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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 17, 2021 4:00am-4:29am PST

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grint and emma watson are all returning to cast their spell again. for more news, download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm bradley blackb it's wednesday, november 17th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." booster shots for all? how soon any adult in the u.s. can possibly line up for an extra vaccine dose as covid cases begin to rise again. awaiting a verdict. the fate of kyle rittenhouse hangs in the balance. the unusual way that he selected the jury of 12 people. devastating floods. the pacific northwest gets hammered by heavy rain. the one area where 75% of homes were damaged by floodwaters.
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good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. with new covid cases back on the rise, health leaders in the u.s. are hoping to avoid a winter surge. so by the end of the week, vaccine booster shots could be available to all adu laura podesta is in new york with the latest on this. laura, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. about a third of americans 65 and older have gotten a booster shot for covid-19, and as you mentioned, by friday all adults could be eligible for the extra shot. that protection could be key to clamping down on rising case numbers as we head into the holiday season. pfizer's covid-19 booster may be available for all adults by the end of the week. the fda could authorize it as soon as tomorrow, and the cdc may sign off on friday. >> when we look back on this, we will see that boosters are likely a very critical part of
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the immunization regimen. >> reporter: several states have already approved the extra dose. >> we've collected new data now showing the importance of third immunization, and the states are americans plan tend thanksgiving with at least the same amount of people as they did before the pandemic. that's up from 46% last year. >> i want to celebrate thanksgiving safely. >> reporter: new york governor kathy hochul urged unvaccinated americans to act ahead of the holidays. >> lot of it's concentrated in our rural areas. we're aware of that. there is a direct correlation between people being vaccinated and the infection rate. >> reporter: on monday, the cdc reported more than 150,000 new infections for the first time in two months. >> if you get sick, really sick, how is that going to affect rest of your family?
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>> reporter: janine spent a month on a ventilator early in the pandemic and doesn't want to see anyone else go through it. >> i wish people would look at real facts. >> reporter: 58% of all americans are fully vaccinated. that monmouth university poll i mentioned in the report found that 64% of people hosting thanksgiving this year will not ask about vaccination status. i also want to mention what's happening in europe, anne-marie, where cases have surged more than 50% in the last month, and the world health organization is warning americans to watch what's happening there, to learn from it, let it serve as a warning in the u.s. as to how quickly cases can tick back up during the winter months. >> good advice. laura podesta in new york, thank you so much, laura. so jury deliberations will enter a second day in the kyle rittenhouse trial. jurors are deciding the fate of the 18-year-old who killed two people and injured a third last year.
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as nancy chen reports, there are concerns about possible violence when a verdict is announced. >> reporter: in an unusual process, kyle rittenhouse himself randomly selected the jury of seven women and five men, all white except for one pn >> you can retire and consider >> reporter: he's facing five felony charges for killing two men and seriously wounding another. >> no justice -- >> no peace! >> reporter: outside the courthouse, tensions are starting to grow as protesters and supporters wait for the jury's verdict. 500 national guard troops are standing by outside kenosha in case there's unrest. over eight days of testimony, prosecutors tried to portray rittenhouse as an instigator with an ar-15-style weapon who was looking for trouble. his defense argued rittenhouse went to provide medical help in the town where his father lived and ultimately had to defend himself. >> the prosecution in its
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closing argument was very strong on the issue of provocation because if kyle rittenhouse is the initial aggressor, he loses the privilege of self-defense. feaceorter: the governor of ha andthat heas chen, cbs news, kenosha, wisconsin. in georgia there could be g. according to his family attorney, the judge plans to ask the defendants, travis mcmichael, gregory mcmichael, and william bryan, if they plan to testify. yesterday prosecutors rested their case after questioning the medical examiner. jurors saw autopsy photos of arbery who was hit by two shotgun blasts. prosecutors say the suspects chased down arbery as he jogged in their neighborhood last year. the defense is expected to start calling its witnesses today. >> and it is sentencing day for the so-called qanon shaman. the man who wore face paint and horns during the january 6th
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attack on the u.s. capitol. the justice department is asking that jacob chansley be sentenced to more than four years in prison, the largest incarceration prosecutors have asked for any guilty defendant who took part in the insurrection. they want to use the sentence as an example to prevent future attacks on the government. he's pleaded guilty to felony obstruction of congress. and this morning, parts of western washington state are still reeling from days of heavy rain. waters in some areas continue to rise like here in the small city of sumas, near the canadian border. officials call the flooding damage devastating. it's estimated that 75% of homes sustained water damage. >> you always hear how fast the floodwater is, but you don't realize it until you see. it was really fast. >> being in washington, we're used to having a lot of rain. then all the sudden it's covering the ground, and it's totally different.
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>> in canada, a woman's body was pulled from a mudslide triggered by the record rainfall. at least two other people were reported missing. meantime, a wildfire is raging near a popular tourist area in colorado. the krueger rock fire ignited yesterday morning in the southeast. the town is a gateway to rocky unl pa. some residents andusbrs e out a normal temperatures and gusty winds. last night a fire-fighting plane crashed killing the pilot. the only occupant on the aircraft. and coming up, caught on video. a high-speed police chase in california. we will show you the dramatic crash that ended it. and your chance to own an nfl team. you could buy a share of the green bay packers. this is the "cbs morning news." y packers. this is the "cbs morning news." that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good for you nutrients in a tastier for you form.
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new york city's mayor, bill de blasio, says more people this year will be allowed to watch the ball drop in person. organizers say people ages 5 and older will be asked to show that they are fully vaccinated against covid or provide proof of a negative test. last year attendance at the event was li tion kicking off a stock sale, and a congressman faces punishment for a controversial video. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the washington post" reports the house will vote today to censure arizona republican congressman paul gosar for tweeting a video anime video showing him killing alexandria ocasio-cortez. the resolution if passed would also remove him from his committee assignments. the video showed him striking ocasio-cortez with a sword. it also depicted him attacking president biden. gosar has removed the video from twitter. cbs los angeles says the
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suspect crashed into the back of a big rig truck during a high-speed chase with police. >> not sure where in ventura county this originated -- oh, no! oh, no! just slammed right into the back of that semi out of nothing! >> the female suspect driving ah while being purs authors say driv she crashed into the truck while going 95 miles per hour. she was alone in the vehicle, and there's no word on her condition. and the "green bay press gazette" shows the team held a stock sale with the public. the packers are offering 300,000 shares in the team to raise money for improvements to lambeau field. each share costs $300, but it does not pay dividends and cannot be publicly sold. >> i think it's nice that they're able to do it to raise
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the money to keep the facilities and everything up to what they need to be in order to compete in the nfl. >> the packers, the only nfl team that's publicly owned, will raise $90 million if all the shares are sold. this is the sixth stock sale in the packers' 1-year >>stto c na. aplenter in los ans is getting a new name starting stand r burton gets a second shot. the actor has a new gig lined up after auditioning for "jeopardy!". new gig lined up after auditioning for "jeopardy!". with directv stream, i can get live tv and on demand... together. watch: serena williams... wonder woman. serena... wonder woman... serena... wonder woman... ♪ ♪ ace. advantage! you cannot be serious! ♪ ♪
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on the cbs "money watch," the home of the los angeles lakers is getting a name change, and soon you could enjoy an egg mcmuffin at a throwback price. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this morning, investors are waiting for another set of corporate earnings from major companies including target and lowe's. meantime, stocks closed higher yesterday fueled by better than-expected economic data. the gain downed 54, the nasdaq rallied 120 and the s&p 500 added 18.geles will soon give a. starting christmas day, the arena will go by the name arena. the associate press reports the cryptocurrency platform based in singapore is paying $700 million over 20 years to rename the building. the arena has been called the staples center since it opened in october, 1999. nike is postponing the launch of rapper travis scott's
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new sneakers in the wake of the astroworld tragedy. in a statement the company said it's delaying the release of the sneakers dubbed the air mass one cactus jack out of respect for the victims. ten people including a 9-year-old boy died after attending the concert this month after a crowd rushed the stage during scott's performance. it's not clear when the shoes would be released. netflix has a new top-ten list. it unveiled a website that features the most popular series and movies based on the number of hours viewers spend watching them -- or should i say binging. for example, "red notice" is the most-watched film right now. it's been watched for nearly 150 million hours globally since it came out last friday. the move is among the most transparent by netflix which has been selective in sharing viewership data and plans to update the list every tuesday. if you love the egg mcmuffin, you'll eat up its new price. mcdonald's popular breakfast sandwich is turning 50.
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the chain is celebrating. tomorrow, it's selling the egg mcmuffin for its original price of just 63 cents during its breakfast hours. want to grab for one that price? in order to get the deal you have to download mcdonald's rewards app. anne-marie? >> so when i saw that story, i thought -- i thought they had all-day breakfast. i went to do a little looking around, and it turns out they did have all-day breakfast for a while, but then covid messed the whole thing up and they went back to breakfast cutoff times. >> yeah. no, i don't like that. keep doing the breakfast. like their breakfast menu is going -- except for the fries. you can keep doing the fries, too. but all-day breakfast, that's where it's at. >> yeah. i'm into that. especially if it's going to be cheap like that. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you. diane. >> thank you. so up next, celebrating the guinness world records. we will revisit some of the wild stunts that made it into the record books.
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here's a look at the here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ there has to be another way -- >> there isn't. they're a danger to our universe. no one can take this away from me.
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>> the highly anticipated trailer for the latest "spider-man" movie is out. the preview of "spider-man: no way home" dropped yesterday. tom holland plays the web-slinging superhero for the third time. the movie will also feature past villains, electro, the green goblin, and dr. octopus. it hits theaters december 17th. "harry potter" fans have a reason to celebrate. the gang is getting together again. hbo max announced plans for a reunion special to mark the 20th anniversary of the first "harry potter" film. it will include a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the megahit franchise and interviews with the now-grown-up cast and director chris columbus. >> tear your hair out moments were about the fact that i decided to cast most of the children who were in the movie, had never been on a film set before. the first couple of weeks they would say a line, smile in the camera, look around.
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we're in a "harry potter" movie. what could be better than this? >> "return to hogwarts" premieres on hbo max january 1st. levar burton is getting a game show to host after all. the star of "roots" and "star trek the next generation" will host a game show version of the game "trivial pursuit." the show is currently in development. no word where it will air. burton was one of the guest host on "jeopardy!" and campaigned to be the permanent host but was not selected even though he was a fan favorite. today is guinness world records day. bet you didn't know that. to mark the occasion, guinness is displaying recent record setting performances. there's the british gymnast who broke his own record for the longest back flip between two bars, 19 feet. in china, a man walking on his hands pulled a car 164 feet in the record-setting time of one minute and 13 seconds. coming up only on "cbs
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mornings," nate burleson talks with the original cast of "ghost busters" about reprising their roles in the new movie "ghostbusters after life." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." your skin isn't just skin, it's a beautiful reflection of everything you've been through. that's why dove renews your skin's ceramides and strengthens it against dryness for softer, smoother skin you can lovingly embrace. renew the love for your skin with dove body wash.
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or top stori our top stories this morning -- adults across the nation could be eligible for pfizer's covid booster shot by the end of the week. a cdc vaccine advisory panel is then scheduled to meet friday to discuss data on the boost's this aw safety. rising across large parts of the country. it's day two of jury deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial. jurors are deciding the fate of the 18-year-old who faces life if prison. rittenhouse is facing five felony charges for killing two men and seriously wounding another at a protest in kenosha,
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wisconsin, last year. retail sales saw an uptick of nearly 2% last month. that's the biggest gain since march. many stores are struggling to fill job openings. meg oliver explains. >> reporter: eve golden can't find any full-time workers to staff her new jersey boutique. she has to close every day for half an hour to pick up her daughter from school. >> i post on social media, ask friends of friends, and it just seems like no one is available to work right now. >> reporter: she gets by with two high school students who can only work in the afternoon. >> i could use one to two more people for sure. >> reporter: and how long have you been looking for extra help? >> a few months. >> reporter: with the holidays nearing, it's not just mom and pops that are looking for a helping hand. nationwide, companies could fill more than 600,000 seasonal jobs. amazon is looking for 150,000 new employees. kohl's needs 90,000, and u.p.s.
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needs 100,000 workers to keep up with increased demand. >> we have a new process, apply and if you have a clean work record, you can get a job offer in 30 minutes or less. >> reporter: why the 30-minute process? >> we want to give an opportunity to people who want to work immediately to get that position. >> reporter: after not working for three months, tito angelo was lured to this nordstrom job fair by a $250 cash bonus. he was hired on the spot. >> ultimately it was worth it because i walked out with a job. >> reporter: large companies looking to entice seasonal workers are doing what they can do to bring in applicants. amazon, walmart, and macy's are among many offering unprecedented wages and signing bonuses. health care benefits and even tuition reimbursement. small businesses like golden's can't compete. >> we're not like a multimillion dollar company. we're successful, but we are a mom and pop shop at the end of the day. >> reporter: from small mom and pops to big box stores, this could all translate into longer lines and higher prices for consumers.
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here at walmart, they're offering new employees as much as $17 an hour to start, and free college tuition. meg oliver, cbs news, new jersey. coming up on "cbs mornings," the thanksgiving travel spike. we will speak with tsa administrator david pikosky about how airports are dealing with big crowds this year. plus, only on "cbs mornings," nate burleson talks "the -- the cast of "ghostbusters: after life." and retired admiral william mcraven who oversaw the raid that killed noble tells us about his role as a children's book author. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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