave thousands without classes to attend. the walk out will impact all ten campuses. as issue wages, paid family leave and compensation for online instruction. the council sent a letter to the uc president saying many senate faculty have been dismayed and embarrassed by the constant disrespect and
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intentional miss direction, stalling and bad faith negotiation. a spokesperson for the university said during these negotiations uc has engaged with an open mind to concerns on various matters including compensation, benefits, work load and additional support for instruction during the pandemic. coming up on kpix5. a wave of garage break-in attempts in one neighborhood. this morning residents said thieves are getting creative. santa clara county providing incentives to convince people to cut back on water. the skyline from the treasure island camera. on]
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for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey. some residents in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in san francisco say they are being targeted by would be thieves. wait until you see the lengths they are going too. betty has the story. >> these are some of the examples of the makeshift tools pacific heights residents say burglars are using, hoping to pull the emergency release cords to get inside their garages. >> they drill a hole. in the middle of the night when you are -- everybody is sleeping and the street is quiet. they come with a big drill. sometimes i have heard it in
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the middle of the night. >> paul said would be burglars have hit his garage eight times. twice in the last three weeks. most recently someone ied to break-in by prying open this vent. >> you can sethe little hooks. it's just crazy. >> he has extended his alarm system to the detached garage. he has lived here for more than a decade. >> we didn't used to use our alarm ever. we have a gate on our -- on the front of our house and didn't lock it. >> he added these metal spikes to the top of the gate. >> like a lot of residents we are worried about what happens next. i think we think that the crime is kind of gone from the tourist who were in town with a lot of smash and grabs and when the tourists disappeared over the pandemic they had to turn somewhere else. >> a neighbor's garage was hit over the weekend. >> twice they drilled holes trying to pull the safety latch and pull the garage door up. we have latches inside so they
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can't do that. my wife's doctor bag was stolen because they came through the side door which is brazen. >> he said overall he feels safe in pacific heights where he has lived for 30 years. >> i mean that's the price of paying of living in the city. >> others shared video of people appearing to case their property. this one happened in the middle of the night. >> it's unsettling to come out in the morning or -- every morning really. you come out every morning and look at the garage. >> in pacific heights, betty yu. kpix5. time for the money watch report. the warning this morning if the debt ceiling is not raised as the deadline nears and how mcdonalds is celebrating its egg mcmuffin's 50th
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anniversary. >> stocks moved higher on tues the dow gained 54 points. the nasdaq ed120 the s&p500 added 18. stocksrose afterthe commerce department reported that retail sales increased 1.7% in october. today more big box stores are coming out with their quarterly reports. yesterday wal-mart reported better than expected earnings. the debt ceiling deadline is creeping back up but it's slightly later than previously expected. the treasury secretary said that the united states will default on its debt on december 15th if no action is taken by congress. that's 12 days later than the initial forecast. yellen warns of a recession if the debt ceiling is not raised or eliminated. and to celebrate the egg mcmuffin its being sold for 63- cents on thursday morning.
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customers need to use the app for the discount. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money exchange. this morning the santa clara county water district is paying people to tear up their lawns to try to hit their 15% conservation mark. they pay homeowners up to $3,000 to replace the lawns and sprinklers with drought resistance landscaping and drip systems. it's thought that every square foot of lawn removed saves 35- gallons of water a year. drought conditions over the summer prompted the governor to ask people to cut water use by 15%. just released data shows most aren't doing it. people reduced water use by 3.9% in december. that's down from 5.1% in august. let's get a check of weather and traffic. abyou are t the door.
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check out the temperatures. here is a live look with the mark hopkins camera. we are in the 40's and 50's as we start off the day. concord at 46, livermore at 43. 53 in san francisco. that fog, 44 degrees. you can see temperatures running about ten to 11 degrees colder compared to yesterday with that 24 hour temperature change. the fog not as bad as yesterday morning. still looking at dense fog. for napa. a half mile for -- here is what you can expect. the forecast for today. painly clear skies. as we head through the day today we are looking at mostly sunny to sunny skies and through the afternoon for the daytime high temperatures. that flat ridge of high pressure keeping us high and dry with the quiet conditions n
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low to mid-60s's for the coast. mid to upper 60's for the south bay. san jose, 70 in campbell and los gatos. topping out at 67, concord, pleasant hill and mid to upper 6o's for the tri valley. 66 in san francisco. looking at 64 in daley city. 67 in oakland. the mid to upper 60's. 66 for ukia. as we look to the end of the workweek we are tracking the next weather system. it's not a big system. we look to friday, just a few hundred diagnostics to a tenth of an inch of rain.
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san francisco, oakland, there we go with the rain chances picking up as we look to friday and looking good slightly cooler. the north bay in the coast. cooling it down. the best chance to see wet weather on friday will be the north bay and for the coast. looking good temperatures a little warmer as we look to the weekend. let's check in with gianna. how are the roadways on this wednesday morning? >> as far as accidents go pretty good. i just got word from chp that they issued a fog advisory. a little foggy. keep that in mind as you hit the roads. also super commuters heads up. we are tracking brake lights getting in to the pass. just as you pass grant line. getting busy for that ride. looks a little better. overall speeds doing okay. here is a live look at 580,
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680. the brake lights you will experience will be east of year. that 205 connector. 32 minutes. tracy toward 680. westbound 80, no 80's on highway 4. so far, so good. if you are up early good morning to you. traffic is light. only 37 minutes. bay bridge metering lights are off under ten minutes from the maze into san francisco. no construction or delays. little foggy just north of here on 1401 as you head out of the north bay. once are you past that looks better the rest of the way down 101. only 21 minutes for your ride from 37 down to the city. you can see the traffic moving at the limit. here is road work. that should be winext t min.
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it doesn't se like its causing toback ups. an easy side. only about 11 minutes to work between the peninsula. one favorite past time besides eating is watching the thanksgiving day parade. if will feature six new floats. they include a giant gator and another with giantelephants and you can't forget about minnie mouse. she will be on a float called magic meets the sea. you can watch it right here on cbs. good morning. straight ahead, here is what we have. a giant honor for the giants manager. something last night that we all wanted to see. seth curry in new york. not manhattan. brooklyn. and a live look
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the warriors, did you see what shaq said last night? he said that was a beat town. he wasn't wrong in this battle of the leagues. top two scores, let's go to brooklyn last night. former warriors kevin durant lay in wait. seth curry right behind him. look at the ridiculous range and then look how the floor opened up. durant on the other hand, 19 poinand ow thci
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ball. eventually came down. durant scored 19. finally. got the ball down. then before the half, andrew wiggins. warriors up five. he scored 37. warriors out scored brooklyn by 17. won the game 117-99. warriors have a league best 12- 2 record. when are you winning you get the incredible display of skill people will watch. it's fun to be back in the spotlight again. giants skipper in a landslide vote won the national league manager of the year award yesterday. like passing a torch caps predecessor made the announcement on live tv. >> this man led his team to
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franchise record 107 wins. the winner is gabe. >> an award bruce never actually won pe he got 28 of 30 first place votes and was surprised when he heard that familiar voice call his name. >> i depth know he was going to be presenting the award on mlb network. he just sort of appeared on my screen. i was like, there is -- that's probably a good sign. green clay -- nick blows within [inaudible] first period sharks on attack. his first goal since his covid absence. 2-0. later carlson, the sharks snapped a two game losing streak.
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four more into the sports hall of fame. san jose state james joan and the coach who won five super bowls with the 49ers, two as head coach. >> is it hard to detach from being a coach? >> its been a while. i enjoy watching the coach work would his dad when i was coaching the 49ers and then to see how well he has done well it his career, it's special. if was an honor to interview and say congratulations to all four of them. we are happy to let you know you that can catch those interviews on cbsn bay area. win for stan toward and the cal women, good job. start off the year 3-o with the win. last evening. we will see you later. it's 4:56. coming up,. >> the message from the
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governor on how to stay sava head of a potential winter covid surge. and the outbreak reported on the stanford campus and the students who have tested positive for the virus. and here is a live look outside from our mark hopkins camera. we can see looks like a full moon. pret on] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat...
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invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. thousands of educators plan to walk off the job across the uc system. what they are demanding. and the terrifying scene halt a taco bell after a car slammed into the side of the restaurant. and how people in one of san francisco's most exclusive neighborhoods say they are being targeted by thieves. ? and holiday traveling expected to be busier this year. health experts and travel
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experts have tips. it's wednesday, good morning to you. glad to have you with us. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting off with mary lee. have a little chill in the air. >> from two to is 1 degrees colder. we are looking at the chilly conditions. mainly clear skies as we start off the day with patchy dense fog. ly show you the locations still dealing that thick fog as we head through the day. mostly sunny skies to partly sunny and near normal for the high temperatures. let's get right to it here. what you can expect as we are looking at the least a live look of the sales force tower camera as we look north and the temperatures down to the 40's and 50's this morning. we are looking at 24 hour temperature change, much colder compared to yesterday and you can see that dense fog for parts of the north bay this morning.


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